Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Levi Johnston, I Have Three Questions For You!

Bree Palin has just reported the following from the TV-interview with Levi Johnston on "The Insider":

The man interviewer asks "Is Trig Sarah's baby?"

Levi says, "Yeah, Trig is Sarah's baby."

The man interviewer then goes on to say Sarah never appeared pregnant, she traveled very close to giving birth, she never told her advisers she was pregnant.

Then he asks again, "Is Trig Sarah's baby?"

Levis says, "As far as I know, yeah."

Then they ask, "Is Todd absolutely the father of Trig?"

Levi said, "I think so, yeah.


Here is the video of a part of the conversation which "The Insider" has released on the internet, but this clip doesn't include the exchange which I have quoted above. If I can get hold of anything more, I will post it later.

You can comment on the website of "The Insider" here!


Levi Johnston, I would like to ask you: Do you know with 100% certainty for a fact that Sarah Palin has given birth to Trig? And if the answer is "yes", then how do you know?

That is my first question.

Furthermore: You said in the Vanity Fair article: "I was at the hospital when Sarah had the baby at a little after six A.M. on April 18, 2008, two weeks before we told her we were pregnant."

My second question therefore is: Were you really at Mat-Su hospital in Palmer a little after six a.m. on the morning of April 18, 2008, and what were you actually doing there? If you were there, I might add a follow-up question: Why did you answer the question on "The Insider" with "as far as I know", and didn't give the details about what exactly happened for example on that morning? You must have had direct, first-hand knowledge about the birth of Trig because you were there at the hospital when he was born, am I correct?

I have a third question: Levi, when you were interviewed several weeks ago for a magazine, you were also asked whether Trig is Sarah's baby, and your answer then already was "Trig is Sarah's baby" - but then your lawyer Rex Butler, who was present, stepped in immediately and said
"that is off the record, we don't know this for a fact" - so, Levi Johnston, why did your lawyer say this, despite the fact that you apparently are sure that "Trig is Sarah Palin's baby"?

Levi Johnston: Playing with words diminishes your credibility. Giving clear, straightforward answers to these questions should be easily possible for you. Or is there anything which might prevent you from answering these questions, Levi?

This is all I would like to know right now.

UPDATE: I have just seen on this website that "The Insider" actually had a very interesting graphic up! Although the appearance of Levi on "The Insider" was in the end again a disappointment, we should not overlook the fact that this was basically the first time ever that somebody on TV openly brought up the question of Trig's parentage and was willing to ask questions. This is a positive development, and the graphic speaks for itself:

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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone ask the question properly? Is Sarah H. Palin the biological mother of Trig P.V.Palin?

Anonymous said...

I asked these questions at Bree Palin's, (and got some good answers), so I'll post them here, asking you all to come up with some good answers, too, also:

As long as we are watching tabloid TV, what do we think is the real reason behind Levi's appearances? Star Jones hit the nail on the head when she said that Levi knew things, and he was dangling them out there.....but why?
Are the Palins paying hush money? Does he want more?
Does Sherry's sentencing hang in the balance?
Is Levi using this publicity to try to get someone interested in a possible book?
Is levi just using this publicity as a means to either see his son(s) or get custody?
If Sarah is (was) as powerful as people say, is Levi playing a dangerous game, like danging his arm into a pit of rattlesnakes?
Gawd, this sounds like a soap opera, but we could never get in on the air-- no one would believe such a crazy story!

snowbilly said...

Levi tends to give yes/no answers. It's hard to get information from him without follow-up questions. I know this, because he was told, while being interviewed by The Guardian, "No yes/no answers."

Anonymous said...

Recently Kathy Griffin appeared on Conan. Kathy was pretending to be pregnant. She claimed to be pregnant by Levi. She was also trying to sell a book. Could be she's parodying $P.

Anonymous said...

When you ask a man how many children he has he may say whatever number it is, then add "as far as I know."

Anonymous said...

The key to this whole story lies in the wild ride story. There are way too many inconsistencies in it for it to be true.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:47 -- I agree completely. If Sarah and Todd adopted Trig -- not saying they did or didn't -- then Levi's response to the question as quoted here would obviously be 'Yes'.

Anonymous said...

One little thing stuck out to me: Willow found a pregnancy test in her mother's room when Sarah was already 7 mos pregnant? Bull. So this secret pregnancy (I won't go into how bizarre even that idea is) was TOP SECRET, but she was so sentimental about it that she kept a pregnancy test around? Yeah, I don't think so. Typical dumb, lie of a story, like the "we took a vote from the girls" about the VP choice (when really the girls didn't know until they got to OH and Palin had already accepted the offer).

HA, my wv is squal. I sure as hell hope the SS Palin hits one soon.

Anonymous said...

Come on Levi baby, Spill, baby, Spill!!

It's you or her......time to get into crush mode.

Anonymous said...

The world is ready to be saved by sheep-hunter from Alaska.

sg said...

My head is spinning.

Is Levi a hoax co-conspirator (but has other issues with SP re Tripp, Bristol etc.)?

If so, why is he lying? For pragmatic reasons (Trig gets better health care, Levi's "off the hook")? Or for money (SP payout or MSM publicity gigs)?

If not, is he then a dupe (along the lines of what Amy1 has suggested)?

If Levi is neither a co-conspirator nor a dupe, what does he really know? And why does he say what he says?

timeout said...

I think that she put Levi and Bristol in a situation where they could do nothing but allow her to adopt their kid. She announced her "pregnancy" and there was nothing more to be done. Certainly if she adopted him then she is his mother.

Anonymous said...

It may be that Levi actually does believe that Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, and does not see any money to be made by claiming otherwise. He's straddling a very thin line here.

Dianne said...

I've actually been on Levi's side this entire time. But I'm thinking he's cut from the same cloth. Liar, grifter. And it pi**es me off. There are so many lies they go in circles. The entire bunch of them are really questionable, to put it nicely. A pregnancy test that's been around for months? Please. The photo on this blog of Bristol holding Trig. Doesn't look like a sister to me. The only time Levi ever saw Sarah cry was when "he" told her Bristol was pregnant. Contradiction to previous information where a "friend" sitting with Bristol and Levi broke the news. Take the lie detector, Levi. Please. You're losing credibility.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who said the story of Willow finding the pregnancy test sounds bogus. A woman who believes every child is sacred and a gift from god but hides her pregnancy? Sorry, I don't buy that either. I also don't buy that wild ride story, either. I had a slow amniotic leak with my last pregnancy, and believe me, it's not something a woman could ignore and go about her routine with. It's messy...but maybe she sent Todd out for some Depends. Lies, all lies.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

The big lie about the wild ride is that she travelled on a long plane journey and then started leaking and that her doctor then gave her permission to fly again.

No way did that happen because the fact is that her leakage was likely caused by her recent long trip. Allowing her to undertake another one would have been a suicidal gambol for her doctor to have taken. There is just no way that her doctor wouldn't have advised her to seek an immediate examination in order for it tro be deemed whether or not it was safe for her to travel. This part of Sarah's story is completely unbelievable.

And if her story is true then either she or her doctor, or both, are completely negligent and incompetent and I would trust neither to give me advice about anything.

Curiouser said...

Perhaps Willow found a boxed, unused pregnancy test.

Anonymous said...

No one knows the times Levi was around Sarah. He could have been duped with a pregnancy ruse.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not getting why someone would keep a nasty, used pregnancy test at all and then couple that with this wild a** story about flying back from Texas while leaking fluid. Everything about this woman, her family and her minions is shrouded in monumental weirdness.

Curiouser said...

Patrick - If only Levi were willing to answer your meaningful questions. It seems like anyone interviewing him is coached on what to ask.

Levi's "as far as I know" comment and Rex Butler's "...we don't know this for a fact", make me wonder if they don't know if there has been a legal adoption.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised, Patrick. I have always considered Levi another SP prop, to promote publicity. He says just enough 'nasty' to seem legit. Notice in that article posted here, Levi shared the origins of Trig's middle names. Why? Why was Trig being discussed anyway?

No doubt questions are being asked to silence the issue. I don't think Levi will expose babygate.

winkwinkWA said...

I have a nagging feeling Levi is in the Palin camp-keeping this all on the front page is keeping $arah in the news. I think if he really knows something of subsistence, its time for Levi to put up or shut up, it's gone on long enough, all of the interviews with the same answers over and over is starting to make him look like a fool, we all wait for the next interview and he says NOTHING..
I guess I'm growing impatient and losing faith in what Levi knows or doesn't know...in Alaska it's called shi..t or get of the pot!!

Anonymous said...

Dianne,I agree, Levi has lost all creditability with me.

I don't believe Rex and Tank have acted in the best interest of Levi.

C'mon Levi said...

Curiouser - I agree - this is where the fire comes in I think, destroying the "adoption documents". This is why I think they don't actually know for sure if there has been a legal adoption. From what we have seen from her previous administrative skills, I don't think Sarah is keen on form filling, so maybe a lot of documentation needed to be "regathered" in order to have the adoption finalised.

Also, I think there are two different fathers here. My thought has been that Sarah's "retard" remarks about his son Trig are meant to hurt Levi - ie she doesn't want HIS child, but wants the other child whose father she approves of. But who that father? Who knows!

Just my thoughts.
Come back Barb!

Anonymous said...

What is the point of Levi saying that he could crush the Palin time after time. We got the message Levi and I'm sure that Sarah has to by now.

He better have a decent plan because she is setting herself up to run for the presidency of this country and from what he is hinting she is completely unfit to do so.

Be a patriot Levi - tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

When does Shannyn's new television programme begin?

Will Levi appear on it? Could that be the venue that Gryphen has been alluding to?

I think that there is a strong possibility that this might happen. Don't quote me on this - it's just a guess, but it does seem like the appropriate place to break a story this big.

sg said...

@Anon 4:43

I agree. But I would go further than say "Rex and Tank have [not] acted in the best interest of Levi."

I would say that Rex and Tank are ill suited to serve Levi in the first place. Rex is a criminal defense attorney. Tank is a private investigator. I have no doubts about their skills in their respective areas of expertise. But Levi needs a publicity agent and a book agent. Not these two.

KaJo said...

The man interviewer asks "Is Trig Sarah's baby?"
Levi says, "Yeah, Trig is Sarah's baby."
The man interviewer then goes on to say Sarah never appeared pregnant, she traveled very close to giving birth, she never told her advisers she was pregnant.
Then he asks again, "Is Trig Sarah's baby?"
Levi says, "As far as I know, yeah."
Then they ask, "Is Todd absolutely the father of Trig?"
Levi said, "I think so, yeah."

Jesse Cornish is finally right about something.

Levi is indeed straddling a very thin line here, if he's implying what I think he's implying, and our speculation about Sarah Palin being Trig's mother only by virtue of adoption is correct.

I'm sorry, but some of you who are complaining about the way Levi is conducting his business and his publicity tour, you're forgetting that he's not doing this for your...what, edification? entertainment? Curiosity satisfaction?

He's a kid, alone, really, facing a very publicity-savvy celebrity ex-politician with a decades-long army of advisors, confidants, "soldiers", and follower/fans.

He and Rex and Tank do what they have to do to make things better for the kid and his family. I have no business complaining how they go about their business.

Archivist said...

I've always thought Levi was 'milking this' Trigg story for all it's worth. He gives just enough tease to keep the story going, because he knows that at the end of the day, if this is proven either way, he is done as a celebrity unless he comes up 'interesting' in some ther way.

Levi benefits just as much as Sarah does by keeping some smoke going.. It certainly isn't hurting her, is it? Until Levi makes it big in modelling or a book deal, it's to his advantage to keep the story alive.

He might even be doing it with Sarah's approval and encouragement. I wouldn't put it past either one of them, to be honest.

Sarah's wild ride is unbelievable, in its recklessness to be sure, but it pales in comparison to the fake pregnancy story; if that gets disproved, the wild ride is a non-issue.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think we know the 'truth' but I also don't think we are or will be getting the truth from Levi. His 'value' is in ...... NOT resolving it, either way.

Anonymous said...

Levi is building an entertainment brand. And now Sarah Palin, whether she knows it or not, is part of an entertainment brand.

She is one of the few people to go from "politician" to "entertainer." But that is where you can read about her now: the Entertainment sections.

Patrick said...

Let the purge begin...

Limbaugh, Palin urge Right wing to step up efforts to purge moderates from Republican Party

Anonymous said...

He is too dumb to be in on an integrated marketing plan w/SP

Kallie in Texas said...

As far as I'm concerned, the pictures of Bristol and Trig show her being more of a mother than Scarah. She holds him like a loving mother instead of a prop.
If palin thinks he's a blessed little angel, why didn't she tell everyone way at the beginning? What a piece of trash. Levi, its time to quit being like scarah and playing us...tell what you know and let the chips fall where they may. Enough of this piece meal stuff. I'm losing faith in you.

gigi21 said...

Rex and Tank - get a professional PR rep! I see "LEVI" plastered on billboards, shirtless, in the famous Levi's 501 jeans! He is marketing gold for the tried and true jean company.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:28 You're right, usually it's the entertainer who becomes the politician: Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Fred Thompson, not to mention former astronauts and baseball stars and other actors (that guy from the Love Boat)

Huckabee was a governor, failed candidate and seems to be enjoying his gig on Fox. Joe Scarborough is a former congressman with his own shoe on MSNBC. In fact, many of the "talking heads" or so-called experts used to be involved in politics in one way or another. For example, Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC, worked for politicians, knows more than most politicians.

As for Sarah, when all that mail came pouring in, then she lost, then more mail and offers came pouring in, I think that the temptation was too great. We can quibble about Levi's honesty or why he is out there dangling hints and tidbits, but when he said that Sarah quit to cash in, I believe him.

honestyinGov said...

The way Levi answered the question would be truthful. It seems very strange that the Interviewer would ask the question in that manner though.The way the question was constructed was weird because it doesn't prove anything. If Trig is adopted.. OR if Sarah is taking care of Bristols baby it would be correct that Sarah is being or acting as Trigs Mom so she would be the Mom. It's playing with words and semantics. And the pics prove she had no pregnancy so it would be one of those first two.And the ' wild ride' is not believable so again it is choice 1 or 2 again. Levi didn't lie... but he played with semantics. I don't think he is conspiring with Sarah though. He's not that good enough of an actor to pull it off because in that UK Guardian interview you can tell he really doesn't like her. Maybe even detests her.THAT comes across as real.

The pregnancy test makes no sense at all. Forgetting about 'how or why' Willow found it... back up first. If you were 7 months pregnant (but she wasn't )for the sake of the arguement and you had kids before, would ANY Woman even need to buy and take a pregnancy test..? By 7 months... You WOULD KNOW... wouldn't You??
The faux test story might make sense if she said it happened at 3 or 4 months.... MAYBE...but telling/putting it out there at 7 months seems to defy logic and reason. The same logic and reason can't explain the 'wild ride ' either. Both are phony. My .02

Lisabeth said...

The whole thing is frustrating and I don't know what to think. I do know that Sarah is really getting to me. Her arrogance, her hiding behind facebook. How can anyone trust a politician that won't discuss things live. How can her fans believe she is writing those facebook posts when she can't even articulate her thoughts! And the media gives her too much attention and I wonder if we do too. Levi saying he had these big huge secrets is for me getting old. I know he's a kid but what's the point of dangling that out there and then not telling. I hate games!

Patrick, I am curious what you think of all this? And Kathleen, I just hope you are right about Shannyn having a show. This is getting to me and I am about to take a break because I can't stand the fact that a crazy moron like Palin is trying to change party and policy from Facebook. What a coward-she says she hates the media but the truth is she gets far more credit and attention from them then she deserves.

EyeOnYou said...

Off Topic (and just for fun) The ADN has published an article titled:

Editors pose questions in Palin book manuscript

Confidential response of Sarah Palin's book editor to the first draft of her coming memoir, "Going Rogue"

But nowhere in the article does it state that it is satire (which it is, as I read the article previously) instead it is offered up as any other article would be.

It's a funny read, and it does make me wonder how long before Sarah's fans show up and start screeching about it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's book coming out Nov. 17th.
All of a sudden Levi is on all these talk show's. It's the timing I'm looking at.I think Levi is in Palin's camp and their laughing as we try to figure out Levi's " I know something you don't know and I'm not going to tell. Their playing us for a bunch of grade school kids. OH! they do have a lot to hide but they'll never tell, it's one big CORRUPT family and their sitting back and laughing at us. Levi isn't going to bring Sarah down, he's doing all this for her to keep her where she wants to be. It's the timing that, keep Sarah in the spotlight.

Leadfoot said...

I had to laugh at whoever said they are sick of Levi "dangling his tidbits." Just wait until Playgirl!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Levi will not give us anything until after his mom is sentenced is my prediction....couple more weeks

does anyone find it interesting Palin's book is being release around the same time Levi's mother is being sentenced?

Anonymous said...

Further to Patrick's update I'd say he's right of course we should not be too disillusioned. Questions are being asked and that factor in itself is something to celebrate as the Palinbots are going crazy that anyone even dared question Palin's events of the story.

So lets all relax a little - take a break if you must - I have a feeling that the tide is changing.

Anonymous said...

With Levi doing all these talk shows, Sarah doesn't need a book tour. Anon@07:12 hit the nail on the head!

Archivist1000 said...

Anon 7:12 .. yep yep .. I've been convinced of that myself for a while now...... he is MILKING this!

Anonymous said...


EyeOnYou said...

It amuses me to think of all those Palin fans who have all along claimed that Levi is nothing but a liar, and that nothing he has said can be trusted are now going to change their tune and agree with him. :D

Patrick said...

Anon 08:57

Thanks a lot!! :-)

ArmchairJane said...

I think that Levi is walking a thin line, but I also think that if much more mature women who have had children think that Palin was not pregnant (and I mean eyewitnesses who saw her at work, not "just" people looking at pictures", that it would have been far easier to fool Levi into thinking she was pregnant.

Considering Palin didn't look pregnant at "7 months", I doubt Levi would have been thinking Sarah would be pregnant. We know from the Vanity Fair article that he didn't perceive Sarah and Todd as being sexually active together. So why was he even suspicious when she still looked thin? I think because Bristol was in on the scam and dropped hints. And because Bristol had been pregnant not all that long before, he may have been thinking about pregnancy more than the average teenagae boy.

At that time, Levi's experience of being up close and personal with pregant women was likely limited to only Bristol.

Perhaps Levi thought Bristol's first baby was eventually adopted out, but in reality he was returned to the family on April 18, 2008 as "Trig".

And from Levi's lawyers comments "we don't know this for a fact", I think that actually Rex may know, but they may be keeping the actual confirming details from Levi for "plausible deniability", and also so that he CAN'T say for sure until the time is right to let him know. After all, he is only 19 and not used to interviews. By now he probably has figured out the truth as to who the birth mother of Trig really is, but still may not know it for sure.

One reason that Levi and Bristol may have been so strongly against giving up Tripp, if he really was the baby Palin asked over and over to adopt, could have been because Bristol "agreed" to give up one baby already, and this time she wasn't going to.

And if they really did tell Sarah on May 5 2008 about Bristol's pregnancy, that is also interesting, because it means that Levi and Bristol were having sex and conceiving Tripp either shortly before Sarah "had Trig" or shortly thereafter. Wouldn't you think that Bristol would really be thinking a lot about NOT getting pregnant at that time. Unless she was angry at Sarah for forcing a charade in which Bristol gives up her baby only to have him adopted in. It's just the kind of thing an angry teen girl who felt her baby was taken from her would do.

And no wonder Sarah would be so angry and incredulous. She had worked it all out perfectly, and then instead Bristol screws it all up for her.

I think this also fits the sort of scenario that Gryphen has hinted at.

Levi is doing what he is doing to try to see his son and have a relationship with him, to try to make money to support his family, and to protect his mother, who after all is under the authority of one of Palin's high school flames. I don't think his duty at this point is to indulge all of our questions. Better he sees what Sarah's book says and how Sherry fares. That leaves plenty of time to take Sarah down, or if others do it, then he doesn't need to. Unlike Sarah, he really doesn't seem to relish causing pain. And I don't believe he is "in cahoots" with Sarah.

Right now I do believe he knows things that would take Palin down, fake pregnancy or not. But I think WE know that the fake pregnancy is what she most doesn't want revealed, because it would finish her ability to extract large sums from her true believers. So for now, keep her guessing.

If Palin did try to scam Levi too, as I suggested at the start of this comment, she can be wondering if he has figured it out, or is he meaning "she is Trig's mother" in the sense that she acts as his mother/has adopted him. If I were him, I wouldn't say yet either. His mother is still in prison under control of one of Palin's cronies, and people die in prison. If I were Levi I would not reveal the ultimate secret till I knew Sherry was safe.

Plausible deniability: it's not just for crooked politicians. I still think Levi is one of the good guys. Rex may be playing this just right.

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane ~ Very well said. I hope so. I'd like to see some adults step up.
Have you heard from Doris Kearns Goodman?

Anonymous said...

How in the world would Levi know "absolutely" whether Todd was Trig's father?

He probably can't say for certain he's the father of Bristol's second child.

Tripp and Trig...god, they're practically flaunting it!

Anonymous said...

We already know for a FACT that Sarah Palin is dishonest, cunning, vain, selfish and vindictive.

Do we need babygate to prove anything?

Anonymous said...

We know it for a fact but babygate will be shocking for her supporters who have all backed her so far. This will be the scandal too far.

Anonymous said...

How old is a student when they are in their freshman year in high school? Thanks

EyeOnYou said...

Kathleen it really depends. If they have started school early or late, if they have been held back.

The average is 13-14 years of age.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Kathleen @ 11:01, usually the age during the school year is:

9th: 14/15
10th: 15/16
11th: 16/17
12th: 17/18

Bristol was 16 1/2 and in 10th grade when, IMO, she became pregnant with Trig in May 2007 and 17 when she gave birth to Trig in January 2008.

Bristol was 17 1/2 when, IMO, she became pregnant with Tripp in April 2008 (probably while Mommy was in Texas planning her "birth" of Trig). She was 18 when Tripp was born.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your comments over this past year. I agree with you on the basic timing of the births, though I think that Trig was born on Dec 27,2007 - not Jan 2008. In one of Gryphen's recent posts, he said that the birth date given for Tripp was significant - Dec 27, 2008 - and I think that is why. When I asked him if the reason it is significant is that Trig was born on that day (but the year previous), he didn't respond - and he usually will deny an incorrect fact if asked directly...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks anon @12:11. I have to say that I don’t really care when Tripp was born, whether it was 12-27-08 or in January 2009. Tripp was not presented until Greta Van Suckup did her interview on 2-15-09. It was difficult to determine if Tripp looked 6 weeks old or 4 weeks old.

But I emphatically believe Trig was born premature in mid January 2008. These are my main points (but there are several others):
1. Bristol’s MySpace of 5-14-07 when Sarah overheard her telephone conversation and believes Bristol is pregnant;
2. The 9-14-07 First Family photo where Bristol looks 4 months pregnant;
3. Sarah seems to have disappeared when she was supposed to be at Track’s graduation from basic training on 1-17-08;
4. Bristol’s court date on a Saturday on 1-19-08 for a speeding ticket she got on 8-6-07, even though traffic cases are not heard on Saturdays, but sometimes custody cases are heard on a Saturday according to a court employee.

I also do not believe Levi is Trig’s father, although I think that Levi was duped into believing he was.

I respect Gryphen and think he has worked diligently to expose Sarah’s fake pregnancy, but unless he has a certified copy of Trig’s birth certificate showing he was born on 12-27-07, I have no reason to believe he has an exact date for Trig’s birth.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, I noticed that too, the fact that a MSM even ASKED that question is HUGE! Hope it opens the floodgates!
I think Levi was telling the truth, TriG is Sarah's...I think TriG was adopted by her and Todd so that would make them Legally the parents.
I also think TriG was Tripp before he was TriG, and when Levi talks about Sarah wanting to adopt Tripp he is talking T1, when T1 aka Tripp was found to have DS his name was changed to TriG a sick little humor of Queen Grifter and she adopted him. JMO of course ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, someone in my family just started Ninth Grade at the age of 13, but then she turned 14 in the first month of school, if that helps at all.

Anonymous said...

Levi has one concern. The child he thinks is his.

Get a DNA test done son before you waste your life on fighting with his grandma.

He isn't out to take down Sarah and her family.

He isn't a liar, but he has learned to weasel around wording, as we all must learn in difficult situations like this.

He'e an O.K. kid, doing his best.

He is lucky to have Tank and Rex.

KaJo said...

EyeOnYou said @ 03 November 2009 06:51..."Off Topic (and just for fun) The ADN has published an article titled: Editors pose questions in Palin book manuscript

Getting even more off-topic (sorry!):
EyeOnYou, you know who Carl Hiaasen is, don't you?

He's the best selling author of a series of hilarious books about a variety of fictional Florida good guys and bad guys and -- would you believe it?? -- a fictional Florida governor who didn't even officially quit with a word salad resignation speech, he just disappeared one day, only to surface in the Florida Everglades as a hermit, calling himself "Skink".

(I never realized until remembering this, that there WAS precedent for Sarah Palin's cut-and-run last July)

Hiaasen is also known for skewering Big Business and the corporate takeover of Florida, resulting in the near-ruin of his beloved Everglades. He's also bemoaned the devastation of the Florida natural environment with chemical fertilizer pollution by Florida growers, and bulldozing habitats to develop huge retirement communities, hotel complexes, and Hiaasen's special nemesis, Disneyworld (see his book "Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World").

Where Florida goes, there might go Alaska. Aside from Professor Rick Steiner, who else in Alaska is an Hiaasen-type activist on behalf of Alaska's environment?