Saturday, 21 November 2009

Don't you just love this roguish headline at Huffington Post? - PLUS: New video of her disenchanted fans! / C4P suspects a conspiracy!

Click to enlarge:

Read the article at Huffington Post.

Also, we have a new video from the book signing in Indiana - finally, her fans get a taste of the REAL Sarah.

Welcome to the real world! ;-)


However, the C4Peelanders are now in conspiracy mode!

Sarah has no fault (as always)!

Most likely, a liberal conspiracy in Noblesville, Indiana is to blame!

Obama? Soros? Axelrod? Where were they? Have they got an alibi?


Looks like Sarah has something funny at her ear...complication from a facelift?

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Anonymous said...

One word: Karma.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Failin'

Anonymous said...

lol lol lol

cee4pee are in full victim mode.

Anonymous said...

Watching Hardball and Chris Matthews just made some comment about SP toting around the baby.


Put down the baby and step away from the bus, Sarah. We know what you're up to.

Anonymous said...

She desperately needs a break from the tour now, but is scheduled for Washington, PA and Rochester, NY tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That pic in your post is from her Grand Rapids, book tour. Kentwood, is a suburb of Grand Rapids. Note the officer's arm badge.

Anonymous said...

W, gee, who woulda thunk it? Just everyone who ever dealt with Sarah before.

But the Urine thought they were special.

They didn't listen when we told them she was USING them to build her mansion and pay for her plastic surgery.

McCain came out and told the truth about the legal fees. You know AK pays to defend the Gov against ethics charges. It's just that SArah didn't want to leave herself open to FOIA requests so she paid for her own lawyer. Or, rather, those hard workers hoosiers sent her their money so she could avoid transparency in another situation where she fleeced someone.

How would they have felt if they couldn't return their books and then Sarah told the whole world they LIED about waiting in line?

Because that's what Sarah would do if she could.

It's never her fault. Note that she claims "she heard" about what happened. Gee, she was ON the bus, she is the one who decided to leave early. No one tells a rogue when to leave.

She heard their screams but left anyway. She laughed all the way to the bank.

ella said...

They have already determined it is NOT her fault. sigh.
OK, the fans are now SURE that the angry people were “Libruls” and the event was “staged!”

“………looks to be a staged event by some liberals to somehow prove some sort of point,…….”

IF there are any palinbots who will not buy into the “fact” that the video was “staged by the libruls,” they are free to choose option #2: Palin HAD to leave because the tired workers at the bookstore wanted to get home to their families.
ANYTHING but scarah’s fault – ANYTHING!

Patrick said...

Anon 02:00

Thanks for the info.

HuffPost apparently chose a picture for their story from the wrong event.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has scheduled book signings on Sunday. In Border's Bookstore We Trust.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

she is depressed cause sales aint what they expected, so she has to shlep all over and work and her lip has a "cold sore", and I wanna go home.

Anonymous said...

In this picture Andrea Mitchel looks prettier than S'error. sorry Ms. Mitchel but you are not a looker. Mrs. Palin you are ugly from within. There I said it !!


Anonymous said...

What in the hell is growing out of Palin's face here?

is this a post-surgery swelling that won't go away or what?

Mid face lifts can sometimes damage nerves and cause these kinds of lumps in recovery. Scars can be in temples, in front of or behind ears.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it was the LIBERALS fault. LOL. Tell that to the people interviewed.

Way to make friends.

I knew they would start blaming the people. Keep it up and you'll have ten people left.

Anonymous said...

"he first 500 people received a wristband and they are guranteed a chance to meet Palin and get their book signed.

That is a change Palin's staff made in response to large crowds originally there was supposed to be 1,000 wristbands handed out, Bell reported."

yup. Palin's staff made the decision. What changed? Oh, they needed a big crowd for the cameras, but Sarah couldn't be bothered to sign books for real people.

Use 'em up and toss 'em aside.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a cyst. She had a cold sore for the BW interview. She's also got age spots on her hands.

Sarah, your starbursts are fizzling. Too bad there is nothing between your ears.

sg said...

"Sherry Johnston was sentenced today to three years in prison for dealing OxyContin.

"Johnston, who lives in Wasilla, made a deal with prosecutors in August to plead to a single felony count in exchange for dropping the other five felony drug dealing charges against her. The deal called for her to be sentenced to three years of prison time plus three years of probation, which is what the judge gave her.

"Johnston will serve her sentence at Alaska's only female prison, Hiland Mountain Correctional Center in Eagle River. She has been at Hiland since she pleaded guilty."

Anonymous said...

Yaknow, I saw that dent in her cheek the other day... it's worse. What the hell is it?

Anonymous said...

That is such a weird thing on her cheek! It looks like a swollen gland?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

annon@2:17 Wow??? WTF??? Maybe a cheek implant came loose?
I'm trying to figure out what she did to her face. Cheek implants, chin implants, lip augmentation, botox (totally wrecked her smile) and Nose work? There is something so Fake and strange about her face now!
She might have had work done before the campaign (brow lift) but this recent work makes her look freaky!
No a great look. I hate when woman ruin their looks with plastic surgery....And that Lump by her ear...EWWWWWW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Sarah has such a busy tour selling books. This really would be a good time to see a doctor. That doesn't look good to me. (Is she having a bad reaction to botox or some post plastic surgery complication?) Good thing it isn't on her signing hand; she's gotta keep signin' them books.

Anonymous said...

The straggly hair is her wig. She doesn't realized that it has to be put on a block, combed and stored carefully.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the ADN is wrong about the Johnston hearing today. Gryphen was there, in the courtroom. She got 5 years, suspended, 3 years probation at home, with an ankle monitor.

ArmchairJane said...

How stupid do they think her own fans are? Seems like it is beyond dispute that there really were at least several dozen people people in line who had wristbands who did not get their books signed. I don't think the local news would have gotten that wrong. So these clever "libruls" must have waiting in line in bad weather for 10 or 12 hours with a bunch of rabid Sarah fans. That means the libruls had to endure hours of physical discomfort, all the while maintaining their cover and taking in a stream of pro-Sarah inanity just to even get to the point of earning a wristband. Then, more undercover discomfort and tolerating endless Sarahpraise by neighbors in line to stand in the line for those who successfully got wristbands. Maybe they cleverly went to the back of the line just so on the off chance she doesn't sign all the books. Well, okay, maybe Sarah quitting signing before she done WAS predictable, I'll give them that, but you get my point ;-)

SO, these clever libruls are really devious and also gluttons for punishment all to hope for a slim chance they can then protest that she bogued out on signing all the books. Oh, and watch the video, sheeple of the Sea! It's clear that she had to have been aware that people did not get their books signed. After all, they were chanting "SIGN THE BOOK" and wearing wrist bands and holding copies of the book. And apparently she DID sign a few books at the end of the line as she got in the bus and the jilted fans booed and chanted. Okay, so she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she's not THAT dumb.

Come on, Urinetown and FB Sarah peeps! If you have to invent these kinds of really unbelievable stories to keep up your queen's image, is it really worth keeping up? And if you keep turning on real fans who feel hurt by this, you are going to make it worse, rather then better. So go ahead, please keep calling these disappointed fans "libruls". I don't think they are going to take it kindly. You know the old PR/Marketing saying that an unhappy customer will tell 20 other people. If you further humiliate these people, they will keep talking, and talking louder. So do whatever you want, Sarahpeeps. I have the popcorn out, either way.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting that Andrea Mitchell is trying to get a reaction out of her by showing her the Newsweek cover. Someone here might send Andrea the picture at the top of palinsdeceptions (slim + empathy = gusty) to use!

ArmchairJane said...

ps. Sorry for the typos above! Just having too much fun watching Countdown and reading the news of the day ;-)

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine got a botched face-lift. She also too had a bump.

Anonymous said...

Gyphen at IM has good news about Sherry. ADN got it wrong.
Team Levi

Anonymous said...

Hey, good point about the cheek implant possibility. Her cheek implants have always bothered me-- she looks just like Barbara Walters now. But yeah, they can cause infection and cysts...

God, that thing looks gross. She'd better see a derm if she doesn't know what it is.

If she had double cheek implants (like a lot of the celebs) then one of them could've fallen.

she's going to have that thing cut out, whatever it is.

maybe it's the devil.

I agree with whoever said her new work makes her look freaky -- she was naturally pretty before (even with the brow lift- I totally agree!) but now she's got the botox brow, and a face that looks like Minnie Mouse.

I don't care about her age spots- we all get old -- but her face is just a circus now.

She went too far. The cheek implants were a mistake to start off with -- and the jaw implant is harsh or she has a man's jaw.

At any rate, she was pretty when she was younger -- that baby fat must have hid all of the harshness in her face. She looks like a tranny now.

How sad for her.

Also, look at the satisfied glee on her face as she looks at the newsweek cover. She LOVES seeing it. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I've seen those bumps post face lifts before. There isn't much she can do but she should see her plastic ASAP.

It could be infected and it might keep coming back. She could also have a staph infection from the surgery open wounds.

or God is punishing her for her evil ways. Yeah, that's most likely it. He's closing a door or two.

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant news about Sherry Johnston.

I'm really happy that she will hopefully be at home with her children in time for the holidays.

Gryphen has given a really good report of the events and seemed to enjoy his conversation with Team Levi. No babygate reports but his account is still great. Better than the ADN!

ella said...

Now Gryphen has CHANGED the post about Sherry Johnston - seems ADN did get it right - 3 years in prison and Gryphen saying she "should" be able to serve it at home with ankle bracelet.
I, too, was cheering about the original Gryphen post - but ADN post is the correct one, sadly.

Anonymous said...

If that's a staph infection she should not be greeting people. That stuff is lethal! My friend's son is dying from a staph infection. Literally:-(

ella said...

I wish Andrea Mitchell would point out that Oprah showed footage of Palin at the gym in SHORT shorts (Sarah did this for the Oprah film crew). How SEXIST of Oprah!

KaJo said...

OMG, I just saw the funniest video of the Oprah-Palin interview ever!

Evidently the staff for Conan O'Brien (he of the unfortunate fake Levi Johnston Twitter joke) took the original Oprah-Palin interview video and tweaked it a bit...cutting out a bit here, a bit there -- and the end result is sidesplitting.

Hey, Faux "News" does this all the time!

Tonight Show URL:

or (no ad @

ArmchairJane said...

@ anon 03:07, just wanted to say that I am really sorry to hear about your friend's son. That is very sad and you and the rest of the family and friends have my sympathy, as well as heartfelt wishes your friend's son can pull through this.

KaJo said...

OMG, I just saw the funniest video of the Oprah-Palin interview ever!

Evidently the staff for Conan O'Brien (he of the unfortunate fake Levi Johnston Twitter joke) took the original Oprah-Palin interview video and tweaked it a bit...cutting out a bit here, a bit there -- and the end result is sidesplitting.

Hey, Faux "News" does this all the time!

Tonight Show URL:

or (no ad @

ArmchairJane said...

@ anon 03:03 re
"Also, look at the satisfied glee on her face as she looks at the newsweek cover. She LOVES seeing it. What a joke."

Not only does she love seeing it, but she loves that it is getting on teevee again so she can play the victim some more.

Forever Anonymous said...

People, that bump on Sarah' face is from the microchip implanted on her per contract with Murdoch to ensure she doesn't go rogue.

Anonymous said...

I saw the bump and slight dent two days ago. But today that round bump seems really much worse. I agree, she has messed up her looks.

I was happy,howver to see she found Trig's glasses.....only after reading what we were saying here at Palingates. He should be home with Bristol and Todd who love him.

Anonymous said...

Armchair Jane. thank you so much for your good wishes. I will pass them on to her and her family. It's been a hard road. I've become much more aware of the dangers now, and Palin should NOT be in public (the anti-biotic resistant kind can be airborne) if she hasn't had that diagnosed.

It certainly looks like what my friend's son has -- but hopefully it's just post-surgical swelling.

Anonymous said...

If it's getting bigger by the day, it could very well be staph complication from her plastic surgery.

Glad I'm not going to her book signing and all of you who plan on going, please don't stand near her or take a pen or book from her.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Now that Sherry case is settled, lets see what Levi does. its all intertwined.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA,.....I can see the headlines now. Palinbots dropping like flies after Sarah infects them all with Staph.

Anonymous said...

MRSA is a frequent cause of surgical wound infections. These infections are termed community-associated MRSA infections (CA-MRSA). MRSA outbreaks, however, are appearing increasingly in the community. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 12% of MRSA infections are now community-associated, but this percentage can vary by community and patient population.

Anonymous said...

And she has a cold sore? My God, she's a walking contaminant.

"MRSA is typically transmitted from people with active MRSA infections. MRSA and other staph infections are primarily transmitted by the hands, which may become contaminated by contact with colonized or infected people or items or surfaces contaminated with body fluids containing MRSA. Skin-to-skin contact, cuts or abrasions of the skin, contaminated items and surfaces, crowded living conditions, and poor hygiene have all been associated with the transmission of MRSA in the community. "

Shhh...don't tell the Palin cult -- let them find out the hard way.

Leadfoot said...

Well the ever growing bump explains why she wore her hair down today in that weird curly 'do. It looked very un-Sarah, but it hid the bump!

Anonymous said...

Poor Andrea might have caught the plague from the diseased one.

I can not believe she is so irresponsible as to be out in public with staph. Do you think she doesn't know?
What else could it be?
The cold sore/open cut and her hands all over everything - GROSS.

I hope she isn't that irresponsible. Hopefully her fans will just get cold sores/herpes from her and not staph. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

If they all catch staph from her, they'll really have something to feel sorry for themselves about.

A sign of true martrydom -- look what they did for their Queen!
Gave up their faces and health! Maybe they'll all move to a Leper colony. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not an infection. Maybe she is just building up scar tissue from the where they made the incision. A friend had the same kind of face lift; they pull the skin tight back to the ear, just a hairline closure right in front of the ear. Except when it scars up. Maybe it really is an infection. Too bad she doesn't have time to see a doctor.

Anonymous said...

Would scar tissue change in size daily?

Forever Anonymous said...

Oh, no ...remember prisongate? where her very good high school boyfriend was in charge of the prison and the staff gave him a no confident vote because he didn't take measure to control the reported MRSA infection on immates and staff?

no, no, it can't be. it is a microchip.

In any case, now she has a good reason to quit, but she already went on record on her FB being disingenuous (she heard that...).

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

dont kiss the baby!

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I missed it, but why is the police officer holding Andrea Mitchell back like she's some star-struck groupie?

Anonymous said...

She would never admit that she had a contagious disease, though we all know that she has at least one (hate). Interesting about her high school boyfriend and MRSA in the prison. That's a health issue that affects the general population, not just the inmates. It's a huge problem.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


Trig is looking starting to look like Piper and Sarah. He is also stocky, like a lot of DS kids, and I had thought maybe Wooten, and I'm not sure what to think anymore. Sorry for the OT...

Anonymous said...

Because "questions" aren't allowed at Palin events, so the media is held back as the Moosilini is protected from them. She's a coward who's afraid of questions. She can't handle dissent or even a normal question. Her tenuous grasp on reality dictates her behind the ropes mentality.

Forever Anonymous said...

Hey don't wait until thanksgiving day to see this again. Check out her hairline here also, too, great appreciation for hair loss there also.

Anonymous said...

Staph! What about Trig?

I hope it is the implanted microchip with a screech instructing her 24/7.

Lisabeth said...

It definitely looks like a large lump. It's a strange place for one. I agree she's had a lot of work done. Her lips and right cheek look frozen. If she keeps going, she will end up looking like Joan Rivers. People are so much more attractive if they age naturally, eat healthy and exercise.
The lump is creepy. And someone said she's wearing a wig. Is she?

Maybe Mercedes will talk now? Going to go look up complications from plastic surgery now. That lump is pretty big!

Anonymous said...

That hair line around the back of her ear looks very strange. As for the lump it is either infected(could be one reason she was out of sight for months) or it could be a keliod( a thick scar that can contine to grow and sometimes have to be surgically removed and then you hope it won't come back.

Anonymous said...

This is what bothers me about her thrusting Trig around so many people. Germs, staph, et al. She does not care.

Anonymous said...

Huge lump!

Anonymous said...

Info on lump -? swollen gland in front of ear.


sg said...

Re Sherry's sentence:

Here's what Gryphen has on his blog:

"Then the judge delivered his sentence; 3 years in prison, a $2,400.00 fine, and three years of probation, (She should be able to serve her three years in her home with an ankle monitor, once the state checks and makes sure her home is compliant with the regulations)."

It's a parenthetical comment. Does that mean it's something the judge actually said? Or is it Gryphen's interpretation? Or is it the spin he's been fed afterward by Rex Butler?

Who knows?

Maybe Gryphen will clarify things in a subsequent post.

Valley KW said...

That thing on her face? Totally obvious.

The bumpit was worn so long, her skin eventually absorbed it. Now it's trapped by her ear, where it will eventually lay eggs, from which tiny mini bumpits will hatch.

What can I guys bring out the snark in me.

Forever Anonymous said...

Gryph on the comments section, explains:

Gryphen said...

The decision over whether Sherry can go home or not has to be determined by an investigator, who will go to Sherry's house to make sure it meets all of the criteria.

I talked to both Tank and Rex about this and they both felt that it was just a formality and that she would be home. But they don't know if the inspection will happen before Thanksgiving.

Now just to make you crazy let me share this little tidbit. Sherry COULD have been put on house arrest originally and completely skipped going to jail, but for the fact that she had not had the money to pay her phone bill. Without a land line in her house she was unable to be assigned an ankle bracelet. Tank paid that bill immediately when he found out, but the courts refused to revisit the issue until this sentencing.

When I say that Sherry was desperate for money to pay her bills, I am not kidding. And that is why Levi is trying to get some greenbacks in his pocket. In order for Sherry to stay in her home she has to have her electricity turned on and a working land line. Let one of these get turned off and she is right back in prison to serve her sentence the hard way.
6:21 PM

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"electricity turned on and a working land line."

Levi can handle the bills. Once she is at home, SPILL!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I do not see any tell tale red or pink scars from a face lift. I doubt it's from cheek implants, either. I DO think the lunp may be from Sculptra injections or possibly Juvederm or restylane injections. My bet is on Sculptra.

Forever Anonymous said...

Did you really print a story last week suggesting I had any connection with Sherry Johnston's activities in the past six months or so and you won't correct the story?

On Dec. 25, we published a story about the arrest of Sherry Johnston. It was written by Megan Holland, one of our staff writers. The only section of the story that appears relevant to your question is the following:

"The (trooper) affidavit refers to Johnston being under Secret Service protection while dealing drugs, but that appears to be incorrect.

"Special Agent Darrin Blackford, spokesman for the Secret Service in Washington, D.C., said that only the governor and her immediate family were protected. Johnston was not under the agency's protection or surveillance, he said.

"Troopers later agreed that part of the affidavit was wrong.

" 'Whenever she was in contact with Palin, that was probably the only time it came into play,' said trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen."

I do not see in this passage a suggestion that you were connected to Sherry Johnston's activities. It does say that the only time Sherry Johnston would have been under Secret Service protection was "whenever she was in contact with Palin." I don't think that suggests that you were involved in her activities, although I suppose it's possible that someone might misread "it" in that sentence as referring to drug dealing even though it obviously refers to Secret Service protection.

Because we checked the trooper's statement in the affidavit with the Secret Service, we didn't make the mistake of treating it as fact. I don't see that anything we reported was incorrect.

Do you read this differently, or am I missing something?

I would also remind you that we called the governor's office for comment about the Johnston arrest. Your spokesman declined to make any comment on the matter. He could have clarified your relationship and/or interactions with Ms. Johnston, but elected not to. (Curiously, he asserted that it was not a state matter, although the troopers are a clearly state agency, under the direction of the governor's office, dealing with a quasi-member of the governor's extended family.)

Anonymous said...

I just always thought that her face looked like an aging woman who exercised too much. The face seems to be the first place to lose weight, although she seems to have lost some brain matter as well.

CC said...

I don't see a scar, either. I'm with the person above who thought it might be a bump formed form "traveling injectable fillers."

I love it ... she brings out the snark in me, too, ValleyKW... :)

O/T... I wonder when they will start reporting on this faux bus tour and film her at an airport....

mxm said...

Valley KW at 4:42,

Not sure if you are old enough to have seen the Twilight Zone TV series. One of the episodes that scared me silly was about pod people...

Your hysterical diagnosis of the lump immediately reminded me of the pod people. Like pods, once that bump opens and mini bumpits come out there will be h*ll to pay.

Anonymous said...

A few threads back, Bad Hair Day in Cincinnati- that's a wig. They used footage from the same event on MSNBC tonight (Countdown), and the hair didn't move when Sarah's head moved- wig! She forgot to store it correctly, comb it out, or the kids thought that Sarah bought them a puppy and they played with it.

Molly said...

Valley KW said...
That thing on her face? Totally obvious.

The bumpit was worn so long, her skin eventually absorbed it. Now it's trapped by her ear, where it will eventually lay eggs, from which tiny mini bumpits will hatch.

What can I guys bring out the snark in me.


couldn't stop snickering at this: hub wants to know what's so funny. Nevermind, honey!!

wow. just wow. said...

Just how exactly is Palin "Progressing Alaska" - as she said she was going to do - by getting facelifts and selling her book from the back of a bus in Indiana?

Just sayin'.

EyeOnYou said...

Palin race sponsorship disclosure OK, says APOC

Palin gets away with scamming the state yet again.

Anonymous said...

She caught a facial goiter from her ex-running mate.

Anonymous said...

Willow and Piper

Keith (deadbeat) Johnston said...

@ 21 November 2009 04:46

I know the Johnston are divorced, but you would think Keith would be a man about such a matter. Mercede is his school age child. What is wrong with that man?

Anonymous said...

I just couldn't resist reading the reactions that Sarah's adoring fans posted on her short facebook apology. Nancy said it best:

Leave the poor woman alone about the mix up at the book signing. It was poorly handled, she asked for forgiveness and as Christians, that is what we do, we forgive each other.

Nancy, I suggest that you write to Sarah again, and offer your suggestion about forgiveness. Sarah didn't get the message, what with trashing people in her book and trying to even old scores.

Stapleit said...

HELP. I hope to see some comments on this. I thought this once before and dismissed it (thought I was crazy) but it really hit me again today. I don't follow it but I think there may be something there. Look at the picture of Levi's mom, the one posted today that said she got three years (think it was on msnbc). Bristol looks just like her. I noticed this 6 or so months ago when I saw another pic of Sherri(sp?) and thought no way, why do these two look so much alike?? But..when I saw that picture today I can't deny it. Bristol looks far more like Levi's mom than she does like Sarah. HELP - anyone else see this. WTH is this?

ella said...

@5:40 - cute pics of the girls -
Willow is beautiful. I am surprised she went to Chicago with scarh - I really thought Willow was wise enough to stay out of the spotlight (after being thrown under the bus re Letterman joke/scarah saying it was about rape when it was NOT). Of all the Palin kids, I have the most hope for Willow. Look at Piper, she is going to be one tough hockey player!

KaJo said...

(crossposted at Bree's - posted here because I think the speculation is going in the wrong direction)

Folks, if you go over to Bree's blog, look closely at the picture Bree labeled "a little flair" (where Palin's wearing the black jacket) and you can see a HOLLOW in her cheek right in front of her ear and under her pronounced cheekbone.

The lighting in the "mysterious bump" picture above is completely different, but I think that if the lighting were similar to that in the "flair" picture, the "lump", even in the close-up, would be a hollow.

IMO, it's one of those optical illusions like "the face on Mars" or "the man in the moon".

Anonymous said...


Levi and Bristol's birthdates are five months apart. It is iompossible for Sherry Johnston to be Bristol's mom.

Archivist said...

I know Piper is a cute little girl right now, and it's easy to be charmed by her ... but she is going to grow up to be a DIVA like her mother. She is getting all this attention .. singing autographs last summer .... just because she is cute.

It's not nice to say bad things about a kid, but .. well ... let's not make her into anything other than a kid who is learning early that there is a LOT to be gained by being cute and famous. I am sure Sarah was a very 'cute' 7 yr old too.

Stapleit said...

Ok, don't calculate birthdays and all that. Just look at their faces. If you saw Bristol w/ Sarah and Sherri who looks more like the mother. Like I said, crazy BUT ...?

Anonymous said...

Leave a message. The Insider is playing a Sarah NOT PG tape.
Leave a message.

Anonymous said...

Stapleit ...

Do a blog about it.

CR46 said...

Ella, if Piper was going to play hcokey, she would be home playing now. None of the Palin girls played hockey. Personally too bad they didn't, they may have stayed out of trouble. As for Piper, she is Trig's main caretaker--no time for Piper to be in any kind of a group :(

Valley KW said...

Stapleit, I beg of you not to pursue that line of inquiry.

Certain "looks" are prevalent in certain areas. In this area, many of the girls wear their hair straight, shiny, and long. Many, many of the girls Bristol's age look similar just by virtue of having the red-olive complexion local to this part of Alaska, along with the long hair. If you recall, even Mercede Johnston was was identified as Bristol and she is blonde. The red tinged complexion and long, straight hair really goes a long way toward making people look similar.

Believe me, this is simply one of those coincidences you run into in life, probably brought on by the idea that boys tend to choose girls who look like their mom and girls tend to pick boys that look like dear old dad. Using this premise, Bristol's resemblance to Sherry is easily dismissed, as is the fact that Levi resembles Todd as a youth.

All that aside, Bristol and Levi are only a few months apart in age, putting this theory squarely in the hogwash category.

Anonymous said...

TheInsider: Levi's Mother

Anonymous said...

Fox Noise mistakenly puts up "Going Rouge" instead of "Going Rogue"

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's lighting. I see both a concavity and a protrusion in the photo above.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Willow and Colony HS basketball? Coach Hanson?

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for your presence
Valley KW. You are an astute observer
and understand the importance of
keeping a steady compass heading.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, pay attention to the post at 6:33. They are discussing "babygate" at the Insider.

Everyone should go over their and post pictures and leaves messages. This is the first time I have seen this discussed.

Anonymous said...

06:48 ~ I see both a concavity and a protrusion in the photo above.

me too.

I knew a Piper. Growing up is sad. It is never the same as an adult. An eating disorder will not surprise me.

Is Willow giving the stink eye to a camera person? She is growing.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Insider is on "babygate"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it's not exactly the Insider staff. This is what it reads at the bottom

DISCLAIMER: This posting was submitted by a user of the site not from The Insider editorial staff. All users have acknowledged and agreed that the submission of their story and its contents is in compliance with our Terms of Use.

It's another step in the right direction though

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Anonymous said...

Valley KW said...

Anonymous 6:53,

Thank you so much. What a sweetly generous thing to say.

I may not have any info that will help bring this beast of a political albatross down, but I hope by candidly speaking about my life and experiences in the valley -even if it's with fear or trepidation- then more people in the area will speak up. Barb inspired me, and I am sincerely trying to pay it forward.

Plus...venting all my Sarah Stories, however trivial, is a HUGE stress reliever, right? ;)

Lisabeth said...

Did any of you see 20/20 tonight? I was furious watching it as they try to prtray Sarah as this deep thinking serious Alaskan frontier pro life family values superstar. It literally made me sick as well as angry! This woman lies so much it's beyond pathological. She is attempting to scam this entire country and she needs to be brought down.

Anonymous said...

Send Sherry Johnston some love.

Reesie said...


I saw 20/20. The MSM is the reason why Ms. Palin is still in the news. If they did their homework she would have been gone right after the election. They also helped lead us to the war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Valley KW said...Plus...venting all my Sarah Stories, however trivial, is a HUGE stress reliever, right? ;)

Right! for all of us. I don't have the words to tell you how much you are appreciated. The smallest story contributes to the whole picture.

Lisabeth said...

You are so right Reesie! Thanks.

I went to Insider as some here suggested. They clearly are stating there is new info from Levi that proves Sarah is not Trigs birth mother. But I couldn't figure out what this new info is. What am I missing??

Go Levi and hang in there! You are so brave don't back down!!

I hope hope this it everyone! We've waited so long!

ArmchairJane said...

Oh my. That photo of the two girls linked to above at 05:40, as well as another recent photo of Sarah with the girls where they are all standing, I believe it was shot around the time of the BW interviews but it is not one of the ones from the bordello look room where the interview took place. Both the 05:40 photo and he second photo I am referring to, (which I think was linked to several days ago by someone much the way the 05:40 photo was, but I can't remember for sure, but Willow was wearing a purple looking shirt), made me think that Willow looks like she is "filling out", shall we say.

I thought again of the recent Rumor Central about "family values politician with a pregnant daughter".

I thought about Sarah suddenly quitting in a panic, rumors of a big fight with Bristol, neither of the older daughters present at the Quitting speech, and reports that Willow is living in Palmer with Todd. And yet huge new construction at Casa Palin.

I thought about rushed book publication, and the "book tour" winding up by early December, if Palin doesn't quit sooner.

Finally I thought about how long it's been since Palin quit as Guv, and that as soon as the tour is done she should be able to pocket the rest of the cash. And how long that will be in relation to when Palin quit. And how long it takes before certain biological facts become impossible to conceal, at least in normal people.

I don't like what I am thinking. But my mind went there after seeing these recent photos. I hope what I am thinking is not true. It would really be heartbreaking, but could explain some of what has been unclear to me before about WHY Palin's sudden resignation and rushed out book. This is making my head hurt. I think I need to go to bed and hope in the morning that what I think I might be seeing doesn't look the same any more. If what I am thinking might be true, I don't want to say a whole lot more about it. If it is true, "time will tell", as they say, and I hope everything works out. But hopefully I am just seeing things.

Anonymous said...

That bump on her face is a baby bump! Little Trapeze or Trapezoid is on the way.

Lisabeth said...

Oh gosh that's an old article at Insider. I got all excited but it's nothing new. Bummer!!!!

Wait until Levi sees Sarahs 20/20 I tervieq. She imied that he's immature, making the wrong decisions, getting bad advice, not seeing Tripp orgiving money

Barbara Walters and Opera did a bad job. They must have agreed to not ask hard questions and well they sold out. No one in the MSM has the balls to stand up directly to Palin and it's infuriating. And she complains about them making things up? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

When is Piper Next Going to Have a Normal Halloween?


Oprah, Sarah and the Girls:

Bag News Notes

Anonymous said...

Bot speak:

"A hundred years of writting the Tax code for thousands and thousands of pages. Get Sarah Palin in there and one year get it down to a post card size."

"Wanna have fun this Christmas? Send the ACLU a CHRISTMAS card. Since they are working so hard to get rid of the CHRISTMAS, we should all send them a nice CHRISTIAN card to remind them we do exist. Make sure it says "Merry CHRISTMAS" on it: ACLU~125 Broad Street 18th Floor~New York, NY 10004. You can also email them: :-)..Pass it along"

"I just e-mailed all of they advitisers of newsweek on the November 23rd issue, asking them to pull their advertisments. until there is a public apoligy from newsweek untill then I will not but thier product if we all do this, maybe newsweek will go belly up. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Re Insider

The video is being recycled, the Crunchwrap Supreme article is newer.
They might be floating this to see what happens.

The people who haven't seen this could find it curious and want to learn more. Too bad the Bots are the ones to always leave comments.

FYI: said...

... as political phenomenons go, Sarah Palin is a remarkably unpopular one. Not that you'd know it from much of the week's media coverage, but the American public as a whole really doesn't care for her:

* A CBS poll conducted this month found that only 23 percent have a favorable opinion of Palin; 38 percent have an unfavorable view. Only one in four Americans wants her to run for president; two out of three don't. One in four thinks she has the ability to be an effective president; more than 60 percent disagree. Only 43 percent of Republicans think she could be effective.

* An ABC poll, also conducted this month, found similar results: 43 percent have a favorable impression of Palin, 52 percent unfavorable. A whopping 53 percent of Americans would not even consider voting for her for president, and 60 percent don't think she's qualified for the job.

* A CNN poll conducted last month found that even more Americans -- 71 percent -- think Palin is not qualified to be president.

Anonymous said...

When Walters asks Palin if Levi is contributing child support, Palin looks down and doesn't answer the question. Instead she says he's making bad decisions with money and his career. Off camera she most likely told Walters fabricated stories about Levi and she would probably sound very convincing. If Palin is unable to control those around her, such as Levi, watch out!

Valley KW said...

Lisabeth, I have no idea if this is true...but I heard a rumor that Levi submitted via his attorney, a request for expenses related to his son, so that he could pay the expenses directly OR verify that is what the money was used for. IF the rumor is correct, two strongly worded letters requesting detailed expenses related to the baby's care were ignored. I am hoping the rumor IS true- if so it means that Levi is smart enough not to just hand off chunks of cash with no accountability for it. The letter(s) stated that as SOON as these expenses were detailed to Levi, he would pay all expenses related to his child's health, well being, and care.

I think there may be truth to this rumor- otherwise I think Sarah would probably be running his mouth about how Levi hasn't paid a dime, is a deadbeat, Bristol's doing it all on her OWN, while working, attending school, and curing toenail fungus, etc.

I just overheard two people talking over a tabloid with Sarah/Levi content while shopping for paper goods- almost LITERALLY "overheard in the supermarket checkout line", so unfortunately it could be total bunk- if anyone has heard anything about this, I would be interested to hear it- purely from a nosy point of view, of course.

Anonymous 7:58
Thank you so much...I have been so surprisingly delighted that people here have so roundly welcomed me and voiced appreciation for me simply for purging my brain of the Sarah-related cobwebs that I have let fester and linger until they were driving me insane. That people would make me feel like a "contributor" simply for venting has made me feel even freer to speak my mind and try to be more like my hometown homegirl Barb Dwyer! (h/t to Barb for just being awesome)

That was a really long way of saying...thank you :)

Valley KW said...

I meant, Sarah would be running HER mouth, not "his" mouth. Oopsy.

ArmchairJane said...

Thanks, Valley KW - love to hear from you, whether it's some of the old Sarah cobwebs OR stuff you've literally "overheard in the checkout line" it does help give a sense of what the "word "on the street" is up your way :-)

Keep checking in! I am going to get to bed now, but I will be back tomorrow and hope to "see" you around!

Anonymous said...

Valley KW said...

Jane- I am going to bed, too...

The general "word on the street" in the valley vascillates between "yes! she's THEIR problem now!!!" ('their' being lower 48'ers, the GOP, Harper Collins- anyone who causes her to LEAVE!) to "oh all those poor people are going to be subjected to her"...

Also, even her die-hards up here are abandoning the defense of the Palin marriage. We see what there is to see...and what there ISN'T to see. And right now, what we're not seeing much Todd.

He had some pretty specific haunts here in the val, and I'm talking places he could be seen several times a week for YEARS- the only time you generally don't see him is during a race or training. But now- for whatever reason...he is just GONE from all his normal watering holes and haunts.

Of course, you don't have to live in the valley to know the reason most people suspect for Todd's sudden and lengthy absence. I used to feel bad for him...when Sarah was just dipping her toes into local politics, some of the other moms would coo and fuss over Todd every time he packed a lunch or braided a pigtail. I think as Wasillians and then Alaskans as a whole realized that Sarah would screw us over, stab us in the back, and smile dazzlingly while doing so...more people expected that Todd would step up and make her realize that she was SO NOT EVEN qualified to govern a sack race, much less a state. The more Sarah appointed her own cronies and laughed off requests to make more informed decisions, the quieter Todd got and the less respect people had for him.

Valley KW said...

Anonymous at 9:55, that eyesforlies blog is fascinating, I didn't see any Palin specific content offhand, but I would DEARLY love to see the author's analysis (you?!) of Sarah.

Now I really am going to bed. All of you have a nice Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Long time lurker, first time commenter here. Thanks Regina, Patrick, Kathleen for all you're continuing to do now. Big thanks to Audrey & team who got me hooked on this quest. And also big thanks to all the Alaskan "boots on the ground" for valiant efforts to get to the bottom of all this!

Like many of you I saw the BW interview on 20/20 tonight. What stood out to me (beyond what y'all have already noted) is what Todd had to say. When he dutifully appeared BW noted that he rarely talks to reporters.

When Todd was asked about Trig he said, "We treat him just like our other kids." That's all well and good, BUT HE'S NOT LIKE ALL THE OTHER KIDS!

As we've suspected for way too long, little Trig is NOT getting the therapy he needs. WHY hasn't one of the DS organizations spoken about this? Any of the "boots on the ground" folks know of anything that's being done to help this cute little guy?

jr. said...

AKM at Mudflats is doing a fast read of the book. This caught my eye:

Page 233 (previously posted)
And while we’re at it, what’s up with the fancy schmantzy hotels? She’s used to the Best Western in Wasilla.

Why would she stay at a motel in Wasilla?

Anonymous said...

Sarah's getting ever more erratic. She's posted "In the Midnight Hour" on Facebook twice.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe she’s been breaking water all week and feared the bus would turn back into a pumpkin before she could drop another controversial baby back in her great state of Alaska."

the wonkette

Anonymous said...

Everyone: When I said it was interesting how much Sherry and Bristol look alike, I was NEVER implying she was her mother!!

Just some past mixing of families that no one might know about that would cause a family to try to keep the kids separated, like sending one away to her aunts, threatening the boy with a gun, promising the girl a new car if she breaks up with him, that kind of thing.

Sansego said...

I wish someone could secretly tape record her comments on the road or over Thanksgiving dinner next week. I bet she will laugh and make jokes about all those crazy "fans." She has to know that she's a grifter, conning them out of their hard earned dollars, quitting book signings early and hiding on the bus as angry Palinistas chant their disapproval.

I read some article (I can't remember which) where the writer asked which was worse...a politician who looks down on ignorant voters or a politician who knows his or her constituents are idiots, but exploits them to his or her advantage.

You'd think that after Ray-Gun and Baby Bush, these people would have learned their lesson by now that they are being used and manipulated.

CC said...

Anon@ 14:35. I knew what you meant. Especially as it relates to blabby-creepy-papa-Heath. I've thought along those lines before, especially since a poster mentioned a long time ago on PD about the key being the link between the Johnstons and the Palins.

Anonymous said...

ValleyKW, you've restored my faith in Alaskans. Your observations and insights are always welcome, and I can imagine you've got years of stress to let out. If I'd had to observe SP socially and politically all those years, I'd be exploding. . .

Anonymous said...

It's the Widow's Peak. That's what makes Sherry and Bristol seem similar: their hairline. How common is that trait? I don't notice anything more than that.

Q45 said...

The Huff Post article has over 12,000 responses. WOW!

Floyd M. Orr said...

BOOGATE has just surpassed 13,000 comments at HuffPo!

Anonymous said...

Palin is ILL. Now she has things growing out of her face? Why does no one in her family CARE enough to make her seek treatment???

Anonymous said...

She looks cheap and tawdry.
Her makeup looks like it was applied by a mortician.
Why doesn't Kristan Cole call and give her some tips?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Cole take her to a hospital????

Anonymous said...

Does any one remember the 1978 Tony Curtis horror film called "The Manatou"? It's a story about Tony's girl friend developing a lump on her neck that grows and grows, containing a 400 year old native American evil demon! Good times! The lump in front of Scarah's ear could also be another pity-prop she "borrowed" from McCain. Maybe she's going into her "Medusa" phase and a snake will emerge. She has "a serpent's heart".

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cheap and tawdry this woman looks. She's definitely just one of them now.

Clown make up: check.
Bad plastic surgery: check
Ignorant and illiterate: check
Dressed like a tart: check
Bad skin care: check
Bad hair extensions/wig: check
Looks like she used to work at Hooters until she got too old: check


Anonymous said...

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin spent more than three hours signing her book, Going Rogue, at a northwest side bookstore on Friday night.

On the third day of Palin's book-signing tour, the Borders bookstore on Sawmill Road announced that the first 1,000 in line by the store's 10 a.m. opening would be guaranteed to get their books signed. But Palin's staff called the store and told the managers to cut back to 500 wristbands, causing hundreds to be turned away, 10TV's Kurt Ludlow reported.

-- great work ethic, Sarah. Way to go, turning away 1/2 your fans.

Anonymous said...

a few years back, howard stern did a book tour...he limited the signings to only a few venues and the crowds were huge

not everyone got their books signed...most didnt care...because the events were a happening

at palin's events, there seems to be at the most a couple thousand at each venue...i dont know why that is so large that not everyone can get a book signed...unless sarah is as slow at signing her name as she is at everything else in life

Anonymous said...

I think that many book signings will be cut back over the coming weeks.

This book tour has been very badly organised.

Palin once again reveals how inept both she and the people surrounding her are.

Anonymous said...

She's screwing the stores, now, too. The stores had to buy 2500 books to get the appearance.

Anonymous said...

On the possible resemblance between Sherry and Bristol -- keeping in mind that Levi and Bristol are 5 months apart, and the Heaths moved to AK after Sarah was born, it seems there are not too many opportunities for inter-family mischief leading to Bristol. Or is someone suggesting an earlier liaison via the Palin-Johnston families? If so, please give us information if it exists; otherwise I'd prefer we left this theory in the "completely unsubstantiated" file.

Anonymous said...

People write with their concern that organizations that address special needs are not on Sarah's case for neglecting Trig. It's not their business.

They are support groups which offer information and emotional support for people who seek them out. If there is a family with a disabled child living right next door, they cannot rush into their home and make them join or seek help. Child welfare organizations have their hands busy with real child abuse (physical beatings, incest, rape, drunken parents).

My neighbor's grandchild was born with a hereditary defect. The mother is a whiz on the internet, collecting information, joining organizations, chat groups and going to conventions. She is super connected. But she cannot force people who have children with the same defect to join the group if they choose not to. That's life.

Since Sarah's pals do read this blog, and we know that she is sensitive to criticism, then all we can do is point out that it does her public image no good to tote that poor child around as a political prop. We are on to her game, and we see how she neglects the child. Her fans see something else. They see the woman who chose life, prayed, and is heroic in their eyes. As long as the cheers ring in Sarah's infected ear when she drags out Trig, she will continue to neglect him (and her infection). She has money to make.

(I am silently praying for her to develop writer's cramp in addition to her infection. I know it sounds mean, but I can't take a couple more weeks of Sarah on the Bus.)

PS to Valley KW: You write beautifully, and I really enjoy reading what you have to say. The smallest details are the things that we never hear. If the venting makes you feel better, please keep it up. Your insight is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be any news on the Washington, PA appearance, which should be underway. Did she bug out?

Leadfoot said...

a few new Levi / Playgirl pics:

Anonymous said...

Valley KW and Barb: thanks so much for telling us what you know, have seen, and have heard "up there." I know others here appreciate your comments as much as I do.

Todd's remark that TriG is treated "like the other kids" made me see red! He's NOT like the other kids! I would guess that other DS families probably make $P feel uncomfortable for a number of reasons, such as, their older children foreshadow an inevitable reality for TriG, and also those who dedicate themselves to maximizing their child's development and interaction with the world remind her of everything she and her eleven thousand immediate family members are NOT doing. Since the DS community (and the rest of us) have no reliable information on what TriG's needs are, and how or if they are being met, it's difficult for any group to be the first to stand up and criticize $P.

Though I fervently hope that $P will be only an infrequent public sighting in as short a period of time as possible, could be that $P is hoping for the biggest possible payday RIGHT NOW. Because before too long, she won't be able to carry TriG on her hip, and his lolling tongue and extreme impairment will remind everyone that during his most crucial months of development, his needs couldn't possibly have come first in the Palin family.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering why Sarah couldn't just stay the extra hour, smile nicely at people who waited 9 hours to see her and sign a few more books. The bus was going to head to another book signing; what's the big deal.

Then, I went the the website we make fun of and saw that in addition to book signings, Sarah is on a media blitz tour. She has more interviews lined up than she and John McCain in the course of the 2008 campaign. So, dear fans of Sarah, you were dumped for the bright lights of the TV camera or the sound of her voice on radio.

Anonymous said...

O'REILLY: One of the amusing points of your book for me was that you wanted to do the Reverend Wright dance. You wanted to get Reverend Wright up there and ram it right down Barack Obama's throat. Why?

PALIN: Well, I believe that it's not negative campaigning or off-base to call someone out on their associations, and Reverend Wright was a close associate of Barack Obama's for 20 years. And...


OK. Let her have it. Let's talk to her about "prayer warriors," and her statement in a Wasilla church -- at state expense -- that her work as governor was meaningless unless the hearts of Alaskans were right with God.

Kate said...

Palingates may have this file already and I hadn't noticed, but just in case:
Here's confirmation that rumors about Trig's parentage were circling at the Republican Convention as soon as Sarah was nominated. The Canadian radio CBC mentioned them and after complaints the CBC Ombudsman made a report.

Anonymous said...

I thought again of the recent Rumor Central about "family values politician with a pregnant daughter".

That's just a scam to keep his Google Ad revenue up.

Don't believe everything you read on the internets, you should know that.

I just overheard two people talking over a tabloid with Sarah/Levi content while shopping for paper goods- almost LITERALLY "overheard in the supermarket checkout line"

That's about the quality of the sources that Rumor Central uses too.

Kate - That CBC interview is old news, it is however probably the most solid piece of reporting on this to date.

Michael Carey, the man interviewed in that segment, is a credible and legitimate source.

He also to be Pat Dougherty's boss over at the ADN.

Anonymous said...

Kate, The NY Times reported that McCain aides told them that the Bristol-is-pregnant story was put out to squash the Sarah-faked-it story.

Anonymous said...

Used to be Pat Dougherty's boss at the ADN is what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber thinks he was treated unfairly my the media!
He says Palin should not run in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Kate, The NY Times reported that McCain aides told them that the Bristol-is-pregnant story was put out to squash the Sarah-faked-it story.

Can you verify this with a link ?

I too believe that Team McCain was part of the obfuscation.

The fact that Palin announced her pregnancy the day after McCain was chosen as the R nominee speaks volumes in itself.

∞ æ å

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about this guy.

Do a timeline of him and see if it intersects with the Dobson gang, now THAT would be interesting if there was something there.

Culvahouse was supposedly the head of the McCain vetting team.

… ø ˆ

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah Palin impatient with kids?


She said that when her sister told the author that she was a first- grade teacher, Mrs. Palin replied, "You have the patience of Job; God bless you.''


Anonymous said...

anon@1835: Here you go:

Some claimed that Ms. Palin had not actually given birth to Trig, but that Bristol had, and that the family had covered it up. Various Web sites posted photographs of Ms. Palin in the months leading up to his birth this year, and debated whether her physique might have been too trim for her stage of pregnancy. The McCain campaign said Ms. Palin announced Bristol’s pregnancy to stop the swirl of rumors.

Palin Daughter's Pregnancy Interrupts GOP Convention

A similar story was carried in other papers.

I'll not mention my concern whether Hollywood makeup pros were called in to make Bristol appear pregnant.

Valley KW said...

Anonymous at 18:25

The whole reason I pointed out the near cliche manner in which I overheard that comment about Levi sending a letter was to be sure that people understood that it was simply a rumor I overheard between two people I don't know from Adam. I even took care to point out that it could well be total bunk. Never once did I say or even imply that it was a "source"- credible or not.

I'm sorry- well, no...actuall I'm NOT sorry to tell you that people like you are the reason so many Alaskans will never feel free to speak openly and candidly in a place like this. To date, the only times I have relayed anecdotes or information about Sarah have been instances I personally witnessed and things which can and have been corroborated by dozens of people in my situation- valley residents who have been forced into the same social and educational circles as Sarah by virtue of living in the same area and having our children attend the same schools.

The one time I mention a rumor and clearly point it out as such, you want to slam me in the same category with someone who possibly made up a rumor for ad revenue? (Which, you should have pointed out as I did- is JUST A RUMOR)

People like you make me wish I had kept my head down and my mouth shut.

But then people like Alex are so kind and complimentary. Alex, thank you for canceling out one of the meanies:)

Anonymous said...

Whats going on here? Ca va pas, no?

Come on people we're supposed expose SP not take delight in her misfortunes. To me, it's sounding pretty petty on this blog, recently.

Let's stick to the facts and expose her unless we can't. No?

Anonymous said...

The bump needs a visit from a heating pad. Looks like she's working on a painful case of parotitis.

Anonymous said...

@KW valley - I am complimenting you as well!

We have a coterie of trolls here. Sometimes they lurk. Sometimes they pose as "concern trolls," propagating racism or pro-Palin disinformation. Sometimes they are just outright mean and rude.

Please do not let them sway you. The non-trolls here love and appreciate your posts.

Shout out to Barb, too! Ditto!!!

Anonymous said...

@19:00- who is taking delight? I am asking that someone who cares about take Palin to her to the hospital for medical treatment STAT.

STEP UP, those who care about Palin's health.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the inadvertent word salad above. It should be "take Palin to the hospital for medical treatment STAT."

Anonymous said...

anon 18:53 ... That's a wonderfully ironic story and could have only been conceived by desperate people reacting in horror as they confronted the truth. The irony is that they "revealed" what they originally set out to hide ... daughter fakes a pregnancy to cover up for mother's faked pregnancy, which was to cover-up for daughter's real pregnancy. It could be a blockbuster best-seller and movie.

Valley KW said...

To the person who asked if Sarah was patient with kids:

When she had reason to interact with other peoples' kids, she had this syrupy sweetness and condescension...and it DID seem like she never yelled or fussed.

However, in the mid and late nineties/early 2000s, she had several small children of her OWN and I saw times where she would snap at them for the least little thing when they were rambunctious or cranky. I know she did a LOT of pacifying with fast food, as many of us with small children succumb to doing now and again.

With her older children she was very impatient...possibly because they were close in age and thus a bit hard to wrangle. God knows when I had "three under six" I had to work VERY hard for patience.

When she had Piper, she was almost this madonna like figure. She carried that child everywhere, while her older ones were always in strollers. She seemed genuinely happy to have an infant, even calm and serene when with Piper...believe me, it was a noticable change from her norm.

Since the times I saw her grew much more infrequent after she became governor, I can't really say for sure how she is around Piper as an older child when there aren't cameras around.

I realize this is probably contradictory and of no help- I'm sorry! I will say this...when someone had a baby in our circle (often, especially during the mid nineties) Sarah was the first one to swoop in and screech let meee hold the baaaaabyyyyy!!! I never saw even one such instance of her displaying this overt enthusiasm for a toddler or older child, though.

If I had to guess, I'd say Sarah likes "babies" but not "kids" so much. Personally, I feel this is because kids tend to have a great instinct about insincerity and being, there's the issue of older kids not being able to be "controlled" as easily as babies...something that would definitely concern her, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Here's a rumor for you.

The marriage break up may hinge on Todd's imbibing of the MTF.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Have you heard that one KW ?

Not that I'd get all excited about that one either since it seems that everybody and their brother and mother partakes up here.

I could see that as being a real source of friction though.

¡ ø ¡ ø ¡

Anonymous said...

I read this morning that McCain said he had read the book and "enjoyed" it. Damned with faint praise?

Anonymous said...

MTF? What's MTF?

wayofpeace said...

what's MTF?

Anonymous said...


I don't know if this has been mentioned previously, but this hilarious write-up over at Hufpo by Nancy Drexler absolutely nails it.

I couldn't have summed it up better myself, The Palins have become the latest Reality TV show for many of you who allow this woman to rent space in your head.

I find her interesting only in that Alaska has never experienced anything like this before, that was the nice thing about living up here is that we're so far off the radar to most people.

Well, we were anyway.

º √ ÷

ArmchairJane said...

I am gearing up for a long comment, a two parter. In the meantime, according to one source, MTF apparently refers to "Matanuska Thunderf**k", a potent variety of marijuana. This is just what somebody previously said off in another thread somewhere, so I have no idea if it is true.

However, having lived in marijuana growing country, I can say that MTF and it's longer form sound very typical of the names people give famous regional "brands" of pot. Maybe some googling around, especially of MySpace pages of the local area there, could turn up reference to "MTF" and confirm whether that is what is being mentioned above.

ArmchairJane said...

LOL, just checked out the MTF link. Looks like our source was correct. I won't comment further except that I think lower 48 stoners may be headed north soon...

wv is, I kid you not: vallyth

Anonymous said...

Valley KW:

I married into a family very much like the Palins
and we live on their (subdivided) farm land near
Fairbanks, I know exactly where you are coming
from ! That sort of family dynamic is totally
crazy-making. My mother in law could easily
be what Miss Sarah becomes. She was just a little
older than Sarah is now when I met her and now
she is in her mid-eighties. Their symptoms just
keep getting worse as they get older.

word verification : misarro
(fake Italian for the misery these sorts inflict
without feeling any of it themselves, since it's
always all the fault of the inflictee, not the inflicter)

Anonymous said...

Well if I was Todd I would be into MTF too.
i do buy the 'light' version at the feed store :

"Matanuska ThunderStruck"
Cleverly named Valley Catnip
(Our cats will accept no substitute,
wish we could send some to your darling kitty
Regina !)

ArmchairJane said...

Part One:

@ anon 18:01 (and now several others),
I have requested several times to know if anyone knows where Sherry Johnston was born and how old she is. I now know that Sherry is 43, approx two years younger than Sarah. To this day I have never seen anyone answer my question about where Sherry was born and anything about who were parents were.

I am sorry if some people are disappointed I am asking this. But I think it is an acceptable question, and I am NOT promoting that I have some strong attachment to the idea. Just would like to know a little more.

My point is that if *Sherry* was born in the same area the Heaths were living at the time, it is possible that Chuck Heath could be her father. He would have been a young teacher and coach, relatively new to the area 43 years ago. It would also be interesting to know *Sherry's mother's* location back at the time Sherry was born. Was she by any chance a student at the same school where Chuck was teaching and coaching or a young woman who might have met Chuck and found him athletic and attractive?

If Chuck Heath was Sherry's father, it would make Sherry Sarah's half sister and a blood relation of aunt to Bristol. If Sarah or Todd were to know or suspect that Sherry was actually related to Sarah it would explain a lot.

It is like Anon 14:35 said:
"Just some past mixing of families that no one might know about that would cause a family to try to keep the kids separated, like sending one away to her aunts, threatening the boy with a gun, promising the girl a new car if she breaks up with him, that kind of thing."

Since I am not wedded to this theory, I'd just like to know if anyone knows about Sherry's birth place, etc.

Every time anyone brings up this idea, both regulars and anons come on and try to shut down the line of thinking.

Yet it is SO common for women to have children that are not actually the biological child of their husband at the time, on the order of 25% according to a recent scientific study using DNA testing. I also know several people who have discovered unsuspected half siblings, as well as people who have discovered that the person they thought was their father (and whom their mother was married to at the time of their birth) was really NOT the father. I know two different people who recently found out they had adult half siblings.

From what I have seen, here seems to be a pattern that these relationship are often not revealed until some if the offspring are well into adulthood. In the cases I know of, the fact was usually revealed when the children of the unexpected paternity relationship were well into adult life: 40 to even over 70 years old for the child who had a different parent than they knew. The trigger for the disclosure seems to often be the death of someone who had the power to keep family secrets. However, I have also known the secret to become known when there is some other event that causes someone to break their silence, such as discovering that somebody is having a relationship with a person who is a blood relative.

sandra said...

KW: You've done a good job of providing your "sources." You are very credible in reporting the kind of gossip/actions that go on in a small community. SP doesn't seem like one to ever slip into the back of the room or provide anonymous services.

ArmchairJane said...

Part Two:

All it would take to prove the wrong the "is Sherry related to Bristol" question to my satisfaction is to know with reasonable certainty where Sherry's mother lived at the time of her pregnancy with Sherry. If it wasn't the same town or close proximity the the Heath's, then I am satisfied it's not enough of a possibility to consider. But if Sherry's mother DID live near where the Heath's lived, it would be interesting to know.

Other interesting things:
Why did Chuck suddenly moved the family to Alaska shortly before Sarah was born?
Why in Alaska did Sally Heath start attending a completely different church than she previously did previously (Roman Catholic)? And she had Sarah attend as well and they were baptized together when Sarah was only 6. Supposedly her reasons for changing religions were very private. I am a member of a liturgical church and I cannot imagine anything that would make me leave that church to go to a Pentecostal/Assemblies of God church. I'd be more likely to quit entirely than to go to the AoG. But stress makes people do things that are unexpected.

Sherry apparently was born approximately 2 years after the Heath's had moved to Alaska, but as I said, I don't know where she was born. It seems that someone's birthplace should not be too much to ask.

I am sorry if some people are disappointed I am asking this. But I think it is an acceptable question, and I am NOT promoting that I have some strong attachment to the idea. I DO consider it unsubstantiated. Just would like to know a little more because I KNOW just what I am wondering about is really not so uncommon after all.

It is understandable that the trolls are pushing back, and they have in the past, and will continue to do so. For them to say we should not discuss any rumor or topic that is not already proven is ridiculous. Then don't read here. How do you think that investigative journalists find out much of what they discover? They often talk to people and then investigate what those people have heard to look for more leads and to confirm or deny conclusively. Most of the really interesting things ARE rumor before they are confirmed.

But for the regulars, seems to me this question I am asking should not be considered beyond the pale. This is, after all, a blog where we are discussing a governor who faked a pregnancy. What I am trying to rule out, yet never getting any REAL answer to, is a common occurance in many communities: people with incorrect knowledge of who a father is, and people with unknown adult half siblings. It seems somebody ought to know where Sherry was born and where her mother was living when she was pregnant with Sherry. I am starting to wonder if someobody who reads DOES know, but doesn't like the answer? Basically, by people continuing to tell essentially tell me to shut up about this, you have now gotten me to give my reason in full for thinking this is a relevant question to ask.

Anonymous said...

Valley KW

I think that you should communicate with Patrick. Have you done that?

It is very important that you do not reveal your hand too soon and you may inadvertantly say something that will overplay our sides hand.

Please send your observations to Patrick...

ArmchairJane said...

ps. I apologize for typos above, especially repeated words that the spell check will not catch. And I haven't had my coffee.

Also, to clarify, I meant that Sarah's mother HAD formerly attended the Roman Catholic Church. After moving to Alaska she started attending an Assemblies of God, I believe. But maybe it was a different nondenominational Bible church and the AoG came later. I don't have the book handy to check, and at any rate my point was just that she made a huge change in her faith direction by making the switch she made.

Anonymous said...

There is a branch of the Federal Archives in Anchorage, that combined with a trip to the Mormon Temple over off of NL Blvd might yield some clues for you.

The Alaska Room at the ZJ Loussac library would yield a lot of information if indeed SJ was born in Alaska.

I've never heard this confirmed, do you know for a fact that she was born here ?

I still find the Facebook photos to be the most damning evidence that something is not right about this story.

She got the Jesus Beat Down from her mother, her father was a science teacher which might indicate a person who might be more questioning of the faith.

If I remember correctly, her father's side of the family was Catholic, older brother, Chuck Jr. was married in a Catholic church in Fairbanks in 1993.

Imagine the mixing of the Catholics and the Evangelicals in that family.


Anonymous said...

Okay, it was her mom's side that was Catholic, you are right.

Good theory if you can prove it.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

anon @ 20.03

I support your request that Valley KW should email Patrick.

I emailed Patrick and he says that he has not heard from VKW.

Whilst all the information that VKW gives here is interesting it might be more useful if it can be investigated properly.

Valley KW said...

Anon, I heard that Todd's "imbibing" was total rumor, due to his being subjected to rigerous and random drug testing for his racing team.

Just what I heard on my side of the street. Then again, on "my side of the street" if anyone had any specific knowledge of drug activity, the cougar coterie would immediately identify them as an unfit mother who OBVIOUSLY gained all of her information "first hand", right?! So it's not like I'd have heard much about it either way.

Valley KW said...

I have been working on a long, mind numbingly bitchy email to Patrick wherein I offer most every crumb of fact, gossip, and observation- no matter how irrelevant. I expect to have it sent off tonight or tomorrow.

Barb Dwyer said...


That may well be true during race season and perhaps at this stage of his life. There's no doubt he knows how to grow it and smoke it though. I know someone that was involved in a growing operation with him back in the early 90's. Those operations used to contribute greatly to the AIP coffers

Truly Madly Deeply said...


Thank you for that.

Perhaps you might consider going dark until you have communicated with Patrick.

He has worked with many people in Alaska and he is very selective about what he reveals. He has very good reasons for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about snowmaching or the Iron Dog, I can say matter of factly however that MJ use by dog mushers is quite common.

Not sure if that's relevant or not, if anything his job as a Production Operator on the Slope could be a factor.

With that said, I've spent some time in the oil patch and it's quite prevalent among oil field workers even with drug testing.

Isn't there ample evidence of Bristol's drug use ?

Anonymous said...

That is quite a change to convert from Catholicism to Protestantism, especially before the abortion issue that lets them tolerate each other, now.

There is an earlier biography of SP.

It would be interesting to know more about Chuck Heath. Does anyone have a picture of him when he was younger. They may have moved to Alaska because it was quite a boom town in the 60s, with the pipeline construction.

Barb Dwyer said...

I meant to say those "types" of operations contributed greatly to the AIP coffers, not to mean his actions specifically. I don't know if he was involved with them or not at the time, just that he knows a little more than most about the right use of fertilizer

Anonymous said...

anon @ 20.27

I hardly think that Chuck Heath moved his family to Skagway because of the oil production.

At that time forty years ago Skagway might as well have been the edge of the world. It's more likely that it was a place to get away from it all.....

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt he knows how to grow it and smoke it though.

Interesting, that's what I've heard.

I hardly think that Chuck Heath moved his family to Skagway because of the oil production.

Exactly, Skagway is a remote community in SE Alaska, you have to drive through Canada to get there, or take the ferry.

It's more likely that it was a place to get away from it all.....


Liz I. said...

@Anon at 20:27: Construction began on the Trans Alaska Pipeline in March 1975 and was completed May 31, 1977. I arrived in Alaska in April 1977 and was in Valdez when oil first arrived through the pipeline.

@Valley KW: As a former Alaskan I recognize, and appreciate, your insight.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone looking into Colleen Jones adn Katie Johnson of Washington ?

… æ … æ …

ArmchairJane said...


Thank you for those tips of where to go for more information. I don't have the ability to go there right now, but it doesn't mean I won't be checking into it.

And I do not know for sure if Sherry was born in the Valley, OR even in Alaska at all. But it does sound like she's at minimum a long time resident, as Levi and Mercede apparently grew up there since birth.

Some of the Heath family dynamic strikes me as extremely odd. For instance, Chuck is always volunteering information when asked by the press. He might not answer the question, but he usually says something, often something odd or interesting. For instance, he said that Sarah had not told him that she was resigning as Guv until right before she made the announcement. Yet they are supposedly so close. I still remember how devastated he looked while she was giving her Quittin' Speech - he really looks like he is at a funeral.

It seems like Sarah is always praising her father and his role in the family, leading the sports and hunting, etc. Yet Chuck is always saying that he doesn't hear things till late in the game, she and Todd are very private, etc. She seems oddly distant, in reality, from somebody whom she always says is such a huge influence on her.

Her mother, on the other hand, rarely speaks out. Sarah doesn't mention her mother nearly as much as she does her father. I wonder if she keeps things just as quiet from her mother? Or do they secretly communicate and keep it away from Chuck that they are talking? If so, why?

I do indeed think the apparent split in the family where at least Chuck Jr. seems to have stayed with or returned to the RCC while Sarah and her mother went Evangelical would have led to some tension. The mother of somebody I know, who lived in a family where the father was terrible verbally and physically abusive to the kids and to a lesser degree the wife, became Roman Catholic when the kids were young, knowing her husband really had a thing against the RCC. It seemed she did it both to try to cope with the abusive situation but also because she knew it would anger her husband, and it did, causing fights for years.

And since I am mentioning Chuck in this comment, I have been thinking about "Sarah's" letter from some years back when she felt her father was being attacked during a campaign. She issued a response telling about how great her dad is, and it included that anecdote about the "warm ungulate eyeballs". And I am pretty sure that she said she DID hold them in her hands. Yet at the BW interview, she discussed the anecdote and said Chuck *wanted* her to hold them, but she just could not bring herself to do it, and told him no. Weird, I am going to have to look at that first letter. Just another odd lie of Sarah's?

Something just seems "off" about that whole family dynamic. Seems like there is a great deal going on under the surface there...

Barb Dwyer said...

Skagway only has about 800 full time residents even today. That figure would have been much lower in the 60's. It's a very kewl little town though, all done up to look just as it did during the gold rush. It's a popular destination with the cruise ships as it's only about a 2 hour trip from Juneau

There would have been no industry there at that time though, other than looking for whatever gold might be left in the hills

ArmchairJane said...

With Chuck Heath being a teacher and coach, it doesn't seem like the oil economy would have been a factor in his move. On the other hand, if he had some problems with his employment for some reason, moving to Alaska might be a way to get far away, where he could "get a new start".

And then there is the militia movement in Northern Idaho. Not sure if Chuck has ties to the AIP or not, but if he does, he might have been involved in the Idaho militia situation prior to relocating to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Liz - Did you know a guy named Chuckie O'Brien ? He was out of Detroit, along with Jerry Pasley, they were both in Alaska in the early 70's.

O'Brien was a Teamster organizer and adopted son of Jimmy Hoffa. There is strong evidence that he might have played a part in Hoffa's disappearance.

Pasley married Peggy Begich shortly after the disappearance of her first husband's plane.

O'Brien was also involved with farm workers in California at a time when Jesse Carr was a mid level union California.

Jesse Carr also studied at the knee of a man named Dave Beck, who preceded Hoffa by at least a decade or two.

Sorry to spin off subject, just some curious facts that I find interesting about political history of Alaska.

ß ∂ ƒ

Valley KW said...

Anonymous 20:03, I forgot to add-

I don't really HAVE a "hand" to play; I am in the same position as thousand of Valley/local's just that people are still scared of retaliation even though Sarah is "just" Mrs Palin now. I myself faced a HUGE barrier of fear and spent months avoiding reading the comments here because I felt so guilty every time someone would beg Alaskans to come forward. The only information I have that is related to baby gate is the fact that none of the three girls with Sarah at the heart luncheon looked enough like Bristol to BE Bristol. I felt qualified to make this assessment based on my having seen Bristol literally hundreds of times when my kids and Sarah's kids attended the same school. Now perhaps I SHOULD have approached Patrick privately with that info...I decided I was not going to be part of this stupid silence code anymore and the floodgates were opened. Also, since I myself had tried to locate photos of the AH lunch and was unable to even having decent ideas whom to ask, I figured that Patrick ran into the same walls and had probably arrived at the same conclusion- that the luncheon organizers have something to hide, for whatever "reason".

Of course it is my hope that one of the mindless tidbits of gossip or observation will be looked at with new eyes by Patrick. I am literally going through my old daytimers and notating anything I can recall about my interactions with Sarah- down to things as trivial as my having seen her with a giant booger once! (Yes, we all got soo much mileage out of that one- the brand spanking new mayor with a nostril nasty! We used to say "she's the mayor...but really she's s'not!" and collapse into laughter...not our most mature shining hour, but good memories still)

I urge my neighbors and fellow valley dwellers to speak up, too. Even if it's just contacting Patrick privately. I have felt my very soul lightened with the decision to stop keeping it all bottled up. It doesn't matter if your information is almost purely anecdotal like my never know what could be seen in a new light by Patrick or Regina or Kathleen. really does feel truly liberating to purge all the "Sarah" from your brain. Whether she stole a parking space out from under you because she "was in SUCH a HURRY" or gave your KIDS the stinkeye because she thought YOU didn't vote her for feels GREAT to just get it all off your chest.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the lumpyy face of Sarah Palin. The posters on a Plastic Surgery board have spoted some signs that she has indeed had somethihng done. These people have very sharp eyes. The comments were funny.

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