Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sarah Palin's rural adviser, John Moller or John Mole?

John Moller was interviewed by Newsminer recently. Some answers made go hmmmm. (emphasis mine)

Q: Tell me a little bit about where you’ve been and what kinds of things people are telling you about. Are you an ambassador for the governor? Are you a resource for rural Alaskans?

A: I believe this position is about the link between the governor’s office and rural Alaskans. That isn’t to say that any resident of rural Alaska, or all Alaska for that matter, doesn’t have access to our governor. It just sometimes may be easier to get hold of me than her.

Q: Do you report directly to the governor? Do you have some face time to really be able to talk to her about some of these issues that are being brought to your attention?

A: In some cases. Not all of them (issues) are a high priority, but eventually, if not directly, through e-mail, indirectly she gets my reports.

In terms of face time, I think I get as much as some, maybe more than others.

Q: How can the state, as a governing entity, respond to that? [rural communities having no economies] Who has sovereignty over things?

A: At least one of the tools to answer that question has been formed by this governor, through the rural sub-cabinet and the advisory panel to that sub-cabinet, which is made up on rural Alaskans.

Q: What about subsistence issues?

A: AFN (Alaska Federation of Natives) has had a position on subsistence. It doesn’t align with our constitution. If it’s going to be addressed, it needs to be addressed as a whole, the Legislature and the administration — that’s if it’s going to be addressed.

Q: Gov. Palin’s appointment of Wayne Anthony Ross as attorney general is causing some consternation among some Native groups. Have you gotten a lot of feedback on the appointment?

A: A little bit; I hear a little bit. I have my own thoughts on it. We as Alaskans want the best person in the job that’s best for overall Alaska.

I also believe sometimes those positions are filled by people who have actually done something in their life, which there’s a great chance somebody is not going to agree with.


I'm highly suspicious of any appointments made by Sarah Palin, as a rule.

Judging by the answers above, John Moller is proving to be no exception...

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Dianne said...

I believe you are exactly right. He is a mole dressed in native garb. There would be no other reason that Sarah would appoint him.