Sunday, 8 November 2009

Health Care: Sarah Palin's "Bots" are Revolting

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed the Health Care Reform Bill, and for Americans, this surely should be a reason to celebrate. After all, this bill contains many positive provisions - a good overview can be found here. However, in the warped reality of Sarah Palin and her followers - let's call them "Palinbots" - it is all the work of the devil. Sarah Palin herself set the tone in a new facebook post, phrased in what can already be called "classic demagogic Palin style": "Broken promise of transparency", "monstrous bill rammed through on Saturday" (this day is reserved for fishin' and huntin', right?), "out-of-control bureaucratic mess", "will rob Americans more of our freedom", "disastrous for our economy and personal liberty", "those of us who love freedom and believe in open and transparent government can only be dismayed" - Sarah's facebook post had it all (although she didn't mention the military or Ronald Reagan - perhaps she missed a beat there?).

When she was Governor in Alaska, Sarah Palin was as transparent as the Soviet Politbureau, but then she very well knows that her cult-like followers will swallow with joy everything that is uttered by the Quitter Queen - her word is gospel.

I went to the website of C4P today in order to see what the mood in Sarahland is like - after two defeats (NY-23 and Health Care) for Sarah Palin within a few days, they surely would be unhappy. Right?

Well, what I encountered in the comments on C4P is a parallel world which in these days is more extreme than ever - and although we are quite used to this right-wing parallel world right now, a world in which Sarah Palin will be "the Governor" forever, I thought that it would be worthwhile presenting some artefacts from yesterday and today which I found on C4P.

Let's begin with a rather harmless observation. Palinbots love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings - just like "normal people", sweet (please click on the pictures to enlarge):

The very existence of the Republic now depends on Sarah Palin - naturally:

Here is a truly interesting thought by a concerned Palinbot: Because of the gift of health care, everybody will now vote for the Democrats - and then "we are so royally screwed":

People "will be fleeing America" - sure! I recommend the UK - they don't have to learn a new language, and they would get free healthcare without having to pay for anything - apart from taxes, which are not very high. However, a true Palinbot would certainly not use these monuments of socialism which are called hospitals in the UK and rather suffer proudly at home, right? Nancy knows:

Civil disobedience now is of course the duty of any true American patriot - goes without saying! After all, only commies want insurance. Will Sarah Palin, the true patriot, take the initiative and give up her health insurance?

Not to forget, Republican Rep. Joseph Cao now deserves the death penalty for voting with the Democrats - or worse:

Now it's getting a bit more - militaristic, let's say. After all, Sarah loves the military, so her imaginative supporters try to find the right words:

From here, we continue our journey and enter the "creepy" territory. You could call it the "secret service area". But surely they all just make fun, yes, hahaha, how funny is that! Not to be taken seriously, SURELY! Examples:

Here ends our little visit to the world of the Palinbots. I hope you have enjoyed it - NOT! Let's now leave the Palinbots to themselves again - as dissenters are kept out of C4P, due to their fancy new commenting system in which they can ban commenters and IP addresses instantly. Dissent is not wanted in Sarahland. But who needs an open discussion, when dictating the rules through facebook is so much more fun?

Please also have a look at Bree's post from today, where she analyzes comments which Sarah's fans have left on Sarah's facebook. Even scarier over there - some people very openly suggest to kill Obama!

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Anonymous said...

The level of mental health challenges on display in the far right is disturbing. You can see it on so many levels in these posts you've captured: their inability to understand simple concepts, threats and the rush to violence, the assignation of blame to others, the ad hominem attacks, and of course, the inability to write coherent English.

Anonymous said...

I betcha Miss Congeniality, the Miss Alaska runner-up, is poutin' up a storm today, just like she does here.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin was FOR healthcare reform in 2008--before she was against it:

Watch the entire video to hear Sarah say it in her own words...

Anonymous said...

The palinbots' lack of respect for the majority
's decision is very telling.

Anonymous said...

The PalinPatriots Facebook page currently has their page set to where you must be a member to see the wall posts.

Sarah's official Facebook page is still public at the moment, but it is having trouble again.

Anonymous said...

The PalinPatriots Facebook page currently has their page set to where you must be a member to see the wall posts.

Sarahbots and SP are going elitist, exclusive and dark in their secret world. Can they start a revolt from their social networks?

Anonymous said...

Are they starting a revolt or did they finally realize they are revolting?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Good one anon @ 17:24!

Irishgirl said...

ROFL Anon 17.24

dancingthroughlife said...

People are going to be fleeing the US? Tell me, Palinbot, to WHERE are they fleeing? Canada? Guess what- they have socialized medicine. The UK? Hmmm... same.I'd love to know just what country they'd be willing to live in that doesn't have socialized medicine. Oh, wait- I bet that'll be an "I'll get back to ya", right? These people have obviously not taken two seconds to think about these arguments.

I haven't read the 'secret service section' (the print is too small on my phone's screen), but I'm sure it's more of what we've been hearing- and then if/when the comments are investigated, it'll be the argument you described- we didn't REALLY mean it. These people disgust me.

Anonymous said...

All terrorists work secretly.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's facebook wall is a wailing wall. When there are no posts showing, it doesn't mean that the posts have been deleted but that they've been taken up to heaven for Sarah'sn consideration.

Anonymous said...

Beatles answer Sarah

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money
for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
all right, all right

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Patrick, thanks for venturing over to the alternate universe so we don’t have to! I have visited there a few times, but it was so sickening I have never gone back. It is extremely disheartening to see those people rant their utter nonsense, being led by the nose ring by crazies like Palin, Beck, Bachmann, Rush, Boehner, et al. I would expect that kind of threatening rhetoric from the Taliban. Actually, those people ARE the American Taliban party. I see absolutely no difference in their extremism, and I believe they are the more dangerous threat than the ones on the other side of the earth.

Anonymous said...

It looks like only the dead-enders are left at c4p. Some of them must be realizing that $P is digging a deeper hole with each Facebook post.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Great going, Patrick - there's a lot of crazy going around :) My faves are the movie fans.

And yes, PCG - the Palin Party is the American Taliban . . .

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Sarah Palin is hiding behind a wall on FaceBook. It is hard to put on her cover girl make up these days with all the cracks beginning to show.

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by the thoughtful nature of these comments, showing that the posters really studied the issues and spent time formulating a coherent response. (That's sarcasm). My favorite is uffda who will break the law by not getting insurance, and then, when sent to prison, will get medical care there. Unless uffda is going to one of those privately owned prisons, state and federal prisons offering medical care are part of the government.

Of course, Sarah wrote that she is for the sanctity of life and every life has value-- except she doesn't want to see anyone get health care to preserve their life.

Anonymous said...

Those bots are on a rhetorical cul-de-$ac to Nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Why have you forsaken us, Sarah Palin?

Simba said...

The threats are cause for concern. I hope that they are being reported to the proper authorities. Some of those people are downright scarey.

Ignorance, anger and fear is quite a potent combination and I learned a long time ago, when people make threats, to take them seriously, even if they insist they don't mean it.

Frightening. These folk simply don't have a clue and Sarah Palin is exploiting their ignorance.

Virginia Voter said...

I was going to say something similar to Simba...this shows what kind of bat shit craziness Sarah inspires. I hope the Secret Service starts tracking down the idiots threatening to kill the president and stockpiling nitro.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's fans will drift away, because she's stopped wearing the tight clothes she wore while running for VP.

Anonymous said...

I was going to call Sarah Palin the porn star of conservative politics, but realized that would be insulting to all hard working porn stars.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Tribune has a story, "Writers go rogue on Palin" describing the other books coming out at the same time as "Going Rogue."

Anonymous said...

ha! Anon 18:50 :D .. porn star of politics

Well, kindof.. though she looks a bit "greasy" .. all that slathered makeup and orange skin.. not very "clean"
Now Prejean, maybe.. at least she has youth

i know off topic but couldn't resist

SoCalWolfGal said...

Thanks for being brave Regina and visitin the C4P site. I just cannot do it. The hatred that is always rampant is more than I can deal with. I am sure the Feds are om top of the threats being made against President Obama, and they should keep a closer eye on the brave Republican from Louisiana, Joseph Cao.

tomandlou said...

If there was ever any doubt about the lunacy of Palin and her followers you gave proof positive.But after reading the crap they spew we cant forget they are also dangerous.

Anonymous said...

tomandlou, Palin could be gone in an instant. The followers would have a replacement. They are dangerous as long as there are puppet masters with puppets like Palin. She is replaceable. If they keep up the martyr act they can have another Reagan when she is gone.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, I don't like that everyone will have to buy insurance from the very system we want to get rid of, but hopefully, this is just the beginning of a single payer bill once the Dems FINALLY realize they are on their own any-which-way they word the bill.

On another note: I finally realized why $$$arah does not like the bill: Under its provisions, SHE will be amongst the few (?) who make more than $1Million/year and will be taxed an EXTRA 5.4% to pay for the coverage...

Anonymous said...

Sorry if it's been mentioned before: C-SPAN has an interview with Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe who have written
Sarah from Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar

Re-broadcast today, Sunday, Nov. 8 at 4 pm (ET). I saw part of it last night, and it seemed interesting. Liz

Anonymous said...

Sarah's getting like Chicken Little. "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"

Anonymous said...

Sarah's facebook.
Even scarier over there - some people very openly suggest to kill Obama!

Is that the sarahPac facebook?
It is legal to incite with suggestions to kill?

What does the FEC do? All that is cool with Homeland Security nowadays?

Anonymous said...

"Jail has medical facilities"???

Yes, oh patriot, enjoy your government-subsidized FREE jail health care, you commie socialist leech!

Oh my gawd, the stupid just BURNS!

Anonymous said...

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" for chicken Sarah of behind the wall politics.

She wants to take as many with her as she can. Invest in orange jumpsuits.

Anonymous said...

how do you view the C4Urine comments? I click the comments (when they don't say zero which is typical) and I just get a blank area.. i know I am a sick soul to want to do this ..but hey, I am sure I have family members on there - yep, all Palin lovers - and I gotta see these peeps during the holidays :D .. like to know the kinds of thoughts tick tocking in thier poor brain washed head
But do wanna note.. I love them to death.. just not the Palin love fest.. poor guys

wv: clauds = frauds :D

Anonymous said...

holy cow--checkout the threats at the c4p. they are getting outrageous. those people are SICK

Anonymous said...


As long as it is legal they are free to do it. They will scrub anything illegal before it can be screen captured. They are not on the hate-crime monitoring list, so they can do what they want until the law tells them different. They are like Sarah P.

Anonymous said...

who is paying for Sarah's health care?

Are her and Trig a ward of the State of Alaska, still?

Someone should really ask her that publicly

regina said...


Patrick was brave enough to visit C4P. I have limited internet access at the moment, so I wouldn't waste my precious time over there. LOL

I wrote the previous post very quickly and Patrick added the videos. I had to say something about the Health Care bill, but couldn't add pictures or videos... I think Patrick must have read my mind.

Take care everyone, we're having a great time in Australia!

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Patrick, I know what your readers do not. Your arrogant tone of superiority about how you allow dissent is hypocritical.

You know why? You did try to ban by IP address, but failed miserably, just like you failed miserably to prove your own wild hypothesis (actually, lie) about Sarah and Trig Palin.


Anonymous said...

Hi Regina! Nice to hear from.

Frank Schaeffer: Fears of Fundamentalism
Sunday Nov 08, 2009 7:00am

Anonymous said...

Regina, I am so glad you are having a great time on holiday! G'Day!

Anonymous said...

If Sarah Palin's Facebook page gets shut down due to the level of violence & threats expressed on it, she'll no longer have a platform.

Lisabeth said...

If there are threats against President Obama on her Facebook page, we can report those specific people to the secret service and to Facebook right?
Also if Sarah does not erase those posts, she is to blame if anything happens.
My question is does she or someone erase negative posts on her page? If we wrote on there that she was an idiot and who cares what she thinks, would it be erased?? I mean on Facebook.

I think one reason Sarah left Twitter is millions of people talked back to her and laughed at her. She had no control over it-she couldn't erase them. It felt wonderful to press reply to her posts and tell her how stupid she is.

She really is a nut. And her followers are plain dense. How can they support someone who is incapable of real discussion? Facebook is just her preaching. I swear the woman thinks she is God. And she is living in the last century. She is very clueless about most Americans and she doesn't care about them,or anyone but herself.

Anonymous said...

Lisbeth, if you follow the comments at Bree's, you'll find there have been threats posted on Facebook today via Palin's page. Some folks have reported the threats to the Secret Service. And Palin's FB administration team been warned, as they had to post "rules" to try to ensure some decorum among her "rogue" followers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should have been to "Lisabeth."

Archivist1000 said...

Lisabeth: Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is highly censored, insofar as any comments against her, or what she says in her Notes, are not tolerated.

There are often racist comments, there and they remain, as do discussions of conspiracy sites (such as Obama approved billions to bring Palestinian terrorists to the USA) and of course whatever idiotic rumour there. In fact, the story she talked about the other day, about the dollar coin where IN GOD WE TRUST has been removed, is often re-hashed on her site. There is no control about calls to violence and especially during the Glen Beck Czar nonsense, which SHE RECOMMENDED her fans watch (endorsed on her OFFICIAL page) the Palinbots really showed their true colours.

Check my blog for more, I spend a lot of time documenting the Palinbots and their ignorance, with examples of some of the sites they link to AND which Sarah allows to remain.

Hannah said...

JC you are incredibly rude to Patrick. And frankly you are an angry dick. Just go away. You aren't accomplishing anything and no one cares what you think. Don't you have anything better to do. It's pathetic. I wish Patrick would ban you. I have zero respect for you because you are rude, narrow minded, intolerant, vindictive and boring as hell. Go away!
Patrick, you should ban him! All I see lately is him being rude to you. You can report him to blogger.

Archivist1000 said...

Hannah, if Palinbots aren't allowed to speak, and show everyone how ignorant they are, how can we know the depth of their ignorance?

I would hate for this site, or any site, to become like Sarah's where only adulatory/accepted comments are allowed.

That is my .02 .. this isn't my blog though.

ArmchairJane said...


Palin FB watchers have reported numerous instances of erasure of negative posts on her FB page. Somebody is definitely monitoring the page for purposes of editing.

But there are also Sarah fans who either find their posts on her page removed, or sometimes these people are outright banned. Of course they LOVE Sarah so they can't see why their posts would be removed. They have even formed their own group of PalinPatriots as an alternative place to post.

Somebody above now notes that the "wall" of PalinPatriots has been set so you have to be a member to see the posts.

What it looks like to me: somebody deletes all negative comments against Sarah, as well as the REALLY bad ones about President Obama, "liberals", and others. But I think it has to be pretty bad before Palin's FB minders delete the "anti" comments.

I think PalinPatriots is made up mostly of people who have made the most extreme negative comments about their "enemies". Now they can make their nasty behind their closed "wall". These folks also discuss theories such as "the White House is trying out its new net neutrality program" as explanations of why they cannot post on Sarah's FB page (H/T to the person in a past thread who pointed this out, might have been Bree Palin on her blog!)

I also checked out Archivist1000's blog yesterday and she has an amazing post within the past few days about an angry Palin fan who went after another person merely for commenting on a thread. It's worth reading!

justafarmer said...

Uffda better hope to go to jail somewhere other than free healthcare in Kentucky jails. Inmates who want healthcare need to have their own insurance or friends & family with deep pockets.

Anonymous said...

This an old article, but rather informative.

Simba said...

Re: Jesse Cornish:

His rhetoric has escalated beyond civil dissent. He is becoming rude and abusive and he really has nothing to contribute except taunts and rants. Now he has singled out Patrick to heap his frustration on. This is abuse. To ban him because he is abusive is not wrong. If he has something meaningful to contribute to the discussions here, even though his contributions may not be in agreement with the majority, that would be one thing. But to allow abuse is another. None of us shoul be subjected to such. He should be banned, and not because he has a different opinion, but because his sole purpose here seems to be to obstruct and abuse.

Just my 0.02.

wv: colual-as in JC is in collusion with all the rest of the palinbots.

Anonymous said...

This is the tinyurl for above Wash Indep article.

Sorry for mispost above.

Anonymous said...

The reason why JC and sane won't leave is because it is the only recourse they have to harass Patrick Regina and Kathleen. It's my understanding that they are not in the US - right? The harassment that was meted out to Audrey and others cannot touch Palingates. They are really grasping at straws and I know it is very hard not to respond to their ignorance but it appears the only way they will go away.

Anonymous said...

If people keep responding to a troll they are going to do what trolls do.
If enough people want this blog to be for one or more trolls so be it. Keep doing what you are doing.

If I keep coming here I will become obsessed with the troll and the troll feeders that find it so compelling. I think I'll take a break and wish on a star that sanity will prevail.

Lisabeth said...

Thank you everone for the information. How do we report people to the secret service? I guess we google! I am going to report these sick people who say threatening things against Obama.

And why doesn't it surprise me that the liar "freedeom loving" Sarah doesn't allow dissent or discussion.
I really feel these people are holding our country back from progress. They are just too stupid to know it. Sarah is preet thick headed. I think she will destroy herself or the GOP will destroy her. She's a harmful force in our country, not a positive one. And the good news is a large majority of the country sees the truth about her.

I am right about why she left Twitter then. Sarah is a coward.

I agree JC is now abusive. He continually makes nasty remarks against Patrick. If he was capable of discussion or had interest in it, it wouldn't matter. There are others who write here who don't believe in babygate. But he stated yesterday his goal is to discredit. I think Regina and Patrick should monitor comments. I don't like it but enoughbis enough-he is abusive and Patrick has given him plenty of chances. He's on my nerves. I don't care about his opinions-if I did I'd go to his blog. I looked there and it's boring and no one writes him. Maybe that's why he's here but he's a distraction and I do ignore him. But we will never stop everyone from responding.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan has a new Palin post up:

Anonymous said...

The more people that report, the better. Keep up the good work. It is disturbing to have the hate and threats continue or not be addressed. Especially at a time they are talking about a military take over and all the other revolters. I was even wondering about the latest PTSD flip out at Ft. Hood. It has happened before that people on the edge are helped to go over, like maybe his doctor had him on meds that aggravated his condition.
Something came up about Pat Tillman again and I was reminded of how manipulative the military can be. If there are rogue soldiers, well things can get pretty crazy.

Can you or someone do screen captures?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan is not buying any of Palin's latest twist on the story. Thanks to 02:34 for posting the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 02:34
Sullivan: Palin And Amniocentesis: The Story Evolves
In the Friday Wisconsin speech, we were reminded again of how central the Trig pregnancy remains to the Palin phenomenon. McCain, in the three minutes he spent thinking about it, saw Palin as some kind of "reformer". In fact, she was carefully marketing herself in 2008 as the uber-Christianist, and her carrying to term a Down Syndrome baby was the single most important fact about her for the base (and still is).

Anonymous said...

Thank you. @01:13
Palin Family Could Apply for Free Federal Health Care
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — When Gov. Sarah Palin said during the vice presidential debate Thursday that her family has gone through periods where they’ve been uninsured and she understands what it’s like for Americans “to sit around the kitchen table and try to figure out how are they going to pay out-of-pocket for health care,” she forgot to mention something.

Unlike the vast majority of Americans, her husband and children had a good chance of qualifying for free, federally funded, comprehensive health care under a program of the Dept. of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service.

KaJo said...

How to do a simple screen capture:

1) Assuming you're using Microsoft Windows, open Accessories and then open Paint. It should be minimized while you have your browser open.

2) Scroll the page you want to screen capture until you center the part you most want to get a picture of.

3) Simultaneously hit the "Alt" key and the "Print Screen" key (on my keyboard it says that plus "SysRq", and the key is usually to the right of your "F" keys, with Scroll/Lock and Pause/Break).

4) If Paint is open, go to the drop down menu "Edit" and click on "Paste". You can then either save the image just as it appears, or you can click on the "Select" dotted rectangle at the upper left and outline what you want to Save. You're doing the opposite of cropping.

5) When you've done that, then go to the Edit menu again and click on Cut. What you want to Save disappears, but don't panic!

6) Open another Paint window and go AGAIN to the Edit menu and click on Paste (you can close the first Paint window once you Cut your image to be saved).

7) Now you can Save the image with whatever name you choose.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, I'll tell you what is rude and disrespectful. Attacking a woman's family, saying she fake a pregnancy without a shred of legitimate proof. I don't tolerate such behavior. Are any of you doctors? If so, are any of you willing to go on and record and write an official statement affirming that Sarah Palin could not have possibly been pregnant based on a few photographs?

Patrick (or Regina) tried to ban me. It was a failure. You are going to have to delete every one of my comments if you want to stop me.

Actually, Simba, I have quite a bit to contribute. I'm simply pointing out the folly of your ways. You can continue down this quixotic path if you wish, but it will only end in you realizing the depth of your own foolishness.

Where are the experts who can prove that Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's letter was forged. Yes, I forgot. You cannot produce any. It does matter does it? Do you have any standards of proof to live up to.

Lisabeth, Regina has already stated as much that the level of evidence does not matter. That should tell you something about the writers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely. If a genuine person posts a dissenting view, please reply politely. If the discussion descends into something fruitless and annoying as the recent performance we saw here, treat as trolling and simply ignore.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan's points are really good, spot-on. I wonder if he is writing a book on this topic?

Anonymous said...

O/T - So, I guess Tina Fey will be back on SNL either this coming Saturday or the one after. Does anyone know if Maya Rudolph is going to portray Oprah?

Anonymous said...

The way to get rid of trolls is to have all posts monitored.
Approved or not approved. You can't tell people not to respond. It won't work. It's clear his goal is to destiy the blog and he is succeeding. The guy is either being paid or he's a headcase. Either way, it makes me not want to read here which is what they want. I don't come here to argue with Palinbot headcases. I have no interest in that.

Anonymous said...

Levi will be on a panel in NYC to discuss custody.

"The Insider" wants to know: Should Levi get joint custody of his son Tripp?
What side are you on?Levi Johnston -- father to Sarah Palin's grandson-- joins "The Insider" panel in New York City!

Joint Custody

April 23, 2009 Grumpy Insider commenters.
In the Larry King interview Levi also mentions that he lost the ring.
"I think all kids, or most of them, are sexually active." What's up with the ring-finger tattoo? "I was hunting, and I lost the ring she gave me. It was bad. So I figured this way I wouldn't lose it, and it'd get me out of a bind." What was he doing when Sarah Palin's candidacy was announced? Sheep huntin'. "Sheep herding?" King asked, confused. Sheep huntin'

conscious at last said...

Hey there anon @ 4:47 This blog is getting more exciting, more lively day by day. There is nothing that any trolls can do to lessen the positive energy, great humor and genuine interest of the blog posters and the commenters here. SP is coming apart at the seams-- the truth about Trig is beginning to seep into the MSM-- So no worries- please. If a few confused souls wander in and out they cannot hurt us. Perhaps they'll even learn something!

gigi21 said...

How hilarious would it be if the Tina/Sarah squats and pops out a baby doll after she babbles about a wild ride and tight abs? SNL is going to air during the quittypants bus tour - I can't wait!

Lynn said...

I skip BOTH any posts with troll names or posts commenting in reply! Ahhhh, peace!

On a Mac to do a screen shot:

shift + apple key + 4 and then drag the little round curser that appears. The resulting screen shot can be opened in preview or other image programs. I couldn't live without it. I have a gazillion screen shots in a palin file. just in case...

Mac And Cheese Wiz said...

I can't believe the things these people are allowed to say in their comments- threatening the President of the United States over a health care bill that most of them could most certainly benefit from ASAP.
When the Bible said "And a babe will lead them", I seriously doubt that was in refernece to any ex beauty pageant runner up or governor who selfishly aborted her job mid-term.

Anonymous said...

@4:47 - traffic seems to be up around here. The place is jumping! Sometimes it's hard when a blog makes the leap to the next level. I remember when there would be 6 responses to some of Regina's posts, back in the day. Now look at it! Bigger than ever before!
Congrats to Regina and Patrick! (And Kathleen!)

Anonymous said...

Ok you guys are right! Let's just ignore them. They are only coming here because they are worried. Otherwise they wouldn't care. It is entertaining. They seem on another planet! I vote for Sarah forming her own party based in Alaska (sorry Alaskans) and all the teaparty people can move there and form their own country

Someone yesterday wrote that there was an interesting Trig theory on Amazon by someone from Homer. Did anyone catch that and if you did can you post the link?

hannah said...

I just wanted to point out that there is another "Hannah" here -- not me, who has been using "hannah" with lowercase h.

I am heeding the advice to ignore trolls, rude people, and sexually repressed deli counter minions with SP winking at them from their lockers. Or in this case, one person who is all those things. I just wanted to point that out since the other Hannah is taking a different approach.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hei said
Only one way to take care of obama
7.26mm. I snipped the whole site and I'm reporting it tomorow to secret service and FBI. These fools have to be stopped. Oh he has a face book site, stupid fool not only does he say this he has his picture on too. I hope he has a exciting week coming up with a visit from the FBI and SS.

FEDUP!!! said...

Anon 09 November 2009 02:38 asks:"Can you or someone do screen captures?"

Easiest way: push 3 buttons at the same time: Ctrl, Alt, and Print Screen/SysRq. That catches the screen picture. Then you open a word program, and push Ctrl and C at the same time - VOILA! You got the screen shot.
(Ctrl and Alt are at the bottom left of my keyboard, the other one is on the top right hand side...)

Anonymous said...


Has Gryphen responded regarding the Bristol is not the mother topic?

This was important, I think. It would be great to get some clarity.

Thank you in advance.

Patrick said...

For making screenshots, I use the excellent free program "MWSnap".

Anonymous said...


You yourself have stated that Jesse is boring. As such his comments here, which are repetitive and old, should not disturb you or get on your nerves. Ignore him. His goal is to push the blog towards moderation and it is not going to work.

We value the open and free flow contributions that are made here and Patrick is a strong enough individual to laugh off Jesse's feeble attempts to disrupt and his way of dealing with Jesse and other trolls is a good example to us all. So I remind you all once again, please ignore the trolls and do not refer to them at all as they feed on your attention.


haha! My word verification is laffin and that's what I'm doing laffin off the trolls - it works!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 4.34
Andrew Sullivan links to Patrick's blog in his article when he discusses Trig's Down Syndrome.

He also affirms the points that Patrick made several days ago. Good job Patrick!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

KaJo and FEDUP!!!, thanks so much for your easy instructions to make screenshots. I tried it and it worked both ways. Actually, FEDUP's was the easiest.
I have saved your instructions, along with the telephone number of the Secret Service:
United States Secret Service

When we see a threat, now we can all act immediately to capture it and report it. It's the Neighborhood Watch kinda thing to do, they need our eyes and ears, otherwise they may be unaware of certain threats.

Now, can someone tell me how to make a word BOLD instead of using caps to emphasize a word in a comment? I hate to appear that I am yelling when I am simply trying to point something out.

Patrick said...

Hi PCG and others,

please read here:

Crunchwrap Supremes and Wal-Mart Jammies said...

I completely understand why some blog owners choose to moderate comments, but I really appreciate that this blog is not one of them so that readers can easily have "conversations" in the comment section. If a troll really gets me riled up, I write a response in my email program and save it as a draft. Then the next day after I've cooled down, I just delete the draft. It's a win-win as I'm not feeding the trolls, and I can vent and get everything out of my system.

What do you do when a small child throws a temper tantrum? You quickly learn that if you pay attention to their display and give into their demands, the tantrums will get even worse and occur more frequently. The exact same thing happens when one of us responds to a troll. Don't feed the trolls. Let 'em thrash about on the floor until they finally give up and decide to go outside and play, or straighten up and behave themselves inside with the adults.

Anonymous said...


"He also affirms the points that Patrick made several days ago. Good job Patrick!"

jr said...

Real power in the [republican] party rests, instead, with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (who at this point is more a media figure than a conventional politician). Because these people aren’t interested in actually governing, they feed the base’s frenzy instead of trying to curb or channel it. So all the old restraints are gone.


Anonymous said...

The point is that the takeover of the Republican Party by the irrational right is no laughing matter. Something unprecedented is happening here — and it’s very bad for America.

-- from Saranoia

Patrick said...

Some people had asked in the comments whether Gryphen has responded to my email, and I would like you to know that he has not responded. But this everything I will say regarding this matter.

Anonymous said...

More from Andrew Sullivan

ella said...

Anyone who thinks Palin can get through a FIVE-PART interview with Barbara Walters without making a complete fool of herself is delusional. I am stunned that this interview is happening, and I will believe it when I see it. The pee zoo is thrilled that scarah is coming out from behind FB - and assert that now the world will get to see how intelligent and worldly she is. HA! Has she EVER made any sense when speaking off the cuff? Ever? No. Word salad and ignorance, in five parts. This will be good.

Anonymous said...

O/T -

Huckabee on book tours and polital capital:

"And President Barack Obama, he believes, will be a hard man to beat.

'Americans are not likely to dismiss a party after four years,' he said, noting how unusual that is in American history. 'It just gives me a realistic understanding, when people act like this is going to be a cakewalk for Republicans.'

But what about all those people who, that day, had told him they’d be with him if he’d only run? he was asked as the Cadillac pulled up to his hotel, the Renaissance in Times Square (which is, incidentally, part of the Marriott empire, on whose board Romney sits).

'Some people will believe all the ya-ya that people will tell them,' he said. 'It’s easy to get swept up into that — 10 people tell you you’re the next president, and the next thing you know you’re breathing it in and you’re out there. I can’t base a decision like that on the people who would stand in line for two hours to buy my book.'

With that, he was out of the car and into his hotel."

Anonymous said...

O/T - This is the Sarah book I'm waiting for:
"Award-winning writer and filmmaker Geoffrey Dunn's book The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power will be released by St. Martin's Press in spring 2010."

Sansego said...

I just read the Quitter Queen's post on Facebook about the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In it, she praises Reagan, as she often does in these stupid posts.

As I read it, a thought occurred to me. Has anyone looked into her voting record? Is there any way anyone can look and see if she votd in 1984? Or maybe she was too young? I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know who Reagan was, and only jumped on his bandwagon recently because of how nostalgic conservatives are for that second rate actor.

I'll give Sarah one thing...she knows how to play her base like a fiddle. They eat her drivel like they have the munchies or something.

Anonymous said...

@Sansego, wasn't she a member of the John Birch Society? I know she was proudly photographed with a photo of one of their newspapers back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Oops, my bad, Sansego. The photo of Palin with the John Birch Society newspaper isn't from the 80's. It's from 1995, when she was a City Council member in Wasilla.

And JBS denies she was a member.

Anonymous said...

The threats and the culture of inciting violence should not be tolerated. The MSM needs to step up and report on the dangerous nuts that are attracted to any PAC, Huckabee, Romney or Democrats. If it is only out of control on a particular PAC that is worth reporting by the media .

In the shootings at Ft. Hood they are now saying that it is being politically correct, PC, that is part of the problem. If only people had been able to report things they perceived as warning signs. There are those in the military that don't want to acknowledge PTSD at all, so that can't be a factor to them. They want to fix things by ending PC and tolerance.

That would free up the commenter on PACs to stop trying to be PC and so darn tolerant. Just think of how they could incite with more freedom.

I don't know the factors that led up to this horrific shooting. It will all be handled within the military and there is no guarantee that means with honor. There are too many examples of how the military spins propaganda. Including they will manipulate the social networks. It wouldn't take the Pentagon to set up an account in someone's name. That can be done by any flunky. If only the military is investigating and prosecuting how will we know how truthful they are about a social network account?

Anonymous said...

In his latest article, Frank Rich points out that Palin's encouragement of her supporters' frenzy rather than attempting to rein it in is evidence that she has no interest in governing.

And for Ft. Hood, they should recognize that many military personnel could use help and counseling, but will not access it because they are afraid of what it might do to their careers. It is especially a problem where a service member is required to maintain a security clearance, but any visit to a mental health professional raises red flags with respect to their clearance.

Anonymous said...

I haven't thought of Palin as someone that intended to govern for a long time. The point is her frenzy style to the point of death threats on our leader is tolerated by FEC and anyone to do with PACs.

Provoking violence is possibly their best way to get people worked up to send in more money. If you think about shooting people and like those like yourself, you will go to a site that supports your position and wouldn't you want to send them money?

Anonymous said...

Saint Sarah .. The Truth Is Coming Out

KaJo said...

That Huckabee artical in Politico that Anon @ 16:11 linked to was very interesting.

If it weren't for his dominionist leanings and the scariness of the type of people that think that political stance is OK, Mike Huckabee comes across as a person much more grounded in reality -- an at the same time brutally open and honest -- than Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney could ever hope to be.

From the 2nd page of the article:

He said he considers these enterprises his “job” and the public for whom he’s in the process of signing thousands of books his “employer.” The public’s demographic, according to a casual canvass of his book signings, tends toward women of his age and older. It also includes pillars of the conservative base — veterans, conservative evangelicals.

Luckily, the REST of the American public, the MAJORITY of the American public, aren't kind of folks that'd be interested in Huckabee's books, except as an exercise in research.

Same with "Going Rogue".

Anonymous said...

I'd like hear real reasons that Christians/Republicans do not want healthcare.

It seems to me that this blog could be a vehicle for meaningful dialogue.
I like to hear every side. There's a lack of real explanation, in this case.
I'm not interested in political nonsense, party propaganda, or critism of politicians. I'd like to hear a concise, considered, thoughtful opinion.

A very brief informal survey of health insurance coverage was done in my town. It's a seasonal resort community, small-businesses focused on tourism, artists, self-employed contractors. 80% of the people in MY town have inadequate or NO medical insurance. Just two businesses have a medical insurance plan for employees, offered only to "full-time" employmees, which means 50 hours per week, year-round, just 14% of their staff. Ironically, even the small medical clinic staff and its owner have no insurance.
Here's how it boils down - only the people who work for the GOVERNMENT have medical insurance in my town. City, state and federal like Dept of Transportation, the school, post office and law enforcement.

Lilybart said...

Christianists are republicans because they are the party that will humor their anti-choice, anti-gay, pray in the government crap.

So, they will support whatever the Republicans want, which is what they think free market health care is.

Jesus would be appalled if he was told that Christians, his followers, were against health care for all human beings because their taxes (i.e. treasure on earth) might go up. I dare any one of them to tell that straight to the face of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah Palin is a marketing genius. Why not inspire gun sportsmen and enthusiasts to donate money?

the FBI had him under investigation for jihadist website posting should have been proof positive.

It is certainly pertinent to investigate the Mosque in Silver Spring where Dr. Hasan worshiped to see if the Imams there are inciting violence and preaching jihad.

Sgt. John M. Russel: 5 Counts of Murder in Camp Liberty Fragging

Anonymous said...

@Kajo, one reason I thought that Huckabee article from Politico was interesting is that:he still won't announce if he's running or not.

BUT he's been out promoting his book for MONTHS. He says he lives on the road now. And someone else we know is only going to promote hers for a few weeks.

And on top of that, Huckabee has a media platform- his TV show. It's not just a Facebook page. And even so, he's out on the road promoting.

So when you compare the two, it's interesting on the level of how much work they are both doing to promote their books.

He also makes it clear how seriously he takes Iowa.

anniebgood said...

Ella 15:57, I also can't imagine Sarah making it through a 5-part interview with BW unscathed. I have wondered if Barbara and Oprah might be looking to "pull a Katie" and further discredit Palin. I sure hope so. Even if they don't want to do that, though, I think it's entirely possible that SP will screw up a few times.

"The pee zoo is thrilled that scarah is coming out from behind FB - and assert that now the world will get to see how intelligent and worldly she is." - that is beyond hilarious. I have to say, though, a family member of mine who just loved Sarah last Fall never did watch the Couric interviews, so all she saw was Sarah at rallies and on Fox News. The C4Prs might be truly THAT clueless.

Archivist said...

Barbara Walters often 'cuts' her interviews into several parts; she shows different parts on different shows, it's still one sit down interview usually.

Since this is an 'entertainment' interview, not a 'political' interview, I expect a softball chat.

Anonymous said...

Saint Sarah .. The Truth Is Coming Out

09 November 2009 17:51
Thanks for that link. I am posting over there as Greenfields. Crickets so far after my post. People should comment over is David Frum's site.

FEDUP!!! said...

I just wanted to leave a website with some pics where an OGBYN has commented, and thought it might be useful for some of the newcomers here to see what REALLY went on, and how IMPOSSIBLE it is to go from nothing to a square belly to nothing to HUGE in a matter of days. Pregnancy does not work that way...

Anonymous said...

This is another good blog, Patrick. The politician Saint Sarah and how she inspires fringe radicals. She is running parallel to those who want sedition.

@ - 03:10 - What does palin know about needing health care?

@ - 17:51 - Saint Sarah .. The Truth Is Coming Out
@ - Sansego - I don't know about her voting record. She usurps Reagan for her own political expediency

"It is true that Reagan was despised by the nation’s intellectual and political elites but the similarities between Reagan and Palin start and end there. From then on we have to deal with an increasing array of differences. Unlike Palin, the more the American public knew about Reagan the more they liked him.
We (Conservatives) are asked to risk the future of the Republican party so that Mrs. Palin, now in her political prime, has the chance to realize her ill-defined political and perhaps personal goals."
by Napoleon Linardatos

Fragging: How often do soldiers kill soldiers?
Pat Tillman

FEDUP!!! said...

How to put BOLD into text:

Click on < type in B, click on > then type in the text you want, then click on < , type in /B , click on > .
Done. (No spaces in-between)
< B > this is how it would look,(don't put the spaces!) < /B >

(You also can just click on the html tags below the posting window...

Patrick said...

Wonkette funny as always:

Wonkette about the “In God We Trust” coin conspiracy

Sansego said...

On the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee page on Facebook, the Palinistas posted a link to a pro-Sarah blog that lists her book tour dates. In the comment section, I wrote something along the lines of: "Bree Palin's blog is also good. Are they related?"

Hopefully the low-information Palinistas got curious and checked out that site. I'm tired of the delusions they live under. Its time to liberate their minds from the conjob that is Sarah. The sooner she's exposed as a fraud, the better.

I have a feeling, though, that if Palin is revealed for who she really is, these people will flock to Michelle Bachmann and forget about Palin, just like you can't get them to talk about Bush anymore even though we all know that they voted for him in 2000 and 2004.

Aha said...

Okay Patrick I see you answered my post about Gryphen NOT responding to your blog comment.

I wish he would because it leaves the impression upon me that his credibility is suffering with each day that passes.

Oh, well...

Anonymous said...

This came through on the Amazon comments re her book. This is the scary part, that there appears to me to be some threats made:

"I read the bill myself. The bill does include end of life counselling and an Obama apointee will determine what treatments are permitted for different age groups and for people with different medical histories. The house bill also provides a pilot program that replaces Medicare doctors with nurse practitioners, and gives the health czar the authority to expand that program at will without limit. I am sorry, but that is a death panel. Since I read this myself, I presume you will now call me a liar. I only wish you were in front of me with the guts to say it to my face. You and your ilk will drive this country into a violent revolution. The blood will be on your heads. But freedom-loving Americans will not submit to a Marxist takeover by traitors who shred the Constitution while the halls of Congress still echo with their promise to uphold it. You hate Sarah. Fine. There are millions of us out here just like her. And we are not liberal dumbells. I worked for 20 years as a physicist for the DoD and run my own software company. We can take anything you throw at us. And, by the way, sarcasm and bad poetry never founded a country - or destroyed one. Bring it on. See you at the polls in 2010 and 2012."

Anonymous said...

a physicist for the DoD?

Lynn said...

I just took a short stroll in Palin country and on c4p i came across an indignant poster who referred all us Palinites to an article in something called the Frum forum. The indignant poster said they couldn't get very far reading it as it was so horrible. Of course, I checked it out! It's a republican moderate site from what I can tell and the article is called "Saint Sarah". I can see why the poster wanted to read it but I can also see what blew out his/her brain circuits. It's a pretty good artlcle considering it's written by a Republican:

lisabeth said...

Kathleen, Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them and I trust you and Patrick and Regina. I was just getting annoyed!

David Frum's article is interesting. Of course I agree with him. He is a smart guy - I have seen him on CNN a few times. He was on Rachel Maddow once though and he was HORRIBLE TO HER. That was my first impression of him and it was not a good one. But on CNN at least he is a reasonable conservative. I don't agree with him on much of anything. But he does have Saint Sarah pegged.

I think Patrick or one of us should write him and tell him about this blog and others. He seems to know quite a bit though.

Greenfield - your comments were great, but you are wasting your time as you found out. Her supporters have their mind made up and that is what is so frightening. They have all wrong information about her. I mean much of it is completely inaccurate but they don't see it. I don't like the way they talk about Obama either. They aren't exactly bright people. So thanks for your comments there. I am sure David Frum at least appreciates them, but you can't change a Palinista's mind. That is part of the problem. There are certain people in this world who are very easily swayed or brainwashed. Look at Manson's followers or that crazy guy in Waco. That is how Palin's followers are. Mostly weak people who are projecting a lot onto her... I might feel sorry for them, but they get to vote, so I don't. But all those kids coming out of home schools (and no not all home schooling is bad) are going to be brainwashed and completely unaware of people unlike them. I am really grateful for my upbringing. Even though we were Jewish, my parents always wanted to live in mixed neighborhoods so we would meet people of all religions and races and I am lucky I grew up like that.

What is the answer with people who are like them though? I mean it is frightening. My boyfriend thinks I am nuts and over exaggerating and should be more afraid of Islamic extremists. I have tried to explain Dominionism etc to him but he doesn't see the danger even if he doesn't agree.
UGH! Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I have been posting there under the name Greenfields. I could use a bit of help!

Anonymous said...

I must be slipping...just listened to Bill Maher on your Oct 4 posting about Ghostwriters applying for the Palin

Maher said 'Going Rogue' sounded like Palin she's not wearing panties.

Almost spit up, that sh*t was funny.

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisabeth.

Daisydem said...

I beleive it was on Palingates that a poster asked about a "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP" bumper sticker. Cafe Press. That is where I got mine right after Shannyn used the term the first time to respond to Palin. It looks good on the back of my Bug along with the "I Play in the Mud" and "Alaskans for Truth" and my various Obama stickers, etc.

anniebgood said...

Archivist, I agree with you in the main, but the Couric interviews were from only 2 days and then cut into several interviews. Sarah can do damage to her credibility in any span of time. That being said, I do think it's likely that BW will go fairly easy on her. Oh well.

regina said...

Our resident troll wrote:

"Regina has already stated as much that the level of evidence does not matter. That should tell you something about the writers of this blog."

I never said that. What I said was that finding out the real parents of Trig would be a bonus, what really matters is that Sarah Palin didn't give birth to him...

Notice the difference?

conscious at last said...

Hey there Regina, Patrick and Kathleen-

How about either a post or a contest where we try to figure out who is really writing SP's Facebook posts? There was a suggestion by a commenter at IM that it might be Bill Kristol, a noted NYC based NEO-CON who edits the conservative WEEKLY STANDARD. Of course it could be more than one person. Still this might be a bit of fun and it would support our general goals in another way.

anniebgood said...

I think the obnoxious facebook posts are written by that woman who used to be on C4P - I forget her name. Someone here shared some email back-and-forth with her and she is a snide and touchy piece of work. Not unlike our dear Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sansego said..."The sooner she's exposed as a fraud, the better...if Palin is revealed for who she really is,"

But she is revealed. How much more is there to expose? She's transparently a liar, foolish and uneducated on pretty much anything. This seems to be okay.
The rationalization and spin on stupidity is astonishing. Today a comment on Politico - she quit the governorship to save the Alaskan taxpayers money. Okay.

anniebgood said...

Btw, I think that Bill Kristol is a good guess for the policy heavy facebook posts.

sandra said...

Anniebgood: I think you are referring to Rebecca Mansour. She disappeared from C4P about the same time as the Facebook started. A couple of other people left, too, so there is probably a writing tank somewhere. Can SarahPAC pay for this?

ella said...

The Facebook posts could be Lynn Vincent earning extra pay. Kristol a possibility too. I used to think it was RAM (rebecca) from the pee zoo, but despite her decent writing abilities, she uses certain words that give her away (and I do not see those words on scarah's FB).
The bots are reporting that scarah is tweeting on twitter again, under the name
SarahPalinUSA. Shatner standing by.

Archivist said...

annie, sorry but THAT made me choke on my Cappucino! "heavy policy" ?? WHERE is there heavy policy in Sarah's notes? They are shallow and simplistic, anyone who reads even minimally could spout the nonsense she feeds her fans!

I read her Op-Ed in the NYT a couple of months back, and people kept saying 'Sarah couldn't have written that, it's too well written' ... well, it might have been well written/thought out at High School level (I'd have given that essay a B- ) but it was less than mediocre at the level the Op-Ed was aiming for.

So are her Notes. They don't reflect any thought, or grasp of any of the 'issues' she addresses ... it's all juvenile.

I don't know who writes the Notes, but whoever does, has minimum education, and that doesn't describe Krystol ....

anniebgood said...

Archivist, I meant posts having to do with policy, as in writing about policy compared to some of "her" other posts. Glad I gave you a laugh. Hope you didn't make too much of a mess with your elitist beverage. ha ha.

ArmchairJane said...

The country needs an informed citizenry, and we're doing that job. I can imagine how you feel about your boyfriend because my father-in-law thinks the same way. It's not even so much that he's worried about Islamic extremists, it's just that he doesn't see how Dominionism/Rebiblicanism can actually be a significant threat. He said he would never vote for Palin, and so that means we don't have to worry about theocrats.

But he does see some other things going on. For instance, some neighbors he and my mother-in-law have been good friends with for a number of years have started watching Fox News all the time, and it's gotten to where all they want to do is complain about President Obama, and buy into all this crazy stuff that they are always peddling there. He says it's gotten so they have had to make an agreement not to discuss politics. These neighbors are: elderly, white, low income, low education level, and not really keeping up with the news until fairly recently.

So now my father-in-law has heard about Political Dominionism from us, and he has some friends and he has watched their brains turn to mush as they watch Fox News all the time. Speaking of which, have you noticed how many of the people on Palin's FB or similar sites mention that ALL they watch for news is Fox News. They often admit they don't like to hear things they don't agree with.

I guess what I am saying, Lisabeth, is that we're fighting the good fight. More and more people are getting their eyes opened up. Your boyfriend and my father-in-law are in a position now to at least recognize when they see something that we have been pointing out makes senese.

Unfortunately some of the P-bots will likely never change, but hopefully they can be contained from causing too much damage.

ella said...

from Firedog Lake today (click to read the comments too):

"The latest update from the ‘Cuda begins:

Twenty years ago, the ultimate symbol of the division between freedom and tyranny was torn down. The Berlin Wall was constructed for one purpose: to prevent the escape of East Germans to the freedom of the West. The Wall’s cold, gray façade was a stark reminder of the economic and political way of life across the Soviet Union’s sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

I’m sorry, but 1,000 Sarah Palin clones chained to 1,000 typewriters would not produce a sentence like that in 100,000 years. Let alone include the cedilla in “facade.” Let alone use the word “facade.”

Need proof? Here’s the ‘Cuda speaking at an anti-choice event last Friday (h/t TS).

In order to save government money, government health care has to be rationed… [so] than this elderly person that perhaps could be seen as costing taxpayers to pay for a non-productive life? Do you think our elderly will be first in line for limited health care?
I rest my case."

Anonymous said...

"""Our resident troll wrote:

"Regina has already stated as much that the level of evidence does not matter. That should tell you something about the writers of this blog."

I never said that. What I said was that finding out the real parents of Trig would be a bonus, what really matters is that Sarah Palin didn't give birth to him...

Notice the difference?"""

What really matters is that you are a liar stringing along a few deluded people who hate Sarah Palin so much that they cling onto any absurd theory.

You said this on October 22:

"""Some people doubt the letter is genuine and the person above has challenged them to prove the letter is a fake.

The way I see it, it doesn't matter whether the letter is fake or not."""

It doesn't matter whether it was fake or not? Yes, it does! Your whole premise rests on the fact the letter was a forgery one way or the other, because if the doctor is writing this it destroys the "babygate" theory you propogate.

You see, what I read into that sentence is that the evidence doesn't matter to you. Just your own insane beliefs. Nothing can ever be presented that will change your mind. Nothing will unfix the delusional idea you have latched onto.

R.S. McCain was dead on about you people.

Anonymous said...

If I was to the "you people" point on a blog, I'd call it quits.

Anonymous said... last: I think that there are multiple authors for Sarah's Face Book post, maybe just a few. Bree has an announcement about the coming Super Sensational Sarah Selling Books Tour (my words, not hers), where Sarah is promising both Face Book posts and Tweets from the tour. Now, we'll have a good chance to compare writing styles. When Sarah tweeted from Alaska, she tried to conjure up eloquence in 140 characters or less, which ended up sounding trivial. For that matter, when Sarah "goes rogue" and goes off the script, she does sound trivial. Even Politico pointed out that she overused the word "awesome" in her Milwaukee speech. I like the idea of your contest; it will be awesome!

(The winner is the person who can guess the writer before reaching the end of the Face Book post. The loser is the one who has to complete reading the whole dang thing).

ArmchairJane said...

I've been looking around on a variety of blogs that cover political issues, and not only are the P-Bots going nuts even worse than usual on Sarah's Facebook page, but new trolls are popping up on the anti-Palin blogs. And the usual trolls are really getting shrill and angry.

You would think that the P-Bots would be feeling very happy that soon "Going Rogue" will be released, and that Palin will be finally out from hiding behind Facebook and doing interviews. And lots of interviews with Fox News!

So why so much angst by the Bots? Maybe they aren't so confident of success in 2010 and 2012 as they've been saying...

NakedTruth said...

I don't feed trolls but Jessie Cornish using the "you people" reference makes me understand why he supports Sarah Palin. Jessie is just as divisive as his idol, Sarah. "You people" - wow, Jessie, you can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Sarah Palin loves her conspiracy wet dream.

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane and Lisabeth,

Keep up the good fight. The Ft. Hood shootings are just what the right wing ordered, so to speak. Limbaugh has already found a way to blame Obama. Video
The influence of Islam on Hasan was a predictable debate but no one could have anticipated where Rush Limbaugh would go with the story today. On his radio show Limbaugh stated that President Obama could be blamed for the shootings. Limbaugh reasoning is that Hasan was upset over that the President did not immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. When the President did not withdraw this in turn led Hasan to commit to the shootings under Limbaugh's argument.

ella said...

anon @ 20:33 also known as "Greenfields" on David Frum's message board (see post 17:51 for link to Frum's article, "Saint Sarah'):
You did a fantastic job over there "Greenfields"! Isn't it bizzare how an article (from Conservative Frum) about Palin turns into an attack on President Obama - when the bots run out of ways to defend Palin's ignorance?
Thanks, "Greenfields" for going there and sticking it out - you have a stronger stomach than I.

Anonymous said...

Senate Committee Homeland Security

Anonymous said...

A little divisiveness is not a bad thing. The United States would not exist if we as a people waited for consensus.

Anonymous said...

Pull out your barf bags then go check out Gryphen's blog.

EyeOnYou said...

sandra asks...
Can SarahPAC pay for this?

I don't think that SarahPAC can outright issue a check to her C4P droids for writing her facebooks posts for her, but there are ways around it. She can simply include payment to them via another channel, such as thru Meg's company or something similar, and call it "consulting".
I don't think even Sarah would be stupid enough to try and claim that her facebook page falls into a political catagory (although nothing she does really surprises me any more).

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn about PAC, political action committees, there is information available through the FEC, Federal Election Commission.

A PAC can be organized to collect contributions to support a candidate in a national election. There are requirements for registering, reporting contributions and expenditures, but we have seen the examples of the PAC's run by politicians, and there seems to be wide latitude in regulation. SarahPAC gave donations to John McCain, other Republicans. She may have given more than the allotted amount.

I am guessing that the PAC can pay for expenses. It was already suggested that SarahPAC could pay for Sarah's travel (to give a speech or support a candidate). They may have written the $1000. contribution to the Right to Life folks in Milwaukee. And, if Sarah needs a speech to promote a political position, that should be an expense for the PAC, too, also.

The idea of a PAC is wonderful. We should all have our own PAC's, our own websites asking for money, and we can give the money to our favorite candidates so it would be legitimate. And, it would cover all kinds of expenses.

As long as I am putting my two cents worth in, I will add that the thing that undermines our politics is all that money. Politicians start fund raising for the next election as soon as they get into office. Once upon a time, John McCain was for campaign finance reform. That was when he was a straight talker.

Here is a suggestion for Regina, since she has lived in England. I like the British system of a short campaign period (4-6 weeks), no money to candidates, everyone has equal TV access to make speeches, no soundbites or comments taken out of context. Regina knows far more about it than I do, and I'll enjoy hearing her perspective on elections and money.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the most prescient immediate reaction to the tragedy last week was that by Josh Marshal, at Talking Points Memo.
This is Going to Get Very Dark
"It is time to end tax exemptions for all religious activities, and to end government support for so-called 'faith-based initiatives' and partnerships."

Sansego said...

Sansego said..."The sooner she's exposed as a fraud, the better...if Palin is revealed for who she really is,"

But she is revealed. How much more is there to expose? She's transparently a liar, foolish and uneducated on pretty much anything. This seems to be okay.
The rationalization and spin on stupidity is astonishing. Today a comment on Politico - she quit the governorship to save the Alaskan taxpayers money. Okay.

10 November 2009 00:33

But what I meant was that I want something to be so undeniable about her fraud that it would cause her rabid cultish followers to be in such despair that they just don't know what to do or believe anymore. I'm sick of hearing their ignorant rantings about how great their beloved Quitter Queen is and how America needs her "leadership" now.

Please, please...anyone with some serious dirt...unleash it! I don't want to hear anything more about Palin in 2010. I just want her political aspirations to be buried once and for all, and for her followers to finally see the reality that we see: that Palin is nothing more than a fame-chasing, aspiring luxury-living, crunchwrap supreme-eating, Walmart jammies-wearing, reality show-watching, liberal blog-reading, special needs baby-hating, college transferring, ignorant, petty, vindictive phony. Why can't her worshipful fans see who she really is? Would they really like a woman who doesn't give a freaking flip about them? All she wants is their money and blind loyalty.

Anonymous said...

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