Tuesday, 3 November 2009

No joke: Sarah Palin's Victory Speech and Concession Speech for November 4, 2008

Imagine you wake up from a bad dream, and you realise that the world is still bad, because Sarah Palin had won the election the day before and will be the Vice-President soon - one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Now we can accurately recreate what the evening of victory for Sarah Palin on November 4, 2008 would have looked like. The authors of the new book "Sarah from Alaska", Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy, got hold of the original victory speech (as well as the concession speech) which had been drafted for Sarah Palin for this election night. The Daily Beast thankfully made it available to us today - let the nightmare begin!

Victory speech:

"(...) It’s been just 68 days since that afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, when Senator McCain introduced me as his running mate. He is truly the maverick. He took a chance on me. I will always be grateful for that. It will be the honor of a lifetime to work him as vice president of the United States. And I pledge to govern with integrity, and goodwill, and clear conviction, and a servant’s heart.


It’s not always easy in politics to see the best in our opponents. But we have seen the grace and skill of Barack Obama, and the grit and determination of Joe Biden. By his nomination and extraordinary campaign, Barack Obama has achieved a great thing, for himself and for our country, and for that America will always honor him. I say God bless you, Senator Obama, and your beautiful family.

As for my own family, well, it’s been quite a journey these past 69 days. We were ready, in defeat, to return to a place and a life we love. And I said to my husband Todd that it’s not a step down when he’s no longer Alaska’s “First Dude.” He will now be the first guy ever to become the “Second Dude.”
Along the way in this campaign, it was Todd, as always, who helped with the children, gave me advice, and kept me strong. There are a lot of men in this world could learn a few things from Todd Palin, and I am so lucky that he is still my guy. And my luck began long before then, in having parents like Chuck and Sally Heath…and then blending into an accepting, loyal, fun, and diverse family.

Had it gone the other way tonight, we would not have returned in sorrow to the great State of Alaska. We would have carried with us memories that are forever, and joyful experiences that do not depend on victory.


I will remember all the people who said they were praying for me—you prayer warriors have been my strength and my shield. I will remember all the Blue Star Moms, and the special bond we share…all the veterans of war and former POW’s I had the honor of meeting. I will remember the working people of this country who put their faith in us…the folks who run our factories, grow our food, teach our children, and fight our wars… men and women like the construction worker and new American citizen who said at one of our rallies: “I was born in Columbia, but I was made in the USA.”

And for their example and their love, I will remember with gratitude all the families with special needs children. How could I ever forget the sight of a banner held up high to say “We Are Here For Trig”? How could I ever forget a boy like Charlie, a fine young man we met at a rally in Florida who has Down Syndrome? Charlie and I swapped email addresses, and the last time he replied he said, “By the way, please don’t call me ‘darlin’—it’s not tough enough.” So, tonight, a special shout-out to you, Chuck…darlin’. And let me repeat what I told you, because it applies to you and to all children and adults with special needs across America: You are beautiful, and I am so proud to know that my boy Trig will grow up to be just like you.

And I promise you: These next four years, families with special needs—and every family in America—can know that they have a friend and advocate in the White House.

In this campaign, we held to the belief that our country is still that “shining city on a hill” that Ronald Reagan spoke of so many years ago. And tonight, we have chosen a man ready and worthy to lead such a country.


In this campaign, I’ve had the rare enough privilege of praising a candidate whose story, character, and personal heroism require no embellishment. I said things about him—about how he has served and what he has overcome—that he could not say about himself, because he is that kind of man. He has faced long odds before, but he has never quit, never relented, and tonight America rewarded a lifetime of service, honor, and valor.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the distinct privilege of being the first to introduce him as the President-elect of United States of America—John S. McCain."

That should be enough for now - read the full victory speech and the concession speech here at the Daily Beast. Now let's get back to work again and make sure that such a thing like Sarah Palin winning a Presidential election will never, ever happen. Because they can put lipstick on a pig - for a short while, then the true colour will shine through again.

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Anonymous said...

Patrick...Americans thank you for reminding us of the bullet we dodged last November. We actually should also thank John McCain for bringing her to the national platform for all to see who Palin REALLY is.

Yes, we must remain vigilant in out quest to fully expose the truth. S.H.

Anonymous said...

I'm OT here, but continuing the thread of Levi's appearance: This is really big fat breaking news (and Patrick, please contact Gryphen to expand on this story).

Here is the latest from IM:


Okay so now that Levi has gone public with his statement that Trig is Sarah's baby, I can confirm that I knew Trig was not Bristol or Levi's baby for about six months now. And I know that is very confusing to those following "babygate" to digest. When I first heard that I was confused as well.

However afterward I heard another piece of information which went a long ways toward explaining what actually DID happen, and why Bristol was hidden away in Anchorage for so many months.

Levi knows this as well, but I don't think he is ready to talk about it yet. Until he, or another source in the know, explain this I cannot go any further. I am sorry, as I know how frustrating this is, but I made an agreement.

I will give you this hint, which I have mentioned in the past, the key to this mystery is in the birth dates.

So then the question remains, "Who IS Trig's biological mother?" And I have to admit that I STILL don't know. And I don't believe that the pool of people who DO know, is very large. I am not sure that even Bristol knows.

All I can say with any certainty is that Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to him on April 18, 2008!

Dianne said...

She is her own X File and the truth is out there. Thank you Patrick, Kathleen and Regina. Let's never give up.

OT - I've never seen the creepy picture of Papa Heath comforting $arah after her devastating loss. Could anybody lead me to that?

wv - fulvultw Full of it!

emrysa said...

thanks to gryphen:


"I just don't want to go back to Alaska,"

Please! bloggers please have a post with this title in it!

she goes back to alaska and talks about how much she loves alaska? and then quits and says she's doing it for alaska?

FRAUD!!! this is the most damning quote in that cbs article, and it should be maximized.

midnightcajun said...

So now we have it from Gryphen:"I can confirm that I knew Trig was not Bristol or Levi's baby for about six months now."

Yet Gryphen says he doesn't know who Trig's mother is, only that Sarah didn't birth him on April 18. And that Levi is keeping something secret for Bristol. That she had an abortion that ended her first pregnancy in the fall of 2007, perhaps?

Gggrrrr. When will this end?

Patrick said...

Anon 18:09

See, I just mentioned the "rocky way" just at the right moment ;-)

I did not know that Gryphen holds the opinion that Bristol is NOT Trig's mother. This does not conform with the information we have received from Alaska, I can say this straight away, but as always, we will look into this.

I would have to see evidence for Gryphens theory before I can believe or assess it. I hope that the details of what it exactly is that Grpyhen knows will be published soon.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Dianne, it was a video I think, and it was creepy, I thought it was one of her old fart viagra supporter's...then I heard it was Chuckie....!

Anonymous said...

Really, whether Bristol gave birth to Trig is immaterial. The real question is: Did Sarah Palin give birth to Trig?

Anonymous said...

Just got finished listening to an excellent interview of the two authors of "Sarah From Alaska" on the Leonard Lopate show on NPR.
The two authors are very even-handed in their treatment of Sarah Palin and it only serves to make what they carry more weight because they sound fair and intelligent. Perhaps you can provide a link to that program; it will convince a lot more casual observers of SP who think that her political career is completely over to think again--that was one of the more chilling statements made by one of the authors: that SP is laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2012. It's not over.

Anonymous said...

You have to realize what it was that gave rise to the speculation that Bristol gave birth to Trig. It came into being as a way to bolster the idea that $P didn't give birth to Trig. That was the original question, and the doubts about $P being pregnant, because of the wild-ride story, that got Audrey's interest and led to all the speculative sideshows. The wild-ride story is still the leading problem in this case. There are explanations other that Trig is Bristol's baby that can explain where Trig came from.

MK said...

I'm pretty annoyed with Gryphen. He says that he knows the truth. He has been taunting us for months now on the pretext that he has made a promise.

Well Gryphen this is not about him and his promise. There is a much bigger issue here and that is that Palin is setting the groundwork to run in 2012. Is Gryphen going to let Palin away with her deception because of a promise?

It's time for you to man up and tell what it is you need to tell. We need Palin gone and we need her gone now. MK

Basheert said...

Thanks Patrick, for posting this.

MK: Gryphen says he has info. It is his timeline, not ours. Gryphen tends to NOT just lead with his chin and won't publish without sourcing which I personally am glad for.

Interesting tho - Sarah did NOT give birth to Trig ... (which we all pretty much consider as fact), but WHO did? Especially if it was NOT Bristol.

Did Sarah really adopt a special needs child just for political cash?

Would SluttySarah do something that reprehensible? Speculation abounds.

And yes I believe there is nothing she would NOT do to get what she wants...

Anonymous said...

Analysis of the Scary speeches
Victory speech- 1223 words- 31 self references: I, my or me

Loss speech- 1021 words- 46 self-references: I, my or me

EyeOnYou said...

This part of the article from the daily beast made me laugh until I had tears rolling down my face.

McCain’s aides literally turned the lights out on Palin when she retook the stage later that night to take pictures with her family, fearing that she would give the concession speech after all.

ROFLMAO, boy they sure did get to know the real Sarah didn't they?

CC said...

Nothing was more frightening to read from these comments that the authors of the new book on $arah believe she is laying the groundwork for a presidential run in 2012. Chilling, indeed!

My head is spinning. I always thought Trig was Bristol's ... by the affection she showed towards him and the family photo where she definitely looks pregnant. And I believe she was pregnant. Perhaps, as some here have speculated, she did go to NYC to have an abortion. Also, I've thought for a long time that Miss $arah had her tubes tied after Piper and that is why the infamous 11th hour non-medical-records-letter was vague and had all sorts of things wrong with it.

The day of the unmasking cannot come soon enough ... especially with the prospect of another 3 years of a Facebook Presidential Campaign.

Regina, Patrick and Kathleen ... please adopt me if this comes to pass.

Anonymous said...

Re: Gryphen and IM. I know it is not the policy of this blog to serve as a forum for complaints about other blogs. Perhaps those with direct IM concerns should post them on IM, so that we can read Gryphen's responses.

I have taken all blogs with a grain of salt. We are all human. We can only do so much.

I think in the end that the truth about this matter will be stranger (and perhaps sadder) than we can imagine, and involve more parties than one blog could track anyway.

Archivist1000 said...

As Sherlock Holmes said: The dogs didn't bark.

There IS a story here, no doubt about it. If there wasn't, dogs on one side of the fence or the other would have barked by now.

Somebody spiking the water up there in Wasilla?

Anonymous said...

We know that Bristol went to her aunt's house in Anchorage. We know that Levi would go there to see her. Could it be that Bristol went there to help with someone else's pregnancy?

Anonymous said...

"How could I ever forget a boy like Charlie, a fine young man we met at a rally in Florida who has Down Syndrome? Charlie and I swapped email addresses, and the last time he replied he said, “By the way, please don’t call me ‘darlin’—it’s not tough enough.” So, tonight, a special shout-out to you, Chuck…darlin’."


She doesn't do what people ask her to do. Maybe Charlie got fed up with her and quit writing.

Virginia Voter said...

Holy Sh!t...reading this victory speech should just remind everyone again what a nightmare a McCain/Palin presidency would have been. That speech is all about Sarah, Jeez, could that woman be any more in lover with herself???

Patrick said...


If Sarah Palin comes to power, I think we have to open a refugee camp here ;-)

But it won't happen, of course. Reason will prevail. Maybe we will even have the "scandal of the century", you never know! We will continue to search for the truth, patiently and also with as much diligence and care as possible. That's all we can do.

However, it should be clear to everyone now that Sarah Palin is a pathological liar, a hypocrite and a very selfish, even mentally unstable, possibly mentally ill person. It could very well be that the full truth about babygate will be very shocking in the end.

If we will come to a change in our belief about who the real mother of Trig is, we will let you all know. So far, we have received very good evidence for the theory that Bristol is the mother - or to be more precise, that she definitely was pregnant at the "right time" (December 07/January 08). There is certainly room for a lot of speculation about the details. We will do our best and try to discover more.

CC said...

Thanks, Patrick :-)

Pencil me in, though, just in case the camp gets too big. ;-)

Anonymous said...

note to Diane, I saw that particular video during the election coverage. It could have been made by anyone and picked up by the station I was watching; I tend to watch MSNBC.

What was really creepy about the video was the way the Chuck Heath kept rubbing Sarah's arm, shoulder, back, more the way a coach would rub down a player during a tough game.

She had clearly been crying. I remember making the joke to my husband, "There's no crying in Politics." That's a reference to Tom Hank's saying "There's no crying in baseball" to one of his female players in the movie "A League of their Own."

Two politicians famously cried and were undone by that show of emotion. I am thinking of Pat Schroeder and Ed Muskie. There's no crying in Politics.

When we read that Sarah had prayer sessions and is quoted as saying that God would not let the wrong candidate win, imagine how totally let down she was. It wasn't the voters of the United States who let her down. God slammed the door in her face. And she had prayed with Piper, too, also. (I am not making fun of religion; I am making fun of Sarah's misuse of religion, in the same way that God does not pick the winning team in football just because they prayed).

Lynn said...

The speeches have a graciousness about them that is more a credit to her speechwriter. I could see Sarah peeking out behind the mask in the passage, “It would be a happier night if elections were a test of valor and merit alone". I get it, Sarah. Clearly the electorate went rogue and voted for mediocre and cowardly? I guess McCain is valor and Palin is merit???

Anonymous said...

Bree has a link to a letter that Chuck Heath wrote to Nevada. Does anyone else think he could be one of the Facebook ghostwriters?

Patrick said...


The refugee camp would ideally be located in the UK, also because they have free healthcare there for everybody, no questions asked. "Socialism", here we come!! ;;;---)))

Sunshine1970 said...


Count me in. I'll be first in line.

(I've always wanted to live somewhere in the UK, anyway) :-D

anniebgood said...

Why did they waste a second's time on writing her a victory speech? Were they looking at some fantasy polls or were they counting on voter fraud? Seems like a gigantic waste of the speechwriter's time. Do VP-elects make speeches on election night, because we know that losing vps don't. This speech is nauseating.

As for babygate, I'm starting to worry that if it hasn't come out in nearly 2 years, it won't. I don't think SP will ever become President or close to it, but I do think unless she is knocked down by a major scandal we're stuck with her in the public eye forever.

Anonymous said...

I thought the most important part of the Beast's story was the insight it gave into her character ... her stubborn refusal to take "no" about giving the speech ... again informing us about how going rogue is her spin on her failure to be a team player. By the way, there is enough info out there to add a basketball-gate, about how she got the barracuda nickname by sucking-up to the coach and being mean to her teammates.

anniebgood said...

Ok, I just read the entire "concession speech". I am flabbergasted. It is LONG. And it proves that SP's claim that it was an intro to McCain and "braggin him up" is complete bull. She is talking about herself for 80 % of it. OMG, unbelievable. Was her speechwriter on drugs? Seriously, how is it that someone in the employ of the McCain campaign didn't get clearance to write speeches for her if it was unprecedented? That campaign was even more of a disaster than I thought. I know that none of this matters, but it's kind of mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

nuclear codes...the nukular codes... she came so close

Anonymous said...

This SMUG look on $arah'$ face is right after she has said "Come hither my little sheeple, follow me while I hijack the Republican Party.....cuz ya know...I AM the CHOSEN ONE after all!" S.H.

Anonymous said...

Online discussion at The Washington Post, moderated by new book's authors here.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has aged a lot since those pictures on the front page were taken. Check out her picture at the HK airport, the quitter speech, and the gov. picnic. If Oprah is High-def and they do not do soft-focus, we may get more insight into what is happening to her appearance.

She may go the route of Michael Jackson. I read a report about his autopsy. He had tatooed lips, a tatooed hairline (going bald in front), and cosmetic surgery scars behind his ears, not to mention the nose surgery.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading HuffPo's report of the two reporters who followed the campaign and have just written a book about it. They described how Sarah was expecting to give her special concession speech, and there was a real fight to prevent her from doing so. Later, Sarah and family stayed on the stage (returned to the stage), waving to a dwindling crowd and seemed to be there for the purpose of taking pictures. McCain's people were afraid that she was still going to give that speech and literally turned the lights out and hustled them out of there.

So let's return to Chuck Heath comforting Sarah. Sarah was really crying, but was it because she lost? or because those mean old men wouldn't let her give the speech that she had been practicing?

Anonymous said...

That scene of $P in the lobby on election night was on network TV. I know, because the TV I watched was not connected to cable.

Anonymous said...

We know that Bristol was sent away. Who of all people would Palin not be able to pull the wool over the eyes of so easily?

Anonymous said...

Both Bristol and Track were sent away.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the McCain staff turning the lights off on the Palins after his concession speech is hi-frickin-larious.

KaJo said...

Continuing, re: the OT comment Anon @ 22:15 wrote, I read a report about his autopsy. He had tatooed lips, a tatooed hairline (going bald in front), and cosmetic surgery scars behind his ears, not to mention the nose surgery.

Did the report also mention that he had skin damage and scars from the horrific fire during the Pepsi commercial he was filming back in 1984?

From Rolling Stone July 15, 2009:

In an incident that’s often been discussed but never witnessed, Jackson suffered second and third degree burns to his face and scalp while shooting a Pepsi advertisement in front of thousands of fans at Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium.
After the fire extinguishers are emptied and the chaos has died down, Jackson emerges with obvious burns on his scalp, with patches of barren flesh where there was hair seconds before.

Anonymous said...

The campaign knew they couldn't trust her as far as they could throw her.

I'm sure she would had done some grandstand play, if they hadn't pulled the sound, and shut the stage lights.

She is a attention hog, not a pig in lipstick.

Lynn said...

I love the fact that the McCain aides were so terrified of Sarah that they pulled the plug on the lights . That says so much about her. Americans all went to the polls without knowing what was really going on. John McCain hid it all in hopes of winning and we the people were clueless for the most part (with the exception of all us here in the palin watch community) What was he thinking?!? If he couldn't control her during the campaign why would it get any better afterwards if he had won. He makes me so angry!!!

Anonymous said...

Gryphen is on the verge of losing the confidence of many, just as I said would happen.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, be sure to post a map to the refuge camp early, I'm a little slow.

Bet wife took baby before sending husband's girlfriend away.

I can't believe that speech is being discussed on the teevee, too!

Anonymous said...

@1:30 - that fits with Bristol telling Levi that Todd had an affair. But I don't know if it explains why Levi was so kind to Trig, and volunteered for the Special Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Here is what needs to happen, since Palin doesn't like to answer audience questions. On her book tour during signings people need to record with their phones or cameras someone asking Palin about babygate. Then post it everywhere

Darklady said...

As the adult sister of an adult woman who is mentally retarded, allow me to say that every time S'arah Palin says *anything* about the glory and might that is the blessed mentally disabled, it makes me want to hurl.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she *does* refer to her "precious angel" as "the retarded one" or "the retard." And, to be honest, I ccould forgive her for that, because I know how rattling it can be to have your life readjusted to accommodate a person with serious learning and health restrictions. Even if you *do* love the person in question, the frustration and stress can be overwhelming at time.

She could do a lot more for the families of those with mental disabilities by acknowledging that she sometimes/often doesn't feel up to the challenge. It would be very humanizing, which is something she needs, cuz she comes off like a vengeance-driven, hyper-ideal-perfectionist robot most of the time.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Dark Lady...thank you for your candor...obviously you are a caretaker and have felt the stress...Queen Grifter will never, never admit to such a thing! She is super woman, go kill a moose, make some moose chili, sign bills, photo opt, bs, bs! Even though it was mostly barely do her job (especially after the failed election)Bristol and the other kids took care of the kids, Crunchwrap supremes were sent out for (we eat therefore we hunt) and Todd spent his time in the garage drinking a few beers...!
She will never admit this and I do think she calls TriG retard I think his name was Tripp before his name was TriG named after DS! What a sick bitch!!!!!
Darklady thanks for coming out and saying truth, and I hope things get better for you and your sister.

Darklady said...

Hi, crystalwolf aka caligirl. :-)

I was sorta the Bristol in my family, since I often babysat both my younger sister and my younger brother. My mom was not a very maternal person -- but I can't tell you how many times I heard her tell her sad story about how her mentally retarded daughter kept her from being able to do X,Y,Z in life.

Like Palin, my mom is very religious, as well. Unlike Palin, she wasn't wealthy and so my sister hasn't always gotten the care I'd prefer for her. We even had a doctor at a training hospital tell my mom that it was probably some sin of hers or some kind of possession that rendered my sister retarded.

Growing up in this family has done incurably harm to my sister's mind, which causes me great distress, especially since I'm in no position to intervene.

The fact we rarely see or hear about Palin being with Trig suggests to me that she's none too wild about parenting him in any meaningful capacity -- unless there's a camera nearby, of course.

I'm betting that Todd quit his job, in part, to become Mr. Mom, since Sarah and her Sacred Uterus need to focus on more important things.

Like endless feuding with Levi and making sure the world knows just how powerful and amazing she thinks she is.

CC said...

Crystalwolf, I seem to recall you were going to AK at one point ... were you able to go?

I totally agree with you and the other poster who thinks she named Trig after his condition. Sick bitch, indeed!

Oh my .. WV= liable

Anonymous said...

"He has faced long odds before, but he has never quit, never relented, and tonight America rewarded a lifetime of service, honor, and valor."

I have lifted a sentence from Sarah's much-hoped for victory speech, the one should have loved to deliver a year ago. She honored McCain for never quitting-- hypocritical consider that she quit her own job as governor.

Chuck Heath's greatest lesson to Sarah was to never quit. I hope that Oprah will ask Sarah how she squares those quotes with her own act of quitting.

Anonymous said...

A question for Patrick and Kathleen, considering all of the research you have done and the people that you have talked to--- What do you think of Gryphen's latest report, that Bristol and Levi are not the birth parents of Trig?

My wv=eysiberg. Is this the iceberg?

Anonymous said...

Scarah is only traveling through Real America during her book tour:

"I’ve decided to travel to cities outside of the typical book tour venues, ... and I’m also hoping to have the opportunity to talk with Bill O’Reilly, Barbara Walters, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, Tammy Bruce, and others, including local Alaska personalities Bob & Mark and Eddie Burke. (Variety is the spice of life!)"

Anonymous said...

So far Owens is up in NY-23.

Hopefully Palins help was the kiss of death for Hoffman

Dianne said...

This on the politics page of HuffPo -

"In New York, Hoffman Accuses Democrats Of Stealing Congressional Election... Police Called Over Pro-GOP Voter Intimidation... Palin Not Actually That Popular In NY-23... Battle For Republican Party's Soul"

Sounds like an entertaining situation. I hope Hoffman sinks like a rock for no other reason that SP endorsed him.

Dianne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FEDUP!!! said...

LOL! I just saw Gryphens' post about Faux Noise saying 'Going Rouge - an American Nightmare' is $Ps autobiography!!!

Anonymous said...

For all the people wondering about how these speeches could have been written.. I'm just imagining a writer on staff/contracted from the get-go... and many many long hours to kill on the campaign plane with Sarah.

You can imagine that if she had to have final say on it, it was going to end up something like this.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Darklady, many blessing to you being caretaker to your sister and not "candy coating" the responsibility for it. You should be a icon for the SD not Grifter barbie!!!
CC yes I did go to AK, I was in Wasilla no less!
It seems alot of people have "buyer's remorse" as far as the queen, and her quitting...they are unforgiving about that! The people I met in Alaska were wonderful! But I think as far as GINO she pressed on their very last nerve. JMO!
I did go and try to look at the compound but when I got back I went the wrong way from the Best western.
We went to the other side of lake lucille to try to see but that is a hella big lake :)
Gryphen and Patrick got better pics than I was able to! But it was way beautiful up there.
I do want to go back, for Iditarod :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Darklady I meant DS or Severely Disabled.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to HOffman's concession speech. He thanked a lot of people but not $arah Palin. I guess now he knows about the Palin curse. S.H.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

I don't know if it explains why Levi was so kind to Trig, and volunteered for the Special Olympics.

04 November 2009 01:32"

Just a theory...
If Levi saw Sarah regularly treating Trig with disdain, he would have been affected by this. He might have decided that he would strive to set a positive example of how to treat all people with DS with love and respect.

No matter who Trig's biological mother turns out to be, I'm glad he has Bristol in his life. It is obvious how much she loves that little boy.

Anonymous said...

What great news about Hoffman - Congratulations America!

My word verification is inonedne (I none done - she didn't get it done!)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Palin needed another concession speech that no one wanted to hear:-)

Fail. Rejected. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Once again I am going to move myself far outside my comfort zone and reveal something to the readers here at palingates.

BlueTx is known to us. I do know his identity and he knows that I do.

BlueTx himself had a disturbing childhood - that is why I believe he wants us to trust that the story behind the truth of Trig's parentage is "gruesome". He is projecting his own difficulties by taunting and hopefully humiliating all of us.

About Bristol. Whether she gave birth to Trig or not I still believe that Bristol Palin was pregnant in 2007. At this moment I am not sure how that pregnancy ended and I do feel that I am back to the beginning of this whole damm thing but not that I am banging my head against a brick wall. We are in contact with too many good people in Alaska now for me to feel completely discouraged. Those same people, you know who you are :-), put themselves out on a limb when they contacted us. They even undertook the massive task of taking the photographs of Sarah Palin's new construction programme for us. And they are still quietly chipping away in the background.

Who has the best sources? What does it matter? This is not a competition between the bloggers. This is about the truth. We know who Gryphen's sources are. And that still does not change a thing for us nor for the work that our sources undertake.

Regarding Sarah Palin. The good news that Hoffman was defeated is tempered by the knowledge that the battle is far from over. I'm disheartened that there are people in America who know the "HUGE" truth about her and that it appears that the truth of it will never be revealed. This is not a criticism of the individuals concerned but it is a shout out for the greater good. And I apologise in advance to those who are offended by my honesty here but I am going on the record to say that I trust that someone in the know will eventually tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I just hope that they do so before Sarah Palin destroys anything or anyone else in her quest for the "upside of the crazy" as Gryphen so eloquently suggested in his post earlier today at The Immoral Majority.

Gryphen also recently mentioned Joe McGinnis, the author, in respect of the many people that Joe has been in contact with and interviewed in Alaska recently. Patrick and I knew about those interviews as they were taking place. What Gryphen likely does not know is that we were instrumental in putting Joe in touch with one of Joe's biggest contacts there. I think that Gryphen should know that. That he would want to know more.

This comment is my own little update. I trust that it gives a little insight as to my current thoughts and hopes in the search for the truth about Sarah Palin's supposed pregnancy. Patrick will, no doubt, offer his own update in due course.

Anonymous said...

OT Patrick. I posted this at Gryphen's having read his hints and I wonder what you make of my theory.

Switch the names of the babies, then what Gryphen is saying makes sense.

Bristol was in fact pregnant and gave birth in April 2008 to a baby named Tripp. This would explain her presence in Anchorage and why Levi knows this. This would also explain why Sarah wanted to adopt Tripp at that time and not why she would adopt a baby and pretend it was her own when she was getting the nod for the VP in August with the whole world looking at her. That just doesn't make any sense.

It may also explain why Levi always refers to the baby as my kid...hard to keep track of the names!

If the key to the mystery is the birthdates, then that would mean that Bristol could not be the mother of Trig, the baby born in December. And that is why Gryphen states that Bristol is not the mother of Trig and he doesn't know who is. Where did this baby come from?

Also too, why have two such similar names? Might it be to brush off any accidental name slips?

This is probably off the wall, but it is the best that I can come up with.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that a while back, Gryphen did hint at something about the babies names. I can't remember exactly what he said, but I believe Kajo responded to it and he said she was close.


Anonymous said...

Greenfields - I think that sounds interesting. However, I think baby #1 was born Dec 27 2007 - because he definitely did not look like a premie newborn in April of 2008. Not sure when baby #2 was born -

Anonymous said...

Anon 16.15
I agree about Baby#1 not looking like a newborn in April. Yes, it is quite possible that he was born on Dec 27 2007.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed this statement in the Foxnews.com article about "Sarah from Alaska"?: "The authors [Walshe and Conroy] said they faced intimidation tactics from Palin aimed as [sic] driving them out of the state as they worked on the book." (The blooper about SP's "autobiography" in the Fox story has now been corrected.)

Anonymous said...

I started reading "Sarah in Alaska" last night and got as far as the tales of Matt Scully, whose drafts of the "acceptance" and "concession" speeches $P marked up, the battle among the McCain/$P aides over whether $P would speak, and then a chapter in which the authors meet with Chuck and Sally Heath in their home, which is described as a "taxidermy museum."

When I got to yet another recap of $P's high school basketball antics, yawn yawn, I went to the index. There is absolutely nothing in this book about Babygate. Nor do these authors--who appear to have written the least gushy $P book to date--mention bloggers at all, with two exceptions. They do mention the Photoshopped picture of TriG with Eddie Burke's face, and they talk for several pages about C4P. However, their book went to press before RAM left the Urine Lagoon, and before $P got involved in NY-23.

I'm really looking forward to the books by Joe McGinniss and Geoffrey Dunn. And it is absolutely clear to me that a mesmerizing book will come from Babygate/TriG ALONE.

Darklady, thank you for your home truths. It has always been clear to me that having a developmentally disabled family member isn't that la-la-la blessing that $P pours out like so much Log Cabin syrup. You're there, you know...

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

EyeOnYou said...

Fun Fact on the Ocean of Urine reaction to the mistitled book on Fox

Sheya, the new head bot over there (she seems to be trying to fill RAM's shoes) posted this:

Guys write to fox. If enough people write the'll pick it up. I don't think it was on purpose but they get lots of email so we have to make sure it comes through.

I wrote the following:

On your website in the article titled “New Book Seeks to Debunk Myths About Palin”. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/11/03/new-book-seeks-debunk-myths-palin/

You quote the following: "The book was released Tuesday -- almost one year after Barack Obama and Joe Biden defeated John McCain and Palin, and weeks before the former Alaska governor releases her autobiography, "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare."

I am stunned that a news organization like Foxnews who continuously claims that journalism is dead will post this article without fact checking. The title of Palin’s book is “Going Rouge: Am American life” and not "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare." (Note the spelling is Rouge, and change Nightmare to Life)


snowbilly said...

I am jonesing for my daily sarah-slam.

Anonymous said...

There have been alot of clues at IM, including the bombshell that neither Bristol nor Levi are Trig's biological parents. One of the posters, mxm listed some of the facts that we do know:

Trig was Tripp before he was Trig (closest to describing the iceberg)

The mother of Trig is not Bristol, Willow, Mercede, Sherry

Sarah did not give birth to Trig on April 18, 2008

The father of Trig is not Levi and unlikely Track

With equivocation, Levi says Sarah is Trig's mother

As for the last one, the fact that Sarah (and Todd) are now the custodial parents of Trig make them the "mother & father" of the child, though not necessarily his biological parents.

Gryphen's big clue was the dates. Trig was not born April 18, 2008.
Another clue was that before he was Trig, he was Tripp.

So, the baby we know as Trig may have been born earlier and under a different name. One big question is why would Sarah (and Todd) want to take on the responsibilities of a DS child??? I don't think that Sarah did it out of love for the child (guessing from the way we have seen her hold him). There would have to be some other compelling reason.

The hint that Trig's birth may have involved something "gruesome" makes me think that he could have been the result of rape and/or incest. If the woman who was involved did not believe in abortion, she would have to be a close relative of Sarah's for Sarah to want to take on the burden of the child.

Or, the male involved may have been part of the Palin Family (Track, Todd, a male relative of either Sarah or Todd), and the story would have been more devasting than raising the DS child.

Sorry, have to go, will continue later.

Anonymous said...

EOY 16:57
OK, so this Sheya person still cannot get that the correct spelling of Sarah Palin's book is "Going R-O-G-U-E" not "Rouge."
Even in her correction of Fox New's mistake, she cannot get it right. Speaks volumes.

EyeOnYou said...


Yep, it is quite funny that she is writing to Fox to correct them while she herself cannot even get it right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sheya usually gives a hat tip to someone for helping her with spelling/grammar when she posts a front page article at c4p.

Anonymous said...

When Kathleen asked a question at IM, yesterday, Gryphen updated with:

Now Kathleen asked why I said back on Sept. 2, "Just ask yourself this question, "When would Sarah Palin be most likely to fake a pregnancy and then adopt her daughter's baby? When she was mostly out of the public eye as the Governor of an "off the radar" state like Alaska? Or while standing on a stage in front of millions of possible voters and camera crews?"

This was in response to Levi's statement that Sarah wanted to adopt Tripp. I was not confirming that Trig was Bristol's baby, I was asking why Sarah would want to adopt her daughter's baby right when she was being considered for a VP pick? The talk about Sarah being a possible VP pick had already started before April 2008. If it was going to be a straight up adoption how would you explain taking on an infant while running to be the Vice President of the United States? And if you were planning to fake your own pregnancy would it not have made sense to do so before the national media was watching your every move? This was one of my first attempts to get people to start thinking about the birth dates.

There is a line of logic that continues on from the above paragraph.


I found that statement confusing. What is the "line of logic that continues on from the above paragraph. I cannot just come out in say it because that betrays my agreement." ???

It seems that Gryphen is saying that what he knows can be deduced "from the above paragraph."

Anonymous said...

After reading a transcript of Levi's Insider appearance, it's clear that what he may have on $P is abuse of power. He didn't want to go to the convention. If she used her authority as governor in any way to get him back against his will, she violated his civil rights. That's a federal case and has the potential for imprisonment, not just a fine. I think it's section 242 of title 18, USC.

Daisydem said...

Patrick: any new post soon? I'd really like to know what I believe you know. I think you have sources. Speaking of which, does anyone talk to Mercede? What is Track doing now that he is back? The anticipation builds, then recedes.

mxm said...

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel @ 16:50,

I just posted my book report on Sarah from Alaska over on Bree's site, and I agree with you - it is a dull read with endless, meaningless detail about so many mundane matters. Overall it is sympathetic to Sarah, despite the infrequent softball criticisms. I finished the book and am no more enlightened by what makes her tick than I was before I spent $26. I have offered to forward my copy on to anyone who wants to undertake the read -- just not sure how to do that.

anniebgood said...

16:57, that is absolutely, positively hilarious! Spelling, baby, spelling! It's tough!

I especially love that she points out that the spelling is "rouge". Idiot. Only fitting for a minion of Sarah's.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. TB, you should just return it and get your hard-earned dollars back into the hands of you.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Thanks for the update...I for one cannot wait until Joe McGinnis's book comes out! I read his last one on Alaska "Going to extremes" and he states facts without being opinionated...I think it will be good.
I also think whomever know info about the queen grifter should speak up for the greater good...especially now that she is butting into politics all over the place! I really feel Levi is doing the best he can but with his Mom in jail, still needs to be careful.
However I think he's saying enough that Federal authorities could depose him, and he would talk! I think that's what he wants! JMO.
Thanks Kathleen & Patrick and all the other researchers out there, ferreting out the Truth...Thanks for all you do!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 17.22 That paragraph has been bugging me too. If we are to follow Gryphen's reasoning, then Sarah never would have offered to adopt their baby in August 2008.There was simply no way she could fake a pregnancy running around campaining for VP. So where does that leave us regarding that particular birthdate?

Was there in fact any pregnancy at that time i.e was Bristol pregnant and did she give birth in December? If not,where did the second baby come from?


Dianne said...

Crstalwolf - I agree. Levi is saying enough that he certainly could be deposed and all kinds of investigations would throw all of her gates wide open. Rex, of course, knows it. They seem to be pushing him in that direction and I hope it happens. I've been revisiting "Dairygate." Wow!

Anonymous said...

I now believe Levi received $ to keep quiet about Trig's parentage. He seems to spread confusion on the topic instead of straightforward answers.

In watching his recent interviews, he teases viewers with information that could destroy Palin. I'm starting to think he's just trying to squeeze Palin for more $ to keep his month shut.

I put all the puzzle pieces on the card table to try to complete the picture. While I'm missing many pieces, the "message in the bottle" photo only fits in one way. Sometimes you don't need all the pieces of the puzzle to see the picture.


EyeOnYou said...

Another Palin lie?

Shushannah Walshe, one of the authors of "Sarah from Alaska" was on the Early show, and states that it was Steve Schmidt who told the Palin kids about thier mother being selected as the VP candidate, and she also says that the story Sarah told about asking the kids for a vote on her accepting the nomination might have happened, but if it did, it was after Sarah had already accepted the job from John McCain.


Anonymous said...

I love this quote from the $P's facebook.

"The issues of this election have always centered on the economy – on the need for fiscal restraint, smaller government, and policies that encourage jobs."

Since actions speak LOUDER than words, let take a look at this from a historical perspective of what she actually DID in office. Are ya listening JC?

Fiscal restraint: When she became Mayor of Wasilla the town had never experienced debt. When she left office the town was 20 million in debt, of which they have still not been able to recover from. Her "sports complex" continues to hemorrage money from the city coffers, since she never bothered to place it on land the city actually owns. 20 million may not sound like much, but for a town of 5,000 it certainly is. Per capita if this debt was rung up in NYC the total would be north of 25 BILLION. She also had her office redecorated TWICE at a total cost to the city of 100k. Total cost in NYC per capita would be 160 million.

The operating budget she signed as Governor was 6.6 billion, far and away the largest in Alaska history. Even with all that, she sent Sen. Ted Stevens an outline requesting another 200 million in FEDERAL handouts. See she was hella for those handouts well before she was against them.

Smaller government: The first thing she did as Mayor was hire a city administrator to do her job. Every other Mayor in Wasilla history managed to get by without one, but they could actually think. So Sarah starts adding to the payroll immediately. She also hired lobbyists (another first) for Wasilla to go find FEDERAL handouts for her little empire in Washingtom. As Governor we saw the largest increase in the size of Alaska government in history. Mostly by creating new positions out of the blue, to give to her woefully unqualified friends and fellow liars for Jesus.

Policies that encourage jobs: In 2002 the people of Alaska voted for a gasline. The condition of the bill stated the gasline was to be built from Prudhoe Bay to tidewater in Valdez. During her campaign for GINO she ran around the state saying she would build this All Alaska Gasline thus getting the endorsement of Wally Hickel. This IS what got her elected. So what does she do? She immediately sets out to figure out a way to give our gas, our jobs AND our money away by creating AGIA and awarding the contract (and 500 millon) to a Canadian company. So much for jobs. When her self appointed director of labor relations was asked point blank "will the Canadians give Alaskans work permits to help build this project" his answer was that he "hadn't looked into that yet."

Alaskan unemployment currently stands at an all time high while she rakes in millions. She's a fkn joke

Anonymous said...

I am so glad she never had the opportunity to deliver a Victory speech.

RE: what is not going through on IM
I attempted to respond to anon 6:25 PM on Nov. 3. I do not know why it didn't show up. I sent a second response 7:36 AM Nov. 4. It was changed some. It is not in comments yet. "Insider panel grills Levi"
[[[[[ A good father or a man about his wits would not go along with fraud and a major hoax that included children of all ages.
The little Henne, balloon boy hoax is nothing. Who would call either parent good or with wits? They are frauds.
All the Palins are a million times worse. I don't believe Todd's image any more than saint sarah crap.
I am going with incest is involved somehow with this. The mother could be closer to Piper's age for all anyone knows. BlueTx thinks gruesome. If the mother is an young incest victim, think about how they would keep her quiet. She could have died in child birth, a natural death, of course. ]]]]]

Why is that and the second attempt objectionable?

Anonymous said...

What else was going on in Sarah Palin's life in early 2008?


Is there a connection?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that Gryphen does not allow comments through that discuss incest. That is his policy and he has stated it.

We allow it because some people think that it is important to the discussion. This does not mean in any way that we believe that incest is a likely probabilty. It does mean that we do not have evidence that completely rules it out as a possibility.

CC said...

Thank you for your comment, Kathleen, even though it went beyond your comfort zone. A lovely lady, you are.

And PCG, where are you? I would love to hear your opinions, at present.

PCG-fan C.

Anonymous said...


Patrick will update soon.

Anonymous said...

In recent months Gryphen's posts have been inconsistent and contradictive I now believe Tank or Levi is his source.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen said: I'd like to point out that Gryphen does not allow comments through that discuss incest. That is his policy and he has stated it.

thx. I saw the word incestuous @ IM and thought it was alright. I attempted to improve on the 2nd comment I made. I don't fault Gryphen for his policy, just didn't get it.

Most of all thank you all for allowing for great discussions here on Palingates.

Anonymous said...

Gryphen censors a lot more than just incest discussion. Anything other than pure accolades posted about his revered one (Shannyn) won't show up. Any posts about Monehan the man he now proudly calls "Walt", his daughters misdeeds, the coverup and the ultra light sentence "Walt" insured aren't allowed.

He censors far more than people realize, which can make it a little one sided. But it is his blog and he can run it anyway he wants

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden did not give a victory speech, so why did this dumb twit think she could give one?

I always thought Piper was pissed off that she was not on stage during McCain's concession speech.

Sarah give up on politics...PLEASE

Anonymous said...

Wooten. Is there a connection?

Wooten and Johnston are two former significant others of Heath/Palin women. Sarah Palin is a connection. W & J will always be connected because they are said to be as co-parents with Heath/Palin women. They also get similar treatment from Sarah Palin. They are a large part of her family history. Not all family members put their job on the line to try and help other family members mistakes. Sarah and Todd went so far as to manipulate private documents, exaggerate and lie about what Wooten did and to have others who did not harass Wooten lose work. She seems to be determined to repeat her pattern.

The Palins were admonished for disparaging to the point of abuse with Wooten. That was in spite of all the clean up that was done for her. Her pattern continues with Johnston, that has not been fully resolved. It does not look good for Sarah Palin but she has been able to get out of trouble and to coverup before.

DNA is necessary to determine if Johnston is a father. Palin's official story is that Levi Johnston is the father of Tripp or T2.
Johnston believes he is Tripp's father. He believes that Bristol was faithful while he worked on the North Slope. He doesn't know what went on at the house when he was gone. He has trusted the Palis before and he was tricked.

He will be connected as father if he is on the birth certificate. That is not the same as a DNA match.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the crazy theories thrown around since Levi's Insider interview and Gryphen's post. Unfortunately, Levi is no longer viewed as believable. The Insider said 54% of people polled do not believe him. I no longer believe him.

You do not build credibility by appearing on Tyra, the Insider or posing for Playgirl. I feel the people "helping" him have damaged his reputation more than Sarah ever could.


Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Mrs. TB, you should just return it and get your hard-earned dollars back into the hands of you.

04 November 2009 18:09"

Y'all are so kind! Actually, Mr. B's "hard-earned dollars" subsidize my book jones, and since his mother and sisters share my passion (though not my taste for politics), the fact that Casa Biscuitbarrel resembles an overstuffed library with beds, etc., seems "normal" to him.

The $P books (bought Amazon Prime, and remaindered when possible) are being added to my HUGE collection of Washington books. I look forward to the day when $P is a "Jeopardy!" question, and a $200 rather than $2,000 question at that...

Just left a rather revolting anecdote from "Sarah From Alaska" over at Bree's blog. Caveat!

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

If anyone comes out with a no nonsense approach, like starting with the DNA, they could begin to rebuild cred.

Both Palins and Johnstons do not look like decent parents. Levi looks better bc he is trying to do something. Bristol looks like a quitter on her Candy's job. She is hiding again. There is no way she can establish independence while she digs in deeper at home under her mother's care.

A few of her old friends are moving up in life. Wasilla is a place where you can have babies at a young age and it is well accepted. Other parents set their children and grandchildren up with their own place out of the main family house hold. Parents with money help the unmarried teens with children. The poor kids are stuck at home with a parent or two.

Anonymous said...

A lot of new and unique conspiracy theories are popping up around here lately. Very interesting, indeed.

Random thoughs:

Of course Levi or his associates is Gryphen's source. Who else would it be, given the depth of knowledge he seemed to possess about upcoming tabloid articles?

When it comes down to it, you people here have nothing to support your conspiracy theory. In fact, you are not even unified around a single theory, but are playing a guessing game. All you have in common is the one belief that Sarah Palin was never pregnant. You base this on flimsy photographic evidence, which has not been analyzed by any experts. I'm truly dissapointed, I really am.

Sarah Palin will be in Grand Rapids on Novermber 18, not too far from where I live. Michigan is such a great state, and we will be honored to have her first in her book tour.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. JC's head gets bigger and bigger everyday. Now he fancies himself a spokesperson for everyone in the state of Michigan. That's rich.

Keep her Jman. Perhaps you can swindle a date with your faux girlfriend while she's there

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin Superwoman?

Sarah Palin speaks

ella said...

anon @22:07 I re-read the "Sarah Palin Speaks" transcript re wild ride/Trig's birth. I must say, the reporter really tried to dig! Reporter pressed SP and Todd (to the point where they seemed to get very defensive about the whole thing). Does anyone know WHO the reporter was? Seems like (unlike almost all other reporters in AK), that one was not charmed/afraid of her. It would be interesting to talk to that reporter and see if he/she bought that whole pack of BS.

gigi29 said...

Jesse C. says "You base this on flimsy photographic evidence, which has not been analyzed by any experts"
NO! Not true at all and if you read this blog, you know we base our belief on much more than the photos - Nobody could tell she was 7 mos.pg (all were so surprised-SP's own version). Wild ride - that story is so extreme and unlikely (again, SP's own version).
Bristol out of school for months with "mono" during that time (confirmed by principal of school). Todd, her own husband did not know at 7 months into pregnancy(again, SP's own version)- SP's own words and actions are far more damning that the photos - although the "square pillow" pic WAS a sight to behold! Give the crazy lady my regards when you see her in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Heads up. We have two trolls afoot.

Lisabeth said...

Kathleen, I just wanted to thank you for telling us your thoughts and what you know. What you wrote was clear and honest and I appreciate that. So many write in a manner that is not clear and it gets very frustrating.

The whole storybis very strange but don't feel like you are back at the beginning. You aren't. We actually know quite a bit more then we did a year ago and it's just slow. Thankfully,and also too, Scarah continues to embarass herself and create more enemies. That's good. Her poll numbers at are at an all time low and her quest for attention is at an all time high. Don't give up. I am confident the truth will come out and this mystery will be solved. We have to also continue to expose her ignorance, hypocrisy and also the over inflated view she has of herself. She alienates more people every day and I don't think that will change because she doesn't get it, she doesn't get it at all. In her sick mind, she is messiah the world has been waiting for!!! And the dumb conservatives think Obama is that!? President Obama apologizes and admits when genus wrong. Sarah is NEVER wrong and she has never apologized or acknowedged any wrong doing on her part. The woman is SICK and the people following her have to be lost souls looking for who knows what!

Anyhow, thank you, don't give up or get discouraged you are all doing a very important thing!! Sorry this got so long! Palins smug arrogance and ego drive me crazy and I want her exposed. Her crazy supporters won't change their minds but who cares. She is not electable now and we have to keep it that way!

Lisabeth said...

PS. Sorry for my spelling mistakes!! My iPhone corrects itself when I type and has a mind of it's own! Mrs TB I'd love to read that book but how can I reach you? Do you have Twitter?

Anonymous said...

Police Seek Jesse Cornish In Shooting

PDF File

Anonymous said...

Andrew Halcro has information on Frank Bailey's book.
The Holy-Shit factor just got upped.



Anonymous said...

Levi would have access to Tripp's birth certificate.

He can use that to back up that he is the legal father and Tripp's birth was as they all claim. Someone can ask him if that is all the proof he needs that Bristol was faithful during the times he was not at the Palin house.

Why is he so confident that he does not ask for court DNA tests?

Anonymous said...

How about.....Bristol's a pregnant minor in 2007, compelled by a powerful parent to give up the tiny baby (let's call him Trip-with-one-"p") in Mercede's photos for adoption early in 2008 ("that was a hard day," says Levi, possibly referring to the day they have to hand over that baby for adoption).

Maybe someone's onto the compelled relinquishing of a minor's baby, and SP's pea brain decides it's better to come up with a baby. At that point she procures a baby through the church/wherever and grieving Bristol takes charge of that baby (now "Trig"). She's the "mama duck for that baby" and then gets pregnant again.

sg said...

I don't understand the "issue" with Levi's paternity of Tripp.

He clearly believes he's the father, otherwise he wouldn't have retained an attorney and be threatening legal proceedings.

The Palins aren't disputing his paternity (maybe his visitation rights, but not his paternity). So they either: a) believe he's the father, too; or b) have decided it's in their interest to pretend Levi is the father.

In other words, there's no issue. No issue, no court ordered DNA tests.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again. Fleabag is trying to tell you something here.

Sarah Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, responded: "Other than noting that Tripp's father is always welcome to visit his son, we are unable to respond to these allegations as it is inappropriate to discuss child custody matters publicly."

Levi makes it clear he has not been welcome. Why wouldn't Fleabag just say "Other than noting that Levi is always welcome to visit his son"

wayofpeace said...

THANKS anon @ 18:43...

that's a GREAT summation of the falsity of her claims of being for SMALL GOVERNMENT.

for those who missed it: it is a good read.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The sarah palin curse strikes again

carrie prejean well compromised.


Forever Anonymous said...

"Tripp's father"......is Levy the father?

That's interesting, Larry King did ask Levy if his name appeared on Trip's birth certificate and Levy said yes, as of the last he checked.

Larry said that can be changed. Well for all purposed the Palins are on record acknowledging that Levy is Tripp's father.

I think Sarah wants to create doubt on the public court. Her goal is to discredit Levy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know there is an "issue" with Levi's paternity of Tripp as far as Levi is concerned. Levi has "issues" with trusting the wrong people. He has bad judgment. He doesn't have to care about that. If he wants to look credible, he might think about doing things that build up his credibility. Poor judgment is for losers.

Levi has admitted he was fooled by Sarah. If you read about Nesia and some of Sadie's comments of Levi when with Bristol, you could say he was taken for another ride by Bristol. He comes off as being tooled by both the mother and daughter. Anyone who has been fooled once can get it again, again, again. He is either trusting people that lie to him or he doesn't want to know without any doubt the results of a DNA.

He looks like a flake. It's hard to believe that is how they intend to present him if they want anyone to believe a word he says.

"Other than noting that Tripp's father is always welcome to visit his son, we are unable to respond to these allegations as it is inappropriate to discuss child custody matters publicly." Thomas Van Flein

We are waiting to hear if Sarah Palin has more to say about Levi in her book. They are trying to get him out of their lives. It would be easy if they could prove a mistake and that Levi is not the father. That could be difficult and it is easier to ruin his reputation.

The last few days have blown up some preconceived concepts of Palin's hoax pregnancy. As it settles what is useless should go and what is workable can stay.

The Levi as celebrity has taken on a life of it's own. You may be only interested in his new career moves. Others may want to know more about the part he plays in the babygate drama. In entertainment you don't need documents. He says/she says and you make a choice who to believe.

Others are looking at a huge hoax and fraud. Are there 2 or 3 babies? How many pregnancies? Are Bristol pregnancies key to what happened? Is it the fathers of babies that matter more?

I'm not saying Gryphen has the answers, his sources may or may not be reliable. He left a clue about birth dates. Levi does have access to a document with a birth date. It may be his proof of what he believes. I'm just saying it is available to him for back up to what he says and believes.

What is Levi about? He has said he'd go to court for custody or visitation. When I think of going to court with pathological liars against me, I think of having all the back up possible and being certain of matters. It would make sense to have DNA.

Levi may not want to know what a DNA test would show. He may be satisfied with his name listed as the father on a birth certificate. He has been hurt. I don't think he would want to know if Bristol was unfaithful while he was on the N Slope. She is not trustworthy, but he trusts her anyway.

Anonymous said...

From the 2 tidbits from Bailey's book we learn Sarah violated federal campaign law and Todd was behind the pressure to have Sarah's brother-in-law fired. And the book is very well documented.

Now that is what I call an iceberg.


Anonymous said...

One of Gryphen's big clues was that Trig was not born on April 18, 2008. Many of us assume that he was born earlier, maybe even under a different name (Trip?) before he was Trig.

The question is: Which dates, out of all those dates before April 18 would be significant and prompt Sarah to put on her scarves and finally announce her surprise preganancy. That leaves us a few dates at the beginning of March.

Besides McCain being chosen as the Republican candidate for president, was there anything else significant then? Where was Bristol, still with Auntie? Could that be the time when a DS baby was born prematurely and kept in a hospital for 6 weeks (the period of Sarah's "pregnancy")?

Just wondering, Kathleen and Patrick: Do you think that Levi and Bristol are Trig's biological parents? Who are the other possibilities?

Anonymous said...

Trig was Trip before Tripp came but Tripp is named in memory of Trip who became Trig

Oh Yeah, Sherry Johnston has met with met with AK media bloggers/people at the correctional facility


Anonymous said...

""" Anonymous said...
Police Seek Jesse Cornish In Shooting

PDF File"""

Hmm... I wasn't expecting any of you to find that.

sg said...

Bristol pregnant in 2007?

Neither SP nor BP mother of Trig?

Sounds like the plot of Dangerous' next book: "Three Babies"