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A conservative, a liberal and a batshitcrazy review of Sarah Palin's autobiography "Going Rogue"


Dan Fagan, The Alaska Standard:

"Sarah Palin: A Dark Soul"

UPDATE: For reasons I don't know, Dan Fagan has deleted his article.

However, I had saved the article and the comments. They can be downloaded HERE.


I have read some excerpts from the book and it is clearly a work of vengeance, revenge, and pure meanness. Palin comes across as the rotten on the inside, faultfinding, petty teenage girl we all hated in high school. If you’ve seen the movie “Heathers” or “Mean Girls” you know what I am talking about.
Palin, when writing Rogue, set herself on a course of smallness, triviality, quibbling, sophistry nothingness, and worthlessness.

From the excerpts I’ve read, it is hard to draw any other conclusion than Sarah Palin is small in stature, character, and integrity.
Yes I do believe Sarah Palin has a dark soul. A soul obsessed with her image. A soul focused on hurting others. Sarah Palin’s book reveals her as someone unwilling, unable, incapable of living a life of forgiveness. She is a grudge carrier. Settling scores drive her and she is hell bent on revenge, payback, getting even.


And you thought Palin laughing at Bob Lester’s vicious attacks on Lyda Green was an aberration. Plain and simple Sarah Palin wants to hurt those she has unforgivness in her heart toward, and she wants to hurt them badly.

Did you see the Oprah interview when she asked Palin about Levi? Palin answered by saying she would not talk about on him on national TV. She then immediately proceeds to slam Levi over and over calling him a porn star and making fun of his new ambition to be a movie actor. It was overwhelming evidence Palin cannot help herself. She has no self-control when it comes to letting things go. She must settle the score. She must. She Will!

Revenge has become the work and calling of her life. Maybe it always has been. It’s clearly what drives her now. Her cutthroat attacks on others will be her downfall. Her inability to control her desire to hurt those who hurt her will end up in the end discrediting her as a leader, as a person.



Thomas Frank, Wall Street Journal (yes, he is a liberal columnist!):

"The Persecution of Sarah Palin"


It is her mastery of the lament that explained former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s appeal last year, and now her knack for self-pity is on full display in her book, “Going Rogue.” This is the memoir as prolonged, keening wail, larded with petty vindictiveness. With an impressive attention to detail, Ms. Palin settles every score, answers every criticism; locates a scapegoat for every foul-up, and fastens an insult on every critic, down to the last obscure Palin-doubter back in Alaska.


But the mean things people say and do during her vice presidential run—these are not to be taken in the same spirit. These are to be recalled and deplored, one by one, as if from a master list Ms. Palin has been keeping all this time. She reminds us that someone hacked her email, that she got a prank phone call, and that she once saw someone wearing an insulting T-shirt in Philadelphia.

She claims that what ruined her famous interview with wily CBS News personality Katie Couric was the latter’s “condescension,” which caused Ms. Palin to bungle questions like the one in which she was asked to name her favorite newspaper. And she introduces us to Steve Schmidt, the Republican campaign strategist who is the book’s No. 1 bad guy—almost alone among the book’s characters, he is always referred to by his last name—and who, as Ms. Palin tells it, once implied to an aide that “if there were any more leaks critical of anybody in the handling of Sarah Palin, then a lot more negative stuff would be said about Sarah Palin.”

And, lo and behold, there is. Much more. All of it neatly catalogued, bemoaned, and for sale.


But Ms. Palin’s life is meant to be an inspiration. Maybe I should follow her example. The opinion-page equivalent of the Palinesque style is easy enough to imagine: I would use this space to recite the indignities the world forced on me over the course of the week—an effete-looking young person ignored me the other day—plus glimpses of heartland authenticity—I sure do like pot roast—before concluding, darkly, that the reason I suffer is because I am such a sterling American.

I can’t wait to get started.



John Ziegler,

"John Ziegler’s Review of Going Rogue"


With that said, I was simply blown away by Going Rogue on almost every level. For many reasons, this is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime.


So, what do we learn from Going Rogue? Tons. Lots more than the incredibly (though not surprisingly) biased media coverage of the book’s release would have you believe.

Among other things, we discover that Sarah Palin has a ridiculously good memory. People who know me say that I have an amazing ability to recall events and I have written two books, but I was blown away by the level of detail in this project, which encompasses her entire life. Since the timing of Going Rogue did not allow for massive amounts of time and resources to be put into research it had to all be put together — in incredibly short order — by Palin’s own memory and notes. The notion that numerous “news” outlets thirsting to find inaccuracies have yet to find one of major significance (no, a disagreement over the definition of “vetting” does not count) may to be the greatest testament to the book’s remarkable credibility.

As impressive as the details of the storytelling are, the real strength of Going Rogue is its brutal honesty. Quite simply, there has never been a memoir by someone with potential Presidential viability that has been nearly as open about what has really happened in his or her life and career. And I am not just referring here to Palin pulling no punches and naming names as to who did right and wrong by her and the campaign. I am also referencing the many times where Palin reveals episodes and intimate thoughts and feelings that she knows do not necessarily put her in the most positive light. Her candor goes way beyond typical political self-deprecation and into the realm of instructive human introspection, the type of which can only come from someone incredibly courageous, grounded, and self-aware.

Going Rogue is actually several books in one. It is a compelling biography, a gripping campaign tell-all, an expose on the sad state of our news media, a substantive outline of a political philosophy and even a comprehensive refutation of juicy tabloid rumors (Andrew Sullivan, among others, will have a lot of explaining to do). There are even plenty of touching, humorous (I laughed out loud when she describes Joe Biden just before their debate), and insightful moments in the book.

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Anonymous said...

Oil Can Dan and Eddie Burke used to be BFF.

Dan got Eddie his first radio gig at KFQD, but then boys being boys they had a falling out.

Burke went over to KBYR and still trashed Dan on the air to this day, he just can't help it.

Fagan's former producer, Sharon Leighow (sp?) was a low level press flunky for Palin, and still is for Captain Zero.

Fagan is actually a pretty good journalist but he's at heart just a shill for the oil companies.

John Zeigler is just plain nuts.

FKD said...

Great questions by Chris Heinze of GOP-12:

Two birthers

As I'm watching Hannity: What's worse?

Someone claiming you're not Trig's legitimate Mom (i.e. Palin birthers) or someone claiming you're not the legitimate President (i.e. Obama birthers)?

Which attack is more serious? And Palin's been subjected to harsher treatment than any other politician?

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....and old saying comes to mind........."The TRUTH is so limiting!? Sherlock

Anonymous said...

Dan Fagan very aptly sums up Palin and her book of shite.

I agree she is very much the mean girl teenager and is compelled to seek revenge on anyone whom she views as ever having slighted her. She is truly mentally unstable, and her vehement criticism of everyone she trashes in "her book" clearly demonstrates that.

I read on Bree Palin's blog that according to Entertainment Tonight Sarah and Toad's favorite toast/motto is "May we always be happy and may our enemies know it!". She is clearly someone who lives to avenge others.

Darkefang said...

I might have missed this being discussed at some point that I missed, but this part of the original version of the wild ride stood out to me when I read it this time:

"Palin: Well not contractions so much because I had Braxton Hicks contractions for months as every pregnant woman does, and nothing real painful but just knowing that, um, it was feeling like, I may not um, be ale to be pregnant a whole nother four or five weeks knowing that it would be not a bother to call our doctor and let her know. And um she’s delivered how many babies over the year did she say?

Todd: Lots.

Palin: A lot. It’s been a couple of decades of her delivering babies. We knew to call her and just get her advice and, um, from there we again decided to skip the energy conference reception and come on home and get checked out."

If I remember correctly, it was shown on Palin's Deceptions that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson only delivered a handful of babies a year. Not lots.

Are they talking about a different doctor than CBJ? Or were Todd and Sarah just making the story up as they went along, without any particular knowledge of CBJ's actual history? Was Johnson only added to this story later, as a way of adding legitimacy to the tale?

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment left on Bree's site:

Anonymous said...

Todd is building a very large, luxury cabin on Trapper Lake. Will this be his new home?
November 19, 2009 2:10 AM

Does this mean it is time for more aerial luxury abode photos? Wonder if the cabin has a turret also?

As for Palin's degree, I think journalism is another lie. Her degree was probably Mean Girlsology, and she must have gotten a doctorate in it!

EyeOnYou said...

Wiki says that Trapper Lake in Alaska has no road access and the only way to get there is via seaplane or snow machine in the winter.

I don't know that I would jump onto that based on one comment by an anonymous poster.

I was most amused at watching the MSNBC coverage of the people waiting in line for Sarah to arrive at her book signing. Contessa B interviewed a man and woman and both are just willing groupies on the Palin Cirque de so Lame Tour (shameless stolen from Bree Palin & commenter's).

The man interviewed by Contessa did not agree that Sarah was settling scores with this book, instead he is following the Palin line of reasoning, she is "setting the record straight" which she couldn't do before because the campaign had her clamped down so tight. The young woman whom Contessa interviewed only knows Palin issues from what she reads about on Palin fan sites. She did not believe that Sarah Palin had been for the bailout, and even tried to say Sarah wasn't for it. Then of course when Contessa gave this young woman the correct information about many people were confusing the "bailout" with the "stimulus", and asked if that changed their minds about Sarah, the girl replied "no". But, lol, the gentleman jumped in to say that he felt that "Paulson" (although this guy could not remember who he was or his name or much of anything) changed what the bail out did after it was approved, and that Sarah most likely approved of what it was supposed to do BEFORE the changes were made. The whole time I was thinking about the Katie Couric interview and her (Sarahs) inability to even describe the bailout or what it did, and how she was seemingly so supportive of it...these people remind me of Sarah, unable to articulate what they like, except to say she is "one of them", but they do know that they like her

You just have to laugh at the measures they will go to in order to justify supporting Sarah even if they find out the information on her is inaccurate.

The biggest problem is that most will say they like her because she is "just like them", and she "gets where they are coming from". All because she is the soundbite queen, who can offer up great sounding platitudes with no substance.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Here is the Huffington Post article with an index to Sarah's Book of Lies:

“Going Rogue” Index (Unofficial)

These are the pages I most want to see, but I just can't bring myself to spend one penny to add to the coffers of the Grifter:

Bristol pregnancy rumors: 238-239
Bristol, finding out she was pregnant: 207-208
Bristol's pregnancy, announcement: 234-235
Down syndrome: 249-251
Miscarriage: 55-57
Trig, down syndrome: 176-180, 184-187
Trig, pregnancy results - "Holy geez!": 171-174
Trig, water breaking and delivery: 191-196

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Oh yeah, I also want to see this page:

Resignation decision, inspired by Track: 375-378

Anonymous said...

Trig is on tour with Sarah Palin.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

EOY, Trapper Lake is a large area, not just a lake. They already have a cabin at Trapper Lake, on Safari Lake. I don’t have time to find my research right now, but I spent an extensive amount of time researching this to determine if perhaps it would have made a good stowaway place to hide a pregnant Bristol and/or newborn Trig.
Use Google Maps for Trapper Creek and Safari Lake.

Incidently, I thought it was also interesting that Dar Miller also owned a cabin at Trapper Lake, approximately 5 miles from the Palin’s cabin if I remember correctly.

Death of hospice nurse shocks coworkers

“She was a rugged Canadian woman who wore mukluks and a leather coat in winter and had a thing for pickup trucks. She loved escaping to her Trapper Creek cabin with Hannam. She possessed a dry sense of humor, amazing penmanship and a propensity for goofy sayings like "God love a duck."”

Now, where have I heard "duck" mentioned before? MySpace?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Opps, I meant Trapper Creek, not Trapper Lake in first line above.

Anonymous said...


here we go again, this time on a fishing expedition to Trapper Lake, I mean Trapper Creek.

I put up a link to the Mat Su property records, why don't you look there to see what property Todd owns ?

Trapper Creek is an unincorporated area near Talkeetna, the saying goes that everybody in Trapper drives a brand new Ford F350 pickup, yet they've never worked a day in their lives.

I'll bet that nobody here knows why.

People, are you going to base your investigation on what's said over at Bree Palins' site, or Huffington, or one of the Alaska bloggers, NONE of whom I'd trust btw, or are going to go with solid evidence ?

Wiki ? Really ?

How about Google Earth, what does that show you ?

Nobody was hiding Bristol away up in Trapper, everybody knows everybody else's business up there, it would be the last place they would want to hide thier daughter.

In Anchorage she wouldn't be nearly as recognizable, easier to hide
in plain sight.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

From reading excerpts of the book, one conclusion that is unavoidable is the woman's jaw-dropping shallowness. When telling the story of how she was confronted at one point with news reports that she and her husband Todd were going to divorce, one would think (indeed one would hope) that she would offer for the reader's contemplation a heartfelt description of her abiding love for her husband; how their union could not be tossed aside like some disposable camera - that she and Todd took their wedding vows seriously. No, there was none of that....

"Dang, I thought. Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd???"

TRANSLATION: If Todd gains fifty pounds, he's toast.

Thirteen years into their marriage, Eleanor Roosevelt was confronted with her husband's affair with her social secretary (and distant relative of mine - I come from a long line of home wreckers) Lucy Paige Mercer. After contemplating divorce, it was decided that they would continue their union. Years later, she confided to her friend, Joesph Lash, the reasons for saving their marriage. They were many and complicated. This, I can assure you, was not one of those reasons:

"Dang, I thought. Divorce Franklin? Have you SEEN Franklin???"

Ah, substance!

Tom Degan
Goshen, New York

Celia Harrison said...

She is a socialized sociopath. They will lie when the truth would serve them better.

wayofpeace said...

check JON STEWART's last night's clip on sarah:

Anonymous said...

Celia, I am going to agree with you that SP appears to be a Sociopath in addition to a narcisist.

CrabbyPatty said...

Tom - I read your post on HuffPo also - great stuff!

But of course, you do realize that Eleanor Roosevelt HAD to depend on all that boring "character and integrity" stuff only because she wasn't "hot", doncha?

I mean, seriously, if Ellie R could have simply posed for Norman Rockwell with running shorts and the American flag inappropriately draped on a chair, while holding two telephones, that Saturday Evening Post cover would have been "awesome"! You betcha! Also, too.

wayofpeace said...

BTW PARICK, i love the faux mag cover... LOL-funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to use my google account to sign in. Is there another way to have an identity?

Basheert said...

I assume many of you are aware that Andrew Sullivan is deeply disturbed about the "fantasies" that make up the entire book. On more than one occasion he goes to great length to mention the crazy birth story and also details lie after lie after lie. He points out that the book is an indication of how incredibly vengeful she is - everything in her life now is "getting" even.

He also speaks of continuing to ferret out a possible "major scandal" - with at least 33 documented blatant lies, it is pretty scandalous that the idiot knows how to find the drawer where she keeps her edible underwear and the whip.

Basheert said...

Hi anon:

Go below the "google" sign in and "click on" the "name" bubble...

let me know if that doesn't work ok?

Pecan Famer said...

Thanki you Basheert!

Anonymous said...


Andrew Sullivan has called Palin a "no nothing whackjob"!

Patrick said...

Hi Tom,

thanks for commenting here! You have got a great blog!

Patrick said...


I am very, very curious what Andrew Sullivan will come up with in the end! :-)

Basheert said...

Today's WONDERFUL Quote of the Day from The Daily Dish (Andrew Sullivan) (by the way, it's good to go to that blog and real ALL his Palin comments - I think he is having a hard time being "fair"):

Quote For The Day

"The key to making a political comeback is to have somewhere to come back from -- and somewhere to return to. Sarah Palin can't make a comeback because she didn't go anywhere. Not up, not down. Not sideways. Aside from a brief and totally artificial post selection bounce last year, Palin remains a fixed political commodity," - Marc Ambinder, CBS.

basheert said...

For anyone who might wish to bookmark The Dish -

The Book of Levi said...

All the God talk is finally making sense. Sarah has obviously passed on her blessings at the right hand side of her God on to her children.
Levi tells The Insider about Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Levi - you disappoint me. Bristol definitely had a thing for Johnny Chandler!

Anonymous said...

Pro Choice Grandma-

You probably already know this but Mudflats and Andrew Sullivan (the Daily Dish) are both doing a great job deciphering Palin's tome of lies and contradictions.

Good luck. I give Mudflats and Andrew a lot of credit!
I'm like you, I won't spend a penny on Palin, and, I'm too embarrassed to check it from the library.

Mary b

The Book of Levi said...

@ 17:21

Have you not heard of immaculate conception? It runs in some families in Alaska.

Move along. Forget Lanesia Garcia and Johnny Chandler....

Anonymous said...

After Fox got called out for using old footage of a larger crowd to hype Michele Bachmann's recent rally, they have gone and done it again. According to HuffPo, they used old campaign footage to exaggerate the size of Sarah's crowd in the Michigan bookstore.

Jon Stewart said it all last night, when he indicated that Sarah knew nothing and was shallow. Some of the Republicans who would like to see her do well thought that she would spend the last months studying and learning about political policy, economics, world problems.

Sarah learned nothing from her experience running for VP, except for the fact that it was everybody else's fault and she is a gift from God. The real pity is that the media can't stop covering her. The only thing that gives me any comfort is that they got tired of Paris and Britney, and hopefully they will tire of Sarah.

Or else, dear readers, somebody had better come up with some really hot stuff, because Sarah is going to be swelled with a renewed sense of her own self-importance. Despite a record of quitting, not knowing anything and preaching to the far right wing, she will be back.

Palinpoopooza said...

The liquidity of her lies is dripping. Does Levi have the same virus?

Dangerous said...

From reading Andrew Sullivan's blog every day, I would not be too hopeful that he will have some great insight beyond what we all discuss here. He has also made it clear that they are analysts, not reporters, so they haven't dug up anything new either.

Wonkette -- another daily read for me -- belittles him (and us by extension) by continuing to pursue the truth in this Trig story. There are many pressures on MSM to drop this story as (a) uncomfortable to discuss, (b) contrary to conventional wisdom, (c) supposedly debunked, (d) irrelevant because SP isn't going anywhere, (e) not commercially viable, (f) unfair to question a media meal-ticket on these kinds of "family" issues.

I respect Andrew Sullivan for his persistence, but I doubt he will go all in as Patrick has and proclaim the faked pregnancy a "FACT". The evidence is clear and convincing -- particularly after SP's additional lost credibility from her book -- but even I maintain a slim measure of doubt. But that's all she needs to maintain the deception with her fans, GOP functionaries (who might suspect), and MSM.

We do know for a FACT that the Wild Ride did not happen as she described. Nobody is that reckless, and if so would never admit to it much less be proud of it. That MSM accepted this account AND the spin that it showed toughness (rather than recklessness) is the confounding part of it. But it does show that MSM's judgment should not be trusted nor given too much credit for accuracy.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 17:38
Today Fox had to apologize to Palin for TWICE showing a graphic of 'Going Rouge' instead of her book.

Oh dear, not a good morning for Sarah.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching MSNBC and Nora O'Donnell went in to the book signing in Fort Wayne. she asked Sarah, "What would you do differently on health care than Obama?" Sarah ignored her, so Nora asked again......Palin ignored her again. So, we can assume that might be a "gotcha" question or simply....Palin does not know. When it comes to policy she is a dolt. If she can't use her buzz words," God, military, family, commonsense or frivilous", she has nothing to say. God help us all, she must be stopped.

Reesie said...

Patrick, didn't Chuck Heath state that he was at the hospital when the baby popped out? Also, I don't remember Todd saying "Love this state".

Page 195
The Wild Ride
Todd said, "Love this state, but we can't have a fish picker born in Texas."

On the plane they talked about the fact that the letter from God had not been sent yet and that nobody was prepared, not even the other kids. They wondered if they had handled it properly. They prayed to God to make everyone else ready because they hadn't.

"Many hours and two plane flights later" Trig was born.

Todd and daughters were nearby for the birth.

Archivist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
conscious at last said...

I am delighted that Palingates has covered SP's various crimes, lies and grifting schemes. I hope that both G. Dunn and J.McGinness will use your work in their upcoming books... HOWEVER- I think we all know, deep down, that the keys to ending her toxic reign ARE:

BABY GATE (she did not birth Trig)

Abortion/Miscarriage/Wite-out gate

This is where the focus and effort must be.

... and just for a bit of dessert... perhaps.. REGINA, PATRICK and KATHLEEN, you can,
do a little photo essay where you place the good photo of
Joe Schmidt that you have here under Prisongate next to a good and recent photo of TRACK with some questions marks ??-- get it ??

Finally, may I suggest that you have, featured at the top of PALINGATES, the best comparison photos of SP flat belly vs the Gusty photo with the dates

The truth WILL set us free.

Archivist said...

I saw that too. Yesterday, she talked to a 'supporter' wearing a Tshirt AGAINST the bailout. Nora told her that Sarah has SUPPORTED the bail-out. The supporter replied: "Where did you hear that?" OMFG really, she did! (Sarah DID support the bailout) So then Nora asked her another question, which the dim-wit couldn't answer, so she went on about how Sarah would 'go back to the Constitution ... that we are now so far away from' (paraphrasing) ... mindless sound-bite Sarahspeak.

These people VOTE ... ignorant of the issues, just blind support of their equally dimwitted hero.

Anonymous said...

@18:26 - Those two folks interviewed by Nora O'Donnell yesterday were clearly members of "The Constitution Party."

emrysa said...

props to whoever made that graphic! most excellent.

The Book of Levi said...

18:22; Todd and daughters were nearby for the birth.


morb320 said...

I remember seeing a video recently in which Ziegler stated that he has a fiancee. I wonder what she thinks about Ziegler's slavish admiration and devotion to Palin? Life can be miserable when there's a third person involved in what is supposed to be an exclusive relationship. LOL

Anonymous said...

conscious at last

Thank you for your suggestions. We always take our readers suggestions seriously. I'll talk to Patick and see if we can ensure that a comparison graphic is featured at the top of the page.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dangerous.

Also, the window is fast closing on this Babygate story. I hope you all see that and move your asses to submit your proofs, soon.

It's getting weary reading all this repetitive postings about Palin being a whack, crazy, etc, etc.

How long can you beat a dead horse?

What's next? Housegate, Emailgate? Hope you have a plan B to keep this blog going.

I'm on your side by the way...just saying the truth.

Yellowgirl said...

Patrick and all-- Gosh, I feel like we are getting so close, and yet so far!

Couple of points for research by those more in the know than me:

1. Mary G mentioned that Sarah and Todd may not have been sitting in the same class on the way home from Dallas. Is that true? Can we find out their seat assignments? (I tried a quick search on the expense forms but didn't see anything there). If so, this is HUGE. Doesn't she say in her book that she and Todd held hands and prayed together over Trig's safety on the flights home? If we can show they weren't sitting together, another bald faced lie!

2. Her expense report, on the first page, shows that she was supposed to fly back from Dallas on April 19th. Is this information anywhere else? Or am I reading it wrong? Because.... according to one of the news bits about her April 18th "birth" of Trig, she was scheduled to sign the Eye Glass Bill (what I believe was SB149 re used eye glasses, sponsored by Senator Therniaut and passed by the legislature on April 1st)on Sat, April 19th at the Lyons Convention in Anchorage.

Instead, according to the news report, she signed the bill w/o attending the convention. (Her schedule supports this, showing she signed the "eye glass bill" the night of April 18th; i.e., Trig's "birthdate").

BUT, I cannot find any mention of SP's expected attendance at the Lyons convention (nor would she be back from Texas according to her travel form). I found the conference packet agenda, and NO mention of her on it. Now, I would *think* if she were planning to attend, they would mention it, right? This tells me that she *never* planned to attend the Lyons gig.... probably just another little lie among many, but noteworthy just the same.

I don't know if any of this info is useful, but I've screen captured/downloaded it all in case anyone has any questions. And I would *love* for someone to show that SP and Toad were not sitting together on those flights.... that it is another big wild ride lie.


adderall eyes said...

anon@15:53 you said:
"I put up a link to the Mat Su property records, why don't you look there to see what property Todd owns ?

Trapper Creek is an unincorporated area near Talkeetna, the saying goes that everybody in Trapper drives a brand new Ford F350 pickup, yet they've never worked a day in their lives.

I'll bet that nobody here knows why."

I did miss the link, can you repost it, and yes Tell us why theyv'e never worked a day in their life...I'm sure we all want to know their secret.

Anonymous said...

@18:48 - The Palingates

Below are all the gates so far. They link to posts on the subject.

Legal Fund
Pebble mine
Alaska Natives
Civil rights
Big oil
Alaska Independence Party
Special needs

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the duck comment made by Bristol something to the effect - I get suck with that duck or I have to take care of that duck.
I've always thought that Dar Miller's death was associated with the Palins.

adderall eyes said...

The Book of Levi said...

18:22; Todd and daughters were nearby for the birth.

19 November 2009 18:46
Chuckie was there too! Didn't he say on the radio, he was there when TriG "popped out"?

Archivist said...

Thought I'd share this totally IDIOTIC comment by one of Sarah's fans on her page. (This is the type of undereducated fools who support her)

Jeff Wahl I have a question that no one is able to give me a straight answer to: Can Illegal Aliens vote?? Can Resident Aliens vote??

No one is ABLE to give him an anwer???? Who did he ask? Never occured to him to check the CONSTITUTION huh? DUH!!!

These people VOTE

Anonymous said...

Just in from Andrew Sullivan, about his reasons about whether or not Palin deserves coverage now:

"The first is that she remains a very powerful force in American politics, the de facto leader of the opposition, and, in my mind, the likeliest nominee of either the GOP or a George Wallace style third party in 2012. This means that her attempt to recast her image, finesse her past stories and blame the McCain camp for her own errors and nuttiness should be engaged by those of us whose job it is to subject the powerful to scrutiny.

Secondly, does Damon really think that if the Dish ignored her, she would not be in the spotlight? Once you're on Oprah, somehow the Dish's little niche is irrelevant.

Thirdly, it's riveting stuff. Watching someone this delusional and this uninformed and this narcissistic strut around the world stage telling empirical untruth after untruth is a car wreck worth rubber-necking. The book is so weird, and its fiction so bad, and its facts so non-checked, you'd have to have every single journalistic bone in your body removed to be indifferent to it.

But anyway, I'm tired of all this meta-journalism. Does examining her make me look obsessed? Does not examining her make me look cool? Who gives a fuck? She's a great story, a truly bizarre creature, an international woman of mystery, and completely off her rocker.

Just get on with it, my fellow hacks. Know your place. It's cold and lonely work, but we chose this profession and we should get off our high meta-horses and do it."

Barb Dwyer said...

adderall eyes:

I would assume our cryptic poster is referring to all the marijuana grown in that area. Lots of diesel generators and hydroponic operations going on in that area.

anon 18:51

Police reports have been requested by boots on the ground up here for the Dar Miller fire. Once recieved they will be forwarded to Patrick and he can post them as he sees fit

KaJo said...

A recent new report on HuffPo says that the NY Times interviewed Lisa Kline, Palin's stylist during the 2008 campaign, and the one who shopped for Palin's couture clothes.

Interesting read.


adderall eyes said...

Thanks Barb!
And thanks for all you are doing...

Patrick said...


we are extremely thankful for all you do! :-)

Anonymous said...

Scarah's going to Roswell, NM. That's where aliens crash landed about 50 years ago. Maybe she knows the mothership will be there looking for survivors. Bon voyage, Sarah. Say hello to the stars.

Anonymous said...

Sarah treats Trig as a prop!

From the Washington Post -

When she got off the bus, wearing her familiar uniform of black skirt, high heels and red blazer, she waved with one hand and held her son Trig, dressed in a striped green sweater, in the other. The group erupted in applause. She walked to a small platform in the middle of the crowd, said "Thank you so much for showing up," and handed Trig to an aide.

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Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see what Sully would come up with -granted, he's only an analyst, not a reporter. But was heartened by this:
(Sullivan quoting) What is the point of carrying the baby to the platform and then handing him to an aide? Why not leave him on the bus with an aide? Is he just a prop?

"Of course he's a prop. Treating a child this way is a political decision. Just as publicly calling the father of her grandson a porn star is a political decision. And that tells you a lot about this person's character and what really motivates her."

Grandson. He nails his colors to the mast.

NakedTruth said...

Thanks Kajo,

I read about that interview with Lisa Kline. Looks like Sarah has told another lie. She says in the book that Lisa Kline was also Katie Couric's stylist and that's not true. Lisa says that she doesn't even know Katie. Sarah lies just to be lying.

I also saw The Insider video with Levi saying that he was Bristol's first. Is Levi really that stupid? Bristol's Myspace comments tell an entire different story. What about Johnny boy? I have always said that I thought that Levi was more into Bristol than Bristol was into him. I really believe that now. Levi was a standby for Bristol and this is probably why it was so easy for Bristol to listen to Sarah and drop him. Also remember the comment that Sadie said Bristol made about wishing Levi was not the father of her baby? Poor Levi was in love with a girl that didn't give a damn about him. Levi was on the wrong side of the tracks and dating Bristol, the Governor's daughter, was a big deal for him and his family.

Another oddity; I still can't make out what Sarah meant in the Barbara Walters interview when she stated that Levi had only been in her living room twice when Bristol told her that she and Levi were pregnant. I thought Bristol and Levi had an on-going relationship that started long before March 2008- the month that they told Sarah about the pregnancy. Do we take her comment to mean that Levi had only been to the Palin's home once before March 2008 when Bristol and Levi supposedly had dated off and on for 2-3 years? I am confused.
Did anyone else catch this? Sarah's statement made it appear that Levi and Bristol really weren't a couple when Bristol got pregnant. Because I would think that if they were, Levi definitely would have been to the Palin's home more than twice. But then again, how would Sarah know, she was never home.

Anonymous said...

(Anon at 19.44 again):

I mean, with some impatience, that I interpret Sully's teaser to imply that he's convinced his heroically skeptical colleagues of SP's non-parturition, and we can look forward to an elaboration of his arguments later today.

Dangerous said...

Uneqivocal proof that she faked the pregnancy is the whole ball game. Hence, it will be almost impossible to extract from anyone with an interest in keeping it quiet. Only SP's most ardent supporters will be able to hang onto their adoration of her in the face of that proof, and would have to deny it.

But the rest of the public will not be able to forgive her for the lies, costumes and arrogance in claiming someone else's child as her own. It goes far deeper, too. All those associated with McCain, the GOP and the nonsense "movements" that adore her will be long remembered for their complicity / stupidity in thinking she was someone special. All their hypocrisy will come crashing down and maybe critical reasoning, facts and truth will again rise as virtues over ignorance, spin and "media truth".

I don't think SP and her followers could resist making US look stupid by presenting irrefutable proof that she did give birth to Trig. We would have to submit humbly to the truth and they would have free reign to weave any other self-serving false tales without concern for criticism. They would forever be able to point to our crazy conspiracy theory to marginalize us. But they don't. They don't because they can't. They can't because it isn't true she was pregnant.

Critical reasoning can lead to solid deductions. Too bad for them.


Anonymous said...


18:51; I think the "duck" remark is in the MySpace account @ Palin's Deception. Levi did kind of negate all that.

I was wondering if the father of another of Bristol's beaus, Gabriel Gatto, was at the hospital April 18, 2008 when she signed the "eye glass bill?" "LEVI WAS THERE! Chuckie was there too!" They may have seen who else was there.

I know that Phillip Munger speaks highly of Carl Gatto. He also has total respect for Cathy Baldwin-Johnson. Both are part of Sarah's respectful church cabal.
Gatto would know the most about the arson since he is part of a fire department.

dianedp said...

If anyone wants to know why the book/magazine/newspaper business is going out of business, all they have to do is read palin's book?

She was paid how much for these lies?

Anonymous said...

VERY recent story re Trapper Creek - three of the suspects are "not named." WHY?
Troopers break up Trapper Creek pot grow operations:

ArmchairJane said...

Naked Truth,
This is just my opinion, but I think that when Palin said in the BW interview that Levi had only been in the living room "talking to us like that" or however she put it, that she means to imply that Levi was a sort of "player" who didn't really have much of a relationship with the family at all. A "good boyfriend" would have met the family, particpated in family activities, went to church with the family, etc. Palin is trying to diminish both his role as Bristol's fiance and father of Tripp, as well as making a case that Levi really doesn't know the family.

She adds in the "Ricky Hollywood", porn star, "wouldn't it be lovely to believe he would ever even consider it" (go to the family Thanksgiving) comments to further twist the knife and diminish him. Rather like many of the other mean girl comments she made about others in her book.

Basically she's implying he is just a sperm donor who sweet talked Bristol into bed once, and that he didn't really care about her, and doesn't care about his son. And she has sent plenty of signals that he does not share her religious belief. Put that all together and her fans are all going to think he is a total lowlife, doesn't care about his kid, etc. And from their comments, that is just what her fans DO think.

However, it reflects badly on her that she demanded Levi come back from his hunting trip so he could present himself as a good young man, Bristol's fiance and father to be, and that whole spectacle was just for Sarah's image. It was clear she really did not much care that Bristol was thrown under the bus in front of the entire nation. I also think that Levi did truly love Bristol and probably still does. But Sarah doesn't need him any more, so now he is just another cast off she once pretended to care about.

NakedTruth said...


Thanks so much for your comments. You are right, I too believe that Sarah was trying to downplay the her family's relationship with Levi. Since Levi has chosen to tell some of the Palin family secrets, Sarah feels it's best to discredit him by saying that he was only in her house twice before Bristol announced her pregnancy. She still doesn't say how often Levi was in their house after the pregnancy announcement. Especially during the campaign and right before the birth of Tripp. They needed Levi during this period and wanted to keep him close. I guess this is why Sarah provided a letter of recommendation for Levi to work on the slopes knowing damn well he had no high school diploma. But she made sure she told the world after she was done with him to get him fired. Sarah tells so many lies. It's really hard to keep up with them all.

Archivist said...

Anon 19:41

Thanks so much for taking the time to post that! I used to know how to do it and had forgotten!

THANKS (wink)

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

I guess her nesting instinct didn't kick in huh. Of course not, she's not into mothering.

I had a very slow water leak with my second child, with no contractions. The doc told me to go to the hospital due to the infection thing, they don't go over 24 hrs after a leak starts without inducing.

I'm pretty dang sure is standard procedure to tell your patients this. If Scarah 'was' pregnant her doc would have told her this, and she would have shown negligent neglect for the safety of a human life. She was early and had had 2 previous miscarriages. There is no way her doc would have said come home, it would have been too risky.

That is why there is no mention of leaks in the book. If people read that, they'd know and see how negligent she and/or her doc was, and her doctor would be put on the spot, that would have been pushing the 'doc do me a favor' deal too far.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Barb is correct, it's generally considered to be an area with a large amount of marijuana grow operations, hence the name MTF, or Matanuska Thunderƒuck, even though Trapper Creek is really in the Susitna Valley.

It's common practice not to initially release names in grow busts, depending on the charges and circumstances. If it's a high profile name and someone wants to make hay with it then they might release the name.

Alaska has the most liberal marijuana laws in the nation, the most liberal gun laws too. In the eyes of law enforcement however, the two still do not mix.

Here is the link to look at property records by name.

Somebody should do an eyeball on thier properties.

A good place for to keep an eye on things that might not necessarily get reported in the press is the Alaska State Troopers Daily Dispatch from thier PIO office.