Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sarah Palin has a new Twitter!

She is back!! Sarah Palin has a new book, a new turret, and still the old husband - but now she finally has a new Twitter!!

Sarah Palin and Twitter - a match made in heaven. How I missed her Twitters! They were highly addictive.

Who doesn't want to remember some of the old highlights:

  • Re more frivolous ethics allegations today; shame good law is being abused for politicking. See http://tinyurl.com/mrtwcv

  • or

  • Time DOES fly! Work hard so u can genuinely enjoy every recreation minute! Avoid time spent tearing down, whining, complaining;WORK & ENJOY 11:52 AM Jul 19th from TwitterBerry

  • or

  • Left Unalakleet warmth for rain in Juneau tonite. No drought threat down here, ever...but consistent rain reminds us: "No rain? No rainbow!"

  • or

  • Inauguration will salute AKs 50th Anniversary & military & launches LtGov into Gov's office so AK avoids politics-as-usual lame duck session

  • or

  • elected is replaceable;Ak WILL progress! + side benefit=10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site

  • Well, in the end it took a little bit longer than ten days, but here we are:

    At first I was a bit surprised about the unusual name, but of course I befriended her immediately, as surely I didn't want to miss the bitchy twitters flying from her fingertips!

    Already tweeted today?

    ...and not to forget Sarah's epic tweet:

    11:06 PM Jul 21st from TwitterBerry

    ...in which Sarah Palin in such a wonderful and simple way made it clear to the world that she simply doesn't know how to delete her own tweets - and that she doesn't care! So what? Tweeting is not in the job description of POTUS, you evil libtards!

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    Anonymous said...

    Sarah Palin: What I've Learned
    July 5, 2009, 10:55 AM
    As she resigns from her job, look back on our controversial interview with the now former Alaska governor for her perspective on campaigning, the media, and her priorities both public and private
    PLUS: At Home with the Palins By Ryan D'Agostino
    Originally published in the March 2009 issue

    1. We had flutes
    2. Everything I've ever needed to know I learned through sports.
    3. Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me.
    4. A courageous person is anyone who loses a child and can still get out of bed in the morning.
    5. This is what I've been telling Bristol, before she gets married, is, Bristol, there are definitely gonna be tough parts in marriage. You have to look at those tough times and remember that you have essentially a business contract with this person. You've signed an agreement: You're going to be together. And you look at it that way as you work through the tough times, because I guarantee the better time is there on the other side. That's how we've looked at it.

    Archivist said...

    Hilarious video .. this girl GETS it ... Brilliant.

    Helen said...

    laughed and loved the video.

    Anonymous said...

    Anyone know when Frank Bailey's book is coming out? I thought a commenter on here said it was due out today. I checked the bookstores.....nothing yet.

    jo said...

    I sent Andrew Sullivan an email to thank him for keeping the fake birth story open for discussion. I also sent a note to Oprah to please ask some real questions and not let her get away with lying. We know Oprah won't be able to because she would never go on a show unless they agree not to make her look bad. I referred both to this blog for the best place that uncovers her many crimes and lies.

    She is going to complain how bad the media treated her, how Obama's team went to AK to dig up any dirt on her and lie. How she won all the frivolous ethics complaints, trash the President but only call it the Obama administration because she has never been able to say President Obama, same old, same old.

    Does anyone know where you can get Frank Baileys book it was supposed to be out yesterday according to Andrew Halcro.

    One commenter on HP today must be an example of why they don't think she's stupid. He commented that Russia really does go into AK airspace and you can see Russia from land in AK. They don't see it for the silliest thing anyone could say to back up their foreign policy experience.

    Lets see her higher calling so far, set up a bogus charity to transfer the AK Trust Fund money to, collect 1.5 million book advance, trash the president overseas, fight with Levi, have a ghost writer on face book lie and trash the president, promote the crazy man on cluster fox, go on tour to promote herself, go on TV finally to promote herself but only with ones that will not question her, build a bigger compound to hold her worldly goods. That's advancing AK and America for ya.

    EyeOnYou said...

    Frank Bailey's Book
    "Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man" won't be out for a while yet based on what was reported 10/21/09 in the ADN:
    Morgan told me that, while the publisher "has not been determined," the plan is for the book to come out in approximately three months.

    NakedTruth said...

    I loved this comment by CanadianBeef on HuffPost. She/He said:

    "I think the empathy gene is indeed absent, replaced with a fear-and-greed gene. Because every time I hear a Republican talk, they are afraid of the government, afraid of foreigners, they don't want to pay their taxes and they don't want to pay to help anyone else. They think everyone else is just as angry and afraid and greedy as they are but won't admit it. They think that human nature is bad, that generosity is phony, and that people who want to make the world a better place are delusional. I feel sorry for them. What a lonely, dark, afraid, and angry existence they have."

    This so true so I thought I would share. It just makes me wonder how anyone can be a Christian but identify with the Republican party. The two just don't go together in my opinion.

    anniebgood said...

    I think these are my favorites:

    1. Avoid time spent tearing down, whining, complaining

    Wouldn't it be great if Sarah took her own advice? She might want to look up "projection" in the dictionary. Actually, maybe that was a note to herself. She's so self-aware!

    2. Elected is replaceable

    So true, so how about you just forget about elected office? Super.

    Anonymous said...

    ScarahPlain - too funny! Love advice she/he's giving to Carrie Prejean. "Hide your sex tape in a very safe place." Where's your's, Sarah? We know you made one.

    wv - promse. Promise me she's going to go away!

    Anonymous said...

    We need some new housegate postings...

    Housegate puts her in jail if proven.

    jr said...

    She's the Governor of Crazy.

    Look at her tour schedule and you'll see that bus is going to have to break land speed records for her to stay on schedule. Is she riding the bus?

    comeonpeople said...

    She's probably getting a private jet and the bus will meet up with her from time to time.
    She's a rock star dontcha know.winky wink eye implodes.

    Anonymous said...

    I knew it! I always thought she went rogue on McCain over Michigan because she just wanted to visit where Track had spent some time. She says in her Facebook post that is the reason the tour is starting in Michigan. She's had oodles of time to visit since the VP campaign, but waited until someone else is footing the bill.

    Anonymous said...

    1551: Yeah, she is one cheap and selfish lady.

    Anonymous said...

    November 9, 2009 Paranoia Strikes Deep By PAUL KRUGMAN

    "What all this shows is that the G.O.P. has been taken over by the people it used to exploit."

    Anonymous said...

    Palinbot logic:

    "Let all the Children at Saint Judes Hospital who never give up their Fight, be our inspiration never to give up our Fight against the Health Care Bill. CALL Your Senator"

    Anonymous said...

    1606: That Krugman article gets at what is wrong with the ultracons and also points out that Palin's incitement of the mobs is evidence that she has no interest in governing.

    Anonymous said...

    Ask Sarah Palin a question on Oprah since no one will do it in real life.


    No one is going to question Palin about babygate on her book tour.

    She is only going to friendly territory, the general public has no idea about babygate. She has gotten much better about controlling the media stories about her as well.

    She will scream from the rooftops how welcoming and friendly everyone has been. She will release some video clips of fawning fans and maybe a small well practiced speech to show her popularity. She will control this message, make no mistake.

    The MSM is not going to cover anything themselves, they may cover the tour with released footage given to them by Palin but thats it.

    Dont get your hopes up that this is going to make her look bad. It wont. Be prepared to be thouroughly disgusted by the press.

    Anonymous said...

    Oprah covers media/entertainment/celebrity stories. I have only seen her show a few times, but the thing she seems to want to do is have a conversation with her guests. $P won't succeed there if she doesn't open up. If $P stonewalls or ever says something like she did to Andrea Mitchell, "You're not listening!" I think the audience (tv and studio) will think poorly of $P. A lot depends on the questions that Oprah asks; she already has the book, because she mentioned yesterday that she had to go finish reading the book (it must not be a page-turner!).

    Katie Courics question, "What do you read?" was just a simple conversation starter, but $P went all deer-in-the-headlights.

    $P's paranoia and narcissm don't help her in a conversational setting. In her interview with Greta, at the house, you can see the sort of reserve and apprehension that prevents her from doing well in that sort of interview.

    anniebgood said...

    16:43, "Katie Courics question, "What do you read?" was just a simple conversation starter, but $P went all deer-in-the-headlights."

    What is typical of SP is that not only did she get spooked, she got pissy, with the "Alaska is not some foreign country" where they have no access to newspapers line. She is such a pill. And I think that she's more apt to act like that when she feels more comfortable - that time it was after a rally and with Andrea Mitchell it was in Alaska. In the Couric interviews that were done in a studio, she seemed to keep her bitchiness more in check. I hope Oprah's interview IS in Alaska.

    Anonymous said...

    My favorite tweet is the one about "consistent rain." It had been raining and raining day after day, and the word that Sarah should have used was "constant" rain. Consistent rain meant that every rain drop was like every other rain drop, duh.

    The journalism major has shown her talents in her tweets. No doubt she will be collecting them for the sequel, "Life on the Road with a Rogue Warrior."

    my wv=hyphow. You're not kidding, this is nothing but hype, and how!

    Anonymous said...

    I will NEVER forget the Greta interviews in Palin's home on Fox. If you haven't seen them, they are featured here on Palingates. Search "Greta" and they come right up.

    Palin is SO pissed off in those clips. And she's in her own kitchen. I look for more of that if Oprah is in her house.

    Daisydem said...

    About the Oprah interview. I was disappointed that Oprah would interview her. As much as I want SP to be exposed to everyone, I really don't want her on MSM being given a platform of any kind. And I had doubts as to what Oprah's motive is in interviewing her. I don't get to watch Oprah as I am at the office most days, unless there is a special appearance (such as when our President was on there before he even announced as a candidate). So when did Oprah become tabloid? I had the tv on last night in the background while blogging and an upcoming episode of Oprah's was being advertised where she interviews someone on death row. The clips they showed and the way they advertised it just didn't sound as classy or something as I have always considered Oprah's show to be. What gives? Now I don't know what to expect when she "interviews?" Palin.

    Anonymous said...

    To Sarah Palin, with love from Dede Scozzafava:

    "How can Sarah Palin come out and endorse someone who can't answer some basic questions," Scozzafava asked. "Do these people even know who they are endorsing?"


    Anonymous said...

    I'm already disgusted with the press. I'm hoping some rogue film people with acting troupe will follow the bus, even if it is a fake tour with body doubles. They can interview the "bots" and do skits. Possibly blend in the crowd with as an exaggerated "bot." Borat, no one would know.

    Palin is a duffus with help and handlers in control but she can't control herself at all times. The comics will try to catch her true essence.

    She is only playing to the base of her base. Whatever faux attempts to appeal to the masses and unify the GOP will be feeble. Except to the people who are working on her propaganda documentary. It will be laughable.

    I suppose this is all a coincidence that there is a reason to have a rally call to take care of a part of the military and population now. It is time to get serious about the separation of church and state, tax exemptions for religious business.
    ‘c’oncerned ‘c’hristians

    Anonymous said...


    This is Regina's post with the fab Greta clips with Palin in the kitchen, with Piper and the Dude.

    Palin is soooo pissed off in these clips. She seems very angry towards the mister.

    The Yellow Porcupine said...

    The Quitter on Twitter is mobile device Litter!

    Anonymous said...

    Around the time that it was announced that Sarah would be a guest on Oprah's show, I read that Oprah's ratings were sinking, almost half of what they used to be. Sarah's appearance is for ratings, not for content. Lately, Oprah has been using large scale stunts to attract attention, closing down a major street for a kick-off concert, which drew more criticism than praise. Ellen showed up for an appearance with Oprah. And, Oprah is talking about a move to cable by 2011. In fact, if Oprah moves to cable, she will relocate Harpo Studios from Chicago to California. I saw an interview with Oprah where the reporter asked her if she loves Chicago so much, how could she cause the loss of so many jobs. Oprah's answer was that she would create the same number of jobs in California, which did not bring a good response.

    Oprah has drawn criticism in other areas. She has embraced "The Secret," a book and philosophy whereby positive thoughts are magnets for money, success and all the things you can wish for. Oprah's critics claim that one should work and study hard to achieve success. Believing in magical powers is something that Oprah and Sarah may have in common.

    I find that Oprah's shows appear tightly scripted and arranged, nothing is left to chance. I think that Barbara Walters is the more skilled interviewer. Barbara was famous, once upon a time, for getting people to open up and cry, or at least bring their emotions to the surface. My impression is that both programs will not show any more of Sarah than we have already seen, someone beatifully made up, giving fake answers to staged questions, trotting out a lame story that we never believed. Our only hope is that Sarah will famously go off script giving us yet another version of how she gave birth or when she learned that Trig had Down Syndrome. We can only dream. Meanwhile, Oprah and Barbara are just dreaming about ratings, and Sarah is dreaming of big book sales.

    Anonymous said...

    I don't watch Oprah but her Montecito estate is close enough. She could do a show from a studio on the grounds. I think Dennis Miller does a radio program like that. There are others. None of them live in a real world.

    The problem is people buy their products.

    EyeOnYou said...

    It is my understanding that the Oprah interview with Sarah Palin takes place in Palin's home.

    That in and of itself tells us that Sarah is going to use her family as props, and is attempting to control the surroundings so that she feels more comfortable.

    No studio audience to worry about. No chance of anything negative happening, and no doubt that MegOmouth will be just off camera giving her moral support.

    Nothing will come up with this interview that we haven't already heard a thousand times over, unless there is some "new" revelation from the book that is going to shock and awe us & one of the two of them brings it up (which is highly unlikely imo).

    Barbara Walters will be the better interview in my opinion, and even then, Barbara has gone 'soft' and will not do anything to upset or anger Sarah.

    Both are going to be looking at this as an interview with an author, not an interview with a potential presidential candidate or even an elected official, and even if there are particular things brought up from the past (the quitting, the campaign..etc) we all know the answers Sarah will give...I quit to progress Alaska, I did it to work towards making things better for everyone, I did it because of those mean old folks who would not stop pestering me about my ethics, and the reporters and the media just picks on me because I am pretty and they are jealous. .......ROLL EYES.....

    Nothing much changes with her and I don't expect it will now either.

    Anonymous said...

    OMG,those Greta interviews are so boring. Was there nothing interesting to talk about???

    Anonymous said...

    Oh no--- I just got to the part where she is stuffing hot dogs with cheese. Why did they think that the kitchen would be a good setting for this interview? How about in her office?

    Anonymous said...

    It sounds more like a run of the mill sit-com for sarah. Two divas scratching each others back. SNL material.

    Anonymous said...

    19:50 - she is a hot dog stuffer just like "me." Behind that dull front is a rabbit in heat.

    crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

    So the Oprah interview will be another "Greta" interview... :(
    Only one good thing...maybe O will ask her about the new construction going on at the casa de palin...?
    I agree with Eye, the Walters interview will be softball...I think the ONLY one...who could REALLY interview her...well RM or KO but we know she would never go there, but Jon Stewart...he does interview Authors...we can only hope for that! :)

    Anonymous said...

    I like the way she says to Todd - with a cutting look - You've been all around Alaska, haven't you Todd. Whew, what did she mean by that?

    media said...

    NEW YORK POST LAWSUIT: Shocking Allegations Made By Fired Employee

    Owner: News Corporation (often abbreviated to News Corp.) is the world's second largest media conglomerate (behind The Walt Disney Company) as of 2008 and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009. The company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Rupert Murdoch.

    Anonymous said...

    @19:50, because they're trying to sell SP as a "traditional woman". Their m.o. is to pass her off at Superwoman. Able to have 5 kids and "govern" and make dinner, etc. When in reality she couldn't even go get her own Crunchwrap Supreme. Lol.

    Archivist1000 said...

    They will BOTH be softball .. they are entertainment, not political news.

    Sarah will say what she wants to say, and Oprah and Barbara will smile and go on to the next piece of nonsense Palin wants to talk about.

    Either one of them could make Palin look like the uninformed fool that she is, of course, but neither of them will.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry OT, but wanted to post.

    Have a question for Sarah Palin? Interested in possibly being on the show with Oprah?

    Go to oprah.com. If not a member sign up then go to the BE ON THE SHOW link. Once there there will be a variety of future topics listed.

    Tell Us Your Story
    The Oprah Winfrey Show is looking for guests! Find out what shows we're working on and tell us your story. You could be featured on the show! One of the links under this is:

    Do you have a question for Sarah Palin?


    Truce said...

    Will Carrier Prejean be dropping by Sarah's house? I'm thinking she might have something to say to Levi about it's not too late for salvation.

    Anonymous said...

    I think Carrie Prejean linking herself to Sarah Palin and Bristol is fab.

    To attention grabbers, whiners supreme.

    they should tour together,

    The Whiner Sisters.

    Anonymous said...

    oh, that's rich. So, Sarah came out in support of Prejean. Has she withdrawn that support or should we assume she approves of the sex tape.

    Those two are such good hypocrites together.

    If it's good enough for Miss America it's good enough for Team Levi.

    Anonymous said...

    I found this comment on Gawker--

    "Currently, Palin's twitter page is empty, white like freshly fallen snow on the Alaskan Tundra. Can't wait to see the beautiful things she PEES into it!

    Anonymous said...

    If anyone has that Prejean sex tape, post the link, please. ;-)

    - bittorrent

    Anonymous said...

    Sarah, Please stand up for Carrie.

    Sansego said...

    The Quitter Queen is going to be signing books at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities in December. If I lived there or was visiting my relatives, I would definitely go so I could meet her and ask her a question that the media is too deferential to ask.

    I wish someone would bring a Crunchwrap supreme to the book signing and offer it to her.

    Bumpit4Boobs said...

    Sarah will start to Twitter when she hits the road. We're still trying to figure out if she will actually stay on the bus or if it is a ruse and she will be using other means of transportation. Check out her schedule for the timing.

    There are prayer groups to help save Carrie Prejean, sex video star, from herself. They do not want conservatives to join the the Google-bomb bonanza on saved Carrie's porn tapes. Instead, they are asking cons to go to The Insider and vote against Levi and make a big deal about how awful being a porn star is while they are there.

    Anonymous said...

    Releve Marketing and PR has made the decision to no longer represent or co-author Frank Bailey's upcoming book Renegade: Sarah Palin's Hatchet Man. We are currently accepting other public relations clients and writing projects.

    The above is the statement on Releve Marketings homepage. Hmmmm....Did $arah buy him off? I would guess so. He knows too much. S.H.

    Oh my...my W/V is "inscane" Too funny!

    Anonymous said...

    How is Carrie's regular contact with Bristol going to help Bristol in a custody case?

    wv=chinkl funny chink in the armor

    Anonymous said...

    Who Does More for Alaska - Hugo Chavez or Alice Rogoff?
    Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute | Bolder by the day. | New York

    "Tires, lithium batteries, Styrofoam, paper, wood, rubber, petroleum-oil-lubricating products, metals, hydraulic fluids, munitions boxes, medical waste, biohazard materials (including human corpses), medical supplies (including those used during smallpox inoculations), paints, solvents, asbestos insulation, items containing pesticides, polyvinyl chloride pipes, animal carcasses, dangerous chemicals, and hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles."
    That reminds me of Lake Lucille, you couldn't pay me with my own turret to live there.

    Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

    As a longtime resident of Wasilla, Alaska, I wonder if my hometown will ever escape its current association with partisan politics in the minds of people elsewhere.

    Anonymous said...

    Fox News Busted Sarah Palin for the phony story she told about "In God We Trust" on the dollar coin in her last speech! She got that from -- wait for it! -- an email chain letter.

    Anonymous said...

    ..an email chain letter?

    She has moved up from refrigerator magnets. She is amazing.

    Anonymous said...

    Sarah promulgating that email chain letter conspiracy theory shows off her journalistic skills at their best!

    Anonymous said...

    TPM article about Palin's coin problem, with link to video and the original Politico article (they had a reporter attend).

    Anonymous said...

    I don't believe that Bailey dude was serious anyway. Why would he advertise so far in advance he was going to write a book about Palin when he knew Team Sarah would be all over him with all kinds of pressure?

    He was a poser who wanted a payday. Simple.

    Anonymous said...

    About that e-mail chain letter, we've discussed it days ago on this blog! Check out the thread on her speech! Bravo and Brava, Palingates readers!

    Anonymous said...

    Scarah Pay-lin is goin' all mavericky and will be the keynote speaker at a BOWLING EXPO next June in Vegas! Ain't that sumthin'?


    Anonymous said...

    June in Vegas!

    If she is still around.

    Forever Anonymous said...

    Patrick, say something...

    Anonymous said...

    Bowling for Jesus in Vegas: Now, That's Our $arah Paylin.

    Anonymous said...

    I am sure Baileys book is still coming out.

    Anonymous said...

    Over at Immoral Minority, Gryphen says Frank had TONS of pressure. That sounds like he was threatened and cracked under the pressure. Welcom to th!e club, Frank.

    Now we know why Levi has a constant body guard....he must feel his life is in danger.....now Frank must be in the same position.

    Just imagine the secrets these two guys have to tell.

    Frank....take your story to the Democratic National Party. They will buy your story!

    Anonymous said...

    It seems Frank Bailey's books is no longer coming out... too bad.

    The Troll's Babysitter said...

    Please don't feed the trolls. Do your best to ignore them completely.

    mxm said...

    Miss Carrie, in a video from her interview with Hannity seemed to emphasize, over and over and over again that when she made the tape she was a teenager. Is she trying to cook up some child porn crime here for whoever released the film to the media?

    Anonymous said...

    That Carrie! She's going to cause some problems for ANYONE associated with her. You heard it here first. (Just a prediction based on her past actions...)

    Anonymous said...

    How old did she tell them she was?
    Like no teen ever wanted something so bad that they would use a fake ID.

    Anonymous said...

    This reminds me of Sarah Palin and health care.

    I can't hear the words health care or "death panels" without thinking of those that died in Alaska when she was messing with health care.

    Do the Alaskan tax payers pay for her health insurance now?

    Anonymous said...

    This 2-minute video from a year ago on TPM really summarizes Palin's ignorance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NEtRNrQwwg

    Just seeing those short clips again makes you realize how the interviews with Oprah and Barbara Walters will probably go.

    Anonymous said...

    "Sarah Palin is getting so whacked with her nonsense, they're even fact-checking her now at Fox News."

    --Josh Marshall

    Anonymous said...

    "Still Crazy After All These Months" - also from TPM, April 2009.
    This is another good reminder of who SP is, with photos: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/photofeatures/2009/04/best-of-sarah-palin.php?img=1

    Levi's in one photo and so is Chuck Heath.

    Anonymous said...

    06:31 VIDEO

    Palin is lost.

    Anonymous said...

    Another great post, Patrick. Love the details, and a great video, too! She'll be able to tweet all her soldiers, whatever.

    Now that the abortion issue has become a stumbling block of health care reform, SP will continue pushing her pro-life agenda using that baby with DS for emphasis.

    Anyway, thanks for all the good work. Hope you're having a great time, Regina!