Sunday, 29 November 2009

Palingates exclusive: Sarah Palin lied on twitter about the book tour! - UPDATE: Correction!


I have to correct myself, because I just discovered that Twitter shows different times of the messages, depending on whether I am logged in into twitter or not.

When I am not logged in, I view the message of Sarah Palin where she said "on bus to Jacksonville" as being sent at 5:52 AM on Sarah Palin's twitter. Screenshots:

However, when I am logged in into twitter, the times suddenly change, and all the messages are being displayed as being sent three hours later. That means that the "on bus to Jacksonville" message is displayed as being sent at 8:52 AM. Screenshots:

That means that it's very likely that Sarah Palin's message was indeed sent at 8:52 AM, when she was on her way in the bus from her hotel to the bookshop in Jacksonville.

Therefore I apologise to Sarah Palin that I said that she has lied on this occasion on her twitter.

This doesn't change my opinion that Sarah deliberately gave the impression on her twitter that she was actually using the bus to travel to Jacksonville, when she actually had arrived by plane in Jacksonville the previous evening.

I have no problems to correct myself when I have made a mistake, as I always try to describe facts as accurately as possible.

Please note that I never had to correct myself with one of the greatest accusations we have against Sarah Palin, the fact that she faked her pregnancy with Trig.

This is the first time ever that I had to correct a fact which I reported on Palingates.


Sarah Palin has just published a "book of lies" and a growing number of people she portrayed in the book now challenge her version of events. Even before the publication of Sarah's book, her lies were already well documented.

But now we have a novelty: For the first time ever, Sarah Palin has been caught lying on twitter!

It was just a coincidence that today I took a look into Sarah Palin's current twitter account. I wanted to see whether Sarah had been twittering over Thanksgiving. Answer: No, she had not.

But then this twitter caught my eye - Sarah twittered on November 24 at 5:52 am (click to enlarge):

Ok...why did I suddenly have a strange feeling when I saw this twitter? Was it because, thanks to our reader "snowbilly", we had discovered the flight log of Sarah Palin's private plane a few days ago, and I remembered something?

What I recalled was the simple fact that Sarah Palin flew to Jacksonville with her private plane on the evening of November 23!

Here is the screenshot of the flight log again, which is accessible back to November 21, 2009 (click to enlarge):

In the afternoon on November 23, Sarah Palin had a book signing in Birmingham, AL, which started at 4.30 pm. Thankfully, our "friends" from C4P have dutifully published a detailed chronic and schedule of Sarah's "bus tour" HERE.

Earlier on November 23, at 11.00 am, Sarah had the appearance at Fort Bragg.

From the flight log we can see that on November 23, Sarah flew from Fayetteville, which is just next to Fort Bragg, to Birmingham AL, taking off at 3:40 pm EST, arriving at 3:47 CST (the flight took one hour one and seven minutes).

In the evening of November 23, at 8:12 pm CST, Sarah took off from Birmingham, AL and arrived at 10:09 pm EST in Jacksonville, FL.

Therefore, it is proven from the records that Sarah Palin spent the night from November 23 to November 24 in or closely around Jacksonville. When she twittered at 5:52 am in the morning of November 24 that she was "on bus to Jacksonville", she probably just got her lazy ass out of her comfy bed, because the book signing in Jacksonville started only 3 hours later, at 9:00 pm!

Sarah, why are we not surprised?

I now also understand why the plane on the evening of November 23 continued to fly from Jacksonville to Orlando. I am certain that the reason was that, after having dropped Sarah off in Jacksonville, the plane was then supposed to "collect" her in the afternoon of November 25 in Orlando (she took off from Orlando to Tri-Cities on November 25 at 2:40 pm EST). Our friends from C4P give a good overview about what her schedule was on November 24:

"November 24th was Governor Palin's final day on the tour prior to taking a break for Thanksgiving. She was in Florida and packed three stops into the day. Her first stop was at the Books-A-Million in Jacksonville at 9:00 AM. (...) After her stop in Jacksonville, Governor Palin next headed to The Villages for a 2:30 PM book signing at Barnes & Noble before finally winding up the first half of her tour at 7:30 PM at the Orlando Barnes & Noble."

Therefore it is apparent that Sarah stayed in Orlando over night from November 24 to November 25 and then flew to Tri-Cities on November 25.

Sarah, you are a failure, even when it comes to lying! You cannot even lie properly without being caught.

By the way:

You can still find a cached version of her last twitters HERE.


Even though our "friends" from C4P were so helpful in tracking Sarah's movements, I have one request:

Can somebody please tell these idiots that Sarah Palin is not the Governor of Alaska any more! The Governor of Alaska is now Sean Parnell!

When I looked at C4P today, I saw the following article:

Going Rogue Officially #1

By Tommy Report

In addition to becoming the first Republican elected official to claim the #1 spot on the USA Today Best-Seller list, Governor Palin has unsurprisingly won the #1 spot on the NY Times Hardcover Non-Fiction Best-Seller List.

Congratulations to Governor Palin!"

Well, first of all: The constant use of "Governor" in relation to Sarah Palin seems inappropriate.

Not only has Sarah Palin quit her first term as Governor half-way without giving a good reason, but she also said herself said in her Quitter-speech:

"I don't need a title to be the one to usher in what it is that needs to be done in our state or our country."

So there you have it, dear C4P-cultists: Sarah doesn't need a title. The Queen said it herself.

However, that was only one part of why this post on C4P apparently was written in a parallel world.

So, Sarah is "the first Republican elected official to claim the #1 spot on the USA Today Best-Seller list?"


She is not an elected official any more, but an unemployed facebook-blogger. The truth hurts, I know.

Of course, ultra-clever "Tommy Report" referred to the fact that she ONCE was elected. Before she quit. Still, his point is moot, because at the time of the publication of her book, she was not an elected official any more, and what is the distinction of being a formerly elected official who quit for no good reason?

Finally I just want to scream at them: What part of "quitting" do you crazies from C4P not understand?

However, I won't scream. That's not what I do. If you want to make the Sarah-cultists mad, show them for example this extremely long review of "Going Rogue" which was written by a Christian conservative supporter of Sarah Palin (a man with a proven record of actually having supported her) - who is now not so sure of supporting her after having endured the torture of reading the book.

Some of his conclusions:

"In Summary: Ten Things I Learned From Reading Going Rogue

This was a bad and unhelpful book. It was not bad because it was simple. Goldwater (or his ghost) used fewer pages in Conscience of a Conservative and said more. It was not bad because it was autobiographical. Though I don’t like his politics, President Obama confessed more and said it better in Dreams from My Father. If you don’t believe that this book is bad, then read (really do!) Ronald Reagan’s autobiography Where’s the Rest of Me? Ronald Reagan showed more substance in his delightful book written mostly about his time as an actor than Palin shows in her four hundred pages.

The best you can say about this book is that it is forgettable and will be forgotten. It is a book-of-the-moment non-book meant to be purchased and given as a Christmas gift to conservatives. It is an utter waste of an opportunity for something better, but it is no worse than most political “memoirs” of its type.

It is better than Pelosi, but damning a person with that comparison is almost too cruel after what Palin has endured.

What are the ten things the book taught me?

First, Palin is a unique political talent, but her abilities do not extend to the written word. That is too bad, because our best politicians may use a ghost at times, but they also know words and do not fear them. Reagan is a great example of this. He could write. Of course, that does not mean she should not be President, but it does limit her.

Her publisher did not fact check this book well (if at all). She was badly served by her publisher and editor. People who criticize me for nit-picking her use of quotations miss the point. I am a fan . . . though now a weary one . . . and I found the errors. The publisher had to know that her critics would check every fact.

How can I in a single day with no help find error after error when I am no writer, no editor (as this blog post indicates), and no specialist?

Second, Sarah Palin has not grown in the year since the election. Those of us who hoped that Palin had been “hidden” by the campaign know the truth now. She still is what she was.

She is smart, but not book-smart. She has common sense, but not practical wisdom. These are not fatal flaws, but she shows no signs of changing or recognizing them. You only shame yourself by appending Googled spuriou slogans assigned to philosophers to your previous views.

Third, Palin uses four hundred pages to give her side of things, but I am still at a loss to describe her political or governing philosophy in any detail.(...)

Read the rest HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say I think you're fabulous?
Thanks, I think you're fabulous.
This post just made me chuckle. No, it does no good to scream at the pee-ers. They live in their fantasy world where Sarah is the perfect, highly fragile, tough as nails queen, and Obama, Levi and Katie are the arch enemies in need of anihilation. As long as they are just talk, you just have to leave them be, or toy with them now and again.
I read that article earlier today. I thought John Mark Whatsisname was incredibly gentle, patient and generous in his assessment of Sarah's book and life (yes, I know, he said he was disappointed in the book, but also seemed to take Sarah at her word that everyone else is mean to her and picks on her in the most tormenting ways possible, and that her anger is completely justified). I was pretty stunned to see the comments criticizing him for criticizing her in the slightest. Sarah can do no wrong in the eyes of her devotees.

Anonymous said...

Oh,and PS
Of course Sarah was lying. Her eyes were open.
I wonder if she's ever told the truth by accident.

ella said...

Patrick - The article you link to is quite long, but I encourage everyone to read it! Yes, the author likes Palin ALOT - but he points out that her quotes from Plato and Aristotle are not correct. And THIS, from one of the commenters, is PRICELESS!

"She attributes the lovely quote used as an epigraph for Chapter 3 to a curious source, John Wooden. (The basketball coach?) The quote – “Our land is everything to us . . . I will tell you one of the things we remember on our land. We remember that our grandfathers paid for it – with their lives” – is actually from Cheyenne chief John Wooden Leg.
I find this hilarious because this seemingly rah-rah flag-waving quote means the exact opposite of what Palin thinks it means: “You have to revere the soldiers of the past who fought for our freedoms” – when the actuality is the grandfathers he’s talking about were killed by Americans in the nineteenth century trying to take their land."

Anonymous said...

@ ella
You said it spot on. Sometimes I wonder what do the Native Americans think of what once was their land, to look and see what was taken from them and destroyed. They worshiped the earth and gave back for what they took. We took that from them, took them from their land that once was their's. Palin's trying to do the same now take the majority and win with the minority

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a fraud in every sense of the word.

Simba said...

The writer of the article states that Palin gives little insight into her governing or political philosophy, as if to say that she should have written more about it. Can someone please tell me what it will take to get it through to these people that Palin DOESN'T have a governing or politial philosophy. What you see is what you get. There is not now and never has been any depth to this woman. Look at the wreckage of the Alaskan government under her watch, the ethics violations, the feds having to take over because of the seniors dying on her watch, troopergate, the surplus squandered, the lies, Palin's absence from her office and governing to the point that the legislature took to wearing "Where is Sarah" buttons, conducting state business via a Yahoo emaill account, copying her spouse on her emails...I could go on and on about this woman's ineptness. It people are still saying that someone like her can still be president, this is frightening indeed!

Sarah Palin can not articulate her positions, because just like George W. Bush, she probably governs from her gut and we all see where that got us for the last eight years.

It does occur to me that there are those who would like a second "Bush like" person in the White House again. After all, Bush's eight year run made some people extremely wealthy. These may be the same folk who are the puppet masters behind Palin now.

wv: sying as in all I can do when I think of this vapid, empty headed woman is sigh.

snowbilly said...

Sara, u r b n busted

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those book statistics include a breakout of how many people bought the book to a) fact check it b) get a good laugh c) tear it up on their blogs d) give as a gift to annoy Anti-Saracites.

At least they can be reassured that their book-buyin' dollars are goin' to Bristol and her two boys...since Sarah needs to keep Ms. B quiet!

Anonymous said...

I live in MA, which was formerly governed by another pres. candidate, Mitt Romney. (Who, by the by, completed his term.) No one here refers to him as Governor Romney.

Anonymous said...

7:04, I'm sure that Sarah can lie even better with her eyes closed, actually! Then she's not giving herself away with the darting eyes, etc. Let's face it, if she talked in her sleep she'd spout lies.

Anonymous said...

Just for benefit of the doubt sake. Couldnt Palin have been on the bus in the am of the 24th on the way to the Jacksonville signing when she tweeted. Does she usually show up a couple hours early or they could have stopped for breakfast?

I dont know just playing devils advocate

Anonymous said...

Sarah tells a lie? Say it ain't so...

What next? Are you are going to tell me Todd did not build the boat?

Why does Chuck Heath look more pregnant than Sarah ever did?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 15:33

That does make a little sense.

They could have been on the bus early morning and stopped for breakfast.

Patrick are you sure they were still in the hotel room at the time of the tweet.

CR46 said...

Of course Sarah lied. Pathological lying is a standard in people with borderline personality disorders. An interesting thing I noticed on Bree's site this morning is C4peers responses treating Sarah as a MILF, check it out.

Anonymous said...

Please be sure when you make an accusation like this. They will jump on it if you are wrong, and you know they will use it to discredit everything else!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Sarah was already in Jacksonville on 11/24/09, having flown there by private jet the night before and arriving at 10:09pm on 11/23/09. There is no way she is going to get on the bus at 5:52am to be at a 9:00 am book signing in the same city, unless of course it means sneaking onto the bus before anyone is awake to give the appearance that she “drove” into town by bus.

This 11/24/09 twitter (tweet?) was BEFORE it was discovered she was traveling by luxurious private jet. Therefore, it is clear that she was deliberately misrepresenting (LIED) that she was traveling by bus to impress her Greyhound-traveling ignoramous supporters. (You know, the “Real Amerikans” that can’t afford to fly because they have donated their grocery money and feeding their kids and grandkids rice so they may have the priviledge of donating to poor poor Sarah.)

Frank LI NY said...

Did she take the bus to the airport on the 25th?

Patrick said...

Sarah spent the night in Jacksonville from 23rd to 24th November. When she twittered that she is "on the bus", the book signing in Jacksonville was still 3 hours away. There is simply no possibility that she was already "on this bus" at this point.

I am certain that Sarah realised that nobody had seen her how she arrived in Jacksonville, and she thought that therefore she could write such a twitter and pretend that she was travelling with the bus to Jacksonville.

This is the form of compulsive lying which we have seen from Sarah over and over again. I know that it's alwys quite "surprising" to discover the lies, because a "sane" person wouldn't behave like that, but Sarah Palin is not a sane person.

Patrick said...


we were just writing down the same thought at the same time! ::--))

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Hi Patrick! I liked your "lazy ass" comment better!

It just boggles my mind that her supporters are totally blind to all her lies. Seeing all of her nonsense in real time makes one realize how Jim Jones operated.

Anonymous said...

So you are just certain she wasnt on the bus... you dont really know or have any proof. You make the accusation based on your own gut instinct. OK I got it.

Lets see if they will respond to this accusation. I will try and alert them to it.

snowbilly said...

That bus is a limo between the bookstore/airport/hotel.

Patrick said...

Haha, Anon 16:50, do it then! I cannot wait!

Don't forget to ask them why it's taking them so long to send us an angry lawyer letter because of the faked pregnancy allegations!

Back to the twitter:

Later in the evening on November 24, Palin twittered:

"Wrapping up outrageously great visits in 3 Florida cities! Warm weather&warm hearts in this part of our great country made a very nice day
10:19 PM Nov 24th
from TwitterBerry"

The timestamp on this twitter is completely consistent with her schedule, because the last book signing started at 7:30 pm on this day. Therefore, it's clear that Sarah twittered with correct Florida time.

Sarah used her famous blackberry to twitter. Blackberries are updating their timezones automatically.

Anonymous said...

Right; by avoiding to say anything about planes, jets, Sarah can maintain a charade she's just like the traveling music bands, going from town to town. By making it look like she is bussing her way across America, she acts out a sweet southern down-to-earth country girl with maw and paw Kettle in tow. But, this is not who she is.

Really, she's counting on her fans not to question her schedule, because she thinks she has the wool pulled over their eyes. She wants them to think she's like granny, Jed, and Elly May (Beverly Hillbillies) who'll never acclimatize to the elitist lifestyle.

She's hoping the "private jet" info won't get out. Can't have people think she's one of the elite.

Patrick said...



The distance between Birmingham AL and Jacksonville FL would have allowed it to travel overnight with the bus, therefore Sarah thought that it would be a good idea to give the impression that she took the bus.

Anonymous said...

And you just know she rationalizes to herself that these little "fibs" don't matter. When taken in their totality, however, the pattern is truly disturbing. They say people who've suffered with an addiction or those who have spent years involved with an addict can succumb to this pattern of telling little lies, even when they don't serve any apparent purpose. It's part of the "family illness", I think they call it. Thanks for all your efforts, Patrick!

Anonymous said...

I'm very worried about Todd. Has anyone checked to be sure he didn't fall off the roof in the snow?

Billy said...

An eyewitness says Palin arrived a few minutes before nine.

Assuming she stayed in a hotel near the airport, the airport is about 45 minutes from the Orange Park Mall.

Give her about 30 minutes to load everyone and everything up onto the bus.

That leaves an hour and 45 minutes unaccounted for. Could be breakfast who knows could be a lie who knows.

I dont think there is sufficient evidence to prove either way where that hr and 45 min was spent.

Palin may respond to this if it is wrong and easily provable. It will make a dent in credibility if you are wrong. She definately will not respond to babygate related accusations. She wont give any publicity to that particular accusation. She would be stupid to do that anyway.

But for this she might take a stab, like she did the divorce rumors, because she can prove otherwise and you take the hit like Gryphen did with the divorce stuff. It did affect his cred some. So this might get attention, because I can see you might be wrong here. She will never give babygate attention.

Anonymous said...

When God Commanded, "Remember to keep holy the sabbath day" did He intend for Holiness to include pimping a book?

Anonymous said...

Anon @16:50

You're being rather silly.
What we're using here is called evidence based logic.
See, we've found her plane -- the one she flew to Tri-Cities (for her fabulous non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of Quiznos and her relaxing and rejuvenating 5K race that she quit in iconic Sarah tradition) is also the plane she's flying to each of her book signings (if you were to read Patrick's posts, you'd see this). We have the flight records for this plane. They match Sarah's schedule exactly. (You can see photos of this luxury jet on Patrick's previous post if you'd like to see how the Queen travels).
That should be enough evidence, but in case it isn't, consider that her book signing schedule does not allow enough travel time between distant cities to get her from one place to another by road. It's just not possible to have one book signing in one city, and have another book signing 5 hrs later in a city that is 12 hrs away by road. Maybe you are willing to believe that Sarah is traveling by magical bus on magical highways in a special Sarah dimension, but we aren't. Back in the real world, she has to have been traveling by plane. AITO, she is -- by luxury private plane.
This luxury private plane traveled from Birmingham, AB to Jacksonville, FL the night before her scheduled appearance in Jacksonville. If it makes you feel better to believe that she got on the bus before anyone else at 5 something o'clock in the am just so she could honestly tweet she was on the bus, well, ok. I suppose it's possible. However, it is not possible that she was on her way to Jacksonville, as she was already in Jacksonville and had been since the previous evening. I suppose it's also possible that she flew into Jacksonville the night before, then traveled 3 or 4 hrs away from Jacksonville to spend the night just so she could honestly tweet the next morning that she was on the bus traveling to Jacksonville, but that's neither logical nor comfortable.
Why do we even care? She's presenting herself as one of the people -- simple Sarah who won't let money change her. Simple Sarah who travels on a bus all over the country when she could fly, but chooses not to because she's simple Sarah, just like the rest of her fans, and she loves America and wants to see it. She knows what it's like to struggle, etc. That image is a lie. It speaks volumes on her character that she chooses to lie about her own circumstances and even her means of travel.
Now, please give us your reasons for believing she was traveling by bus to Jacksonville at 5 something o'clock in the morning.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

I don't use Twitter, but is it possible for Sarah to erase her 11/24/09 5:52am tweet before her minions realize she outright lied? She does not permit them to venture anywhere except pro-Palin sites, so they would never know to check here to see proof of all of her pathological lies.

Not that it matters to us, because we know Patrick and Regina save everything for posterity! Isn’t it cool that all this work will eventually end up in the history books about the most absurd mentally deranged vice presidential candidate in U.S. history? (Unless Glenn Beck seeks political office with his Vicks Vaporub “real Amerikan” tears)

Makes me smile. :-))))

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Any one who thinks that Sarah travelled overnight on a bus when she had a plane at her disposal is nuts. The plane was sitting there in Birmingham. Her book signing there finished at approx 6.30. She got on a bus alright. A bus to the airport where she caught the plane that left Birmingham at 8.12, arriving in Jacksonville at 10.09. Nice comfy bed and a good nights sleep before the long hard day to come.

The fact is she had a full day of book signing on the 24th.....on that day she travelled by bus from Jacksonville to Orlando, stopping in The Villages in between. That's enough bus travel for any one person in one day.

I'll be honest here, if I had a plane at my disposal there is no way that I would have travelled overnight on a bus - it just does not make sense.

Sarah, you're busted!

Anonymous said...


I love the internet. I love that ordinary citizens are picking up the slack left by the MSM. It drove me crazy in the Bush I years having candidates say one thing in one city and an opposite thing in another and almost never get called on it.
Thanks Patrick, Regina, Snowbilly, and everyone else for attempting to exact some honesty from those who want to lead us.

Anonymous said...

anon at 16:50
While you are at it, find out how much your good christian Sarah has Tithed to her church out of her mega checks from the publisher! Why hasn't she tithed? Why is she never in church? Every good christian goes to church quite regulariy. While I am a christian, I despise fake christians like Sarah. Jesus wanted us to love each other and care for each other. My church does many good works, but they need our members to tithe to support our community projects. Does Sarah even belong to church. I will no longer consider myself a republican if the put up this phoney baloney christian for any office again!

Anonymous said...

The purpose of the bus is that it is a large, expensive, painted, traveling billboard that advertises Sarah, her book and her PAC. Of course she will use it to travel from the airport, hotel, breakfast stop or any other place to the book signing venue.

Its primary function is advertising. Another side benefit of the bus is that is a good location for controlled, staged interviews. That way, handy props can sit in Sarah's lap while Sarah aimlessly turns pages and smiles for the stage setup.

I waded through that very long article, (please link on it) written by someone who really wanted Sarah's book to be much better than it turned out to be. I was first struck by his attacking Sarah's use of quotations.(Remember when some of her twitters in her last days of office were famous quotes).

He could not find the actual quotes in Plato or Aristotle. Then, he doubted that Sarah had read works by either great philosopher. And, he thought that it was incorrect to take one sentence from a list of quotes on the internet, since the quote was taken out of context and not used in the way it was originally intended. A very fine point, but it did bother him. More than once.

He was also troubled by the fact that Sarah had done nothing to improve herself since leaving office. He recognized her talents in speaking to a certain group of people and energizing them, but my impression is that in his heart of hearts he knows that she cannot be a serious presidential candidate without having knowledge of history and a philosophy of governing. He wanted to like her book, and he found it lacking.

Anonymous said...

Is the clan in evidence today or did Chuck take Piper back to school in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Oh,and PS
Of course Sarah was lying. Her eyes were open.
I wonder if she's ever told the truth by accident.

29 November 2009 07:04"

Yes, she did. When $P visited the set of Saturday Night Live, she complains that the dressing rooms were "small, cramped, and windowless." Guess what. I've been there, and they are small, cramped, and windowless!

Patrick, you guys ROCK! AGAIN! Perhaps $P is parsing the use of the word "to" rather strictly. She hopped on the bus AT the airport, which took her TO Jacksonville. Close enough for $P!

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

snowbilly said...

Sara, U hav rite 2 remain silent. evrything u say can & will be used against u ...

Anonymous said...

@ Mrs. TBB

Sarah has told the truth in her lifetime! That is good to know, and is so unusual, it should have its own headline.
Thanks for the evidence of rare Sarah truth-telling ;)

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is who the "Afraid to use my real name" is that started her comments on that article, and then left mid-story!! SHE has some INFO!

Anyone know who this is or how to reach her (without "outing" her?) I say "her," but maybe I read into it--anyone else notice these posts???

Anonymous said...

The next time she spouts she is all about Alaska... fully fed, freshly dressed/rested, new hairdo.. family all smiles... millions of dollars in the bank

while the REAL ALASKANS that Ann Strongheart wrote about are already struggling for basic survival...

I think I will lose my coffee (still drinking coffee I'm a late sleeper so no breakfast yet)

wv: droonip :D .. when her "nips" and tucks start to "droop"!

As was posted before.. I truly can see her morphing into that Madame puppet from Solid Gold
She will be just as yappy but be so far less funny and witty

Anonymous said...

Do love the trolls who come here threatening.

Poor little dears. So in need of being dominant and bullying others that they can't see that which is so obvious.

Palin won't sue. She can't. She's a coward and a liar.

Anonymous said...

Dont' expect that first place to hold- she's already off the B and N list. Must have been a flash in the pan due top opposition researchers.

Lump Update? said...

Palin is a peccant grifter. What is going on with the lump on her face?

snowbilly said...

Another Sarah Palin: An American Lie review.

Anonymous said...

Breaking ... Todd does fix roofs:

[the] "first official event (at the governor's mansion) was a dinner for friends and family that was interrupted by a leak dripping water through the ceiling onto the grand piano. We had buckets under ceilings for two years until Todd helped track down leaks and repairs were finally finished."

but roofers do it faster

Karen said...

Thanks Patrick, for all your great posts! This is O/T, but I read all the time here & other places. I've noticed that Sherry Johnston does bear resemblance to Chuck Heath & his daughters. Many have noticed that Bristol & Sherry look similar, which at first made no sense to me. Not sure, but think Sherry was born a couple years after Heath's moved to Alaska. Things that make you go hmmmm......

Patrick said...

I had to correct myself (due to a unforeseeable "glitch" in the twitter system), please see my update!

Anonymous said...

Cheers Patrick for demonstrating that we can (also, too) misunderstand information but that honest people correct the situation as quickly as possible.

And you are right, the only reason to tweet that she
was 'on the bus' was to give the impression that she
had been TRAVELING ALL NIGHT to get to her next adoration party. There was no need to mention the bus otherwise. "Just arriving at book signing" would
have sufficed nicely. But she just HAD to mention
her garish and abominable billboard-on-wheels . . .

Rationalist said...

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"If you had a narcissist for a parent, you lived in a world governed by whim enforced without mercy.

Narcissists have normal, even superior, intellectual development while remaining emotionally and morally immature. Dealing with them can give you the sense of trying to have a reasonable discussion with a very clever six-year-old -- this is an age when normal children are grandiose and exhibitionistic, when they are very resistant to taking the blame for their own misbehavior, when they understand what the rules are (e.g., that lying, cheating, and stealing are prohibited) but are still trying to wriggle out of accepting those rules for themselves. This is the year, by the way, when children were traditionally thought to reach the age of reason and when first communions (and first confessions) were made.

Having a narcissist for a mother is a lot like living under the supervision of a six-year-old. Narcissists are always pretending, and with a narcissistic mother it's a lot like, "Let's play house. I'll pretend to be the mother and you pretend to be the baby," though, as the baby, you'll be expected to act like a doll (keep smiling, no matter what) and you'll be treated like a doll -- as an inanimate object, as a toy to be manipulated, dressed and undressed, walked around and have words put in your mouth; something that can be broken but not hurt, something that will be dropped and forgotten when when something more interesting comes along. With narcissists, there's also usually a fair element of "playing doctor," as well -- of childish sexual curiosity that may find expression in "seductive" behavior towards the child, such as inappropriate touching of the genitals, or it can also come out as "hypochondriacal" worries about the child's health and/or being most interested and attentive when the child is ill (thus teaching the child that the way to get Mother's kind attention is to get sick). Having a sick child can also be a way for the narcissistic mother to get the sympathetic attention of authority figures, such as doctors and teachers."

Sounds familiar, eh?

Anonymous said...

Palin's All-American blab is pure crap

Last I checked N. America was made up of 50 states
Not the 5 or 6 she babbles about

She speaks for "All Americans"... ok?
Where are these folks in the mix?

1. the Polynesians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Samoans of HAWAII (a state Sarah not just a place to get a $35 wedding band.. people live here!)

2.the Lively culture of New Orleans

3. the Florida Keys

4. the Hustle and Bustle of New York City

5. on and on and on ....

Sarah P. wants her minions to be from the tiny cities that "don't get out much"....
While she likes to live the high life of the Americans she ignores
Hollywood Tan - while her minions are white and pasty
Dental Veneers - uh I've seen the teeth on her fan base
Hair Extensions/Fake Nails - they probably can't even afford Hair Cuttery
Fancy Mansion - .....
Fancy Car -...
Fancy Plane - ....
Sippin' Mimosa's Pool side (paparazzi photos) - minions get Walmart KoolAid

Like Jim Jones that had his people starve and work hard while he lived in the "Big House" and barked orders based on guilt and fear

sandra said...

Rationalist: The medical part of that description sounds like Munchausan by proxy. Interesting. I don't think SP fits that part.

Mrs. B: Jacksonville is extremely large, and I think the airport is within the city limits. (I know, picky, picky.)

Patrick said...

The wingnut "American Thinker" (to which C4P links in their latest article) today calls Sarah Palin "The Alaska Governor":

"The Alaska Governor is far more than someone who appeals to the (conservative) base, she is someone who can make the base appeal to America."

Seriously - are they just insane?

What about "former" Governor - no?

Rationalist said...

I agree. I don't think Munchhausan by Proxy, just a lot of attention for having a Down Syndrome kid.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon at 20:09, very well stated. Exactly my thoughts, but you said it better than I could have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patrick, for that link to John Mark Reynolds' blog. A commenter posted several times under "Afraid to use my name" (towards bottom, I think that is accurate name) knows SP and wrote some interesting comments.

Chevy Chase, DC said...

This has to be the stupidest entry on this blog, and I read it all the time, and all the others, and I know she is not the bio-mom of that child.

Time stamps on the internet and the instant message and e-mail realms are not always what you'd think, and mobile devices and time zones are a complicated melange to navigate when trying to establish what is a correct timestamp.

As for the sentence referring to being on the way to Jacksonville, I can see disingenuity on Patrick's part shining through. It clearly says she is on the way to the Jacksonville book signing.

Now, was she trying to curry the impression that she was taking the bus from city to city? yeah, I think she was, and she got nailed when the plane was discovered.

I guess I have just come to expect more from the likes of Patrick and Audrey, and I am quite glum that Patrick would seem to jump on such an inconsequential lie. But, also, too, props to Patrick on the apology and setting the record straight.

One more complaint, and then I will shut up and get back to my football team...

Earlier this month or late last month, patrick posited that Andrew Sullivan was an "inknown blogger" prior to his delving into babygate. Clearly, that is also in error, as Andrew Sullivan was one of GWB's biggest cheerleaders in the MSM during the run up the Iraqi war and the non-existent WMD. So there's that, also, too, you betcha.

Please, please, keep u[p the good work, but don't fall into the little traps that will undermine your credibility in the long run. Looking to timestamps on internet messages is best left to IT professionals. Keep it in mind, especially as the Tennessee trial gets underway for the Palin e-mail hacker.

BTW - I still think Trig is the product of rape or incest, or perhaps both. I cannot fathom any other reason to keep this hoax going as long as it has, and when people like Audrey, whom I believe now knows the truth, stops posting, well, just makes ya wonder.

Anonymous said...

and yehh the "i" key is right next to the "u" key...heh. hence "inknown" haha.

Anonymous said...

When I first read this I thought there could be a time zone thingy going on too, but essentially the point is, she was trying to make it SOUND like "Gosh, we're travelin' on this bus through the Real America and ain't it great?"

If you land in an airplane in the same city that the airport is in, and then get in a bus to go to the city, you don't say "I'm on the bus to the city I just took a plane to'".

To be fair, Twitter is NOT set up to facilitate factual and good communication. It is set up for entertainment purposes only which will only last for the time it takes to read them. Which is why I wish ALL POLITICIANS would drop it. You can't get the facts out there in 140 characters. The medium cannot support the message.

Somebody said "The medium is the message". I think it was Marshall McLuhan - I probably spelled that wrong and don't even know who he is, but I know enough to understand that the point is, HOW information is delivered has a great deal of bearing on HOW we react to it. In other words, it becomes easy for the person/s in charge of disseminating the 'information' to do so in such a way that colors and distorts your feelings about it, usually to some supposed advantaged outcome on their part.

I can go on but won't. Too much for one post already.

Patrick said...

Chevy Chase 21:10

Where did I say that Andrew Sullivan was an "unknown blogger" before he started to write about babygate? I don't think that I ever said anything like that or even insinuated it.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the time on the posting shows as 5:52 am for me whether I'm logged into Twitter or not. I am on the west coast so FL is three hours ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

Here is some additional fact-checking of Sarah's book from Alaska Dispatch:

I think the part about the two-year leak at the Governor's mansion is especially funny in light of the "fixing a leak in the roof" story at Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I never believed she as up that early anyway

Anonymous said...

Quitter's two hours at today's signing is just about up. Will she stiff anyone? Anyone know the size of the line?

Anonymous said...

Over at John Mark Reynold's blog...found this....

November 29th, 2009 | 5:03 pm | #103

“I greatly admire the actions of this mother of Trig, a child in God’s image.”
Sarah Palin did not give birth to this child. As a matter of fact, she was never pregnant with this child. She faked her pregnancy so that she could get the following that she now has as stated in the above statement. I know this as a FACT.

Good work, Gunsmoke!!!

Anonymous said...

You're obsessed. Freak. Get a life, loser.

Anonymous said...

OT but has anyone else seen the video Bree posted of Palin's shout-out to the pee-ers?
She looks awful!
Her hair is a messy disaster; her lips look cyanotic; the plastic surgery looks, well, plastic.

Oh, and she has a brilliant vision shared only with real Americans of even smaller government (no details on what needs to be cut: what first, Sarah? The size and budget of our armed forces? Social Security payments? Medicare payments? Freeway and transportation maintenance and construction? Do tell.)

Anonymous said...

anon @23:10
J M Reynolds had a funny typo earlier in his post (I believe he went back and corrected it), but last night the post read, "I greatly admire the actions of this mother of Tripp, a child in God’s image.”

And yes, that was good of Gunsmoke.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Chevy Chase, DC @ 21:10, the trial in Tennessee of David Kernell, the young man who was able to get into Sarah's Yahoo emails by guessing her password,("popcorn" I think) has been delayed again to April 10, 2010.
Correct me if I am wrong, but "guessing" her password is not the same as "hacking" into her computer. Sarah was a dumb twit to be using the Yahoo accounts, but she did so with the intent to conduct state business under the radar of public record and transparency. I hope all of her emails will be produced through the discovery in that case.

Speaking of emails, tomorrow 11/30/09, is the deadline for the emails to be turned over in the Alaska FOIA requests. I know Parnell was asking for ANOTHER EXTENSION, but was another extenson granted? Anyone know?

(Maybe Sarah changed her password to Orville Reddenbacher. Nah, too hard. Probably "Pop Secret", that sounds more important.)

ella said...

PCG: I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that the person who got into SP's yahoo e-mails did not actually guess her password. Rather, he clicked "forgot password" and was asked to answer a question chosen by SP. Question was "Where did you meet your spouse?" He answered "Wasilla High," and that allowed him to change password and gain access.

Anonymous said...

I see no real reason to be posting here anymore, but this egregious error on your part, Patrick was simply too big of an opportunity to pass up. You said that Sarah Palin lied when she said that she was on the way to Jackonsonville on her bus, when in fact she flew in the night before on her private plane. The answer of course to this lies in the tweet itself.

"On bus to Jacksonville, FL book signing. The Southern hospitality around here is unsurpassed - thx for the encouragement!3 book events today"

She says she is on the way "to Jacksonville, FL book signing", not on the way to "Jacksonville, FL". This is important, because "Jacksonville, FL" in this case is a noun used as an adjective, which describes the location where the book signing is taking place. The book signing itself is the destination, the object of the prepositional phrase in question. The words "Jacksonville, FL" are modifiers in the prepositional phrase. So when Governor Palin says that she is "On bus to Jacksonville, FL book signing" it means that she is headed to the book signing itself. It does not preclude here from actually being in the city of Jacksonville at the time.

Now I know you get mad when I call Governor Palin by that title, but please remember is simply a term of respect, and any former governor may be addressed as such. For example, I can call Huckabee "Governor Huckabee" and it would be correct.

Thank you all for your time, please keep yourselves busy in you hard work in trying to expose your conspiracy theories. As long as the Governor's opponents waste their time on a wild goose chase, she has a few less relevant enemies to worry about.

Cammie said...

Oh, Jesse, there are so many more reasons you should not post here again?

How about, you have no interest in the truth about Mrs. Palin and that is what this blog is for?

Anonymous said...

Hope this is not too OT, but I just finished following up on the great NPD link that Rationalist posted and had a bit of an epiphany:

My mom definitely was NPD or BPD. I'm wondering how many of you out there have also had close dealings with NPD or BPD people. Is that why so many of us here are quite adept in spotting this unfortunate, and unfortunately, all too familiar behavior in Sarah?

It is not meanness or jealously that has caused so many Alaskans and others to mention NPD and Sarah Palin in the same sentence.

I feel sorry for the kids and even for the Todd.

I can't help but saying this - Todd, don't forget to zip it up before you get back on the 'roof.'

today's wv is brought to you by your friends at MERCK who have just focus grouping a name for the new psycho-pharma inspired by Sarah Palin and her blind followers:


Anonymous said...

Jesse, do you want to address the underlying story? The bus tour is fake!

Anonymous said...

You address the mishap regarding the "time on the bus"

what is your reaction to finding out she actually is flying in a "luxury plane" but only tells people about the "bus"

The whole "bus" thing is to make it seem like she's a rugged woman traveling the great country .. where really she is thousands of miles above this "great country of ours" .... Hardly a "Bus Tour"

More like a Plane tour with the Bus used as a limo too and fro the airport (as someone else pointed out)

I still think this puppet lady should be the new image representing Palin! She would cringe! But the bone structure is soooo eerily similar!

(I mean the Peer's already call her "Madame" ) :D

Anonymous said...

Jessie Cornish
Palin is relevant? And news flash. Gov.Huckabee, as much as I can't stand the bigot, FINISHED HIS TERM. Thus, in entitled to the title of GOV. Palin quit.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of former Governor Huntsman of Utah who quit his term to become Ambassador to China. He is now called Ambassador Huntsman.
Sarah, too, should be titled with her new occupation: Jet-setting Unemployed Facebooker and Twitterer Palin to Real America. (JUFTPRA?)

Anonymous said...


You are back here defending your sweetheart because her husband is at home fixing the roof, aren't you?

That's your Palin family for you - family values like being together over the holidays when you haven't been with your partner for weeks.

Anonymous said...

Jesse - Palin doesn't need a title, remember?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Patrick, found this at the same place.

November 29th, 2009 | 5:55 pm | #118

November 29th, 2009 | 5:15 pm | #109

Why would a mother who just had a preemie/down syndrome baby bring her child to work after three days. Not anyone. Sarah Palin “presented” Trig in April, 2008, but he was not born in April, 2008, he was born earlier. If you know anything about preemie/down syndrome babies they do not look like the baby Sarah presented in April.

Mr. John Mark Reynolds, I appreciate your analysis of Ms. Palin’s book but you also need to look further into another lie, her pregnancy. Her water broke in Texas and she did not see a doctor, instead she flew back to Alaska to give birth. No flight attendant notice that she was pregnant.


That’s quite enough of your trash. Sarah Palin was pregnant…I was with her in Texas that weekend. Her water did NOT break, it leaked and then stopped. She didn’t go into labor. She spoke with her doctor before she flew home. The flight attendant did notice that she was pregnant, but said she didn’t appear to be in any distress or discomfort. Her doctor had to induce labor THE NEXT DAY in the hospital.

Take your lies and your garbage and go somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jesse,
Next time you communicate with the JUFTPRA, could you do Trig a favor and remind her that toddlers need shoes when walking in public parking lots -- little guy's gonna cut his feet up. Also, please remind her that toddlers should wear pants, long sleeved shirts and at least socks in winter -- if JUFTPRA feels the need to bundle up, then Trig should be bundled up, too.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
You address the mishap regarding the "time on the bus"

what is your reaction to finding out she actually is flying in a "luxury plane" but only tells people about the "bus"

The whole "bus" thing is to make it seem like she's a rugged woman traveling the great country .. where really she is thousands of miles above this "great country of ours" .... Hardly a "Bus Tour"

More like a Plane tour with the Bus used as a limo too and fro the airport (as someone else pointed out)"

Anonymous at 23:46m, I thought Governor Palin was flying in an aircraft, not an Apollo spacecraft.

However, to answer your question. I wish I had my own private jet. I am not envious of Palin's success or anyone else's for that matter.

In addition, I see no need to address the straw men that all of you have thrown up. Sarah Palin has never claimed she was driving from city to city on her bus. There is nothing to dispute here.

Rationalist said...

Anon at 23:40 -

Yep, me too. Must be the reason for the x-ray vision that allows us to see through her.

Anonymous said...

@ 00:02 - But clearly she has been trying to give that impression. Unless these folks lining up to see her have been consulting blogs such as this one, or have been examining her schedule closely and deducing that it's not humanly possible to travel between cities in the time alloted, they may reasonably be assuming that she's arriving after travelling on the bus, exclusively.

Rationalist said...

"That’s quite enough of your trash. Sarah Palin was pregnant…I was with her in Texas that weekend. Her water did NOT break, it leaked and then stopped. She didn’t go into labor. She spoke with her doctor before she flew home. The flight attendant did notice that she was pregnant, but said she didn’t appear to be in any distress or discomfort. Her doctor had to induce labor THE NEXT DAY in the hospital."

Excuse me....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

"It leaked and then stopped." I'm sorry, but ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That's the funniest thing I've read in ages. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

anon @00:00

Her water didn't break, it leaked and then stopped.
Oh boy. Once again, Sarah is "special" and has magical powers.
Once fluid is leaking, it does not stop. The membranes do not heal. Water breaking = fluid leaking.
The guy is good with his Plato and Aristotle, but has no clue when it comes to the processes of human birth. He should take his own advice -- he says not to quote a book if you haven't read it. He should not talk about labor and delivery if he hasn't either studied it or given birth himself (obviously, that isn't possible).

Well, what do you expect from a guy who readily admits he voted for Sarah Palin?

mommom said...


Why does Chuck never carry or hold Trig?

Anonymous said...

But Jesse, why the bus then? Don't you suppose she could have found a less expensive limo? Isn't she a fiscal conservative?

Anonymous said...

It's her own money, and she is entitled to do what she wants with it.

Anonymous said...

anon 00:14 -- nah, she's a limousine conservative.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you maybe ought to think that it's her publisher's money. Sarah is real good at spending other people's money. She left Wasilla millions in debt. She was Alaska's earmark queen, until this year when she acquired national ambitions.

Anonymous said...

btw, Jessie, thanks for Harper Collins driven traffic. good job

Anonymous said...

Let us never forget:

COURIC: You’ve cited Alaska’s proximity to Russia as part of your foreign policy experience.What did you mean by that?

PALIN: That Alaska has a very narrow maritime border between a foreign country, Russia, and on our other side, the land– boundary that we have with– Canada. It– it’s funny that a comment like that was– kind of made to– cari– I don’t know, you know? Reporters–


PALIN: Yeah, mocked, I guess that’s the word, yeah.

COURIC: Explain to me why that enhances your foreign policy credentials.

PALIN: Well, it certainly does because our– our next door neighbors are foreign countries.They’re in the state that I am the executive of. And there in Russia–

COURIC: Have you ever been involved with any negotiations, for example, with the Russians?

PALIN: We have trade missions back and forth. We– we do– it’s very important when you consider even national security issues with Russia as Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It’s Alaska. It’s just right over the border. It is– from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. They are right next to– to our state.

Anonymous said...

You can really spot a troll with an Internet Addiction.

Calling it as I see It said...

What is also so hilarious about these trolls is their childish way of taunting Patrick and Regina. It cracks me up. After seeing the quoted posts from Palin's supporters and the telling videos of those who stood around wearing their armbands to purchase her book, one is forced to wonder: Why bother replying? They're just not that smart. But it's good we have so many of them on film, and in the case of one troll in particular, an electronic footprint a mile wide.

Anonymous said...

Doubt if the bus pulled up to the airport to pick up Sarah as it would have caused too much attention. When flying by private airplane, the planes arrive at the FBO (fixed base operator) not the terminal. She probably jumped in a car and met up with the bus at an undisclosed location. Any inquiring mind could call the FBO and the nice little receptionist will probably tell you about her arrival and departure. They might also tell about how they had to refill the Dr. Pepper on the airplane or other special requests Sarah might make on the FBO. One time, Donald Trump sent the FBO to McDonalds for a sandwich as he didn't want to be seen in McDonalds.

I suggest to all those folks who do not want to stand in line to get Sarah's autograph they could meet her airplane at the FBO. With the flight tracker, someone could post the ETAs (estimated time of arrivals) at the pee site.

Anonymous said...

The bus will not probably at the hotel because they do not want any one to know where she is staying. The bus and bus driver are probably staying at another motel far from Sarah. She will arrive and leave at the hotel in a car.

You have not seen any video of her bus at the hotel. The bus may be parked over night in a locked lot so that no one draws horns on Sarah or alters the picture of her body.

wv scult s+cult

Anonymous said...

"Calling it as I see It said...
What is also so hilarious about these trolls is their childish way of taunting Patrick and Regina. It cracks me up. After seeing the quoted posts from Palin's supporters and the telling videos of those who stood around wearing their armbands to purchase her book, one is forced to wonder: Why bother replying? They're just not that smart. But it's good we have so many of them on film, and in the case of one troll in particular, an electronic footprint a mile wide."

Of course I am a troll. I live under the bridge, don't you know?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if employers will care about nonsensical political rightwing propaganda when they Google potential employees after looking at their resumes. Oh, wait. They already do...

Anonymous said...

Jesse, did you follow that link to the John Mark Reynolds post?
I respectfully suggest you do so.
You might be able to dismiss most of the posters here, but trust me, once you read the words of JMR, you will never be able to get them out of your head.
She's no Christian. She's not honest. Her book was full of made up junk. I know, because I've been following Palin since BEFORE the election. Most of it APPEARS to be saying something, but very little actually is said. Much of it is outright lies.
I tried, I really tried to read her book with an open mind.
It would give me great pleasure, actually, to have a real, bona fide 'of the people, by the people' populist candidate.
A successful one. An honest one. That's not Sarah Palin.
She's a grifter. I don't think she started out that way -- all I can say is, that she has gotten much much worse since the election. It seriously twisted whatever soul she had in the first place.
I urge you, follow the link and read what a thoughtful, honest, courageous Christian - one who USED to support Palin, but who no longer can - has to say about Sarah Palin.
And then write back and tell me you can shake his words out of your head.

Anonymous said...

another "double post" as I just put this on Bree's site.. sorry people if you are reading it twice


i read this:

When your water breaks, the trickle is continuous, it won't stop. When mine broke it wasn't a gush, it was just like I was losing a bit of urine. But then it didn't stop. Two of my friends lost their waters in a gush though. - anj7

If Sarah is trying to keep her "story" straight why doesn't she just say she peed herself??

and :
Water Breaks During Pregnancy - 40 Weeks Pregnant -- Your ...
If the flow stops, it's urine. If it doesn't, it's amniotic fluid. If your water breaks and the fluid is green or brown, be sure to call your practitioner ...

Palin's labor story should include I PEED MY PANTS!!

Finally gives credance to C4"Peer's" :D

Anonymous said...

oh Jessie Corny

once again you bring up the "jealousy" thing

Good Lawd? Why on earth would anyone be jealous of her?

Paheez don't say her Money.. gag
Money doesn't buy happiness she has made that painfully obvious

Or her fame...
She's a tabloid freak and you know it. Her FANs look just as freaky and all the video footage proves that

or ..dear lord..her Looks
Oh my.. I could go on and on about that one

sjk from the belly of the plane said...


Don't obsess about the small shit, flying, driving, etc.

She may have been on the bus to the event whilst "twitting" after getting off zee plane. We all know she is flyin' and lyin'.


Time for the 'coupe de grace'. The last stand. waterloo and baby poo.


Anonymous said...

From Wiki (below) I see that an amniotic leak can heal. And Palin's doctor could tell that Palin would be that kind of lucky. ON A PHONE CALL!!!

Preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) is a condition where the amniotic sac leaks fluid before 38 weeks of gestation. This can be caused by a bacterial infection or by a defect in the structure of the amniotic sac, uterus, or cervix. In some cases, the leak can spontaneously heal, but in most cases of PPROM, labor begins within 48 hours of membrane rupture. When this occurs, it is necessary that the mother receive treatment to avoid possible infection in the newborn.

Anonymous said...

On Moore Up North Tank says there will be a book and he calls the Palins The Beverly Hillbillies!

Mark Gillar said...

Why don't you apply your eagle eye to Dreams from My Father. There is strong evidence Bill Ayers wrote a big part of it. Furthermore, your comment about words could easily apply to these three:

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the troll patrol is loose on Palingates tonight.

Anonymous said...

For whatever reason, Palin's Gulfstream is headed towards Teterboro Airport in New Jersey right now, a short drive to Manhatten.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Gillar
While this is completely off topic and not at all what this blog is about, and no, there is no evidence that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams from My Father, I am just curious: when GW Bush was POTUS, were you of the same opinion as the rest of the GOP and the MSM, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. that criticizing the POTUS was equivalent to high treason and/or anti-American?
Have you read Dreams from My Father?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mark Gillar

You strike me as such a scholarly soul

Now that seems like a credible website name to me!

Good Lord.. can only be one of Palin's crew !

I dared to go to that gutter site and front and center is Palin's legs in her banana shoes..err Monkey

and her running shorts Newsweek photo (with the flag DRAPED over like a prop) saying the RAPING of Palin
HA! What a goof.
A photo she posed for ..even got those fancy hair extensions for the occasion

Marky Marky Mark... oh my

(Trust me Mr. Mark is Jessie Cornball in disguise. They think using their "real names" - well "real made up names" is proving some point that they aren't anonymous pj bloggers that their Queen wah wah's over)

oh dear wv: Iowamyob ("I owe my OB".. Sarah does owe her OB for lying ! :D )

Ignore Trolls said...

Come on people, just ignore these spineless trolls.

They're only over here because they have their own doubts about Palin. They are as screwed up as she is.

They can't deal with the reality of Palin and instead change the subject, topic or question a person that has nothing to do with Palin herself.

Just skip over their messages. It's really not that tough!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry -- guilty as charged (attempted engagement of troll). I just caught so much flack for what I thought was justified criticism of Bush's invasion of Iraq, destruction of the economy, etc (un-American, traitor, etc) under the previous administration, that I really wanted to know how such people justify their constant attempts to skewer President Obama with silly lies, not even anything he's done as President.
Anyway, JesseMark seems to have left now, or is coming up with a new identity. I'll just ignore him/her/it in the future and stick to Palin.
And, yes, I do know there are plenty of respectable, good Republicans on this site. If anything I've said has offended you, I am truly sorry. It's the hypocrisy that gets to me, not the differences of opinion and political philosophy.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Bill Ayers, you will find no support for him from me. But, apart from the mechanical/chronological impossibilities of him being the 'author' or 'ghost writer'. . .evidence to the contrary can be found in his own writing/words.
If you have ever read anything that he has written, you would KNOW that the man CANNOT write, cannot speak clearly and concisely.
He's fairly dim, and only landed on his feet in Chicago because he has a wealthy, forgiving father who is influential.

sandra said...

The trolls are probably coming here because there is nothing going on in the conservative sites. The curtain has been lifted on the real Wizard of Oz.

onething said...

This is a fabulous article, well written and filled with apt criticisms by someone who voted for her. But he bends over backwards to give her credit where it is NOT due. He thinks she did a good job as governor, for example, and says the is obviously bright. Yet he constantly notes her lack of ideas and doesn't connect the dots. A bright, politically active person almost HAS to have ideas. He also notes that in her discussion of her college years she says absolutely nothing about her professors or classes or what she learned that really meant something to her. Yet, instead of realizing that she is vapid and empty and NOT bright, he comes to the amazing conclusion that college must be a waste of time for most people, and that it has little impression on most young people! Rather than realizing that the problem is Sarah.

Anonymous said...

@anon 00:22 Right On! Please, from time to time remind us of Sarah's clearly focused political thinking, her uncanny way of choosing exactly the right words to express herself and get her point across. Too bad that we are missing the finger waving and that voice!

My favorite from the Couric interview was the one that Tina Fey did on SNL, using Palin's own words, excactly.

Another memorable moment was when Sarah described McCain as a Maverick (like herself). Couric asked how McCain could be considered a maverick when he voted 95% of the time with his party. Could Sarah please give just one example of McCain acting as a maverick? Asked and asked again, Palin floundered and then stumbled out "I'll go out and find some and bring 'em to ya."

Please keep reminding us of how poorly Sarah did in those Couric interviews. She wasn't ambushed; she didn't prepare. And there didn't need to be 8 pages of excuses, except "the cat ate my homework."

Anonymous said...

More from the same reviewer

First sentence reads:

This was a bad and unhelpful book.

Anonymous said...

I came to make a point and show Patrick (why does a European care about Sarah Palin anway?) to be the fool and liar he is. I didn't expect any of you to try and refute my reasoning, as you can't.

There is little that I need say here.

sandra said...

Jesse is pathetic. He focuses on individuals rather than concepts. He needs to grow up a bit before he plays at the grown up table.

Anonymous said...

"There is little that I need say here."

That is most welcome and excellent news!
Too bad you failed at your stated goal.
Buh bye.

Ha! The word verification thingy agrees; it's asking me to type "laters."

Anonymous said...

JC's comment @4:53 proves what I said a few weeks ago. There are some people who would love to shut this blog down, think of Audrey. You aren't fooling me JC.

Anonymous said...


You were WITH Palin in texas? yea, right.

We believe you. totally. ahem. where's that brigdge again? Oh yea. To nowhere.

And here's my list of why I am NOT Jelous of Palin.
1. My husband does not let me out of his sight, and is with me every night, no matter where I might be or vice versa.
2. my children never have had to come home from a date to say , um mom? The stick has a line....
3. I busted my butt to advance my career, then when children came along, I brought it home to raise them.
4. My husband tells me how pretty I am, how beautiful, etc. He said Palin is 'plasitc' looking and does not see what the horney man party (of which I'm sure Jessee is a part of) sees in her.
5. My voice is much sexier than her high pitched squeel.
6. My braincells are in operation at all times. No dumb stuff slips from my lips, and if it should, I can blame only me - not the press, not others. Me. I take responsiblity.
7. My sons have only been in court once in their lives. That's when we adopted them. Never has a judge had to give them the unltimatum of military or jail.
8. My daughters are not working 2 jobs. In fact, they are not even working one. Educatation is too important for our family.
9. Everything on me is real.
10. Everything about me is real.

Actually, I can see how Palin would be jelous of ME! I have it all! Great family, great (and sexy) hubby, had a good career, good education and I have real friends around me, not yes ma'am ers.

Anonymous said...

"7. My sons have only been in court once in their lives. That's when we adopted them. Never has a judge had to give them the unltimatum of military or jail."

Prove what your saying about Track.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes community college instructors use Google to see what students are writing online.

Calling Bill Shatner said...

I'm so glad she's tweeting again; I've missed Shatner's segments on Conan! Woo-hoo! I'll bet it's time for more!

sg said...

SP's main competitor for the GOP evangelical vote is toast.

It turns out that Huckabee, when he was governor of Arkansas, pardoned the guy who just murdered four cops in Washington state.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has a crush on Patrick...he keeps visiting and neeing more attention!!!

sg said...

@Ignore Trolls:

Well said!

Rationalist said...

Hello everyone - I just want to emphasize something an anonymous poster linked, above - a fascinating conversation at a Christian conservative website. Andrew Sullivan links it here:

but here's the original post, with many thoughtful comments.

There are some annoying Palin supporters there, but everyone else is informed, curious, skeptical and openminded. I was pleasantly surprised. Check it out.

Patrick said...

Jesse Cornish,

I just wanted to say that I still love you.

I also have a request: Could you please get in touch with Mr Van Flein and tell him that he should sue me, because it's still a FACT that Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy with Trig.

Quick, quick, hurry, Jesse - Mr Van Flein URGENTLY wants to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

You're good for a laugh, Patrick, but not much else. Go ahead, continue your boasting about your "facts". Very few care. Soon no one will care after a while.

Van Flein won't sue you. You are barely worth the effort to deliver a response via comments.

Patrick said...


I hope it will give you consolation to know that you are loved.

Inspired by Sarah Palin I found a quote by Aristotle in the internet:

"A whole is that which has beginning, middle and end."

Let me tell you that we are currently somewhere in the middle. ;-)

conscious at last said...

Patrick --

Thanks for a good laugh- pure brilliance !

ProChoiceGrandma said...

OMG, have you seen Leah Burton's site God's Own Party? Huckabee's religion was the reason he pardoned the man who just murdered the 4 police officers in Washington state.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...


No one is going to sue you. You are of so little importance that what you say has no effect on anyones lives except for those few readers still clinging to the hope that you know what you are talking

Really? Who are you? A nobody. No one cares what you say enough to even complain. The media thinks you are a joke. It wouldn't even matter if you posted a correction to your lies at all because no one cares what you say anyway.

If you really had good intentions you would delete the post, but you have no morals and want people to see your lies. That is your character and it shows with every nasty lie you spread.

You are easily contained, because of the falsehoods you spread. Your God complex is kinda wierd given the fact that you have no actual power.

Just sit tight and wait for Levis book...haha. He wont spill babygate and that is a FACT! But he might give you some little embarassing stories that will give you something to drool over.

Patrick said...

Anon 15:10

You say:

"Just sit tight and wait for Levis book...haha. He wont spill babygate and that is a FACT!"

So you are saying that babygate is real. Good!

All the best from Patrick, the nobody.

Molly said...

Two cents:

Sarah misspelled "senselessly" in her last tweet. (I know, I know, very very petty of me)and wants families of cops in WA to be comforted by "God". I would hope she would be hoping that the shooter is caught and punished. Should God maybe help find the shooter?


Tank said Levi's book will show people that Sarah does not walk on water. Some people are still in thrall to her and need to be introduced to the reality of Saint Sarah.

Check out Shannyn Moore's interview with Tank Jones. I enjoyed it. :)

Anonymous said...

As long as you realize that you are a nobody, and that you are just playing around here Im happy that you have this place to keep yourself occupied.

You really should see somebody though, its not healthy to be so obsessed over a strangers vaginal activities.

Medication might help you lead a more productive life.

Anonymous said...

Lynnrockets is featuring "Leaving on a Jet Plane," to celebrate Sarah's Jet-setter book tour.

Anonymous said...


It is kinda petty... I would hope that human beings would think about the welfare of the victims first... before seeking justice.

Come on now... pick on the things that matter. This just makes us look like petty, jealous brats.

Anonymous said...

Let me enlighten you all to the FACTS.

The bloggers who supposedly know about babygate know that it will not hurt Sarah, but draw her sympathy and some will see her in a new light for the sacrifices that she made to protect another. They wait to tell you because they have not yet figured out how to make it look bad on Sarah. They have not yet figured out how to use it against her without giving her a boost in public opinion. They wont be able to make her look bad with what they think they have discovered.

You all are wasting your time if you are hoping that it will bring her down. It wont, if it comes to light. It was not done to protect her image and if the story comes out you will all realize that.

Those that pushed it will be the ones who look bad and the media will definately spin it that way. FACT. The vendetta against this woman in this way will be viewed badly by the court of public opinion.

I wouldnt want to be those that outed the secrets of a child who was wronged. The backlash wont be pretty.

Rationalist said...

Hey Anon at 16:51 - do you not see that those children are being wronged by Palin? On this book tour, Trig is dragged out at every stop, often underdressed, missing out on the early interventions a child with Down Syndrome needs. Piper is not in school, but is traveling the country taking care of her little brother - no friends along - how lonely must she be?

Anonymous said...


Maybe a blog dedicated to the lies, exaggerations, and falsehoods spread by Palingates and its writers is in order.

Might be fun to shed a light on the true intentions and delusions of these people. And at the very least it would destroy any shred of credibility you still try to cling to.

Because FACTS are too hard for people like you to overcome.

Time to get to work... I cant wait to post some of the comments here...

Anonymous said...

Omigod Call out the National Guard !

Sarah Palin lied on her Twitter !!

Omigod I'm pissing my pants - Sarah Palin lied !!

Seriously, to this neutral bystander you guys are worse than the C4P-eer's

Anonymous said...

So Rationalist,

You think that is a good enough reason to out the secrets of another child who desperately wants to keep her hurt private.

Because you dont like how Sarah Palin parents her children? You think that makes it OK to make another child suffer more.

Anonymous said...

Update: Palin has the lead according to the Washington Post.

11. (ASKED OF LEANED REPUBLICANS) Thinking about Republican leaders today - which one person best reflects the core values of the Republican Party?

Sarah Palin 18
John McCain 13
Mike Huckabee 7
Mitt Romney 6
Newt Gingrich 4

16. (ASKED OF LEANED REPUBLICANS) If the 2012 Republican presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, for whom would you vote?

Sarah Palin 17
Mike Huckabee 10
Mitt Romney 9
John McCain 7
Newt Gingrich 2
Bobby Jindal 1
Ron Paul 1
Rudy Giuliani 1
Tim Pawlenty 1

Update #2: Only 24% of the adults polled say they would definitely vote to re-elect Obama in 2012. 41% of the adults polled say they definitely would not vote for him.

Yeah, looks like your gossip mongering isnt hurting Palin at all. Keep up the mediocre work!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 16:01 said:
"Let me enlighten you all to the FACTS."

I am drumming my fingers on my desk, waiting for all those "FACTS" with which you were going to enlighten us. Not one fact did you provide.

I consider FACTS to be verifiable pictures, verifiable documents or verifiable witnesses. And through great effort and truly resourceful and talented people, we have enough to PROVE that Sarah Palin was not pregnant with Trig. And, IMO, there is enough evidence to PROVE that Bristol was pregnant in 2007/early 2008 and, unless she aborted that baby and replaced it with Trig, Bristol is Trig's biological mother.

It seems that you agree with me that consanguinity is involved. That is still no reason for Sarah to FAKE a pregnancy, but I believe that is why she did fake her 6 week pregnancy, after McCain won the Republican nomination on 3-4-08.

Anonymous said...

To whoever is implying that Saint Sarah faked a pregnancy to protect a child --
You are almost as full of hot air as Sarah herself.
Your implication is that a child was being sexually abused and got pregnant, and that Sarah faked a pregnancy and adopted the baby the child had to protect the child.
That isn't protecting a child who's being sexually abused. That is basically condoning the abuse. That is saying the resulting pregnancy is the only thing wrong with the abuse.
If you know a child is being sexually abused, you call the police, have the perp arrested, prosecuted, publicly humiliated in the public square and thrown in prison for the rest of his life. You get the child therapy. You do not force the child to have the baby, then adopt the baby and ignore the problem that made the baby in the first place.
If that isn't what you are saying then quit being so subtle. Just say what you mean. You can talk about a child without using the child's name or parentage.

Anonymous said...


Palinistas seem to have the problem of confusing the word fact with the word claim.

You are admirable for trying, though. :)

Anonymous said...


Oh yes I did provide you with FACTS. The fact that you are never going to prove what you hope to prove. And the hopes you pin on Patrick and others are wasted.

And obviously to sane people you DO NOT have enough to prove anything. You have not been able to do so and with your current evidence you cannot do so.

If you had proof the media would pay attention.

No need to lie about your proof. But you did say it was your opinion. Your opinion is not going to get you very far.

patricia said...

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly had the following quote that seems applicable:

The people that you have to lie to, own you. The things you have to lie about, own you. When your children see you owned, they are not your children any more, they are the children of what owns you. If money owns you, they are the children of money. If your need for pretense and illusion owns you, they are the children of pretense and illusion. If your fear of loneliness owns you, they are the children of loneliness. If your fear of the truth owns you, they are the children of fear of the truth. –Michael Ventura

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16:47

Just because you dont know the details doesnt mean it hasnt been handled.

Alaskans know how to keep things from your eyes.

A childs pain is not for your public consumption, and the authorities in Alaska would never allow it to be.

Disgusting that you think the world should know even if the victim does not want you to.

Anonymous said...

@16:52 - Why are you hear if there is nothing to see?
Your worries are transparent. Take your "claims" to your own blog, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

So Scarah quit the 5K Turkey Trot benefiting the Red Cross. She stopped running before the finish line and her fans, who had been waiting to see her at the finish line, were upset.

Why were they surprised? All the woman ever does is quit.

Quit governor's office. Quit being any kind of real mother to her own needy children (not dressing Trig properly while dragging him around on tour, dragging him out of bed to meet the crowds at 11:35pm at night, denying Trig the use of glasses and hearing aids and interrupting his critical therapy at this time in his life; dragging Piper and Willow out of school for weeks; etc.)

Quitting a race is what will happen again in the future if she tries to run for President in 2012. People who are thinking about donating to her for that should put their hard-earned money to better use because it's like throwing money down a sinkhole. The woman is an antimatter vortex into the deepest reaches of hell. Let her implode with her own hubris.

Anonymous said...

Oops, meant to say: "Why are you here?"

Anonymous said...

The Washington Post article is long, and can be viewed in many different ways. Towards the end, these paragraphs are important:

"One year out from the 2006 midterm elections, 76 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaners said the leadership of the party was taking it in the right direction; now, 49 percent say so."

None of the Republican possible candidates can collect even 20% of their own party's vote right now. That's right, Sarah does not have 20% of Republicans supporting her.

Writing about Sarah Palin, the article concludes:

"Nearly nine in 10 see the news media's treatment of Palin as unfair.

But that does not mean they are ready to get behind her, or any other potential candidate, to take on Obama. Perhaps no single indicator reveals the party's current fractures as do the poll's findings on the question of who Republicans are looking to in 2012: About four in 10 said they do not have an opinion or cited "nobody" as their preferred candidate."

Conclusion: The Conservative wing of the Republicans is splitting the party. Let's all cheer for Michele Bachmann's T-Baggers Convention next year. Sarah is going to be the keynote speaker.

And, which candidate will Sarah support in Arizona's race for senator? Her old running mate, John McCain or the super duper conservative guy that her new friends support. What a nice problem!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17:00

Poor behavior should be called out. If you dont like it dont make it public.

Anonymous said...

What a load of horse pucky, and nice strawman.
The perp needs to be in prison. Perps are adults. Perps are prosecuted publicly. This can easily be done with no one knowing the victim, and is done routinely. I know intimately what I'm talking about.
Faking a pregnancy to hide sexual abuse is not protecting a child. It is protecting a perp. It could only be done to prevent his actions from seeing the light of day. If this is what Sarah did, she should be in prison for helping to cover up what I consider, and what most courts consider one of the worst crimes there is.
Forcing a child to give birth to a rapist's baby is child abuse.
I have to go to work now.
You make me sick.

ella said...

@16:31 - OK - 17% of the 20% (20% is the number of Americans who are now Republican) will support Sarah.
Gee, 17% of 20% - THAT oughta get her into the White House - NOT!

Anonymous said...

"The perp needs to be in prison. Perps are adults. Perps are prosecuted publicly. This can easily be done with no one knowing the victim, and is done routinely."

One... You dont know that this did not happen.

Two... You dont know that the "perp" is an adult.

Anonymous said...

@17:05 - Are you the Internet Police?

Please ask Sarah to buy some new memes. We are tired of the old memes; you've been using them for 14 months now. It's so boring. Other celebrities can afford new memes; that's why stars have a PR and marketing staff.

Who is in charge of your memes?

It is now the end of 2009. Your defense should now encompass all of the events of this year.

Anonymous said...

With Alaskas rates of sexual abuse and rape would we even hear about a perp without knowing who the victim is to make it news.

Im quite sure many people are jailed that we never even hear about.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some criminal record searches are in order?

Anonymous said...

Thank you to those of you who are highlighting the statistical facts, as they stand. I am as horrified by Palin and her ilk as anyone here, but I do think we need to keep this group in proper perspective. Their chances of electing a fringe fundamentalist to the offices of President or Vice President of the United States are actually quite slim, as shown by these latest poll numbers. The reality is that most Americans generally fall somewhere in the middle in terms of beliefs, support for policies, etc. As we know, also, many fiscal conservatives are social progressives, so it's more of a continuum than a black and white issue, at least at this point in time. If we can keep shining a spotlight on this tiny but loud group, they will have to stay on the sidelines, politically speaking. People voted for McCain - Palin mostly to support the GOP ticket, to vote against Obama, and perhaps for some because she is a woman. I would bet the fundamentalist bloc was relatively small. Nothing that could be decisive in an election. They are good at grabbing publicity and coverage, all while not being forthcoming about their ideas, that much it true. They are very cunning, for if their ideas were worthy ones, they wouldn't have to hide them so.

Barb Dwyer said...

"Alaskans know how to keep things from your eyes."

Ummmm. Did you pick this up by watching the Travel channel? What utter nonsense and uneducated drivel. The only "Alaskan" keeping anything from anyone's eyes is Parnell hiding those emails under duress from his Queen.

I love how some lonely, lilly white, viagra popping loser down south is now speaking for Alaskans. Here's a newsflash FROM Alaska. We aren't hiding anything, that's what Parnell and his cronies are doing. When we aren't laughing our ass off at the people who are still giving her money, (thanks for contributing to the economy of Alaska by the way) real Alaskans are working to expose her for the fraud she is.

We know first hand about her pathological lying, the destruction she has caused everywhere she's been and her criminal acts. Babygate is only a small part of her problems. The fact you don't realize that makes it clear you are NOT from Alaska, thus you really need to stop speaking for Alaskans. Period!

Anonymous said...

As much as I would enjoy watching Palin navigate two years of campaigning (explaining her "policies" to Bill O'Reilly, etc.), she doesn't have the stamina or the drive for such hard work. She can't even live on a bus for a book tour.

She is not a serious political candidate. Her book should be called "POLITICS FOR DUMMIES."

She's done NOTHING to "grow" her numbers. She's done the opposite of what EVERYONE told her to do.

Anonymous said...

Even if Sarah Palin was protecting someone (or someones) by faking a pregnancy, the level of detail in her story, the fact that she keeps going back to it, over and over and over, shows that she lies with relish. This is a character issue, I don't care who she is protecting. All she had to say was, "I will not discuss my pregnancy with Trig any further. It is/was a private family matter and it is no one's business." That's all she needed to say when people started questioning her about it. Believe it or not, we might have gotten the message and left it alone. There certainly are plenty of other questionable things about Sarah Palin worth our time and attention. Instead, she just digs herself in deeper and deeper, making statements on the record, flat out lies. All with a smile and nary a flinch. This will reflect badly on her character, I am 100% certain, regardless of her reasons for telling these lies. That is why she doesn't just get it over with and let people know that she faked a pregnancy to protect loved ones. She knows her behavior has been, and continues to be, very disturbing - by most people's standards.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way we can check criminal records for any kind of sexual abuse reported in the Wasilla area in the last 2 years?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16:47 - you beat me to a response but I will write anyway because I am so mad I am shaking. As a 45 year old woman of childhood sexual abuse I would like to tell the poster that @ 16:47 is replying to a few things. You are insinuating that this is what happened and justification of the cover up. I am shaking as i write but it is so important to let everyone know that hiding it, pretending it never happened can sometimes be worse than the actual event. You are carelessly throwing that out here with no regard that others have experienced what you are saying. Much like the pregnancy stories, women know it's not true we can all discuss it till doomsday but women know this story is bunk. So the poster who is saying that hiding, and shaming a child who is the victim of sexual abuse and that people here on this blog haven't showed sympathy for all of those children you should be careful of what you say. There are people here to testify that if what you are proposing is true that only furthers the abuse it doesn't help at all. I still cry when I think of how hard it was for me to get family to admit what happened to me, they were so caught up in presenting the image of a perfect family.

Anonymous said...

The person Sarah Palin is protecting the most is herself. And her political ambitions. If her daughter was pregnant twice within 2 years, it surely would disqualify her as a serious candidate. If she can't supervise or have influence over her children, then why would anyone allow her to run the United States of America, much less be leader of the Free World? She and her handlers know that would obliterate her chances. Exposing this coverup now, after all this time, would do the same thing. And if people realized that the GOP had a hand in this coverup, regardless if it started out as essentially a personal matter - well, their lack of respect for full disclosure, their comfort with this kind of deceitful secrecy, it would be absolutely chilling to most people. And chin up, Patrick, you are surely the opposite of a "nobody"! Thanks for all your hard work.

Liz I. said...

@17:42--You are spot on. I didn't care last year and don't care now who Trig's birth mother is. What I did care about then and still am outraged over now are Palin's continuing lies about Trig's birth. Her account of the "wild ride" never did hold water (bad pun intended) and, as with her many other lies, gets more inconsistent each time she talks about it, er, embroiders it.

"It's personal" is fine. "I began having signs of labor in Texas, flew back to Alaska, drove to Wasilla, had a DS baby 5 weeks premature with jaundice and a heart problem but took him to the office 3 days later" is an insult to our intelligence and evidences that Palin is a chronic and compulsive liar.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, if Palin had just been truthful about these issues and allowed justice to be done, providing a teachable, if painful, opportunity for the entire country....well, she is appealing enough (sorry, it's true) that she could have come through as a champion - particularly for victim's rights, as people have correctly pointed out. I think the fact that she didn't have the courage to do this is because it would show all the world how dysfunctional and sick her family is. It would show her to be inattentive as a mother, perhaps. And in her small, ambitious mind, it would "ruin" her. That's all she cared about, over every other consideration. Many people have overcome this kind of thing, but it must be done with honesty. The only other possibility is that it would reflect poorly on her marriage somehow...could Trig be Todd's?

Anonymous said...

I agree anon@18:03. I believe she and her family would have received respect and the privacy they needed if they had just been honest about what happened. Think about it - she would have been a heroine standing proudly and protecting/defending her daughter. The sick hiding, the toxic denial just keeps the healing from happening.

snowbilly said...

Joe Mcginnis of Daily Beast:

More than two weeks ago, quoting Andreadis, USA Today reported that Palin would be “making two and sometimes three stops a day, traveling in a bus painted with the cover of her book.” And just before the tour started, Palin herself said on her Facebook page: “I’ll post our progress from the road.”


The bottom line is that the plane’s goings and comings track Palin’s tour perfectly: from Grand Rapids to Washington, Pa. and then to Rochester, N.Y., Roanoke, Va., Fayetteville, N.C., Birmingham, Ala., and Jacksonville and Orlando.

On November 25, the plane carried Palin, her parents, her two youngest children and her Aunt Katie to Pasco, Washington, for Thanksgiving. And there it sat, at Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco, for four full days,

See the article, here.

News travels, too. Also.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:53, your story rings so very true, and tears my heart. My family never did admit what happened to me; instead, I had to move away and refuse to play the "everything's fine" game with them. I'm still in therapy, but fortunately I'm raising a healthy family with no abuse, no unhealthy secrets, and no "perfect family" pretense.

Patrick said...

New post up!

Also: Many thanks to Joe McGinniss from the Daily Beast for this great story about the "fake bus tour" - the story which started right here at Palingates a few days ago!

Anonymous said...


I kinda do think there is a difference when a public person may have something happen. For most people that have had this tragedy happen to them, it is not plastered on every grocery aisle magazine, all over the news, etc.

For most people no one knows unless you tell them.

For the child of a politician it would be everywere, they could not escape the fact that everyone knows, going to school where everyone knows, thats gotta be hard. Doesn't mean they are not getting help, but I can imagine that it would be so much harder to have it become a national news story than being able to heal on your own within your own family.

I can see the difference, and if this did happen, we have no idea how this young girl has chosen to deal with it, and I wont critize her way of dealing.

Anonymous said...

@18:19 - which child of a politician are you talking about? Are you talking about how Bristol Palin was sooo protected by her mom? Because Palin outed her pregnancy on national TV AND made her become a National Abstinence Spokesperson for Candies Foundation. Additionally, Bristol was featured on the cover of PEOPLE with her baby. Is this the "protection" you are discussing?

Anonymous said...

I dont know if its Bristol, it could be any child near Sarah Palin. I just used "her" child as an example. If the anon posters assumptions are true, then I can understand why she doesn't want it to become a national news story.
It is different for a public person than for a private citizen you have to admit.

If this happened this way I feel for the girl, and if this is the way she wants to deal with it, who am I or anyone else to question how she chooses to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Hey neutral are going to be pissing your pants for a long time then because The Daily Beast and The Daily Dish are reporting Patrick and Snowbilly's story....I think it won't be long before the Huffington Post picks it up as well.

Anonymous said...

@18:35 - you ignored my points. Please answer my points. Palin:

1) Exposed Bristol's pregnancy at the GOP convention
2) Made her a National spokesperson for Abstinence after she had delivered at least one child.
3) Put her on the cover of PEOPLE numerous times--the last time in a graduation gown holding her baby.

How is this "protecting" a child?

Anonymous said...

@18:35 - Palin MADE Bristol into a national celebrity. How does that keep it "private"?

Ruth said...

@ 16:57 patricia,
Well said and very true.

My Republican mother always said not to lie bc lies grow, you have to keep telling more lies and remember them and keep them straight. Lying is for losers, a no win situation.

The shadow Palin casts with her suspicious behaviors reflects on the entire GOP now. That is why those like my mother will not remain in th GOP as they see it i not longer the same. It is the beast McCain/Palin created. What Palin is doing is more than a simple fraud case regarding a state gov. She teamed with a man that lied and covered mistakes and crimes most of his adult life. They both
deserve the truth to come out and do their time. McCain will probably die first, but his legacy will lay out that he was a bigger con and crook then his mafia father in law.

Posing as what you are not and seeking an elected office is the tip of an iceberg. What more would she do and for what? How did someone Palin make it to a VP candidate? Future frauds most be prevented, all can learn from these lessons.

Thank you deeply Regina, Patrick, Kathleen and all that keep the light burning for the truth.

Anonymous said...

@ 30 November 2009 18:35

No one wants certain things to be known or made public. That is not always reality. You don't need to be a public person or famous to be in the news. Ship happens! It is how you handle yourself. Famous or not.

Bristol may remain a pathetic person in private and public but it is her own doings that cause people to stop feeling for her. If she is innocent she needs to tell her story. She needs to tell it either way. Like Todd, she may be charged with contempt and who knows what before it is all told. The Palins are lowlife, Bristol did not fall far from their tree. As an adult grifter she must pay her dues like the others.

As it is now, she looks like an adult partaker in the biggest fraud of the century. I have no sympathy for criminals or for those that stay silent when they could help the truth. If she tells her story, we may learn she was a victim who deserves some consideration. Charles Manson's childhood was more pathetic, it is not an excuse. Bristol's treatment of her friend since childhood, Levi's girl Lananci, and other famous Bristol doings screams she was born to be a grifter for life. Save your feelings for Trig,Tripp and th Balloon Boy. The children that are being taught to lie by those like Bristol. You don't see her standing up for Trig or Tripp when it comes to abuse and neglect (currently on the campaign tour). The whole family needs to come up on charges for what they do to the children. It is more than disgusting to watch it being past down for generations. All the enablers are guilty.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah was helping someone by faking the pregnancy, she could have said "no thanks!" to McCain's offer to be his running mate.

She even had the perfect way out of the campaign by resigning. "My kids need me! I did not realize the toll this would take on my special needs child."

She could have left the kids in Alaska, saying they needed to be in school.

She had opportunity at every turn to gain sympathy by keeping it all private.

She chose to go public.

Anonymous said...

20:59 ~~ If Sarah was helping someone by faking the pregnancy, she could have said "no thanks!" to McCain's offer to be his running mate. She chose to go public.

She did make her own choices. As do the others.

Anonymous said...

I notice the trolls from sea of pee drum on how pathetic it is that people are preoccupied with something like a presidential campaigns person faking a pregnancy. With her vaginal issues.

Look all you lobotomized morons. What don't you understand about presidential campaigns? A certain level of honesty is required.

If child abuse was the issue and is being covered up, why?

Everything out of this womans mouth seems to be a pathological lie.

She can't seem to tell the truth, ever.

Forever Anonymous said...

Sarah shows tight abs and tell you why she hid the pregnancy. The bots ate it all up.

wv= undess hehe