Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sarah Palin "Going Rogue" round-up / UPDATE: First Playgirl picture of Levi Johnston released!


UPDATE 4: Levi Johnston's first Playgirl picture has been released!

So - is Levi the new sex-symbol? The hunk from Wasilla? ;-)

Looks really good, if you ask me, and I am not even into men!


I am currently writing a long post about a subject which is definitely not covered in "Going Rogue". It will take a little while until the post is completed. In the meantime, I would like to point out a few other things:

"Celtic Diva" Linda Kellen Biegel has published a very informative post about the famous "desecration of an iconic image" photoshopping incident, which gave her national publicity back in June 2009. Linda compares the real facts with the account of the incident which the unemployed facebook-blogger Sarah Palin has provided in her already notorious book of lies "Going Rogue".

"Going Rogue" should be in shops today, and it seems certain to me that it will take years for Harper Collins' reputation to recover from this disaster which we see unfolding.

Huffington Post has appealed to their readers today: Send us any falsehoods you find in "Going Rogue," and the real story! I hope that many of our readers will participate so that HuffPost can separate truth from fiction! (h/t wayofpeace, thank you!)

Talking about fiction: It appears that the former McCain staffers who have been trashed in "Going Rogue" ignore John McCain's recommendation not to comment on the book. The former McCain staffer and Palin aide Nicolle Wallace, who is prominently featured in "Going Rogue", yesterday told NBC that "all the conversations in the book are just fabricated." Ouch!

The blog "White Noise Insanity" wrote an article about the controversy "abortion or miscarriage?" which is being discussed extensively here on palingates in the comments.

I would like to thank all of our readers who have left links to Palingates on other websites and blogs! Especially during the last days we saw considerable traffic through those links. We are very thankful for your support, and please keep it coming!

Regarding other news surrounding Sarah Palin I would like to recommend to take a look at Bree Palin's blog. She is doing a great job covering the current events.


Sarah Palin's book contains not just a virtually uncountable number of lies, but also a great mystery: Some pages seem to have gone missing! (SEE THE UPDATE BELOW)

At Amazon and Barnes & Noble, "Going Rogue" was supposed to have contained 432 pages - see the screenshots (click to enlarge):

Barnes & Noble:


From what I have heard from our fantastic source who already got hold of the book, "Going Rogue" has only 413 pages (and no index, as we all know already).

So what happened to the other pages?

Were all references to Levi Johnston deleted in the last minute, as well as the index?

Maybe our new friend Christopher Goff from Harper Collins could answer this question?

UPDATE 1: We were alerted by our readers that we might be mistaken and that Amazon and Barnes & Noble might actually have counted all the blank pages, added them to the numbered pages, therefore counting 432 pages in total. Therefore it's very well possible that this is the solution of the "mystery".


UPDATE 2: Please don't miss the hilarous "Rogue Nuggets" on Mudflats!


UPDATE 3: John Ziegler, one of Sarah Palin's nuttiest fans, reviewed "Going Rogue", and wrote:

"I was simply blown away by Going Rogue on almost every level. For many reasons, this is by far the best book and greatest literary achievement by a political figure in my lifetime."


Maybe we are all wrong and not able to recognize the infinite wisdom of the great leader Sarah Palin? ;-)

However, John Ziegler missed to mention that he is not only a big fan of Sarah Palin, but also batshit crazy - that explains A LOT:


I just saw that John Ziegler wrote in this article about "Going Rogue":

"Among other things, we discover that Sarah Palin has a ridiculously good memory. People who know me say that I have an amazing ability to recall events and I have written two books, but I was blown away by the level of detail in this project, which encompasses her entire life."

The thought doesn't even occur to him that his cult leader Sarah Palin just made all (or most) of these details up!

Why are so many psychopaths attracted by Sarah Palin? Well, I think we know the answer...


Last but not least, we have two tickets for the Quitter Queen's speech in Missouri, December 2, 2009. The location is College of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, MO, doors open at 6:00 pm, speech at 7.00 pm. Sarah is also going to have a book signing at Borders Book store in Springfield before her speech.

We really would like a dedicated palingates reader to slip into the role of citizen-reporter and cover this event for us!

Anybody who is interested, please email me:

Please click on the title of the blogpost or CLICK HERE before using the toolbar below for sharing.


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Anonymous said...

Great picture of Quitter Queen trying to keep all the "facts" straight!

Anonymous said...

Dazed and confused. D & C.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new post!

Is anyone else is having the same nauseous reactions to SP's interviews as I am? I swear, it's the same nausea I felt when I first heard her lie at the Republican Convention.

And I am so with Levi's observation, that it is so apparent that she is just "full of shit".

That must be the reason for my nausea--she has no "better angels of her nature"; hers are all of the opposite sort.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to defend her and I haven't seen book, but I am a bookmaker and it is impossible to have an odd numbered amount of pages (413) in a book. Usually the prelims, including titles, contents, dedications etc are not numbered and then page 1 starts when the text does. Also, if there is a picture section that would count as pages but they would not be numbered.

Patrick said...

Anon 17:19

I understand your point, but would like to point out that the number "413" is confirmed through numerous other sources, just google "sarah palin 413 pages".

413 is far away from 432.

Anonymous said...

If you don't mind, I'd like to respond to some comments from the last thread:

Kristin Cole appearing on Larry King: Right after Sarah resigned as governor, Kristin showed up as Sarah's spokesperson (where was Meg?). She was trying to deflect criticism of Sarah's sudden announcement.

Other meanings for "going rogue." Men who go without underwear "go commando;" women "go rogue." However, if you consult the urban dictionary you will find other, more adult definitions for the phrase. Wonder how HC let the title go without vetting. Oh, I forgot, when we talk about no vetting, we're talking about Sarah.

If you believe in wv, mine is refin. I take it to mean re: fin, regarding Sarah, this is le fin, the end.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I understand Sarah spent 8 pages ragging on perky little Katie Couric. I expect she would have spent twice the energy ragging on Levi, probably 19 pages! Maybe Levi waved a copy of Sarah's diaries from 1989-90 when she had the abortion, and those 19 pages were ripped out of the book in a hurry. Ha, Harper Collins probably had to reprint 1.5 million books.

Anonymous said...

Again, not wanting to defend the page numbering thing - 432-413 is 19 pages which is actually 20 pages in the printing world. The first 6,8,10 pages can be the title pages, dedication, prelue copywrite page, anything really and then the numbered pages start with the number 1. There can also be pictured pages that are not numbered or pages in the back to balance out the last signature, another printer's term. You will not understand the page numbering until you get a book in your hands. 20 page difference really isn't that many. Again I don't want to defend the book but there could be an easy explaination if that is possible in the Palin fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Here, is an effective way to present a complex story. Note there is just one picture, but there is a button to bring the picture associated with the next lie into view. It's the slideshow at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to collate all the lies, juxtapose them with the tall tales in Palin's screed, and publish it under the title "Rogue, Get Going!"

Anonymous said...

Levi must of put the "fear of wrath" in sister sayrah....

Just a matter of time before this "too" is leaked.


Way to go Whorper-Collins!


Anonymous said...

I think her reliance on c4p, which is really just a bunch of shrill, immature propagandists, will be her undoing. She truly has no professionals advising her.

Anonymous said...

Like a couple previous commenters, I too work i publishing. Before everybody gets into a tizzy about the "missing pages" I'd like to point out that 432 is likely the number of physical pages that make up the book.
The actual text page count would be 413.
If you add to 413 all the unnumbered pages I'm assuming are there (frontispiece, title page, dedication page, copyright page and whatever else filler) you'll get your magic number of 432.

I'd go to a bookstore and count them to verify, but I don't want to risk being seen holding that "book" in public.

Leadfoot said...

Anon 17:18 -
Yes, I share your nausea. It is partially induced by SP's constant presence and whining voice on my TV. But it is also brought on by the complete lack of initiative on the part of TV reporters. On Today this morning they recapped the Oprah interview by playing the clip where SP says it is heartbreaking that Levi is an aspiring porn star. Then there was no rebuttal from Levi or statement from Matt, Ann or Meredith that Levi is not ACTUALLY trying to be a porn star. SP's ludicrous statement was just allowed to stand. THAT kind of reporting just makes me want to hurl.

chris said...

Patrick et al, the "bookmaker" anon poster is right. There is no mystery to the vanished pages here. I just checked a hard cover book i bought from Amazon. It had 240 pages mentioned at Amazon, but only 221 numbered pages in my copy. You can check the same with any book you might get your hand on before you update the blogpost.

Reesie said...

Anti-Abortion Group to Protest Palin:

When she was running for governor of Alaska in 2006, Sarah Palin reportedly said that even if her then-14-year-old daughter were raped, she would "choose life" and force her to bear a child. Comments like that that have endeared the fiery Alaskan politician to most pro-life voters, who lionized her for not aborting her Down's Syndrome baby. But Trig isn't enough to protect Palin from a phalanx of anti-abortion activists who plan to protest her appearance on Thursday to promote her book in the conservative heartland of Indiana. Their reason? They think she's not really pro-life.


Reesie said...

Palin Book In Bargain Bin: Major Retailers Selling "Going Rogue" Below Cost:

Sarah Palin's memoir Going Rogue: An American Life has garnered attention in part because of the number of copies sold before publication. But the book has been offered at below-cost prices from major online retailers, and Newsmax has used the book as a loss leader to promote its magazine, potentially inflating the book's sales.


Anonymous said...

I'm being rather trivial, but from now on, I plan on supporting small publishing houses. I can read anything published from Harper Collins from ten cent bargains at garage sales.

Anonymous said...

Re: 'abortion' vs 'miscarriage'

Palin is making this one up wholesale.

A medical office or clinic does not use these terms the way Palin confabulates. On an ob/gyn or outpatient surgical template, a surgical abortion would be simply called a D&C, short for 'dilation and curettage', which itself is usually short for 'dilation and suction curettage or vacuum aspiration.' The procedure is the most common way to remove material -- products of conception ('POC') or otherwise -- from the uterus.

A miscarriage is, in medical terms, a 'spontaneous abortion.' At the clinic, this is abbreviated as 'SAB' to distinguish it from 'EAB', which is 'elective abortion'.

If Queen Sarah had a miscarriage, it would be noted in her medical records as a 'spontaneous abortion.' The procedure to remove the POC would be recorded as a D&C.

I don't believe the corrected form ever existed. It's possible that Palin, moron that she is, doesn't understand her own medical forms and freaked out when she saw the word 'abortion,' especially sitting next to a big word like 'spontaneous.'

It's just not a 'correction' that a medical office would ever make -- 'spontaneous abortion' is the medical term for 'miscarriage', in the same way that 'fracture' is the correct term for 'broken bone.'

No wonder HarperCollins is a bit sensitive about this. Her doctor could probably produce the records and show she's lying -- and also take legal action against her.

Dianne said...

I watched the Oprah interview yesterday waiting for what had been advertised. There was a teaser earlier in the week showing Oprah asking Sarah about how painful it must have been hearing the rumours that Trig was not her baby. I REALLY wanted to hear the lie that she answered with. Oprah didn't show it. It was cut even after it was advertised. Why? She had her. It might have even finished her.

Patrick said...

Thanks everybody, regarding the information about the book pages!

I have updated the blogpost!

Anonymous said...

On the video clips of Barbara Walters (that you can view at Bree Palin) I find it interesting that after BW asked Palin about Levi's statement that he "had something on her", she very quietly says, "He doesn't have anything on me." She does this while looking down. LIAR.

Anonymous said...

RE: Missing Book Pages?
I just checked a couple of my hardcover books on Amazon and the number of pages listed there matches the last numbered page in the books. I don't think anyone at Amazon or anywhere else is counting the book pages, blank or not, and putting it on their websites. They use what the publisher sends them. I think it is quite likely that a number of pages were chopped out at the last minute -- causing the discrepancy.

Anonymous said...

More than likely, $arah's statement from her doctor's office would have noted TAb, not abortion. Here is a link to an insurance company's coding for the procedure. Scroll down and you will see that one of the reasons for TAb is intrauterine death.


Anonymous said...

Ziegler is nothing more than a sewer rat who a la Prejean's himself over Palin!!

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be held responsible for substance covered keyboards or monitors!!

Anonymous said...

Oprah needs to have Levi on her show. That would be a ratings bonanza. Quitter gave her the go ahead when she tried to trash him.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new post, Patrick!

And what the hell is wrong with BW, "interviewing" the daughters? That's just enabling bad behavior. "How do you feel when people are mean to your mommy?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, that contribution at HuffPost, to participate, they are asking for photos and videos! Please send some, please.

And now she slamming Newsweek!

Anonymous said...

c4p is quoting the 'other McCain' on its front page. He's a good ol' southern boy, and, apparently, hasn't had any luck getting a Charleston, W. Va. paper to retract its assertion that he's a white supremacist.

I think Sarah's being pushed into the 'Real America' and 'White Culture' corner faster than she knows. And a Queen of Teabaggers title isn't going to help her out.

Anonymous said...

2021: McCain is also co-author with Lynn Vincent of an attack book on the democratic party. Lynn Vincent is also trying to rehabilitate Carrie Prejean after her "greatest mistake" video became known. Lynn and Carrie attend the same church!

Marcy said...

At the WalMart in NW Atlanta this morning, I saw a pristine display of "Going Rogue" in the book section. No special signs or anything to draw attention to it. Price? 19.97

At the check-out counter I noticed an unfamiliar magazine called "Lifestyle". There's a brief article about Levi, but it looks like a smorgasbord of easily available public source shots and 'quotes'. Hope Levi got paid for it! I didn't buy that one because I had decided to splurge on the National Examiner, with the cover that proclaims 'Hubby's cheating scandal breaks Sarah's heart'. Haven't read that yet: waiting for my lunch to settle. grammy

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs would not vote for Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

So Super Fan Kristan Cole was on Larry King last night telling why she thinks $carah would be a wonderful President. What happened to Meg Stapletongue? Has she been kicked to the curb? Did she resign? Saw the real Scarah and desided to jump ship?

Anonymous said...

Marcy, thanks for the laugh:-) Do let us know what the Toad's been up to...or, well....not up to.


Anonymous said...

Kristan is Sarah's ultimate damage control "expert." She also talked to the Wall Street Journal after the quit and essentially told them that Sarah couldn't work within the ethics laws ... laws that Sarah signed as gov.

Anonymous said...

@Dianne, I saw that promo for the Oprah show, too, where Oprah asks Sarah how she felt when people claimed that Trig wasn't hers. (They did not show a response; it was a tease to get us to watch).

Wild guesses here, but is there any chance that Sarah's contract with Oprah had questions or topics that could not be asked? I doubt that Sarah got to see a final cut and objected to the question. Or, most likely, there was no good answer, just word salad, but the Oprah people knew that the question would draw viewers.

In any case, Oprah missed the boat in many ways. In regard to the discussion about Katie Couric, Oprah could have easily asked, "So how would you answer that question today?" or "So what are some of your favorite books so we can put Katie's question to rest once and for all." I'm guessing that Sarah's reading list was on the no-no list along with Trig, abortion, a woman's right to choose, and other taboo topics.

Daisydem said...

I don't know how Amazon reports pages of a book prior to the release, or what pages count or don't count (pictures, etc.) but do you REALLY think that Levi and any references to him by name were left out of the book from the get-go? No way. I think it is probable that pages about Levi were cut from the book at the last minute meaning that any index (if there ever was one) had to be cut also because there was no time to reformat it. I mean, because look at who we are talking about, and the fact that she seems to have plenty to say about Levi in interviews.

Dianne said...

Anon 20:50 - You are undoubtedly correct. And, silly me, that was what got me to watch. The only real investgative journalists with integrity are the bloggers who do the wor for their own ethical reasons. It takes a lot of tenacity and kahunas to do what Regina, Patrick, Kathleen and Bree Palin and the "boots on the ground" who help them are doing. Thank you. Don't stop. I think you are our only hope.

wv brogerfl = bloggerful? May be a new word as in a bloggerful of good information.

CC said...

I am most upset with the interviewers, after all, we all know what $arah was going to say and do, it was no mystery.

They should know better yet they still helped in promoting this lying POS's book all for their ratings. I feared this was going to happen and it did. I have no respect for either of them. Both are hardworking (not lazy a la XGINO) women, so, WTF??

And now, on to the lovefest with inSannity and Lush.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

anon@19:44 The more I think of it there was no miscarriage. Toad was gone for long time on the slope. People have wrote here as her being "barstool barbie"
She got preg. Had to spin it somehow to Toad with dates changed too, also.
Suddenly it was a baby died in the womb, have to get a D & C. Someone found out, recently, 2 writers researching in alaska one or both stumbled on something!!! She is spinning a story before THEIR story comes out. And maybe she had two abortions? One is at least suspect due to the detail she was willing to "share" which makes no sense(the wite-out story)....simply state she had 2 miscarriages and leave it at that?

Anonymous said...

people.com Sarah answers readers questions. She trashes Levi again. Says that Bristol has the baby full time, goes to school and works. Levi does porn. She says it should help Bristol with the custody case.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's on the low road!

Anonymous said...

What college is Bristol going to? That is something new, eh?

Yesterday on BreePalin someone said Toad is living in Palmer with Willow. That news was out about 2 months ago as well. Palmer people...do tell!

Is the Alaska Fund Trust being investigated?

oh my, my wv is "gredisit", yup, greed is it!

Anonymous said...

I just went back to People and the page has now disappeared. The title of the article is still on the front. A few minutes ago it had its own box with a picture. Now it is a single line. What happened?

Basheert said...

Hi everyone - agreed with the "elective abortion" and "spontaneous abortion" comment. With medicolegalese you need to be very familiar with billing terminology and miscarriages are very definitely spontaneous abortions (way too many syllables for Miss BatShit Crazy).

Now she's trashing Newsweek which reminds me of her good friend BoobsForJesus who is claiming that a porn tape with her pleasuring herself is NOT a sex tape. Did Newsweek follow her around to get her Runner's World photograph or did she POSE for it?

Disintegrating psychosis - get the Haldol and the Thorazine ready people. Little Miss Schizoid is ready to blow and drown her narcissistic image.

CC said...

Hey Basheert .. so happy to see you back!

I agree with you ... she POSED for it. But why didn't Barbara bring this up? She mentions the cover, lets her say whatever the hell she wants and then NOTHING?


Anonymous said...

She's lying about Levi. She said something like, paraphrasing, "a legal action would demonstrate that he's interested in Tripp." What that says is that she can't resolve a dispute amicably and reach a fair agreement outside of court. And, oh yes, when she was asked what Levi has on her, she lowered her eyes said something like, "he doesn't have anything on me," in a voice that had none of theh "confidence" some say characterized the rest of the interview.

Anonymous said...

marcy @ 20.26 says she got a National Enquirer with the headlines "Hubby Cheating breaks Sarahs Heart."

but when I went into the National Enquirer site, November 17 lists

Palin Levi is Porn

Palin Levi Come Home

Levi Warns Sarah Palin She knows What I got on her.

But nothing about Todd.

Will actually have to go to my grocery store and look.

Anonymous said...

Newsweek editor goes back at Palin's claim: Palin's Wrong.


Anonymous said...

It's true about the news: $5 million divorce .. affair .. Sarah heartbroken. I saw it in a grocery store on Sunday. Not sure if it was the National Examiner or National Enquirer.

Anonymous said...

The text of the article in Newsweek is what they may be trying to distract attention from. It mentions that her supporters have not been able to debunk the "story" about Rev. Muthee, witch hunting ... .

There is a lot on religiongate, here, at palingates. It is a must read. Sarah used state funds to address a church graduation in Wasilla, where she said that her work as governor was to no avail unless the hearts of Alaskans were right with God.

Dianne said...

Just emailed to Oprah -

I was very disappointed with the "fluff" handing of the Sarah Palin interview. As an experienced interviewer I would have thought you would have gone into depth about a lot of her very serious issues. Yet, you did not. I do, however, have an idea for a show. To fairly cover both sides I suggest you contact the Alaskan bloggers, i.e. Mudflats, Shannyn Moore, Immoral Minority, Celtic Diva and Dennis Zaki, as well as the non-Alaska boggers Palingates and Bree Palin. They are doing an excellent job and actually doing the work that the main stream journalists should be doing. Interview them and get their take. I think your audience would very much enjoy it and it would be quite the eye-opener.

Helen said...

I completely agree with all who are disappointed in the Oprah and BW interviewers in that it doesn't seem that hard hitting questions are answered.

But I do have an optimistically twisted view of what both interviewers are doing. BW is as savvy as they come and a veteran. Oprah is sometimes alarmingly naive in my opinion, but no one can take away her incredible business instincts and the fact that she is exactly what Palin is not - a hard working woman who has put in her time and paid some dues to get to the top.

I don't think either of these interviewers want to give Palin a pass. I think they see their role as giving her a format to do herself in with. If they allow her to speak, her lies will eventually do her in. Perhaps not right on the spot, but eventually. Palin is now on record in so many ways with so many lies, she'll never recover the middle of the road voter. Never.

Anonymous said...

Palin's Newsweek cover made Yahoo!.

..., documentary photographer Nina Berman hailed the cover as "brilliant" and "shrewd" for using a "propped photo where Palin is an obvious participant ... to show how far out she is willing to travel on the road of self promotion" while "shield[ing] themselves from what would have been the inevitable criticism if they had dolled her up themselves and posed her the same way."

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, but it bears repeating -- no professional woman who wants to be taken seriously poses like that. Ever.

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Here's a pic of her when she was on the city council, reading an article from the John Birch Society called "Con Con Call." That's Birchian psychobabble calling for a constitutional convention, intended to either revise or completely rewrite the constitution of a state or the federal government.


Her radical ties to the AIP go way way back. She's never had any respect for this country, and she never will. She's inciting milita groups and that's dangerous to everyone. There's a reason you find the ammunition shelves at Walmart looking like Mother Hubbards cupboard

Patrick said...

I am very disappointed with the interviews on Oprah and Barbara Walters as well.

It just shows how important it is to expose the Quitter Queen. Apparently it is just to difficult to imagine for people like Oprah and Barbara Walters that Sarah is not what she pretends to be, but a dangerously mentally ill woman.

We will do all we can to expose Sarah, and we are very grateful that we receive so much support from our readers!

Just listening to the "American Idiot" album. Excellent music to get fired up. The phrase "American Media Idiots" somehow springs to mind...

Anonymous said...

C4P is down. Did Sarah shut them down?

Patrick said...

Helen, I just love your profile pic, BTW ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is there ANYONE from Harper Collins who could confirm that portions of the book that were critical of Levi were cut from the book at the last minute? I, too, have a publishing background and between the page numbers mysteriously decreasing and the lack of an index, these certainly seem to point to some last-minute cutting (and not necessarily one big chunk--could also indicate someone combed through and removed all Levi references interspersed throughout the book) and this is why they had to junk the index. Probably ran out of time to have a new one done.

Also, I saw on HuffPo they are looking for readers to point out lies they found in book. Not sure if this is in the book, but didn't Oprah do a pretty good job calling her out for implying that Obama asked for families and children to be "off limits" to press. Miss Sarah snippily implies that "Yes, well HE and HIS FAMILY certainly got the hands-off treatment from the press, but not ME." I love that Oprah really pressed and made her admit (grudgingly) that he was requesting this SPECIFICALLY for her family, because of the publicity surrounding Bristol's pregnancy. She finally had to admit that he had said that in defense of HER family. But she didn't want to. I wish Oprah had been that tough on all the questions. But then she wouldn't have landed the interview, I guess.

Patrick said...

Anon 22:11

That would be sweet!

They are still up and running. Certainly just a glitch.

CC said...

I have to say, apart from Keith and Rachel, David Schuster (sp?)is the only anchor on MSNBC who calls $arah out on her lies and confronts guests who may not be truthful in their appearances. I just watched him counter a guest with videos of "one" of her lies on 2 separate interview clips. (The ones Shannyn mentioned.)

Patrick, maybe he would be one to contact? (unless you already have.)

Dianne said...

Oh, my, Levi. The eyes are the window to the soul.

Helen said...

Hey Patrick thanks! My fondest profile pic moment was when RAM personally commented that it not only scared her but reminded her of Medusa, which I promptly told her was just the thing I was going for (even though it had never occurred to me before, it shut down a volley of silly insults from the Uriners.)

Anonymous said...

Levi has god given beauty, in body and in spirit.

Sarah has god given beauty in a twisted vicious spirit,

Levi is a 19 year old maturing.

Palin is a 15 year old mean girl in a body of a woman going into menopause, who can't even accept she is no longer Miss Wasilla.

Runners world. She chose the clothes, the pose, the accessories was nicely photoshopped.

Remember when a national magazine didn't airbrush her? The squeels of outrage?

Anonymous said...

Reesie @18:33

Anti-Abortion Group to Protest Palin

You know, you almost have to feel sorry for her. Everything seems to fall into place for me now. With Palin, her ultimate undoing is that, rather than leading people away from her dark secrets, everything she does seems to point right to the very thing she is trying to hide. Even before this bombshell of her revealing the "wite-out" story, did anyone ever notice that every time she referred to Trig she had to mention that she "Chose Life?" Then when Bristol was pregnant (the one the public was allowed to know about), all SP kept saying, and all Bristol said was, "MY CHOICE. It was my choice to have the baby." Well obviously, because there he (they) both were. You obviously didn't abort those babies. It's almost like she has to underscore the very thing she is trying to hide. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Haha looks like Palin has called Levis bluff.

He doesnt have anything substantial on her. He has little stories like the name calling that he thinks will embarrass her.

Dont hope for levi to give you anything more than that. You will be sorely dissapointed.

Truthfully I think Levi is hurting his chances in a custody case. Hes basicly publicly threatening his childs grandmother, he doesnt have steady work, and none of you know how much he even attempts to see his child. You hear him say it but you dont know the facts.

Phone records and saved text messages will be brought into court to show Levis level of interest in actually seeing his child.

Patrick said...



Nothing better than to annoy the Peelanders! ;-)

Patrick said...

In case you haven't seen it yet: Levi's first playgirl picture posted in update!

Anonymous said...

anon @ 22.25 I think that you are jealous

Looking at that photo I would say that Levi has increased his chances of making it in the modelling world.

CC said...

Wow ... Levi!

Someone else posted that his eyes are soulful and I absolutely agree with that description.

He looks tender and gentle..

oh ...

And very Hot!


Anonymous said...

It is the Nov. 23rd issue of National Examiner, not Enquirer. Headline is "Hubby CHEATING Scandal." Picture of forlorn looking Sarah on the cover. Heartbroken! $5 million divorce.

Anonymous said...

LOl!! Bristol's relationship with Carrie Prejean could come up in court, too! Sarah put Carrie onto Bristol.

Anonymous said...

If she is EVER asked by an interviewer on camera about the now infamous "Wite-Out" story, you KNOW she is going to say: "Oh yeah, the doctor's bill DID say 'spontaneous abortion.' Yep. That's what I meant to say." Or she'll blame it on the editors at HC. Now that she knows the correct medical terminology from reading this blog, there's another out for her.
But far more likely she will never answer this question. BECAUSE NOBODY WILL ASK IT.

Anonymous said...

Everything that Sarah does is of the moment; she has no concept of future consequences. A few months ago, she was starving for attention and the only halfway credible magazine willing to write about her was Runners World. Did she give one moment's thought to those photos and that they might have an afterlife?
Suddenly the woman who is so offended on Barbara Walter's show forgets that she willingly posed for those sexist pictures when she wanted attention. Sarah never thinks ahead.

Kinda reminds you of another former beauty queen who is shocked that naughty photos and videos have come back to haunt her.

The great fun of Jon Stewart's Daily Show is that politicians regularly forget that there is footage of them saying something different the last time. Stewart will show the conflicting statements and everyone will get a big laugh out of the flub. Today, it's easier than ever, what with everything digitized and available at the touch of a button. No wonder it is so easy to fact-check Sarah's book before it even comes out.

Patrick said...

Could somone email me scans of this Todd article in the new National Examiner? Thanks a lot!

10catsinMD said...

The pic of Levi is great. He is entitled to be with his son. They can't take that away from him.

I wandered down to my local B&N and the Scarah books were, but I just could not bring myself to buy one.

I bought "Sarah from Alaska" instead. Not too many people there and looked like no
Rogue" books had been sold yet.

Looked at the pictures and there is one of Todd and Track at Ft Benning graduation, or so it says.

I think Levi will do okay. Scarah is so disgusting. No way about that.

Congrats and thanks to you Patrick, Regina and everyone else who keeps posting. this is great keep up the good work. I visit the sight everyday now and will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

My comment, part one

I saw yesterday where someone left a comment that they "knew" Pat and Lisa from ADN and implied that what the blog author wrote was untrue. (It IS true btw; look for yourself at Pat's editor blog...he vented quite a lot when Sarah refused to cooperate in dismissing babygate once and for all)

I don't know who this person is, but I KNOW they were lying. I really do know Pat, and he is scared shi*less it will come out that he continued to play the role of Editor Kiss Ass to Sarah long AFTER he became aware that Sarah did not birth Trig. He said, in my presence, that his paper was already on such thin ice that something like that would put him in the poorhouse. I've kept my head down and my mouth shut until now, but seeing Sarah's self-righteous pablum paraded around the country, hearing her demean Levi for not being with his baby due to "media tours" while she herself leaves her own special needs baby thousands of miles away so she can be on television every day and do a weeks-long MEDIA TOUR...God, I am just so sick of the patented Sarahypocrisy.

I know you lower 48-ers are frustrated with Alaskans for not speaking up and putting everyone out of their misery. I can't offer excuses, I just implore you to think about what it is like to live up here, think about a place where someone like SARAH who does not even know her continents or have even a BASIC understanding of government and law...could be elected to the highest office in this state's land.

Things are so corrupt here, you couldn't possibly imagine. I mean it. You literally could not imagine what it's like in some parts of Alaska. The police corruption is something Scorsese couldn't think up on his best day. The political corruption is the stuff of Grisham novels. It is just THAT bad! So when you are tempted to lampoon us for not just spilling it all and being done with it...think about how the person or persons who do something like that are putting themselves, their families, and their livelihoods in serious jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

My comment, part two

There is one thing I would like to offer. The heart association luncheon. I know someone was there taking photographs. Let me repeat: I KNOW someone was there taking photographs. I believe it was the same photographer they have used for at least one of AHA luncheon.

Sarah Palin did have three girls with her.

I personally do not believe the oldest girl resembled Bristol Palin enough for the photos to be released. She had long, shiny dark hair and was thin. She spent a great deal of the time sending or receiving text messages, which more than a few people found to be wildly inappropriate. She was dressed in formfitting trousers and a v-neck blouse with filmy, see-through type sleeves. She seemed to have a much longer torso than Bristol, after looking closely at photos of Bristol and trying to call to mind what this girl looked like.

I have not spoken up about this before because I've seen how people that claim to be "insiders" generally turn out to be unreliable nitwits (such as BlueTx) and I did not want to foist any such stereotypes upon myself. However after carefully considering the magnitude of a possible (God, it even hurts to TYPE) Palin Presidency, I decided that I don't give a damn who does or does not believe me. Hopefully there will be someone among those that do find me credible who can take this information and use to advance this cause. I simply cannot stand the idea of this hypocritical woman-child continuing to get away with such a large scale deception.

Again: Pat knows the truth about Trig AND the truth about Tripp. Birthdates are not accurate insofar as they were released by the Palins. Pat is terrified that he will be viewed as having been complicit in this cover-up; a fact I would exploit. There WAS a photographer at the AHA luncheon. There is ALWAYS a photographer there. I imagine the fact that the 2008 luncheon is the only one NOT to have the photos released publicly in a newsletter as well as local press coverage is central to this deception. I could be wrong about that- but why hide the photos, then? I know they exist. Sarah Palin was at that luncheon, seeming distracted and harried. She had three girls with her. Two teenage girls and Piper. Piper was not dressed appropriately for such a function. Both teens had long, straight, dark hair. NEITHER strongly resembled Bristol Palin.\

I hope this helps...it is truly all I can think of that hasn't already be presented here.

Anonymous said...

@ 22:00 Dianne said... Just emailed to Oprah -

That is a smart approach... "To fairly cover both sides I suggest..."

The good news about the Oprah and Barbara interviews is that it is all out there to be further explored. Neither professional should step back when more comes up in the future. It is up to the audience to ask more until we get answers.

The Runners World cover was always disturbing for her lack of flag etiquette. It was never a secret that she was instrumental in the set up. The same where she treated the flag like a towel you would wrap around your naked body aftet getting out of the shower on a chilly day. I think that was for a calendar?

Sarah agrees to the set up for her cover girl shot. Josh Painter flips off flag etiquette b/c Vice President Biden is photographed with a flag that fell. It was a busy event and no one caught the faux pas yet. It takes hours of planning to do calendar and cover shots.

Dangerous said...

Three possibilities on what Levi's "has" on SP:

1) Something pretty bad for her, along he lines of what we've discussed;
2) Something he thinks is bad for her, but isn't;
3) He doesn't really have anything on her.

Based on SP's body language when answering Barbara Walters' question (looking down and away, avoiding eye contact), she thinks that Levi might have something on her, or there is something to be had that she's hiding. She had that answer ready, however.

Will someone just ask her to produce clear and convincing documentation that she was pregnant already? I'm willing to admit I was wrong if she does. but she won't because she can't.

Anonymous said...

I read that a mortician did Sarah's makeup for the Barbara Walters interview.

Dianne said...

Anon 22:51 and 22:51 - fascinating.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Levi! Holy smokes!

He looks..well, he looks gorgeous! Only way to say it! Levi Johnston looks like an abercrombie model. WHO would have guessed!

Man, I am gonna need to fan myself for a moment... ;)

Anonymous said...

Levi ROCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...


How apropos.

Levi is delicious and he has good stylists.

Anonymous said...

John McCain has now said the $50,000 was for troopergate...on Hardball.

Anonymous said...

I betcha Oprah wants Levi on her show.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please ask Kristin Cole (the next time she surfaces) where'd they stash ALL the loot from the ALASKA FUND TRUST heist. Was it filtered somehow into the PIE SPY pan?


Patrick said...

Anon 23:07

That's what I am asking myself, too...

fifitrixiebelle said...

We should all vote for Palingates as best blog etc for the blogger choice awards 09. I've nominated Palingates in four categories.

This is a good way to gain attention for babygate.


Barb Dwyer said...

"Things are so corrupt here, you couldn't possibly imagine. I mean it. You literally could not imagine what it's like in some parts of Alaska."

So true. I've been trying to clue people in on this for quite some time here. Unless you've experienced it, there's just no way to comprehend it. 12 former Alaska Legislators currently in prison and the FBI isn't even close to finished yet, is a good indication of the corruption that continues up here.

You are right about Pat being scared, he's between a rock and hard place here. The Palin/Parnell administration kicks him mega money and it's unlikely the struggling paper could survive without it. Although on the other side of the coin, it's questionable if the paper would be in the financial hardship it is, if it wouldn't have sold out to Palin in the first place.

I know soooo many people who have pulled their advertising and cancelled their subscriptions after having to endure their praises of the Palin policy fiascos ad nauseam. They were never interested in the truth, only the money. That was their call but it doesn't seem to be working out for the too well for them in retrospect

Anonymous said...


Anon @ 22:51 and 22:52

You seem to me like you would like to disprove BlueTx's claims. Interesting that that is who you mention as someone not to believe.

Got anything other than I KNOW there are photos? Can you produce a photo?

Are you trying to throw us off the trail?

We cant believe you anymore than we can believe BlueTx now can we.

Anonymous said...

$50000 for troopergate makes more sense than the $500K that Sarah used to beg for legal fund donations. You gotta realize that at $500/hour, even if her attorney can command that much, $500K represents 1000 hours work!

AND, she didn't have to hire private counsel for troopergate!

As this thing escalates, McCain or Cindy may have to say something that will finally shut her up.

Anonymous said...

Considering her ingratitude for his help re her family problems, I wouldn't blame Obamas for telling what they know.

Patrick said...

Anon 22:51 / 22:52

Thanks a lot!

Can you please email me in confidence:


sandra said...

Considering what Levi might say...Last week I attended a grandparents' day at a kindergarten. The teacher had each child introduce his or her guest and, "tell us something about him/her." We grandparents all looked at each other and wondered what in the world the kid would come up with. We were relieved. The most personal was that, "Gramma likes to work in her back yard picking grapes." It's what you could say that is threatening.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:51 - Please correspond directly with Patrick. SP is like a cancer, growing every day. If hard things weren't hard, like speaking the truth, we wouldn't need courage. And we wouldn't have real citizen heroes. Just liars. And come back when you can. Comments like yours give me hope.

Anonymous said...

How do you people not see that Palin just called Levi out and basically dared him to spill. He said if she keeps talking trash about him he would tell what he knows! She did and threw it back in his face.

I dont think she is too scared of what Levi knows...lol.

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased for Levi. He has repeatedly put out there that his son is the apple of his eye. He never intended to reveal all for Playgirl, they just put that out as an early teaser.

He is launching a career as a model, and looks like he really can deliver for that career. Levi was partially raised in Palin's viper nest of a household, which had to be somewhat like a course in Palace Intrigue 101 for all of those kids. He is the one insider from the Palin household that has "gone rogue". Ha.

In her lying ways Scarahcuda pushed him to the limit trying to have total control and withdrawing the support and love that she faked to get him to cooperate with her. In the end, Palin used him and, frankly, hurt him. Now he is poised to become a folk hero as he fights for rights to be part of his son's life. Who knows, perhaps Bristol wishes she could start over with this man who is the only intimate of Palin that has really had the courage to stand up to her - simply by standing up for himself.

Levi is young, but he is showing great instincts - even a hard case like Trump really warmed to him. Let's give Levi our support and count on him to do the right thing for his family first, then hopefully the right thing for the country. He knows exactly what that is.

Anonymous said...

anon @22.52

please contact Patrick. patrick12344@yahoo.com

He will guarantee your anonymity.

Anonymous said...

22:51 and Barb Dwyer

I know of corruption, but not the magnitude of what you all experience in Alaska. How on earth do you get the DoJ to pay proper attention and secure the safely of the good people that must come forward?

ADN "Pat" will be in the poor house for what they've done. It's a matter of time. Pat is a fool not to find another job and make himself rich with the truth. I look forward to when he is hauled before a grand jury and it all starts to unravel. May he do as much time as first Dud and Quittypants for the path he chose. Kristan Cole doing hard labor on a chain gang works for me, too, also.

Thank you for all you are able to do. It will start to get better if there are more brave and hearty souls in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in Alaska...

Thanks so much for confirming what we already knew. Perhaps now, the light will shine brightly on the corrupt nature of politics as usual in AK. Thanks for sharing what you know to be TRUE....and hopefully others will FINALLY take a stand for what is right to halt this gross farce that has been perpetrated on not only Alaska, but this nation.

We appreciate your candor...

Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:52

If Bristol was not at the AHA lunch then Sarah submitted a fraudulent expense report to the State of Alaska.

Sarah billed the State for her daughters attending.

Pictures of who was there are very important.

Anonymous said...

If that silly editor of the ADN had any balls and DID have a story on Palin, he'd win a Pulitzer. He might not save his paper (silly man, the NYT is crumbling), but he'd be able to write his ticket in other ways.

ella said...

I believe Anon @ 22:51 and 22:52 AND I believe Barb Dwyer (welcome back!).
Do to her own hubris and sick need for the spotlight, Palin is bringing herself down - the media is broadcasting her lies and her affiliation with the teabaggers.
The end is near.

Anonymous said...

I think the interview strategy of bringing up one of her negatives and letting her talk is effective with the 70% to 90% still in possession of their faculties ... their BS meters go to 11 when she talks. She is always contradicting something she said earlier. She is making great clips for opposition campaign commercials should she ever run again.

Anonymous said...

Simply write to AHA and find out who the photographer for the event was. That shouldn't be a secret. Tell them you're one of SP's fans and you're putting together a collage of her attending charitable events

Anonymous said...

DOJ has recently hired an assistant U.S. attorney for a new office they're opening in Juneau. She is working out of the Juneau FBI office until the new office is ready.

Patrick said...

Hi Barb,

good to see you back again!


CC said...

Anon 22:51 & Barb (I also welcome you back) Thank you for giving us non-Alaskans your perspective and experience. Please keep helping us as you see fit and take good care.

Thank you!

KaJo said...

The UK Guardian is sometimes brutally straightforward in its honesty. I think they did a pretty good job of evaluating the Oprah-Palin interview and peeking behind the Palin curtain.

Makes no difference to the Palinbots, of course.

Hm. I wonder if folks overseas could help keep Palin from becoming more of a political force than she already is by letting her know what they think of her if she ventures to use that brand-new visa.

But I'll bet she never gives them the chance. Think strictly limited access, vetted and security checked ticket holders, no media except for pro-Palin leaks...same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

Palin let out in today's interview that she has been influencing Bristol regarding how Tripp should be raised, concerning Levi. She will have to be part of a custody/visitation agreement. The courts didn't smile on her during the Wooten divorce, equating disparagement as child abuse.

Ivyfree said...

Anonymous@ 23:20:"Palin just called Levi out and basically dared him to spill. He said if she keeps talking trash about him he would tell what he knows! She did and threw it back in his face."

Nope, Levi set her up. He said he'd take court action to get access to his son, and that he has information on Sarah that would take her down. A normal person would have folded- heck, a normal person wouldn't have been so nasty about her daughter's babydaddy in the first place, it was stupid, but then she is. Between them, Rex, Tank and Levi have set Sarah up to respond just as they bet she would. She's trashed Levi in public, on national television, and now he can't be blamed for responding as he likes... which may be in a courtroom, in an all-American four-star custody fight.

A discreet family would work out visitation for themselves; if it went into a courtroom, a discreet family would keep it low-key. Sarah's the opposite of discreet and she's confrontational and opposing Levi- he's going to wind up in a courtroom, under oath, explaining his concerns, and Sarah's going to have to answer.

In a courtroom.

Under oath.

I'm betting that Rex can outthink Sarah Palin. And I'm betting that she's not smart enough to keep her mouth shut.

I need to go now. I need to go pick up some popcorn.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 22:51 and 22:52 and Barb~~

I believe you both (and I'm on record as having not believed that baloney last weekend).

I know you speak the truth about the corruption there. I've seen a small fraction of it-- it survives and thrives in isolated, small communities who don't trust outsiders.

You play by the rules OR ELSE.

I have spoken with Patrick et al here and they have respected my anonymity. You can trust them.

Please don't write any more that can ID you here. Write privately to Regina, Patrick and Kathleen (who is the only person I've not contacted personally here for no reason other than it hasn't come up).


Send what you know to someone else (one of us) and we can come out with it and leave you out of it. Names, pictures, relationships, secrets, trails, etc-- that info can be a lot more helpful than you may think.

Thanks for your courage. I have to believe this will all turn out - but lady justice does take her time.

Barb Dwyer said...

From the email exchange between Pat Dougherty and Palin:

SP:I will no longer continue to try to prove that Trig is my son. . . unless you offer to pay for a DNA test that can finally kill the most asinine story I have ever been asked to comment on. (I'm only half-joking!)

PD: We have no further interest (unless you really want us to help out with a DNA test; that would be too sensational to pass up).


Pat has gone out of his way to give her every opportunity to clear this up. By cleverly releasing these emails he's also gone out of his way to tell us all what he really knows.

Reesie said...

Barb Dwyer is back and please do not chase her away again. Thanks.

Welcome back Barb.

nswfm CA said...

I believe Anon @ 22:51 and 22:52 AND I believe Barb Dwyer (welcome back!).
Do to her own hubris and sick need for the spotlight, Palin is bringing herself down - the media is broadcasting her lies and her affiliation with the teabaggers.
The end is near.

ella, from your lips to dogs ears.

I welcome the truth tellers above as well.

Anonymous said...

K, I'm not even into this kinda thing but damn! Levi looks HOT! Smokin'!!!

He's got that sweet sexy thing going on....bad boy, sweet boy/ala Brad Pitt.


OK, back to business: Barb, I agree with you re Pat D publishing those emails.

That was a very strong statement for someone who fears the wrath of the petty quitter.

AHA-- who takes their pictures? Is this the one in CA? Can someone give a location? Thank you.

Kristen said...

Thank you anon 22:51 and Barb - glad to see you back here!

Anonymous said...

I still think her comment about thinking the Pres. of France called her for a chat while drunk
was beyond pale

That is incredibly disrespectful.. but she just rattled that off to make her ditzy conversation seem all his fault.

I actually believe she did think he was drunk and calling her.
She was so giddy and giggly... I bet she thought

"Oh my God, that hunk with the gorgeous wife is so smitten by me that he just HAD to call me.
He probably was so nervous he threw a few back because he was going to be able to talk to me!"

Fine.. let her sick mind think that

But to admit she thought he was just drunk.. that a President

(and France is a pretty important country in regards to us)

would actually call her .. or anyone... DRUNK!

She is such a goof ball.

I can see her as a leader one day (please lawd no) .. and trying to do the whole international meetings thing that Pres. Obama did.

Upon meeting him... he will look at her like.. You fool, you thought I would want to call you for a little chit chat? And would actually say those asinine things? And that I was toasted?
Woman you are off your rocker...

She lost all respect with him.. does she ever think before she spouts?

Anonymous said...

@23:31~~~ DOJ has recently hired an assistant U.S. attorney for a new office they're opening in Juneau. She is working out of the Juneau FBI office until the new office is ready.

Things are looking up!

Many thanks to all the brave ones who have persevered through so much darkness.

Anonymous said...

Is the girl who wasn't Bristol at the AHA event by any chance the girl who looked like Bristol but wasn't Bristol who stood to the left of Palin at her resignation speech?

Also, if she billed the state for Bristol's travel but it wasn't Bristol, that could be a clear cut violation. Yeah, I know-- no one seems to care about her violations.

But still. That's fraud. Knowing and willful fraud.

Anonymous said...

The Heart Association luncheon in Fairbanks, february 2008, is an event that we have been investigating for a very long time. It has been extremely difficult to get official information regarding that event.

If anyone has photographs of this event, especially if they include Palin and the three girls, please, please send them to Patrick.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's crowing (or whining) again on Facebook about 1 million fans, who have get their information "unfiltered." As if! It's soviet-style pronouncements, with no questions or discussion allowed. None!
Seems rather dictatorial to me. Anyway, 1 million is about 1/3 of 1% of Facebook users, not to mention that a lot of them may be doing "opposition research." Rush Limbaugh may have more listeners than she has Facebook fans.

It could be too, that she's made two posts since the Newsweek whine to push that mistake down the page.

Anonymous said...

Lol... It seems you guys are still banging your heads against the same brick wall. Thats gotta hurt after all this time.

Need a tylenol? Or maybe a new hobby?

Palin has so got you beat.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought the reason Sarah paid back travel money for her kids was because she took nieces in lieu of her own daughters and was exposed to potential fraud charges.

The picture at the Philly zoo has never looked like Bristol to me.

Was Sarah taking her nieces on vacations with the State of Alaska paying?

wayofpeace said...

this is TOO delicious, just think: if OPRAH does LEVY asap, he will actually take the media's attention from the WITCH of WASILLA.

specially if he tells his tales, or at least just enough to tease us and a book contract.

it will also help O clean the sour taste in her mouth for going soft with this vile woman.

Simba said...

Welcome Back Barb!

Please be safe!

Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews calls $P "daffy" in her BW interview. His guest started talking about "delusional."

Anonymous said...

When gushing fan Ziegler writes that Sarah has a ridiculously good memory, I guess he didn't get the news flash that Sarah had to call her father to ask the score of some basketball game. Whether they won or lost by ten or twenty points, who cares. Her father's lesson was to never quit, and she was absent that day.

Anonymous said...

OMG! There is a bible verse about praying clothed, and she prayed in the shower with a televangelist?

Anonymous said...

In the end, the lies exposed here (and some other great blogs) will open the path to an equal vital exposure. Who attempted to plant Palin a heartbeat from the Oval Office and WHAT did they think they would get for it? That's the big-time corruption bubbling below the radar for now.

Scares me!

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth Smetzer covered it this year....still trying to find last year. The News Miner had people there this year. Hmmm...all scrubbed from year before. ODD>

Anonymous said...

One of Chris Matthew's guests today is Michael Smerconish, who favors the Republican side of things. He was greatly disappointed in Sarah's Book. Besides all of the "getting even" and settling old scores, Michael thought that she would have advanced her cause if she had studied policy and written thoughtful positions on political thought instead of the trivial stuff that she put out.

CC said...

My feelings, exactly, Anon@ 00:48 ... there are some powerful/rich people behind all this. I mean, do you think she could do this on her own? Nah... rocks are smarter.

Makes it even more frightening...sadly

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:51 and 22:51 - I think you are right Pat knows but the state gives them $$!
Last Oct there was a blogger "cajun Boy" who said he had a source, and later confirmed it was someone who worked at the ADN, I think maybe Lisa,anyway he swore up and down his source "had the goods" to take Scarah down...and at the last min. the person backed out and left cajun boy holding the bag. :(
Man that is some bumpit on that picture!!! It looks beyond ridiculous!
Levi is lookin' good, TEAM LEVI!

Anonymous said...

"The luncheon took place before Palin's husband, Todd, finished fourth in the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, also in Fairbanks. The family greeted him at the finish line.

When Palin showed up at the luncheon with not just Piper but also Willow and Bristol, organizers had to scramble to make room at the main table, said Janet Bartels, who set up the event."

so do we have pictures of the Iron Dog race?

Anonymous said...

On the girls at the heart association luncheon: remember that Palin has a habit of using one of her nieces to fill in for Bristol or Willow on an as-needed basis. One good first step would be to collect instances of that practice (e.g., I seem to recall a commercial where SP took that approach, and didn't the niece fill in for Bristol on the occasion of the quitter speech?)

Anonymous said...

Mean Oct '08.

Anonymous said...

that picture of her in the long red snow/tundra coat is from iron dog 2008. can't find a picture of the kids there.

Anonymous said...

Eat your heart out, scarah!
LEVI IS HOT! Show me more!

Anonymous said...

@CC 00:51

A lot of this Main Stream Media hoopla about fact checking the book is camoflage for not fact checking the candidate (and the king makers behind her) IMHO.

Anonymous said...

video of the Iron Dog 2008 shows Sarah with Piper...I can't see the other two - does anyone else?


CC said...

Bingo!! Anon@ 01:00

Anonymous said...

Nope- there are TWO daughters hugging the parents at the end of the race and no Bristol...or no third.

Anonymous said...

lots of Iron dog photos/ video still available @ palin deceptions

EyeOnYou said...

Sarah, in her interview with Rush Limpdick, explains what her book is about and who she is trying to reach and why:

RUSH: And we're back. Our remaining moments with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, starting her book tour today. Let's talk about your book tour, your career in general, Governor Palin. Who are you trying to reach, and for what purpose, with the book and your book tour? What's your goal here?

GOV. PALIN: I'm not trying to reach the liberal elites in this country, and it's a good thing I'm not trying to, because I'm not succeeding there. Just everyday, hardworking Americans who want government back on their side and I want to help them have their voice be heard. And the book is all about that, and the book is about my record and my accomplishments as a mayor and as a governor that kind of lay the foundation for Americans to see where it was that I was and how I got to where I am. It was just a lot of hard work and it was a lot of very commonsense measures that I undertook politically and practically speaking, and the book is about that, and hopefully people will read it and enjoy it and learn something from it.

Sarah Does Rush

The whole interview is just more of the same with her, she gives no real answers, like usual, just the same old talking points that she has memorized along the way. She continues to prove she doesn't have answers for anything, can't speak in any way like her facebook posts imply (which we know already are written by someone else).

Those who love her will allow her to get away with this fraud as long as they can. While they are absolutely allowed and encouraged to believe in her, this entire package of selling her as someone who has some substance cannot be allowed to continue. If they wish to worship at her feet, let them, but let us not allow them to attempt to fool others with that line of crap.

sandra said...

Was this irondog the video where Willow motioned to someone to join them at the finish line?

Anonymous said...

yeah. And who is that someone? Niece? Not pregnant --er--mono staying home Bristol?

Why did the state pay for Bristol to take mono to the AHA luncheon anyway?

that doesn't seem very safe.

Anonymous said...

I may not have the time line correct here but I think Bristol had appeared in traffic court in Jan. so the appearance of Bristol at the AHA luncheon isn't as of much interest as the state of the good Gov.'s physical outline at the luncheon. With luck she was not wearing the heavy outdoor garments that appear at the Iron dog.

But, I'm not an expert on this, of course.

Anonymous said...

"For the record, I don’t believe Sarah Palin will ever hold national office. She inspires many right-wing activists and enchants some members of the conservative news media, but the independents and moderates decisive to any presidential bid won’t send her to Washington with “quitter” on her résumé. Still, she’s likely to remain in the limelight for years to come."

In the Wilderness, a New Frontier

NakedTruth said...

We have a hungry anonymous troll above. He's going to starve to death because no one here is interested in feeding him. LOL!

Yea, I remember our discussion about the AHA Luncheon on PD. It is very strange that there are no pictures available for the luncheon in 2008 but for every other year. They are definitely trying to hide something. Also keep in mind that we never saw any pictures of Bristol at the 2008 Iron Dog. There was a young girl in those photos that matched the description that our Alaska Anonymous gave us above. Most of us at that time agreed that it wasn't Bristol but probably a cousin or friend - The same cousin or friend that was at the zoo with Sarah and at the Sarah commercial taping. She looks enough like Bristol to fool most people.

The only known outing of Sarah and Bristol without Piper or Willow or Todd was the trip to NY in October 2007. We know that Bristol took this trip with Sarah to attend a Women's conference that lasted only 5 hours but they stayed for 5 days and 4 nights. On one of those days Bristol went to a MTV event wearing an odd outfit for a 16/17 year old and looking rather round in the middle. My thought is that Sarah and Bristol took this trip without the rest of the family because they needed to take care of some very important personal things - like getting Bristol an abortion or getting her to a doctor out of state. I really believe that Todd did not know about Bristol's pregnancy at this time. Just like Sarah states she did wait to tell Todd.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said I am 'no more believable than BlueTx'...it's certainly your prerogative to think so. I am not willing to risk my family's safety to make you happy- sorry.

Patrick...I will think about emailing you. I know you must have a huge target on your back by now, so it makes me a little nervous. Plus, I really do think I have put forth anything of value in my above statements. But, I will think about it, I promise.

Barb, thank you so much for your validation!! I admire you do much for your boldness and daring. Here you are using your name, hiding nothing, and here I am...being anonymous and surfing with a proxy! I hope one day to employ the dame bravery you do...perhaps when my children are older.

Thanks to all for support. You don't know how many people in Alaska want to bring all things hidden to light and enforce accountability! I know it sounds over dramatized to keep talking about the corruption...but it really is one of those things you cannot grasp without personal knowledge of it. A few years ago I reported a police officer fir using a racial epithet in front of passersby while leaning against his cruiser, waiting for someone. The next week I was stopped for "speeding". When I exclaimed that I had only been going thirty-seven miles per hour, he smirked, pulled out his ticket pad, and said "3-7? Nooo, looked more like 7-3 from where I was sitting". I got a huge ticket, challenged it, lost, and wound up paying almost five hundred dollars.

I know that sounds like a small thing but that is exactly my point; what retaliatory punishments might someone face for rocking the boat in a BIG way?

I don't know if the girl with Sarah at the AHA lunch was the same girl from the zoo photo or others mentioned. At the time, I wasn't aware I needed to pay such special attention-I was mostly focused on the chance to get a new outfit and then hit the dessert table as many times as possible without looking too obvious! It was only after Trig's "birth" in April and subsequent rumors about when and to whom he'd ACTUALLY been born that I realized the girl with Saraj that day wasn't Bristol. When the photos from that event DO come out, I do not think I am the only one who will be surprised that Sarah thought she could pass this girl off as Bristol. The long dark hair was really the only thing the two girls had in common.

I will see about commenting more...always worried I will slip up and accidentally give myself away! But even if I choose not to comment any further, please know that this group of people has some of the most intelligent and lovely people I've ever seen. I think people like Barb and myself have to take a certain amount of hope from all of you...your refusal to give up and tenacity in the face of unimaginable corruption and adversity, your continued shouting in the midst of the ones trying to silence you...gives us hope that this cold, compromised state we reside in will not ALWAYS be this way. One day we will have honest leaders and nary a fear of speaking our minds. What a great day that will be, when Alasks really IS the place Sarah would like you to believe it is, rather than the cheerless gray den of corruption she turned it in to.

Anonymous said...

Throughout history, millions of people have hunted, killed and skinned a wild animal for food. Why should we elect Sarah Palin for doing what so many others have done?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the typo's in my above post...I was in a hurry.

CC said...

Anon @ 01:26...

Your honesty is breathtaking and we understand how dangerous this is for you. Post what you are comfortable with, we really do appreciate it. Most of the people on this blog are smart AND caring. And if you choose not to post again, I understand and am grateful for all you've provided, thus far. Be safe and have a lovely evening...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some people in Fbks. went to the Luncheon, but do not keep up with blogs. Maybe you can put an ad in the Newsminer classifieds or on Craigs List in the rant and raves section. Make up some reason you are collecting photos.

Anonymous said...

there was a guy mercer here coupla days ago with lots of pics but was drven off as a troll becuz altho he is agaist palin he discourages babygate investigation..

Lisabeth said...

Anon 1:26, it's really terrible to live in fear like that!! I can't imagine it but I think we all can empathize more reading your notes. Thank you for that.

You've just taken your first step towards fighting the corruption and that's great. I hope you can tell us more.
I would be curious about the rumour. Can you share what most people think about Trig? Is the rumour Bristol is the mother.

If it makes you uncomforable or unsafe, then please don't share. You've already told us a lot! Tripp and Trigs birthdays are not accurate? Hmmmm

I feel like you do about Palin and if by some chance (ahhhh!) she ends up anywhere near DC, I'm leaving! There are lots of other places to live.
Thanks and be safe.

Barb Dwyer said...

anon 1:26

I really do hope you decide to contact Patrick. He knows what he's doing, he's definitely trustworthy and he is safe. You are not alone up here and more and more people are joining the cause everyday. There's power and knowledge in numbers, to which we will bring her down.

She's committed crimes against this state and she's committed crimes against it's citizens. She can throw up all the smokescreens she wants but her power and control over the final outcome dimishes daily. Babygate is only one of her problems. She has a whole lot to answer for up here. Once that river starts flowing, there will be nothing she can do to stop it.

I think you would be surprised how many people are working up here behind the scenes, to make absolutely sure she is exposed, and ultimately held accountable for her actions.

CC said...

Barb, you give me hope. Hope it comes to pass ... and soon!

Thanks to both of you ...

(and, R P K, of course :-)

Anonymous said...

Oprah is following ScarahPlainUSA's twitters!


FEDUP!!! said...

Anon @17 November 2009 23:28 : Been there, done that - and never got an answer!

If there is any email address out there for the AHA, I would appreciate to have it and try again. (I used one I found on their website last year)

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the Anchorage Craigs List Rants and Raves because I used to live in Alaska and was curious to what the comments were, anyway way back before Palin announced her pregnancy there were rumors on there about the Gov. daughter, Bristol being pregnant. If I had only known>>

Patrick said...

Anon 01:52

No, unfortunately not true.

It's the other way round.

ScarahPlain is following Oprah! ;-)

Dianne said...

anon 1:26 - having addressed you earlier, please contact Patrick or Regina. I personally can verify their confidentiality. Please, do it. You will be safe with them.

Anonymous said...

anon@ 01:26, thank you for your courage in posting! Barb too :D
I recently visited Wasilla and everyone here in cali was acting like I was going to Mexico! My Son said "mom do I have to get a defense fund for you?" My MIL " I hope the CIA won't be following you" its well known how corrupt it is up "THERE".
And my visit had absolutely nothing to do with queen quitter except I was in the same city!
So everyone who speaks out even Anon gives hope, Where there is Truth there is hope!
She cannot play the all "powerful OZ" forever. Once her illegal shenanigans come to light I hope they will throw her in Prison and throw away the key.
I believe the end it near for her :D
Right now Keith Obermann is getting ready to gut her "She has shot off her big mouth again"...Love it :D

Archivist said...

This comments section sometimes moves fast, so I am re-posting these 2 links to the ADN's Editor's blog, from 2 days in January, when he released emails between he and Palin. I posted them yesterday too, but some people might have missed them.

I suggest those of you who care make offline copies, in case the archives 'disappear' at some point.

Just saying.



If there is more, somewhere, I would appreciate links.

Archivist said...

This comments section sometimes moves fast, so I am re-posting these 2 links to the ADN's Editor's blog, from 2 days in January, when he released emails between he and Palin. I posted them yesterday too, but some people might have missed them.

I suggest those of you who care make offline copies, in case the archives 'disappear' at some point.

Just saying.



If there is more, somewhere, I would appreciate links.

Anonymous said...

I see that someone has been visiting the blarny stone again.

Pat Dougherty is a big boy and would never put himself in the position as described above by anon @ 22:51.

What Anon @ 22:51 has written is a complete fabrication is simply is not true.

Do you really think that Pat Dougherty would be the only person privy to this kind of information at the ADN, besides Lisa Demer ?

It's been widely known for quite some time about Sarah Palin's first miscarriage, it's just not something that most people go blogging about on the internet.

The Wild Ride is altogether another story, and in time the truth will come out.

Patrick said...

Anon 01:26

I have a huge target on my back? That's not what I like to hear! ;-)

I am not worried. The lifeline on my hand is pretty long. ;;--))

Rule number one: If you get scared, you have already lost.

There were once people in history who stood up against another "insane politician" and knew that their discovery would mean certain death.


What we are doing here is not even remotely close. Once Sarah Palin is exposed, she will just spontaneously combust, and everyone will ask: THAT was what we were afraid of?

We guarantee absolute confidentiality for our sources. You also don't necessarily have to disclose your real identity. Therefore, don't be afraid to get in touch. It would certainly be very beneficial to get in contact!

wayofpeace said...

on KEITH, CBS latest poll:

66% of americans DO NOT want SCARAH to run for POTUS

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Andrew Sullivan is on fire today! Almost all of his posts today are about Palin. And he's not going to quit:

"I'm in this till it's over and I get some answers - not because of Palin, but because of what Palin has revealed about the sick state of the American media and political elite."


And Keith Olbermann just gave Sullivan a shout out - lol!

Patrick said...


Sounds pretty good!

But I fear that we can only wrap it up and "go home" with a good conscience if that figure climbs up to about 80% or so....

wayofpeace said...

and 24% DO!

Anonymous said...

I've lost confidence in Chuck Heath. I would like to see an investigation of his life.

Marcy said...

For Anon. @ 21:43 and anyone else who is looking for the latest tabloid mush: the paper I found today is the National Examiner, not Enquirer. I've read that the same company owns both papers, but I don't see that in the tiny print.

The article about the Palins is in the middle of the paper. Four stale photos plus a shot of the book. Nothing new or substantial in the text. Unless we care that these people claim the Palins' estate is worth $5 million. I'm wondering if this is a trial balloon for the 'real' article, to come out in the Enquirer? Anyway, if you see it on the racks, save your money. grammy

Reesie said...

Keith Olbermann just gutted Ms. Palin. I hope he guts her until he can't gut her anymore.

wayofpeace said...

oh, i know, PATRICK. i don't take THAT much comfort on those numbers: i know my history.

the WISHY-WASHY can turn on a dime, specially in HARD TIMES.

all it took was for the GREAT DEPRESSION to hit germany to derail the progressive and well-governed WEIMAR REPUBLIC. and SADLY we KNOW the rest of the story.

Anonymous said...

0:33, here is the zoo pic:


I do think that the girl on the far left is Bristol. The one in the middle could be Willow, but looks too tall. This was July 2008.

Anonymous said...

Sarah (not that sarah)'s got one up about Palin's book "Going Rogue: the fallout"


"Palin’s book. Sigh. Must we? I suppose we must (mentally kicking John McCain AGAIN!) Well, I started by compiling the growing list of untruths and flat out fiction, and what some are now calling “libel” …but the list is literally so long, it won’t fit even within the bounds of my rather lengthy articles. And frankly, I can only stomach so much. The lies are so petty, so empirically false, so blatant, so Orwellian, so juvenile, so transparent…It’s hard not to get lost in the Crazy."


wayofpeace said...

PATRICK, thanks for bringing up the WHITE ROSE heroes.

i found out about them at the HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in DC several years ago. i read a book and watched the movie about them: one of the best stories to come out of that HELL.

i recommend you all to check them out.

Anonymous said...

Barb- I heart you :)

Lisabeth, as far as I can tell, most everyone knows or believes that Sarah did not give birth. We all remember when Piper was born and Sarah was very, very large. She was petite in her face and extremeties, but it looked like she was hiding a basketball under her shirt- and that was only in the fourth or fifth month! We all have common sense, and we know the probability of watching Sarah go through four pregnancies during which she displayed the "olive on a toothpick" physique common to most petite women who get pregnant...and then one in which ZERO physical evidence of pregnancy is displayed. We also wondered where on earth she was receiveing the pre and post natal care that would have been requisite in an advanced age special needs pregnancy and delivery? Most women in the valley who have kids in school now bumped into Sarah during one of our pre or post natal check ups or well baby checkups. NSTs would have been done after 30-32 weeks with all of the risk factors...where did she go for those? Where did she get her bililights for Trig's supposed jaundice? Where did Sarah buy or rent parts/service for the breastpump she spoke of using ALL the time?

Basically, the concensus here is that if Sarah was pregnant with and gave birth to Trig... SOMEONE, somewhere (someone not bound by medical confidentiality) would have witnessed one of the circumstances described above.

And, I hate to say this, I truly do. But...Bristol had kind of a "reputation" for acting out sexually, seeing more than one boy at a time, that kind of thing. That combined with her leaving school where she was VERY well liked by students and staff alike...

Let's just reiterate what I said about anyone with common sense coming to the same conclusion. We all thought it was just to cover for your typical family embarassment. Once the veepstakes went into high gear and Trig started his career as Choice Political Prop...I think most people here realized there could be something much more sinister here than covering family embarassment.

Wow, obviously I never should have started commenting...I opened a floodgate!

I really do hope the AHA info is useful. I described the clothing that "not Bristol" was wearing because I hoped someone would recognize the clothing as something that might have been worn at another event, one where there IS accessible photos...and that person can say "look here, so and so is wearing that same top" thus helping identify who Not Bristol is.

As far as how Pat knows the truth about Trig...however he came by the knowledge, he now has NO doubt about Sarah having not birthed him. I cannot say with certainty that he knows who DID give birth to Trig...but he knows with absolute, factual certainty that Sarah did NOT give birth to Trig. The knowledge is so concrete to him that he fears his entire reputation and paper could be obliterated in one fell swoop if it comes out that he knew...so if we could discern what steps HE might have taken to investigate, we might well find this cause advanced substantially.

Thanks to everyone who has put so much of their precious time and effort toward this cause. I believe the time sacrificed now will pay off in the end, as we are taking vital steps to protect our children and our childrens' children from the kind of archaic, misogynistic world that would be a Sarah Palin presidency.

Anonymous said...

PG got a shout out at politucusa for photo!

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon@ 2:19

"It's been widely known for quite some time about Sarah Palin's first miscarriage, it's just not something that most people go blogging about on the internet."

Or Dr CBJ would put on Palin's medical record.

Why are been so harsh to anew contributor?

PepperzMom (GA) said...

Tried to leave a message over at http://www.oprah.com, but after finally finding the contact us link at the very bottom of the page, you have to give your name/rank/serial number (name/addy/etc), I declined to send an e-mail to Oprah.

What was I going to say YESTERDAY?

* * * * * * * * *
I’ve questioned some of the guest choices you’ve made in the past yet still watched when a topic looked interesting, but after watching today’s drivel, I can safely say “Goodbye to You”.

Your failure to actually conduct an INTERVIEW where you directed the interaction was a bad decision on your part. I don’t care that there was a “product” to be pushed by the guest. The fact remains, the GUEST doesn’t decide what to talk about – the host does.

Witness Larry King last week, just after you taped your celebrity-gushing opus, when Carrie Prejean jumped ship because she no longer had control of what was going to happen.

Where’s your cojones? It went bye-bye in the light of your inflated ego of making sure you had a show to air. After all, can’t have a big blitz of bad publicity for you that you “done her wrong” if she walked off (”gee, you made your guest mad/sad, bad, bad, Oprah"). But then again, maybe the thought that HarperCollins would hold you responsible for scaring your guest so badly, she’d refuse to continue the publicity tour she had scheduled.

So, farewell, Oprah. Your show is off my schedule until such a time as you appear as an interviewee on all major networks and spill the beans about why your mistaken sense of “the show must go on” means more than actually interviewing a guest.

Guess that means, as the raven once was quoted, “nevermore” will I see your show.

* * * * * * * *
If someone does decide to go and leave a message & wants to use part/all of this, I say – OK, do it.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace gave a statement exclusively to Rachel, will be discussed this hour.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin took no notes of her conversations with her staff. She did not verify (fact check) her story with her staff. Let the libel/slander suits begin. (that's my scoop of Rachel/Nicolle)

Mona said...

Yeowsa! Bristol has good taste in men.... unlike her mother.

I'd do Levi. You betcha!

Anonymous said...

anyone got bittorrent or rapidshare? hook it up, yo

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:19,

Your calling my statements about Pat "fabrication"...are total bullcrap and if you have even the tiniest remote SHRED of actual knowledge, then you know that:

Pat was blindly devoted to Sarah for the financial benefits he reaped, among other reasons.

He set out to completely DISPROVE the rumors about Sarah not being Trig's biological parent.

In attempting to do so, he uncovered or was given information that showed unequivocal evidence that Sarah did NOT give birth to Trig.

After the glaringly partisan manner in which his publication gave unprecedented and imbalanced coverage, Pat justifiably feared for the reputation of his paper.

In a desperate hope that said evidence was fabricated or somehow misleading, Pat literally BEGGED Sarah to assist him in proving that she gave birth to Trig. She resisted every chance until she finally shut down Pat's quest for proof altogether.

Pat has consulted attorneys and an "image consultant" to see if and how his and the paper's culpability could be lessened.

And THAT is as "fabricated" as the statement "Sarah Palin is unfit to lead a parade much less a state or nation".

In other words- not at ALL.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Frank Schaffer (sp) was just on Rachel. Please watch, they are selling products with Bible verses indicating that PO be removed and another put in office, his children fatherless and wife a widow. There were teddy bears, T-shirts, the list goes on. Frank asked that we pray for the safety of PO and stand up for him. He mentioned Timothy McVay said its not funny anymore. Called them the American Taliban. MUST SEE So shocked, I know I didn't explain accurately.

Anonymous said...

O/T, I apologise in advance.

WoP (fellow Scarpa-ite)

I follow this blog. Talk to you soon, I hope

mxm said...

Anon 1:26 and Barb,

Along with so many others I would like to thank you for stepping forward. Welcome back Barb, it is good to hear from you again. Your courage and insights give me faith that with time, this chapter will be concluded and America and Alaska will be better off.

wv: plogate ---- what the heck is coming next, a plo is what exactly

Anonymous said...

{{{{{{Barb}}}}} Elated to see you comment here again!

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:26, I join the others in hoping that you contact Patrick. I just watched Rachel Maddow's show, and one segment was devoted to a rabid right wing group that is using a biblical verse to advocate killing Barack Obama. Sarah Palin stirs these people up. She raised the threat level against candidate Obama to much higher levels during the campaign. People in her crowds screamed, "Kill Him!"

It does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, Liberal, Independent or Conservative. We honor the rule of law and the US constitution. These people really want to see blood run in the streets. (Rachel's words, not mine).

If you have any information that will limit Sarah's power and influence with this group, you will be doing a service for your country. The group will continue, but she energizes them, raises money for them and brings people to their cause. If you have the power to restrict this activity, then I say, "Do it for your country."

If you are afraid of being detected via email, please go to an internet cafe. Wear a baseball cap, sunglasses, gloves, anything that you feel will comfortably prevent people from recognizing you. (They have cameras). Wipe down the keyboard before you leave. Pay with cash. No one, not even Patrick, will know who you are. You can even travel to a nearby city if you need to hide your location. Or, if you have one trusted friend, who believes as you do, then have them go to the internet cafe in another city on your behalf.

Please, be a good citizen for all of us.

Archivist said...

IF you watch NOTHING else on TV tonight, watch the 1st half hour of Rachel Maddow's show and her segment with Frank Schaeffer; it's powerful stuff .... and when the video of this segment is out, please pass it around as much as you can!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to get info out without being traced can send it to one of us who can send it to R,P, K or open an email account at yahoo and use it from the local library or internet cafe. or tell the info to s friend in another city/state who can then send it on.

That account of how Pat found out sounds about exactly right. I figured that from the emails. He sounded pretty desperate to get her to help him prove her right.

She got REAL testy at that point and SLAMMED him back so hard you'd have thought he threatened her.

I guess if she's lying then her behavior makes sense.

I agree that Palin is a direct threat to Obama's safety.

Not to mention all of the innocent people her followers have murdered this year in mass-shootings.

Also, if you send info to Regina, she's in another country...

She can post it and no one will be able to touch her. Palin has never been to France and would NOT be welcome there...so, that's a safe bet:-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 03:42,

I have already decided that I am going to email Patrick. Although I felt I had offered forth everything that might be if any value but I realize that he may have angles and ideas I myself have not considered.

Thank you all for encouraging me to write Patrick. I know I need to take more responsibility as a citizen of Alaska and of America. I may need to take baby steps, but thank you all for helping me take the first step- however small.

In the interest of semi-organized chaos, instead of anonymous, I will now be signing my posts as...drumroll please: Valley KW

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