Friday, 13 November 2009

Donald Trump interviews Levi Johnston on "The Insider" and gives him advice - Levi going on "The Apprentice"? PLUS: Levi turns into a "Fashionista"?

Donald Trump, who has recently had his own sore experiences with the "Palin-adoring-crazy-bitches-brigade", demonstrates now on "The Insider" that he is on Levi Johnston's side and gives him advice. Why not move to Hollywood, appear on "The Apprentice" etc.? Donald Trump also thinks that it's best for Levi to "get off the Sarah thing" and he should do his own thing ("the past is gone"). Donald Trump thinks that Levi has been "Sarah Palin's worst nightmare".

He is then visibly impressed by Levi Johnston's close attachment to his son. My feeling is that with such influential mentors, there will be more in store for Levi.

In another excerpt from "The Insider", Levi learns something about fashion - it is fascinating to watch him turning into "full celebrity".

Bonus Material

Levi Lohnston changes his shirt - and the women in Alaska love him!

Here is the link
- it was not possible to embedd this video or download it.

UPDATE: Gawker has a brilliant new article about how Levi Johnston is turning into a media star and is starting to impress the celebrity circuit - "In the Eye of the Levi Johnston Media Hurricane".

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Anonymous said...

I love the "brighter the pink the better" scarf. Levi is so funny when he asks makes the fashion point about bright colors. How sweet is that he?

Irishgirl said...

When you compare the Oprah interview with Sarah and the Trump and Levi interview, who comes across as more believable?

Go Team Levi!!

MK said...


That's a great point that you make. Levi comes across as totally believable - his concern for his son reveals a side to Levi that few understand and that many try to persuade us does not exist.

Go Levi!I'm glas that you're not afraid of the witch from Wasilla.MK

Anonymous said...

well another viewpoint is that if levi 'get off sarah' we'll never know .... maybe it's the allegory of the turtle and the scorpion.

Well sort of but in this case Levi will be the only drowned.

He should tellhis story for the sake of the country and Alaska, then do his own thing

Anonymous said...

If you note in the video Levi takes the opportunity to deftly thank Donald.....I think that Levi has other plans in mind for Sarah despite Donald's suggestion. At least I hope so!

Anonymous said...

yeah and we all know Trump was for Prejean until he wasn't. Levi should come to san diego for a 4 day weekend with her.

Btw, does anyone know where i can get her video?

Virginia Voter said...

Can you imagine how jealous Sarah is right about now now? She is probably furious that Levi got an offer to go on the Apprentice and she didn't.

Sarah Palin's worst nightmare...ha, ha, ha. Trump was actually a McCain supporter last year.

Anonymous said...

Levi.. screw acting and modeling.

WRITE THE BOOK... make enough money to open a fishing and hunting guide business.

With your celeb status you will have all the customers you will ever need.

Do what you love.. hunt and fish

Anonymous said...

Virginia...nah, Sarah is SCARED of what Levi knows and can say or write.

Bristol is the one that is jealous....

Bristol must be seething when she watches Levi get all this attention.

Sarah would be first one to hear "you're fired" from Trump if she was on that show.

Anonymous said...

So does Sarah tie a scarf correctly?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I think Levi's son comes first, he should be going to court to get regular visitation FIRST, then he can tell what he knows and get his fame and fortune. The visitation is between Levi and Bristol! I'm getting tired of of what he hints that he knows, it has nothing to do with him being Tripps father, and Sarah has nothing to do with his visitation if it's court ordered. If he really wants to see his son he's go to court, or is this not the real motive behind all of this media hype.

Anonymous said...

Levi and Sarah both in NYC last night... did they share a hotel room?

Has Sarah introduced Piper and Willow to her BFF Carrie?

Will Todd pose for Playgirl?

Will Sarah quit her book tour half way through?

Why does Trig appear to be the least retarded of the entire bunch?

Anonymous said...

I don't like Donald Trump's advice for Levi, but then I don't like Donald Trump much. He is a well-known publicity hound and he is latching onto Levi for the publicity it can bring him. Be careful who you associate with, Levi! You will be led astray.
As for Bristol, yes I'm sure she's got to be jealous of all the attention Levi's getting. After all, she has paid the ultimate price for Sarah's folly--she is essentially Grounded For Life--saddled with two kids, isolated on the family compound, maybe with Dad, while her peers (Levi) are free to live the glamourous life. It must be killing her!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Trig has another cold?

When Sarah Palin was supposed to turn up with Trig at the Evansville, Indianna Right to Life convention and for the Down Syndrome Brunch the next day she said that she couldn't bring him because he had a cold. She has now given the same excuse to Barbara Walters.

It's a fact - Sarah Palin is just not very imaginative when it comes to making up excuses.

Anonymous said...

Miss Wasilla does not want to be the mother to the "retarded one" so if she has to travel without Bristol, then the kid stays home.

Otherwise she would be responsible for taking care of him. That is why he has a cold.

and Trig might cry without his mother

themom said...

OK this may sound petty... but, while I agree that young Levi is sincere regarding his passion and concern for his son,I have sope that he will come to refer to his greatly adored and love child by name or at least something more appropriate than "the kid". Being from the Chicago area - it may be that I am unaware that is is actually an Alaskan endearment of sorts used in his circle.

Anonymous said...

I'm recommending that Sarah team up with Carrie and do some porn videos. It's clear that her political ideas are just warmed-over, failed conservative ideology that got us where we are today, and her book proves that she's vindictive and stuck in the past. Her future is to live like an aging star, with her scrapbook and old videos.

Anonymous said...

Just had to share this. When you've been following the Scarah saga for a year and become too obsessed with the blogs, you can start to dream about her! This morning I had a dream in which Diane Sawyer was interviewing Sarah and it was clear Diane was NOT going to softball her. Even so, in the part of the dream I remember Diane was giving her a softball question like, "The wildlife in Alaska must be incredible. The birds you have a favorite Alaskan bird that you see regularly?"

Sarah looked all uncomfortable and pouty and said something like, "Well, no, because birds often fly into the glass of our house, and I don't like to see that."

Diane responds, "So you don't like animals?"

Sarah defensivelly says, "I like lots of UNUSUAL, um, weeds."

It was such a vivid dream! I wonder if Sawyer will interview her?

Anonymous said...

Annon 16:35

Time to take a break from the Sarah blogs... before you have more nightmares.

go smoke some the weed.. chill out.

Sarah will do herself in shortly.

BrendaAK said...

I have just deleted every photo, every link, every favorite and anything else Sarah Palin related from my computer.

It feels pretty darn good. Almost like a religious awakening. Ive released a huge burden off my shoulders and I no longer care about anything Palin.

I live in Alaska and Ive had it, she will no longer take another minute from my life. I dont think anyone is ever going to out her, and I have accepted that fact. The folks that claim to know things have admitted that they wont tell(Gryphen) and the folks that dont know(the rest of the Alaskan bloggers) aren't going to find anything new that will stop her trainwreck.

She will never be president, and she does not really have that much influence over politics anymore so I no longer care what she does, where she goes, or who she does it with.

It feels great!!!!

Im done with this merry go round... time for a new ride. Anyone want my left over tokens?

Really, it does feel good. This blog is the last favorite in my list to delete.

Good luck to you all... Im getting off this pony.

Anonymous said...

geoff Dunn reveals the first ten lies connected with Sarah Palin's book. I expect that there will be more!

Anonymous said...

How "lovely" that Sarah insists on bringing her children with her into the studios for her interviews. Would Barbara dare make Sarah cry and squirm when Sarah's little girl and teenager are in the studio?

My prediction: Sarah will agree to do Meet the Press, but only if Piper is allowed to sit next to her on set.

Anonymous said...

Somebody in high places must love Levi/hate Sarah. The lad is getting a lot of facetime on TV.
I'm very happy for him and I hope things start looking up for him and his family. Especially his Mom.
I'm not much of a Trump fan but he did seem sincere with Levi. You must be doing something right if you have The Donalds attention.
Good luck Levi and go get some rights to your son/sons.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to watch Levi growing up right in front of our eyes? Trump's advise was good. Levi will do just fine if he remains true to himself.

Levi.....bring on a CALENDAR!

Anonymous said...

13 November 2009 16:41
Anonymous BrendaAK said...

I have just deleted every photo, every link, every favorite and anything else Sarah Palin related from my computer.

That's right Brenda, everyone love her or hate her is just jerking us along to get paid. Yeah, i said it, EVERYONE.

I don't hate ya, but it's true.

Noone in Alaska or anywhere else will say shit till the money runs out.

Left right middle Sarah is a cash cow

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Levi gone to family court to get regular visitation, this should be his #1 priority, not going on interviews whining about Sarah and not being able to see his son. Sarah has nothing to do with this,it's between Bristol, Tripp and Levi. Most fathers who want to see there child would have already done this! He has a lawyer and the money now, so whats stopping him? Maybe Levi doesn't want to face a DNA because there's a chance he's not the father and the gig would up and Sarah's playing along because it will make Bristol look like a slut if it came out it could be someone else!
Whatever he has on Sarah should come after his son, his son comes first. I think he's getting caught up in the spotlight just like Miss Sarah, and its getting a little old. Seems he's using Tripp just like Sarah used Trig.

Anonymous said...

An interesting tidbit today from The Atlantic Wire on reactions to the release of excerpts from Sarah Palin's book:

"The Conservative Media? Some right-wing bloggers don't feel attacked, but snubbed. Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain blog wants to know why Palin passed over conservative bloggers and gave her first book interview to Oprah instead of a right-leaning outlet. 'I attempted to get an advance copy of Palin's book. No dice. Embargoed. 'Under lock and key,'" McCain says he was told. He's miffed. "So the American Spectator doesn't get the scoop. Neither does National Review, nor the Weekly Standard, Human Events, et cetera. (Hey, welcome to the New Media Age: They could have given the scoop to Right Wing News, Red State or Conservatives for Palin.)'"

Anonymous said...

BrendaAK: No thanks for the token; I'm taking a couple more rounds on this pony, then I'm getting off, too. I made the same decision re IM a while back, and it felt good. None of the "gate" investigations will go anywhere--who knows, possibly they weren't going anywhere all along. By the time any "new evidence" is revealed, Sarah Palin will be toast. We're watching the toasting process right now. It's just a matter of time until no one will care about Palin. What a relief.

Reesie said...

I was just watching Oprah and during the commercial breaks they would show snippets of Sarah's interview. From what I saw, I think this interview is going to be a very good interview.

Reesie said...

Do you remember when Palin's camp said that Oprah would not interview Palin but she had interviewed Obama.

Oprah says in her interview with Palin...First, let's get this snub out of the way. She then goes on to ask her how did she feel when people were saying that Trig was not her child.

I think this interview is going to be interesting.

Patrick said...

Please see my update to the Carrie Prejean post - seven more sex tapes and 30 nude photos of Carrie Prejean have surfaced!

Sex, Lies and Videotape - Sarah Palin's new friend Carrie Prejean exposed as a pathological liar and hypocrite

Anonymous said...

Oh please - Sarah will never be "toast" as long as she remains photogenic and divisive and keeps her Facebook and Twitter accounts. The media will continue to eat her up with a spoon because they are lazy and she writes their stories for them.

She will continue to be a very public figure for a long time to come.

So I don't plan to stop visiting this site any time soon! And it is my fervent hope that the dedicated investigators who keep this blog alive for the rest of us to enjoy, and who deserve our fervent thanks, will continue to explore and expose the many lies of Sarah Palin.

As long as they do, I will remain a devoted and grateful reader.

(Nice try, though, but I've been around long enough to see through all iterations of concern troll tactics!)


Anonymous said...

Ummm, IWorshipCats? Anon@22:45 here. Actually, I'm not a concern troll. Sorry about that. I've been visiting this site for a (very, very) long time also, too, and I'm always amused when the "T" word rears its head. Should you be interested, I'll just say my post simply reflected the way I'm seeing the situation right now. Sometimes it's OK to speak one's mind. It really is OK. G'day to you.

Anonymous said...

02:21, your protesty protest protesting too much duly noted.

When you REALLY lose interest in the purpose of a blog, you just plain old stop visiting that blog. 'Cause you're ANONYMOUS. Nobody is going to even know you're gone. So once you lose interest, formal goodbye announcement with subtle digs at other posters who continue to follow it are necessary only if you're a troll.

But you cared enough to even come back and see what kind of response you got so that you could deny that you're a troll. Snort.

Cause you've lost interest. Riiiiight!


Anonymous said...

Lawdy, but that Palin woman's womb sounds downright toxic. What the hell is going on in there? And I do mean hell!