Friday, 20 November 2009

Sarah Palin: "Shallow, lonely people take pot shots at my kids" - "Liberal media" apparently attacks her faith - UPDATE: Cockamamie Bullsh*t!

Every day brings us an update of crazyness from Sarah Palin. In what I would regard as one of her most disturbing interviews yet, she claims that "lonely, shallow people take pot shots at her kids". She adds that "we need to pray for these people", and also mentions "prayer warriors" helping her with protecting her kids. In addition, she claims that the liberal media attacks her because of her faith.

The clip also contains even more footage of Trig being used as a prop:

When did anyone ever take a "pot shot" at her kids?

So what would a prayer for her opponents look like? Hopefully not like the "Obama Psalm 109:8 prayer" which has become fashionable of late...

The only reason that her kids have became well-known in public is because Sarah drags them out there at every given opportunity. She uses them as a shield, as seen on Barbara Walters recently.

Sarah Palin seems unaffected by the criticism that her "book of lies" has drawn. But then, this is not surprising as Sarah Palin most likely has a narcissistic personality disorder, which would explain her irrational and self-destructive behaviour.

It is interesting to see that in this interview, Palin also takes a succinct "passive-aggressive" stance.

About passive-aggressive people:

Blaming: They are never responsible for their actions. If you aren't to blame then it is something that happened at work, the traffic on the way home or the slow clerk at the convenience store. The passive aggressive has no faults, it is everyone around him/her who has faults and they must be punished for those faults.

Victimization: The passive aggressive feels they are treated unfairly. If you get upset because he or she is constantly late, they take offense because; in their mind, it was someone else's fault that they were late. He/she is always the innocent victim of your unreasonable expectations, an over-bearing boss or that slow clerk at the convenience store.

So here we have woman who has included more lies in her book than most people ever get to hear in a life-time, who has faked her pregnancy and at the same time uses this child as a prop and who has all kind of other skeletons in her closet which now slowly come to light - and all she continues to do is attack other people?

This new "shallow and lonely" quote also reminds me of the fact that Sarah Palin had said in "Going Rogue" that Katie Couric had a "low self-esteem" (which Sarah Palin in the book mentions as a direct quote of Nicolle Wallace, who has stated that these conversations were fabricated) and that Sarah Palin "felt sorry" for Katie Couric.

The trainwreck will's painful to watch.



Ultra dimwit right-winger Mark Levin has interviewed Sarah Palin and put up the audio on the internet - more insanity from Sarah "the bitch" Palin. She wants the economy to "roar", how amazing is that. According to Palin, the "Obama campaign" and the "DNC" made "opposition research" in Alaska during the campaign, which is her new catchphrase. Be prepared to hear it very, very often from now on...

Apart from that, she repeats the lie that the State of Alaska had to spend "millions" of dollars because of the ethics complaints, and that she was forced to hire a private lawyer for which she had to pay, costing her $ 500,000, according to Sarah in the interview. However, it was her own choice to hire a private attorney at her own cost because the state actually pays for the defense of the governor in ethics violation charges.

As our reader EyeOnYou once stated: The reason Palin hired a private lawyer is that if she had someone in the AG’s office defend her then it would be part of the public record and disclosable under the FOIA and or the public records request. With a private attorney everything can remain confidential.


More lunacy from the "Quitter Queen", talking to another ultra dimwit right-winger: Now the "opposition researchers" wanted to "destroy her administration." It is clear that Sarah wants to run for President in 2012, she barely conceals it.



Huffington Post reports:

Yet another passage from Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" has been called into question. This time it's her account of the lawsuit against Exxon over the 1989 Valdez disaster. Alaskan experts who were involved in the case say that she's distorted her role.

"It took years for Alaska to achieve victory. As governor, I directed our attorney general to write an amicus brief in the case, and, thanks to Alaska's able attorneys arguing in front of the highest court in the land, in 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the people," Palin wrote. "Finally, Alaskans could recover some of their losses."

In fact, as Palin herself acknowledged at the time, the decision was a disappointment.

The ruling reduced punitive damages for victims from $2.5 billion to $500 million. Environmentalists and plaintiffs' lawyers decried the ruling as a slap at the victims and Palin herself said she was "extremely disappointed."

Meanwhile, one of the lawyers involved says Palin played no part in the case.

"That is the most cockamamie bullshit," said Dave Oesting of Anchorage, the lead plaintiff attorney in the private litigants' civil case against Exxon. "She didn't have a damn thing to do with it, and she didn't know what it was about."

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Irishgirl said...

I am just so sick of her. And yes, that video is very disturbing.

comeonpeople said...

Gosh how I wish Trig would get some snot or drool in her hair as she hauls him out as a prop. Better yet some vomit or a leaky diarrheal diaper on her hands and jacket. Can't you just see her reaction? She'd probably drop him on the stage in disgust.

Anonymous said...

It's important to note that a "prayer warrior" engages in imprecatory prayer, like Psalm 109. They basically pray that something bad happens to their enemies, which isn't part of mainstream Christianity's ideas of turn-the-other-cheek and forgiveness.

A whole book could be written about how Palin's "christianity" is anything but Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah let me tell you whats painful to watch.

First all this garbage speculating about Palins sanity... unless you have a medical report with a diagnosis and a prescription record you just look stupid trying to be an amatuer psychiatrist.

Shes a liar, sane people lie too. The only evidence we have of anything emotional is Levi saying Palin was depressed for a time. So what, most people go through some depression at one time or another. Doesn't make them insane.

Whats even more painful is the fact that you muddy and discredit the true evidence we have against Palin with all this babble of what ifs and made up ideas in your head.

Whats really painful to watch is the fact that this woman who has pulled the biggest fraud i have ever seen on the American people is being allowed to gain back her reputation and spread her base to more and more people.

And you know who allows it... You and Gryphen. Obviously Sullivan has admitted that he has no proof.

I would like you and Gryphen to either admit that you have no proof or let your proof loose.

Your games dont work with Palin because she will not play them with you.

Something drastic needs to happen.

The only thing that will stop this woman now is evidence that she lied about that baby. Nothing else is going to do it.

It makes me sick that you and Gryphen protect this woman, and allow her to spread her nonsense.

Mark my words the sheeple will fall for it. If she is not muzzled the people WILL fall for it. Dont be naive to think that they wont.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Palinbots have found a martyr. They're claiming a young woman interviewed by Norah O'Donnel -- the one mistaken about Sarah's original view on the bailout -- was not 18 years old. Statutory interview!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is truly scary...

I hope this ends soon, because I fear for what is to come

Anonymous said...

I disagree about the need for "proof" in thesse gates of Sarah Palin. All that is necessary is to show her inconsistent statements and point out the WTF moments engendered by her wild-ride story and the wite-out story. A miscarriage is not a medical procedure; Sarah Palin claims that a medical procedure, "abortion," was wited-out and replaced with "miscarriage," which is not a medical procedure. Remember that she states that this occurred in a box used to describe the procedure undergone by the patient.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, she just continues to get away with anything doesnt she. How does this happen? How do people let her get away with this.

CR46 said...

It is becoming more disgusting everytime I see Trig without his glasses and earing aides with those he cannot interact with or communicate with the world around him. The rate of learning declines as children get older. Trig (even for a DS child) is far behind where he should be, no wonder if his parents are'nt providing him with SIGHT and SOUND. I am so disgusted that her adoring fans aren't outraged. It is becoming very late ...Trig may now not ever be able to in independent. If they are not working with him on his development he should be removed from that home and placed in a medically fragile foster care, where they will help him.

Anonymous said...

Every word you say is true, and every day of this All-Sarah-All-the-Time book tour/pre-campaign propagandized media blitz is torture. Watching her use Trig again as a prop nauseates me. Hearing her use her "dog whistle" code words reminding those who know anything to keep silent... But you, and I, and Andrew Sullivan, and any other sane person following this trainwreck are just wasting their breath--we just keep talking about how terrible Sarah is. She IS terrible! IN EVERY WAY! Just constantly rehashing this is a waste of time. When will she be exposed? With this "book tour" looking more and more like an early presidential campaign testing of the waters, this seems to be as good a time as any.

Anonymous said...

There is a need for proof!!! People believe her, the general public is not going to believe the opinion of bloggers over Palin herself. Especially when she is always out there to "set the record straight"

I need to vomit

When someone is caught they usually admit it or hide. Palin is out there in your face saying thats not true. That is the usual response for someone who is telling the truth. The fact that she is a liar is all the more scary. People will buy her side of the story because she screams it the loudest

Anonymous said...

Its not going to happen is it? No one is going to knock this woman off that stage.


Anonymous said...

In Noblesville, IN, Sarah Palin is signing books in the religion section of the store (she's so proud of that that it's on her Facebook page). At another stop, I read, somewhere, she was signing books in the mystery section.

Anonymous said...

If this doesnt end soon Palin is going to run for President. If this country is not out of the hole by then, she could win. You think its impossible? Its not.

Anonymous said...

The general public doesn't have any confidence in Sarah Palin. Depending on the poll, as many as 70% think she's unqualified to be President.

Patrick said...

Anon 15:23

We are "protecting this woman"?

Are you out of your mind?

Do you think we are happy about the fact that the exposure of her scandals takes a long time?

No, we are not. But if we don't do it properly, we wouldn't achieve anything. It's very easy to say that we should put everything out there what we have.

Don't forget that NOBODY in the MSM helps us. I have now stated many times that the faked pregnancy is a fact - does ANY journalist knock on our door, in light of the fact that Sarah's lawyer doesn't complain about the fact that we have made this statement? The answer is: NO.

The MSM prefers to continue to do soft ball interviews with Sarah Palin, and the fact that the Trig Truthers have never ever received a legal threat doesn't interest them.

But publish a few pages of "Going Rogue" and be amazed how quickly the General Counsel of Harper Collins writes to you!

We are doing our best, and it's not the end yet, more the opposite: It feels like a beginning! Please note that we are not responsible that corporate journalism seems to be in such a sorry state in the USA these days.

Anonymous said...

That number is beginning to change, she is a scary liar. Give her a stage and I gaurantee you that number will change.

Anonymous said...

Anon @15:23 has some valid points.

I too am tired of the taunting and the name calling, it get's old and only plays to her advantage.

She IS the Republican front runner at this point, by a get used to it.

Unless the oppo can come up with a "John Edwards Moment®", there may be no stopping her for the R nomination in 2012.

Whether she's actually electable is another story, I would like to believe that Americans are smarter than that.

Anonymous said...

No offense Patrick, but just because you say something is a fact is not nearly enough for any news source to pick it up as a fact. You will need to provide actual facts, more than just your statement.

Just because her lawyer doesnt threaten you means nothing.

Its brilliant that her lawyer doesnt threaten you. It keeps you muzzled and in your corner. If I was Palin I would ignore you too. Its her best move regarding the bloggers. She is not stupid.

And you ARE protecting her, because you ARE keeping her secrets. That is a fact. You may not like it, and you may have your reasons, but you are doing it.

basheert said...


I totally disagree with you on pretty much everything you say.

As many others have stated, pointing out her craziness, erratic behavior and religious warrior ideology (and its ramifications for this country) and keeping it in the forefront for discussion is vital.

Yes - she is nuts. If she was not who she is, she would probably be committed to an inpatient facility by now.

What is most scary to some of us, is that this is not an intermittent thing in her life. She has no "normal" in her actions or her words. Obviously she must not be allowed to fly under the radar. As a politician (or attempting to be the "rock star beauty queen pageant loser") she should be subjected to the same intense, all consuming scrutiny as all politicians receive. She gets NO FREE PASS.

Put every word, every action, every prayer as a warrior, every radical evangelical ideological action under the biggest microscope possible.

She is a highly dangerous person. She appeals to the lowest level of individual in our society. And frankly, she is completely and totally insane (she is also one of the most intellectually STUPID individuals I have ever seen).

But she is out there - and she must and will be openly discussion and speculated about. Just like every individual who chooses to become "relevant" and who tries to gain popularity. Every word out of that collagen-enhanced mouth - every action she takes, the use of her kids as "props", her continued and unnecessary lies must be discussed.

Every fact in these blogposts has been sourced and fact checked. This of course, does NOT include people's individual comments. And the last time we looked, the country is NOT subject to censorship.

People need to know that this individual who is trying to become PRESIDENT has NO CLUE who is President of Iran. She also has no CLUE that Iraq is NOT Iran.

Put her in charge?

Sarah is quite simply too stupid and incompetent to be elected to our Presidency. Frankly I personally believe she is too stupid to be a hall monitor in a nursery school.

The fact that she is nuts (YES she is NUTS) AND stupid is something the people must and will address openly.

Anonymous said...

As much as I do not want to admit it, Watch her, she is getting better at interviews, she is discussing policy better, she is becoming coherent. Shes learning to use the media to her advantage. She could gain the upper hand here.

basheert said...

It is my fondest and most fervent dream that Sarah Palin will become the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

If not, then let her form a 3rd Party.

70% of the American public believes she is "unacceptable". And we all saw how great she did in NY-23 didn't we? Her help made all the difference.

I am not afraid of her - I want her to put herself out there, risk all she has, so she will once and for all get blown out of the water.

She will galvanize voters, against her. Her opponent will be wealthy beyond imagination.

And I also predict that everything about Sarah Palin will come out, in living, breathing and ugly color.

basheert said...


Better at discussing policy?

When she talks with Hannity? And discussed Ahmadinajad, the President of IRAQ?

Once a moron - always a moron.

She does not go on media other than FOX. Aside from her lack of intellect, she is very aware she is not capable of handling a REAL interview with an experienced and opposition reporter (and this would be required as a candidate).

She can be softballed - but she can't answer a legitimate question. Not all voters are subject to fake boobs and collagened lips. Her winky wink isn't going to get her the White House.

Candidates face questions all the time. Sarah has no answers - it's why McCain shut her up. Once she opens that mouth of hers, the HillBilly from Wasilla pops out.

Anonymous said...

She isn't getting better at policy. She had the questions from Limbaugh and Hannity before the interview. With Limbaugh her theme was "common sense," but she hasn't yet described what that means to her and will have to if she ever runs on it. With Hannity, despite having the questions in advance, she clearly didn't know the difference between Iraq and Iran, although I am sure that Iran can be seen from some places in Iraq.

When Norah O'Donnel asked her to explain her health care plan, Sarah Palin ignored the question. It was asked twice.

Anonymous said...


Real facts and a bloggers statement of a fact are two completely different things. You cant expect anyone to pick this up just based on your word.

Real facts need to be presented. Rumor and speculation are not going to cut it.

pearlygirl said...

Let's give her her own proverb (s)
Pray for Sarah: Proverbs 6:16-19

"(16)These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: (17) A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,(18) An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, (19) A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

I think that 19 really gets to the heart of the matter.

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter that she had the questions before hand. She is learning to shape her public image. I dont like it, but Im not naive enough to not see it happening. I dont have my hands over my eyes and ears pretending I see and hear no evil. I see it, and I see it growing and I can see her taking control of her message. OF course she is slipping up here and there but she is no where near as bad as when she started. She also has some big names behind her, helping her and promoting her.

This is a threat that should not be taken lightly.

Anonymous said...

OMG. ROFL about someone saying she is getting better at interviews. She looks so crazy. She spews nonsense. Even in the clip from the CBN, her hair was al weird and she spewed bizarro commentary.

She looked SOOO much better in 2008. No comparison. She is 10 years older and 10 times crazier.

Anonymous said...

Some posters are trying to get you to tip your hand today. I know you and Regina are a lot smarter than that. Thank you for all the work you do.

Anonymous said...

Well, who knew! Palin has got even lil ole me praying. I'm offering up repetitions of Psalm 109:8 practically every minute. Palin is getting all the Psalm 109:08 I can throw at her, and at her supporters. I'm really getting into this praying thing.

Are there any handy-dandy Bible verses to give that stupid bus of her's a flat tire or drive shaft wrench? The bus alone deserves its own little message from on high.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed not to hear DS support groups coming out with statements about the glasses and hearing aids for Trig.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, when people call you out on using Trig as an accessory on your hip (oh, and I think that term came from dear Bristol) they are not taking post shots at TRIG, they are criticizing YOU.

When Celtic Diva put that horrible radio host's picture in place of Trig's to show the very close relationship you have with the creepy radio guy, it was not a pot shot at Trig, it was criticism of YOU.

When people say that Bristol is the real mother of Trig, and that you faked the pregnancy, they are not taking pot shots at Bristol, they are criticizing YOU.

When people wonder about the true circumstances of Track's entry into the military, they are not taking pot shots at Track, they are accusing YOU of lying about it.

When people wonder why Piper is all made up with mascara and eye shadow and lip gloss and whatnot at the age of--what--8? 9? that is not taking pot shots at Piper, it is criticizing YOU for allowing your little girl to be on the national news all tarted up.

When ANY comedian makes any jokes about your children, trust me; they are making jokes about YOU.

YOU are the one who couldn't then and can't now see that you should have said NO THANK YOU, I'M NOT YET QUALIFIED FOR SUCH A RESPONSIBLE NATIONAL POSITION, because I really don't know anything beyond Alaska, and, barring that, you should have let your pregnant daughter stay home during your failed campaign, and you should have left your other children at home as well during the campaign, so as not to disrupt their lives so much.

YOU have the choice, Sarah Palin, to embroil your own children's lives in the media, and YOU decided to have them on the planes and on the buses and any criticism in the media and the blogs has been directed squarely at YOU for your poor judgement, and your failure to acknowledge that it was YOU who put your children in that position.

I feel so sorry for little Trig having to be carried out for YOUR BENEFIT at each of your book stops, and then put right back in the hands of someone who REALLY takes care of him.

Why isn't TODD at home taking care of your children? You said you wanted a wife, so, why didn't you leave Trig home with Todd, where he is well-loved and comfortable, has his glasses, and could be PROGRESSING in his development, rather than stuck on some bus for YOUR SOLE BENEFIT?????????

(Dear GOD she makes me sick!!!!)

Anonymous said...

... Dateline 2012 ... On the Republican Presidential primary campaign trail:

Whe have an amazing story for you, tonight. Let's go to our correspondent, Sharon, traveling with Governor Palin.

Katie, when we asked Governor Palin why she would resign, if she were elected President, she cut loose with a torrent of obscenities and knocked over our crew's recording equipment. Her aides quickly subdued her, and she was led away in a straight-jacket.


Kristan Cole hints in a Wall St. Journal article that Sarah Palin resigned because she couldn't work within the framework of Alaska's ethics laws. Those are laws that she was instrumental in passing and signed into law. She didn't even have the foresight to understand that she might be ensnared by the very laws she supported.

Anonymous said...

I think I get what Patrick's saying. Think about it -- the MSM gives Orly Taitz a platform with nothing more than some falsified birth 'documents.' She never had any facts that I ever saw.

For some reason though, Sarah is off limits, though there are thousands of people who have seen the photographs and questioned the crazy account of her last child's birth. No one in the media has even allowed anyone on to offer speculative questions surrounding Sarah's birth story, though this happens all the time, every day people are brought onto CNN, MSNBC and especially Fox News to spout off some nonsense as if it is fact (i.e. Taitz). It's like the Sarah birth story is completely off limits, though people can speculate ad nauseum about Pres. Obama not being born in this country, though he has given proof that he was.

Lynn said...

I decided to do a little reading up on prayer warriors since they seem to be big into Sarah Palin. I found a website and at first it didn't seem too weird but check out this page--if I believed this stuff, I'd be a nervous wreck with all these demons and spirits and angels and archangels and heavenly guard angels and fallen angels and on and on. Apparently you have to be very discriminatory in which angels you deal with and also dab oil on all you possessions. No wonder these people are so lost in the forest they can't see the trees. Link below

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah?

I kinda really am starting to admire young Levi Johnston; wouldn't it be GREAT if Bristol and Levi could get back together to raise their son(s)?

Wouldn't it be "cool" if they got back together and got married and were happy?

You gotta admit, Sarah, that Levi has been lookin' mighty Fine of late, and I can see how Bristol fell for him. Now YOU need to stay out of the way, because you ARE "just" the Grandma.

wes_ben said...

I wonder how Sarah and her supporters would react if people started walking around with tshirts that said:

"Pray for Sarah Palin, Psalm 109:8"

Anonymous said...

The MSM is perfectly capable of asking a woman to justify the blatant endangerment of a high-risk unborn child that Palin DOCUMENTED in her OWN book. Consider MSM's response if Obama had bragged about a flight from Illinois to Hawaii for a pre-mature daughter.

MSM is dodging and weaving like a pro avoiding the ELEPHANT in the room.

Think no one will mention the wild ride in presidential campaign? It's the biggest thing in the opposition's arsenal. It will NOT be wasted.

midnightcajun said...

Interesting article at, connecting the dots between a passage in Palin's book and comments by Mary Metalin that suggest Palin is indeed planning to run in 2012.

On page 381 of "her" book, in talking about her resignation, Sarah says, "One of the only commentators who called it right was Mary Matalin, who noted that my strategy would disarm my opponents and free me up to travel and raise money and awareness for worthy causes."

So what exactly did Matalin say? In discussing Palin's resignation and its impact on 2012, Matalin said, "Well, I think it's really brilliant ... On the substance, there's the key economic issue -- I know everyone says -- thinks it's health care, but it's really energy. And she's the queen of energy. [everybody pause here to gag]

"And the second big issue for 2012 will be the role of government. And she has a record of reform and ethics reform and making government smaller and reigning in spending [pause for gagging again]-- all those issues that are getting increasingly important as Barack Obama expands on his agenda.

"So ... she will be freed up and liberated in the way Mitt Romney is to run around and raise money and get political chips by spending it and get political capital. And she is still raising the kinds of crowds and money that she always did."

So yes, folks, she is running for president. This is about making money, yes, and about being adored; but it's also about being POTUS. That's the reason for the bus book tour that looks like a campaign tour, because it IS a campaign tour.

And those of you saying she'll never be elected: remember Ronny Reagan and W.

Anonymous said...


I wonder how Sarah and her supporters would react if people started walking around with tshirts that said:

"Pray for Sarah Palin, Psalm 109:8"

Placard is already in my car's rear window.

Anonymous said...

It's important to recognize that until Pres. Obama said, during the campaign, that family is off limits, the media was pursuing the story. The NY Times reported that McCain aides had told them that the Bristo-is-pregnant story was put out to squelch the story that Trig was not her child. Interesting that Oprah got her to admit that fact, when she had been claiming that Obama's family was off limits but not her own family. I don't think that republican candidates, in the primaries, will be as kind to her.

Forever Anonymous said...

You can see that through the thin layer of WiteOut, Someone had written C R A Z Y as the title for Sarah Palin.

wv= boardhe......borderline

Anonymous said...

At the end of her book, she says that people should just let God take over their lives. That is a complete abdication of personal responsibility, because it permits you to lie, cheat and steal in God's name. It's ironical that instead of blaming God for all her troubles, after saying that God is in charge of her life, she blames everyone but herself. Her inability to take responsibility for any of her problems will be a big issue if she runs.

Anonymous said...

I hope Palin is running. It will ruin the GOP and she will take money away from folks in the far right. She will also continue to be in the spotlight; she is already suffering from too much media exposure. Every time she appears, more of her followers are disillusioned. Start reading the pro-Palin websites to see it. She is NOT collecting new fans.

Anonymous said...

LOOK - Palin raised so much $$$ for the DNC last year that the Organizing For America (Democratic) is using her again this week:

Anonymous said...

Who is Sarah Palin's god? Does he/she/it speak incoherently? With word salad? Does she blame it on static? A bad connection?

Anonymous said...

Palin is a huge fundraising force for the DNC -

"In his book "The Audacity to Win," Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said he was shocked that Palin was such a good fundraising driver for the team.

He writes that he looked at the online fundraising numbers a few hours after Palin made her big debut at the Republican National Convention going after Obama as his only experience being a community organizer.

"I couldn't believe what I saw," Plouffe wrote.

More from the book:

"We had taken in millions of dollars in the three hours since Palin had started speaking. We hadn't even asked for most of it; we had sent out just a single unplanned fund-raising email highlighting her attacks on community organizers, but it was just starting to hit people's in-boxes as I checked the numbers. So the big response from the last three hours meant people were merely venting via contribution. Her speech might have ginned up their base, but apparently it had sent ours into orbit."
He said he thought, "I hope she keeps this up. Sarah Palin has now become our best fund-raiser."

Anonymous said...

For anyone wondering who is paying for the GOING ROGUE TOUR - it's Harper Collins, not SarahPAC.

Anonymous said...

From the WaPo article above: "Andreadis says there's a short window before bookstores stop holding signings because they gum up the busy holiday shopping period.

"That's why we are squeezing events in," Andreadis says, noting that the day's second event is in Noblesville, Ind., a town traditionally far off publishers' radar."

She is drawing 1,000+ people where she shows up. Sorry, I don't find that to be huge. I know some of you do. If she came to a big city, she would draw that many protesters.

Margot said...

Patrick and Gryphen, You guys need to have a private conversation with Andrew Sullivan. NOW!

She is gaining ground with every day that passes.

There was a big spread about her two days ago in the St. Pete Times. I immediately wrote a letter to the editor as well as a private message to the reporter asking that they call and interview me. NO CALL - WHY? The following day there was a full page color ad in the A section of the St. Pete Times. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

NakedTruth said...

My hope is that Sarah runs for the 2012 Republican Nominee. I think this is when we will find out about all of her deceptions (babygate, housegate, liegate, etc.). Other Republicans are just sitting around waiting for the right moment to let loose on her ass. As long as she is not hurting their chances for higher offices they are fine with her making money by spreading her lies. Let her run for office and watch how this changes. Other Republicans will eat her ass alive and won't feel at all bad about it. They are known to eat their own.

Regina, Bree, Patrick and Gryphen,

Keep up the good work. Ignore the naysayers, they know not what it's like to beat the devil and Sarah is the devil.

The naked truth is always chasing a well-dressed lie. But you will be amazed at how fast the truth can run with no clothes on.

Anonymous said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some good things to think about:

In a few weeks, the frenzy of the Palin tour will end. That will, hopefully, be a big let down for Sarah. She can't live very long without the adoring (unquestioning) crowds and soft interviews. She craves attention.

The only reason that Sarah appears to be giving a better interview is because this time she wrote the script, and it's a story she likes telling. (Not that stuff the mean old McCain people wanted her to say).

One indication of Sarah's mental balance is that she cannot control herself when it comes to lashing out at Levi, or anyone else on her sh*t list. Another indication of her lack of self control is that rising, shriking voice when she is talking about something emotionally charged. This is some one who cannot handle her own emotions. They rule her and drive her to make bad choices. She never thinks ahead to the consequences of her actions. Every nasty thing that she has said publicly about Levi could be used by him to show the poisonous atmosphere that his kid(s) live in, in terms of custody.

The really conservative branch of the Republican party need some one like Sarah; they have no one else. That is really good news because divided, they fall. As a third party candidate, she may be a star, but she will be unelectable.

Take heart. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we will all give thanks that the tour will be over soon. Let Sarah count her money. In the end, that's what it was all about, and that's all that she will have at the end of the bus ride.

Anonymous said...

Many of the palinbots, her believers, are being disappointed every day this book tour continues. Only those that buy the book from the store are allowed to have their book signed, and only a certain number, typically 500 or 1000, depending on how long she's going to be in the store. There are now reports from Indiana that indicate her 'bots are wise to her and not forming the "crowd" that was claimed for her first stop.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent to me that with every book signing/media exposure this woman gets, with all the screaming deluded hysterical fans, Sarah is getting more and more buzzed, more and more confident, and more and more thinking YES, the people WANT me to be President.....GOD wants me to be President.....I DESERVE to be President.....and whatever else goes into the mind of a narcissist in the height of their manic grandiosity and delusions of grandeur.

Unfortunately for all of us, she is getting confirmation of these delusions because these idiots LOVE her.

Anonymous said...

Remember also, too, and I don't want to offend anyone, but Celebrities don't show up in smaller towns that often and Americans are Celebrity-Obsessed.

I am blase I guess since I live in NYC and in my waitress days I saw lots of celebs, so not a big deal since ultimately, seeing them is not that interesting, not like they chat you up and ask you to dinner!

So, they are showing up to see a famous person.

Anonymous said...

@17:34 - you are so right. That's why she's going to small towns.

Anonymous said...

The GOP will only let her run if they see no chance to win. SHE won't care. SHE thinks God wants her to run the world. And her followers will give their last dime to her.

McCain won last time. The GOP machine decides the winner ultimately. If they don't want her, she won't win the primary.

And I don't believe she would run as anyone's VP again. But then to stay in the limelight she could accept anything but if I were the Presidential candidate, I would NOT want that crazy woman going rogue on my campaign, so who would want her?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
If you are going to stand up there and try to make all of think you are a devout Christian, then why are you not acting like one? If you were that person, this would an incredible opportunity to show the world how a devout Christian conducts themselves honorably while under intense scrutiny.

Romans 12:14-21
14 Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them. 15 Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep. 16 Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all! 17 Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. 18 Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. 19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,”says the Lord.
20 Instead,“If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads.” 21 Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.

Anonymous said...

God, in Palin's deluded mind, may want her to be President but the majority of Americans do not want her. That is a fact.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I really liked your prayer verses for sarah...

here's two I might add,too,also:
10He who winks the eye causes trouble,
And a babbling fool will be ruined.
11The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life,
But the mouth of the wicked conceals violence.

And yes we should pray for S'error
psalm 109:8 for her!
Is everyone hearing the same mantra from her? "READ MY BOOK"?
Another words, don't listen to any fact checking.... accept my lies as they were written?
Are people THAT stupid????

basheert said...

I checked with MY God and she says "NO WAY" to Sarah for President.

RE: attacking her kids

Interesting that she feels her kids are being attacked. Everything I have read seems to indicate most people are concerned at what a rotten mother she is to her kids.

If she was my daughter, I'd go after custody on the grounds she is mentally ill and an unfit parent.

Sunshine1970 said...

I just had to throw this in here. From Tina Fey:

"They made a porn movie about Sarah Palin and the same actress, Lisa Ann, played me in the porn version of 30 Rock. Weirdly, of the three of us, Lisa Ann knows the most about foreign policy."

Anonymous said...

If you are feeling frustrated with the attention that Sarah Palin is getting, Talking Points Memo has an article about an organization, a wing of the Democratic party, that is fund raising to push back against Sarah's rhetoric.

The lies that she has been spreading about such issues as health care reform are hurting the Democrats, and they are finally going to hit back.

Irishgirl said...

Sully is talking about Pat Dougherty and the email exchange between Pat and Palin.

Patrick said...

Thanks, Irishgirl,

good article by Andrew Sullivan.

basheert said...

ooooooo Pat is so not going to like that. He spends all his time covering his a*s.

Patrick said...

Great article in the Daily Beast:

Palin's Katie Couric Myths

Shushannah Walshe, co-author of "Sarah from Alaska", writes:

# That Conversation With Nicolle Wallace: Palin alludes to deep suspicions she harbored over the motivations and loyalty of her former communications adviser, Nicolle Wallace. Throughout her book, Palin blames Wallace for pushing the Couric interviews because of Wallace’s previous relationship as a CBS News contributor. Palin describes a conversation she says she had with Wallace that made her begin to “feel sorry” for Couric, writing: “Nicolle went on to explain that Katie really needed a career boost. ‘She just has such low self-esteem,’ Nicolle said. She added that Katie was going through a tough time. ‘She just feels she can’t trust anybody.’

“‘Katie wants people to like her,’ Nicolle said. ‘She wants you to like her.’”

In an on-the-record email Tuesday, Wallace disputed that the conversation Palin describes ever occurred. “It is pure fiction,” Wallace wrote. “No such discussion took place.”

# Preparation: Palin was confronted by an avalanche of information and events at the time of the Couric interviews, including meetings with world leaders during the United Nations General Assembly, preparing for her debate with Joe Biden, and sliding approval ratings at home in Alaska, coupled with the Troopergate investigation, which threatened her reputation as an ethical stalwart. But preparing for the Couric interview seemed to fall to the bottom of Palin’s list. After all, she had gotten out of the Charlie Gibson interview relatively unscathed. In Sarah from Alaska, we describe a scene that reveals how relatively unconcerned Palin was about her upcoming interview with Couric. The morning of the first sitdown, Palin gathered with close aides for a final cram session, but instead of going over questions she might be asked, the candidate was preoccupied with a questionnaire from her local newspaper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman. Palin was upset that her staff had not answered the questions sooner and given her more time to review them. “This is not how I do things,” she said. “I told you guys this week that this was a priority and it took you four days to turn it around. This is my priority.”

Dangerous said...

Andrew Sullivan caves in his post today, at least on the surface. He writes:

"the most likely fact that Trig is indeed Sarah's biological child" (Daily Dish, Palin Fact Check IV)

Most likely? I don't think so. If you weigh the evidence on that standard, it isn't even close.

In favor of SP being Trig's mother you have:
(a) she says so,
(b) one picture where she "looks" pregnant, and
(c) it hasn't been refuted yet. That's all. Nobody has unequivocally corroborated anything on that side of the ledger.

Against that point are:
(a) no corroboration, although the medical records would be copious,
(b) SP's admitted deception in "hiding" her condition,
(c) photos where she clearly does not look pregnant when she should,
(d) SP's general non-credibility with an impartial audience,
(e) SP's refusal to rebut with readily available records at her disposal, and
(f) the completely implausible circumstances of the wild ride and her tale of her labor and delivery of Trig.

Is Andrew Sullivan operating from the point of view that the Emperor's New Clothes are "mostly likely" gorgeous? Pahlease.

If anyone is looking to Mr. Sullivan to lead a quest for the ultimate truth on this, forget it. He isn't going to risk his reputation on it when everyone else in his business seems willing to accept what Empress Sarah says on the matter.

We don't have to determine the truth based on anything but the medical records. Show me the medical records. Until then, the biological mother of Trig Palin could be Bristol Palin, Willow Palin or any other woman of child-bearing capability in 2008 including Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that John McCain has stated that her legal bill for troopergate -- the ethics complaint she filed against herself -- was $50K, not $500K.

Realizing that $500K is a bill for 1000 hours work, and assuming that her lawyer was able to command that much, really drives home the absurdity of her claim. If her attorney is only able to command $250 an hour, the claim amounts to 2000 hours work. Realize, too, also, that 1000 hours work amounts to almost 1/2 year (2080 work hours per year).

Martha said...

For anyone who is dis_gus_ted with the idea of her going to Fort Bragg or Fort Hood (especially with the title of her book) please make your voice heard by contacting the following:

Fort Bragg Public Affairs Office 910-907-5290

Chairman Carl Levin (D) D.C. Phone # 202-224-6221

Ranking Member John McCain (I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you) D.C. Phone # 202-224-2235 202-225-4151 click on stafff for General Counsel Paul Oostburg

Be nice.

Anonymous said...

I should have added that $500K represents 1000 hours work at $500 per hour -- anon 1828

Two Blue Jays said...

Patrick, $arah's here in Cincinnati right now. Here's the link to the local news story. I was surprised by the number of negative comments: very surprising for this conservative area.

I'm sure there will be local video footage as well later on this afternoon. Perhaps you can post it?

I'm so proud of all the hard work you, Kathleen, Regina, et al, are devoting to rescuing the US from $arah.

--Laura B (from Audrey's old team)

Anonymous said...

Ask for equal time for any appearance she makes at Ft. Bragg or Ft. Hood.

Liz I. said...

That video from the CBN tells me a lot about Palin's character--or lack thereof--and her values--or the absence thereof.

Her actions, and these are just the latest round, demonstrate that she isn't just ignorant, petty, and pandering, she's vindictive, malevolent and cruel.

Imagine the scene she was in: a cold day in Indiana, a crowd of people, a throng of media, and microphones and bright lights being thrust in your face. Then imagined being carried like a sack of potatoes, thrust into the crowd while your mother talks to reporters, goes into the crowd, signs a book (wasn't there, I don't know, a whole time set up for her to do that?) and then, after exposing you to who knows what, hands you back like the inanimate prop you are to her.

Now imagine that, like Trig, you can't see, can't hear and can't communicate. That would be hell on earth.

Palin refuses to put Trig's glasses and hearing aids on him and there's no indication he's learning to sign or that he's receiving the physical and developmental therapy he needs. Apparantly Palin doesn't care that, at 19 months, every day is precious for Trig's future development and every day she continues to neglect his therapy may be dooming him in terms of his future capabilities.

She has all the resources one needs to give Trig a wonderful life: an extended family and support network, a stay-at-home father and millions of dollars to provide the best therapy for him. Instead, she can't even be bothered to put on his glasses and his hearing aids.

When Palin cooed in the Barbara Walters interview that Trig was just so mellow and just "chills" my skin crawled. As that interview showed, he can barely sit up and cannot even stand.

Please understand that I'm not saying Palin shouldn't take Trig on her book tour--that's her decision if--and this is a big IF--in her huge "campaign bus" she has the nanny and the therapist and everything necessary to make sure that Trig doesn't suffer just because he's away from home. And, that includes NOT exposing Trig to illness by thrusting him into a crowd.

In other words, a mother might take her young child with her when she travels if she can insure that his needs are met, and not because she needs a political prop for her fake values and a physical shield against criticism.

Palin's neglect of Trig's needs is beyond negligence. Her reckless disregard of his needs is tantamount to intentional cruelty.

Yeah, I'm going to be a prayer warrior too. I'm praying that Alaska's Human Services intervenes and makes sure that Trig gets the care he needs because Palin's made clear that she could care less.

Patrick said...

Hi Laura,

good to hear from you!

Please send me the link if you find some footage!

Anonymous said...

"shallow and lonely people", she just can't help projecting.

Patrick said...


Willow is NOT Trig's mother!

Don't start it. We know you have all seen the photos from September 2007, January 2008 and March 2008 of Willow NOT PREGNANT.

Any speculation in this direction gives us a bad name.

Patrick said...

The "Willow-speculation" even made it in Sarah's book, congratulations, Dan!

Patrick said... have seen all the photos...

(I wanted to say)

Barb Dwyer said...

anon 15:23 and 15:48

Since the people working on this aren't meeting your approval, you're welcome to shed your pajamas and come up here to help us. There's 12 flights a day from Seattle to Anchorage. You can mapquest up Wasilla, endure the 5 below temps in Anchorage right now, and drive yourself out there. Don't forget to plug in your car while you're investigating and don't forget your ice cleats so you won't fall and hurt yourself.

The Heath residence and the Palin residence are both quite easy to find. Just about anyone in Wasilla can give you directions, then you could just drop by and have a chat with them. Don't worry about that guy behind you taking pictures, everyone does that up here. Those bullets whizzing by are just the poor shooters out at the Wasilla public range, so pay no attention to that.

The $1200.00 parking ticket on your car can always be challenged in court. The judge goes to Palins church, so I'm sure he'll do the christian thing and knock a few bucks off the total. Pay no attention to the sign at the door of the Police Dept. that says "don't mess with a small town police dept. or you will find yourself swinging from a tree." That's just meant to keep the riff raff away, not serious folks like you.

Perhaps you could drop by and see Gov. Parnell to discuss releasing those emails too. I hear he's a friendly fellow, so I'm sure when he hears about how serious you are, he might just hand them over to you. Please let us know of anything you find in them, there are a lot of people who are interested in what they might say.

Don't forget to drop by the MatSu hospital as well. I'm sure the helpful folks there would be more than happy to hook you up with the proof you need to bust this wide open. You could be a hero. All you need is an airline ticket, a rental car and some nice warm gloves. If you don't have any, I'd be more than happy to lend you some.

So when can we expect you?

Reesie said...

This is a great read by Sally Quinn

Sarah Palin's 'rogue' Christianity

"In her new book Sarah Palin writes that one summer at Bible Camp she "put my life in my creator's hands and trust Him as I sought my life's path." For Palin, this grand divine plan was "a natural progression." She writes. And later, "I don't believe in coincidences."

Which leads me to ask:
What does she believe is God's plan for her? Does she have any free will or is everything preordained. Can she see something coming and change her mind despite God's plans for her?
Did God plan for her to become Governor of Alaska. If so, did God plan for her to step down. Did God plan for her to run for Vice President? If so why did she and McCain lose?
Did God plan for her to have a child with Down's Syndrome? If so why did she consider an abortion? Did God plan for her to have a huge wardrobe? Then why did she apologize for it?
Did God plan for her to do the Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson interviews and be humiliated by them. Did God plan for her to allow herself to be forced, against her will to do those interviews? If so then why complain?"

Patrick said...


excellent response. Thank you!

Marcy said...

For Anon. @16:32 requesting Bible verses to oppose the seditious crazies. I am praying according to Psalm 50:16-21. If I see a bumper sticker that names Sarah Palin as the subject, I'll buy it. But I won't put it on my car until after I get a bullet proof vest. grammy

Patrick said...

Forgot to say:

LOL! ::--))

Anonymous said...

You can just keep going on this way--tsk, tsk, that Sarah Palin is so evil! Let's think of another aspect of her horrible persona to trash to keep us going for a few more days--Did you see! Trig is not wearing his eyeglasses! She is a horrible mother! (And I'm not downplaying the seriousness of this poor child's neglect. It is terrible!) There is something new to rail against every day. Each appearance, interview, speech. Every word, video, comment, post--EVERYTHING you say is true! But just go here and read this and you will be very sad.

Anonymous said...

anon 1914 - that doesn't sadden me. Palin's star will fade. What's she going to do after the book tour? Already there is less coverage of the tour that there was the first day. Media will get bored with her if she won't come out and talk openly and candidly.

Two Blue Jays said...

Here's the local newspaper's article on $arah's Cincy visit:

It will be eerily familiar to those who read about her other stops: same MO.

" Palin emerged at the top of the steps to Joseph-Beth's upper level at 11:57 a.m., carrying her infant child. The crowd let out a loud cheer; Palin handed the baby to an aide, grabbed a microphone and walked halfway down the steps to make a few brief remarks."

" "Wow, thank you, we are going to have a blast,'' Palin said. "Thanks for having the courage to come out here and be with me. I see you out there with those books under your arms and I know you are going rogue with me." "


And for those who think she is NOT on a pre-campaign tour:

"Signing her name on copies of her new book is only part of what former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be doing in Cincinnati Friday.

SarahPAC, the former Alaska governor’s political action committee, is holding a private, invitation-only reception Friday morning with local GOP donors at an undisclosed location.

Palin will meet-and-greet the locals before going on to Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Rookwood Pavillion to sign copies of her book “Going Rogue” for three hours.

Hamilton County Republican Party chairman Alex Triantafilou said he got an invite to the SarahPAC event and will drop by, but said the county party had no official part to play."

I'll cross-post on Bree and Gryphen.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin: Cotton-candy Conservative

emrysa said...

don't freak out about palin running for president.

don't forget PALIN IS LAZY. she does not want to work. she spent all of 2 months last year on the campaign trail. I think it was here that they posted the email from one of palin's team saying "we were informed tonite that there will be no more interviews after the rallies - she's drained" among other things.

she's LAZY people! she doesn't have the stamina to deal with a full-time presidential campaign. she may attempt to run, but she will not make it to the end.

running for president isn't like being mayor of wasilla, where you can hire a city manager to do the work for you while you sit on your ass and collect checks.

Virginia Voter said...

Anyone want to protest the Sarah Palin book signing in Fairfax, VA? Sarah will be eerily close to where I like her in Fake Virginia, close to DC!

I plan on going just to carry a sign, interview some Palinbots, and get on the news!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin expected to sit down with Katie Couric and have a chat between two working moms? Now, tell me, who's the sexist?

Anonymous said...

When SP was Governor, she gave $1,200 to every Alaskan resident in 2007 with extra oil revenue, which should have gone to longterm energy development. This translates into $6,000 for a family of five. She BOUGHT her popularity, and her high ratings. Not only was this fiscally irresponsible, it was "socialism" at its best. She is a Huge Hypocrite. (I'm a 30+ Alaskan resident who is non-partisan.)

Anonymous said...

Whoops! The price of natural gas has fallen 15% in the last month. That means that Sarah's signature "accomplishment," the building of the gas pipeline in Alaska, is even less likely to be started any time soon.

Patrick said...

New post up!

Anonymous said...

Barb Dwyer @18:52

Wow. Your comment is chilling. I understand why every fact must be airtight before going public. Perhaps a pre-emptive strike is in order. Why don't you send a copy of this comment to a media outlet such as MSNBC (Countdown or the Rachel Maddow Show), perhaps to underscore the difficulty (or downright danger) of proving any and all of Sarah Palin's assertions, including the Trig birth story. Might get someone's attention and open up another angle from which MSM could attack this story. They could approach it from the citizen-blogger-journalism angle, or the censorship-corruption angle. I don't know, but when I read your comment it made my hair stand on end. Perhaps it will get their attention too.

Floyd M. Orr said...

I'm sure your description of the corruption and intimidation rampant in Wasilla is true, Barb. I am sure that Patrick and Gryphen are doing their best; however, I deeply feel the same frustration as espoused by Anon 15:23. You would think it would take only one little bedpan orderly who would love to move to sunny LA to break the story wide open. Just one little disgruntled hospital employee or just one little paper shuffler in the records office who would love to leave the -3 degree temperature could tell the verifiable truth. The future Woodward & Bernstein could set the truth teller up with a nice little apartment in whatever warm locale the person chose. Other than CNN being America's biggest enemy, why has this not happened yet?

Barb Dwyer said...

anon 19:43-45

As it currently stands under AGIA, which is illegal, it will never be built. To build a pipeline through Canada is NOT on the bill the voters approved. What WAS approved was to build from Prudhoe Bay to Tidewater Valdez.

The oil companies know that if they stall long enough, eventually they will be able to go over the polar ice cap and into Asia that way. That is their plan and they bought off Palin to keep that in place. AGIA has no rights to the gas nor do they have any rights whatsoever to the land they "propose" to build on (sound familiar?). In fact many tribal leaders in Canada have flat out told them they will NOT be coming through their land EVER. It was just as big a propoganda campaign as her $1200.00 energy assistance checks were, and both cost this state big time.

We've already paid Trans Canada half a billion dollars for nothing. And when the rest of the plan falls through (see the removal of Parnell in Aug. 2010) we will owe them another 1.5 BILLION for doing nothing, thanks to the sweet deal Palinocchio cooked up for them.

There is a way out of this but unfortunately it will still require dealing with her friends at TC. She put us in a no win situation and she knew it all along. I wonder how much money they paid her to do that? The legislature is at fault for going along with it too. Although they didn't know about the payouts OR the fact Exxon was involved until the day of the vote. So much for being a fiscal conservative

ella said...

Just a note for those saying she will"fade away" after the book of lies tour. Nope. The Washington Speakers Bureau has quite a few engagements lined up. Two are right here in CA - one in Bakersfield (some Business thing) and another at a Logger's convention (No, NOT Bloggers, LOGGERS!). We will likely have to put up with her on all the "news" shows for the next 4 years - or until Romney or Huckabee or Gulliani decides ENOUGH! They will take her down, not the big bad Libruls.

Archivist1000 said...

One of her prayer warriors on her OFFICIAL site posted this:

Mary Gibson: QUOTE Obama Bumper Sticker: This came as a "forward" to me. I thought you all would enjoy! It read: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8" Psalm 109:8 "Let his days be few; and let another take his office." Praying for Biden too!" ..... ENDQUOTE ...

Let's make sure we keep records of this stuff ... Sarah is ENABLING this stuff on her site. This one is at the bottom of the first/last post in the comments section.. her wall is still down, so the only way to comment is on the last post ...

Please, take a screen shot of this and save it!

BTW: I tried to comment and OBJECT to this, but Sarah's site requires a phone number now to 'verify' the account!

Barb Dwyer said...


That's the person we're all looking for. Thanks to Patrick and Regina, we have been able to get some strength and knowledge in numbers up here. So it's just not one person blindly taking all of this on at once. There is a team effort from those involved, and we are desperately looking for exactly those people. It's just much harder than most folks can comprehend at this point. But with every passing day, and everytime she opens her mouth, or jobs get a little bit easier up here on the northern front.

Patrick said...

Virginia Voter

Great idea!

Would it be possible for you to write a report for us from the event?

Could you get in touch with me via email?

ArmchairJane said...

Floyd, I would see why people would be leery of the huge fine and possible imprisonment that they could face if they showed up with an illegally obtained medical record. The harshest penalties (which could include prison) for medical records privacy violations are reserved for those who illegally use records to make money, or who illegally use records to harm somebody. Of course, many of us would think that the public good would only be served by exposing the fraud, but the Department of Justice could think otherwise. So given the facts that Barb has told us about the general environment in the local area, I am not surprised that no health care worker has "Gone Rogue". If they DID do it, they would have to do it in such a way as to remain anonymous. Think of those interviews with the face and voice disguised. Better too if the person who obtains the record can be able deny they were the one who obtained it (if it were to fall out of a file some place, ahem), but can be in a position to vouch for the truth by way of other knowledge about the situation.

Of course, the law does NOT stop family members or friends or other associates who might have access to just the kind of information you describe, just the medical workers. Maybe somebody who WAS a friend but Miss Wite-Out doesn't need or want them anymore is who should be going for the big payoff, as well as the undying gratitude of the American public. Even so, I still think whoever was willing to do this would be well advised to come forward to such a person as Andrew Sullivan or somebody else who would guarantee their anonymity until such a time as the story is watertight, and their safety assured, because it's not only in Wasilla that people say they would literally lay down their life for Palin.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Armchair Jane, you make some good points, especially about the legal protections on medical documents. The Palinbots are crazy AND dangerous. That's why I used the Woodward & Bernstein example: Deep Throat was kept a secret for decades until he chose to out himself before his death. We need a new Deep Throat to work with Andrew Sullivan, Geoffrey Dunn, or some other established writer.

ArmchairJane said...

Floyd, I couldn't agree more. I am hoping the next Deep Throat even now is spilling the beans. It IS going to happen. Maybe it already HAS happened, but the actual presentation of the information to the public has not yet been arranged...

Anonymous said...

""Pray for Sarah Palin, Psalm 109:8""

And the beautiful thing is that it won't be unlawful when we do it -- because she isn't the President.

And she never will be.

I won't do it because I think it's wrong -- but I love the IDEA of giving her a dose of her own medicine and I LOVE that it isn't illegal since she's a NO ONE. A QUITTER.

Today I worked with a bunch of hardcore Republicans in the South. They were all LAUGHING at Palin and her book - talking about all of her lies. We had a woman from "real" American Virginia, people from South Carolina, and people from Georgia. NO ONE in the entire group had ONE good thing to say about her.

LIAR and THEOCRAT were the words being tossed around in southern accents.

Mona said...

Naaaa, she ain't running for president. She's just trying to pump up her base AND HER WALLET! If they didn't think she was running, they would be as apt to buy the book.