Friday, 17 April 2009

Sarah Palin's side issues

Sarah Palin made the following statement regarding WAR's rejection by the Legislature:

“I believed I knew what Alaskans wanted when I selected an individual who is a strong backer of 2nd Amendment rights, a staunch supporter of the state Constitution and a defender of life,” Governor Palin said. “Wayne Anthony Ross supports responsible, ethical development of Alaska’s rich resources. I’m surprised that legislators in this case really did not seem to represent their constituents and allowed themselves to be swayed by side issues. Mr. Ross is a fine Alaskan. He is held in high esteem by many Alaskans. I appreciate his willingness to serve the public.”

According to Sarah Palin, these are side issues:

- Alaska Natives
- Civil rights
- The law

No, Alaska Natives should conform with anti-native initiatives and give up their way of life.

No, the rights of women, children and the gay community are not important. Women are liars and gays are degenerates.

No, what's the law? "I'm the Governor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't."

The real issues, as far as she's concerned, are:

- Guns
- Alaska Constitution as opposed to the US Constitution (AIP?)
- Being pro-life
- The ethical development of Alaska’s rich resources.

Yes, let's have guns everywhere! In schools, bars, government buildings, children's playgrounds.

Yes, let's take away the few protections Alaska Natives have when defending their rights to subsistence and their way of life.

Yes, let's close down all clinics that perform abortions. Let's take away women's rights to choose.

Yes, let's sue the Federal government every time they try to protect endangered species.

Sarah Palin's priorities as governor are very clear.

But they do not reflect the priorities of all Alaskans.

Sarah Palin should take the advice of a loyal supporter on C4P:

"Gov. Palin should NOT run for a second term. Get a good team around you and go national. The time is now."

Yes, yes, yes! SarahPac your bags and leave!

An interesting article with polls about Sarah Palin's prospects in 2012.

(The lovely photo was sent in by Donna. Thanks, Donna!)



Anonymous said...

How anyone could think Palin is pro-Life, esp. after that speech last night where she talks about contemplating abortion, is beyond me.

What child wants to grow up to hear that his mom publicly spoke about the contemplation of his abortion? It is so cruel that she did that.

And does she think that because Trig is "special needs" that he won't find out or care that she said that? Even more disturbing...

FEDUP!!! said...

At this time, I STILL do not trust our voting system - I do not believe it has been fixed, but I believe it still can be (and WILL be ) hacked. Can you imagine GINO with her finger on the nuclear button???

LOL! My wv is 'whors' ...

basheert said... seriously why is anyone giving this idiot facetime?

She needs to be watched but quietly. She is a very very dangerous person - at this point, I seriously have no doubt she wouldn't hesitate to use anything to get what she wants.

She is psychotic and borderline - and she carries a lot of guns.

Ennealogic said...

What the heck does "ethical development of Alaska's rich resources" mean?

What about environmentally sensitive development? Or development that is respectful of Alaska's natives?

Is she referring to nobody doing any sneaky deals that cut her and Alaska out of profits?

Maybe she really really doesn't have a clue what ethics is really about.

basheert said...

"ethical development of Alaska's rich resources" ... translation.

drill and make me and First Dud rich..

Ethics they name is not Nailpins.

Dianne said...

If I understand what she said in her speech (that's a chore on a good day) she said she contemplated an abortion upon finding out she was "pregnant", not upon finding out that she was "carrying" a DS child. And, she found out she was "pregnant" while she was at an oil and gas conference. Does any of this sound strange to anybody else?

Anonymous said...

@Diane, does it matter? It's all TMI. Whenever Palin contemplated an abortion, I don't need to know. And neither does anybody else.

Doesn't Palin have any minister, family, or female friends to share her doubts and decisions with? She does not need to air her doubts post-facto in public for an international audience. It is another sign of her psychological boundaries being off.

Can you imagine what people now know about poor Trig? Between the "wild ride" story, and this admission from his mom, I feel so sad for him...It was not a wise or sensitive thing to say, IMHO.

basheert said...

Dianne: I must admit, nothing SP has said has NOT been strange (oh God I split an infinitive here didn't I?)

She is 100% WEIRD ... off the track ... looney tunes ... fruit loops ... wacked.

She made a big mistake. She accepted the VP slot and got noticed. Unfortunately people with borderline personality disorder cannot stand up to scrutiny by normal people. She lights up like a train signal.

She is decompensating - at this point I think she's lost a wheel and who knows what she will say or do.

I am SO glad she is NOT my daughter ... what a piece of work.

lisabeth said...

Palin is nuts and luckily most voters know it. See the poll results that were posted and those last week saying she is the least trusted politician!! The pools give me hope that her fan base is actually very small. Shell say it because she is a woman!!!! Poor Sarah, she is cluless

Sister Wolf said...

You are doing a GREAT job here! Never stop!

MyOwnThoughts said...

I'm not surprised to hear such things form Sarah! It's obvious that every decision she makes is about putting herself first.
When I first heard the rumors about Trig not being Sarah's, I was annoyed that someone would make something up that is so easy for her to prove. Later I wondered if Sarah's people didn't actually start the rumor- in order to take the sting out of announcing her teenage daughter was pregnant. (Certainly Bristol's news pales in comparison to the rumor and what seems to be the truth.)

It wasn't until after the election, that I started giving that whole situation more thought and looking into where the rumors all started. IMO- I think the true facts are stranger than the rumors. Sarah flew during labor with a special needs baby from TX to AK? I think she actually was hoping that by risking the infants life like that- and not taking any normal maternal care for her full term special needs baby- that Trig wouldn't make it. She could then state is was 'in God's hands" and "God's choice". Hearing that she considered an abortion- makes me feel that's exactly how she ended up flying during labor and risking his life.
She is not pro-life and anything else she pretends to be.