Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sarah Palin and Mt Redoubt

Mt Redoubt is a bit quieter... for the moment. Chevron's 6 million gallons of crude oil are still sitting at the base of the volcano and Drift River is unusually high; pictures show debris flooding near the terminal and part of the walls appear to have been breached.

Some lawmakers are worried about a potential environmental disaster and one of them, Sen. Bill Wielechowski, sent a letter to Sarah Palin on Wednesday seeking her assurance that the state is doing everything it can make sure the terminal is safe.

Another ten state legislators sent a letter to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, in which they expressed their concerns about the situation.

An environmental watchdog group, Cook Inletkeeper, sent a letter to Sarah Palin on Friday asking her to declare the situation as a "disaster emergency."

While others worry, Sarah is too busy playing political games with the stimulus plan, rubbing the Democrats the wrong way by appointing a Republican to the vacant Democratic seat, choosing an Attorney General that makes people's skin crawl and insulting all and sundry at any given opportunity.

Sarah Palin doesn't appear to have anything to say about this situation and has not taken any steps to address it.

Perhaps she hopes God will take care of it.


basheert said...

I believe that Govnur Painful is ignoring the volcano in the blind hope that it will shut up and go away.

Emily said...

Palin and Jindal can run in 2012 on the "We don't care about volcanoes" ticket. We've already seen they have a lot in common; both seem to believe in demons as a more realistic threat than volcanoes. (But what about demons coming from Hell through volcanoes?)

FEDUP!!! said...

She can't declare a "disaster emergency." ... remember, if she would, it would only affect a few people, not ALL of Alaska. (Wasn't that her reasoning about not declaring an emergency for the people in the bush country - it would only help THEM, but not the others, like people from Anchorage and Juneau (and Wasilla, I guess...)