Friday, 27 November 2009

Pat and Palin (and more) - UPDATE: Andrew Halcro takes aim!

I just found this great article, which is also a nice Thanksgiving read.

You will find out at the end of the article who Pat is (it's not me, of course, nor our special friend Pat Dougherty).

The beginning of the article reads:

"Pat does not like Sarah Palin.

If Pat doesn't like Sarah Palin, than I would feel pretty confident stating Republicans need to stay away from giving Palin the go-ahead nomination for 2012.Pat is as Independent as they come. She's registered Independent and true to form, she has voted for Democrats and voted for Republicans. She does not vote based on party, but for the person who she feels will be a stronger leader.

Pat does not like Palin.

Pat did like Candidate Obama, and thought he would be a much better President than the one that was currently in office (Dick Cheney- her words, not mine) and she had no problem saying she would never vote for McCain for one reason: If McCain kicked the bucket, Palin would be her President.

And, Pat does not like Palin."

Continue with the article HERE.


All this "Pat" stuff inspired me to take a look at the Anchorage Daily News, and what a surprise: The ADN published a good article called "Palin's anti-intellectualism dangerous", written by Alaska Professor Steve Haycox.

Although I really like what the ADN has done there, is still strikes me like kicking a dead corpse. When Sarah Palin was the Governor, you wouldn't find those articles in the ADN. Am I unfair? Probably - after all, I am just a non-commercial citizen blogger, and I have no boss asking me whether the urgently needed revenue from the State of Alaska will arrive this year as usual!


Andrew Sullivan has published another very revealing article about the affairs of Sarah Palin, and about the non-existing fact-checking by Harper Collins in particular. He writes:

"You also wonder whether any fact-checking was done at HarperCollins. Well: you don't have to wonder. They had no fact-checkers at Harper Collins when they marketed my book (I had to hire two of my own). A random blog, I'd wager, has more factual reliability than a book published by Jonathan Burnham and edited by Adam Bellow. Yes: Adam Bellow. Editing Sarah Palin. What a stunning emblem that is of so much."



I almost had overlooked the most important article of the day, but an invaluable source in Alaska alerted me to it!

Andrew Halcro has taken off the kid gloves! In a must-read, long article on his blog, the former Republican AK State Representative, successful business-owner and challenger in the primaries against Republican Don Young for his congressional seat, blows Sarah Palin to smitterens.

He writes:

"(…) Those who line up to buy her book are disillusioned by the perceived East/West coast "elitist, smarty pants" mentality that they believe looks to the heartland with a disparaging eye. Talk about a red herring.

Do the parents in Port Washington, Pennsylvania really hope their kids grow up "not smart enough" to have a shot at getting into the best (dare I say elite) colleges in the country?

Ironically, the people in rural America are supported heavily by the federal income tax dollars that flow from East and West coast inhabitants, that pay their farm subsidies, auto industry bailouts and Ma and Pa Jones Medicare and Social security.

But they apparently want a return to the simple times when you could gather around the kitchen table and not worry about the complexities of a global economy and the real challenges of governing a country where our greatest strength is our diversity.

It's all noise, generated by the Sarah Palin's of the world who want to distract from their inability to articulate real solutions to real problems by repeating meaningless phrases. Last week in answering about a dozen questions from Rush Limbaugh, Palin said some combination of "solutions," "conservative" and "commonsense" twenty-five times.

Here's a tip: If you have to repeatedly qualify what you're saying is a commonsense solution, than it's not really a commonsense solution.

The beauty of commonsense solutions is that they are common without having to be labeled as such. In fact it's all common "nonsense." (…)

She writes harshly about John Bitney, but did she ever talk to him directly about his Blackberry or anything else she took issue with? No. In fact when Bitney was fired, he found out only after trying to use his state issued Blackberry to call his office and it was turned off.

Then to blame him for not communicating with lawmakers about her vetoes is another sign of her ability to lie. The fact is in June 2007, in the weeks leading up to Palin's vetoes, lawmakers knew she was considering cuts to the capital budget and tried desperately to meet with Palin but she refused. (…)

And then there are the things she conveniently left out about during her two hundred word assault on me. Oh the stories I could tell...and will in time.

Palin writes about how my gig as a radio host and blogger was a "step up from my previous job as a limo driver at Todd's cousin's wedding."

Why didn't she write that I owned the company and I was driving because the chauffeur originally scheduled for the run was sick? I guess in Palin's world a small business owner should take the same approach she did when faced with a challenge; give up and quit instead of taking care of your responsibilities.

And why did she leave out that when I was elected to the State House in November of 1998, she sent me a hand written note congratulating me and saying she hoped I'd bring my "small business" experience to Juneau?


Because in doing so Palin would reveal what many of us found out years ago; her inability to tell the truth is only second to her inability to accept the truth. (…)"


A short note which has nothing to do with Sarah Palin:

While writing blogposts, I have listened very often to THIS ALBUM.

Just a general recommendation! It's very inspiring music.


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Anonymous said...

here's a good photo for Death Panel's ...looks like she is strangling the old woman

gotta sign onto team sarah

wv: hyama (heimlich maneuver this is not!) :D

KaJo said...

Patrick, there's something redundant about "kicking a dead corpse."


Anonymous said...

So now she's a Barbarian Princess.. one NOT to be messed with

(From Peed Pants Land):
I know she is a runner and a hunter but I am not so sure I would want to play chess with the 'Cuda...

and tomorrow it will be back to their rant of "Stop Picking on her!" .. Poor Palin.. coddle coddle.. let's pray she is strong enough (to be fact checked and questioned and called out)

Is their "Leader" a strong force? or is she a frail little school girl?

Why I believe all the more.. their fascination with her is purely a fabrication of their own minds... She is who "they" want her to be... a far leap from reality.. and a far leap from someone that should have any power

I hope Oprah gets wind of this ..."How Palin controlled Oprah" ... now that is a "hoot"
I am sure there is some lost footage or some wheelin' and dealin' with her handlers .. prerequisites to what can be asked... Invite Levi to your show, Oprah, and play the lost Palin tapes :D

Anonymous said...

Here is the "controlled Oprah" part of Pee Lands love fest

"Read the rest here including a perceptive analysis of how she controlled Oprah and how she has managed to align herself close to the Tea Party movement without sacrificing her own freedom of manoeuvre."

wv: hyphi :D .. hype.. it's all hype without substance

Usually they follow a negative post that they read here or other places (Oh you know they snoop) about her not finishing the Turkey Trot .. with an "excuse" ..
The title usually reads
"Why Palin didn't Quit the Turkey Trot like the MSM is trying to Portray" .. but nope .. not a peep

not a peep about Todd fixin' the ole roof either

Just pulled out of their hindparts articles praising the girl .. from sources that I'd call into question

Anonymous said...

This tour is not going well for Palin. In the last week, we've had:

Poor grooming habits exposed

Stiffed fans waiting for a signed book (she had to catch a plane, fans!)

Use of Trig-prop exposed

Trig neglect exposed

O'reilly showed her idiocy

Greta interview was a poor performance

Bitney asks "is a sociopath sane?"

Wooten says book is a "pack of lies"

Todd started to "fix the roof"

Quit the 5K run

Fake bus tour exposed

Glenn Beck tells her to take her hoots elsewhere

Levi & Tank are talking to Shannyn Moore

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loved Andrew's post!

I wasn't aware of the details regarding Bitney's termination. He's completely right on target there. So, you're the boss, yet you're incapable of addressing the behavior of one of your subordinates. That means (and there's no gray area here) you ARE NOT management material. Reprimanding employees is not enjoyable, but it's part of the package. I've known fellow managers like this (unable to discipline direct reports), and they were worse than useless. It usually bled over into other areas.

She talks a lot about small-business. But, from what I've read about her managerial skills, this woman would be out of business in no time at all. Or would be slapped with lawsuits PDQ.

What a joke. And I'm glad that Andrew is showing some backbone here (even if he's an "effete chap" - SP, you're such a douche). I also winced at that chauffeur remark - I suspected that he was a business owner that had no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting the job done. Those are the types of manger/owners that I enjoy working with.

Go get her Andy!

emrysa said...


both good articles, but that halcro piece was the definitive smackdown on palin. he is obviously a thinking person and alaska is lucky to have a thinking politician - even if he's got a r after his name.

Anonymous said...

Having read about Miss Sarah more or less driving
with her elbows while fiddling with her Blackberries
(in an article by a reporter riding with her while she
arranged a play date for Piper, among other things)
I really can't see why she is dissing the very responsible job of being a limousine driver.

Just more evidence of her phony 'I'm one of the commoners' bs and then she goes and disses a
job commonly held by commoners. What a grinch.

Floyd M. Orr said...

Patrick, if you like Statosfear, I know about forty more similar albums that are just about as good, all from the same clan of West Berlin musicians who began recording in '69-'72. Check out the work of Klaus Schulze and Ashra, as well as many of the other quality TD works.

Anonymous said...

Funny picture ... Sarah Palin hiding an axe behind her back, with all the turkeys -- palinbots -- unaware of their doom ...

wayofpeace said...

the HALCRO article is the most definitive slap-down i've read. it's so comprehensive: it goes from the broad to the local, wiping the mess that's her life with her own "book."

and that this comes from a REPUBLICAN, makes it even more significant and sweet.

perhaps RACHEL or/and KEITH will have him as a guest.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking a drag queen should change his name to Sarah Palin, move to Alaska, buy a wig and get some square glasses, then run for the senate seat in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Tour Bus License Plate in Jacksonville


Anonymous said...

Greta mentions babygate rumors!

Watch the video.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin does not support the troops.
If she did, she would not try to undermine the President, who is Commander In Chief of the armed forces.

Anonymous said...

Mrs.Todd Palin's book signing is on Sun. at the Richland Wa. Hasting's book store. Some comments on the Tri-City Graigslist Rants and Raves are saying she is putting herself before God, signing books on the Sabbeth.
Also the Palin Paris connection..

I work for one of the major catering companys in Tri-Cities, she could of called us for her Thanksgiving dinner..NOT, well maybe for the right amount of $$$, she has lots of it now, but doesn't look like she wants to spend any. !!Quizno's!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 2:56. I think you're right. What she spews against the troops is probably scuttlebut she hears from Track, like her "energy expertise" comes from Todd, an oil patch worker, not someone with broad and deep knowledge of the business.

CR46 said...

anon at 2:36 thanks for the plate number, my predictions are that there are at least 2 buses most probably three, I wonder who paid for those luxury coaches and the "eleitist" paint jobs. Watched a show on cable once about celeb buses and they are not very chep, quite expensive in fact.

Totally OT

Has anyone else noticed that Sarahs hemline has instantly dropped about six inches as soon as creepy daddy Chuckie showed up??

Anonymous said...

"I guess in Palin's world a small business owner should take the same approach she did when faced with a challenge; give up and quit instead of taking care of your responsibilities."

Now THAT is a money quote from Halcro!

Palin is such an incredibly ignorant, hypocritical douchebag. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Is Halcro still active as a Republican?
I seriously hope I'm not insulting anyone, but I had thought that all that remained of the Republican party were the corrupt bastards club of Tom Delays and the christofascist anti-intellectuals (Beck, Limbaugh, Palin et al.). If Halcro is still active, perhaps there is hope for the Republican party after all. I say as one who has been a committed Democrat since I was old enough to vote, I'm very relieved to see it!

ella said...

Palin is such a DOPE! She is trying to convince us that she knows "big words."
Here is a little gem just posted on Andrew Sullivan's blog.

A reader writes:

"Everybody in the family played Scrabble and took great pride in hoarding Ks and Qs and slapping them down in long, fancy words on triple-letter scores." -- Going Rogue, p. 12.

Any good Scrabble player knows it's impossible to "hoard" Ks or Qs, as there is only one of each in a set of tiles. As a fellow Scrabble player said, "Perhaps she was thinking she was playing Poker, where hoarding Kings and Queens might be beneficial?"

"Or perhaps she made this up like everything else."

sandra said...

Halcro had a great observation about the lack of a personal arc. When someone writes an autobiography, it should be a time of reflection and reconciliation. We knew that in the short time she had to "write" this book, she would not have time to reflect and reconcile.

It is sort of like the kid who cheats in school. The common admonishment is that "you cheated only yourself." The cheater never realizes that. He/she never knows that the growth from learning is the prize, not the grade.

SP has cheated many, many people. But in the end, she has cheated most, herself. So sad.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:55: Thanks for the link :)

Karl Rove is a douchetard. He seriously thinks that $P's problems are just about the tabloidesque nonsense surrounding her.

No. My problem with this woman is the word-salad that she's so adept at spewing forth. I don't think she can formulate a clear and concise statement regarding her policy. And, I would also challenge her to withhold any usage of Republican buzzwords. Just a simple, direct statement. The only times that she's tried to do that have resulted in spotlighting what an ignorant, inexperienced, incapable imbecile she really is. I don't think she can do it. That's why she will never have a shot at the WH. She would require a translator 24/7.

Yes, I am aware of Greenspan-speak. Not the same thing. And, that would be comparing apples to Quizno's sandwiches. The difference with Greenspan is if you can get a hold of the transcript, you can whittle it down and find the message that he's trying to get out. With $P, you can whittle it down, only to find that there's nothing there, except her own vacuous message which disappears at the slightest touch.

Here's hoping she can recruit Karl to be the Queenmaker. There's a kiss-of-death if I've ever heard of...

Anonymous said...

This piece is definitely worth reviewing, in light of the past two weeks - some of the back story on Palin's nomination, by Jane Mayer from the New Yorker:

The young college grad from Colorado who started the Draft Palin website did training with Conservative Christian Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute and the Young America's Foundation, and he currently maintains ties to the Heritage Foundation. At the time of her nomination most media presented this young man as if he had been acting strictly on his own.

wayofpeace said...

ANON 03:52, i am also impressed with HALCRO. too bad he's just a slight minority.

we do need a strong and reality-based GOP. there ought to be a real opposition and debate BUT the 'play' and the rules must be respected.

the present GOP is a disgrace: SP and the party deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

i like the photo :D
the flat butt action
Palin may have some killer calves but dang .. her butt always seems cut off.. she has no booty

She has a bobble head full of wigs and makeup... and hot high heels.. but no boob or butt action

sorry but it's true!

ha! wv: diffec

(defect..bodily defect.. po' her)

Anonymous said...

I am an avid scrabble player and you don't hoard the big point value letters as YES .. there is only 1 of each
and.. you want to get rid of them
Well, preferably place them upon a triple letter score..

what? She is whacked... remember the photo op of her in her kitchen in her black f boots pondering over a scrabble board... todd holding piper

oh so dreamy and perfect.. after the photo was shot.. piper shot up,
Todd went to the "garage" or to "fix the roof" and Sarah went to her "room" to practice being "Sarah Palin" memorizing slogans

she is such a dang goof :D

Anonymous said...

But, but, but, isn't Scrabble "elitist"?

Patrick said...

New post up!

Great find, Anon 2:55 !!


Anonymous said...

my fingers are crossed with hope...Why the MSM is not tearing down this woman but rather using her as a "news filler" is because
fingers crossed
She poses zero threat... they know this so can "relax"

A year ago they were all on the "attack" but hello? she was a potential presidential figure... should mccain pop an artery

Today she is just a celebrity with a big mouth and an elvis like flock ... ok? no biggie..
We need the news. she is facinating..

If she were a serious threat..there would be some serious digging .. and some serious reporting.. well Keith O. has fanned well and faithful

either that.. or she is the anti christ and has mesmerized the MSM and my only hope for salvation is the blogger world :D ..

That video of Palin.. the cartoon spoof looks like the Solid Gold's Madam

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with Sarah

Anna Lin said...

Sarah messes with Sarah, something she and the pod people will not understand.

Anonymous said...

New post, Rove and van Susteren. Strange.

Anonymous said...

"Palingates, which has become far more visited than any conservative Palin blog niche, including C4P, doesn't blanch at calling Palin's stuff what it is, either"

Anonymous said...

Anon 0408
And that Same 'Matthew' does not like any other candidate, does not like THINKING women who are not barefoot and in the kitchen, unless it's palin AND he writes for a crappy website called race4.... Don't bother. It's another all sarah all the time site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for the music, Patrick.
I'm listening to Buddha Bar 9 right now while reading your posts. I recommend them all or elsewhere on the net.

Anonymous said...

She lost me when she wrote, "When I am asked who I would like to see on the ticket - Michelle Bachman comes to my mind when I think of a strong female contender."

Bachman is as much of a nutcase as Palin.

I'm an Independent like Pat.

Patrick said...

The religious publication "First Things" has written a highly interesting and VERY LONG review about "Going Rogue".


The first paragraph:

I have defended Sarah Palin on numerous occasions against critics. I thought some conservatives turned on her too soon and that her executive experience outweighed any negatives known about her. I certainly did not think flubbing some interviews made her unfit to be a chief executive.

The last three paragraphs:

Sadly, I now believe the burden of proof has shifted. While an excellent chief executive in Alaska, there is reason to believe that Palin lacks the intellectual skills needed to be an effective President. Most important, she does not seem to recognize this and shows no sign of getting them.

I have not given up on Palin and find much in her to admire, but she would not get my primary vote based on this book and what I know about her to date. I hope I am wrong and am open to changing my mind.

She has more promise than any Republican candidate I can name and I still have hopes for Sarah Palin, but hope needs substance or it becomes a disillusioned faith.

h/t goes to Bree Palin!