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"Going Rogue": Sarah Palin mentions the "Trig Truthers"! How nice of her! Also: How Piper and her family were harrassed by evil reporters!

Sarah Palin, the blackberry bunny - made by Kathleen

First, I would like to say a big "thank you" to "Gawker", who linked to us today, as well as to the "Daily Kos", who in a very informative diary post also included a link and even cited from our blogpost! It's great to see solidarity in the blogsphere in this important and difficult fight.

Gawker also posted four scanned pages of "Going Rogue" - NAUGHTY! But then as we know, Christopher Goff from Harper Collins is only going after the non-commercial citizen blogs, not after the commercial blogs like Gawker and Wonkette who certainly would have some sharphish lawyers and large funds behind them. But maybe we also have some battle-hardened lawyers in the background, who would just be too happy to take on Sarah Palin - you never know...!

So - does Sarah Palin mention the Trig Truthers in her book "Going Rogue"?

Yes she does! Hurray!

However, this excerpt is as BIZARRE as anything else in this ultra-bizarre book which was apparently written far far away in loonyland.

But first, another excerpt. Sarah describes how the media "continued to hang out in Alaska sniffing for tabloid stuff" after Sarah's nomination (p. 346). Heartbreaking scenes of unspeakable harrassment followed:

We never shut our doors to anyone, so people of all kinds attended these press availibilities. We didn't check credentials. But glancing along the side wall, I recognized these particular folks as the same ones who had cornered Piper on her walk home from Harborview Elementary School and talked to her for who knows how long about who knows what. That day Piper had come to my office and said, "Mom, remember those reporters who came on the campaign plane with us? You know, the ones Nicolle (Wallace, P.) said didn't like us very much? They just interviewed me on the sidewalk."

That was Piper's last independent walk from school.

Reporters from across the nation camped out at the end of our driveway in Wasilla and on the ice in front of our home. They incessantly called and stopped my parents' and siblings' and inlaws' homes and businesses. Hostile political operatives barraged Meg and her husband's home, medical practice, and neighbours, and bugges my attorney, my doctor and anyone else who might have anything to do with us.
(p. 346, 357)

So, Sarah, WHY were you so afraid that Piper was talking to the media - alone, unsupervised? Enquiring minds want to know! Because according to the pictures I have seen from the campaign, Piper didn't seem to mind too much the attention she received during the campaign, so her talking to some reporters could hardly have been such a great deal, can it?

Piper during the campaign:

Then come the "Trig Truthers". But who are they, these mysterious Trig Truthers? Sarah Palin knows:

Challenges with the traditional media were one thing, but in addition there were the "new media" - the left-wing bloggers. The lines between the two were often blurred, with stories starting in the blogsphere and leapfrogging to old-media channels. And some of the strangest, the conspiracy-nut "Trig Truthers" were still at it, harassing my attorney and my doctor. I loved my dad's straight talk on the subject when he had to respond to one Truther: "I know Trig is hers, dumbass. I was there when he popped out!" (p. 347)

Again, that's rich. The Trig Truthers were harassing her attorney and her doctor? Well, not the Trig Truthers I know! And it's the job of every attorney to get harassed, that's what they are there for, so I am not sure what she is complaining about. But who harassed her doctor, I would like to know?

Wait a second....could it have been...the Anchorage Daily News (ADN)? I can hardly believe that I would have to give them some credit to them, after the big mess the ADN left us with: "The story that was researched but never appeared and was forgotten thereafter for all eternity."

So how did they harrass Cathy Baldwin-Johnson?

Thank you, Sarah Palin! Finally, I have the perfect opportunity to tell the world the story which I had mentioned in several comments before, but not in a blogpost.

In the autumn of 2008, the ADN was actually researching the "fake pregnancy rumors", and the ADN-reporter Lisa Demer was assigned to research and write the story. The ADN asked to interview Cathy Baldwin-Johnson about the details of the pregnancy. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson was hesitant at first, but then agreed to do the interview - and we have been told that Sarah Palin's doctor Cathy Baldwin-Johnson brought her lawyer with her to the interview with the ADN.

(If everything is fine and you have nothing to hide, you bring your lawyer to an interview with a newspaper? Of course, what else? After all, lawyers just have too much time these days!)

Asked by the ADN if Cathy Baldwin-Johnson delivered Trig, we were told that she answered that she "cannot confirm it". The ADN then didn't press further.

This story was never published by the ADN, but we received this information through a reliable source. You will find no reference of this story anywhere else. When I mentioned this interview in my "angry email" to ADN-editor Pat Dougherty several weeks ago (amongst a few other things), he didn't respond to the matter of this interview at all.

So there you have it. The ADN are apparently Trig Truthers! Don't tell Pat Dougherty, it might make him feel uneasy, because after all, the State of Alaska so graciously showers the ADN with presents!

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ginny said...

I think it is very telling that Pat simply ignored your question about the interview with CBJ.
Patrick, I noticed you have used the word "FACT" in reference to $P faking her pregnancy with Trig. I'm curious, are you trying to taunt her into a lawsuit, in which she would have to prove she DID give birth to Trig? Are you simply taunting her because you know she CAN'T bring a lawsuit because she CAN'T prove this? Or do you now have actual prove, as yet to be revealed?
Thanks for all you do!

ginny said...

Umm, proof, not prove. Der....

Anonymous said...

After all of the evidence to the contrary, the question should be "Prove you gave birth to him", not "prove he isn't hers".

Just logic.

Patrick said...


There will never be a lawsuit.

Sarah Palin would have sued the Trig Truthers one year ago if it would have been possible for her.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go, finally! She "cannot confirm it" = no, she did not.
Thank you Patrick!

Anonymous said...

If Patrick could prove it I think he would. But he cant so he doesnt. His only option is to try and pick at Palin until she has had enough.

Anonymous said...

Honestly if two adult colleagues ever approached my daughter on her way home from school Id be pretty darn pissed. Just saying. Its not cool, especially in this day an age.

Anonymous said...

Or, maybe Dr. CBJ means that she might have delivered Trig but since she does not know who his biological mother is she cannot confirm whether she delivered him or not.

wv is welsp = Well $arah Paylin, what say you?

Anonymous said...

A national politician (ex or no) that would think of letting their children being unescorted is absurd.

Anonymous said...

That's not what happened. They were doing a book on her, and Palin agreed to it. They told her they wanted to talk to her kids - they met with her kids!

ALL they did was SAY HI to the kid and Palin accused them of stalking her!

They talked about it the other day. She's wack.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Mr. Curvers would think of your lies, Patrick?

ginny said...

@23:31, the two reporters in question have a very different version of events. They say that they simply ran into Piper on her way home from school. She recognized them, of course, from the campaign and they stopped to say hi and chat. There was no "interview" and they did not "approach" her for the purpose of an interview.
I tend to believe these reporters. They also say that they were shocked at $P's reaction, because up to that point, things had been very amicable with interviewing family, staff, etc. Seems to me $P was quite worried about what little Piper might accidently say. Or, maybe she just used the opportunity to garner pubilicity and sympathy for herself, just as she did with the whole Letterman fiasco.
And I'm wondering if it's telling that you reponded to the "lawsuit" part of my question only... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Was Sarah born and raised under a rock, didn't she know the reporters would come out of the woodwork, that is part of national politics. Did she honestly think God had chosen her and she would be VP on a wing and a prayer! Talk about being delusional.

Someone said on another blog that if a drunk says God talks to them, they are sent to the mental ward, but if Sarah says God talks to her she think she's a saint.

Anonymous said...

Oh really, your dad was there when you delivered Trig? He was there when he popped out?? no way - no how! TOTAL bullshit from both of them. Next story will be Papa Heath helped deliver Trig...

Anonymous said...

I heard they said more than just hi. Anything more than waving and a "hi" is completely out of the question and inapropriate in my book.

Agreeing to let your kids be interviewed is not an open invitation to talk to them at anytime you happen to see them. And catching her as she was walking home from school just seems like a very bad judgment call.

There is no way to spin it, it was not right.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Patrick has the facts re the fake pregnancy.

There are some things that involve other people and can't be disclosed ethically without the consent of others.

Until such time, there are other ways to skin a cat.

And really, this is ridiculous. The woman has now had an abortion, via her own admission. The wite-out story is the most transparent attempt to pre-emptively strike down a looming scandal that I've ever heard.

Why Palin has so many gynecological secrets is beyond me, but at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if she admitted she used to be a HE.

I'm sick of her gynecological mysteries and inappropriate sharing and inappropriate non-sharing when it is standard operating procedure (medical records).

Anonymous said...

Part of this story was published by ADN, just in a rather non specific manner. Pat Dougherty wrote in his editors blog about an email exchange he had with SP. He admits he had Demer on the story but told Sarah he believed her calling this "nutty nonsense" and this was just to finally put the story to rest.

So we know Lisa was out there sniffing, he just didn't elaborate as to who she was actually talking to. He still very cleverly managed to make SP look like a liar and a fool by saying "She (Lisa) received very little cooperation in her efforts from the parties who, in my judgment, stood to benefit most from the story, namely you and your family."

Scarah immediatly stopped her barrage of emails to him instantly after that comment. "

According to the “return receipt” feature of my email, my reply was opened shortly after I sent it on New Year’s Eve. Other than that, I have received no response or acknowledgement of that email."

ginny said...

@23:19: "Why Palin has so many gynecological secrets is beyond me, but at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if she admitted she used to be a HE."
LOL! This made my day!
And everyone remember, don't feed the trolls, once the reveal themselves. The one here now became obvious sooner than some others do.

Anonymous said...

Palin lets her kid walk home from school alone. The kid talks to people she has met before in the company of her mother. Palin thinks this should not happen to her kid. BUT it's Palin that lets the kid walk home alone.

Only Palin could spin it that Palin is completely blameless in this scenario.

Anonymous said...

So now it's going to be the poutrage over her kids being approached.


Palin has so much to hide, she won't let anyone talk to the media. She lies all of the time. Even the AP has determined her to be a liar.

These two reporters have by all accounts published a very fair and kind book about her.

so, gee, whose side to believe? Oh, golly. Gosh. I guess I should pretend I don't know anything about Sarah's paranoia and lies, and give her the same benefit of the doubt as I would give these two reporters whose book was also fact checked and were NOT called liars.

Yes, indeedy, do. That's what I'll do.

Oh, and instead of wondering why Palin didn't want her daughter to wave to two reporters she had already met via her mother, or why Palin was not with her daughter or had not sent other adult supervision but instead expects others to NOT do their job so she doesn't have to do theirs, we should all be MAD at the reporters for daring to wave to a little girl they met.

Oh, the evil world! Everyone is so UNFAIR!

I vote for Palin's version of the story. After all, she hasn't been right ONCE yet, so this might be the one.

Dangerous said...

"Can't confirm it" is a lawyer's answer because it leaves all possibilities open. Maybe she did deliver Trig, but the patient involved has forbidden her from revealing that fact. Or, she feels if she confirmed that fact she would leave herself open to ethics charges, or additional questions that she is not allowed to answer.

I agree that most laypeople will read that answer as she is denying she delivered the child, but that isn't the case.

The obvious question is if Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, why would she forbid he doctor from saying so? The letter purportedly from Dr. CBJ implies as much, so why won't SP allow her to confirm? That's a legitimate question for someone to ask SP, but I doubt anyone will in a forum where side-stepping or ignoring it will be impossible.

So SP isn't going to sue anybody because then she can't duck the questions in a deposition. And she won't run for anything ever again, because her opponent will raise the issue.

And even if, by some strange set of circumstances she actually did give birth to Trig as she described, she has to get past the utterly reckless Wild Ride with a multiple hig-risk labor and delivery. Hmmm. Tough spot there.


Anonymous said...

I was a writer and quit c4p. Michelle Bachman has 5 kids and much better family life + she was smart enough to go to law school + more mature + better looking. Please help stop Sarah Palin, because she is going to Florida to usurp Michelle's Queen of Teabaggers crown. An enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Anonymous said...

The two reporters are, I believe, Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe, of CBS and Fox, authors of "Sarah from Alaska." They told their version, referenced by Ginny above, on C-SPAN. Shushannah said that when they (she and Scott) were traveling with the campaign, earlier, Piper was quite friendly with them, making a card for Shushannah which she kept. Apparently, when Conroy and Walshe were in Alaska after the campaign to do their book, they interviewed some of Sarah's enemies (or former friends), and they think this is why Sarah reacted with such anger to their speaking to Piper on the street. That's their version, anyway, and they seemed like believable people.

Anonymous said...

With that logic when a kidnapper takes a kid who walks home from school then you are saying the parent is partly to blame for allowing the child to walk home from school. Interesting

Anonymous said...

Saranoia !!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you dont know for a fact Patrick has anything.

More than one blogger claims to have the facts but thier facts are not the same... so someone is wrong.

Or they are both wrong!

Anonymous said...

anon 23:26

I thought y'all were giving that to Palin. That's what I read. She is the Queen of Teabaggers now.

You quit c4p, eh? Why? After all, we are the enemy of your please spill.

If you do, we'll tell you all you need to know to bring her down with the Pro lifers.

But then, you might have already read that the pro-lifers did a report on her and they are NOT pleased with Palin.

And that was before the wite-out incident.

I think Michelle Bachmann is CRAZY, and she went to Oral Roberts Law School and it shows....

but she is more mature than Sarah Palin.

I will give you that. And she DOES do her job. She hasn't quit yet. And I don't think she's been unfaithful to her husband or lied about giving birth to one of her kids. Or had an abortion.

Yeah, I'd go with her if I were you.

Tell us why you left c4p, please. I'm very curious!

I'd also love to hear more about your reasons for liking Bachmann and the entire conservative crowd. Seriously.

You seem reasonable. So far. NO reason we can't chat, right?

Anonymous said...

anon 23:27

It's not just SOME kid, it's the Governors child! Not just the Governor at that time but a recently failed VP nominee. Sarah still had a Secret Service detail AND private security at that time. I don't know too many folks with that kind of security going on who's kids were kidnapped to complain about it. Their kids would obviously have been protected also, but not with the Queen.

That's what happens when the whole world revolves around you, even your kids get thrown under the bus or to the wolves. Take your pick

CC said...

BlueTX, er, I mean anon @ 23:30

So, spill already ... enough with the cryptic messages. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

oh, here we go again with the trolls using Palin's kids to promote faux outrage.

Give it a rest already.

Kidnapping is to waving hi like jihad is to saying bye.

Got it?

Leadfoot said...

I agree that's a bit creepy. But Piper was only 7 years old. That is TINY! Who lets a 7-year old walk home from school alone?

And yes ANON 23:27, if I let my 7-year old walk home alone and she were kidnapped, I certainly would feel partially responsible!

The Smoke said...

In this day and age, I can't imagine anybody high-profile letting their children out in public unprotected, especially a governor and former VP nominee. That doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

JC your hi-fi record needle is stuck, need to clean it.

CC said...

Agreed, The Smoke, but you keep forgetting we're talking about $arah, one crazy b*tch. :)

Anonymous said...

Dadgummit,I have to go fix dinner! I don't think I can get away with "order pizza, no way I'm leaving this soap opera"! :)

Tks, Patrick, btw, for all you do.

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

oops, meant to say Patrick, Kathleen and Regina. Clearly I am weak with hunger.

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...


I thought you enjoyed the cryptic messages, innuendo and teases these blogs love to put forth. Its what keeps you coming around.

I just love the excuse "I know the real truth, but I cant tell" They all play it and you all eat it up with a spoon.

Can you imagine the egg on thier faces if they ever did spill and they were wrong. I dont think they will risk it.

CC said...

You're just as guilty, then. If you know the truth that can put this woman away and won't do it then I have no respect for you. Especially since you always claim to "KNOW" the real truth. What is the point of taunting? There is no point.

Have a lovely evening,


not that sarah said...

Oh, now, come on you evil liberals and regular folks who also, too, have a strange affection for facts and democracy!

Sarah Palin can't be held responsible for being a mother! She had to deal with those Republican (er, oopsie! "opposition") ethics complaints AND get her chicklet teeth done, all while fleecing her flock so she could build a White House in the North with a Turret, also, too! So she can let her long (and now fake) hair trail down to the polluted lake whilst she tweets about Plato and Play-doh and such!

How can you expect her to WALK her child home from school, or pay someone to do so? She's BROKE!

New clothes, new houses, new face, new fake hair, and her flock can only stop eating for so long to contribute to her.

Get off her back! Sheesh. If you don't, Jeebus will come to get ya'!

Sarah Palin; It ain't My Fault. Never is. Vote for me anyway, because we dig winning titles!

Helen said...

LOL Anon 23:18

Yes, Papa Heath delivered a snowstorm while they were walking to church.

CC said...

And PS ... the work they're doing is beyond courageous. You? not so much. So much for "I know but I can't tell." It is what you've been doing too, albeit quite less elegantly and with evil motives, evidently.

No more feeding trolls, sorry.

Anonymous said...


There is a difference, I dont pretend that I want to out her like they do.

Anonymous said...

@Jesse Cornish

I wonder what God would think of $arah Palin's lies.

Anonymous said...

anon 23:48

God approves of Sarah's lie because the ends justify the means. You think Jesus, we think Machiavelli.

Anything for Sarah. She could kill babies and we'd still kill for her.


Just helping out till they get here to answer....

Anonymous said...

Courage would require putting thier cards on the table and letting what happens happen. But they dont, thier fear of being wrong and cowardice prevents them from going the distance. Instead they hold back and tease thier readers with the hope that someday they will grow a spine and put it out there. They never will, they will just hope that someone else does it first.

Anonymous said...

Conroy and Walshe, who wrote "Sarah From Alaska," CLEARLY state therein that $P would send Piper back into the campaign plane's press section to "butter them up." So of course Piper recognized the reporters when she saw them again. And of course, $P accused them of "stalking."

My oldest son's school allowed students to walk to or from classes, with parental permission, only in the SIXTH grade. To use your seven-year-old daughter as flack bait, and then expect it to stop immediately, is just nuts, and so is $P.

Pat in Texas, I hope you're no longer weak with hunger. A great big shout-out to Regina, Patrick, Kathleen and all of my fellow Trig Truthers!

Anonymous said...

Courage would require putting thier cards on the table and letting what happens happen. But they dont, thier fear of being wrong and cowardice prevents them from going the distance. Instead they hold back and tease thier readers with the hope that someday they will grow a spine and put it out there. They never will, they will just hope that someone else does it first.

Helen said...

@not that sarah ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Jesse, this is for you:

While Justice is sometimes pictured blindfolded, photographic evidence is one of the most effective means of piercing the mask of doubt when preparing a legal court case. Photography is extremely valuable in assuring that justice prevails in our courts.

Although nearly 90 percent of all evidence presented in court trials is verbal, it is also the most unsatisfactory type of evidence. People lie, forget, and exaggerate; their hearing or eyesight may be impaired, or they may possess prejudices that affect their perceptions of how things happened.

Oral testimony is not only less reliable than other forms of documentation, but it is also fleeting--lasting only as long as the individual jurors' memories. On the other hand, photographic evidence usually remains before the jury from its introduction to the end of the trial. And it is often present in the jury-room while verdict deliberations are taking place.

Continuous Testimony

A photograph continues to 'testify' from the moment it is put into evidence until the verdict is rendered. Jurors who may not have listened closely to all the verbal testimony--due to distractions or witnesses lowering their voices--have a second chance to review the case when photographic evidence is available.

Visual material is superior to the spoken word for communicating ideas, information, or descriptions. As early as about 400 B.C., the warping effect of time upon human memory was noted by Greek historian, Thucydides. Confusion and uncertainty, he noted, arise "... from the want of coincidence between accounts of the same occurrences by different eyewitnesses; arising sometimes from imperfect memory, and sometimes from undue partiality for one side or the other."

Using legal photography, it's possible to bring whole accounts of historical facts into the courtroom. It could be fairly said that the photograph has been the most significant contribution to the fact-finding process since the emergence of the testimonial witness.

Today's ubiquitous television and video productions have made Americans a truly visually oriented people. Regardless of language differences or degree of literacy, most persons can understand a picture or drawing; hence, visuals can be regarded as a "universal language."

The paramount value of pictures lies in their ability to offer graphic credibility and convincing proof of facts in search of truth, which should be the ultimate goal of all litigation."

The photos and videos are evidence that proves Palin lied.

Anonymous said...

"Jesse, this one's for you" sounds like the start to a very sad ballad, playing in a smoky, lonely bar...

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse.

You've done so much for me
and I can't do nuthin' for you

Thanks to you, Palingates is famous
Thanks to me, all you get is nuthin'

Jesse Jesse Jesse

I hear you're finally gettin' mail
and it's all bein' sent here

'Cuz no one's ever home
or visitin' at yer place

Jesse Jesse Jesse

this one's for you

CC said...

Clearly, that must be your strategy too. Na na na na na ... I know something you don't know. How childish.

But I guess you're hoping someone else puts it out first, too...

You are basically accusing them of not doing what YOU'RE NOT DOING EITHER. Get what I'm saying?

They're not beholden to that charlatan, obviously, you are.

Ok...I'm done, for real.

Sorry to all the good folks here.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...After the campaign we have Piper attending school in Juneau (Harborview), so this must be at least late January when the legislative session had begun. Midwinter, with a 2 mile walk to school, and no school bus for the Governor's daughter? If this story hadn't been confirmed (in a sense) by the reporters, it would seem as much a confabulation as the rest of Palin's nonsense.

Anonymous said...

How can a Dr. not confirm if they delivered a baby from a mother's womb?
Aren't there medical records to back that up if they suffer such an odd lapse of memory loss?

Palin isn't just one of the many women she has seen over the years.. she is a celebrity figure.
She would "remember"
Good lawd
and if not
It can be confirmed by a medical record.

Everything Palin is so darn "weird"

I have no qualms about her ruling this world.. she will crash and burn long before but she is, again,
so darn WEIRD
I am addicted to this fruitcake :D

Anonymous said...

Reading all of this about Piper reminds ome of the photo of $arah walking across a street looking at her Blackberry with Piper behind her skipping rope. Palin does not even look back to make sure she is safe. I feel so bad for all of her children.

Anonymous said...

Did you see that? Sarah's hands are a different color than her face.

Anonymous said...

True, I'm not doing it, because I dont want to do it, and I dont pretend otherwise. I am interested in the discussion regarding it, as I have a unique point of view. But I do find it disingenuous to say all you want is to see her outed, then to say you can out her, then say Naaaahhh I want to hold onto it a little longer.

If you want to keep her secrets dont pretend that you dont.

And Im not hoping someone else will do it, because I dont believe anyone else is going to do it. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CC @23:59

I wasn't trying to be cocky or ugly. And I am way too old to play mean girl games. I just wanted to share that photos are evidence, strong evidence, better than word of mouth. The evidence is that photo that was up on the State of Alaska website once with Palin standing on the steps next to Parnell dated March 14, 2008 (I think 14 is correct).

Anyway, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The lies! Sarah never saw white out on anything. Why? Because when you get a bill for a procedure it's written in insurance code..with numbers so there's a lie (plus any procedure that occurred would have most likely been a D & C after a natural occurring abortion). The ONLY place Sarah would have seen the word abortion would have been on her medical records and since those are legal documents changes to that record are never whited out. Instead a line is drawn through the incorrect word and the correct word is then written in (usually squeezed in no less). Miscarriage is NOT used on medical records as the proper medical terminology for such an event after 6 weeks LMP (last menstrual period) is spontaneous clinical abortion and there is no "moral" outrage assigned to that term...except in Sarah's mind. So she's a lying sack. I know better having put such words in medical records. The bigger question for me is why the heck did she need to tell that lie? Well, no reason really except to play to her ignorant followers who only see the word abortion to mean one thing. This woman's lies flow too easily from her lips. Pathological.

CC said...

anon@ 00:09,

Sorry, I should have prefaced my comment to BlueTX, posing as anon. Not to you at all, sorry for the mixup. I only did so at the beginning of my exchange with him, and not the subsequent posts. Mea culpa.

CC said...

And for the record, anon@ 00:09, I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @00:09

I think she is trying to clean up her medical records for that presidential run. Yep.

CC said...

I think so, too, Anon@ 00:14, you betcha!

Archivist1000 said...

Since they live in a small town, I have no problem with Piper walking home from school, if she feels ok about it. I also remember those 2 reporters talking about meeting Piper on the campaign trail, and then seeing her in AK and talking to her. If Sarah didn't like that, then she has a point, but then so do the reporters in this case.

This story is a draw, in my view.

HOWEVER: Sarah's Dad said he was there when Trigg was born?? Oh yeah, all middle aged women want their Dad in the delivery room ... what's 'weird' about that ??? I think her Dad talks too much, trying to be a 'player' with his inside info on his daughter .. and like her, he talks too much and says stupid things.

ABOUT THE FACTS of Trigg's parentage .. I don't know what to think about all the stuff said on here, but .... the Wild Ride makes NO SENSE to me, never did from the first time I heard it.

There might be MEN who fall for that 'mavericky' rush to Alaska from Dallas, but .... as a woman (with kids) I KNOW that no doctor would EVER give approval for that ... so it's either a complete LIE on Sarah's part, or her Doctor is incompetent.. those are the ONLY possibilities. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

CC @00:13

Sorry, I misunderstood. Thanks! I know I should ignore trolls, but after so many attacks on Patrick, I lost my cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Shannyn's blog shows another lie, and you can vote...did she lie to Oprah, or Hannity, or both! Videos, ha!

CC said...

anon@ 00:21, I hear you. I was guilty of it, too. Got wrapped up in the discussion with him and forgot to reference it. I would never do that to the good folks on here as we are all on the same page...THE WOMAN IS DANGEROUS AND NEEDS TO GO DOWN!

Enjoy your evening, :))

Anonymous said...

Why does Sarah want to run in 2012, when according to her beliefs, we will all be dead then?

Maybe that's why? So she can quit after she gets the title?

Anonymous said...

medical records can be legaly destroyed( shredded) after 7 years for an adult, and for a child 7 years after they attain majority. You don't leave records lying around.

My husband was a doc, and that was how we handled records for patients after he retired. Everyone was notified and records were released to new doctors with a signed note from the patient.

I don't think hospitals keep records after a certain period of time.

Though we always hand delivered any patients records to the doctor when he retired.

Though any patient who is currently seeing a doctor could have records on file for their lifetime.

Incidently wasn't there a horrendous snow storm in Anchorage on the day of April 16 when supposedly she and Todd went all the way to MatSu bipassing Anchorage hospitals? I always wondeered about that, since I read many cars were off the road because of the driving conditions.

Anonymous said...

Her entire story stinks to high heavens.

Archivist1000 said...

You were right, the ADN never ran the story.

Here are 2 links from the ADN's Editor's blog, where he shares an email exchange with Palin..

January 12, 2009

January 13, 2009


Anonymous said...

"cannot confirm it," because the answer depends on the definition of "delivered." A medical reporter might have asked a different question, or ADN might have followed-up.

Anonymous said...

Way back then before folks started scrubby sites, I read that CJB only delivered about 3 babies in a year or so. I believe someone else delivered that baby, not CJB.

Anonymous said...

Parents are responsible for how a seven year old goes to and from school.
A celebrity or public person has added responsibility.

Sarah is a bad parent and this is just another example.

Anonymous said...

a little off topic
But people have mentioned her silky panty hose legs
I think they are her legs sans the hose
When you do the fake tan one too many times you start to get a weird gray color (if you have light skin to begin with) ...and the shine? Heck it is a photo shoot.. I am sure she rubbed some oil on them
Are they "natural" .. her "natural" legs are in the runner's world photos that didn't make the mag
The skin is pretty dry and rough looking and a little loose.
Beware.. they are a little lizardy

conscious at last said...

It is also possible that SP is trying to (cough, cough)
"Clear Up" her medical records to prepare for the ugly divorce proceedings that may be in her future.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's hands are a different color, I believe from vitiligo, the absence of pigment. It runs in my family. One sibling has white patches on hands, arms, neck, and face -- the thought of that possibly happening to her must freak Scarah out. My other sibling has pure white hands from the just above the wrist down to fingertips. Maybe that's why Scarah seems to favor bracelets, chunky ones, as they would conceal the line between pigment and no pigment.

Anonymous said...

OMG, those photos are GROSS.

They photoshopped her onto a different body! Gave her a skinnier waste, redid her skin, etc. Geeze.

I'm sure she had that in her contract, just like Paris Hilton does (Paris makes them make her eyes bluer). She's a celebrity, not a politician. And she's pretty hated for a celebrity.

Ironically, she may the right's first bonafide celebrity. Woot woot for them. They can keep her!

Anonymous said...

K, I'm just gonna say it. Stars often have a photo double pose in their same pose, and then the magazine photoshops the star's head on to the double's body.

Many reasons why this is done -- pregnancy,e tc.

But it happens all of the time.

And I can't help but wonder if that doesn't explain the weird head angle on her Runners World pics.

Anonymous said...

The anorexia isn't working. She has a belly in those pictures. And cellulite. So much for thrashing your guts out. But hey, that's cool. Most women her age do have that stuff. The problem is how she tries to present herself as a Barbie, like Real Housewives of Alaska, instead of as a politician. Also, that bent over picture is pretty risque, gov. Goin' commando?

Anonymous said...

Here is another picture of $P.

Anonymous said...

Her shelf life is quickly approaching expiration since all she has are her looks and her "I gave birth even when I didn't want to". That pic (anon 1:29) is horrid. What happened to her hair? She has two strings of hair and a saggy bottom. Get thee into some spanx, like a good beauty queen would!

emrysa said...

"An enemy of your enemy is your friend."

definitely NOT true.

Anonymous said...

SP doesn't look so good in the photo's Runner's World didn't print. Her legs look like this 53 year olds. I quit wearing short shorts. I suggest SP should too. MEOW!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is engaged in a life-long pageant fantasy and the scary thing is that she is still in the headlines. Bread and circuses and nothing more. Please, let's retire this dangerous person once and for all. She has no interest in governance and that should be clear to all by now, especially intelligent Republicans (those left standing anyway).

Patrick, it would be helpful if you would clarify your statement that there will be no lawsuit. I trust that is not because your location keeps you safe from US libel/slander legal pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Please consider doing your part to help counter the lies in SP's book by buying Going Rouge: An American Nightmare, by many Nation's writers and Alaskan bloggers.

Donate them to your public library, give them as gifts, pass them around to educate people about the truth.

Anonymous said...

Little Shop of Whorrors made quite an ass of herself on Oprah. Barely contained her rage. Good thing she had that wig on to hide under.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that the Barbara interview has been finished. Sarah didn't go on facebook to say that the interviewer was gracious, like she did the day Oprah's interview was taped. Barbara at least asked her the whack-job/narcissist/diva and sex education questions. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Why did she flip her wig and make that hair stand out?

Lisabeth said...

During the Barbara Walters interview, Sarah has the gall to call Barack Obama DANGEROUS! It is in the context of her death panel conversation. I don't have a link but you can easily find it through google news. Isn't she the queen of projection?
Over half the articles say the book is all about getting even and is void of any deep discussion! I'm not surprised.

The Oprah interview was way way too soft! She sure was catty about Levi though, and he is mad.

Jessie really believes Sarah is telling the truth. It's pathetic. He has to be a paid person because no one could be so dumb/blind.

Archivist1000 said...

I bet Barbara just lets her talk, giving her credibility.

Don't the press realize that when they let someone 'get away' with making up a 'fact' that much of the public assumes that it must be true?

Anonymous said...

I think the quote is

Yet Palin adds that the president is "incorrect, and he is disingenuous."

Anonymous said...

2:08, maybe Barbara "picked her bones clean", or whatever drivel Cindy McCain whined after she and McCain were on The View.

Anonymous said...

I love Andrew Sullivan:

troll question said...

There will always be trolls and those who believe Charlie Manson is a spiritual leader that the rest of us just don't understand. Why feed them in anyway?

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous at 2:36 - you are right about Andrew Sullivan. That piece is brilliant. Ironic, isn't it, that we need a Brit to tell the truth because none of our American born MSM people have the guts. God Save the Queen.

Anonymous said...

I will be glad when this media and book tour hype is over.

It will be good to get back to more important matters. It is good the media has a break through of sorts, the rest of it is too Britney.

When it all settles there will be much more to ask Barbara and Oprah. They are opening the conversations into once forbidden realms.

This is a favorite blog of mine. You are all terrific. I am looking forward to things to come.

emrysa said...

"Ironic, isn't it, that we need a Brit to tell the truth because none of our American born MSM people have the guts. God Save the Queen."

yeah speaks volumes about this country. grateful for the brit intellectuals, even if I don't agree with them on everything. they make more sense than most people here.

Anonymous said...

She burns another bridge:

"By that time I'd received calls from presidents of other countries and our own, and had met elder statesmen and other dignitaries, so it did
n't surprise us too much that we'd be speaking with the French leader,'' Palin writes.

"He's got to be drunk, I thought.

Nice! So if she wants to ever be leader of America, the French President will be looking at her like she is a complete ditz, "You honestly thought I would be calling you DRUNK?"

That was incredibly disrespectful but then she will rattle off "anything" so the blame is removed from her. In the book, is there ANYTHING she takes any sort of blame for? Anything at all?

Saying she thought for sure a Leader of another Country would be calling her to chit chat while intoxicated just to cover up her own idiotic reaction is the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...


... BREAKING ...

... CBS Reports Discrepancy in Bristol's Pregnancy Timeline ...

... BREAKING ...

Anonymous said...

Sarah shrinks Levi down to a "Ricky Hollywood" aspiring porn star character for Tripp to see on YouTube one day. She really loves her grand baby, always puts the little tykes before her petty grievances.

Anonymous said...

From CBS report: "I was impressed with these guys. They were thorough. For example, they already knew that Bristol was pregnant, a development that I thought only loved ones were privy to at the time."

Yeah, the Sarah I've seen is always "impressed" with people figuring out her secrets. Secretive people, once found out, secretly respect those who discover their lies. Hey Patrick, how about impressing the daylights out of Sarah, sometime soon???

Anonymous said...

I was being sarcastic out this, btw: Secretive people, once found out, secretly respect those who discover their lies


Anonymous said...

The point of the CBS story is there is a lie in Palin's book! She had filled out a form telling them that Bristol was pregnant long before she was surprised that they knew !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it is very telling that Pat simply ignored your question about the interview with CBJ.

A blogger who doesn't even live in Alaska isn't going to get a response, it's going to get ignored.

I know Pat and he doesn't have time for wingnut bloggers.

I know Lisa too and you're not truthfully reporting the whole story.

Lisabeth said...

Yes you are right sorry! I thought it was dangerous and over reacted! Too much to keep track of.

What's going on at c for urine? Wondering if they liked her Oprah talk

also this might not be popular but do we have to attack superficial things like her belly, skin etc. Come on that's something she would do and it's sexist. We have plenty of thing to critize, but her looks? I think it's a mistake and it's wronG

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Patrick, when Babygate is done, can you turn you focus on Housgate?

Awesome job. No offense to PD, but it took balls!


Anonymous said...

Lisbeth, true, but she does trade on her looks, as the campaign said, she was most concerned with her looks.

That may be why it seems fair to mention

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the GOP presented her as "the hottest gov from the coldest state" and she presents herself as a sex object --which is precisely my beef with her.

I have plenty of policy and other issues with her, but her looks are fair game since it is the source of her power.

I hardly think it's sexist. If a man were to run on only his looks, that is what we'd be talking about.

If a man paraded around in short shorts and tight pants and winked at all the ladies instead of answering policy questions, we'd be talking about that.

To NOT talk about her looks would be sexist. It's pretending there's no elephant in the room.

And it's buying into the game they're playing where they want it both ways: She gets to run for VP with no qualifications because she gave someone a thrill up their leg, but if we call her on not answering questions, it's sexist.

No. She has to be held to the same standards as anyone.

If anyone else ran on their looks, their looks would be part of the discussion.

hannah said...

So, Jesse C said in no fewer than ten comments how the day sarah's book was released would be "d day" for Levi...that we would alllll know the 'truth' about him then!

But, but, how can this BE?!? Going Spastically B@tsh!t I mean Rogue apparently does not mention Levi.

So...are you telling me -- that Jesse is...WRONG? That he is a forlorn deli jock who masturbates to Naughty Monkey catalogs? That he thinks he has 'the goods' on Patrick even though the dimwit can plainly see that Patrick has never once posted something that turned out to be wrong/exaggerated? That, despite his pretending to be an SP 'insider' -- the closest he gets to Sarah is when he leans forward, makes a wish, and kisses the runner's world pinup inside his locker door?

Because -- I simply would not believe THAT!

Ah, this is fun. Bets, anyone? I bet a dollar and a square shaped pillow suitable for accenting sofas or deceiving millions...that the baby 'gate' will be swung wide open by this time next week.

My wv = "patnows" -- PATrick kNOWS the truth...I guarantee it! Mr Van Flein, wherezzat lawsuit??? We're wait-inggggg!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

popped out? of the blanket or your daughters "baby maker"?

Anonymous said...

Do tell, 03:13

Just what exactly do you know about Lisa and Pat?

Or did you just say that to try to make Patrick look bad?

Obviously, you're doing oppositional research and must be a Repub operative.

By the way, "wingnut bloggers" kinda gave you away.

Anonymous said...

3:12 ~ She had filled out a form telling them that Bristol was pregnant long before she was surprised that they knew !!!!!

She is magic!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I cain't get inta teh Mudflats!! Drat and dagnabbit!!

Liar liar panthose on fire.......

I respect Levi Johnston sooooooooo much more than Ms. QuittyLyingPantsPsychoChick.

Sarah Heath Palin does NOT seem to GET that MOST people do not any longer take her at her word, because she has proven time and time again to be full of self-serving sh*t.

We don't take YOUR WORD for anything Sarah, because YOUR WORD is almost always TOTAL BOGOSITY!!!


Oh, and !!!!!!!!!! too. Also.

Anonymous said...

She posed like a granny dressing up in her old cheerleader costume.. with super tanned legs.. and all oiled up

I'm sorry.. but when her REAL legs have saggy knees and pale discolored skin
..that deserves to be mentioned

It goes deeper than ranting on her appearance.. like oh look! she has something in her teeth

It just cements that she has this fake image she is trying to portray that goes beyond looks .. Like being a perfect church going wife, mother, PTA/Hockey mom,....and hot mama

Wigs and photoshopped legs are the same "props" as her kids/God Blab/what a great handsome dude Todd is..ect..

Anonymous said...

"A blogger who doesn't even live in Alaska isn't going to get a response, it's going to get ignored"

Ummmm.. He did respond, he just noteably didn't respond to that part of the email.

"I know Pat and he doesn't have time for wingnut bloggers."

Ummm.. No.. You obviously don't know Pat

"I know Lisa too and you're not truthfully reporting the whole story"

Ummm.. No.. You don't know Lisa either.

Anonymous said...

I make fun of all Rebiblicans who are so shallow that they focus on their looks more than policy. I call Boehner "Orange man" for his fake tan. I made fun of Coleman's chicklet teeth and his fake hair. W's nose job.

And the reason is because not one of those people represented their constituents. They cared more about image than character or work.

Ditto with Sarah. It didn't hurt that it cost over 250k (not the 150 reported often) to dress her and do her make up for 2.5 months. Republicans are all about fake narratives, based on a package they sell the American public. Image is a big part of that. So, I will address her image as it's part of what they're selling. And it's fake.

Anonymous said...

Palin filled out a form for the vetting process with the Bristol pregnancy info AND did NOT tell Bristol that strangers now had the info. How to build a trusting family relationship - Palin101.

Anonymous said...

This is a woman who had a tanning bed installed in the gov's manison at tax payer expense. Yes, we should talk about her looks. It's what she's all about. She's always been more of a beauty contestant than a governing person. She doesn't like work. She is shallow and gives beauty contestant answers to questions. She can't have a press conference or give an interview. She's a beauty contestant, and as such, she's a failed one.

Anonymous said...

CBS News Blogs -- Scroll down to the fourth story. There are 8 stories on the first 2 pages related to Palin from just today, and they are not complimentary:;contentBody

Hmmm...Katie Couric works for CBS, doesn't she?

wv: vetraga - we are outraged that Palin was not vetted

EyeOnYou said...

That is quite the contradiction on Mr. Heath being there "when Trig popped out".

Todd & Sarah are such private people that they don't tell their own family they are pregnant for 7 months.

Mr. Heath has said that Sarah & Todd are VERY PRIVATE people and they don't tell the family lots of things.

"They're very private. That goes back to the very beginning - they eloped when they got married."

Chuck Heath says Palins are Very Private

With the repeated claims of how "private" Todd & Sarah are, I find it very hard to believe that Chuckie was there "when Trig popped out". More likely Chuckie will say whatever he has to in order to cover for his daughter.

And the Tanning bed in the Governor's house was confirmed to have been Palin's personal tanning bed. Now she was not paying the electric bill for that tanning bed, but she did buy it herself.
Tanning Bed Info

NakedTruth said...

What I can't understand is why is it that no one brings up why the McCain campaign actually decided to out Bristol's pregnancy in the first place. Of course, on Oprah today it wasn't brought up. We all know that the campaign used Bristol's pregnancy of "about 5 months" to disprove the Bristol was the birth mother of Trig rumor and that Sarah faked a pregnancy (babygate). Sarah complaining on Oprah today about Bristol's pregnancy going public could have been prevented if Sarah would have just produced a BC for Trig or had her medical records released by her "good doctor". Sarah comments today verified what we always thought; Sarah threw Bristol under the bus to cover her own ass. If she could have produced a BC, I believe she would have. She couldn't because the BC has something on it that she doesn't want us to see.

So sad!

Anonymous said...

RE: Bristol preg timeline and CBS

It's curious that Palin can say only family knew about a 5 month preg. Surely the neo-natal check ups were KNOWN by at least the doc and the doc's office staff.

Mary G. said...

Superb job, Patrick on this and your other "Rogue"- and babygate-related blogs.
Do they give Pulitzer Prizes for bloggers? You certainly deserve one!

emrysa said...;contentBody

good laffs at that cbs link:

"Palin Seems to Misrepresent Timeline on Daughter's Pregnancy" (should be "palin LIES about timeline on Daughter's Pregnancy)

"Poll: Less Than 1 in 4 Have Favorable View of Palin"

"Palin Contradicts Her Own Version Of Events With Oprah"

"Exclusive: Palin Accounts Disputed by McCain Aides"

she asked for war, and she got it. I guess she will blame the latest stories on the "opposition research?"

Anonymous said...

"She isn't quitting, she's reloading"? Just what we need, a .22 caliber idiot in a nuclear world!

ella said...

Hannah @3:22 - Babygate swings open by this time next week? From your mouth to God's ears! I just want to thank you for your BRILLIANT posts at a certain other blog a couple of days ago - you did such a good job that "T" and his minions thought you were a Palinbot. I caught on right away, and played the same game over there as you did. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

cbs news has also reposted the Katie/Sarah interviews as well as transcripts of the Biden and Palin "VP Questions" segments. Katie's not taking this lying down, it seems. Remind Americans of the brilliance of Sarah Palin, Katie (you badgering partisan, you!).

Archivist1000 said...

Lying comes to natural to her, that she doesn't even KNOW she is doing it.

Even when it doesn't matter .. like how the kids found out, she has to lie.

She actually believes her lies, like the one about katie couric being 'badgering' .. when we can all see very clearly that there was no badgering involved.

Anonymous said...

O-M-G! I just finished watching a more softball interview than Katie Couric's - Oprah obviously had some pretty strict boundaries to abide by for the sake of ratings.

Right off the bat - not one question (already pointed out by Naked Truth) about WHY they chose to out Bristol's pregnancy.....and then, yet more irrefutable proof of Sarah's BAD BAD BAD mothering - she didn't even have the decency to TELL Bristol first, and just lets Bristol find out on the news, regardless of whose crafted message was used. UGH!

I could go on and on...Sarah and her coy little - I don't want to talk bad about Levi because this is on TV and for the sake of his son and then in the next breath she says he's doing PORN, not once, but TWICE! She makes me want to puke!

I need a drink!

Anonymous said...

She was so cruel to Tripp to talk that way about his daddy on national TV. Tripp will see that on Youtube when he's older -- and it wasn't even true. Levi didn't go full monty-- he shows his backside - the equivalent of Palin's beauty pageant days. Maybe she's jealous that he made 100 k and she lost?

What's wrong with her? saying he does "porn" in front of her own kids?

This isn't the first time she's been warned not to talk badly in front of a child about their parent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 4:14, she lies just to lie.

Regarding the lie about polling "the girls", check this out -

Anonymous said...

While Palin has been back in Alaska dictating imagined grievances to a ghost, America itself is mired in grievances that are all too real.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

is she done yet? this is a long 15 minutes. Is she DONE yet?

Anonymous said...

OMG, Wonkette! Enjoy this quote from their live-blogging Oprah in response to Sarah whining about "why were Obama's kids left alone and mine weren't?": Probably because he didn’t wear them as a cape every time he appeared in public? LOL to infinity!

Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
She was so cruel to Tripp to talk that way about his daddy on national TV. Tripp will see that on Youtube when he's older -- and it wasn't even true. Levi didn't go full monty-- he shows his backside - the equivalent of Palin's beauty pageant days. Maybe she's jealous that he made 100 k and she lost?

What's wrong with her? saying he does "porn" in front of her own kids?

This isn't the first time she's been warned not to talk badly in front of a child about their parent."""

She just stated the facts. Levi is a backstabbing teenage pornographer.

Anonymous said...

Also from Wonkette's live-blogging, looks like maybe some results last night?: 4:35 — I don’t want to talk about Levi! You know what’s great? How I stole his child, ha ha ha. But we love him, maybe.

Anonymous said...

"""So, Jesse C said in no fewer than ten comments how the day sarah's book was released would be "d day" for Levi...that we would alllll know the 'truth' about him then!

But, but, how can this BE?!? Going Spastically B@tsh!t I mean Rogue apparently does not mention Levi.

So...are you telling me -- that Jesse is...WRONG? That he is a forlorn deli jock who masturbates to Naughty Monkey catalogs? That he thinks he has 'the goods' on Patrick even though the dimwit can plainly see that Patrick has never once posted something that turned out to be wrong/exaggerated? That, despite his pretending to be an SP 'insider' -- the closest he gets to Sarah is when he leans forward, makes a wish, and kisses the runner's world pinup inside his locker door?

Because -- I simply would not believe THAT!

Ah, this is fun. Bets, anyone? I bet a dollar and a square shaped pillow suitable for accenting sofas or deceiving millions...that the baby 'gate' will be swung wide open by this time next week.

My wv = "patnows" -- PATrick kNOWS the truth...I guarantee it! Mr Van Flein, wherezzat lawsuit??? We're wait-inggggg!"""

While I wait for to lose whatever sanity you have left, I will write this post.

You want to place some bets? Then why don't we put some real money on the table, and up the stakes. I bet you a $100 dollars that this "babygate" scandal will not break anytime a year from today. ARe you willing to take those odds? If you win, I'll send you a check for one hundred dollars, no questions asked. But if you win, you send me the check for a hundred dollars.

And I said J-Day, not D-Day. Levi has been exposed, but not through the book. And guess what? He can't refute a word of what Sarah Palin says, because the only evidence we have of his truthfulness is his credibility, which isn't very high right now.

EyeOnYou said...

Seriously, the most hurtful moments was when her "personal email was hacked"? Really? THAT, of all the other complaints you've made is THE MOST HURTFUL MOMENT? You pathetically selfish, self centered B*TCH!

Sarah tells of her most hurtful moment of the campaign

If you look at the video starting at the 1:00 mark, you can see in the front row, Willow, Piper, Chuck & Sally Heath.

Sarah needs to have family with her at all times, which just goes to show you that the entire family is in on the lies and fabrications she tells people. She has to have that sheild in order to protect herself.

Oprah forced Sarah to admit or acknowledge that President Obama was talking about HER kids when he mentioned that the kids/family should be off limits, but doesn't call her out on the fact that she lied about it in her book, which again shows how willing Sarah is to lie, without hesitation in order to attempt to garner sympathy for herself.

Sarah calling Levi out on posing nude for money is RICH considering she was willing to sell herself for a quick buck in a beauty pageant, parading around in a bathing suit, showing off the goods for a fistfull of cash, and obviously she is supportive of those who do it, as long as she likes them **cough**Carrie Prejean**cough**

sandra said...

When you look back on the announcement of Palin as the VP candidate, Bristol was trying to hide her pregnancy. That was so pathetic. If the campaign had known about this, that blanket thing would have been vetoed.

I don't think anyone knew about the pregnancy until after the announcement when staffers noticed Bristol's body and body language.

Anonymous said...

I don't accept bad checks.

Anonymous said...

Levi is not pornographer, Jesse.

If anyone is a pornographer, it's Sarah. She's the one producing offensive material.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Levi is a pornographer. Do you know who reads that online magazine he is posing for? Do you think they go there for the intellectual articles? Come on, I'm not that naive.

CR46 said...

Patrick please go and look at "pantsonfire" 's post at themudflats...seems there is a 19 page discrepency on what was supposed to be released and what was released....seems like a missing chapter to Bumpit Barbies book. LOL!! Sarah must really be afraid of Levi Johnston.

Anonymous said...

A pornographer is someone who produces pornography.

Levi posed naked. He didn't produce anything.

Sarah, on the other hand, produced a book that's much more offensive than a young man's naked body.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is reactive; she simply does not think through the consequence of anything she says. She can only react to things that have already happened-- which is why, a year later, Sarah thinks that she is finally getting even with everyone who "done her wrong."

What daughter and grandson want to learn that Sarah and Todd were devastated when they learned that Bristol was pregnant (with Tripp). Bristol did not need to accompany Sarah on the 2008 campaign, for that matter, neither did Piper or Trig. So, if Bristol had just stayed home, Sarah could have avoided publicly humiliating Bristol. It is hard to imagine a mother treating a daughter like that, except in our world, we think that Sarah was so angry at having to cover up the first pregnancy.......

The clip that I saw of the Barbara Walter interview shows Barbara asking Sarah is she knew that Bristol was sexually active. We have already seen Bristol's emails which refute her mother's "knew" answer. However, it appeared that Willow and Piper were on the couch when the question was asked. I don't think that was an appropriate discussion in front of Piper.

And, with Piper and Willow in the front row of Sarah's interview with Oprah, some of those answers were in bad taste in front of them, too. To accuse Levi of posing for porn in front of little Piper shows a lack of sensitivity on Sarah's part. Who discusses porn in front of a little kid??? Especially when the guy is related to them through Tripp.

Doesn't Sarah ever think before she opens her mouth? Thankfully, the answer is a big fat NO! and we are treated to all of her latest versions of an embroidered story.

conscious at last said...



GO TO BREE PALIN (live links on side bar)Bree has excellent quick videos. Also see Palins Deceptions for babygate info.

Other than that, this blog is the BEST PLACE to learn about all the other Palin scandals

...and ask yourself... Why would SP announce her pregnancy THE DAY AFTER McCain got the nomination in March '08 ??? Why would she wait until she was 7 months pregnant to announce -- most women are showing way before that.

NakedTruth said...

Sarah is so elementary. I mean come on - her mean girl image is not even high schoolish. Levi tells the truth about her in Vanity Fair and she doesn't want to discuss it because as she say "we are more productive". Yea right and then she goes on and bash Levi calling him "Ricky Hollywood" or whatever and saying that he's doing porn. Yea she's so productive alright. Sarah Palin is a racist, divisive, lying witch and people like Jesse that support her are more than likely just like her. God does not like ugly and Sarah is ugly to the bone.

That wig she had on today was a mess. It looked like a bird nest on top of her head. Where was the talk about her policies today? Oh yea, I forgot Oprah was asking about her book and there is no policy information in the book. Just a bunch of whining about everything being somebody else's fault. This woman is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you need to go to and look up the meaning of the noun "pornographer." You'd better do it fast--before Levi takes you to court for a libel, defamation of character or slander suit.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the looks issue, going into great detail about her legs, teeth, etc makes you sound like a buch of catty bitches. Your hostility and anger towards her is getting as bad as hers towards Katie and Schmidtt.
You want the msm to take you seriously??
This is one big reason that you don't. Whether she's shallow or look focused, who gives a shit. The fact that you'd stoop to her level takes away from your credibility.

You don't want to hear it but it's true. Many of you sound just like her.

Anonymous said...

Who is Mr Curvers?

EyeOnYou said...

Anon @4:58,
To a degree I disagree with you. Remember that Sarah prefaces her statements about Levi with stating she doesn't think that television is not the place to get into this situation, but them happily opens her mouth and starts in on Levi. She needs to retaliate against everyone who she feels has wronged her.

She is completely unable, not just unwilling, but unable to go without retaliating against those she feels have hurt her, or done wrong by her.

She lives in a victim mentality. It is in every breath she takes. This is why she describes "fact checking" as "opposition research", it is why she lashes out at Levi via Meg Stapleton in press releases, or why she needed to equate a joke about her and Eddie Burke became "attacks on Trig", and why she will spend so much of her book blaming everyone else for all the things that go wrong.

Anonymous said...

This "great mom" discusses birth control, teenage pregnancy and PORN in front of her 7 year old daughter - on national tv? Can someone in the Matsu Valley PLEASE call child protective services?

Do They Call You the "Catty Monitor"? said...

Anon:5:08 - Thanks for being the arbiter of cattiness. Do you perform this service of moderating cattiness on all blogs or just this one? Do you have a rate card? Meow.

Anonymous said...

Piper and Willow are so grateful their potty-training history is NOT blared out to the world in their mother's book, that a little tough talk can't matter much.

NakedTruth said...

Anon. 8:58 said:

"And, with Piper and Willow in the front row of Sarah's interview with Oprah, some of those answers were in bad taste in front of them, too. To accuse Levi of posing for porn in front of little Piper shows a lack of sensitivity on Sarah's part. Who discusses porn in front of a little kid??? Especially when the guy is related to them through Tripp."

And just think about what Sarah accused Letterman of when he made the statement about "her daughter" at the Yankees baseball game. She claimed Letterman was talking about Willow, the daughter sitting in the front row today when she trashed Levi. Sarah is a damn hypocrite.

Oprah definitely doesn't respect Palin. I could see it in her eyes and her body language. Oprah is very polished but she is still a sister and I know how a sister looks at someone when she really wants to slap the hell out of them. Oprah wanted to slap Sarah. LOL!

Oh yea, someone was saying that was showing Going Rogue to have 432 pages but everyone is saying that the book actually has 413 pages. Were some pages removed? If so, makes me wonder if she decided to remove the Levi pages at the last minute.

Someone is telling her to ignore Levi but as we saw today with her "porn" statement she is too elementary to ignore someone.

Anonymous said...

Ella you have the wrong Hannah. I'm the one and did not post above post. You caught on but most didn't:) it was fun, try it-the play a bot game.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's legs in the un-touched photos don't look to me like she does that much running. Are there any serious runners on here who can give an opinion?

Seriously, those legs look like mine and I can barely run 50 feet without dropping to the ground, breathless.

Anonymous said...

Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.
The presentation or production of this material.
Lurid or sensational material: "Recent novels about the Holocaust have kept Hitler well offstage (Morris Dickstein).

Main Entry: por·nog·ra·pher
Pronunciation: \pȯr-ˈnä-grə-fər\
Function: noun
Date: 1850
: one who produces pornography

Does anyone deny what Levi is facilitating in the production of pornography? And does that not make him a pornographer? After all, none of this could happen without his consent.

And whoever said Levi is going to sue me, please don't make me laugh. I was right. Sarah Palin has called his bluff. She says that he has nothing on her. Come on, Levi, now is the time to put up or shut up.

BFF: Bristol&Carrier said...

Carrie Prejean is a pornographer.

She produced, acted and filmed herself working. Stalked some guy she just met and seduced him with her videos. There are 8 known so far.

Carrie can make millions if she goes back to the porn industry. Sarah Palin picks Carrie P. to mentor Bristol Palin (who is a few years younger).

Anonymous said...

oooooohhhh bets.

I'll bite Hannah. If babygate is not blown wide open by this time next week, and it has to be a true story with proof, then you have to put "LOSER" after your name on all posts for a week.

I think the new name will be a good fit.

Especially since babygate will not break next week and that is a fact.

Think about it, if those that hate Palin and want to see her fall hard are covering what they "know" what makes you think anyone close enough to Palin to actually know the truth is going to say anything.

Remember it has to be a true story that you can

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you can't even read a dictionary. It's sad. Are you the future of the GOP? I believe it.

Modeling for a magazine is not being a pornographer. Brad Pitt posed for Playgirl. Keith Urban posed for Playgirl.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, the first definition you listed is the definition of PORNOGRAPHY, not pornographer.

Do you know what "production" or "presentation" means?

Anonymous said...

Gryphen has posted Levi's response to that interview.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the troll. He doesn't even know what "redistricting" means. Everything he tries to do backfires. He's kind of like Sarah Palin in that regard.

Forever Anonymous said...

I'm using firefox, people are responding to Jesse but I can't see any of Jesse's comments.

Is someone using WiteOut?

NakedTruth said...

Anon. 5:21,

Sarah really just looks o.k. to me. I have never understood all the hype related to her beauty. She looks o.k. for a 44/45 year old with 4 kids and 2 abortions but other than that I am not impressed. It doesn't help that she has an evil heart.

I have no respect for her. She's always claiming that she is such a strong woman and she can do anything that a man can do but she felt a need to copy her husband on all her official State/Campaign e-mail and gave him a desk in her office. Sounds like to me she is not as strong as she claims to be. She was just a vessel for Todd. A damn fraud.

CC said...

@ ForeverAnon, good one! tee hee!

Anonymous said...

The children of Sarah Palin are home schooled on lying, beginning-pre conception. The emotional and mental torture goes on everyday. It is child abuse, the religion fosters women with Queen Esther complex.

Forever Anonymous said...

How do you vet a Rogue?

McCain officials said that questionnaire and the personal interview revealed three new facts previously unknown to the team: Palin's daughter's pregnancy, the arrest of her husband two decades ago for driving while intoxicated, and a fine Palin paid for fishing without proper identification.

Palin, says Culvahouse, did not own up to her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy on the questionnaire but admitted it during an in-person interview.

peaking at the National Press Club on Friday, Culvahouse said that while McCain’s staff was not aware of some of the issues and “probably should have known” about them, McCain was aware of them. Rather than disclosing it in a questionnaire, Palin told the lawyer verbally about her daughter’s pregnancy, he said.

Culvahouse conducted a three-hour interview with Palin, where she informed him of her daughters pregnancy, which he says was the first thing she volunteered, and she made mention of her husband Todd's DUI arrest in 1986.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:13 you're a bitch. All I care about is taking Sarah down. I don't care about her oily legs, big hair, stomach or saggy legs.

This is why the msm thinks this blog is done by people who are out to get Sarah no matter what. Telling people she had an abortion isn't right either.

What happened to Patrick only posting facts. What a load of crap. And you anon must have a happy life to be such a witch to someone on your side. Everybodys so jacked up they don't see this now looks like a false rumour mill.
Pretty sad. Regina and Patrick were doing good thing but now there's people screaming she had an abortion with no evidence. Great. That really helps.

Anonymous said...

@5:40 - you have anger management issues.

Anonymous said...

Yup.. Anger management issues and an obvious lack of knowledge about what is being discussed here. SP's doctor WROTE abortion on her bill. SP said so in her own words, pre witeout. According to Jesse who is a dumb as the day is long, that's all the evidence you ever need

Forever Anonymous said...

Palin's hair was terrible, green is not her color. the stockings looked awful.

and when she talked Levi...her bitchiness was showing.

Anonymous said...

17 November 2009 05:08

ou lecture us on cattiness, while calling us "bitches"?

You must be a Palinista.

no one here calls anyone names like that.

And I could give two hoots what you think about what we write here. I note that Sarah Palin is the cattiest of all catty women: laughing at a cancer survivor as she's called a cancer, bitch, and fat. She deserves no respect. She has earned derision and mocking the hard way.

You betcha. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, also. Too.

Anonymous said...

Let me add anon 17 November 2009 05:40 to that list. You call people here a "bitch". Again, no one here as ever spoken to anyone else like that. I never see name calling like that unless a sicko Palinista is around and then the names are a-flying. You try to pretend you're one of us, when you go on about "no wonder the msm thinks everyone here is out to get Sarah.."

The msm doesn't think anything about this blog. They've never heard of it.


Zip it, sister. You're not fooling anyone. We can tell by the way you speak you are not one of us.You don't even know what respect is and you have no class.

Say hi to your Urine friends.

Anonymous said...

The pornographer, Carrie Prejean.

Levi is a gentleman.
Heart breakers soft porn.

Anonymous said...

Those darn reporters should have known they would have found out more factual stuff about Palin by sniffing her panties on the plane than anyway

Anonymous said...

Sarah said something to the effect that she is looking forward to Trig heading for Kindergarten in 2012. I don't know about Alaska, but in Ohio you don't start Kindergarten unless you are 5.


EyeOnYou said...

The former governor wouldn’t directly address the burning question of whether she wants to be the president, but she did not completely close that door either.
“That certainly isn’t on my radar screen right now,” said Palin. “[But] when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary events that have happened in my life, I am not one to predict what will happen in a few years.”
“My ambition if you will, my desire, is to help our country in whatever role that may be, and I cannot predict what that will be, what doors would be open in the year 2012,” she said.
As for whether she will play a major role, Palin replied, “If people will have me, I will.”
Also says that she was told that McCain had the ultimate decision on the campaign strategy…so we went with that strategy…and we lost…so that’s fine she says!

Palin Talks To Barbara Walters

Other comments she makes:
Talk show would be too hard on her family!

Obama is not outright lying about the death panels because those particular words are not in the Health care bill but he is being dishonest!

sg said...

If commenters are arguing dictionary definitions with trolls, the trolls have won.

"Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely."

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.. So she thinks that Alaska should secede from the country, but her ambition and desire is to help the country huh? Just what we need, a cross eyed, ex pageant contestant, secessionist, patholigical liar for Jesus who has never finished anything in her entire life helping this country. I'd be happy if she would just secede from Alaska.

Anonymous said...

That Sarah Palin, what a tease!
This book tour of hers is one of the all-time great hoochie coochie dances. The tea partiers are lining up like rubes at the “Direct from Gay Par-ee!” tent at the Dingleberry County Fair.
The star attraction knows that you may take it off, but you don’t take it all off. As governor, she left the stage when she still had her political pasties on. As “author,” she knows that the key is to take off just enough to keep the crowd transfixed and wanting more, but not so much as to stand revealed in all her nakedness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @6:18 Weird, but

Part C of the IDEA requires that infants and toddlers with disabilities receive early intervention services from birth through age 3. These services are provided according to an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP. In contrast, Part B of the IDEA requires that children with disabilities, from age 3 to 21, are provided a free appropriate public education.

IDEA - Individual with Disabilities Education Act, and I believe that under Part B they start at 3 depending on the child's unique needs according to an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan), and Trig would qualify.

Anonymous said...

Kristian Cole is now a panel expert on Larry King Live. Another family values expert from Wasilla. Please clean up drug, underage drinking and teen pregnancy problems in Wasilla before trying to "change the direction of our country" Kristian and Sarah. The dynamic duo from Wasilla taking back our country...really. Do you know what your daughters are up to ladies?

Anonymous said...

Kristan Cole, a family expert? Oh, now that is funny! Everyone in Wasilla knows what I mean. She was in fine form today on the Eddie Burke radio show telling lie after lie. Yup, Cole & Palin are two peas in a pod. They are both vindictive liars.

Anonymous said...

Kristan Cole, where is the report you were supposed to have out in August showing all the contributions to the Alaska Fund Slush Trust and where all that money is going. Come on now, you are a little late with that. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there still an open lawsuit or ethics comlplaint being investigated on the Alaska Fund Trust? Cole's mother is a convicted embezzler of two tursut funds.

get smart said...

People, what part of IGNORE JESSE CORNISH do you NOT understand?

Sheesh, just skip over those posts and DO NOT read them. Duh.

You almost make Sarah Palin seem smart in comparison if you respond to trolls.

Eileen said...

Been gone over a week and came back to TMZ level topics. Need a very obvious link and tiny photo comparison lure for newcomers to click on Babygate evidence. Yes, absolute photographic evidence SP never gave birth to Trig.

5:08 (5:40 too)I agree regarding superficial SP appearance topics that get discussed and picked to the bone-reminds me of the three mags SP must read-Cosmo, Runners World, TV Guide and Taco Bell order menu. We all know she is empty vessel, right wingers want ride on her political celebrity coattails.
5:32 'vessel for Todd' LOL-he is her manchurian puppet master. Too funny.

Having to read quotes from her book and all the fluff tv interview questions makes me leap frog over all-just like Troll JC's posts. Same old.
SPs political viability 15 min. is UP already. Oprah is boring, lost opportunity. Better go to Telluride retreat to rest up as she coulda, woulda, shoulda cracked Babygate and deflate the SP wild ride on behalf of nation. Tsk, tsk. Interviews we can believe in, ha. Makes Couric seem brillant by comparison.

FYI-Alaska says age 5 for Kindergarten and I believe by August 15 or so.
Let's limit the rumor mill central comments for sake of first timers who come her for substantial meat that hopefully will bring down SP gang,appeal to MSM.
Saw racer's scrapbook of Iron Dog 2008 Feb. Anchorage banquet and no shots taken of SP at her dinner table. Does anyone have photos? She was there-crucial baby bump time period.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the snarky article that is attached to this photo
but this photo says it all
Kathleen O'Brien -
Trig looks agitated (could be dozing.. hard to tell) but Sarah manages to keep his body - look how far his feet are from her - away from wrinkling her jacket. And her smug, gloat says "Oh they love me .. the LOVE "ME!"... totally oblivious to her babies needs. Who knows what the next photo shot is but I am sure she is eagerly looking for someone to hand this lip-stick smudging baby off to quickly! So she can turn around and once more take in all her admirers..and wave.. and stare out at the love. ... "Hey Mom, he needs a diaper, Mom where's the formula? Mom??" ... She doesn't hear a thing

We rattle about her looks but you cannot mistake the obvious. She was able to hold in her Cruella Deville, jaw jutting looks pretty well early in the campaign. I thought she truly looked warm and quite pretty at the Republican Nomination Acceptance Speech. She was a snarly little bitty, but maintained a "rounded", well-rested .. easy on the eyes complexion. Now and then you would see the angular menacing scowl and the lips would turn paper thin and oddly angled... then back plump and soft... and she once again looked warm and kind and pleasant.
NOW.. that look is completely gone. Her insides have fully taken over her outward appearance. She may not of had any visible wrinkles in the Oprah interview ...and her skin looked "flawless" but she looked and talked like a paranoid schizo. Her eyes are anything but warm, but just plain beady and glaring. She is very angular because she cant relax her jaw. Even in the Barbara Walters Interview ..with the baby green eye contact thing going on.. for a split second she looks stunning... the lighting makes her skin illuminate and then the lovely eye color... then it happens again.. her jaw tenses up and she looks frightening.

Yes I am catty.. but hello! We all know everyone that supported her did so FIRST because of her physical appearance. She actually had a pretty, soft featured, pleasant look going on that was appealing.
That is gone.
She can throw money at surgeons/facial treatments/wigs/hair/lipstick/contacts/new glasses/.... heck she could do a u-haul and do the flaming red hair and piercing blue eyes ...but her inside has already manifested itself. A hardened, bitter, angry, paranoid middle-aged woman.
Kindof sad actually as the RNC was only a little over a year ago.. yet she has aged 10.
That soft innocent look is gone.

Anonymous said...

sorry the photo

Anonymous said...

She's got a facebook rant up complaining about the sexist Newsweek cover (from Runner's World).


She says it's out of context -- yeah, out of context with some scene in her current delusion.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the demographics of the republican convention delegates and the audience for Hannity, etc., you'll learn something about Sarah's fanbase. Don't forget the pundit that got throbs -- whoops! starbursts -- watching her.

She trades on her looks, so let 'em see the real Sarah Palin. She's a tawdry bimbo ... nothing more.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that there was some pregnancy con involved in getting him to marry her.

comeonpeople said...

Sarah is the prototypical mean girl. Also, too, she absolutely uses her sexuality to gain power. She likely also has a few (many) psychiatric disorders mentioned in the current DSM. She has no place in influencing ANYTHING in this country. NO PLACE. The longer she is allowed her 15 minutes, the more ridiculous this country looks. If only McCain would man up and say "look, I made a hasty mistake....."

Anonymous said...


Don't overlook the obvious. By Palins own admission, she has at least one miscarriage and maybe a second. That itself places her in a high risk situation for future pregnancies. Then Trig comes along. She doesn't change her routine pre-pregnancy... runs travels etc. Trig is diagnosed DS and still no changes. Then the Texas speech and long flight just weeks before the scheduled birth, but whoops, it's only hours before the blessed event. Through all this her MD knowing Palin was high risk never stopped her and why not. Fill the blanks in and you have the big picture.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Soooo, Sarah has kept diaries since she was Piper’s age?? I wonder if any of those diaries are missing? Levi?? Do you have the diary from 1990 perhaps, the one about the abortion? Now, THAT would be HUGE!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

AND, Levi would have had plenty of time to roam around the Palin house and find interesting diaries, since he was living there and homeschooling with Bristol. Excuse me, "staying" there.

comeonpeople said...

Anon at 14:21
I Know. i've been filling in the blanks since Sept 08. It is beyond absurd that babygate - at least the wild ride part - has not been scrutinized by the MSM. That one fairy tale which many chose to believe, is the key to the fakery. It's beyond maddening. It's twilight zone ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Saw a clip of her with BW on MSNBC and she was asked to rate PO 1-10 on his performance by BW, and she said a 4.

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