Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sarah Palin in "The Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli"

Two new comics from Chicago-based publisher Devil's Due, with characters based on President Barack Obama, will be out in June.

In the Quest for the Treasure of Stimuli, he takes on his Nemesis, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who sports a cape made from wolf skin and her trademark glasses - and very little else. (Daily Mail, UK)

Devil's Due founder and president Josh Blaylock, an Obama fan, says the company took inspiration from a half-dozen other Obama comics, including the president's appearance earlier this year with Spider-Man, as well as from the president's own fondness for collecting "Conan the Barbarian" comics. (Chicago Tribune)

Will SarahPac's Wondermouth Meg Stapleton respond to this?

Or will the reaction come from Super Bill McCallister on the Governor's stationary?

Is this a matter for the state or does it concern Sarah's national fan-club?

If Sarah continues to fight her battles on two separate fronts for much longer she will have to contend with being a tad schyzophrenic... on top of that already familiar narcissistic personality disorder!


Lady Rose said...

That is the funniest thing I've seen hehehehehehehehe

basheert said...


She's a classic textbook case of multiple pathologies.

She's gonna flip (yet again) but who cares.

Anonymous said...

And just LOOK at those tight abs!!! My guess she is about 7 months pregnant in this comic.


Once again, thanks, Reg. You've made my day!


Anonymous said...

Fatal attraction.

Looking for Mr. good bar.

Evil becomes me.

Functional schizophrenic also, too.

the problem child said...

VR/ Anonymous @18:58 You took the words right off of my comment box!

Oh the "stimulous" jokes this will inspire...

basheert said...

What is it with the nailPin women? Some one of them is always pregnant, now they're probably even having each other's kids.
They seem to never do anything but breed.....scary.

Emily said...

Personally I prefer to imagine Palin as something like the White Witch of Narnia. Palin, however, probably prefers to imagine herself as what the fanfiction community calls a "Mary Sue"-- an absurdly powerful and perfect character written as fulfillment for the author's extravagant daydreams.

Elizabeth said...

She's probably loving it. Her sex appeal is about all she has, especially when it comes to her middle-aged male supporters.