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"Inspired" by Sarah Palin: Re-Writing History and the Use of Religion as a Political Weapon

Firstly, I would like to thank Leah Burton from "" for cross-posting her excellent article yesterday on palingates, which should be the start of a fruitful cooperation. In order to maximise forces in the fight against the extreme right and Christian Fundamentalists, Regina and I hold the view that bloggers should seek ways to cooperate in order to extend their readership. Therefore we are very thankful that Leah Burton has agreed to publish further articles on palingates in the future.

Secondly, I am sorry that in the first hours after Leah's article was posted, the comments were dominated by the discussion about a controversial picture with strong content which I had originally posted at the beginning of Leah's article. The heated discussion took attention away from the content of the article, which was not what we intended. The picture proved to be too distracting from the content of the article. This very controversial montage showed Sarah Palin as Jesus on the cross and can be found here. I am just linking to it and won't show it on the blog - therefore, if such a strong parody of religious symbols can violate your feelings, please don't look at it.

However, I found the discussion about the picture also very interesting, and I made a few new discoveries myself.

I understand that people's religious feelings can easily be offended by such an image, but I just would like say that the whole point of posting the picture with Sarah Palin as Jesus on the cross was to point out how Sarah Palin herself abuses religion and religious feelings for example by declaring herself a victim aka martyr whenever somebody criticizes her.

Sarah Palin plays the "victim-card" on a regular basis and clearly aims to prevent that any kind of critical questions are being asked of her by hiding behind her "holier-than-thou" cover. I am quite sure that we will be able to see this again in the "Oprah" interview. Criticizing Sarah will make you instantly part of the potentially evil "liberal media", or even worse, the "anklebiters" - aka the people who are "after her". Sarah has never ever admitted to have made a mistake. It's always others who are to blame. She clearly believes that she is on a mission, and that she can do no wrong.

Although such a picture can easily violate religious feelings, I also think that it proved this point quite effectively.

It's Sarah Palin herself who shamelessly exploits religious and patriotic feelings of citizens on a daily basis. I am a bit sad that parodies on religion provoke such strong feelings nowadays, as so many hypocritical politicians in the USA use religion as a "cover" at the same time and get away with it. These politicians should be called out and should be reminded that religion and government have to be strictly separated in a modern society. However, as an example, the man who "prayed over" Sarah Palin in 2005, "Bishop" Thomas Muthee, who she accepts as a spiritial leader, clearly doesn't believe in the separation of church and state. That's where the problems begin.

During the discussion today, I discovered that only recently the artist Jon McNaughton presented a painting called "One Nation Under God". This painting was "inspired by a vision" that the artist had during the 2008 elections, and it is in my view an attempt to re-write history in order to make propaganda for a theocracy. Jon McNaughton has presented the picture on his interactive website, which loads slowly, but is worth looking at because you can hover over the picture and read detailed explanations about what the painter had intended to express.

A very good website with detailed commentary about this painting can be found here.

In addition, Jon McNaughton's interactive website has been parodied in a very funny way here!

I thought that the art of making paintings for purposes of political propaganda had ceased to exist, but apparently this does not seem to be the case.

The worst thing is that Jon McNaughton tries to re-write history with his painting because he creates the impression that all the "founding fathers" and basically all of the "good people" within the US population would accept Jesus as their "political leader".

A real eye-opener in my opinion is another other picture in which somebody included REAL quotes of some of the depicted people in the painting "One Nation Under God" - here:

(please click on picture to enlarge and read the quotes)

I wonder whether mainstream politicians in the USA today would be able or willing to say similar things (“The Bible is not my book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma” - Abraham Lincoln). I think that they will most likely keep quiet in order not to upset any of their voters. That's why ultra-religious politicians such as Sarah Palin can then have a "free ride", and we should all pray to God, if we believe in him or not, that Sarah Palin will never ever become the President of the United States. If that happened, the Americans would not know what hit them. That's the reason why we all spend so much of our free time in the fight against Sarah Palin, because this woman has to be exposed.

There is in my view a very dangerous movement on the rise in the USA with their "back to the ancestors and founding fathers" ideology, in which the views and beliefs of the founding fathers are being horribly distorted. I am actually quite pleased that the artist painted "One Nation Under God" because the picture (especially in connection with the artist's statements on his website) very clearly shows the entire narrow-mindness and hypocrisy of these people, and their shameless attempt to re-write history. As the artist Jon McNaughton painted the picture as a response of his "visions" during the 2008 presidential campaign, it is also not a coincidence at all that the school-teacher in the painting looks like Sarah Palin, that the little child with the mother is "handicapped" and that the "Liberal News Reporter" looks like Katie Couric.

So it doesn't come as a big surprise that the Palinbots just love the painting - in a funny coincidence, C4P yesterday published a post about Jon McNaughton's painting, and predictably as always, they go on to praise Sarah Palin's faith:

"One of the things that impressed me about Governor Palin from the beginning was her 'fearless faith.' She didn't hesitate to express her belief in God and her belief that all children were precious in His sight. Her courage to stand with and stick to her convictions made a significant impact on me."

I personally think that painters should absolutely refrain from making political propaganda paintings in general, after so many abuses of this artform in the past - and "One Nation Under God" isn't the only picture of that kind that Joe McNaughton has created. Also, imagine how the right-wingers would react if a painter for example would make a picture with President Obama in the center, with all the founding fathers, soldiers and "good Americans" surrounding him and admiring him - you would be able to hear Glenn Beck screaming from thousands of miles away!

They would be equally offended by this picture as I am appalled by the abuse of Jesus Christ for political purposes - and propaganda paintings have never done the world any good . After all, they were used with considerable enthusiasm by sinister individuals like...

...and like...

...and a painter is doing his object of worship no favour if he uses the same techniques. We now live in the 21st Century, and we should try to avoid all the grave mistakes which were made during the 20th Century.

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Amy1 said...
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Anonymous said...

Patrick isn't attacking religion, he's discussing the importance of separation of church and state as well as the use of religion in political take overs throughout history.

It's an important topic.

Patrick said...

Sorry, Amy1, I don't understand. Sarah Palin is ALL about religion, or the "abuse" of religion, as I have made very clear in my article. If we cannot even discuss it, then we have already lost the fight, I am afraid. I didn't insult religion here at all - exactly the opposite is the case. I want politicians like Sarah Palin to stop exploiting religious feelings for their political purposes.

"Religiongate" is one of Regina "gates" already for a long time, by the way. This is not just a "babygate" blog, Regina has always made this very clear.

Anonymous said...

I found this very pertinent to Palingates. It may be the biggest of
pearly gates.

Anonymous said...


Regina has a section here called Religiongate. The function of this blog is not just the subject of Babygate.

Sarah Palin wraps herself in her religion. The c4peers and Team sarah people do the same...have you seen the number of pictures there depicting Sarah as a saint? There are hundreds of them.

You don't want to discuss this topic. So don't, but Do yourself a favor and read Blumenthals book...maybe then you just might get it.

midnightcajun said...

I wonder how many of these idiots know that those two lines they love to quote-- "one nation under God" and "In God We Trust"--were only added in the 1950s. The founding fathers were Deists inspired by the Enlightenment, not Christians inspired by the Bible. The ironic thing is, even if the "This country was founded as a Christian nation" crowd were right, so what? Haven't they heard of something called PROGRESS?

Anonymous said...

I am delighted you wrote on this topic, Patrick.

Anonymous said...


Did you read Patrick's post because nowhere in it does he attack religion or disparage it. His point is that politicians regularly abuse religion for their own ends.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

This is a totally worthwhile discussion! All these wing nut groups and think tanks have all these names "patriot, family, council, values, policies" etc to cloak their real issue RELIGION!!!
They have done their best to hijack or steeple jack the GOP now they feel they can branch out with their own Theocracy!!!
This is huge! And palin is right in the thick of it and has been for quite some time!
Its time to wake up and smell the coffee!
I'm wondering... Patrick do you see this happening in the UK as well? Or is this a American Phenom?
Somehow I got on Newts snail mail and every mail he sends out is:"they are trying to take god out of the square" and I'm like WTF is he talking about? Everyone Read Max's book, Read Leah's book Theopalinism, read "the family"!
They are hijacking a church on your street! If you go to church you should be gravely concerned b/c not only your church but instilling their values, anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, anti-EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Your overall goal here Patrick is to claim that Sarah Palin is dangerous because she would implement a radical ideology if she ever became President? That's what you said in a nutshell.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Alaska is not a theocracy right now. So you guys must have avoided Sarah Palin's ultimate plan. I think if she was ever President, you could relax knowing you would not be persecuted for not following Sarah Palin's belief system.

The fact is that the allegation that there is some secret conspiracy among conservatives, Christians, and Republicans to take over the nation and enact Biblical rule is absurd. It is a scare tactic to smear conservatives who are not afraid to express their religion openly.

Patrick said...

Very good new post by Andrew Sullivan about Levi Johnston:

Andrew Sullivan about Levi Johnston – November 1, 2009

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Of course some "conservatives" will refuse to see the forest for the trees....maybe their church has been Steeple jacked, in "the family" they describe the father of conservatism starting in the 1930's during the depression, mad about the unions trying to help middle class families...The capitalist owners in their swanky hotel rooms were livid!They held "prayer meetings" to stop the union movement and donated $ against the unions.
Those evil Unions!!! Doesn't it sound a bit familiar...trying to get healthcare and all the capitalists don't want it? We are in a depression fault of PO's but the administration before him and lack of regulation...Read the Family you will be shocked!
You Betcha!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting Andrew Sullivan article, indeed, Patrick. I have always wondered how Levi Johnston lived with the Palin family while working on the North Slope. Alas, he did not answer my query.

Patrick said...


Thanks a lot for your comments! I like your passion for the subject! :-)

Regarding your question: No increase of "religious activism" in Europe is visible right now. If there is anything happening "beneath the surface", I wouldn't know. However, it doesn't seem to me that religion plays a significant role in politics in Europe.

But it is interesting to note that especially in the UK, the "protection" of religion or religious symbols has been increased during the last years (anti-hate legislation). It seems to me that controversial discussions about religion especially in the UK are usually avoided these days, in order not to offend certain religious groups.

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Given your reasoning that Levi was working on the North Slope and couldn't have been living with the Palin's can you explain how on earth he was at the birth of his son? You know of the inconvenient photos of Levi in the hospital with a baby, don't you?

It's clear he worked some weeks on, lived with the Palins and then went back to work. That's the answer isn't it? How else would he have been around for those birth photos otherwise?

the norwegian blue said...

You have a point, Amy1. Here's my different take on the discussion: this article is a great perspective on the underlying reason why we all care so deeply about the multiple transgressions of Sarah Palin.

Surely there are hundreds of other politicians around the country over the years who have lied, abused their power and violated the trust of their constituents. But why does this one short woman, no longer even a politician, inspire such dedicated smart people around the country to pursue justice for her "gates"? And why, conversely, is she a national beacon for her legion of followers?

Patrick's graphics and thoughtful analysis make the point. SP's simplistic theocracy is what this country was founded to prevent, and in fact what we are fighting against (theoretically) with the Taliban. Not wanting to discuss religion doesn't get you very far in understanding the power SP wields. She sings a siren song of rapture & vindication by a Higher Power for the uneducated and "victimized."

But how do you fight her? Not ad hominem, you can never dissuade her bots, but practically, with the "gates"...Nixon's Watergate was a relatively small transgression, and clinching any one of hers will start to let the air out of her balloon as well . So you are right, Amy1, revenons a nos moutons. But with full consciousness of the long historical battle for a republic free of religious crackerdogs. The "good in religion" will not be insulted, never fear!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks Patrick :)
So this "patriot,wingnut, family values BS" is a American phenom...?
Well we know they go to other countries to "spread the word"! Many indigenous cultures have been swallowed in the name of Religion and this is truly sad!
I am firm believer in Region and politics should NEVER meet. I am a truth seeker and try to honor all religions although this has been very hard since Grifter/Gino came on the scene. Many followers of metaphysics are alarmed at what is happening now. True Christians are Alarmed and say of Palin "She is NOT A CHRISTIAN!"
They/She/Fundies are the American Taliban!
They want a theocracy, like their Muslim fundy counterparts!
Patrick/Regina thanks for shedding light on this...You are getting many blog hits now :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Truly Madly Deeply: It is my understanding that slope work is something like work one week off two or work 2 off one, something like that, so Levi would of been at the la casa de palin in between working at the slope which I heard he started in Oct 08? As we all know the first dude also worked on and off at the slope.
So yes I believe he was staying at palins in between being at the slope.

Patrick said...


It seems to me that this "parallel world" which the right-wingers in the US have created for example with their vast numbers of wingnut websites and the relentless propaganda by Fox News is a phenomenon which has not "crossed the border" so far. Also, the importance of religion has certainly decreased a lot during the 20th century in Europe. Politicians over here are under no pressure to declare openly whether they believe in God or not. It also causes no stir for example if a politician chooses to swear the oath of office without the religious part ("so help me God"). By the way: The new German foreign secretary is openly gay (after having won a very convincing victory in the elections).

I really hope that those religious nuts in the USA won't get a chance for a takeover. This would not be just a domestic American problem. These "Christians" seem to love their wars - "crusades" would probably be the better description.

I strongly believe that the USA can successfully reclaim its position as the moral and economic lead in the world. But only if the main goal is world peace. This huge military machine in the US is far too tempting for the wingnuts. This is one of the main reason why I am active here.

truly Madly Deeply said...


That's exactly what I think ;-)

Anonymous said...

Truly Madly Deeply:

Actually, I haven't seen those photos, but that is besides the point.

We can't verify that anything Levi is saying is really true. That's my overall point. There are far too many inconsistencies in his story.

His endgame is coming. Wait for November 17. It'll be like an early Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This is your mom. Have you done your homework for tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

@Patrick, I totally agree with you re: the military industrial complex and the future of America. Thank you for your activism. We must strive for world peace.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

I can guess what Sarah will say in the book.....

That she never supported the relationship.

That he was always in trouble.

Difficult family background.

That she sent Bristol away to break up the relationship.

That somehow or other they got back together without her knowledge

That Bristol got pregnant after "doing it" just the one time.

That they then took Levi under their wing.

Welcomed him as a son

That he threw that loving gesture back in their faces.

That he tried to blackmail them

And finally despite all that they want him to remain a constant part of Tripp's life.

I think that that will be her story.

It will be predictable and sad.....and I for one am not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Patrick. I just couldn't bring myself to look at that picture of SP. I left another comment on the last post; it's worth repeating here, in part.

This is the oldest existing republic in the world, how awesome is that? A republic governed by consent with a Constitution setting forth a liberal government with liberal principalities, the first in history. How doubly awesome is that? Check it out, that's where freedom of speech and freedom of religion came from, liberal principalities. And yet, there are those who believe they are more patriotic, more righteous than I because I do not believe their doctrines. And there are those who desire to rewrite the Constitution so it will conform to their doctrines.

I heard years ago, someone said communism would take over America without a shot being fired, through the children. At that time, I thought, in their dreams; now, not so much so.

I thought that picture of SP on the head of an angel was insulting enough. I was shocked to learn about this one. Look at her record, her job performance, what puts her up so high and mighty? Only in the minds of those who choose to worship a man or the doctrine of man. I repeat, look at her job performance; would a person who walks with God have such a poor record? She earned criticism, and she has done nothing extraordinary.

That other picture I thought it was disgusting, too. That photo was using the image of Jesus to sell a man's doctrine. Jesus said love thy neighbor as thyself. I don't see that reflected in that image.

That is why I am a strong advocate for the separation of church and state. Methinks the bullies are trying to take over!

Thanks, Patrick, and keep up the good work! This is an important issue, and I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

One reason that the talk about religion and politics is C Street. Rachel Maddow did a number of excellent interviews with a guy, Frank Schaeffer, who lived there and then wrote about the experience.

Called a religious organization, C Street is home to representatives and senators in Washington DC who share a far right religious ideology. Among its famous residents were people who were anything but good Christians practicing good family values-- Gov. Sanford lived there when we lived in Washington, before he went hiking on the Apalachian Trail. Senator Ensign, another famous cheater lives there, and Rachel disclosed a number of these religious hypocrites whose motto seems to be "Do as I say, not as I do."

Loose religious group sharing values? Hardly; they are part of a well funded and well organized movement, driven by the extreme parts of religious belief, and Maddow has done excellent programs about them. The author, Frank Schaeffer, has written extensively on the subject of the Far-Right Evangelicals and was her guest for these programs.

Is Sarah connected with them? Her nomination appears to have been driven by Rev.Dobson and his branch of the Republican Party, and at some point, all of these similar interests may intersect. We certainly have to keep an eye on them and continue the discussion.

Patrick said...

Bree Palin just reported that the moderate conservative website "Little Green Footballs" had discovered that Doug Hoffman has signed "Glenn Beck's 9/12 Principles".

A true wingnut...what a surprise. ;-)

Doug Hoffman signed Glenn Beck’s 9/12 principles

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thank you Patrick, excellent article!

Religiongate is my primary concern and why I have followed the antics of Sarah Palin. Babygate is just a by-product, because it seemed to be the only avenue to bring public attention to her outright lie and absolutely bizarre act of faking a pregnancy.

Palin is simply the next puppet that the "Dark Side" is pushing to get into the upper echelons of government. As the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee, she was potentially one melanoma away from the White House.

When I first saw the video of Pastor Muthee, it sent chills down my spine, getting “their” people into government, education, business, etc. via their Seven Mountains. I keep calling them religious fanatics, but in reality they are money grubbing power mongers using religion as a tool to cast a shame upon those who do not “believe” as they do. The Republican Party stole the idea from the televangelists like Jimmy Swaggert and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker who convinced “believers” that Jesus wants you to send them your life savings – and they did! Those donations bought lovely life styles for those swindlers, extravagant life styles.

I would love to see Leah Burton make a guest post something along the lines of 'Religiongate for Beginners". Until I saw the Pastor Muthee video on Keith Olbermann's Coundown in mid September 2008, I had no knowledge of these other "religions", in particular the political dominionists like Palin. This prompted me to start searching about The Seven Mountains, Joel's Army, Gideon's Army, Assembly of God and Master's Commission, etc. OMFG, it was frightening to learn of the people who have already attained high positions in the government AND the military. It would be helpful to see a vocabulary list with links, for me and for others who are unfamiliar with the sanctimonious hypocrites that have creeped into our government.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the link to the Andrew Sullivan post.

Whatever SP has to say about Levi in her book, will come across as trying to shoot a gnat with a cannon. He is a KID. A not overly educated kid from a screwed up family. Nevertheless --- Levi was obviously considered good enough to date SP's daughter. He was good enough to be trotted out as Bristol's fiance. So anything nasty SP tries to say about him in her book will also raise the question of (1) why the Palins allowed him to come around in the first place, and (2) why they appeared so anxious to keep him, until the election that is. How do they explain how Levi turned into a pumpkin overnight?

Keeping Levi apart from whichever child he *is* being kept apart from is such a senseless move on Sarah's part. It's like she is just opening herself up for Levi to take her on.

Why? He is not the one who stands to lose from this fight. SHE IS.

In the overall scheme of things Levi is a total nobody. But Sarah is itching to be a big deal in politics (without doing any work for it, of course!). If her book trashes Levi, she has to know what kind of response she'll get from him! *Why* would Sarah deliberately egg Levi on?

Is Sarah that desperate for attention from Levi? That's what it seems like.


Anonymous said...

Just seen in the FeedJit on the right hand side - thought it was funny:

E*******, Maine arrived from on "palingates: Sarah Palin's dad" by searching for HOW CAN SARAH PALIN KEEP GRANDSON FROM SEEING HIS FATHER/ NOT A VERY NICE WOMAN.

Anonymous said...

Not a very nice woman indeed!

Patrick said...


Voters in Virginia now receive robocalls – they should vote for “Sarah Palin’s principles"

Archivist1000 said...

Who said:

Religion is the OPIUM of the People??? HINT: Marx

WHY? Because if you can get people to have 'faith' you can tell them anything, and they will believe it.

When a politician speaks of god, you know right away that the rest of the speech will be nonsense, because he/she is aiming it at people who do not THINK .

Religions are called FAITHS for a reason, otherwise they would be called KNOWLEDGES .. ( I made that up with I was about 15yrs old .. and I still think it is absolutely right on!)

Patrick said...

What exactly ARE Sarah Palin's principles...? I just wondered...

Try not to get caught while fiddling with your finances?

Try to keep sensitive family secrets inside the family?

Quit public office speedily if you can see the big bucks waiting for you on the horizon?

I really don't know...

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Someone has revised Joe McNaughton’s interactive One Nation Under God:

I found it from Huffington Post:

Archivist1000 said...

Patrick: ATM Sarah's "principals' are

1- granite or tile on the floors?
2- jacuzzi tub or steam room in Todd's 'man room'?
3- Drapes or blinds?
4- video surveillance or manned gatehouse?
5- warm tones or bright colours?
6- should the turret be higher or lower than the flagpole?

Give her a break, she has LOTS to think about, it's not easy building a Mansion!

Patrick said...



Anonymous said... have hit the nail on the head! I would think you personally know Palin as I do! S.H.

EyeOnYou said...

Interesting to note in the link to the CNN ticker link, those Robocalls Sarah is making in Virginia (hmmm, didn't she profess on the campaign trail during one of her *rogue phases* how she disliked them and she knew that most people did as well) are not paid for by Sarah Palin, but are in fact the phone blitz is being paid for by the Virginia Faith and Freedom Coalition, the state branch of a national conservative group founded by former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed.

Color me not surprised in the least.

Anonymous said...

To anyone who has difficulty understanding the relevance of Patrick's post:

5 words..."Separation of church and state."

Palin and her blind fans don't understand this concept.

Freedom of religion exists in our country....for all religions.... not just Christianity. That's why it's so important for separation of church and state. Period.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply offended that Chairman Mao has been called "sinister." In a beautiful painting, we see him leading peasants out of the fields, into the prosperous, industrialised China of today.

snowbilly said...

For another look at how Sarah Palin doesn't separate church and state, look into her talk at the Wasilla Assembly of God's Master's Commission graduation ceremony. There is video, in which Sarah Palin rambles on for some time until she tells the audience that she hadn't prepared any remarks. The state paid for her airfare to attend the address.

Anonymous said...

In 2007, a McClatchy new service story, detailed Palin’s improper use of state funds to travel to Wasilla Alaska on Sept 7th, 2007 and June 8th 2008, both for Wasilla Assembly of God Master’s Commission graduation ceremonies, and also a multi-church Wasilla event known as “One Lord Sunday.”

snowbilly said...

The video of her address at the Master's Commission graduation can be found via the 'religiongate' link on this website. It is in the post of May 18, 2009.

snowbilly said...

Palin's use of state funds to travel for religious purposes, where she urged students "to make sure God's will be done here" was reported in this McClatchy News article. Palin charged the state $519.20 for airfare and $120.00 for meals and other expenses.

Anonymous said...

From the McClatchy article:

Palin couldn't be reached for comment Friday as she campaigned for vice president. Her spokeswoman at the McCain campaign said she wouldn't grant an interview.

But Palin's spokeswoman in the governor's office, Sharon Leighow, said the state paid for the trip because Palin was invited to the events as the governor, not as a private citizen.

"I know for a fact she gave remarks at the Wasilla Assembly of God as governor of Alaska to the graduates of this particular program," Leighow said.


Has anyone looked for Sharon Leighow under a bus?

Anonymous said...

Truly Madly Deeply:

You may be closer to the truth about Sarah Palin's book than you think. Just watch and see. Wait until Bristol and Sarah put out their side of the story.

About this whole religion argument. You know, I've read both the Bible and the Age of Reason. It is good to have some sort of background on these things, as I've seen a lot of people on both sides talk about a book they haven't even read.

People who don't believe in God are not stupid. Thomas Paine, an ardent deist, believed in God. He was a founding father.

Benjamin Franklin, another deist, believed in God. He had a few simple principles he lived by, written about in his Autobigraphy. He was another founding father.

I've read books on Christian theology, well written and convincing in their application. Don't tell me they were written by a stupid man.

You see, when you overgeneralize like I see going on here, you become unwilling to see another person's perspective. For example, on something unrelated to religion, I can understand why some of you hold certain beliefs, such as "babygate." I consider it nonsense, but I can understand why you may hold it.

Attacking a person's religious beliefs in politics is a non-starter. It just looks petty and foolish, and is oft considered a below-the-belt blow. It even runs against the spirit of our Constitution, as there is no religious test for office required.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Bree has a good post about Sarah's robocalls in Virginia, even though Palin does not even mention the name of the candidate.

Anonymous said...

I have italicized portions of her address at the Wasilla church that show her blurring the line between church and state, from the McClatchy article:

"What I need to do is strike a deal with you guys as you go out throughout Alaska — I can do my part in doing things like working really, really hard to get a natural gas pipeline." Palin said. "Pray about that also. I think God's will has to be done, in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that. But I can do my job there, in developing our natural resources, and doing things like getting the roads paved, making sure our troopers have their cop cars and their uniforms and their guns, and making sure our public schools are funded.

"But really, all of that stuff doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska's hearts isn't right with God. And that's going to be your job," she said. "As I'm doing my job, let's strike this deal. Your job is going to be: to be out there, reaching the people, (the) hurting people throughout Alaska, and we can work together to make sure God's will be done here."

Palin's talk was recorded by the church and posted on its Web site. It has since been removed, but the video has been copied to multiple sites on the Internet ...


Why did the church find it necessary to remove the video from its website?

Anonymous said...

Praying for a gas line.

I don't even know what to say to a person who would ask to me to pray that God builds a gas line.

snowbilly said...

What a find: "But really, all of that stuff (activities as governor) doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska's hearts isn't right with God."

She couldn't be President then, either, unless Americans' hearts were right with God.

Whose God, Sarah Palin? Could you provide a transcript of His remarks to you and your understanding of them?

mwah said...

Douglas L. Hoffman's America
"a bit of a Republican civil war"
ABC's George Stephanopulos
What NY-23 Means
"After all, for Republican hardliners, the goal of this whole exercise was taking out Scozzafava. If Hoffman actually wins the race, that's just icing on the cake."

The power of images and propaganda
OT: video Preposterous Cover-up

Wasilla Bible Church
conservative brother said...
If Obama's hate church Trinity United met a smiliar fate, I have no doubt in my mind the people or person would have been caught.
Alaskan Independence Party

ProChoiceGrandma said...

This morning on MSNBC, that asshole Joe Scare-borough was mocking people who are worried about the ideology issues, predicting that the Dems would whine about “abooorrrtion” and “gaaay riiiights” issues and that people should be more concerned with taxes and jobs.

That’s how these Religious Reich people get their foot in the door. Once they get that boot inside the door, they start stomping on everyone’s rights that do not conform to their own lockstep.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin and her followers may be loony toonz, but Hitler got his start with the same sort of disenchanted, dead-enders she's paling around with. We need to be very vigilant. A lot of people in this country are poorly educated and misinformed, so they're easy prey for Sarah Palin and readily fall for her demogoguery.

Mata said...

No matter what the results in that race on Tuesday, the Republicans are the sure losers. This could be a gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats through 2010, and perhaps beyond.

@ Truly Madly Deeply _ I can agree you are close to what Vincent writes for Palin in their propaganda tool, Going Rogue.

I would find it odd if they are writing for Bristol, who is of an age that she should be capable to speak for herself. Most independent persons would tell a celebrity parent, don't write for me. If they inject comments from Bristol, how authentic will that be ? She never speaks up and appears to be manipulated. Not only by a controlling parent, but the church has an effect on her. Is Bristol a total mental and emotional cripple ? There is a reason she has no voice of her own ? What is it ? This is a person the Candies Foundation made an Ambassador (she doesn't do any public work). After months of zero it looks like Candies and Bristol are together in promoting a fake do nothing front. It all points back to religious beliefs with the Palins. We saw how Bristol looked with Greta of Fox. Will they steal her name and actually write for her this time ? It would be easier to fool people in a book.

midnightcajun said...

JC, if you want to understand the religious and philosophical beliefs of the founding fathers, you need to read a bit more deeply than Paine's Age of Reason, which was basically the "Deism for Dummies" of its time. I suggest you look at the works of Hume, Spinoza, and Voltaire. The French "philosophes" in particular had a profound effect on 18th century colonial thought.

One of the problems dogmatic Christians often have in understanding the works of deists is that they see the word "god" and automatically think in terms of their own mental construct of "God." Yes, the 18th deists believed in a "supreme architect." BUT they did not believe in the trinity, the divinity of Jesus, miracles, prophets, or the inerrancy of scripture, etc, etc. This is not Sarah Palin or Pat Robertson's "God".

Anonymous said...

Two points: 1) The "artist" is Jon (not Joe) McNaughton. 2) I'm wondering how JC "knows" what's in Vincent's book about Palin. Has he read the galleys? Did he receive a pre-publication copy?

Lisabeth said...

Sarahs book isn't even published yet. So how could anyone have read it to know what's in it? Unless they are one of Palins thugs. I hope she does go off on Levi in the book because it just shows the world that she is more suited to reality TV then public office. There is a reason why 7 out of 10 Americans think Sarah isn't qualified to be president. Her lack of knowledge and inabilty to discuss serious issues in our world are up there, but also she engages in juvenile high school tabloid stories in the press. Her family is up there with Kaie and John and octoman and how fitting she go on Oprah to promote her book. A serious politician would be on Meet the Press or CNN or other news shows. So I am glad she's going to blab about Levi in her book and on Oprah!

One has to wonder WTF is wrong with the supposed 3 out of ten that do think she is qualified. Some are single issue voters but many are simply uninformed about what a low class whack job Palin is. Going on Oprah is great and I sure hope she keeps pushing unqualified candidates like Hoffman. Palin is a gift to the Democrats and to comediennes everywhere! Hallelujah!

Lisabeth said...

I meant octomom not octoman!!! I am on an iPhone and it often self corrects spelling without my realizing it and I end up with typos!

Barb are you still out there? Come back!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah Palin has joined the tabloid circus.

Anonymous said...

How many Ambassadors have no public life?

Anonymous said...

I think Barb IS back. Just posting as Anonymous now.

EyeOnYou said...

There is no religious test for office....

What a bold faced lie this is. Look at all the worry and fear that Obama was a Muslim rather than a Christian, look at the issues Mitt R. faces due to his being a mormon. How often did we hear that people were afraid that Obama would use a Koran instead of a bible when he took his oath of office.

The rule of law says that there is no religious test, but the people, those who actually make up the "government" demand it.

BuffaloGal said...

midnightcajun @16:11 - that's really the root of it. The extreme right has distorted the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. Their revisionist bible and history books have allowed them to create a twisted view of reality. They bring their children up within this realm the kids are told that if anyone tries to tell them otherwise then it's Satan at work.

We're now seeing the children of the 70s, brain washed with revisionist history and end times warrior attitudes, coming to an age to be working their way into elected positions and positions in the business community. They were brought up to believe their mission is to take the world for Christ and to be prepared to be mocked, just as Christ was. They don't have a world view or a pyschological skill set to let them step outside of themselves to think logically. They have no need to go inward and look at their actions. Makes for a dangerous scenario on so many levels. I get shivers when I watch the video of the Wasilla Masters Commission or the Jesus Camp doc. They are welcome to their beliefs , as are we all, but when some believe that their mission it to impose God's will on others, well that's got to be stopped.

And, re: the image of crucified Palin - I understood the effort but found it insulting to the message of Christ. I'm not a church goer but I believe in the teachings of Jesus ( and others ) and felt uncomfortable seeing Palin's face and intentions put in place of a man that came in love and sacrifice. Hell, I'd have a hard time seeing her face put on the image of anyone good and decent. She's negative energy, through and through. Can't wait for her to be gone.

Anonymous said...

O/T - Here is the teaser for Levi's appearance on The Insider tonight:

No question was off limits for "The Insider" panel as they grilled the 19-year-old father to Palin's grandson Tripp with shocking questions about Palin's youngest child and whether she ever hit on Johnston.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more of church, adoptions, Dr. Baldwin-Johnson

Adoption . . .
"Adoption practice works on the premise that, in order to save the child, one must first destroy its mother." - Dian Wellfare, founder of Origins Inc.
If any other social or political group had, by legislation, a substantial part of their universal and human rights taken away simply because of circumstances of their birth, there would be a hue and cry of biblical intensity, of which the din would resonate into every home in the land.
But adoptees suffer quietly in the darkness of their imposed civil and moral rights dungeon, with nary a whimper, save the odd quiet push for modest legislative reform mostly on the local level, which usually gets nowhere fast.

Ambassador wants human trafficking to be known as slavery
United Nations estimate, "about 2.5 million people from 127 countries have been trafficked to 137 countries for purposes such as forced labour, sexual exploitation, the removal of organs and body parts, forced marriages, child adoption and begging."

Anonymous said...

I no want tease. No Levi, no Bristol and Sarah tease.

Where Levi go church?

Anonymous said...

There is still a custom of quiet familial adoption in Christian societies. Their reasoning is that it’s a happy outcome for everyone. Adoptive parents get something to keep them busy, baby grows up legitimate, teenage girl keeps her dignity and future, teenage boy doesn’t face shotgun marriage, and nobody asks questions.

Only Sarah could turn something, which in theory is honorable, into something so disgraceful. Based solely on her desire for power and her unquenchable greed

Anonymous said...

To midnightcajun:

I was responding to the poster who said that people who believe in God do not think. I gave some non-Christian examples of intelligent men who did believe in God. I would not claim Age of Reason is representative of all the founder's philosophies.

Our founding fathers were a diverse lot, with influences ranging from the Bible to Aristotle to Greek democracy. Some were deist and some were Christian. You can't make a blanket assumption about all their motives and backgrounds, but we can look at the end result, the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Ben Franklin rejected much of his Puritan upbringing: belief in salvation, hell, Jesus Christ’s divinity, and indeed most religious dogma.

As most rational thinkers would

Leah Burton said...

Great article Patrick! We will surely work in concert more...spreading the message broad-based is key.

I totally understand your point (and agree with you) on how Palin & Co are using the symbols of Christianity and bastardizing them fro their own purposes. And that IS the most blasphemous attack if one were defending Christianity.

It seems that we have arrived at a point where nary a critical remark can be uttered or you will be instantly labeled "anti-Christian" and/or atheist. One of the divides in Christianity in America today is the friction between "Mainstream Christians" and evangelicals.

MC accept the Bible as a lesson book of parables and evangelicals are turning themselves into psychopaths defending the inerrancy of every written word in the Bible! (except for those they are re-writing in the new and improved version coming to a bookstore near you in 2010)...

And the Slope? I worked there for 2 years in 1978-1980...on the British Petroleum side and at that time our schedule was 2 weeks on and 1 week off. During our week off we were flown to Anchorage and you could either live there, which many of my friends did, or galavant around the states (as I did).

So yes...Levi had more than enough time to "live" with the Palin's. I would submit WAY more time!


Patrick said...

Thanks Leah, I am glad you like it!

I am very happy to see that we have such an excellent discussion her on Palingates. We are having a great readership.

Levi Johnston is on "The Insider" apparently tonight. I have found a twitter account with more information - it doesn't seem to me that Levi has said anything revolutionary on the show which has just been taped.

Twitter – The Insider

Anonymous said...

Shocking questions often get boring denial answers, but I suppose bringing up babygate is a good thing, but not if Levi keeps covering.

Anonymous said...

You can't be an atheist and run for any major office other than city council in say, New York City.

THAT is a religious test.

Patrick said...

More news:

Anderson Cooper: Palin, Limbaugh and Beck Unite Moderate Republicans with Democrats and Independents

Some signs of hope.

Patrick said...

The article I just linked to really is a "must read". Anderson Cooper is dead on target there:

In keeping with the right-wing agenda of defeating moderate Republicans, the leadership was very clear about its goals. "The No. 1 victory will be to defeat Dede," stated Marjorie Dannenfelser, the leader of a group to elect candidates who oppose abortion. She has been joined by leaders of the National Organization for Marriage (translation: against the rights of gays and lesbians) and, of course, the tea- bagger movement.

Yes, their vitriol and attacks did have an impact. Dede Scozzafava withdrew her candidacy as her numbers collapsed. The conservative candidate gained momentum and even the endorsement of the Republican Party.

However, the conduct of these right-wing demagogues is also bringing together moderate Republicans, Independents and Democrats. Republican Dede Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat Bill Owens. The Watertown Daily Times, which serves Northern New York's
Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, switched from endorsing Scozzafava to Owens. In its endorsement, the Watertown Daily Times stated about the Conservative Republican candidate, "It is frightening that Mr. Hoffman is so beholden to right-wing ideologues who dismiss Northern New York as parochial when people here simply want to know how Mr. Hoffman will protect their interests in Washington."

Anonymous said...

No one know of Wassilla Church ? ?

Over Half Of Female FLDS Teens In Texas Custody Have Been Pregnant
Psychiatrist Said Girls In The FDLS-Sect Too Young and Immature For Marriage
FLDS Church

COfS Chased And Brought Back Members Who Tried To Leave

peninparadise said...

AKM's most recent post is up at HuffPo...

Great article! Please go show your support by commenting.

Anonymous said...

Most people on the slope now work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I doubt he even lasted 2 weeks. Once it was revealed SP got him the job despite the fact he had no diploma (a requirement for the job), he was whisked out of there in a hurry.

Toads position was in name only as well. He just had no time or qualifications to do whatever his title suggested. Another gift from the great Sarah. He was far too busy building houses, boats, iron dog training (5 hrs a day) and intimidating people.

Anonymous said...

By Frank Schaeffer on 11/2/2009

"Mark my words - tomorrow is the game changer"
"I look forward to the game changer!"
A Time to Unite "I want to personally thank Republican Dede Scozzafava" - Sarah Palin

GAME CHANGER BOEHNER: Listen, I'm a big believer in Ronald Reagan's 11 commandment -- 11th commandment. Never talk ill about another Republican.

Anonymous said...;jsessionid=28429DBC6E4E622FDC3E.4141?view=page7&feed:a=latimes_1min&feed:c=localnews&feed:i=50226471 This article is very interesting. It shows people getting rich off of non-profits. See if you think this looks like what PIE SPY is intending to do with Big Government money?

Truly Madly Deeply said...


I don't mean to be rude or anything but think about it. I have not had any access to rush transcripts of the book. Those suggestions of mine were my conjectures based on what I know will be the best responses that Palin can give in order to respond to her critic. So in that sense, and indeed if that is her response to Levi, her reply to the accusations are nothing more than predictable at best and one might suggest disingenuous at worst.

I've come to expect nothing more from her.

As for Bristol. Can't she speak for herself? Will she join Palin on the book tour? I expect not, because she will be at home taking care of her children.

Anonymous said...

The Word from Wasilla

"Yes, their vitriol and attacks did have an impact. Dede Scozzafava withdrew her candidacy as her numbers collapsed." Anderson Cooper

Some fundamentalist-run pregnancy centers are no longer satisfied talking women out of abortion. Now they want the babies.

@ 21:04 See if you think this looks like what PIE SPY is intending to do with Big Government money?
Nonprofit company makes its owners wealthy

Anonymous said...

The Dr.B-J had bad letter. No talk. No Bristol, do no lie.

Bistol you go talk. No more lie.

Anonymous said...

As for Levi:

I don't know his work schedule, however others have suggested that he might work on and off for a few weeks. However, Levi himself refuses to clarify that. Indeed, to my knowledge he never mentioned that in his Vanity Fair article about his own job on the North Slope.

I think follow up questions should be asked of him concerning that matter. What was his schedule? He claims to have lived with Palin family two-and-half months after the election. It implies a straight period time, hence the inconsistency.

As for Sarah Palin's book, it will quickly become the official source of what went on between Levi and the Palin family. What she writes will be devastating for Levi, but not for her.

Bristol Palin is mostely likely remaining silent on the advice of her lawyer, as it seems she has a custody battle coming up.

Anonymous said...

To Jesse: Have you read Sarah's book?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"What she writes will be devastating for Levi, but not for her."...

She better be ready to testify in court if she goes that route. She is the clsssic schoolyard bully. She will huff and puff, but in the end she has too much to hide, to even take a chane with Levi and Butler.

Anonymous said...

JC, you still have not answered the question. Have you read Sarah's book?

Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
JC, you still have not answered the question. Have you read Sarah's book?"""

No comment.

Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin will she be in book about Levi and on the book tour ? ? ?
Follow up questions should be asked of all parties. Most on adoptions religious cults

Bristol Palin is remaining silent on abstinence only bc of lawyer advice ? ? ? ?

Levi Johnston
"Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret—nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn’t have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging—she wouldn’t give up. She would say, “So, are you gonna let me adopt him?” We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn’t want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid."

Anonymous said...

"No Comment" must mean "I haven't read it". Nuff said Jessee.

Anonymous said...

For Cornish reason he think Bristol and Sarah put agree upon story out to Oprah. Their side of the story and in book.
Cornish said..."You may be closer to the truth about Sarah Palin's book than you think. Just watch and see. Wait until Bristol and Sarah put out their side of the story."

Anonymous said...

Jesse has no more read the book than any of you or I have.....but he has, like I have, read the comments at C4P and probably he has also watched Ann Coulter mouth off on TV.

Jesse like his heroine is a fraud.

He wants to make himself seem much more important than he is and so he hints that he knows more than he does. That's why he comes to our get's lonely over there on the sidelines, I guess.

Anonymous said...

On the website of the show "The Insider", where Levi Johnston will appear tonight, everybody can leave anonymous comments instantly!

The Insider with Levi Johnston

Kyra said...

Good article. I've enjoyed your filling in for Regina. I've been very concerned with the co-mingling of religion and politics and people not seeming to understand that we are not and never have been a Christian nation.

I do have one argument, and that is with your saying that there should be no political paintings. Paintings, cartoons, drawings, they are all a form of art, a form of expression, a form of speech. Visual art has been a form of political speech in this country since its inception.

Images that offend us just as speech that offends us generates dialogue and that's what we need. I don't like my religious symbols used for political purposes, but where do we draw the line? What is one person's political is another's art and another's religious. Part of what is wrong in this country is the extreme right telling the rest of us what we must think and say and do, what is right and wrong from their perspective, and what we can and cannot do with our bodies.

Maybe I'm going a little overboard here, but anytime anyone says someone shouldn't say, write, draw, paint, or create in any way something, it pushes my buttons.

Patrick said...

Hi Kyra,

thanks a lot for your comment.

I probably didn't make it clear enough in my post: What I resent are political paintings in which political leaders or certain ideologies are being glorified in this "classic" way (the "great leader" surrounded by his admirers etc.). This particular art form has a dark history.

I was just appalled that McNaughton used this classic technique to turn Jesus into a political leader to which all "good Americans" have to obey (only the evil liberal ones ignore him, of course). This simple-mindedness just makes me sick. We have witnessed in history that both fascists and communists loved these manipulative propaganda paintings.

It's certainly not right to say that there should be no political paintings at all, and I would never advocate that, but what McNaughton is doing there is using traditional propaganda techniques which have been abused in the past many times in order to manipulate others. McNaughton would most likely say that only people who disagree with Jesus would disagree with his painting. He clearly is proud of his picture and doesn't see a problem there. If you had asked a communist or fascist painter, they certainly also would have said that they are very proud of what they have created.

Anonymous said...

hmmm The Insider website appears to be having difficulties.

Anonymous said...

"The insider" website is back!

Click the link above and comment!

Anonymous said...

$P taking all the bait and on the deffensive.

MK said...

Patrick - I've just read your post regarding Sarah and how she and her ilk manipulate the religious emotions that some of us have. As a committed Christian myself I recognise that we are facing a big dilemma in our churches today. Many of them appear to have been hijacked by people who desire nothing more than power and control. Indeed there is a large schism between those of us who are moderates and those in the church who wish to be part of the political apparatus. We moderates are regarded with scorn and our commitment to our faith is consistently questioned because we believe that our faith is a private issue and not one that should be enforced by government.

Thankyou for writing your article and for giving me the opportunity to have a space where I can voice my ill-ease. MK

Anonymous said...

On her latest Facebook rant, Scarah cites Ann Coulter for Biden's voting record. What they say may be true, but wouldn't one want to consult a more reliable source? Has she read Ann Coulter? I think she's on her own, with very little help other than Meg.

Doug Hoffman in NY-23 claims that Glenn Beck is one of his mentors.

All aboard the crazy train!!

Anonymous said...

Citing Ann Coulter sounds like something that RAM might do.

Anonymous said...

I like Bristol and Sarah tell stories. Fair Levi tell. After he hear Bristol Palin tell stories. He tell.

Anonymous said...

The republican party has come to a crossroads as its ever-dwindling base becomes less tolerant of different points of view in a country with increasing social, cultural, political and religious diversity.

Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant. Palin and her followers may be nuts, but Hitler got his start with the same sort of disenchanted dead-enders she's paling around with. Many are poorly educated and unsinformed, so they're easy prey for Sarah Palin and readily fall for her demogoguery.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until Sarah Palin's Going Rogue comes out. Just two more weeks until J-Day for Levi.

Dianne said...

Just watched "The Insider." Again, he pretty much says nothing. He was asked if Sarah is Trig's mother. His answer - "As far as I know." They asked him if he ever say her pregnant but he either didn't answer or they didn't show it.

Dianne said...

He (Levi that is) also said he could crush them if he wanted to. How many gates do you have knowledge of, Levi?

snowbilly said...

What a find: "But really, all of that stuff (activities as governor) doesn’t do any good if the people of Alaska's hearts isn't right with God."

She couldn't be President then, either, unless Americans' hearts were right with God.

Anonymous said...

@snowbilly, She has also supported Jews for Jesus, whose efforts offend many jews. It's another meddling-in-other-people's business issue.

Anonymous said...

So, JC, you are confirming the National Enquirer's story of a while back that Palin is going to use the full-court media press of her big book that is her spring-board to the next level in her national political career to trash the teenage father of her grandson?

Gail said...

Readers might enjoy this site; which pokes fun at religious fundamentalists, and for a real laugh, go to the "hate mail" section.

And may you all be touched by the Noodly Appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like he go away two more weeks.

Anonymous said...

AKM has written at mudflats, concerning the end of the GOP,

"Their ultimate destruction will come from within. The end will come not with a bang, but with a wink. Even if it is only the mobilization of the conservative ideologues that will ultimately take down the Republican Party, never doubt that Sarah Palin has power."

wayofpeace said...


on my last visit to the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in DC, i saw this exhibit:

State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda reveals how the Nazi Party used modern techniques as well as new technologies and carefully crafted messages to sway millions with its vision for a new Germany.

This groundbreaking exhibition presents rare posters, photographs, artifacts, and film documenting the pivotal role of propaganda in the Nazi effort to achieve and consolidate power and drive the world into a war that cost some 55 million lives, including six million Jews, in the Holocaust.

The legacy of this era continues today, influencing debates about hate speech and the dangers of propaganda in democratic societies, as well as efforts to prevent and punish the crime of genocide.

Kyra said...

I understand what you're saying and it is sickening how it's used for propaganda. But, there's that line again... :-) Thank God (or whomever) we have the right to speak out against his hateful use of those images in that way!

Anonymous said...

Re: Levi Insider Interview: Of course Trig is Sarah Palin's baby NOW. The correct question to ask Levi is: Did Sarah Palin give birth to the Baby, Trig, and how do you know this?

Anonymous said...

Levi doesn't have anything. It is interesting to watch him drag this out, though.

It must be heartbreaking for you to know that Levi will never break anything about "babygate." He would have no credibility after saying what he has said today. That is not to say he has any now.

Anonymous said...

What Levi did say today?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1.42

JC is not confirming anything he is repeating what has been said and written in other places. He's a fraud. You should ignore him - he's a troll despite his protestations.

Anonymous said...

Here's what the news could be: Sarah Palin told Bristol to get an abortion. Bristol & Levi wouldn't go for that. Eventually Sarah Palin decided to adopt the baby.

Anonymous said...

Unless Bristol comes out and confirms that, Levi has no ground to stand on.

I think Levi will milk his "damaging material" allegations for some time. Whether he'll make something up or stay silent is about 50/50.

I think the phrase "put up or shut up" comes to mind right now.

Anonymous said...

Is the ONLY thing Sarah Palin can do is post on her Facebook page?

Wait. That's a redundant question.

If she were truly an expert, actually able to debate all these issues competently and with authoritative knowledge, she would go on the talk show circuit and reveal her prowess -- and I don't mean just on softball shows like Hannity, Beck, or O'Reilly where she will be treated with kid gloves like some kind of goddess messiah.

Let's see her take her supposed courage in hand and go on The Rachel Maddow Show or The Ed Schultz Show. That is where she could really prove her meddle.

If she is so good she should have no fear or hesitation.

But, she isn't, so she won't.

Instead, she'll do just the same as any 14 y/o would do: Post on Facebook

wv=ellyr yellow

Anonymous said...

Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, she makes Dan Quayle look like a genius.

Anonymous said...

Oh i hope she trashes Levi in her book because that would be petty and small and greatly diminish her.

Anonymous said...

Levi said that Sarah Palin didn't come onto him. That doesn't rule out an affair.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it could have been he got the idea when she talked about the gun in a box under her bed, then he thought about it and simply, very honestly, told her that if she wanted him, just say so.

Anonymous said...

Post on Facebook.... That is not Sarah Palin. She is fake.

Has Levi been sued?

Anonymous said...

New Blog Post

Anonymous said...

Levi didn't get sued when VF came out in early Sept. He hasn't added much since then, except to say that he wants to solve the visitation problem and that he knows enough to bring her down. Everything he's said has been vetted for slander/libel issues, so odds are that what he says is accurate.

Right now it looks like a very public custody/visitation dispute. The Palins were told by a judge that their actions in the Wooten case amounted to child abuse (disparagement). The judge also said he would transfer custody to the father if their abuse didn't stop.

Anonymous said...

JC goes to community college and has no inside knowledge of anything. End of story. He's very jealous of Levi; they are close to the same age.

Eileen said...

It is midnight as usual by the time I can sit at computer so to late to form coherent comments. However, didn't mind the painting link. Wouldn't want to see her staring in my face just to read the post. I have been waiting for the staged photo of Trig wrapped in patriotic blanket, flag shirt, cap etc. Surely, I missed it in the past year. She turned Runner's Mag pose into a nauseating display.
The quotes by our Founders are real, gotta read Max and visit Leah's blog more. She follows a warped version of religion. She has become a false idol.

Patriotic realistic paintings for propaganda on many sides are in American tradition especially during depression, war campaigns.

Despised the Obama Joker picture but hey, feedom of speech. Babygate is not about a medical mystery only or an unmarried teen alone who caused it. Has always been political. Can't wait to find out it was mostly planned for political gain on a large scale. MSM is asleep at the wheel and some are aware-so guilty as charged. Bloggers are the free press of the 21st Century. Thanks for this democratic forum. Babygate goes way beyond topic boundaries of Parenting or Mothering magazines. Like it or not, it is political.

I just love LEAP FROGGING over Jesse's comments, don't even glance at them. As Sarah brags-I didn't blink- when making the decision to ignore. Freedom to ignore.

Sarah has put Alaskan female politicians within Alaska and Alaskans on the national political arena back for decades. Good going, self-server, sexy to some but silly Baracuda.
Real smart, aiming extreme Conservative cannons at your own fellow Republicans (NY). Nothing like devastating diversity in American politics. Just like the Tea Party Shout-Outs drowning other voices and elected officials this summer. Or the Birther side circus,a way to divert attention from the real scandal of Babygate.

Anonymous said...

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