Sunday, 19 April 2009

Cutting wood in rural Alaska

There are some truly "charming" representatives in Alaska. In a news item about the end of the legislative session, the following statement was mentioned:

Fairbanks Republican Rep. Mike Kelly objected to appropriating state energy assistance money and suggested people in rural Alaska should cut wood rather than rely on the proposed state aid.

He said there are other programs for people who are needy and "not for any layabouts."

Somebody posted this comment:

"...I don't see why the natives can't cut down their trees and burn them for heat. They did this in the past, why can't they do this now. ..."

He received this reply:

"Well, if you want it to be like it was in the past, then you and every other 'non-native' should move back to where you came from."

I second that.

Is there any hope of native culture and way of life being respected in Alaska? It seems that urban populations consist of large numbers of hostile outsiders, including an Idaho born governor.

One doesn't have to be born in Alaska to feel like an Alaskan, but it would help a great deal to be a bit more educated about Native Alaskan ways, their history and heritage before making stupid statements and offering idiotic advice.

People who can't respect their hosts shouldn't show up uninvited...

Article from Miami Herald
Excellent post on the subject, Immoral Minority


basheert said...

Please tell us again how much you care for all Alaska citizens, including Native Americans?

What b*tch??? No one can hear you!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Why does this always seem to happen to the most beautiful, majestic, astonishing areas of the earth? In the beginning, the land is respected by its first citizens who live in concert with the difficult demands of subsistence. Then something "The Outside" desires is discovered there, and the land is overrun with those who claim they have the right to "tame and extract" natural resources without cleaning up after themselves.

I once lived in a land beset by pollution and ugly urban sprawl. I then moved to a beautiful green land and am thankful every day for its beauty and serenity. I have never grown tired of seeing deer in the field behind where I live. Perhaps I have a natural "tree hugger" leaning, but I'm so much happier here than when I lived in the overdeveloped Land of Generic Shopping Malls.

Why do money and power always seem to be the trump cards in this game of life? Thank goodness there is more and more citizen involvement through blogs these days.

Please know how much your articulate and rational voice is needed, Reg!


Anonymous said...

Andrew Halcro has a great post on this topic at

He has the background on Rep. Mike Kelly and has a great story to tell about Kelly getting STATE AID for years. a/k/a hypocrite

Anonymous said...


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OMFG! This guys is such a TOOL!!!!