Saturday, 28 November 2009

Please vote for Palingates at the Blogger's Choice Awards 2009!

Do you like our blog? Do you dislike Sarah Palin?

Then please give us your vote at the Blogger's Choice Awards 2009!

This is one way in which we could get our message across.

We have been nominated in several categories, and we think that Best Political Blog would be a particularly suitable category for us, although of course you can vote for us in all categories if you wish.

Thank you very much from Regina and me for your support!



Frank LI NY said...

The fix is in....

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, Thanks for putting this up!
I truly hope you guys win! Regina started this little blog and its become incredible and a wonderful resource for all of the Gates with a huge following now! And now with you and Kathleen on board just gets better! Love you guys and all your hard work!
Everyone lets vote for Palingates!!!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Crystalwolf aka caligirl, thanks so much for bringing this to everyone's attention!

Anonymous said...

I bet when Sarah Palin farts, she blames it on Trig.

Rip off the mask, Palingates!

Anonymous said...

OT: CNN iReport on Babygate (last year)

Mona said...


I voted for this blog in all the listed categories.

Patrick said...

Ozmud from Oz Mudflats has written an excellent blog about the description of Trig's birth in "Going Rogue":

Baby Trig’s Birth: Revisited

Patrick said...

The religious publication "First Things" has written a highly interesting and VERY LONG review about "Going Rogue".


The first paragraph:

I have defended Sarah Palin on numerous occasions against critics. I thought some conservatives turned on her too soon and that her executive experience outweighed any negatives known about her. I certainly did not think flubbing some interviews made her unfit to be a chief executive.

The last three paragraphs:

Sadly, I now believe the burden of proof has shifted. While an excellent chief executive in Alaska, there is reason to believe that Palin lacks the intellectual skills needed to be an effective President. Most important, she does not seem to recognize this and shows no sign of getting them.

I have not given up on Palin and find much in her to admire, but she would not get my primary vote based on this book and what I know about her to date. I hope I am wrong and am open to changing my mind.

She has more promise than any Republican candidate I can name and I still have hopes for Sarah Palin, but hope needs substance or it becomes a disillusioned faith.

h/t goes to Bree Palin!

Anonymous said...

In the "First Things" review, the author refers to "this mother of Tripp" and then later "the mother of Trigg".

Patrick said...

Anon 4:36

The author of the review in "First Things" has just admitted in the comments on his website that this was a typo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick. He isn't the first to confuse the names and he won't be the last.

Roz said...

I ಌ PALINGATES! Thank you for all you do! ಌ ಌ ಌ ಌ