Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sarah Palin's father speaks... again UPDATED

Sarah Palin takes after her father... he can't keep his mouth shut either!

Chuck Heath says Levi Johnston is capitalizing on national interviews but not spending money on Tripp.

Heath says he wishes Johnston would "take some of this money he's making and buy some diapers with it."

The unemployed Johnston has said he wasn't paid for appearances on national television last week, when he complained the Palin family was limiting his access to Tripp since the couple broke up.

They should all appear before Judge Judy and have this matter resolved once and for all. The venue would suit their style and it would keep us entertained.

The Heaths and the Palins would probably accuse Levi of getting paid for that as well and ask him to buy some formula for Tripp!


It's a flashback, actually.

October 2008

Sarah Palin's father, Chuck Heath, says that the presents have literally been piling up.

To the tune of one hundred thousand.

In an interview with, Mr. Heath remarked,

"There's all kinds of gifts laying around the place - all kinds of baby stuff. I'm in a room right now just full of baby stuff - more than she'll ever use."

In that case, Mr Heath, leave Levi alone.

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Anonymous said...

regina said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I updated the post.


Anonymous said...

Levi could help with diapers if they would allow him to see his son more often.
He doesn't have half the educational opportunity as Bristol.
Is she being paid for her work with abstinence education?

Anonymous said...

Hard to teach what you don't know, or can't do, or is it those who teach can't do, anyway, I doubt Bristol is educating anyone on anything these days.

CrabbyPatty said...

Doesn't the Palin camp realized yet that ganging up on a 19-yr-old probably isn't the best PR maneuver?

Basheert said...

CrabbyPatty: No

They don't obviously have a PR person....and after the TB show, they are probably royally p*ssed that Levi is more popular that SP.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I think Chuckie boy is trying to tell Levi "Hey, go find the nearest tabloid, get the highest bidder, let the skeletons out of the closet and bring the diapers home" LOL!
And Levi...I bet you could get 15K EASY,(Book) to spill the beans...! You could then afford a really great attorney to get custody of your Son!
And Hey, why don't they use cloth diapers anyway? Weren't all GINO supporter's bitching that the Natives should wash their diapers (even though they have no running water) and no electric dryers, we all know "casa de palin" is equipped with the latest conveniences just like the Wasilla sport complex! (wink,wink)

LisanTX said...


OT---Your posts are always interesting and easy to read. I think you are really good at explaining complex subjects in easy-to-understand terms.

Someone on another blog wrote something to the effect that the blogs and commenters on blogs are raising the consciousness of the U.S. about Palin and that soon the truth about her would be evident to everyone.

You are contributing in an important way to that effort!

Lee323 said...

The grandmother and great- grandfather of Tripp just need to shut their yaps for once. Sounds so unbelievably crass and classless to be bashing the 19 yo father of their grandkid/ great-grandkid.

Make them disappear into the ether forever! Please.

FW said...

This from daugthers water broke in Texas, but she gave a speech anyway...Heath.

Please, he probably got $$ from US Weekly. I actually get US Weekly and People Mag (my guilty pleasure), so if there are juicy tidbits in there I'll let you know. BTW, the pic on Andrew Halcro's newest blog post is fab.

RunninL8 said...

I feel so sad that this baby has to grow up engulfed in all of this feuding crap...
"her work with abstinence education" -What a JOKE! Didn't she state that abstinence isn't realistic?!?!?

Basheert said...

If you read through his comments, you will definitely see the direct link between insanity and genetic issues.

This is one of the DNA reasons that SP IS who SP IS.

Some should NOT reproduce.

I hereby officially predict that some day Bristol will take up and tell MomBot to take a really long hike.

FEDUP!!! said...

Chuck Heath actually is letting the cat out of the hat: He implies that all the palins (sic) have been getting paid for their appearances for the different interviews! Someone should check into this, since I 'believe' that it is illegal for a state employee to accept $$ outside their job just for being a state employee...

regina said...


Very good point! I wonder how this could be checked. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...


AKPetMom said...

This is a bit of "hearsay" and "gossip" from around Wasilla, but it's no secret that Sarah's two sisters have terrible tempers and problems holding their tongues, as well.

Seems that has been part of the reason that her sister Molly's relationship w/trooper Wooten went so badly. It was much more than just him being a bully; I guess some people say that the Heath women can be feisty and hard to live with.

Guess that trend stopped with poor Bristol as she just seems beaten down and controlled. Perhaps her "feisty" gene will kick in when she gets a little older...