Friday, 13 November 2009

TV station WCBS reports that Sarah Palin doesn't mention Levi Johnston in her book "Going Rogue" at all! - UPDATE: First excerpts from the book!

UPDATE 7: Huffington Post has also obtained a copy of the book and posts new excerpts in which Sarah Palin trashes McCain's campaign Manager Steve Schmidt.


(they just keep coming, I cannot help it...): Politico reports that the tone is becoming more strident:

Former McCain strategist John Weaver was more direct in his criticism, slamming Palin for using the book for “petty and pathetic” score-settling.

“Sarah Palin reminds me of Jimmy Stewart in the movie 'Harvey,' complete with imaginary conversations. All books like these are revisionist and self-serving, by definition,” Weaver wrote in an email to POLITICO. “But the score-settling by someone who wants to be considered a serious national player is petty and pathetic.”

“The problem wasn't who her interview was with, the problem was her interview,” he added. “Couric asked no trick questions. This just seems to be an attempt to obscure as bad a performance since Roger Mudd asked Ted Kennedy that simple question.”


Wonkette has scans of two pages of the book - pages 379 and 380.

Sarah Palin claims that she didn't "dislike her job", but that she "loved" her job as a Governor and goes on to say about her resignation:

The decision wasn't about me. It was about Alaska.


Associated Press starts to fact-check Sarah Palin!

(they should have done this one year ago - but it's not too late yet!)


PALIN: Writes about a city councilman in Wasilla, Alaska, who owned a garbage truck company and tried to push through an ordinance requiring residents of new subdivisions to pay for trash removal instead of taking it to the dump for free — this to illustrate conflicts of interest she stood against as a public servant.

THE FACTS: As Wasilla mayor, Palin pressed for a special zoning exception so she could sell her family's $327,000 house, then did not keep a promise to remove a potential fire hazard on the property.

She asked the city council to loosen rules for snow machine races when she and her husband owned a snow machine store, and cast a tie-breaking vote to exempt taxes on aircraft when her father-in-law owned one. But she stepped away from the table in 1997 when the council considered a grant for the Iron Dog snow machine race in which her husband competes.



Former members of the McCain campaign deny that Sarah Palin's description of the events is true, The Plum Line reports.

The adviser also provided more details on the strategy the campaign adopted with Palin and the press, saying they feared making her available to groups of reporters because of her incompetence.

“She lacked the knowledge base to stand in front of the press corps that was traveling with her and answer questions,” the adviser said delicately. “Because of the success of the convention speech, the feeling was that she should be exposed to as many people as possible directly, not through a media filter. The way to do that was to do interviews with the anchors.”

“The truth is, she refused to prepare for the Katie Couric interview,” the adviser continued. “She refused to engage in any preparation. And it was a disaster.”

The adviser also mocked a contradiction at the core of Palin’s claims: She’s simultaneously saying she was muzzled and kept from the press, even as she’s claiming she only did the Couric interview at the urging of McCain aides.

“You were prevented from talking to all these reporters, and you’re mad about that,” the adviser said, chortling incredulously. “But you’re also mad about the interviews you did. It’s so full of contradictions that you don’t know where to begin.”


UPDATE 2: We have the first excerpts from Sarah's book!

Guess what: Sarah is the victim! It was all the McCain campaign's fault...booo-hooo! Cry me a river!

Here is an insight into the "alternate reality of Sarah Palin" (by the way: Sarah Palin says that her aide Nicolle Wallace has "more experience in national politics" than herself! This from the woman who wanted to become Vice-President!):

From the beginning, Nicolle [Wallace] pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News. The campaign’s general strategy involved coming out with a network anchor, someone they felt had treated John well on the trail thus far. My suggestion was that we be consistent with that strategy and start talking to outlets like FOX and the Wall Street Journal. I really didn’t have a say in which press I was going to talk to, but for some reason Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.

“Katie really likes you,” she said to me one day. “she’s a working mom and admires you as a working mom. She has teenage daughter like you. She just relates to you,” Nicolle said. “believe me, I know her very well. I’ve worked with her.” Nicolle had left her gig at CBS just a few months earlier to hook up with the McCain campaign. I had to trust her experience, as she had dealt with national politics more than I had. But something always struck me as peculiar about the way she recalled her days in the White House, when she was speaking on behalf of President George W. Bush. She didn't have much to say that was positive about her former boss or the job in general. Whenever I wanted to give a shout-out to the White House’s homeland security efforts after 9/11, we were told we couldn’t do it. I didn’t know if that was Nicolle’s call.

Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. “She just has such low self-esteem,” Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. “She just feels she can’t trust anybody.”

I was thinking, And this has to do with John McCain’s campaign how?

Nicolle said. “She wants you to like her.”

Hearing all that, I almost started to feel sorry for her. Katie had tried to make a bold move from lively morning gal to serious anchor, but the new assignment wasn’t going very well.

“You know what? We’ll schedule a segment with her,” Nicolle said. “If it doesn’t go well, if there’s no chemistry, we won’t do any others.”


Gawker confirms that Levi Johnston is not mentioned in her book. So it seems as if it can be true! Don't slap me, Levi, I am nice to you...

Anchorage Daily News and The Independent (UK) also confirm this fact!


Can it be true? (UPDATE: YES, IT'S TRUE!) According to a report from the New York TV station WCBS, Sarah Palin's autobiographical book "Going Rogue" doesn't contain a single reference to Levi Johnston! This despite the fact that she does write about Bristol's teen pregnancy in poignant detail, describing "heart-wrenching anguish", says WCBS. You would think that Sarah would at least allude to the fact that Levi Johnston was the father of her grandson, wouldn't you? After all she was said to have dragged him away from his hunting trip to appear on stage at the Republican National Convention so why completely ignore him in her book?

In contrast, the National Enquirer reported on October 7, 2009 that Sarah Palin had ripped Levi to pieces in her book (the link to the National Enquirer for readers outside the USA is HERE). According to the National Enquirer in her memoirs "Sarah writes that he is a 'bald-face liar.' She says he's bitter at the dissolution of his relationship with her daughter, and is trying to earn a fast buck at the ex-governor's expense." Did the National Enquirer get it wrong or has Sarah, perhaps on advice from Harper Collins lawyers, opted to omit the information regarding Levi just in case?

So why wouldn't Sarah mention him? Is Sarah afraid of Levi Johnston?

I think that this oversight is remarkable. It is as if he never existed. Could it be because Levi has repeatedly reminded Sarah of the huge and devastating facts that he knows about her? Facts that are likely to cause her and her family serious damage? Did she then pay attention to his warnings and does this mean that we are even further from discovering what those facts are? I would say that Palin has backed off from including any mention of him in the book because she hopes that her doing so will persuade Levi to back down from his threats.

My assessment of the present situation is that it is possibly too late now for any resolution to the problems that exist between Levi and the Palin family. The damage has been done and Levi seems to realise that his only recourse is to take legal action to ensure that he gains access to his child. He has tried the non legal route and it has not worked. Without a legal resolution the Palins can withdraw access to Tripp from Levi any time that there is tension between Bristol and Levi or if they do not approve of the ways in which he is conducting his life.

I'm not sure how public such legal action will be. Perhaps some of our readers can give some insight into the legal jargon surrounding such child custody cases and whether or not they are matters for public record. If it is a matter of public record it may be possible that such a court case may reveal hidden secrets that have been kept under wraps up until this point. It seems as if we are still waiting, waiting, waiting.

In addition, WCBS reports more juicy facts:

In "Going Rogue," which will be released Tuesday, Palin also laments about everyone in her entourage being forced to wear fancy clothes she couldn't afford -- preferring simpler, cheaper garb. But it's as if Johnston, who was among those hastily spiffed up to appear at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn., had never left Wasilla.

The tactic does appear to have merit; Johnston, who has sparred repeatedly with his former mother-in-law-to-be, continues to warn that she should leave him alone, or he might dish some serious dirt that "will hurt her."

While the book -- which contains 68 color photos but no index -- stays away from Johnston, the former vice presidential candidate digs in when it comes to those who ran Sen. John McCain's campaign.

Confirming that there was substantial tension between her advisers and McCain's, Palin bitterly details how she was prevented from delivering a concession speech on election night, how she'd been kept "bottled up" from reporters during the campaign and prevented in many ways from just being herself. She also contends she was prepped to give non-answers during her debate with Joe Biden.

While the book follows her life from birth in Sandpoint, Idaho, to wondering about the next stop in her future, Palin, who received an advance of at least $1.25 million, saves her strongest words for run-ins with McCain staffers and her widely-panned interview with CBS anchor Katie Couric.

She describes Couric as condescending, biased and "badgering." She contends the anchor chose "gotcha" moments while leaving the candidate's more substantive remarks on the cutting room floor.

Palin takes another dig at Couric while asserting her expertise on energy matters. She writes that she was shocked Couric had asked her which newspapers and magazines she read; given what she called Couric's lack of knowledge about energy issues, Palin wondered whether she should have asked the news anchor what she read.

The closest Palin comes to naming names occurs in the passages about chief McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt. Quoting another campaign official, she writes that Schmidt felt she wasn't preparing enough on policy matters and even wondered if she was suffering from postpartum depression following the April 2008 birth of her son Trig, who has Down Syndrome.

She says Schmidt also was upset if anyone in her personal circle tried to correct -- without approval from the McCain camp -- what they perceived to be incorrect portrayals of Palin's record as Alaska governor.

Palin comes across as particularly upset about being stuck with $50,000 in legal bills that she says were directly related to the legal vetting process for the VP slot. She says nobody ever informed her that she would have to personally take care of expenses related to the selection process, and jokes that if she'd known she was going to get stuck with the bill, she would have given shorter responses.

According to the book, Palin asked officials at the Republican National Committee and what was left of the McCain campaign if they would help her financially. She says she was told that if McCain had won, the bills would have been paid, but since he lost, the bills were her responsibility.


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MK said...

If this is true and she doesn't mention Levi Johnston at all then I think that she's scared and running.MK

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is, quite simply, a COWARD.

silence is golden? said...


Anonymous said...

The omission of Levi, is Sarah's bribe.

wes_ben said...

Silence, I'm right there with ya. Seems it was conveniently covered up for the queen.

Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that special. Early on someone leaked that Levi was to be ripped a new one. What was the source of those rumors? Who would do a thing like that?

Sarah does look better now for not going there and being able to laugh (cackle) with Oprah.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

anon 20.06

No Sarah looks as if she has caved in to Levi's demands. Why should she do something like that?

I would say that he has the upper hand and she knows it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah may have had a chapter about Levi, but when a lawyer looked over the Lynn Vincent draft, he might have said something like "Are you crazy? Do you want to just hand him his kid and custody?? Your negative statements will be used in court against you and Bristol." Ooops, there went a chapter. (Just a guess, but with Sarah, it's possible).

Why Sarah would take so much trouble to insult Katy Couric shows what a thin-skinned immature mean girl Sarah still is. Panelists on MSNBC offered Sarah good advice when they said, "Don't look back, look forward." Katy has a national format is she chooses to give her side of the story. And, there's the tape which shows exactly what happened. Doesn't Sarah remember that insulting David Letterman has only brought a non-stop barrage of jokes at her expense. It doesn't make sense to make an enemy of CBS.

It isn't always what you say said...

You are writing your biography... if you are a highly religious person and your church burned down last December (regardless of who may be the arsonist). You write a book about your faith and for people to get to know the "real" you. Would you have a little something to say about a deeply felt incident that effected you, your family and your beloved fellow parishioners? At one time you thought an arsonist set the fire and threatened the lives of your flock because of your position on certain matters. Did you change that concept? It doesn't matter to you? It is not a deep felt part of your life? How incredibly strange and revealing not to write about such an important part of your life?

She had to say something about the WBC fire, there is no way she left that out. Has anyone read the chapters on her faith? It makes no sense to leave out a major life altering experience. There is no way she did not write about the arson fire and the strength of her church. I know she said something. Was it fluffy or of any substance?

Anonymous said...

Child custody proceedings absolutely are not matters of public record. (I was surprised that the Wooten judge's remarks relative to a party's poisoning of custody proceedings even made it into the public record.)

If anything remotely interesting takes place in a probate or family court and is even close to becoming a matter of public record, you can bet on someone's lawyers moving to impound and seal the record of the relevant proceedings.

That said, Levi may have masterfully shut off her slandering him, but IMO she just doesn't have the juice to plug all the other potential leaks.

Who knows? Maybe Todd himself will grow weary enough, angry enough, or fearful enough to spill some truth.

ella said...

I see NO WAY SP did not trash Levi in the book - especially after she and Megamouth called him a "liar" and worse when he first began doing interviews. I believe the Levi digs were stripped out right before publication (due to Levi's warnings). Our troll, JC, Meg, and Natl. Enquirer all implied that we would know the true story of Levi when the book came out.
HA. Score a big win for Levi - this may mean he won't tell us any dirt, but, oh well - she will do herself in soon enough. We get to hear her talk (finally) for the next couple of weeks - yaay! Whenever she opens her mouth, the stupid falls out.

sandra said...

If she didn't mention Levi in the book, why did Oprah ask her about him? I thought she was restricted to topics in the book.

Lisabeth said...

What do you all think of this?? It must be parody because surely Sarah did not express herself (through Lynn Vincent) like this! Or did she !?

Six surprise excerpts from the book-exclusive!

Anonymous said...

Here in Maryland child custody cases are not sealed (unless a judge orders them to be)and are public record. I was able to go to our courthouse and get tape recordings of more than one hearing that my husband and his ex were involved in over the course of several years. And I am no relation to those kids at all. I just had to wait two weeks and pay $10.00. So the previous poster is not correct on that point.

The National Enquirer was the source for saying Sarah had trashed Levi in the book. They are not widely known for being reliable. Also, if Mercede is their source (as I've read elsewhere) it's possible they were given misleading information so that Levi could advance his own cause. I have also wondered if Mercede is Gryphen's source as well and one commenter to his blog privately messaged me once and made that claim as well.

I do believe it's entirely possible that Palin or HC removed references to Levi once he made it known that he would "fire back." Endless speculation isn't going to shed any light on that at all.

I do not blame Levi for attempting to make some sort of income to support himself and his child. But at this turning point, it doesn't look like this part of the story is going anywhere folks.

On the flip side of that, there is sure to be some backlash against Palin for the swipes she is taking at McCain's staff and others in the book. Don't hold your breath though, any big dirt they might have on her will remain tucked away for future use. It's how they control each other and they're not going to spend capital like that unless they really need to.

This whole story looks like it's really starting to fizzle out. Nothing to see here except an uneducated, unsophisticated, not ready for prime time backwoods politician and her family.

Just my .02
Susan in MD

Lynn said...

Lisabeth, that is extreme parody! Curb your gullibility--always a good idea when considering Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

@ Truly Madly Deeply

I was thinking someone leaked a rumor that if true would make SP look bad... "she is going after Levi in her book"

As it turns out (according to the latest reports) she didn't include the "bad." in her book. There is no Levi in her book.

Now the stage it set for her to look better. Going on Oprah (where she could get questions about Levi) was an opportunity to prove the rumors wrong and play the good guy where Levi is concerned.

It is possible her ppl intentionally spread the rumor about Sarah dissing Levi knowing that she did leave him out of the book and might get questions anyway. It shows how rumors are just rumors. Pay no attention to rumors. It also gives her the chance to resurrect all the times they did trash Levi.

I didn't mean I thought she did look better. I meant it could be a set up to make her look better. If her ppl did leak the rumor, she looks more manipulative and worse.

It is obvious that SP cares a great deal about the media and beating them at their game. She may have only caved into Levi's demands and not been so sinister as to set the whole thing up. I don't know where the rumor came from, just curious.


Lilybart said...

Not mentioning him by name at all in 400 pages?

That is more immature than if she trashed him.

nswfm CA said...

"Palin takes another dig at Couric while asserting her expertise on energy matters."

Check Andrew Halcrow's blog:
about how much $P knew about energy and how she's got treble damages on this gas pipeline she is so proud of. As a resident of a high tax state that pays for low tax state pork barrel projects, I'm pissed about her incompetence and hope you all get her in jail before she causes any more damage.

It isn't always what you say said...

++ Lilybart said... Not mentioning him by name at all in 400 pages?

It's darn strange and highly suspicious if she leaves out significant parts of her life story. Up to the time she quit the people of Alaska, I think that was the cut off point.
She didn't just forget. It is obvious she was intentional about how to handle major topics or events in her life.

Am I understanding right? The book was about early childhood, sports analogy, family and her faith? The bones she chose to pick were with the media and some of the McCain campaign staff?

KaJo said...

"Sarah Palin's autobiographical book "Going Rogue" doesn't contain a single reference to Levi Johnston! This despite the fact that she does write about Bristol's teen pregnancy in poignant detail and that he is the acknowledged father of Tripp Johnston, says WCBS."

I'm not sure I understand how one can not refer to a person in writing, and at the same time apparently writing "that he is the acknowledged father".

As an aside, I agree with everyone who thinks that Palin's editor and the HC lawyers -- and possibly Van Flein and Barnett, Palin's own lawyers -- whittled the Levi Johnston references out of Palin's book to avoid some unwanted attention regarding the whole issue about babies recently born to one or more Palins (smirk).

Anonymous said...

Maybe she didn't mention him because he's NOT the father of either of Bristol's babies.

Levi get a DNA test, please.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Equally, as someone here has suggested, it could have been leaked by Team Levi to give him some leverage in his fight against Palin.

It is curious though, that there is absolutely no mention of him at all.

I would say that this more likely indicates that all reference to him was completely removed on the advice of her publisher. After all they would be sued alongside Palin, wouldn't they?

Lisabeth said...

Lynn, of course it's parody!! Couldn't you tell by my note!!?? Geez!! Curb my gullibillity?? That's funny- you don't even know me and one thing I am not is gullible!

I just it might make people laugh. I thought it was hysterical!

Patrick said...

Hi KaJo,

thanks a lot! I got this sentence muddled up, and corrected it now!

Anonymous said...

If that boy doesn't get a Dna test to make sure of paternity, I can see nothing in his life, but a Lucy pulling away a football from a Charley Brown.

Anonymous said...

If that boy doesn't get a Dna test to make sure of paternity, I can see nothing in his life, but a Lucy pulling away a football from a Charley Brown.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Couric hinted that she left a LOT more damaging footage of Palin on the cutting room floor. Palin trying to claim the "good stuff" got left out might prompt the release of ALL the footage. My money's on Katie's version.

GinaM said...

This is a must-read. Found this on the urine site.

Althouse is or at least was a pro-palin supporter. She rips $P a new one. Make sure you read the comments.

Patrick said...

I think Katie Couric should release the whole interview - uncut!

Anonymous said...

Revisionist History, by Sarah Palin's BIPOLAR brain

Get ready for the funniest month in Sarah Palin bashing history

Anonymous said...

Well, $arah pulling the chapter out about Levi may have bought his silence for a little longer. Perhaps that is why there is no index. At the last minute the book was changed.

$arah...the truth will still eventually come out......

Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, GinaM! I included it in the post.

DNA, please! said...


Johnny Chandler was with Bristol about the time she was possibly knocked up. Being a close knit community it may be acceptable for them all to share in the possible parenting status. Since the Palins are raising Trig as their child the bios are not as significant.

I am mixed up about Trip before Trig and all that 3 or more babies?

By the time of the RNC convention Sarah clearly chose Levi to be the "father" of that baby. She may have chosen him as the "father" of an earlier baby. If her choices were only Johnny and Levi, she made the best choice.

Whatever the truth we may never know. The mystery only makes Bristol look like a slut. There could be others than Johnny and Levi. Until there are solid answers Bristol will be tossed under Sarah's bus as the slut. She can't be as awful as people believe, it would be to her advantage if Sarah came clean.

Levi get the DNA tests.

Anonymous said...

This site has the Couric/Palin transcripts. (left hand column) These might come in handy once the book is released.

Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous, lopsided book! She omitted any reference to Levi, yet chose to go after McCain campaign staffers, and Katie Couric? She's more afraid of Levi than them? Yep, she cut out that chapter about Levi and/or any interspersed references about him for sure. Probably at the last minute, which as someone above said, could account for why there is no index.

Anonymous said...

I assumed Patrick was asking about Alaska law.

Other states no doubt differ in particulars, but in Alaska it is indeed easy to remove child custody proceedings from the public realm. Under Alaska's UCCJEA, AS sec. 25.30.380(e), any and all information provided to a court in any child custody proceeding presumptively shall be sealed by the court if any party alleges "that the health, safety, or liberty of a party or child would be jeopardized by disclosure of identifying information." That's a pretty low hurdle, and note that it includes allegations about potential harm to whoever is disputing custody, and not only the child (children) in question himself.

Even without that provision, any competent lawyer has an arsenal of ways to keep such matters out of the public domain, including motions to seal/impound material that involves minor children.

Patrick said...

Anon 23:26

Thanks a lot for your answer!!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Patrick.

Another legal aside which may be a little off-topic, but the report that "Going Rogue" has trimmed down mention of Levi to Track's supposed opinion of a nameless "ex-boyfriend" who "made things up" is almost comical: it strikes me that some very expensive libel lawyers insisted that everything about Levi had to go. Perhaps someone then dug in her naughty monkey heels and just had to take one slap at Levi, but to clear the lawyers it had to be so tortuously vague and put into (who else's) one of the other kids' mouths that it's laughable.

Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh on Going Rogue: "one of the most substantive policy books I've read"

What does that say about anyone that takes him serious?

Anonymous said...

Gryphen has an interesting take on Rush's claims. You can read it here.

Anonymous said...

Another lie by Gryphen's "Sources" huh? He claimed recently he knew as fact Palin was devoting a huge portion of her book Levi.

Patrick said...

Please see my update to the Carrie Prejean post - seven more sex tapes and 30 nude photos of Carrie Prejean have surfaced!

Sex, Lies and Videotape - Sarah Palin's new friend Carrie Prejean exposed as a pathological liar and hypocrite

Anonymous said...

I was expecting Levi to be dealt with, but not in this way. Sarah Palin simply ignores him? Brilliant! All this man wants is fame and attention, and for what? He has done nothing in his life that is of any significance. Nothing. He can't even graduate high school or hold down a job. To deprive him of of that attention he so desparately wants is the ultimate blow to his fragile ego.

You really think that Levi Johnston has any real "dirt" on Sarah Palin? He has nothing. If he did, he would not have to sue for custody of his child, he could use his all important information as leverage to get what he wants? Why doesn't he do that?

I told you all that Sarah Palin would come out looking like the good guy here. Levi Johnston has been on multiple talk shows attacking Sarah Palin. What does Sarah Palin say in response? She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner.

Eventually Levi Johnston will wear out his welcome, and people will come to loathe him. After all, why should Sarah Palin try to discredit him, when he is self-imploding as we speak?


Don't think Sarah Palin hasn't said everything she wants to about Levi. You didn't see all of the Operah interview, did you?

Marcy said...

The simple answer to the missing Levi chapter is just as many surmise: the lawyers told Sarah to throw it away. But I wonder . . . there was that snarky little comment from Van Flein about "Tripp's father" instead of using Levi's name. If it turns out that there is genuine doubt that Levi is the father, after all the Palin family has done to him, there should be hell to pay! grammy

It isn't always what you say said...

++ 23:36 Anonymous said... Track's supposed opinion of a nameless "ex-boyfriend" who "made things up"

That is comical! Not as comical that she is using Track, the military son she is so proud of, I wonder if he knew she was doing that. Were Track and Levi into hockey and wasn't that how the families were once friends?

I'm with you about the lawyers insisting that there would be no Levi or she would have to tone down to a place of nice and she couldn't make herself do that. She went with putting the wedge between Track and Levi.

The trouble with nameless and "ex-boyfriend" is that while everyone may assume Levi, it still leaves speculations about Bristol, that doesn't help redeem her reputation in the history books.

Mercede or team Levi may be the savvy media manipulators that leaked the rumor that Sarah would dis Levi, but when I first heard no Levi in book and knew of the rumor, I thought of leak and Carl Rove. Mercede wasn't who first came to my mind.

Leadfoot said...

Everything this woman says is a backhanded insult!:

"Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. “She just has such low self-esteem,” Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. “She just feels she can’t trust anybody.”

TRANSLATION: "I'll get that Katie. I'll tell everyone that she has such low confidence and make her look like she can't do her job well."
(Projection much?!)

"Oh sure, I'd like to take Levi under my wing, bring him into the fold -- he needs that."

TRANSLATION: "Levi's own family sucks. He'd be much better off if he were one of us."

UGH....what an EVIL, IMMATURE, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE loser of a woman!

Anonymous said...

Jessie, you are delusional. Your interpretations of things are way off. So far the things Sarah has said that have been realeased make her look like a bratty child. She does not look good.
Why does your life revolve around attacking people who stand up to Sarah? It's pathological-get some help-you seem like a nice guy but your beliefs about Sarah are frankly false. Your devotion to her despite mounds of objective evidence that show she is a fraud, is also pathological. Why do you care about making people who don't agree with you look bad. Unless you are paid, it's really over the top behavior. It's abnormal. Get a life. Sarah doesn't care about you. Yet you act like you know her.
And you don't, do you?

Anonymous said...

I remember that during Sarah's sister's divorce proceedings involving Trooper Wooten, Sarah and Todd were admonished by the judge to stop making their terrible remarks about Wooten in front of his children, as this amounted to child abuse. Must have been some pretty nasty statements to warrant a comment from the judge.

Now think about a custody hearing involving Tripp. If Sarah had anything equally nasty in her book about Levi (and it might have been in there originally), I can see a judge excluding Sarah on the same basis, especially if she sought to prejudice public opinion against Levi by using her book to trash him. I bet that a smart lawyer saw the anti-Levi rhetoric as coming back to bite Sarah in the butt.

As for the comments about Katy Couric, they are ridiculous. All one has to do is see how badly Sarah did in her interviews. She admitted to Oprah that it didn't go well at all. Katy was a guest on David Letterman's show after the election. They joked about the night that John McCain cancelled, and was supposed to be rushing back to Washington to save the economy. Instead, he showed up on CBS Nightly News. Then Couric mentioned that there was worse footage involving Sarah Palin that was never aired. Dave pressed Katy, and she was gracious enough not to go into details. She did imply that Sarah was not smart.
(We know that Sarah thought that it would be a cupcake interview, so she didn't prepare. Showed it!)

NakedTruth said...


I still say that something went on with that NY trip that Sarah took with Bristol back in October 2007. Below is what the AP reported about this trip while fact checking Going Rogue. I am still trying to understand why they stayed 5 days and 4 nights for a 5-hour women's conference.

PALIN: Says she made frugality a point when traveling on state business as Alaska governor, asking "only" for reasonably priced rooms and not "often" going for the "high-end, robe-and-slippers" hotels.

THE FACTS: Although travel records indicate she usually opted for less-pricey hotels while governor, Palin and daughter Bristol stayed five days and four nights at the $707.29-per-night Essex House luxury hotel (robes and slippers come standard) overlooking New York City's Central Park for a five-hour women's leadership conference in October 2007. With air fare, the cost to Alaska was well over $3,000. Event organizers said Palin asked if she could bring her daughter. The governor billed her state more than $20,000 for her children's travel, including to events where they had not been invited, and in some cases later amended expense reports to specify that they had been on official business.

KaJo said...

"...the report that "Going Rogue" has trimmed down mention of Levi to Track's supposed opinion of a nameless "ex-boyfriend" who "made things up" is almost comical..."

...if it weren't for the fact that Sarah Palin has thrown Bristol Palin under the bus AGAIN.

By not actually naming who the boyfriend was, Mommy Dearest is solidifying the speculation that the boyfriend was one of many for Bristol...which leads to more speculation about "who's the baby daddy, really? And just how promiscuous was Bristol Palin?

When will Bristol Palin stop being a dupe and a pawn for her mother, and tell her publicly to walk the walk, and talk the talk -- i.e., "STOP MAKING THINGS UP YOURSELF, MOM!"?

Anonymous said...

Track is upset because while he got bundled up and shipped overseas, Levi is living it up and making money.

Track must have been in a lot of trouble for him Mom to work so quickly to get him out of the public eye.


Patrick said...

Naked Truth

I fully agree that something happened during this New York trip (however, there was also Bristol's visit to the MTV show on October 8, 2007 which could in theory be a reason for the long stay).

My guess is that some extensive medical examinations of the pregnant Bristol happened during this trip in NY.

Anonymous said...

Will Levi take the Donald's advice and move quietly away from Sarah and let her control the media?

Will Levi set her "making stuff up" straight and go viral with the truth?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan has just added another "Odd Lie of Sarah Palin"

Anonymous said...

I could only find one mention of Levi in the book, just from skimming. I posted it at Bree's site, it is pretty brief, I could see how it would be missed by someone in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I think that one indirect reference is merely a little flexing of Palin's claws and actually does her more harm than good. The fact is, Levi Johnston's name appears to have been completely eliminated. It's as if he never existed as far as the Palins are concerned. She needs to stop putting words in her kids mouths. BTW didn't Track return recently from Iraq? When did he make the comment? Something is not right about this report as far as I can tell ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ KaJo "..if it weren't for the fact that Sarah Palin has thrown Bristol Palin under the bus AGAIN."

Sarah is showing signs of compassion, this time her brother is under the bus with her, she is not alone.

As a publicist will tell you, get out with your story, preferably the truth. If you want to clear up negative rumors you don't keep convoluting and muddying the water.
Sarah knows what she is doing and she knows she will only make things worse with her toxic con jobs.

I am "watching" Bristol because she is the key to some of Sarah's biggest lies. When Bristol is well enough to speak for herself that will be a turning point. The same for Track. I'm sorry he has turned into a big wuss.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anon @1.40
The babygate bloggers need a super secret operative prepared to scan pages of the book for us.

You have been chosen ;-)

ella said...


"As for Sarah Palin's book, it will quickly become the official source of what went on between Levi and the Palin family. What she writes will be devastating for Levi, but not for her."
Jesse Cornish 02 November 2009 22:34

Anonymous said...

Track made the comment from a desert outpost 6000 miles away. Wink wink! They must get episodes of Tyra over there.

Patrick said...

Anon 01:40

You DO know that my email is


You couldn't send us scans of her pregnancy story, could you? Please...!

Anonymous said...

Sarah's working on her soviet-style.
Back in the USSR, historical people used to disappear all the time. In this light you can understand why Levi doesn't appear in the book.

Look at her facebook pronouncements. They are nothing more than soviet-style pronouncements. No discussion. No questions. Very dictatorial.

Soviet-style is Sarah Palin's style.

Anonymous said...

I don't have access to a scanner. (I'm mobile) But I don't think there is anything too exciting about the Birth. I will review it again. I just can't imagine a woman that has had two miscarriages in her life would risk a special needs baby in such a way. (wildride) Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

haha! Sarah releases a facebook update complaining about the AP's snagging of Going Rogue and the media retaliates by posting screenshots of pages from her book. Gotta love the media!

This is a good day!

BTW you just have to see the ghostwriters latest note - as far as Palin is concerned the judicial system in the USA does not work. She's definitely becoming more hysterical by the hour.

Anonymous said...

What you say about the miscarriages confirms something that one of our sources told us! We were way too careful with that information.

Was this mentioned in the book?

Anonymous said...

Is Carrie Prejean in the book? There are 16 pages of pictures, I've heard. Is that the "substantive policy" that Rush Limbaugh's talking about?

Anonymous said...

There is some risk that this book is going to be stopped by the publisher for being non-factual.

oprah won't like that said...

Can they just change it to fiction, 02:26?

I will watch Oprah if she does another program, like with the "million pieces" (name?) book.

Anonymous said...

Levi would have nothing to loose by suing Palin should she have trashed him. The case would be between Levi and her. Has nothing to do with the custody as that is between him and Bristol. Therefore Palin was probably advised to remove anything regarding Levi.

As far as anything to do with the campaign and individuals, it would be an embarrassment for any law suit, so would never happen. Many involved in the campaign make they're living working with politicians and campaigns. Add to it the fact, McCain has talked to various people but nothing will leak out about the conversations. There is no way he's been able to avoid it or been able to keep it totally to himself. He wants to make sure his 'buddies' know so it doesn't appear to have been him. That's what it's about in the political bubble but Palin was not intelligent enough to play the game.

Anonymous said...

Countdown with Lawrence - Levi remarked about Palin's comments on Oprah regarding Thanksgiving. Levi said you can tell by her laugh she was full of it. He also said it was a nice gesture, but she didn't mean it. And that it would be awkward for him.

McCain told his camp not to respond at all.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard about Sarah's miscarriages before the book. One after track & one before Piper (I think). That's a lot of sadness.

Patrick said...

Anon 02:47

Is that written about the miscarriages in the book, or do you have another source?

Anonymous said...

Levi should give $carah that Silver Dildo award, don't cha think...

Leadfoot said...

Patrick -
My side hurts from laughing at the comments on the Wonkette post. OMG - SOOO funny!!

Thanks for posting that one!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan: Palin Wanted To Sue The Dish

Anonymous said...

She is blowing herself up. She is too dumb to know that she is blowing herself up. This is delusion on a grand scale.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've heard it before from a source very close to her - a source who also told me that Palin was obsessed with this blog for much of the campaign. But today a Wall Street Journal reporter also came across that story, asked me for comment and is publishing it tomorrow. Apparently, the idea was quashed because it was thought a libel suit wouldn't work (duh) and it would only give me and the Dish more publicity (double duh). Much better to ignore me completely, and to smear me as a loon, and get Palin lapdog Howie Kurtz to do your dirty work, as the campaign wisely did.

But two thoughts: has she ever heard of discovery?

Palin Wanted to Sue The Dish

Anonymous said...

To use Track to comment that the kid was making things up. That from a person who was deployed during the pregnancy and birth. That from a person with a criminal record? The Army called him because he was volunteering - Not!

Just what someone wants to read or hear about in the middle of a war zone -- Palin, Toad & Bristol whining!!

But then do I believe he said it -- NO. Lies are the main identifier in the Palin DNA

Anonymous said...


Grandfather, Keith Johnston, was involved with the kids and hockey. Track and Levi were into hockey. That is their childhood and youth, those are their roots.

It takes an especially cold and evil person to write in a book (Tripp will want to know about family one day) that kind of bullshat. Like it or not it is a book that will be a part of the seamy side of Alaskan history.

Tripp will be proud of whoever gets to the truth behind all these stories. If his mother and uncle hold on to their roles as silent conspirators too long they will be shamed along with Grandma, Grand pa, the greats and all others that are enabling these frauds.

Anonymous said...

"It is not libel to ask a politician to verify a public claim relevant to her campaign that seems weird on inspection, especially when the verification would have been easy. But to Palin, such questions were outrageous!"
Palin Wanted to Sue The Dish

Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

She is trying to get even. She is trying to get the last word in. But she is showing everyone how stupid and small minded she is.

Someone of McCain's people said that when you get through reading this book you will understand why no more than 25% of the people would vote for her for President. It's really a tragedy that that many would vote for her.

Anonymous said...

HuffPo obtained the forward in Sarah's book where she thanks (some) in the media. The list reads like a who's who of Fox News. I like the fact that she uses the same phrase that she used in Wisconsin to cheers, "Don't let let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up."

In the acknowledgments section of her book "Going Rogue", obtained by the Huffington Post on Friday, Sarah Palin thanks her friends in the media — by first name only:

To some media professionals whom I admire because you don't let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up, please keep making the idiots' heads spin. Thanks for not taking our Freedom of the Press for granted, you bold and patriotic, fair and balanced media folks. Keep calling it like you see it: Amanda, Andrew, Ann, Bill(s), Bob, Cal, Dennis, Dick, Eddie, Fred, Glenn, Greta, Hugh, Joey, John, Jonah, Larry, Laura, Lou, Mark, Mary, Michael, Michelle, R.A.M., Rich, Rush, S.E., Sean, Tammy, Walter.... And there are more. I join you in standing up for what is right. Remember that as your voice is heard and your spine is stiffened, the spines of others are stiffened, too.

Some of the first names seem easily attached to last names — Ann Coulter, Bill(s) O'Reilly & Kristol, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, for instance — while others aren't quite as clear.

Anonymous said...

$arah goes rogue with the truth:

Kat said...

When "the book" originally came out on Amazon & Barnes & Noble, it was listed as having 432 pages, now it's listed as having 413 pages. Obviously the 19 pages devoted to trashing Levi had to be removed. Go Levi!

My wv is hyped. I'm hyped to see $carah revealed as the creep (kind word for her) she is.

Mac And Cheese Wiz said...

Thanks for an informative and entertaining read! I found the miscarriage information juxtaposition with the wild ride with ruptured membranes astonishing!

And blame goes around to everyone but herself for her utter failures.

indy_girl said...

"She also contends she was prepped to give non-answers during her debate with Joe Biden...."

...Sarah also says she purposely made herself look like a complete backwoods illiterate with Katie Couric "just for fun!"; pretended not to remember any Supreme Court cases when she was asked for some because she hates "all that boring ethical stuff!"; and believed that a radio host speaking with a fake Pepe LePew French accent was, in fact, French President Nicolas Sarkozy...because she had seen a grey poupon commercial the day before and "it sounded JUST the same with all those 'zees' and 'zose'!"

pjenkins1661 said...

I've tried to post this on HP and it gets scrubbed everytime. I am in health care and Sarah Palins behavior, speech, body language, all of it screams substance abuse. The narcisism, denial, blaming, victim mentality are all indicative of a person with an addiction.

Anonymous said...


ArmchairJane said...

I agree with those that think some anti-Levi stuff was removed at the last minute (the missing 19 pages, thanks Kat, for that info!)

If Palin really did leave out Levi on purpose from the start, I agree with Lilybart and others that by leaving out, she is even more petty and immature than I thought!

Earlier this evening I was reading one of the links that talked about sociopaths and their lying, delusions of grandeur, etc. The information is personally interesting, since I have had the misfortune to know and have to deal with someone who meets the criteria, and the lying that this person will do, even when the truth is known, is amazing.

Then I got back over here just in time to see that this book seems like it's going to blow things wide open. Even without trashing Levi Sarah has told so many easily refutable lies and changed her stories about the Katie Couric interview and other things on the campaign so many times that only the most crazed fan can still actually think she's credible as a candidate for high office.

She is so unaware of how difficult that she is to advise, as well as being so unable to trust others, that if some of what the campaign staff told her in later stages was not completely candid, it was probably because they had already learned the hard way that the truth simply would not work. Criticism of her was definitely out of the question, no matter how constructive. So who knows, maybe Wallace really did tell her Couric had low self-esteem, but if she did, it was probably because the campaign knew she had to do some interviews on networks other than Faux News, and by that time was desperate to do anything to get her to be a team player.

I would think if Sarah were such a political genius that she would be aware that the network evening news programs all have more viewers than even Bill O'Reilly, with his high *cable* ratings does. And also I would think she would have realized that she needed to make her case beyond only such a polarizing network as Faux News.

CR46 said...

First of all, abortion is the medical term, not miscarriage. Second of all, Sarah is admitting to a second trimester abortion(its and abortion if the fetus is alive or not) and I admit very needed(no one wants a rotting corpse inside of them...but then again Sarah wants to limit women from having this very basic procedure.

Anonymous said...

ArmchairJane, what makes you think Levi is worth a single sentence in Governor Palin's book? What has he done to deserve it?

Anonymous said...

Levi is worth more, and is more authentic and truthful and sincere all of the Palins combined.

This character cornish is a pathetuic troll.

Why not go into a pro or anti Carrie Prejean site and take a break.

Two liars, interchangeable.

Anonymous said...

And tell my, anonymous, what has Levi done to so earn your trust?

Anonymous said...

Someone's still jealous of Levi!

Anonymous said...

Levi is a good dude. Period. Unlike certain women, he seems incapbale of lying. Rather he seems, outside of being discreet, chivalrous to the extreme.

The only decent one in that crowd. (Except Piper who is still in the formation period, but who is being twisted as we write)

Anonymous said...

As far as Levi, he assumes he is Tripps father, loves him, and is supporting him.

He knows Palin talk. NOOOO pronounced as knew means its a lie. He knows her laugh, and fake smile. He isn't a dumb bunny.

Anonymous said...

To the last two posters, you know this information how, exactly?

Anonymous said...

JC = Volunteer Palingates Publicist! THANKS, JC!

Marcy said...

I can't stand Palin but I don't see how you can say you have FACTS to prove her pregnancy was faked. Nothing you have posted here supports that.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the whole site, Marcy? Do YOU know how a 43/44 year-old woman in her 7th pregnancy , including 2 "miscarriages," would be allowed to leak amniotic fluid for hours while choosing to "give a speech," then fly from Dallas (bypassing hospitals there) to Seattle (bypassing hospitals there), then another flight from Seattle to Anchorage (bypassing hospitals there), and then CHOOSE to drive for an additional hour to have the baby in a facility less equipped than the Anchorage hospital for NICUl? Oh, and NO flight attendants noticed she was pregnant?

These are facts, Marcy, as reported by Palin herself. Please explain them for us. Thanks.