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Rachel Maddow about hateful anti-Obama "Psalm 109:8" stickers, interviewing Frank Schaeffer and discussing "Going Rogue" - UPDATE: SUCCESS!

Thanks to our observant readers, I was alerted to the recent segments of the Rachel Maddow Show. In one segment, she reports about hateful anti-Obama bumperstickers (and t-shirts, mugs etc.) which are now apparently the latest craze amongst nutty right-wingers. These stickers say for example "Pray for Obama - Psalm 109:8". Why is this appalling?

"The Christian Science Monitor" explains:

There’s a new slogan making its way onto car bumpers and across the Internet. It reads simply: “Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8”

A nice sentiment?

Maybe not.

The psalm reads, “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.”

Presidential criticism through witty slogans is nothing new. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and hats with “1/20/09” commemorated President Bush’s last day in office.

But the verse immediately following the psalm referenced is a bit more ominous: “Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

In this segment, Rachel Maddow also interviews Frank Schaeffer, who gives one of his most passionate pleas for denouncing the right-wing Christian extremists ever:

Frank Schaeffer is the author of the books "Crazy for God" and "Patience with God: Faith for People Who Dont Like Religion (or Atheism)."

An extremely informative article by Diana Butler Bass about the "Psalm 109:8 controversy" can be found HERE.

Diana Butler Bass explains:

Psalm 109 belongs to a special category of the psalms known as “imprecatory” prayers — it is a lament in the form of petition to destroy one’s enemies. It is the personal prayer of an individual, someone who has been dealt an injustice by another (usually more powerful) person.

The words of Psalm 109 are those of deep agony, the longings of a victim for retribution and justice. This psalm is considered one of the most difficult of all the psalms — full of violent images of vengeance and death. Many a biblical critic has struggled with its words, and not a few — including Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant theologians — recommend it not be used in public worship, much less as a bumper-sticker political slogan.

One example of this new dangerous Christian extremism is the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminar in Fort Worth, Texas.

Diana Butler Bass wrote about this "church" in her article "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition":

“Taking the Hill” is a bizarre call to evangelize depicting Christians as “soldiers” in a war for souls under their “real” commander-in-chief, Jesus. It reveals almost pornographic-religious obsession with guns and violence that should be deeply disturbing for any faith community. (...)

I know that it is a free country, and that we have both religious freedom and certain rights to own guns. But when these two rights interweave — as they are doing — it is dangerous to both church and state. Any church that advances such a crusading and violent vision is far from its founder’s vision, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.” And the state that fails to understand that people with guns who believe that God has armed them are dangerous isn’t serving the good of a peaceable society.

Although weapons and religion may have been natural partners in the Middle Ages or on the American frontier, isn’t it time to recognize that we live in the twenty-first century? Guns and grace don’t go together. Shouldn’t true religion — genuinely transformative faith — call God’s people away from violence and toward passionate peacemaking?

On the website you will find the most disgusting collection of bumberstickers available ever.

The "mission statement" of this website reads:

"Anti Barack Obama, Pro-John McCain, Sarah Palin apparel, yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, hats, mugs and more."

The articles are sold over "cafepress", and I think that a reputable company should not sell such inflammatory crap.

Here are screenshots (click to enlarge):


The first two rows with the "Psalm 109:8" stickers have now been removed from the website! Many thanks to everybody who has written to cafepress!

However, down in the 9th row on the website, one "109:8" sticker apparently has been overlooked. Could someone please email cafepress and point this out? Thank you!


In an example of incredible bad judgement, CafePress have reversed their decision! Read the details HERE.


In addition, Rachel Maddow reported about "Going Rogue" and showed in more detail what the former McCain staffer Nicolle Wallace has to say - that the parts in "Going Rogue" which concern Nicolle Wallace were basically made up retrospectively in Sarah Palin's mind.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Patrick! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a "Prayer Warrior," too. Also.

Archivist said...

I left a message on Oprah's board last night .. suggesting she invite Schaeffer; after giving Palin legitimacy this week, she needs to expose this.

I also wrote to cafepress-- it seems like a good site, and probably isn't aware that mixed in with the thousands of other products, they are selling this stuff.

Maddow's show last night was great. I also linked the Schaeffer segment on my blog.

Thanks for making a full Blog Post about this, palingates. Easy to miss a few comment posts in the other long thread!

As far as I'm concerned,Sarah is the Leading Enabler of the Xtian Taliban that Schaeffer refers to. She is playing with fire but of course too dumb to know it---it's all about her!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be better if those prayer warriors prayed for Obama's success? After all he is the President and he needs support in these troubling times.

Anonymous said...

Yes, selling hate-oriented material is explicity against Cafepress's terms of service so please send them emails asking them to take down the offending shop. It's all too easy for someone to set up a shop there in about five minutes, though, so we need to be vigilant and keep reporting them. Cafepress is usually quick to pull shops that are against their terms of service, but they are a huge company and don't always monitor individual shops - so your emails count!

Anonymous said...

That's something that should be explained ... prayer warriors ... they make imprecative prayers ... for example the prayers of Rev. Muthee ...

I Support President Obama said...

Thank you for this post. I agree with Frank Shaeffer. It is time for progressives to stop the "liberal whining" and STAND UP FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA.

This nutjobs need to know that most of the country SUPPORTS OUR PRESIDENT.

It is LUDICROUS that the president has been criticized from the left when he hasn't even been in office for 10 full months.

I had no idea there was so much hatred in the Christian Right. I have always been against them, due to their stupidity. But to see the level of their VIOLENT HATRED makes me want to stop self-identifying as a Christian.

And what makes me very angry is this: This "Christian warrior" fools are being manipulated by the Powers that Be -- Dick Armey, Rupert Murdoch et al. The powerful white men who will benefit economically from health care not passing, from GOP financial rule, deregulation, lack of oversight, etc.

Hey, stupid Christian Righties. Newsflash - The world is not going to end. The Apocalypse is not coming. Jesus is not coming back here. It's just a myth! It's a METAPHOR! They've been saying the end of the world is coming for 15,000 years, depending on what tradition you wish to believe. End Times is Old News. It is part of the psyche - in the human imagination.

Anonymous said...

Palin is firmly on the side of Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who [...] has been embroiled in a sex-tape controversy during her book tour. “I think she’s had unfair treatment,” says Palin. ...

“The double standard applied to Carrie is atrocious. It’s also quite indicative of the state of the mainstream media today, which I’m not impressed with.”

Palin Backs Prejean after Sex Tapes Revealed

Anonymous said...

This is OT, but in a way, still part of the discussion. At HuffPo, they have an article about Sarah's interview with People Online. Sarah was asked what job she would like to have in the White House, and her choice was to be Chief of Staff so she could appoint people to straighten out the economy. Here is the quote:

"It would be chief of staff, so I could start appointing people who would recognize those things that America needs to get our economy back on the right track and to secure our nation," she said."

There is just this tiny problem. That is not what the White House Chief of Staff does. He/she manages the flow of traffic through the White House, but it is the President makes those appointments, meaning naming people to hold certain offices.

Sarah must have confused "making appointments" in the sense of scheduling meetings and "making appointments" in terms of naming people to office.

Why is this important? Because Sarah appeals to that far right fringe that Frank Schaeffer described to Rachel last night. He also has written about the C Street crowd, a group of senators, representatives and lobbyists who live on C Street in Washington DC under the guise of a religious tax free organization. They include such honorable, family values people as Sen.Ensign, Gov.Sanford, Sen.Stupak, they don't have to be Republican, just super duper conservative.

Sarah energizes this group, can be instrumental in raising money for them, attract followers. Rachel uses the term "dog whistle" in describing certain buzz words that show up in Sarah's writings and speeches. The real dog whistle is a sound pitched so high that we ordinary folks don't hear it but dogs do and they respond to it.
As Rachel and Frank described last night, these people have gone beyond any normal "love thy neighbor" kind of religion and are now openly advocating killing Barack Obama. They want to see blood in the streets and another revolution, this time a religious one. We all have to keep paying attention.

If Sarah doesn't know what the White House Chief of Staff does (she didn't know what the Vice President did, either) we can't let her get any kind of political influence.

Anonymous said...

Of course she doesn't know what the White House Chief of Staff does. She didn't even know what the VP did.

I would LOVE to debate Sarah Palin. I am a normal U.S. citizen, and I know 1,000 times more about U.S. history and how our government works than Sarah Palin does.

I have blonde hair. Will that make her hate me?

Archivist said...

Anon 17:24

Sarah didn't know what the VP's job was ... and she doesn't know that the word 'appointment' has more than one definition.

Again, the problem is that she says these things, to people who don't know EITHER, so they just believe her! It ALL comes down to the sad fact that there are millions of undereducated, illiterate people who vote for the people who know how to blow the dog whistle.

Rationalist said...

Just sent this to Cafe Press:

Dear folks at Cafe Press,

I'm a shopkeeper at your store, and I want to bring your attention to a product you are selling that carries a message that you may not be aware of. It's the t-shirts, mugs, etc. that say "Pray for Obama - Psalms 109:8."

This Psalm reads: "May his days be few; may another take his office!"

That would be fine - yet another example of clever political dissent on Cafe Press. But the next verse, Psalm 109:9, reads:

"May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow!"

These products are being marketed to spread a coded appeal to assassinate the President. I know that sounds fantastic, but the people to whom this is directed know exactly what it means. See - the relevant section starts around 3:21 and goes until the end.

I strongly urge you to ban these products from your website - better yet, to issue a press release about doing so.

Lilybart said...

Her followers like that she is ignorant, just like THEM.

Ignorant leaders is what this country needs, yeah!

Lilybart said...

I also wrote to Cafe Press AND to

Duncan said...

Hi to Garden Grove, I'm an old Seal Beach bum, now in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Wall Street Journal Eviscerates Palin

Anonymous said...

This is not christianity. It is absolutely an outrage! How stupid can some people be.

Anonymous said...

... When dealing with a delusional fantasist like Sarah Palin ...

... She is a deeply disturbed person ...

... Palin's unhinged grip on reality from the very beginning - specifically her fantastic story of her fifth pregnancy - ...

Andrew Sullivan

Lilybart said...

Thanks for the link. I couldn't figure out what happened to Andrew and I thought he might be planning a big post, or I thought the Palinbots had him killed!!

Anonymous said...

I took the time to alert the CafePress customer service people about the stores selling this crap. they have promised a written reply to my e-mail within 24 hours. We shall see what they have to say for themselves.

Anonymous said...

More from that Andrew Sullivan note:

"At some point, we will also go back and make sure we have not missed all the evidence of the other lies that Palin is now peddling. We won't miss anything. But we ask for your patience.

There is a possibility here of such a huge scandal that we would be crazy not to take our time either to debunk it or move it forward for further examination.

We have only one commitment: to get this right. Please bear with us as we do the best we can."

Oh, he is ON babygate for sure!

midnightcajun said...

I think a careful reading of Sarah's opus has much to tell us if we analyze what lies she tells and why. Often she lies to make herself look good and to underline the message she's trying to sell and to refine her image; other times it's to make one of the many people she hates look bad. But she sometimes lies to hide unpleasant truths.

For instance, she talks about two miscarriages with "facts" that are obviously not true (the statements by medical personnel, the white out). So what is she hiding? If it were really a miscarriage, why the lies? Obviously she's worried about a medical report that shows two more pregnancies than deliveries, i.e., at least two abortions or an illegitimate child given away after birth (if she didn't give birth to trig, there'd actually be a discrepancy of three).

But I think we can go further: the "white out" story with non-medical terms tells us that someone close to her does not know about one of those abortions and believes her story that one of those incidents involved a child that died in the womb. The whiting out was probably originally done by Sarah to fool Todd. She herself tells us in the book that she lies to her husband, in the part where she talks about working against his mom behind his back when the woman was running for mayor.

It is even possible to extrapolate from there that if Sarah herself had one or two abortions, she would indeed be likely to push Bristol to have an abortion when they went to NY in October. Here there are three possibilities: 1) Bristol was too far along to go through with it; 2) Bristol balked at the last minute; or 3) Bristol did abort the first baby and then regretted it, hence her vehement "it was MY idea to have the Tripp, not my mom's" in the interview with Greta.

Sarah pays attention to her critics and recrafts her lies to take them into account. She also preemptively lies to deflect unpleasant truths that may come out about her. For instance, is the story about the child who was born after more than a day of labor (Willow?) that started on the 4th of July in the book in order to support her contention that she could fly back to Alaska in labor with Trig because she "knew" her deliveries took a long time? (as if they're all always the same and a premature delivery might not be different). It would be interesting to know if she's ever told alternate stories about that birth.

Oh, and to confirm what others have said about the number of pages in her book, I looked my own last hardcover up on Amazon and saw that it's listed as having 336 pages; the numbered page count of the actual book is 321. So if Sarah did cut the parts about Levi, they were gone before the page tally went up on Amazon. I do believe someone wiser than she got those parts taken out; but she just can't stop herself from being catty when she talks.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, the Air Force is choked full of those right wing xtian warrior types. They also fly the planes that carry nukes.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

To Andrew Sullivan and staff:

Please take your time. Your readers will be patient as we know there are so many inconsistencies in Palin's book and interviews. She needs to be held accountable for her lies and bending what little truth she talks/writes about. Be diligent. Be thorough. We will still be here.

P.S. I would have posted this on your blog, but couldn't see where I could post a comment.

Anonymous said...

@18:29 - You can't post on his blog, but you can send it to him directly. His e-mail info is listed on the right hand side of his page:

Rationalist said...

Just sent this:

Dear Ms. Maddow,

I wrote you last night urging you to be the one who breaks, once and for all, the most heinous of Palin's lies - the birth of Trig. Of all the many inconsistencies and flat-out untruths Palin is telling, this one leaves her the most vulnerable with the very people who respond so passionately to her narrative.

But that was before I watched your segment with Frank Schaeffer. Now I'm doubly concerned. The threats against the President are reaching critical mass, and Palin is actively inflaming them with her coded rhetoric. All it's going to take is one Timothy McVeigh who sees Palin as his Queen Esther.

I ask this: What could possibly be wrong with at least looking into the story of Trig? With contacting Pat Dougherty, editor of the Anchorage Daily News, about his failed efforts to get proof from Palin that she was Trig's mother so she could lay the rumors to rest once and for all?

Is every member of the American media so snowed by Palin's faux-Feminism that they simply refuse to "go there" because the story involves obstetrical details? On last night's show, you yourself chided the media for taking Cheney at his word about Obama bowing. Yet, even as they revel in the the inconsistencies between Palin and Schmidt, every single American media outlet takes Palin at her word about this one thing.

I cannot urge you strongly enough. Please, please at least look into it.

Anonymous said...

Washington Post ...
Sarah Palin's Rogue Christianity

Barb Dwyer said...

Seems to me if you're going to contact MSM about babygate, you need to bring up the alternate wild ride story she now has in her book. Compare it to the other stories she has told, now that it's in print it's fair game to question. Perhaps Patrick could make a page comparing the two (three four?) stories complete with side by side pics and we could all send that link to MSM outlets.

Surely someone would pick it up. I was thinking about sending it to Bill Maher. He knows when things don't pass the "sniff test"

EyeOnYou said...

I find it personally offensive that John McCain told his staffers to be as "low key as possible in defending themselves" and to "avoid being interviewed on tv".

This man is disgusting! Sarah Palin makes up outrageous fabrications about campaign members, deliberate written lies about facts in order to blame others, and he doesn't want them to vigoursly defend themselves?

He is no better than Sarah. He is an absolutely shallow human being and cares more about defending his own decision to pick her than he does about the truth, and prefers that the American people see his choice as a good one over having them see Sarah for the lying backstabbing bitch that she is.

He is a coward.

Rationalist said...

Good idea, Barb.

Anonymous said...

I think if you approach MSM with a package, you don't help yourself. Instead of arguing that Sarah faked her pregnancy -- they will think you have an agenda and reject you out of hand -- just point out the discrepancy in the wild ride stories. In a separate message to MSM point out another discrepancy. That way they get to "find" the story, which stokes their egos. It is better to ask questions than make statements.

ella said...

Page 138
"There were threats against Willow of gang rape by “students at her Juneau school.” Same threats against Bristol. Somebody threatened to shoot Bristol from a helicopter."

WTF? She is talking AGAIN (ala Letterman) about the RAPE of Willow? IF (BIG if) people were threatening to rape and kill the Governor's daughters, WHERE IS THE POLICE REPORT?
This is a story to justify not living in Juneau (where she is not adored) - but to blame it on threats of rape and murder of her daughters? NO WAY this would not be reported to police, even FBI. SP is SICK SICK SICK.

ella said...

I agree with anon@18:56 - The various versions of "the wild ride" are even WORSE than the faked pregnancy - and all in her own words. She is skating on thin ice already (with right-to-life groups) - wild ride should be reported and will THEN naturally progress into the conclusion that it CANNOT be true.

Barb Dwyer said...

I guess the threats of "gang rape" didn't bother her enought to protect Piper. She let her walk 2 miles to and from school, even though at that time she had Trooper, Secret Service and private security.

anon 18:56

I can see advantages to doing it both ways. I don't agree with them not touching people with an agenda though. I see Orly Taitz and the birthers as well as the teabaggers daily on the news. They all seem to have an "agenda". Sometimes when tapping them with a stick doesn't help you need to bring out a sledgehammer

Anonymous said...

In the midst of all the swirling sarah insanity, check out this Late Night video. It's good medicine...


Leadfoot said...

Rationalist -
That is a FANTASTIC letter. I urge you to send it to Keith O too.

I plan to send similar notes myself today.

As a funny aside -- Did you all see that Sarah's book signing in Grand Rapids today is set up in the Mystery section of the book store?! (True story!!)

Marcy said...

The merchandising campaign of Psalm 109:8 is horrible. The book of Acts plainly states (Acts 1:15-20) that Psalm 109 refers to Judas Iscariot. The man who was called "a devil" in John 6:70 by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. I've read some squirmy comments about the imprecatory psalms. People are trying to justify these "prayers". Hogwash! Individuals who violate every rule of fairness and decency SHOULD lose their offices. In Acts 1:20 it's called a 'bishoprick'. Maybe we should call it a 'title'?

Somebody is making money from this corrupt use of the Bible. Who? Who is depositing the profits from these nasty T-shirts and aprons? grammy

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon at 18:10

Looks like Andrew Sullivan and crew are really truly looking into this thing. He agrees with us that it is a civic responsibility to do so. The fact that he specifically mentions Sarah's "fantastic account of her fifth pregnancy" is cause for some Halleluias.

Apparently, Mr. Sullivan is NOT AFRAID of Ms. QuittyLeakyPants and her revelation that she had previously wanted to sue him for his talking about her last allegedly faux pregnancy.

Go for it, Mr. Sullivan! And thank you very much.

Rationalist said...

Patrick, Regina and Kathleen - would you be willing to mock up a handy cheat sheet with Palin's version of Trig's birth in Going Rogue, the link to the mp3 of her interview days after Trig's birth, and any of her other versions that are out there? I know there are more than two, but I don't have links to them.

It would be very helpful! Thank you.

ravenstrick said...

Andrew Sullivan has an intriguing post up this morning.

Daisydem said...

Maybe McCain knows that the illuminating of the truth about Sarah will be his ruin. It has been said that the selection of your running mate (VP) is the most important decision a Presidential candidate makes. And ultimately, no matter who was behind that decision, it rests with him.

Yes, regarding "the wild ride" or the day in Texas in labor, someone needs to point out the written word vs the many other versions especially the one in Sarah's own words (the tape) where she discusses the wild ride. Didn't she say that "things had settled down" by the time she was to give her speech, then fly home, i.e. no contractions. Yet, I believe in the book she says she is having some contractions while giving the speech. Which is it? BTW: I had my two chilren 35 and 31 years ago, respectively. I remember most every detail of the day I went into labor, what transpired, what time I checked into the hospital, (even what I ate on the days I went into labor), etc. And if I tell the story to ten different people today, it would be the same story with the same details. I think that is probably true for most every woman who has had children.

Daisydem said...

Oh and another thing, if you listen to her spoken version of the wild ride and Trig's birth, she says um .... um ..... um repeatedly (which I think is an indication of her making it all up as she goes). So I wish the tape would go viral (especially with the book now out).

Floyd M. Orr said...

I said it back in January, and I still think she is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Also, too, if it is true that she thought she was leaking fluid, and had been having contractions at her TX speech, and thought she was going to have this baby early, then it cannot be that she did

NOT HAVE A HUGE TOWEL STUCK IN HER PANTS to keep from leaking all over her pants and the plane seats, or BRING A HUGE TOWEL TO SIT ON in the plane, at the terminal waiting for the plane, in the car....JUST IN CASE her water really DID break all in a gush.

PLEASE people, believe me that if you THINK you are starting labor, and you are headed to the HOSPITAL because you feel your water is broken and you are having contractions, especially if this is your fifth BRING the Biggest Towel in your linen closet to sit on while your husband drives you straight to the hospital, and then you pray that there are no traffic delays, SNOW, ICE, ACCIDENTS, RED LIGHTS, SLOW DRIVERS......a parking spot available at the hospital NEAR THE DOOR, etc, etc.

IF you think you are in labor a month early and you are DESPERATE and OVERWHELMED with concern about your little baby and are praying the whole time that nothing happens to this precious baby, then you DO NOT GET ON A PLANE.

She really expects us to believe her. Deluded. Todd, how can you sit there and not say anything to her?

Anonymous said...

Good point Daisydem. I remember all the details of my pregnancies and labour too, as well as the details of a miscarriage which resulted in a D&C. On my first pregnancy, I started to leak amniotic fluid, and I was in the hospital within two hours.

I hope Andrew Sullivan nails her on this.

Anonymous said...

A. Sullivan can be the next "Woodward & Bernstein" if he breaks the story of babygate.

Think about what it would do career wise for him.

Patrick, I hope you are feeding him all the info he needs.

Maybe it will be "Audrey & Sullivan" doing the book.

Anonymous said...

There are three wild-ride stories that I know of: 1) the ADN story; 2) the audio, which is linked to here; 3) the "going rogue" story. They cannot all be true. This is the smoking gun.

Lilybart said...

Anon at 19:31: Really, what is up with Todd?

I guess he refuses ALL requests from the media. Maybe if they called him in Palmer it wouldn't look good.

but this goes back to my other point, does no one care enough about her to stop her from appearing so foolish and petty?

To me she is becoming like Lindsy Lohan or Michael Jackson; she is being used by others for money and proximity to power while no one really cares about her.

Archivist said...

I have written to Oprah too .. in my view, she has given Sarah legitimacy with her unchallenged interview.

It's such a small step from supporting Sarah blindly to becoming the type of person Schaeffer talks about.

Oprah needs to have Scheaffer on her show, to balance out the consequences of blindly following Sarah.

Please write to Oprah too!

ArmchairJane said...

O/T from the awful crazy imprecatory prayer stuff, but we've been mentioning Andrew Sullivan and getting the story out, so am commenting on that.

I know that Palingates has the spoken version of "the wild ride" as told by Sarah. I am wondering if a YouTube video using the spoken words as well as examples of the contradicting accounts she has made could be made up.

Accompany the spoken word with good visuals, for instance the nbest of the on-pregnant looking Palin shots, perhaps a graphic showing how far she traveled by plane.

Maybe compare the distance by comparing it to a Coast to Coast flight, for instance if one flew out of NYC, how far west could they go if they flew as far as Sarah did on her trip from Texas back to Alaska. Seems like maybe it was the Canadian TV broadcast that discussed the wild ride that showed the map of the flight she took, but I still think many people don't realize just how far it is.

I would do a video like this if I had the skills to do it. I know some in the Palingates/IM/Bree Palin readership have made some good videos. Now that the book is out and we have yet more contradictions, a video could be a good way to point them out.

Oh, and I just saw a short clip of Palin on Hannity (barf). He asks her if she thinks that the Fort Hood shooting was terrorism. She answers something to the effect that she thinks the shooting might have been prevented if the military had used "profiling", and then she pats herself on the back for saying "profiling", and says that she knows liberals heads will explode (or something to that effect)for using that word.

I would say that regarding Fort Hood, they could have just PAID ATTENTION to the obvious signs that the shooter was very unhappy, behaving inappropriately in his job, getting bad reviews etc. Asking not to be deployed where he might kill other muslims. So they didn't need "profiling", but could have paid attention to the obvious signs. And why did they ignore those signs? Coverage at the time made a good case that the military is so strapped that they just ignored major problems with such a disgruntled individual, because there are so many soldiers with PTSD and other mental health issues that they were keeping this guy on even with his obvious problems.

So I would conclude that the reality is that we are breaking our military, and that Sarah Palin pretends to worship the military, but where are her solutions for the endless and repeat deployments, the lack of sufficient support for families, the huge expense of these wars? Palin seems happy to have endless war in the Middle East without any notion of how we are breaking the military down.

So NO, my head is not exploding because she used the word "profiling". I am angry that she continually uses a faux concern for the military to rev up her base (in her book, she claims she chokes up at "the Star Spangled Banner," at any military event, seeing newborn babies - yeah right), and yet she seems oblivious to how her war mongering will make these people's lives even more difficult with no solutions in sight.

She cares more about gloating over a word she uses to make "liberals" angry than she actually seems to truly care about military families and their problems.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Todd gives a flying flip anymore. I've been in that situation where you both know that the marriage is over but you are postponing a divorce for whatever reason -- it's not easy, it's not pretty, and I doubt he cares if she goes down in flames, as long as he gets his share of the Harper Collins paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Midnight: I vote for #1 too far along (probably tried when they were in NYC October 2007). The embarrassment of the situation, not to mention the heightened emotional battle between Sarah & Bristol would make #3 having Tripp was my choice a valid response.

Help me do the math because I forgot where the post is that shows Bristol's emails: Sarah overheard a phone conversation, thought that Bristol was pregnant, took away her cell phone.

It would also correspond to a time when the possible father could be Johnny or Levi, hence the need for amnio or dna to determine possible paternity. Just a wild guess here.

Wasn't that sometime during the summer of 2007? If we count on our fingers, Bristol conceiving in June, 07 would make her 4 months along in September when we thought we saw the baby bump in the Xmas photo. She would be 5 months along in NYC, and no one would perform an abortion that far along. Four days for a four hour conference are as suspicious as the photos of Bristol with that paunchy abdomen at the MTV show. Also finger counting would put a delivery at Feb.2008, and if born a month early, the January date that many people guess at.

I particularly like Sarah's words that she delivered Trig into the world in April 2008 which makes it sound more like a proclamation rather than actually giving birth. The fact that the Lord wrote Trig's birth announcement meant that He delivered the child (safely) to Sarah (after weeks of neo-natal care).

Anonymous said...

Keep hitting Oprah up and in the meantime contact the companies selling this stuff and do what was done to Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs, keep selling this stuff I'll contact your advertisers and boycott ALL of you!

I belong to various groups over at that I've belonged to since about the time the whole presidential campaigns started. Our e-mail listserve is very active everyday as we're working and fighting hard to get the Public Option.

Now unfortunately we're also dealing with this now. Hate in the name of God!

We've been discussing and have had suggestions of a 'letter to the editor' campaign regarding this very matter. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper every day of the week.

This is ridiculous. We have members of Congress working harder than they have before only those working so hard are working AGAINST AMERICANS because they are so damn jealous of the smart guy.

We have to stop letting the crazies control the message and run the show with their lunacy. Just look at Sarah this week. The whole wide world is now discussing her difficulty with the truth, her hypocrisy, lies, scandal, etc. and she's still given all this media attention. Same goes for the loons on the tv every day and night.

I know it's hard for us non-loons to think up crazy ways of getting attention but maybe we should. Maybe we need to be seen on tv every weekend and every night protesting something because the way the media reports it looks as if they are more signifigant than we, the reasonable ones are.

Time for us to be unreasonable I guess and demand better of our country.

Reesie said...

"The Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has announced that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child."

Every time I read this statement, I want to spit. Why didn't she just present the proper paperwork regarding her pregancy instead of throwing Bristol under the bus. She thought this rumor would go away after that, but it hasn't and now she is trying to correct the wild ride story. Please someone stop this ignorant *itch.

Anonymous said...

Is it too much to ask of John McCain that he address these vicious "supporters" and inform them that the election is over? Now is the time to be one country and support the democratically elected POTUS.
Thanks for the post, Patrick. These racist, dominionist zealots need lots and lots of sunshine on them.

collegegirl said...

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Anonymous said...

annon 19:31
Not only do you NOT get on a plane if you think you may be starting labor and are so desperately, desperately in love with and worried for your unborn child, you do not go give a speech.
You say -- sorry folks; I'm in premature labor. I'm off to the hospital. My baby comes first. That whole passage is just appalling. What am I saying? The whole freaking book is appalling!

Archivist said...

By introducing her objections to 'PC Speech' Sarah is sending the message that she is saying what everyone else WANTS to say, but doesn't have the 'mavericky-ness' to say. Not true Sarah. Some of us restrain our speech because we have personal boundaries such as respecting truth, facts, self-dignity and the dignity of OTHERS

indylindy said...

I sent an email to CafePress this morning about the Obama Psalm 109:8items. I just received an email from them thanking me for bringing it to their attention and notifying me that they had removed the items from their site.


Archivist said...

OOPS .. wrong thread for that comment! Sorry!

Helen said...

More recent and scorching Schaeffer at NailinPalinNow:

Anonymous said...

Please, if you have not done so, go to the Christian Science Monitor article linked at the top of the article
and READ THE COMMENTS. Then perhaps leave one of your own. This is what I left :

I think perhaps a better verse from the psalms for Barack Obama would be : "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil."

Most of the comments are pretty scary. We get used
to our own little circle and I don't read comments like those very often. It's important to do so once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hooray that the hateful items have been removed from Cafe Press!!!! Good work, Team!

ArmchairJane said...

Patrick, thank you for pointing out Diana Butler Bass's article on sojo. I'd like to point out that the sojo aka "Sojourners" website can be an interesting resource for "recovering fundamentalists" or others who are interested in a community that attempts to follow the spirit of the teachings of Jesus, as opposed to a literal twisting of the Bible. There is a social justice emphasis at Sojourners. For those who are not believers, it can be good to get some reassurance that Christians are by no means ALL Fundamentalist Evangelicals using their faith as an excuse to try to undermine our country and the Constitution.

Check out the comment code of conduct below Butler Bass's piece. The Sojo blog uses scripture to support a code for civil commenting. For instance, one line reads:

I will not exaggerate others' beliefs nor make unfounded prejudicial assumptions based on labels, categories, or stereotypes. I will always extend the benefit of the doubt. (Ephesians 4:29)

Here we have a very open comments policy and I think that is good. But if there is going to be moderation on a site, I find the Sojo code of conduct a very interesting example, when you then go look at Sarah's official FB page and see all the nasty comments there about liberals and President Obama. I know that whoever edits Sarah's FB comments removes anything negative about Sarah but lets absolutely awful comments stay up about Sarah's "enemies". If Sarah's FB had to follow the Sojo code of conduct there would be few comments that would stay up, other than the many inane rah rah comments: "Sarah, I love you!!!!! GO Sarah!!!!!! Sarah 2012!!!!

It is ironic that so many of Sarah's fans refer to her detractors as "haters". Projecting much? The level of hate expressed on Sarah's FB is off the charts.

I think one small thing that those of us who supported President Obama in his campaign can do now is to show our support by getting out our Obama t-shirts and wearing them. Those who did not support Obama but find Sarah's whipping up of hate divisive and dangerous can probably think of other small ways to show that the teabagger fringe are really NOT the majority they think they are. I think the fringe need to see that there are plenty of people out there who do not agree with them, and we are not going to just let them destroy our country and our Constitution.

Hmmm, maybe it is time to start our own T-shirt production? I like the idea of shirts that send people to Palingates and publicize Babygate. There have been some great humorists over at Bree Palin's blog in the various contests like "Name the bus". I'll bet some of our artistic folks could come up with some of our own designs to sell on CafePress to help get the word out about Babygate, without stooping to the hateful level of the "Pray for Obama" shirts.

ArmchairJane said...

Great news that the hateful items are gone from Cafepress! Thank you to those who took action :-)

Anonymous said...

@ANON 20:37

Lest it be forgotten...

not only do you NOT give a speech, NOT get on a plane, NOT change planes, you do NOT, NOT, NOT drive past the neo-natal intensive care equipped hospital to get to a small local hospital that's not rated to handle twins.

Particularly when the baby is a premature DS baby and you are over 40 and have a history of miscarrages.

Lucky for s'error the MSM is allergic to the mechanics of birthing babies.

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post's Sarah Palin page is now writing that the College of the Ozarks speech is closed to the media, by joint agreement with Palin. Sounding a little defensive, the college spokesperson also wrote that they have closed other speeches that involved important people; this was not an exceptional case.

In a related matter, I was just on an airplane and read the popular Sky Mall catalog. There are several different "pens" which slip into your pocket and can video up to 4 hours of picture and sound. And, whom exactly is media? If we contribute a piece of news here, aren't we all part of the "media?"

It didn't work in Hong Kong; it didn't work in Milwaukee or Indianapolis. And, frankly, that voice could shatter glass- it might break the recording pen too, also.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has a brief note up on her Facebook page about her interview with Hannity that airs tonight.

From the commnents section:

"~~~Oh, and btw, there are many scientiest that don't believe in climate change...."


"Sarah, you are the best!! I would love for you to come over for dinner after you do your book signing in Noblesville tomorrow night!!!"

"here's a thought, Palin & Hannity 2012...... "

"Do me a favor....please stay close to shows that share our values and avoid shows (oprah) and networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC) who hate America and American values"

"Sarah did not say she is running for President (yet). You are jumping the gun. I like Sarah, but I think that she needs to do as many interviews as possible to demonstrate to the public that she is knowledgable on policy issues and not just a pretty face. I am so tired of the "Barbie" comments.
I wish her the best!"

Lilybart said...

ArmchairJane: soujourners, good people.

I was a believer once and I still believe in the message of Jesus, to love one another and take care of the less fortunate, don't throw stones....but the Christians who make themselves famous are NOT followers of Christ.

Archivist said...

It's very cool to know that so many of us took the time to write to and object to their selling this stuff.

It's a drop in the bucket of course, but if ONE SITE gets the message, maybe the others will see that they are watched too, and not just by bloggers!

I was outraged after seeing Maddow last night .. because it confirmed what I have been seeing on Sarah's site for the past few weeks; rabid haters egging each other on, while taking directions from the Master Pupeteer ... while she keeps her hands clean.

WTG to bloggers in pyjamas!

ella said...

Dan Fagan (Alaska Standard) NAILS her - a really good read (comments too):

ArmchairJane said...

Lilybart, I am with you. I guess you could call me a non-traditional believer, perhaps.

Definitely the fundamentalists would not consider me a believer, but I believe in the *message* of Jesus, which was revolutionary for the time, and even today is revolutionary if it were to be actually followed in its spirit. Unfortunately the message was co-opted centuries ago by the church, so that the parts of that threatened the rich and the establishment could be safely contained and interpreted FOR the faithful.

Some comments about the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary indicated that the guy in charge has purged the place of all women faculty, as he won't suffer any women to teach in any way. Interesting that he apparently hasn't noticed the important role that women had in Jesus's ministry. In one gospel he even appeared first to the women. The conclusions from reading are obvious that Jesus valued women highly. Just another message that these "The Family" type "c"hristians ignore.

Patrick said...


Nobody should underestimate bloggers in pyjamas, bathrobes etc.!


Anonymous said...

That Frank S. interview last night was sooo scary. CNN has a series of reports right now about the 100 militia groups that have formed in the past year. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a great resource for info about hate groups.
Anon @20:17 I have done waayyy too much snooping on Myspace the last few months. Bristol went to Juneau the winter of 2007. Came back to Wasilla for good late April. Johnny Chandler was living in CA and was talking to Bristol on the phone and Myspace. He didn't come back to Wasilla until June 15. He told a friend in May that "I was going to go out with Bristol but she has a BF." Levi?

Anonymous said...

Her supporters are tired of the "Barbie" comments? Really?

Imagine how Barbie feels about it.

ArmchairJane said...

Now on MSNBC David Shuster is taking the same position I did, against "profiling" as Sarah Palin suggested was needed in the case of the Fort Hood shooter. He pointed out the evidence was already there, including that the military and authorities KNEW about his "issues" in advance, including his emails, and yet did not act. Lack of "profiling" was not the problem.

One of the guests also pointed out that nobody seems to be doing anything to stop radical right wingers antiabortion people who say they are willing to kill for their beliefs, exhibit A the guy who killed Dr. Tiller. There are a lot of people out there who are very literally threatening to rise up to overturn our Constitution and President. So if we're going to talk about "profiling", Sarah, bring it on. There's going to be some pushback. You might not want to call attention to the idea of "profiling", considering what some of your more rabid fans have been saying. Right now we have a group of crazy dangerous nuts in this country and they are by no means not all muslim...

Anonymous said...

A round of applause, you actually were productive. I think its great that you got those nasty bumper stickers removed.

But did you hear Oprahs ratings for Palins interview were through the roof! A second printing of her book also! People are swarming her Michigan book tour today as well.

Seems she is kicking some major butt. Im sorry you were not productive on that front.

Oh well, the bumper sticker thing is an accomplishment none the less.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think she likes the Barbie comments. She loves being likened to an all-american doll, because that's how she hides the ugliness inside of her.

I like to point out that she's been a loser over and over again, and the people she lost to never have one nice thing to say about her. Nor, for that matter, do the people she beat.

She's as empty as a barbie, and sadly, she takes that comment as a compliment -- because in her shallow world, it's all about looks and image. Substance is nothing.

Sentimentality of the sort she expresses in her "book" is always indicative of a shallow mind. "I cry at babies and the SSB, but I don't mind starting wars or letting my constituents starve or die waiting for health care. No sirree!"

Archivist said...

Anon 21:59

Oprah needs to have Schaeffer on her show too. She has a responsibility to counter the legitimacy she gave Palin in exchange for those ratings.

I have written to Oprah about it, and I hope others will too.

Maybe she watches Maddow, or a staff member does.

Anonymous said...

@21:59 - If you think getting the hateful stuff removed is the only thing going that's been accomplished against Palin in recent days, well...You've been asleep at the keyboard. Keep your eyes on the InterTubes road, friend. More to come...You might want to keep THE DAILY DISH bookmarked.

And kudos to those who got the hateful stuff removed from Cafe Press! THANK YOU!

w.v. = chest Hmmm, is someone getting something off their chest RIGHT NOW?

Frank LI NY said...

Has anyone ever interviewed sp's mom about anything? I don't recall seeing her anywhere except for that one clip with Heath?

Anonymous said...

Now why would trolls come here to gloat over people showing up for Palin's book signing?

We are aware that she has a cult, so this is no surprise.

We aren't impressed; we pity you.

She can't win an election. She's been fact checked by every single person she wrote about (negatively) and she's been made even more of a national joke than she already was.

As for profiling, I think Sarah's dead right.

Let's start with the biggest threat to this country, per the DHS. They say that radical right wingers are the biggest domestic terrorist threat we have. I agree. LEt's start profiling all of them. they have also noted the cross-over in Palin fans and the radical right.

Hence, the trolls here should be profiled carefully and duly reported on. If you see anyone wearing a "water the tree of liberty" shirt, a Palin shirt, or a PSalm whatever shirt, report them immediately. Take their picture with your cell and document their movements.

That's just for starters. Maybe we should do away with the court system, also, too, as Palin suggested we do for the OTHER terrorists. And not bother trying these right wingers. Lock them up and throw away the key. Keep Gitmo open just for them. they can play with their guns and shoot each other without harming anyone else.

They should also all be on mandatory medication.

That's just for starters. And while I'm sort of kidding, to make a point, if these clowns keep pushing their BULLSHIT down our throats, turn around is fair pla.

The Dept of Homeland Security says right wingers are the biggest domestic violence threat we face. They have already acted three times this year in killing sprees. Now, this Ft Hood thing happens and suddenly they're all ready to hang people without a trial -- but when it was THEIR nutjob gone crazy, white American men gone crazy, it was all FINE.

Never heard a peep from them then about the victims or anyone else. THose guys were ALL paranoid about gov take overs. And how about the right winger Fox viewer who shot up the liberal church in front of children?

Yeah, you clowns have so much to be proud of. You aren't American patriots-- you're the Taliban come to America. Fascist idiots who identify with the authoritarian wealthy in this country, including Palin, who have never done one thing FOR you but use you in elections.

IDIOTS. May God have mercy on your souls. I know I don't.

Anonymous said...

Uh Yeah,

I dont really think The Daily Dish is going to have anything more to contribute than you do here.

Just wait...Just wait... thats what you guys say just about every week. Then what it was that everyone was waiting for turns out to be a

You, The Daily Dish and every other babygate blogger got nothing but opinions and you know what they say about opinions...heehee

How about you just wait for Palins next move, because she actually makes moves, she doesn't just talk about it.

Anonymous said...

AKM at Mudflats did an excellent piece, simply excellent piece on SPalin's book. But the comments section is closed, so here's a tip of the hat from here, AKM! Thanks!

ella said...

No surprise - they are busing them in for Michigan book signing - a giant publicity stunt. Nora O. is covering the event and has SP quotes about her approval of the bailout - willfully ignorant, rehearsed lady at the event accuses Nora O. of lying, says she supports Palin because Palin was against bailout.
I don't know if any of you saw the bus loads of people who came to Anchorage to protest the non-discrimination ordinance, but this is similar.
Like Scarah, even the book signing crowds are a FRAUD.

Helen said...

WELL SAID Anon 22:19

Anonymous said...

ella said... No surprise - they are busing them in for Michigan book signing.....

They actually want their children to have this as a role model. It is more like child abuse to teach children LYING 101.

Those poor babes are trained to say "commonsense" and the same rhetoric as the old folks.

When will the elder and child abuse stop?

Anonymous said...

@22:34 -If you weren't worried about something, you wouldn't taunting us here, right? Why so insecure about Palin? :-(

Actually, Andrew Sullivan is not limiting himself to "Babygate"; neither does "Palingates." But don't read him. Seriously. And no need to read here anymore either. If there's any more news about Palin's lies, maybe you'll find out about it on FOX. Right???? Because they did a piece on Palin's lies as well...

Anonymous said...

Explain Oprahs ratings? And the second printing for Palins book.

Id love to hear the excuses for these too. You all are so full of excuses and reasons for Palins successes.

Full of alot of things but never any substance to back it up

Anonymous said...

anon 22:19

Excellent post. Someone might want to send DHS the photo of Eddie (I'm not smart enough to spell therefor I yell) Burke in his "homophobic, red shirt, bible thumping nazi, GAY BASHING, tea bagging, rascist (sp), white guy, bigot" shirt on.

He stirs up the gun toting, paranoid liars for Jesus up here on a daily basis. He's obviously dangerous for many reasons, thus should be profiled, jailed and executed without a trial. Just like Sarah wants. Let's make him the test case for this line of delusional thinking and get rid of the pig

Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

Like I said, its fun to rub it in your faces, especially when you are losing. I never claimed to be a good Its really satisfying to see those who lie and make things up to be shown up and taught a lesson on how ineffective they really are.

But keep it coming it gives us more to gloat about.

Anonymous said...

@22:57 - You're silly! :-)

If you can't understand how Palin is being eviscerated in every media outlet available--most especially on the right, well, what can we surmise about your reading comprehension level?

midnightcajun said...

a few facts about print runs: publishers frequently inflate print runs in the hopes of getting more people to buy a book. (Yes, they know that some people will only buy a book if they think everyone else is.) I've heard Sarah's actual print run is more in the neighborhood of 750,000 (which is still big).

Also, just because a book goes back to print does not mean that it is sold out; it only means they've had more outlets put in orders. Many of the books that are out there on the shelves will eventually be returned.

A second printing can be--and frequently is--for as little as 1,500-2,000 copies.

Anonymous said...

Here's a very bad review of her book and of her in the Wall St. Journal -

Anonymous said...

22:57 OF course you're not a good sport, honey. You're a Palin fan. None of you have any class at all.

You're arrogant, unchristian, and mean-spirited. Of course you gloat.

You guys gloated before the election, too. You told us how you had already won and we'd better get used to it. Yada yada yada.

You're so desperate for a win that you just can't help yourself but be the worst losers in political history. No grace at all.

And every second that you've concocted some faux narrative that allows you to think for one minute that you might be RIGHT, you can't help the sick glee that spreads through your desperate, angry veins.

Oh, to be right win....just once! And like pre-schoolers, you taunt us, thinking that we, too, are mentally ill and have minds the size of a walnut, so that we can only think in win lose terms, as you.

Sorry, friend. The world is so much more complex than that. And frankly, we just don't give a damn about your bussed in book signing.

She's not in the White House and she quit her job as governor. All you have is Facebook and the annoying sound of your constant humiliation at your "protests".

See, unlike you, I've actually read the constitution. I know I'm right.

You're wrong. You've always been wrong. And you'll always be wrong because you CHOOSE to remain uneducated. You CHOOSE to puff yourself up with phony brawn. You CHOOSE to believe that Palin will save you. When in reality, all she's going to do is milk you dry.

But carry on. Gloat some more. For heaven's sake, you're so lost you don't even know that it makes you look bad and that you should feel shame over your behavior. Typical Sarah Terrorist.

You're a gnat on the butt of humanity and that's all you'll ever be. Another right wing terrorist takes his impotent rage out on innocent people because he's too much of a COWARD to man up and take care of his life and read a fucking book.

nswfm CA said...

I find it personally offensive that John McCain told his staffers to be as "low key as possible in defending themselves" and to "avoid being interviewed on tv".

This man is disgusting! Sarah Palin makes up outrageous fabrications about campaign members, deliberate written lies about facts in order to blame others, and he doesn't want them to vigoursly defend themselves?

He is no better than Sarah. He is an absolutely shallow human being and cares more about defending his own decision to pick her than he does about the truth, and prefers that the American people see his choice as a good one over having them see Sarah for the lying backstabbing bitch that she is.

He is a coward.
He is and when his obituary is written, you know damn well this abomination $P will be in it.

Daisydem said...

I don't want to feed the trolls, but I am tired of them being here -they are insulting to me, and to what I am trying to accomplish. So to the anony(mouses) above (and especially if you are the one who posted yesterday a question as to do we want her to die a horrible death or just go away) well, maybe I will ask her when I see her at the book signing that I will be within a short driving distance from soon. "Sarah, are you ready to just tell the truth and go quietly away or ...?"

Anonymous said...

Anon @23:13~
Very excellent post. Thank you.
Britsy Bluebell

Anonymous said...

And she will simply say "Next"

Anonymous said...

Bristy Bluebell~~

It was MY pleasure:-) Tried to contain myself, but it needed to be said.

On to better things now -- like Palin's abortion.

Patrick said...

Please do not miss the excellent and extremely funny review of "Going Rogue" in the Wall Street Journal!


Sarah Palin is toast.

Patrick said...

Wall Street Journal (see my link above):

"This is the memoir as prolonged, keening wail, larded with petty vindictiveness. With an impressive attention to detail, Ms. Palin settles every score, answers every criticism; locates a scapegoat for every foul-up, and fastens an insult on every critic, down to the last obscure Palin-doubter back in Alaska."

Anonymous said...

Between Andrew Sullivan's DAILY DISH entry & that review in WSJ, I have to say: GOOD TIMES. :-)

Anonymous said...

And the cover of NEWSWEEK is pretty good this week, too. (But not for Palin!)

Anonymous said...

I sent emails to cafe press and zazzle earlier today protesting their peddling of hate-mongering, violence-inciting merchandise. I just got a very good response from zazzle about why they've decided to remove that crap from their site. Hooray! Here's their message.

Anonymous said...

@2:35 p.m. - Thank you for your activism!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick...isn't WSJ a Murdoch paper????
Is he throwing her under the bus???

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anon@2:35 Thank you!!! I posted this on my FB!
Please next time lets make it a contact info so everyone can get involved.
Thanks so much, I was awesome to see that in print!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2;35- the bumper stickers are still there.

Patrick said...

Anon 04:06

No, not true. The "Psalm 109:8" stickers have been removed today from this website I mentioned in my post. The other stickers are still there, that's true, but the extremely controversial Psalm 109:8 stickers are definitely gone.

Anonymous said...

I also got a very nice letter back from Cafe Press. Good to know companies will respond to a few complaints. Good for them. Sherlock

Anonymous said...

I just got a response from CafePress. Not good, they've changed their minds and are deciding to sell that crap after all! I think we all need to flood their Inbox with protests. Here's their bullcrap message:

Thank you for contacting!

Cafepress looks at content on a case by case basis, and makes decisions about what content is permissible based on our content usage policy.

Anti-presidential gear has been a mainstay at Cafepress since we were founded in 1999 and has become a key component of political discourse. Our site has become a cultural barometer of public opinion and as such designs often come into question. In managing our content we are trying to protect self expression, while making sure we are not advocating violence.

We initially pulled the Psalm 109:8 content from our products today because broader media dialog indicated that these designs potentially suggested violence towards the president. Based on current public discourse and further review of the actual content, we have determined that it is fair political commentary and we are in the process of reinstating this merchandise. As with all of our content, these designs will continue to be reviewed and if at any time their meaning is construed as advocating violence we will revisit our decision.

Patrick said...

Thanks for the information!

I have just read the details on Daily Kos. I will make a blog about it.