Friday, 6 November 2009

Andrea Gusty (KTVA) interviews Levi Johnston and Rex Butler - and goes rogue! - UPDATE: Conan O'Brien reads the real Levi!

Levi Johnston and Rex Butler were interviewed today by a familiar face to us - Andrea Gusty from the Alaska channel KTVA, who has been guaranteed a safe place in the history of Trig Truthing through the "Gusty pictures", the infamous Palin pregnancy pictures which attempted to kill the faked pregnancy rumours in September 2008.

Andrea Gusty asked Levi and Rex questions about the unfortunate controversy surrounding the fake Levi Johnston twitter account: The fact that William Shatner recited on Conan parts of those faux twitter messages and made Levi look like a "racially insensitive pothead" (tmz).

The makers of Conan should probably have read palingates, because it has been mentioned several times here in the comments that those twitter comments couldn't possibly have been made by Levi.

The answers that Levi and Rex gave regarding the twitter controversy were not very surprising, although Levi's statement at the end "You cannot believe everything you believe on TV, unless it comes straight from the guys mouth" gave me a little chuckle. Does this mean we have to believe everything which comes "straight out of Levi's mouth"? I will leave this question open.

However, there is a surprise: Andrea Gusty tries to be a critical journalist and "goes rogue"! She suddenly switches topics and starts to ask Levi about the "dirt he has on Sarah Palin". Shock! Levi doesn't answer, just turns his head to Rex and gives him a look as if to say "You better handle that!", and Rex then rebukes Andrea Gusty in reminding her that she came to his office "for the twitter thing", and not to ask questions about anything else. Andrea Gusty then duly apologises, but I would like to remark: Respect, Andrea! I just hope that you would be equally brave if it comes to interviewing Sarah Palin again! Andrea Gusty's "going rogue moment" was apparently so shocking for KTVA that they didn't include it in the transcript of the interview.

I am also not sure how happy Levi was when Andrea Gusty mentioned to Levi that he would "probably be a celebrity for a while". Ouch!

No honorable mention however deserves the person who recorded the sound, because he thoroughly screwed up - you need some powerful loudspeakers to properly understand what is being said in the interview.

In the meantime, Conan has apologized to Levi Johnston today on his show.

What I don't understand is: Why didn't Levi give a humorous response to Conan and then use this opportunity to go on his show afterwards, thus making new friends and getting lots of new positive publicity? Don't mess with the late-night-show-brigade! He could have learned this lesson from Sarah Palin's run-in with Letterman.

UPDATE: Conan O'Brien reads the real Levi!

Please note: I was told that the video of the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien below might not play with Firefox. If this is the case, then please go directly to NBC.

As I said, this probably could have been handled a bit differently by the Johnston's camp, as Conan has managed to get a few more digs in about Levi's upcoming photoshoot.

Levi, it's time to bare your soul, not your body! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Look at KTVA comments.

Archivist said...

I don't know if Levi's got himself a stylist, but he is looking hotter all the time, isn't he?

Bristol must be kicking herself that she let him get away ... the girls in Wasilla must be standing in line for a piece of Levi!

Anonymous said...

He's getting past the gawky age......

He definitely has potential. I wonder if he indulges in pillowtalk?

Archivist1000 said...

Anon 8:22 that is exactly what Sarah is afraid of, I am sure.

She must be grilling Bristol about that!

Let's face it, if Levi has any kind of family secrets to reveal, they come from those long, intimate revelations that teen aged girls are always so achingly needy to share......

There is a book title in there somewhere, Levi (wink)

Anonymous said...

I shot a big ass bear!I jsut got naked that's just what I do. That's full of inuendo.I'm afraid that Patrick is right. Team Levi gave Conan an open opportunity to ridicule him even more.

Anonymous said...

Levi ROCKS !!

Anonymous said...

I'm anon @ 8.39

I agree Levi does rock but he needs to rock the house and tell the truth about Sarah before we get stuck with her.

Anonymous said...

KTVA is censoring comments. Someone on there wrote "Who is the biological mother to Trig?"

All I did was post the links to Palingates and BreePalin and they yanked it off within one minute.

So...KTVA is STILL protecting the EX governor.

ArmchairJane said...

@Anon 09:09, don't you think KTVA and the ADN better get clued in? Whatever is the Palin scandal that breaks biggest, if KTVA/the ADN are not the ones who break it, they are going to really look bad if it turns out to be something they have actively stonewalled on.

Tough spot for Levi and Rex as far as the Twitter stuff. I agree it would have been nice to be able to laugh it off, but I think the real message was being delivered to the Palins, and that message was "we mean business, it is time for Levi to get some respect and that includes from YOU!"

Anonymous said...

I woonder what Levi will do when Palin's trashy book comes out?

Anonymous said...

PO to visit Anchorage next week on Veterans Day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what the hell!! why didn't Levi use that to his advantage and go on Conan and read his real stuff. Now that would have been very funny. Duh, Rex what up with you? Get that boy a real publicist...get in gear, already.

Anonymous said...

Where's Mercedes these days?
She was one wiggly interviewee.. like she wanted so badly to blow

I am wondering if her muteness is because her and her bro have a deal.. he will spill it all but in his own time

anyone else wonder why she is silent? You would think with levi's mention of some serious Sarah Dirt.. someone, somewhere would be trying to find that girl for a good grilling

I still think Levi is sitting tight until after Sarah's book is out.. on what exactly her spin will be.. and the high profile Oprah interview

It would be silly to start throwing stuff out there now until Sarah's yappy mouth is revealed

Also, fingers crossed someone will post the Oprah interview.. of course I gotta work :( and don't do the Tivo thing

Yes Oprah has rating issues but she seems to be one wise woman.. I am anticipating a Katie interview part dos

Palin is very clear in her words that her intent is to reduce President Obama every chance she can get...

Though part of me fears she will just focus on the wilds of Alaska and be like "Sarah, tell me again what it was like growing up in the Heath household .. yeah I tried running for health as well.. so how often do you run? and you know we are all so amazed how you manage to juggle parenthood and being a high profile political figure.. yes you have your enemies but you also seem to maintain a truly devoted following.. tell me about that..

All the topics Sarah "wished" Katie would of asked her
I know when she entered the Katie interview she thought for sure "We are both high profile, working mothers.. for sure we can sit and talk about how "we do it all" ..

and all my comments are instant.. to the poster that said theirs weren't .. dunno
(though mine are so long winded I am sure others wish they weren't )

Anonymous said...

Twitter is for twits like Sarah.. not for real men like Levi.

Anonymous said...

Levi's two mistakes: posing nude for Playgirl, and getting all pissy about the fake Twitter thing. Bad advice from his people because now he is late-night comedic fodder. Once it goes that way, it's hard to turn the tide (didn't he see that with Sarah?) He could have used the fake Twitter thing as an opening to get heard on Conan. Then he would be moving in the big leagues of late-night talk shows, with the big names (Letterman, anyone?) instead of these stupid Hollywood trash shows like Insider, etc. Doesn't he see--Sarah's got Oprah, Barbara Walters and the almost every idiotic Fox network host lined up to talk to her. She's got a bully pulpit from which to spew her lies, and what's Levi got--Kathy Griffin, Star Jones? Come on.

Anonymous said...

I'm backin' Levi 100%. Don't you bloggers mess with him. Don't dis him.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know when Levi's mom will be sentenced? It's coming up, soon, right? Levi will blow after that is my guess.

Why hasn't the sneaky AST been surveilling Bristol for underage drinking. It's gotta be one easy bust. C'mon Wooten make an arrest, already.

Why hasn't anyone been interveiwing Trooper Wooten? I'm sure he can make some noise if he wanted.

Hmmpf, I just need to move up there for a year and handle y'alls business since everyone living in Alaska is afraid to say shit cuz they have to live there.

Gimme six months I could bust this thing open like the grand canyon.

Much love to your site, tho, Patrick, Kathleen, and all others.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think Levi is getting more relaxed with the cameras and is looking better. He could go on Conan or Letterman. Letterman has a standing offer out to $P, because he knows that even if she came on the show and screamed at him it's all good. I am sure Conan knows the same.

wv is suped .. Levi is getting suped-up

Anonymous said...

Any publicit is good publicity -- Madonna

Anonymous said...

Actually Oprah and Barbara shows aren't exactly bully pulpits. They both handle entertainment/celebrity news. And the Fox shows aren't news shows.

Anonymous said...

Obama is going to stop to refuel and spend time with the troops in Alaska! They always enjoy seeing him, but what will Scarah say about it? Will she praise him?

Anonymous said...

Andrea Gusty recognized that Levi is going to be a celebrity for a while! Levi said don't believe everything you see on TV unless he says it!

Anonymous said...

Levi said he's enjoying celebrity.

Anonymous said...

I think it was handled well. Levi IS trying to be in entertainment, and as far as I can tell, he has made it!

Unlike the ole SP, he's not a politician. He's not trying to bring her down, either. He's trying to make a buck; he's got mouthes to feed.

I think the next step is acting lessons for Levi, if they haven't started already. Seriously, he'd be good on a show like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (or an equivalent).

Lynn said...

I don't think Levi is ready to go on the late night shows. If you notice, he is always checking off screen with his advisor-Tank?-and wouldn't be able to do that on those shows. Even with that help, he's made some misstatements that the show was able to exploit on the second Shatner reading. I suppose Rex is doing the best he can but I still do not understand doing Playgirl. You can see how good a laugh it gives Conan. Levi does have one little "tell" that I find appealing. He's uncomfortable with the little lies and word games and can't help grinning as if to say "I can't believe I'm standing here saying these things" It looks like he's seeing the comedy of the reality he knows and the false and ridiculous picture the media have of Palinworld and his part in it. I hate to say it, but it was visible often on George Bush's face. Bush looked like he thought we were fools for being so gullible and he relished being part of the deception but Levi just looks amused and uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

"I doubt that many will agree with me on this subject that you are talking about. I have always believed that OBAMA has no intention of running for a second term. He is not and never will be an Administrator. He is more interested in status and fluff. He knows he would be bored and not fruitful in a second term because he will not have a majority in congress or if he has a majority it will be very slim. He will not be able to get his programs through and he cannot handle rejection. He is not a fighter and that is what it will take to be a second term President. Also, he likes all the frills that go with the office but they will be old hat after 4 years. He will want to make lots of money from speeking and books and to continue to be in the spot light without any of the responsibilities." -- juju on this morning's c4p open thread


Sounds like she is describing Sarah Plain

Anonymous said...

"juju" should rather keep on making those funny little baby hats instead of fiddling with politics.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad bashing "juju" as she is so clearly "challenged." Nothing she ever writes comes true.

Anonymous said...

Andrea is definitely in the Palin camp as is evidenced by the whiny interview with Levi. Pretty transparent.

Duncan said...

Hi Patrick,

I use the latest version of Firefox, and the clip played fine for me.


Yellowgirl said...

Okay, I have hopes for Levi. But-- he has a PR guy and a lawyer, and he wears a ski hat on TV??? WTF? I mean, can you *try* to look grown up and somewhat professional? I'm not saying he needs to be a 3 piece suit, but a SKI HAT and Coat? (Replace the hat with a scarf, and you have the SP pregnancy look!). Maybe wearing coats indoors in common in Alaska?

Yellowgirl said...

Make that "is common". typos........ !

Anonymous said...

I think the hat makes him look like a kid, which he is. I also think it's fine for him to look to Rex for some legal answers during the interview; again, he's a kid.

I will say this: posing for Playgirl did nothing but bring future good things for Nicole Kidman's hubby, Keith Urban!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the photos this week of Brad Pitt going through the airport in Japan? Now that's a guy who should not be wearing a ski hat!

(Oh, and by the way, he's another guy who was in Playgirl)

Anonymous said...

Who dresses this kid?
he looks like he just finished working a trap line. Sherry's court date is 11/20

Anonymous said...

Actually Levi was better looking in this interview than when he did the Guardian interview. He had just come back from a hunting trip and mud on his clothes! That's Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I can't wait to see Levi in Playgirl.....

There I've said it!

Reesie said...

I agree with you Kathleen. I do not see a problem with him posing for Playgirl. First of all, Levi was a nobody and now he has the opportunity to pose in a magazine that even Brad Pitt posed in. I don't understand why some people think this is a bad idea. What's wrong with it? He isn't a politician. He said he wants to be a model. If you check out the Playgirl website, most of the guys posing are models.

Oh, and by the way, thanks Regina for returning your blog back to the way it was.

Anonymous said...


Please email Patrick the Sarah pregnant picture in full pixel resolution.

We want to see if the belly bump looks real.

It must be nice to have the only picture of Sarah "looking" with child.

Reesie said...

Patrick and others, I don't know if you have seen this website but they have posted pictures of Sarah which they believe shows that she is pregnant.
"Since the leftists at Daily Kos want to declare that Sarah Palin didn’t have her last child, but her daughter did, I thought I might get some sort of evidence that she was actually pregnant."

Anonymous said...

O/T - Brad Pitt a few days ago in the airport in Tokyo:

Anonymous said...

Sorry - that O/T above was Brad Pitt in a hat. I actually think Levi looks better.

Anonymous said...

Reesie, those photos were addressed by Audrey a long time ago. I even posted a link in the past week to a thread on PD which debunked them.

Others can probably do a better job. Here's some from the coat series:

Here's one from the day after that speech at the RGA (where's she's at the podium). You can clearly see, from where her hands rest, that she is not pregnant.

Anon 17:35 said...

What I meant above was, "Others who post here can probably do a better job of explaining how these 2008 photos have already been debunked--much better than I can."

AGH. Sorry. I will stop commenting for the day. Too many fragmented thoughts this a.m.

Reesie said...

Sorry Anon @17.35 and 17:45, I have seen this discussed on PD.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic... as someone mentioned earlier, I too have been wondering about Mercede.

Her parents slipt, so herdad left, her mom's in jail and her brother is traveling all over doing interviews.

Who is taking care of this kid? I don't know if she is old enough to drive yet, or if she does drive, but heck she's awful young to be left on her own.

Funny she is rarely mentioned.

emrysa said...

what's funny about that americanblogger post - it looks like he gave up. that was from sept. 08, and he hasn't added any more pics in defense of the queen.

those are some pretty lame pics, too. I have to wonder if the guy didn't figure it out and give up trying to prove his point.

emrysa said...

I definitely think that team levi overreacted with this. they're looking like palin... making a mountain out of a molehill.

so would levi look more like an idiot if shatner reads his REAL quotes, or someone's spoof quotes?

they should have laughed it off. it was good comedy. but instead they reacted just like palin would react.

Archivist said...

I don't know where the people who commented on Levi's hat live, maybe they aren't used to this?

Levi looks just right, with that North Face hat; it's the IN thing right now for guys his age! I hope he is getting promotional clothing from these companies, too!

I expect Levi to 'do' the Late Night shows after Playgirl shoot .. He will show up at the Olympics too, even if it's just to watch a Hockey game, while the E! cameras watch him!

I hope he finds himself a niche soon though, so that he can keep his profile up for something OTHER than his relationship with Palin .. he is very young, so not much experience at much, but it's also a good time for him to make his mark somewhere, like the Special Olympics.

He is very photogenic, has a charming disarming way about him, he needs to come up with a 'handle' .

I wish him well... crash through these open doors, Levi! GO for it!

Anonymous said...

For any of the doubters, there are more pics here of Sarah on March 01, 2008. The zipper on her coat lays flat. Also, for a bit of morning snark on my part, there are a couple of pics of her doing the coin toss at a game and her hair is really big on top in one of them.

The Insider showed Mercede greeting Levi at the airport the other day. Not sure, but I think they said she drove his truck there to meet him and it showed her in the truck on the passenger's side.

Anonymous said...

What age is Levi. 18 or 19? I wonder what the response from the women would be, if the guys around here were all drooling over Bristol? Saying how they couldn't wait to see her in Playboy and how she gets hotter everyday. Making sexual innuendos such as "hope she shows her mukluks" etc.. I don't think the female readers would be too pleased

Anonymous said...

Where's Mercedes these days?

She's doing what teens do at her age. This isn't her time. I hope she makes a fortune when she is free to open up. They may want to put their story in a movie. Something that will appeal to a youthful audience and only have the campaign crap as a side note, something that happened to the main characters. The public is getting sick of the Sarah fixations, strip down to the real Sarah Palin and cut the crap. People want to know more about the other faces we see in that drama. Where did they come from? What was their life before? What makes them tick and how did they get on the national stage? How is it for a young father to struggle for his child? Teen angst makes for good cinema. Mercedes will have numerous opportunities to tell all she has been itching to say.

emrysa said...

anon @ 18:18:

those coin toss pics are totally photoshopped. look at her shoes on that field.

Anonymous said...

I was more concerned about who was looking after her... she's too young to be winging it alone...

Reesie said...

emrysa if I'm not mistaken I have seen Sarah with those shoes on before.

Anonymous said...

It appears Barbara Walters has scooped Oprah...

"NEW YORK, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- ABC says it will air TV journalist Barbara Walters' interview of 2008 U.S. vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in multiple segments.

The first segment will be shown on "Good Morning America" Nov. 17, the morning the Republican politician's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life," is released. Portions of the chat are also to air on "Nightline" Nov. 17, again on "Good Morning America" Nov. 18 and on "20/20" Nov. 20.

I bet O is pissed... since it will air before her "live" interview...

Which then begs the question of when this ABC taping was done, or will be done, since today is the 6th.

Anonymous said...


That is interesting. Thanks for the info. Alaska's corruption owns the media up there.

It is not as if the fake Twitter is a one time thing that they could over look. That and much more have been working full time to bash and discredit the Johnston family. It is nothing to laugh about. Comedians and others have lawyers to take care of business. The lawyers take care of slander and libel so everyone can keep on laughing. Carole Burnett took on the Enquirer for a false story. No one told her to laugh it off.

I find it lame and stupid to think something that serious should be laughed off. If you are someone who would tolerate a fake entity feeding the world lies about you then I understand why you would only laugh and not let a lawyer do their job. IMO you would be weak and foolish.

Butler is not threatening to sue. He is basically correcting a record and saying cease and desist. Conan and Shatner are men of good character and handled their part masterfully. Levi is busy with a current project. His life will be open to more comedy gold appearances in time.

emrysa said...


maybe they're real pics, but look at the one where the guy is leaning in front of her: he has a shadow from his shoe on the field, her shoes have no shadows. it doesn't look like she is really standing in that spot.

emrysa said...

all levi's handlers had to say was:

"shatner did a great read of an imposter's quotes. those weren't from levi, he has no twitter page. but we did find it funny."

that is it.

no reason to come out with a bunch of bluster just like sarah would do, and act like this was some huge crime.

Anonymous said...

emrysa, I enjoy your posts.

However, I recently read GOOGLE BOMB, and "reputation defending" is a whole new niche thanks to the 'Net. Also, if you have ever been professionally maligned - it hurts.

Levi is just a kid. He's not a middle-aged politician who quit a one-term governorship. I'm glad they didn't just "laugh it off."

Anyone in entertainment will tell you, though, that sometimes "mistakes" like that are deliberate. Now, Conan has a reason to invite Levi on the show AND they issued an apology quickly. It's already double the PR for Levi.

Levi is not competing with Sarah Palin. He is competing with young male actors and models.

Dianne said...

Somebody is busy at craigslist.

lola said...

Some of these comments are hilarious!

It is no small task to do the work at the gym like Levi needs to concentrate on for now. He can do late night TV later.

His handlers are doing the right thing.

Levi is 19 let him work on things for awhile. I already see vast improvements and find him HOT! I think they want him to keep the gritty edge. I hope so. Grandma may want to fuss with him and put him in a leisure suit, he is going for the cougars 60 and younger.

LisanTX said...

anon. @18:19, complaining about posts that comment on Levi's looks:

Now you know what we put up with 24/7!! Men talk about other women's looks and "hotness" etc. It's everywhere--music, magazines, jokes, internet,--even Yahoo and other internet "home pages" have pictures of women almost topless or naked on their front page! We've had to deal with this for years.

Anonymous said...


Women don't put up with it, they complain about it. Just like you are doing. I wasn't complaining. Just pointing out the double standard. The women on this blog would be VERY quick to point out Bristols age if the guys were making those types of comments around here.

Anonymous said...

Who are you people and where do you live who are making derogatory remarks about what Levi has on? He's wearing what many young men wear. What in the world would you have him in?? He's a good looking young man, and looks like he could be walking the streets in my small Colorado town. Give the kid a break he's only 18 or 19!

Anonymous said...

19:27 - Levi is posing, of his own free will, in PLAYGIRL. It's not THE ECONOMIST.

Anonymous said...

emrysa ~ Get a grip. This is not team levi overreacting. It's business. Team levi would be incompetent if they didn't attempt to nip the google bombs in the bud. It hasn't even started yet. Butler needed to send a message.

Levi is not trying to coverup who he is. He does have a terrific sense of humor. He doesn't mind Shatner ready his actual quotes. It is funny. Maybe Levi can write for Shatner.

Andrea Gusty is a pathetic shill. Why did she violate their agreement? What an idiot move for an alleged pro.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{from Gusty interview}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Butler: "We'll see what happens with that, and then we'll also determine what needs to happen with NBC for making what we believe is a truly reckless mistake. One that could have been avoided with a simple phone call."

Gusty: "Is this the last we are going to hear about it?"

Butler: "No."

Gusty: "Is there any possible legal action?"

Butler: "I don't talk like that until we have to move in that direction."
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{from Gusty interview}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

NBC can call Levi people now and skip promoting the lies. That's a happy ending.

I'd like to see Gerald and Coulter get the message to STOP SLANDERING A 19 YEAR OLD ON HIS WAY UP.

Anonymous said...

@ 17:56 re: Mercedes care

Know one has said if Keith Johnston is watching over her or not. I don't know of other family or friends around her.

I know a little about her friends and teens. It is common for parents to leave teens to house sit. I'm not saying this is what is happening. It is not unusual for Alaskan parents to leave their teens a lone at home. The teens write about the parties. Notice the Palins left their brood to care for each other alot. Maybe the grandparents look in on them? It is the norm where they live.

Sherry Johnston is not in a position to be home. Keith is unknown. It is doubtful that someone is not watching out for her. Levi has body guards because he needs them. They are not going to bring attention to Mercede, but I can't believe they would over look her needs. She will no doubt tell her side of things when she can. Meanwhile, I'd say she is safe and cared for. She has many friends and a boyfriend.

team mercede said...

Yes indeed, that is when it will get interesting: when Mercede talks ;)! Can't wait, I think her brother is being an awesome big brother and supporting her the best he and his handlers can. I for one like Tank. And yes, Mercede does have a boyfriend, has for quite some time. Her boyfriend even had to remove some of his pictures off of his myspace account after some things over at PD were said about it. I think it all ties in together...but what would I know?

Sadie/Bristol said...

Caring for Sadie and Bristol. I would be more concerned for Bristol being a shut in who has to be hidden. Sadie is seen in public looking good. She has a personality and by all reports she is still functioning.

I understand Bristol has been the surrogate mother in her family for years. The families I've known that use older children to do the parent role and house keeping are toxic.
The surrogates are used as some kind of free labor force. Some bargain for deals that keep them in a prison like situation.

Bristol looks like a tragic lonely figure and she is only nineteen. No one cares enough to get her a good public relation team and help her show her stuff with her Candies project. They only show her as a quitter like her mother. Those are the people that are supposedly on her side.

ella said...

from the Gutsy interview:
Gusty: "Is there any possible legal action?"

Butler: "I don't talk like that until we have to move in that direction."

Ha ha! Does anyone see this as a slam on the incompetent VanFlea re his empty threats of lawsuits? I do.

Yellowgirl said...


You wrote: "Who are you people and where do you live who are making derogatory remarks about what Levi has on? He's wearing what many young men wear. What in the world would you have him in?? He's a good looking young man, and looks like he could be walking the streets in my small Colorado town. Give the kid a break he's only 18 or 19!"

I agree. He is appropriately, even "stylishly" dressed, for walking the STREETS of town. But he's not. He's inside an office. Call me old fashioned (I'm not an entirely old fart-- 30something-- maybe that is old fart to you?)-- when you are *inside* you should take off your coat and hat.

Didn't we all complain about SP wearing the coat (indoors at inappropriate times, and for inappropriate casualness) while being interviewed and/or photographed?

I'm a long standing PD and TT member, as others here can attest. I'm not trying to slam him. But, I think that his message is lost when he wears outerwear indoors. It would be one thing if they caught him on the street, or even if he gave an outside press conference, but he was inside an office building.....

Anonymous said...

Yellowgirl, do you feel the same way about Brad Pitt wearing that hat in the Tokyo airport?

team mercede said...

Bristol has options, I don't feel sorry for her. Bristol could make it easier on Tripp's daddy, Levi! Levi doesn't say nasty things about her and I think that says a lot about him.

Yellowgirl said...

Airports, are considered "public spaces" in which you *can* wear a hat.....

Indoors, a man should always remove his hat, (particularly in a home, church, courtroom or restaurant) except:
(1) in some public buildings or public places such as railroad stations or post offices;
(2) in the main parlor area of a saloon or general store;
(3) or while seated at the "lunch counter" of a diner or cafe;
(4) in entrance halls and corridors of office buildings, or hotels;
(5) in elevators of public or office buildings, unless a woman is present;
(6) if carrying packages, parcels or bags and both hands are occupied upon entry.
(7) If the man is an actor or performer and the hat is being worn as a part of a costume or performance. (from

I think Brad's hat wearing would fall under 1, 4, and is similar to 5.

I just think people should remove hats and COATS when they are inside, and not traveling through (as in an airport hallway or elevator). But maybe I'm just hopelessly old fashioned.

Anonymous said...

In defense of Levi wearing a hat and a coat was very cold in Anchorage yesterday. And....who knows.....perhaps Levi had just arrived at Rex Butler's office and had not taken his coat off. Seems to be nitpicking over nothing, folks.

Anonymous said...

About those caps: Brad Pitt and other celebrities wear hats so they won't be easily recognized, or so they say. Caps are also worn by rock stars, wannabe rock stars and people who really do want to be recognized but wear the hat, pretending they don't want to be recognized. Kids look like that. They also wear baggy pants down around their knees, don't shave, shirt is half in, half out, real fashion statements.

Anonymous said...

Yellowgirl, this is just for you -

Brad Pitt wearing a hat indoors at a talkback for his movie in Toyko this week:

That's a speaking engagement.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with your etiquette point. I am old fashion that way about hats and they flag etiquette as well.

I can also give Levi some slack here because I don't know the lead up to the interview or the climate he was dealing with.
I realize many kids his age don't hold fast to hat etiquette. If he was stepping in from the cold, cameras and peeps setting up and no make up arranged I can see why he would not want to take off his warm clothes. I've been in that situation and didn't take off my coat right away. I wasn't going on camera, but I don't think Levi is an old hand at media yet.

Rex and Tank always look impeccable. I don't think they are instructing Levi to follow them in fashion. I think they are trying to allow him room to find his way. He will make mistakes. They have said he plays to his friends in Wasilla, so he didn't hurt his image there or with other peers.

ArmchairJane said...

Yellowgirl, is there any chance you live on the East Coast? The only reason I ask is because in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, as well as much of California, and also most places in the Mountain West states, dress is pretty casual unless you are some sort of major bigwig, executive, etc.

Not meaning to be argumentative with you at all, just saying that having lived in several of the states mentioned, I know that many guys don't even own a sport coat, much less a suit. And many men here, especially blue color or working class, take pride in not conforming to "fancy clothes" standards from other areas.

Here, hats indoors are par for the course for many men, and I got over being annoyed by it a long time ago, unless I am seated right behind a guy with a cowboy hat in a theater and it is blocking my view.

I criticized Palin for wearing outdoor coats indoors and other in appropriate clothing when she was in formal settings and because she was the highest office holder in the state of Alaska. Giving awards and meeting with people for whom having a photo in the governor's office was a big deal to those who attended. The people being awarded were often NOT wearing suits, but still looked better turned out than the governor with her coat on indoors.

Levi is not the governor or an executive. In Seattle and Portland 99% of people Levi's age are not going to wear a suit just because their lawyer's office is located in an office building. For many of decent jobs in this part of the country, wearing a suit is WAY overdressed.

People born and raised here by and large don't do clothing etiquette from lists as far as how they dress. Wearing a indoor coat in an office building if you are just visiting your lawyer would be considered fine by most people. I guess maybe we're all just hicks, but that's just how it is here. Outside of downtown Seattle and Portland the casualness goes up considerably.

I think Levi has a brand, and it is "rugged and outdoorsy". And he really IS a hunter and outdoorsman. His image reminds me of that famous champion redheaded snowboarder in that regard. When you see the snowboarder guy, even in interviews indoors, you see him wearing an outdoor coat, often sponsored items he's making good money from would be my guess.

Levi wore a suit to the RNC and looked good. Now that he's a little older, he'd look even better. If and when he goes to court, I would then hope to see him wear a suit. But for an interview in Alaska with local TV, seems to me he was dressed just right for a 19 year old guy who is not an executive.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 18:37, my understanding is that the Oprah interview will be on Nov. 16th, the day before Walters and the CBS shows. So, Oprah's not getting "scooped."

Anonymous said...

Wow - Emily Post would be so proud. Geez.

Anonymous said...


Bristol, unlike what we know about Mercede, has a large family and one that mostly lives at home... or nearby, at least there is a parental revolving door and siblings and extended family for her...

As I mentioned before, Mercede's father split the family, her mother's in JAIL and her brother is on the road...

her situation in no way compares to BP's... sorry, I'm just not buyin that load...

Hopefully her dad took her in or grandparents or aunts/uncles...

sheesh... that was pretty cold...

perhaps her boyfriend and his family are looking after her... it has occured to me that the MSM has made no attempt to talk about all the loss she has endured over the past year or so... and maybe her family isn't the shiniest example on the block, but HELL... when they all go away, where does that leave her, a young teen??? she still has need of parents/parental figures and a secure home.

It just seems to me that she is a disposable item in this ugly saga. Hope that's not true for her sake.

She appears to be fairly worldly, but she's still just a kid. And needs stable adults in her life.

I was just concerned about her.

The kids in this whole mess are the casualties that could have been avoided if the adults would have acted as responsible, mature adults.

All of this was SO avoidable...

Anonymous said...

No one has to like any particular fashion or style. I can remember when grunge was the rage. Today they look cleaned up with a few stubbles and hats on. It use to be rugged individualism. Why shouldn't people dress for the weather? Rex may keep his office cold. It is not a big thing to keep your clothes on in certain places and situations.

The fashion critiques are a little too nitpicky in this situation.

I don't think Emily Post would be proud of lies or smears either. She might have forgot her hat trying to support her family and stand up for their character.

It may not mean much to others but Levi is being viciously attacked. There are people that want to destroy him and his family. What matters is taking a stand against the machines that are going to go viral to try to take him down.

Andrea Gusty is at best a questionable journalist. Levi is strong to go on camera with a noted biased reporter that works for corrupt Alaskan media. They have all been so kind to his family (NOT).

Anonymous said...

What's the date on those coin toss photos???

LOL WV: canses as in We're not in Canses anymore, Toto.

ArmchairJane said...

Whoops, sorry about typos! Since I got the flu even when I proofread several times I am making typos.

Above I meant to say:
"I criticized Palin for wearing outdoor coats indoors and other inappropriate clothing when she was in formal settings..."

and I meant to say: "Wearing a OUTDOOR coat in an office building if you are just visiting your lawyer would be considered fine by most people."

Good point that Rex might keep his office on the colder side. After all, HE wears a suit so he's going to want to be comfortable in his own office...

ArmchairJane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

ACJane, I am on the East Coast, just outside of DC, and I will say that no one really follows hat etiquette anymore unless, like you said, you are in a business type setting or you are in some sort of leadership position. And yes Palin dressed innappropriately on numerous occasions as the top executive of her state. Anyway, hats - from baseball caps to skullcaps - are worn as part of the fashion statement and the outfit. I'm in my late 40's and it seems to me that's been the way it's been for some time now (at least since "grunge" became fashionable in the 80's).

Levi looks quote comfortable and appropriate for someone his age and in his setting.

Just my .02
Susan in MD

Anonymous said...

Levi is an idiot and representative of the greater Wasilla Palmer empowered ignorant White Trash domination there.

Levi's IQ is why Sarah thought she could get away with a fake baby. They are all dumb and she is slightly smarter

Anonymous said...

I agree with Archivist.

Levi is looking real good to me.

I can't wait until he can have an official fan club one day.

ArmchairJane said...

Concern troll? Have to wonder....

(deleted my own comment above because like I said, I am making typos even after proofreading. Incorrectly noted time of question concern so deleted and reposting)

Anonymous said...

Levi was home schooled by Palins. It may take awhile to overcome the brain washing. He is on his way out of the Lake Lucille dead cesspool.

It won't happen over night but he is doing far better than I would have thought earlier.

Yellowgirl said...

Okay, people, calm down! I can't disagree with what Levi wears without being slammed for nit-picking? People here discuss everything else! And personally, I believe that he *is* doing a disservice to look quite so casual when he's going to be on national TV. (Yes, it was a local interview. He had to have known it wouldn't stay local.) I also think his lawyer/PR guy are wrong to not tell Gusty-- hold on a minute-- and have him take off his coat and hat. Sure, his style may impress other 19 year olds, but not so much for the rest of us.

Armchair Jane-- yes, you are right. I'm from the East Coast. However, I'm from the "real America" part of the East, not one of the major cities. But that is interesting as a cultural point that you mention. I agree that a lot of young people wear hats indoors-- colleges around here are full of ball caps-- but when you KNOW you are going on national TV? I'm *not* saying he should wear a suit... that would not be him or look right.... but how about something like what he wore for - was it Tyra? Button down shirt maybe, that's all. Heck, I think jeans and a clean, non-logo t-shirt would be fine. Just indoor clothing, please.

And to anon who gave me the link to Brad Pitt in the goofy hat-- I hadn't seen that one before. I was commenting on his airport pic. I agree- that hat is crap! (Course, the beard is worse!!!). How can such good looking guys present themselves so, so poorly?

Anyhow, I'm sorry for the distraction. I guess I should have saved my appearance critique for Bree's place, where folks are a little more apt to understand that subtle, catty criticism like I gave about his hat is not something to blow a gasket over!

Now back to your regular programming day.............

Duncan said...


I totally agree, I live in Oregon, and the last time I wore a suit (one I had to purchase for the occasion) was when I attended a 1990 Georgia-Pacific shareholders meeting in Augusta, GA. I don't even know where the suit is now.


Wilma Flatstone said...

Maybe Levi intended to do the interview without his cap, but had a bad case of 'hat hair' so he put it back on.

LIZ said...


re: 21:25
"Concern troll? I have to wonder..."

absolutely NOT...

I'm LIZ... a fan of this blog and a fan of yours...

Posting comments gets WONKY when I try to use my name to post rather than use anon... i usually get some kind of error message and have to re-post my comment when I use the "name/url" choice to post... so the last few times I just pick anon because it posts with no problem.... have lost several posts... so anon is more reliable for getting it done once vs 2 or 3 x...

I really do have concerns about Mercede for all the reasons I stated before, and for the rest of the kids in this stupid nightmare...

which WAS avoidable... if the Palin and Johnston families had acted as responsible and honest parents/people this mess wouldn't even exist... and that's all...

we reasonably assume that Bristol and her bunch are safely living in the Palin house... but really when ya give it some thought, what the heck happened to Mercede?

I'm not a big fan of hers, but still, it almost appears that most of the folks in her life jumped like rats off a sinking ship... that may not even be close to the truth, but how would we know...

it was just an issue that got in my head the last few days... I kinda feel sorry for her not knowing if anyone has taken her in... Levi certainly hasn't mentioned her welfare...

shhesh... never thought I'd be accused of being a troll...

but, hey... I guess there are plenty of them out there... and as I stated at first it was OFF TOPIC...

no hard feelins... sorry if I diverted from the topic... it didn't dawn on me that I'd come off as a troll...


(signing in as LIZ again) wonder how many tries it will take...

sandra said...

You may have noticed that Tank has a shaved head. Levi has lots of hair. When he takes his hat off, he's going to have "hat hair." He probably looked better the way he was. If he took off his coat, he would look ridiculous with a winter hat and no coat.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Liz Taylor gained all the weight? She got sick of being the image every body else wanted. Now is different, but alot of young people are saying I'm gonna be me (as much as they can).

Do you all have any idea how much hassle it can be to be camera ready at any given moment?

LIZ said...



I had to post 2x to get that last message to go through...

anon is easier, I know it's confusing to many of us... but I was getting tired of reposting and or losing comments...

Maybe Regina or Patrick can fix that little glitch???

I didn't bring it up before because I didn't want to be a PIA ... Mods????

Forever Anonymous said...

LOL, amusing topic, I thought Levi blended well with the background.
Yellowgirl, did you see the forest behind Levi? Rex look a bit out of place and the earpiece phone doesn't go with that suit, is distracting but when the man speaks, is all good.

oh ...stop thinking going anywhere...your comments are goood! This was fun.

ArmchairJane said...

Yellowgirl, please just know I am not slamming you. All I am doing is offering a different opinion, because you said you said you thought Levi's message was actually "lost" because he was wearing outerwear indoors for his interview.

I think you are right that some people will dismiss him even more if they think he's "too redneck" because of his clothing choices.

My opinion is that he has a different primary audience than just the general public at large. One audience is the younger people who would like his look and could help him further his ambitions as far as his modeling, possible reality show, etc. The second audience would be Alaskans, because that's where his mother is, where his custody case is, and where I really think he wants to live his life. So for *those* two audiences, I think he looks fine.

That said, his casualness would be taken as a lack of seriousness by some people, which I think is part of what you are getting at. But maybe most of those already are predisposed against him?

I actually DO get subtle and catty, sometimes too much, as people (and I DON'T mean you, but rather some trolls who are incredibly dim) sometimes don't get what I mean, either.

Having seen that Geraldo "discussion" when it first aired, where Geraldo had apparently been told to just let Coulter and Powers unload on Levi no holds barred, I suppose I do feel he is David against Goliath...

Which is why I cared enough to write in his defense, but please don't think I was slamming you or personally going after you. I think maybe we both just worry about how Levi is doing but are coming at it from different ways?

Sunshine1970 said...

Guys, who cares what Levi's wearing. He's being a normal teen. He did an interview and all was well.

He could be naked for all I care.

..Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Mercede is seen around and she has a social life. She appears to be much better cared for then Bristol. A more well rounded healthy person. May be not every bodies ideal but she is not hiding. Her national statements are going to be few for now. That can change at any time.

Her situation isn't like Bristol. Bristol launched herself as a spokesperson for a very important project with a major foundation. Candies. Other celebrities like Hayden Panettiere shared the publicity with her. Bristol needs to show teens that she does care about unwed pregnant teens and abstinence only or she is a fraud and a quitter. Her hiding makes some wonder if she is just a fraud or if she is being extorted in some way to stay locked up. They used drugs on Anna Nicole to keep her under control. No one knows if Bristol is just a loser or if she is a total victim of a sinister situation. As an adult she needs to assert her independence and hire her own PR.

Other unwed pregnant teens from families with money in the Wasilla/Palmer area are set up in homes separate from the family. They are able to develop their own personalities and lives. Being pregnant and a teen is a common and acceptable way of life in Wasilla/Palmer. The only one I know of that clings to parents is Bristol. May other examples of wealthy pregnant teens come forward and tell their stories. There may be more than Bristol who stay at home. I don't see that the others are in hiding like has been the pattern with Bristol since Anchorage hiding.

It looks like Bristol is in a sick family dynamic that they are afraid to address.

Mercede is pretty much the opposite. While they are not shining the national spotlight on her, she is well and cared for.
She is perhaps preparing to address their family dynamics.

ArmchairJane said...


Sorry, didn't mean to jump on you if you were sincere! Glad you wrote back. I like to read what you have to say, too.

There's just recently been a troll invasion on these boards which also included a "concern troll", which was why I reacted the way I did. Not everybody is familiar with the concern troll, who comes in and says "oh I am so worried about x, they are looking really bad". Or similar "concern" comments which are not always sincere but designed to rile people up.

So with the list of concerns about Mercede, I thought that might be what was going on, as I was taking it to mean that "Mercede is in rough shape because those Johnstons are so horrible, but Bristol is fine with that caring Palin family around her". Sounds like I interpreted that wrong.

I know what you mean about losing posts, if I happen to click to another window on accident whatever is typed is going to be lost. The solution is to write the comment elsewhere and paste it in, but I don't like doing it, lol!

Somewhere KaJo posted recently that she had finally managed to get into the system to leave comments with her name. She had the same trouble I did: the blogging program software wants you to sign in with your email address to the account, and the password, NOT your handle and the password. It was good to see her name pop back up. Before I got that down I also had to post as anon and had troubles posting.

So LIZ, again, sorry about jumping on you re the Mercedes comment. I appreciate you being gracious about it. Maybe I just shouldn't be posting. I am still not well from the flu, and it seems to be making me cranky AND make lots of typos - lol! I think one of the biggest changes that would help would be if it were easier to sign in so that people who do have a handle can use it. It is SO much easier to reply to people that way, and puts things in context better. But unfortunately the login IS confusing for people, because google/blogger want to do it their way.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Rex might have been the one to intially react to the Conan thing and pulled Levi from somewhere (hunting) in a hurry to get the correction out there.

Anyway, it appears Playgirl's new employee in charge of reviving Playgirl was the one who thought Levi Johnston was the perfect person to bring the magazine back out of it's retirement. Somebody obviously feels Levi is worth the investment. The article states Levi has a large following in the gay community.

Can you blame them? What a cute kid he is. He comes off as being 100% authentic which is why I like this kid so much.

bettie said...

Wilma Flatstone said... Maybe Levi intended to do the interview without his cap, but had a bad case of 'hat hair' so he put it back on.

What next? Will they ask Sarah to take off her wig when she is indoors?

Anonymous said...

For anyone who is concerned about Levi and Mercede (and I am one), on 10/02/2009 the district attorney filed a stipulation for forfiture of property against Sherry Johnston. Are they seizing her house? Don't Levi and his sister live there? I have heard of such things in BIG TIME drug cases. Then on 11/02/2009 Rex Butler filed an objection of the presentencing report. Who does the report and what the Hell could be in it? Is it the facts of the case and how it supposedly went down? It's not anything bad that Sherry has done since her guilty plea--She's in JAIL! Look to me that the State of Alaska is still going after Sherry hard.

Anonymous said...

I posted the link to the Carl Auer coin toss/Sarah pics and I don't know the date those were taken. From his profile, Auer seems to do mostly sports and wildlife photography. Sarah's shoes look the same as in the picture of her in her office with the bearskin and crab.

Sane said...

Well I can see why you all are still stuck in your Palin baby limbo. Fighing over Levis clothing is ridiculous.

When are you gonna get over it and live your lives like normal people.

Trig is Sarahs are never going to prove otherwise. You cant prove otherwise, you obviously do not have the skills.

She beats you with every new stupid blog you post.

Its been over a year people and you are no closer than you were back then.

Dont you get bored rehashing the same stuff over and over again hoping for a new clue.

Maybe you dont get bored, I guess your minds really are that small.

Well keep it up, it gives me pleasure to know that you will be wasting many more months on your fruitless endeavor and a large part of your lives will be wasted on something that will never come to pass.

"I tried" would be a good inscription for your tombstones. Well that is if you have any family or friends left who will buy you a tombstone since you wasted most of your lives on Sarah Palin instead of with them. I hope the kids aren't feeling neglected.

So pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Please people, leave Levi alone and take down Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Sane...right back at YOU have proof that Trig is Sarah's biological son? We all know he could be her kid by adoption, but we are talking "biological" here. the only thing that would prove it is a DNA test and that has not happened, that we know of. So if you are just taking her word, that is worthless.

Anonymous said...

Sarahs back

LIZ said...


thanks for your gracious response...

I hope you recover from the flu soon sweetie... bless your heart...

Post all you like, I still enjoy you even though you thought I was a troll... rofl... (do you watch MERLIN?) talk abut a TROLL, watch the last episode... :)

and to anon @22:18... thanks for your insight on Mercede... hopefully she is well and looking forward to being with her brother soon...

good to know she wasn't just dumped.... not that Levi seems like that kind of brother... we just had no news....

now that this mystery is solved... :)

I like this BUNCH....

Anonymous said...

Can I just say: Thank you for this fun sartorial sidebar about what folks wear and where they are! I love hearing from all of you... And of COURSE a troll would try to spoil something. OF COURSE. :-) Good times.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing about Levi's stylist is dumb or comic relief.

What is serious is when someone tries to do serious damage to another or their family. Doing things to slander and render someone black listed as they are trying to get a career started. Messing with a person livelihood by using lies is serious.

Clearly Levi needed to address the one immediate Conan situation. It had a win win for all concerned.

What troubles me at that the public doesn't care about the other lies being spread. There are people who claim to have the "facts" about Levi. They don't say where the "facts" are coming from. It sounds like a fake account.

Anyone that cares about truth or what is happening to Levi needs to pay attention and do something to address this.

Are these people out to destroy his career or what? According to them no one should give him any media, that is based on their "facts." Also their "facts" say he has no credibility. Why can't his side answer to that? Do you hear any corrections? Is there anyone who mentions that Levi even has a side to this to address? How fair and balanced is that? Why bring his mother into a discussion in the way that was done here?

Is there anyone who mentions that Levi even has a side to this to address?


Palin Has Clout

btw... Levi is not selling his body for money. He is doing a photo shoot. It's an image. Stop making things up Sarah. It wasn't rape with Letterman either.

Forever Anonymous said...

Oh Abortion seem to be the word regarding the Palin book tour. That word is in front of the bus, even in "real" America.

wv: wationde..=nationwide

LIZ said...

22:56 anon:

funny... but there wasn't enough salad in that string of words to be SP... rofl...

incoherency is the trademark of SP...

that remark made too much grammatical sense... troll yes, SP? No way...

Anonymous said...

@23:07 - FYI, I have defended Levi a lot this year. One of my comments in his defense was put on the crawl for Larry King Live, for example. Another one was featured by Jack Cafferty. So I am doing my part. I wish someone would get Shannyn to say a few words on KO or Rachel about the truth about Levi, too.

ArmchairJane said...

Police/law enforcement seizure of the property of people who have been accused or sentenced in drug crimes is a huge racket. Some of the investigative journalism newsmagazine shows have reported on this in the past.

As part of the "war on drugs", newer laws can allow law enforcement to seize anything they consider involved in the crime, which could be homes, cars, boats, and money. If you plead guilty to avoid a draconian sentence you may avoid serving as much time in prison but you may also be relieved of much of your property because of these laws.

Even if you are not found guilty, it can be very hard for people to get their property back once it is seized, requiring an expensive legal battle. People who use drugs or sell them are not very sympathetic characters to the public at large, so there's not often a big outcry because somebody loses their house because they are accused of a drug crime.

Apparently this area of the seizure of property in drug cases is quite a gray area legally and has been subject to abuse. The burden of proof required to have property seized is much lower than actually convicting a person of the crime.

Maybe that's what is happening with Sherry. If I get some energy I will look up some links on how this property seizure thing works and why there are many advocates who think it is abused. One of those shows like 20/20 did something on it some time back.

As for "Sane", and us proving Trig is not Sarah's biological child, I think I know why they are always hiding Bristol and the kids away. If no outsiders can get to the kids or Bristol, then they can't secretly get DNA.

There was that rape case mentioned just the other day in the ADN. The detective was suspicious the guy accused of a lesser crime was actually the violent serial rapist who was still on the loose. He collected the cup the accused had been been drinking from after the suspect left the courtroom. From that he got the DNA that connected the suspect to the series of rapes.

Somebody is going to get that DNA. I bet Rex already knows the truth unofficially. Rex and Levi say Levi is going to go to court. I think we can guess what that means.

No wonder the Sarah-loving trolls are here to impotently taunting us. Sarah was one of the biggest losers on the last election day. Her actions and the result in NY-23 prove that if one of the saner Republicans doesn't slap the muzzle on her Facebook, that party will be destroyed in the purge, and the "Conservative" party will be nonviable except in a few parts of the country.

Anonymous said...

@ 23:16
I know there are many here that do defend Levi. Sorry if I sounded like no one gets it. I am inspired by most of the people that comment here.

There are new people and an unusual amount of troll activity lately.

Sorry about all the typos, I need to slow down.


Reesie said...

This is in the Star Magazine's Nov. 16th issue.

Palin: "Those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention."

But Levi didn't take that lying down. He reposted Sarah's quote along with a video of her in a bathing suit during the 1984 Miss Alaska contest on his Twitter page on Oct. 28.
I wonder if Rex knows anything about this being reported in the Star Magazine.

Anonymous said...

""I doubt that many will agree with me on this subject that you are talking about. I have always believed that OBAMA has no intention of running for a second term. He is not and never will be an Administrator. He is more interested in status and fluff. He knows he would be bored and not fruitful in a second term because he will not have a majority in congress or if he has a majority it will be very slim. He will not be able to get his programs through and he cannot handle rejection. He is not a fighter and that is what it will take to be a second term President. Also, he likes all the frills that go with the office but they will be old hat after 4 years. He will want to make lots of money from speeking and books and to continue to be in the spot light without any of the responsibilities." -- juju on this morning's c4p open thread"

What's it take to be a full term governor?

Anonymous said...

Forever Anonymous.... Tell me that is a joke. A Palin (anti) abortion book tour. Saint Teresa is going to be saving embryos across red state America? She will work them up into a frenzy. May be her big attack on Levi will be to say he wanted Bristol to abort. He is also working as a prostitute and he's a dead beat dad. Track probably ratted on him about all the good times they had before having a famous name.

The Hatfields and McCoys. Are the citizens of the area taking sides? I know Bristol and Levi's old clique was tight. Do they find they need to chose between the Palins and Johnstons or can they remain friends with both? Are the informants that turned Sherry over to authorities staying in their close knit community? I can't imagine having to live around someone that did that to my mother or my friends mother.

Anonymous said...

"Why shut off comments on Palin?"

Anonymous said...

Levi Johnston Takes Action Against Twitter

"The Insider" has obtained a statement from the rep of Levi Johnston to Twitter claiming that the father to Sarah Palin's grandchild was being impersonated on the social networking site.

The tweets posted to the account were read as spoken word poetry by William Shatner last night, November 5, on the "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" and it was implied that it was, in fact, the official tweets made by Johnston himself.

Johnston's rep released the following statement: "My client, Levi Johnston, is being impersonated on your media (Twitter) and this is leading to libel and slanderous statements being attributed to him. ... We want you to put an immediate end to this illegal activity. ... You are being used as a medium to promote this illegality and we want immediate action. ... You are now on notice and must take steps to put an end to what is clearly against the law and against your policy. ... We want to know what steps you will be taking to correct what is clearly a problem which is escalating."

Anonymous said...

The ADN helped to create the Palin mess. Now they are going Soviet style. Palin destroys her friends and her enemies.

Good work Rex! Now Geraldo's team needs to know that the so-called "facts" they entertain with are most likely from the same twitter account.

KaJo said...

emrysa said Nov 6 '09 18:40...reesie,maybe they're real pics, but look at the one where the guy is leaning in front of her: he has a shadow from his shoe on the field, her shoes have no shadows. it doesn't look like she is really standing in that spot.

I agree, emrysa. I took a real close look at that picture, and it's a 99.44% certainty Palin was photoshopped into that picture. Or maybe Palin's a vampire (or is it a werewolf)?

What's also strange about Palin's pose -- nevermind the photoshopping -- is that she's the only one who's looking at the camera. Usually, even the honorary coin-tosser looks at the coin when it falls.

Why would "they" photoshop her, I wonder? Pretty strange... Oh, I'll bet I know! Maybe she refused to stand close to the referee and the two players.


To reiterate ArmchairJane's advice that echoes my advice from several days ago (thanks for the H/T, AJ!).

Guys/gals who have trouble posting....? Try putting your e-mail address instead of your user name in the "Name" portion of the log-in. Works for me!


I have to comment on the troll. You can always tell a Palinista troll. They either preface or follow their insults by "So sad...." or as in this instance, "So pathetic..."

What's sad and pathetic is the willful ignorance and narrowmindedness of Palinistas.

And they are only a tiny segment of the greater willful ignorance and narrowmindedness of the wingnut teabagger movement...

...Which still fits in the ignorant and narrowminded Republican tent...

...Which has also served as Rush Limbaugh's smoking jacket.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 21:31.

You've hit the nail on the head with your statement!

Very few on this blog have been to Wasilla/Palmer and they really don't understand the dynamic here in the valley.

Levi is being placed on a pedestal but really I doubt that some of the "etiquette" questioners on these recent comments would approve of much that they saw here!

Levi is a Valley redneck. The Palin's are Valley rednecks. Sure there are lots of us here that don't fit that description but the majority, well, let's just say you could find them any day skipping school to shop at WalMart....

I have to doubt that some of the "fans of Levi" here on this blog would actually want him dating their daughters, but their adoration is somewhat based on "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Levi does seem to be growing as a person but all who are on Team Levi should accept him for what he is and who he is and that's a Valley boy who happened to knock up the Gov's daughter. He is no shining prince and is rough around the edges (and wears hats indoors!) as do many of the men here in Alaska.

It's weird being under the microscope "as an Alaskan" as many of us moved up here to escape that sort of judgement and inspection. We came here to live our lives in a different sort of manner, yet now we are being judged by a lower 48 yardstick and it we are coming up short...many of us escaped the "yardstick" and are happy to have done so, so please cut us some slack!

Perhaps Levi will open up and tell you all what he thinks about "etiquette" one day; I'm sure it would enlighten many of you :-)

Not being mean, just trying to lend some perspective about Alaska and Alaskans...there is a bumper sticker oft seen up here and it says "We don't care how they do it in the Lower 48". Many people adhere to that adage and that's what we like about this place.

Anonymous said...

@00:59 - I have spent only one night in Wasilla, but I do think I understand your meaning. I realize also that Levi voted for the GOP ticket in 2008.

But I relate to his underdog position in this Sarah Palin fiasco, and he is the underdog in every way: a kid with divorced parents, an unwed father in a custodial battle with a former Governor's daughter, without an education, etc.

I realize that Levi and I would not likely be BFFs.

Anonymous said...

Recent word from the Valley is that when Bristol and Sarah are fighting , Bristol goes to spend time with Chuck and Sally Heath at their house.

Anonymous said...

@1:12 - do you think it cheers her up to be surrounded by all those dead animals on the walls?

Anonymous said...

I would never want any of my family to date Bristol or Levi. They use to call them hicks where I grew up. I've known uneducated strange looking, strange talking people that turned their lives around with corrective dental surgery and drama lessons. As adults you would never guess how they started out.

I don't think Levi wants to go through drastic changes. What he is doing with the work outs is hard. He is putting a lot into his job. He deserves to be called better than a prostitute or as Sarah put it "sell their body." Levy and Bristol may be a couple of hicks from the valley. Right now he is showing more gumption to move on in life than Bristol, who looks like she is determined to be a hick for life. Has anyone seen the boyfriend she has to hide? Levi is quiet debonair next to others.

Anonymous said...

@ 01:12 Bristol is seeking a higher education at the Heaths. They are keepers of the frig magnets.

speechless said...

"Palin Speech: No Phones, Laptops, Photos…" speaking at an event hosted by the group Wisconsin Right to Life this evening.

That is one scared speaker.

Paranoia runs deep

winkwinkWA said...

I have to go to "sign in" every time I post with my handle, it's the only way I can get in..

I believe Levi and his camp are making sure Sadie is okay and trying to keep her out of the fray, isn't she still in high school?

The hat--who care about the hat, we have BIGGER fish to fry, like a barracuda!!

Sane said--is that you Meg??

Anonymous said...

anon 00:59

Very well said. Alaska is full of free spirits in many ways, it was the lure of that which brought many of us up here. It could be said Levi is straight out of central casting for a teen in Alaska.

If you folks think he's a little rough around the edges, you should take a gander at some of the not so attractive men up here. Hip waders can be considered dressing up to go to the bar and rubber boots are a must. There's a reason for what they say about the availability of men up here.

The odds are good but the goods are odd

Anonymous said...

The whole list of forbidden items at $P's screech is:

•No cell phones
•No recording devices
•No video or still cameras
•No laptops
•No photos or recording allowed
•No literature distribution
•No posters or banners
•No strollers or car seats
•No carry-in food or beverages

The last one may reflect her concern that someone would throw food at her. It's what she believes about herself. Nixon was secretive, but nothing like $P.

Archivist said...

OK now I am curious ... where is this 'shoe shadow' picture a few people have discussed? Link, please?

Anonymous said...

At least one republican presidential contender has the goods on Sarah Palin. I cannot reveal anything else, but if one could get the goods, so could another.

EyeOnYou said...

Archivist said...
OK now I am curious ... where is this 'shoe shadow' picture a few people have discussed? Link, please?

Shoe Photo, bottom row

Anonymous said...

team mercede said...Yes indeed, that is when it will get interesting: when Mercede talks ;)! Can't wait,

I can't wait. From what I'm hearing it will be very interesting. Nothing I can verify, but it would make sense and I betcha it is close. I don't know why she would hold back when she is finally able to be free and open up.

I'd like for her to write her own book on growing up in the Valley and what it was like for her when her bro dated the Gov daughter. Before and after he was picked out to escort Bristol when she was humiliated by her mother in front of the world. M. knows about all the kids in the area and what goes down. She will have a more interesting book than any of them. I want to see the movie, too. I see no reason it won't be filmed on location. The friends she writes about could have movie parts. I always thought Nesia was a thousand times more beautiful than B. I'd like to see her in the movie. And someone please explain why Levi went for the mean girl and treated N as he did?

Anonymous said...

Sarah walks on air, don'y y'all know? Also, too, in that photo series of the Iditarod's start, those are available elsewhere with greater resolution. If you look, you can see that the lanyard her badge is attached too is clearly from Wells Fargo. A little tidbit for those looking for ethical violations.

Anonymous said...

02:21 anonymous

Are you saying the wheels could come off the bus? How will she be able to throw anyone under?

I think there is more then one, we need someone who not only has the goods but will reveal the goods.

Anonymous said...

No strollers or car seats? Does she mean no children?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope all these books make it to a bittorrent near me...hint hint...Ferris, Ferris

Anonymous said...

@2:21...Do tell! Sounds like you know something about a Presidential candidate haveing the goods on Palin?

anniebgood said...

2:32, these pics are at 18:18. It really does look like she's photoshopped in there. Her feet have no relation to the ground. I don't think it matters in the grand scheme of things, but as far as those two pictures of the "coin toss" go, I think she's photoshopped in.

Anonymous said...

Here I am again, continuing to add some of the sections from Gryphen's blog that deal with babygate. This is so we can assemble them all in one place, and hopefully it will help us make some sense of what is going on with him and his recent comment. Again in a few parts.

June 2: Why Babygate Matters
The lack of caution and parental responsibility that allowed her to subject this, not yet one year old, special needs child to such a harsh and unsettling environment is an issue all unto itself. But the possibility of this child not being her son, is an even bigger and more scandalous issue.

But just where did Trig Palin come from? As of today, as of this minute, and after over a month of searching I cannot tell you. I simply do not know for certain.

I do know however where he did not come from. He did not issue forth from Sarah Palin. He may have been conceived inside her house (The jury is still out on that one), but he was not conceived inside her uterus. On that one fact I have absolutely no doubt.

So today, months after the 2008 Presidential election, Sarah Palin is STILL using little Trig Palin to gain attention, and sympathy, and support. Now if that were her child, I would have absolutely NO problem with it. But it is not. At least not biologically. So she is in fact perpetrating a fraud on the people of Alaska, and the people of the United States of America.

And for that reason the truth must be discovered and the facts brought out to be scrutinized by the victims of her deception. And that is why this issue is still so vitally important. And why despite numerous setbacks I am not giving up on finding the truth.

June 4: …I will also add this other little tidbit for you to mull over. Levi's book deal is imminent and you will simply NOT believe who the publisher is going to be.

June 12: But as I read this I am also aware that some people view my questioning of who gave birth to little Trig Palin, and when that blessed event took place, in essentially the same way I view the Barack birth certificate kerfuffle.
But in the case of Sarah Palin and babygate, there are TWO missing birth certificates, one for Trig and one for Tripp, and two missing birth announcements in the paper.
Trust me if there were anywhere near as much proof of almost fourteen month old Trig's birth as there is for 48 year old Barack Obama's I would completely drop the issue. But there is not!
There is absolutely NOTHING to prove when and where either of these babies were born except statements made by the Palin/Heath family. And as much as I would like to take them at their word well.......that ARE the Palin/Heath family.
June 23: Of course all of this is moot, because I know that Palin's career is about to take a number of brutal hits from which she is absolutely not gong to be able to recover. (While I am on the topic can you all STOP asking me about the "iceberg"? The iceberg was not about me and what I am working on, it is about something completely different though equally damaging. And YES I AM still working on my post, and NO I cannot tell you when it will be ready. One thing I have learned during this whole enterprise is that patience is a virtue.)

C'mon Levi said...

Anon @ 2.01 re List of Things not permissible - how about shoes a la Bush? What if someone was to throw a shoe or two? Now that would be funny!

re the chat about Levi's appearance. Don't you think the powers that be want to keep his buff physique under wraps until the photoshoot?

Anonymous said...

Next Gryphen babygate posts (this takes us through the end of June, just before the remarkable resignation):

June 27: The Sarah Palin exercise plan: Or how to keep baby weight off until the seventh month and then drop it all again only weeks after giving birth.
In fact, Palin routinely ran 7 to 10 miles almost every day but switched to aerobics classes when she became pregnant with her fifth child, Trig (who was born in April 2008). After his birth, Palin worked her way back up to running three miles every other day. (Sooo much easier to run without that big strap-on tummy!)

I once wrote a post that Sarah should write a book on exercise due to her amazing weight loss after the birth of little Trig Palin, and I still think it would be a big seller. I mean it seemed like the weight just "fell off" almost like somebody simply undid a clasp or something. Weird huh?

June 28: This site compares the David Letterman/Sarah Palin faux pregnancies. Personally I think Letterman was much more convincing. But that's just me.
One of my commenter's believes this is about to hit the MSM. Gosh wouldn't that be great?

Of course it COULD lead to something other than simply laughs. Only time will tell.

June 30: "It came from Wasilla!" Vanity Fair comes up with the best Sarah Palin headline ever!
The article is pretty critical of Palin but the author, Todd S. Purdum, misses a few important pieces.
Her lack of vetting by the McCain campaign:
McCain had spent only a couple of hours in Palin’s presence before choosing her, and she had pointedly failed to endorse him after he clinched the nomination in March. The difficulties began immediately, with the McCain team’s delivery of the bad news that the pregnancy of Palin’s daughter Bristol, which was already common knowledge in Alaska and had been revealed to the McCain team at the last minute, could not be kept secret until after the Republican convention. (Ooooh, so close Purdum, but you failed to discover the REAL truth behind why Bristol had to be thrown under the bus.)
Some top aides worried about her mental state: was it possible that she was experiencing postpartum depression? (Palin’s youngest son was less than six months old.) (Dude spend some time reading the internet before writing such an important article! You totally missed the biggest Palin scandal of all!)
Author does manage to reveal just how ridiculous, and bizarre, Sarah Palin's official pregnancy cover story is at least:
But there were ominous signs—indications of an erratic nature. This is the third thing McCain could have discovered about Palin—a woman, after all, who kept a pregnancy secret for seven months, flew all the way home from Texas to Alaska with a near-full-term baby while leaking amniotic fluid, and then finally drove the 45 minutes from Anchorage to a hospital in Wasilla, all so that the child could be born in the 49th state.
I encourage you to read the entire article. It is very good, despite completely missing the "babygate" boat.

Anonymous said...

"""June 23: Of course all of this is moot, because I know that Palin's career is about to take a number of brutal hits from which she is absolutely not gong to be able to recover. (While I am on the topic can you all STOP asking me about the "iceberg"? The iceberg was not about me and what I am working on, it is about something completely different though equally damaging. And YES I AM still working on my post, and NO I cannot tell you when it will be ready. One thing I have learned during this whole enterprise is that patience is a virtue.)"""

Sarah Palin is about to release a best selling book and is powerful force within the conservative movement, capable of getting an interview on any national medium just about anytime she wants. If this is a blow from she cannot recover, then count me in.

You really right about that predication, Gryphen.

Anonymous said...

Sarah and Greta discuss Wasilla church fire.
Fox News’ On the Record with Gretta Van Sustren. Aired on December 15th.
The video was removed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Palin on Global Warming, Evolution, Abortion, and More

Reaction to Bristol Palin's pregnancy

conscious at last said...

Lets see -- On June 23rd, Gryphen(IM) suggested that SP's career was about to take some "hits" and less than two weeks later SP announced that she'd be resigning as Alaska's Governor -- with NO explanation. I call that a "step down." Then SP is basically in seclusion for months. She cancels all unpaid speaking gigs for her fans. Now she only speaks for the big bucks-- hardly any takers though!! But there was that one talk she did in Hong Kong-- with mixed reviews. She communicates through a ghostwriter writer on Facebook. She has a new temporary handler, Rupert Murdock, who quickly realizes that he needs to cut his losses because his "golden goose" has flown the coop. So Murdock's newspaper, the NY Post, suggests that Palin might do better hawking lipstick. Palin's book for Harper Collins has not even been released yet and it is being given away virtually free. Palin interjects herself in a NYS election and the district ends up electing a Democrat for the first time in 100 years-- Wow, she is truly MAGICAL !!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Cons. @L.! Great summary.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's Mental State is Deteriorating. She Will Not Be Photographed

Sarah Palin may believe in a right to life, but she does not, apparently, think there is a right to cellphones: Attendees of Sarah Palin’s speech on Friday night to the Wisconsin Right to Life will be unable to carry cellphones, cameras, laptops, or recording devices. The press will also be barred from attendance. Tickets to the event cost $30. “You know, for someone who claims to be a rogue and isn’t afraid of what other people think, it really is sort of hypocritical to not let the media, the press cover your event,” said Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate. The state’s Republican chairman said he was excited for Palin’s visit, but stressed his party has nothing to do with the anal retentive's limitations.

Kelly T.

ella said...

Here are just a couple (of many) anti-Palin comments on the Christianity Today website (thanks anon. @5:25).
It seems that even many of the Evangelicals do not buy her BS. There is hope.

"The Palins are an embarrassment to the evangelical community. Its not just the daughter's preganancy. Its also the husband's DUI arrest, the governor's "less than truthful" account of her stand on the bridge to nowhere, and overall her lack of policy smarts. After all the work that Rick Warren and others have done to convince the nation that we evangelicals are intelligent, cultured people who walk our Christian talk, we get the Palin soap opera."

"How nice that Gov. Palin knew about her daughter's pregnancy and decided to accept VP nomination. "Hey, Bristol, you think having a baby at 16 will be hard. How about I turn the entire country's ire on you?" What mother would do that to her daughter. You gotta question Palin's judgment. That is just mean to parade her daughter through the mud for her own opportunity."

Anonymous said...

@Cons. Also, too, Sarah's big booming bus tour will take her to all of the major cities, NYC, Boston, Miami, Chicago, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle-- no wait a minute-- the bus goes to the Real American small towns. And with Sarah able to give an interview on any national medium, she will not allow cameras or recording devices anywhere near Wisconsin Right to Life speech,or any other speech for that matter. (Special note: Bree has some twitters from Sarah's speech in Wisconsin).

Sarah's robocalls right before the election in Virginia may have been illegal. Has she ever turned over those emails yet? When is the IRS going to investigate Housegate? SarahPAC? Alaska Fund Trust? Pie Spy? Arctic Cat? It isn't illegal until the courts tell her she can't do it.

Anonymous said...

The 48 hour Abstinence Tour
Why the dead looking prop?

Anonymous said...

Will the Oprah and Barbara Walters audiences also need to be strip searched for contraband like cell phones? Or she only treats her money paying base like the enemy? Her psychodramas are a trip.

Anonymous said...

Get on the bus Bristol.

Anonymous said...

The Sarah Palin will be a GOP speaker at the elite Gridiron Club's Winter Dinner, a black-tie affair on Dec. 5.

Meg Stapleton confirms Sarah Palin will attend an exclusive event with Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.). This the second time the quitter Alaska gov has flown to the capital to mix with the city's political elite.

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank is like Einstein when compared to the Quitter.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the Oprah Show in Chicago. Yes..before you get in they want everything out of your (I thought that was weird), any photographs, anything paper, and yes, cell phones and cameras....all went into a zip lock baggie with a number on it. After the show, we all had to go retrieve our baggies.


Anonymous said...

Oh NO...Palin is running off to a Washington Elite DINNER? Didn't she tell everyone that she was know a hockey mom who is not part of the Good Ole Boy Club? Hhmmmm.......Guess she lied.

And now that we see the video about the church fire has also been removed..what is with that? All the photos and videos that have been removed in the last year and a half seem to point to the fact that we are on the right track If there was nothing going on with the fire to tie it to her, why have it removed along with all the fake pregnancy photos?

Anonymous said...

Why was the Wasilla Bible Church fire investigation turned over to the Wasilla Police Department instead of the State Fire Marshall? Seems suspicious, don't you think? It was said to be arson so why wouldn't the xperts be handling this?

Anonymous said...


Gryphen has his own blog, why don't you go and post your comments there?

LisanTX said...

anon. @7:28--Someone on another thread mentioned that Rep. Gatto of Palmer had a background in firefighting. So maybe he had something to do with keeping the investigation local.


ella said...

A reporter went rogue and got into the Milwaukee event tonight. Here is Sarah's latest, newest story about Trig -
"Palin spoke movingly of her youngest son, Trig, who has Down syndrome. She recalled that when she was pregnant, she underwent an ultrasound and the technician told her, "I see boy parts."

Later, the technician told her that the baby's neck "is a little bit thicker," an indication that there might be an extra chromosome. A few days later, Down syndrome was confirmed."

"I was scared," Palin said, adding that she asked her husband, Todd, "Why us?" He responded, "Why not?"

OK, so now there was an ultrsound and Todd was involved? I thought she kept it secret from Todd (in other versions)?

Anonymous said...

@ anoymous 7:40

JC does have his own blog but he get's no comments , big fat 0's, that's why he's here, his site is to boring, so he has to come where the action is. No one care's about his Sarah on his site.

Anonymous said...

Yup, $arah lies again. Does she keep forgetting that everything she has said is recorded or printed? She just can't keep all of her lies straight. She did say before that she kept this information secret even from Todd. Sheesh.....

Anonymous said... Here is the recap of Palin's appearance in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

From Palin's Indiana speech in April:

"Then when my amniocentesis results came back, showing what they called abnormalities. Oh, dear God, instantly I had an understanding, for that fleeting moment, why someone would believe it could seem possible to change those circumstances--just make it all go away and get some normalcy back in life--just take care of it."

Not even Todd knew she was pregnant. "No one would know," she said, and then added, "But I would know."

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.25

Thank you for all your hard work. Once these have been assembled we will place them all together in one file which we will put a link to so that everyone who wishes to look at them can do so easily.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

@ 00.59

What a difference a year makes!

I'd that Levi's charisma lies in the fact that last year he was a controlled gauch young boy and this year there are glimpses of the man that he is set to become. That's very charming in it's appeal, don't ya think?

Levi, if you read this, man up to Palin. Enough is enough. Reveal the witch for what she is. Stop
allowing her to dodge the bullet. You're a hunter - you know it only takes one bullet (not literally!!!)to bring her down. Do it!

Anonymous said...


I tested the name url on old posts and have had absolutely NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. Please email Patrick or Regina with your concerns.

Another way round this is for you to open a blogger account with google. It takes less than a minute to do so.


Anonymous said...

I laugh every time a troll posts about "Sarah's best selling book". It isn't on the NY Times list. Nope. It got manipulated on Amazon to be a best seller for two days - and now those book orders are being sold or canceled.

Face it, people. She's a loser. A liar. A myth of a desperate minority who can't stand change. She's the pretty face of a rage-driven and resentful minority of ignorant and small-minded movement of hatriots.

I can't believe she wore red strappy shoes again. She has no class. It's November. In Wisconsin. Strappy heels? You can take the Wasilla Hillbilly outta Wasilla, but you can't take the Hillbilly outta her no matter what.

And while I have nothing against hillbillies, I do have something against a "christian conservative" preaching family values and feminism who struts around in wildly inappropriate hooker shoes. At least she added the pearls this time! LOL. As if.

And red. Always red. The color of sex, prostitutes, blood, vampires, and certain Fascist movements.

The Palin cult have their false god, and it says more about them than it does even about Palin. She's just a puppet of hate. They're the valueless followers who live for her, just like Jim Jones cult followed him.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone see "boy parts" on an ultrasound at 12 weeks?

Could this be an excuse -- they also saw a "thick neck" -- for the amnio, which isn't usually done by pro-lifers. Can anyone see a "thick neck" at 13 weeks?

Anonymous said...

anon of 1230 .. The whore of Babylon from the book of revelations ?? The antichrist would pretend to be a christian

BuffaloGal said...

According to a few pregnancy websites, the sex of the baby can be be seen, usually at 20 weeks. Sometimes as early as 16 but sometimes not until 28. She's definitely stretching it at 12. AND! she says that when the ultrasound tech mentions a thicker neck Palin got immediately worried, "knowing what a thick neck would mean". And yet, time and time again in the past she said that she knew absolutely nothing about Downs Syndrome and refused to even crack a book on it until much later after finding out that was the case.

Once again, the story changes.

Anonymous said...

It is possible for a good ultrasound technician to detect the sex of a fetus as early as eleven weeks, especially if it is a male.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add the following -

172 women were all scanned transabdominally. Using a midline sagittal scan with the fetus supine and the spine parallel to the transducer face (sound lines perpendicular) ‘without extension of the spine or limbs’, angles were drawn on an image of the genital area with a line through the genital tubercle and another through the lumbosacral skin line. Male fetuses were characterised by an angle >300 (angle increases with age) and a females by parallel or convergent lines (angle <300). In other words, the phallus was vertical/cranially directed in males and caudally directed in females. At 12 weeks the accuracy of gender assignment was 98.7% and at 13 weeks the accuracy was 100%. There was incorrect assignment of males as females in 3% at 12 weeks and no females assigned as males after 12 weeks. The authors therefore conclude that ‘a final decision on invasive testing for sex-linked conditions should be undertaken only after 12 weeks of gestation’.

The Genital tubercle angle has now been increasingly used as an accurate method for diagnosing fetal gender at around 12-13 weeks during a scan for the Nuchal translucency.

Anonymous said...

New blogpost up!

Levi's STOLEN ID said...

This is in stark contrast with Palin making up stuff about a late night comedian and trying to get him fired.
Stark contrast with Palin lawyer's idle threats. (NOTICE WHO SHE NEVER WILL SUE)

Rex Butler knows how it should go. Rex let Conan and Shatner know they were repeating falsehoods from an impersonation of Levi. They corrected the record as gentlemen and now everyone has more comedy gold. It is HUGE to have your identity stolen. It is good when that can be cleared up. Keep up the good work!

O'Brien Apologizes to Johnston for Twitter Skit Friday – November 06, 2009



Cool with Conan

Shatner Corrects The Record With Real Levi Johnston Quotes

A happy late night ending

Anonymous said...

to conscious at last...

"I know that Palin's career is about to take a number of brutal hits from which she is absolutely not gong to be able to recover."

Gryphen's words, not mine. Sarah Palin still stands, getting more done through facebook now that she is free from the anklebiters who took advantage of loophole in the ethics law in an attempt to destroy the governor. Too bad they couldn't actually find her guilty of something, they could have used the extra ammunition against her in the future.

What you don't realize is that we live in a society that you don't have to be a politician to have political influence. Case in point, Rush Limbaugh.

In addition. NY-23 was loss for conservatives (though not completely), however it was only one battle lost among a whole war. You can lose battles and still win a war. There are many more next, and Sarah Palin will be resolute in winning them. And to remind you, the Democrats last had control sometime in 1993, not the 19th century.

Sarah Palin is about release a best selling book. It is inevitable. She will remain a major force on the political scene for years to come. It is inevitable.

Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

How the homework, kid?

Anonymous said...

The reference to 100 years ago when NY-23 was last represented, as a congressional district, by a Democrat.

This is why you are out of your league on this blog and why you should get back to doing your homework, or at least your history.

Anonymous said...

Actually, NY-23 hasn't been represented, as a congressional district by a Democrat since the Civil Way. Thanks, Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Should be: "Civil War."

Anonymous said...

I love how this turned for Levi. He'll be a guest on THE TONIGHT SHOW soon, I'll wager.

Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
The reference to 100 years ago when NY-23 was last represented, as a congressional district, by a Democrat.

This is why you are out of your league on this blog and why you should get back to doing your homework, or at least your history."""

Are you aware of who Michael R. McNulty is, Mr. Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Kid, do you know what "redistricting" means?

While I have your attention, I would like to help you improve your writing style, if I may, because I see you don't have many people participating at your own fledgling blog.

1) VOICE. Try to write with your OWN authentic voice and not just parroting the talking points you are given. It's best to "hook" the reader with something intriguing or relatable. Do you have any interesting observations about your own life? Try to focus on what you know, and not what you think you "should" know, to sound more mature than you really are.
2) OVERUSE OF JARGON. There is a place for scholarly and digressive rhetoric, but you need to know your audience. Most readers on the Internet find forced polysyllabicity to be rather empty and cold in tone. It shows your insecurity. Keep it concise. Keep it simple.
3) CITE EVIDENCE. Provide links for your arguments and evidence. Too much of what you write is without substantive evidence. You are still misusing logical fallacies as well.

Good luck! Now, back to the homework.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous:

You so callously lecture me, a person too fearful to use their own name. It matters not, though. You have nothing to say. You never did, except to repeat the same line a dozen times.

I know what redestricting is. But do you know who Michael R. McNulty is? He was the Democrat Congressional Representative from NY-23 until 1993. The key word is "Democrat."

You see, when you have people going out and saying that the last NY-23 was represented by a Democrat over a hundred years ago, then they are simply wrong.

You can cry foul all you want. You were wrong. Simply admit it and move on.

You are going to say I state things without providing evidence, such is certainly not the case. Most of the time when I blog I provide links. Here however, I simply ask for evidence that has not been forthcoming.

If you think any logical fallacy I use is in error, feel free to point it out, otherwise, remain silent and anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Kid, here you go: "When people say that New York-23 has been held by Republicans since the Civil War, they mean the geographical area now in NY-23 — not the district that happened to have the number 23.

New York has lost a lot of House seats over the years, and so the district with the number 23 has moved all over. It used to be in the Bronx, later it was in the Albany area, and now it’s up by the Canadian border.

To figure out whether the geographical area has been represented by Republicans since the Civil War, one would have to check the district maps and see what the district number was in each decade after the redistricting.

If you just look at the Wikipedia article “New York’s 23rd congressional district,” you will see lots of Democrats in the district’s history, but most of them weren’t elected from anywhere near the current boundaries of NY-23."

Good luck and now back to the books.

P.S. I have previously listed 3 logical fallacies you have misused. But if you didn't want to learn them then, it's probably too late for you to learn them now. And I'm not being paid to teach you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous:

Unless I simply forgetting something, you haven't said anything about logical fallacies until this moment. However, considering you are anonymous, it would very easy to confuse you with someone else.

But I digress. The fraud that NY-23never elected a Democrat before is just that has already been exposed. That is what went around on the blogs. And the fact remains, that NY-23 has elected Democrats before, regardless of geography. That was only brought up when you realize you and people like you had dug a a factual hole for themselves.

The whole myth was perpetuated by those who wish to think that NY-23 was historic. It was, but not for those reasons.

Anonymous said...

Kid, facts continue to elude you. You don't understand what "redistricting" means. What courses are you currently taking? Have you taken many English courses?

Anonymous said...

You're denser than neutronium.

Suppose for a minute, that the current boundaries of the United States dissolve, leaving behind several new states formed out of the old state of Alaska. All the old states dissappear, no longer a part of the union. However, the U.S. government remains intact, its capitol located somewhere in Alaska.

The populace then decides to elect a president from the new reformed Whig party. That would be the first Whig president that the United States would have elected in over 150 years.

However, a person like you comes along and says that because the geographic location of the United States has changed somewhat, we really haven't elected a Whig president because Alaska was never part of the process of selecting one. Such reasoning, of course, is nonsense. No matter how much the geography of the United States will change in the future, we will always have in our history a record of having elected Whig presidents.

The same thought process applies to NY-23. However, I believe you can figure out the rest yourself, given you are as intelligent as you like to boast.

conscious at last said...

Ahhh JC - how can I resist responding to you -- you are just too funny and too easy. Your statements are full of confusion and contradiction because your thinking is unclear. The point, as you well know, is that the geographic area of upstate NY near the Canadian and Vermont borders has a Republican/moderate-conservative majority. Therefore, this area (whatever the district number has been over the years)has not elected a Democrat for at least 100 years or more. Currently this area is CD #23. It is sorta like this Jesse, whether you call her
Quitty-pants,The Ice Queen,
X-GINO, or in your case, "my idol,"
we are still referring to Sarah Palin.. and I imagine that she hasn't voted for a Democat in 100 years...but she did just help a Democrat get elected in the NYS 23rd Congressional District !!
Get it ?

But, I'll stop this cute banter and get to the point. Jesse my friend you can say all the delusional things you like about SP or others. You can come to this blog and tell us that the moon is made of green cheese. You can scream it from the roof tops if it makes you happy. But it won't make it so. SP is a fraud. If you can't see through her winky blinky nonsense, it means that you cannot think clearly nor can you see what is right in front of you. So, all I have to say, is happy landings Jesse.

Anonymous said...

to conscious at last:

What is this geographic area called? Does it have a name? Alaska is a geographic area, and it has a name.

You see, your analogy with Sarah Palin and NY-23 only works if the district of NY-23 as currently constituted has a name to represent the land, just like Alaska has a name to represent itself. Otherwise, how can anyone call an area by a different name when it does not have one in the first place?

The point is, this "geographic area" is simply an arbitrary set of boundaries constructed not too long ago. It has no real name, and is represented through the NY-23 representative. Prior members of that district have been Democrats. There is no arguing this.

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