Saturday, 21 November 2009

Martha Stewart doesn't like Sarah Palin: "A dangerous person, confused and very boring"

Housewives rule! ;-)

In an interview with CNN, Martha Stewart said that she thinks that Sarah Palin is a "dangerous person", "so confused", "very boring to me" and adds: "Anyone like that in Government is a real problem."

She hasn't seen Sarah's interviews and said with a smile: "I wouldn't watch her if you paid me!"

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Leadfoot said...

Martha = my hero!!

I met her at her book signing last summer. Classy woman! I also DVR her show every day (usually skip through it, but still....) I have always liked her magazines and products. But now I like her even more!! I think I'll head to Macy's and pick up some Martha stuff right now. :)

NakedTruth said...

I have always liked Martha so I don't find it surprising that she finds Sarah Palin boring and dangerous. Most intelligent women do.

Hey, I was watching ABC the other morning and saw a t.v. show on called "Ask the Doctors" (I think that's the name of it). I will need to do some research to get the actual name. But I saw that people could send medical questions in. It would be nice if someone could send a question in about flying late in pregnancy and water breakage and use Sarah Palin's wild ride and their own plans as the thought that triggered the question. I wonder would they address it. I just think that if we can get someone in the MSM to focus on the wild ride first then the faked pregnancy questions can gradually work their way in. Just a thought...

My wv is "flies" - no 7 month pregnant woman 'flies' while having contractions and leaking fluids.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Patrick, that would be housewives, with a v.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Naked Truth

You are so right. No sane woman would fly whilst having contractions and leaking amniotic fluid. That is why Palin's account has a big fat hole missing in her book.

Patrick said...

Anon 23:35

Sorry, silly mistake!

Anonymous said...

Someone else for the Palinbots to boycott - awesome find, Patrick!

I love Marth's "straight-talk" here! So many prominent people are afraid of offending their customers/viewers, etc. Go Martha!

Anonymous said...

God bless Martha Stewart, a real American and true Christian.


In the just-completed presidential election there was a lot of talk about faith and God and religion in American life. Martha Stewart and her supporters are now illustrating the importance of faith, as well as that old faith-based virtue called redemption. -- Kudlow of Nat'l Review

ella said...

NakedTruth said: "I just think that if we can get someone in the MSM to focus on the wild ride first then the faked pregnancy questions can gradually work their way in."

YES YES YES! I have ALWAYS thought this to be true. Just focus on SP's OWN version (leave out the fake pregnancy) and let the MSM come to the only logical conclusion on their own!

Anonymous said...

Wow, guess I've got SOMETHING in common with Martha. -karen

Anonymous said...

Go, Martha! Tell it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Unlike Oprah, Martha doesn't whore herself for ratings!

I am sure Miss Wasilla would love to cook up some moose chile with Martha, haha.

I like Martha. She doesn't do the fake perky homemaker thing and she says the word, vegetable, instead of "yummo" Rachel Ray and her veggies.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we'll have to get people to focus
on Sarah's multiple versions of the Wild Ride.
Even better.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Martha, so you designated Palin as "dangerous". What are YOU going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

I was never a fan of Martha's until now.

It is quite gutsy for those in the public eye to be honest.

Unfortunately, I don't think her statements will have much sway since Martha's demographics are undoubtedly vastly different than Sarah's. Not be all elitist and that there and too. Perhaps.

wv= troel (is that a holiday blend between troll and noel?!)

Anonymous said...

Question: I see a lot of people post "wv" at the end of their comments with a definition. What does "wv" mean/stand for.



NakedTruth said...

The t.v. show is actually called "The Doctors". It is a syndicated show that airs on ABC in GA. Below is a brief recap of the show's content.

"The doctors will focus on the compelling, real-life experiences of the show’s guests and then weigh in with valuable information about health, medical care and drugs in an informal, easy to understand and entertaining format.
Viewers are also encouraged to “Ask the Doctors” by submitting their questions and experiences to the show’s website about the health care issues that matter the most to them.

The team of top docs, each with a different specialty includes: ER physician Dr. Travis Stork; obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Lisa Masterson; plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andre Ordon; and pediatrician Dr. James Sears."

Like I say it would not be a bad idea for a late term pregnant woman to submit a question asking about traveling in late term pregnancy while also submitting an audio of the wild ride in Sarah's own words. The woman's thought would be that Sarah pulling this off has convinced her that she shouldn't be afraid to fly since she is only at the beginning of her 8th month, pregnant with her 4th child (so she knows her body) and unlike Sarah her baby has no known birth defects. She would politely ask for the doctors' opinions and advice.

Hey it's worth a try. It would have to definitely be convincing so the question should come for an actual pregnant woman. Any takers?

basheert said...

...or how about this?

What about a "this happened to me" story?

Late term pregnancy, multipara, overage mother (at least 4 live children), questionable high risk pregnancy...

Flew very late - having had Braxton Hicks - away from home felt early labor, flew 5-6 hours home while in active labor leaking amniotic fluid.

Baby delivered has health issues.

Was behavior to blame?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Martha fan, but she is smart. Finding Palin boring and dangerous should be what every smart/sane person thinks.

Forever Anonymous said...

ella, wv= word verification- the word you type in the box after the comment.

Anonymous said...

Elle - w.v. = word verification in the submission form. Many folks find them of interest in terms of coincidence, synchonicity or providence!

NakedTruth said...


I like your plan even better. We have got to bring the 'wild ride' to the MSM's attention. We could start with 'The Doctors'.

Forever Anonymous said...

basheert, I would add that you flew often during the pregnancy, up to the eight month, when labor started. Doctor knew you were a frequent flier.

Liz I. said...

@Elle: "wv" means Word Verification, the word you type when you post your comment. Sometimes it seems apt, kind of like finding a fortune cookie that fits your situation!

sandra said...

Martha 2016!

Anonymous said...

don't forget to add

history of miscarriages

bypass MANY hospitals with neo-natal intensive care unit

excessive slimness through out pregnancy (and stunning weight gain just 5 days before delivery

Anonymous said...

Of course, some of it will be challenging :

I was / was not leaking amniotic fluid
I did / did not call my doctor at 4am
I did / did not try to keep my hubby from calling doc at 4am
I was / was not concerned for baby's safety
I did / did not have contractions while giving speech
I did / did not look pregnant enough to concern
flight attendants

But I was VERY COMFORTABLE on TWO four hour plane rides and the stewardesses served me tea !
And hubby and I held hands !

Anonymous said...

I think she will rely on the show "I didn't Know I was Pregnant"....

NakedTruth said...

The OBGYN on "The Doctors" is a female also. So I would think that she might not have a problem calling Sarah on her 'wild ride'. I am loving the ideas presented here.

Anonymous said...

Martha has been mouthy week. I won't watch another show and won't buy another thing she puts her name to. I care not what she has said about Palin in that we know Palin's a ditz so is an easy hit.

I look at what Martha had to say this week about Rachel Ray - a credible, well respected, talented, generous person. She is working to change the eating habits in schools. She volunteers to cater to a school graduation in a poor town. Numerous things.

Martha appeared on Rachel's show this past week. She did an interview later and basically said Rachel didn't know what she was doing. Rachel's response back was polite to Martha -- Classy Lady. More than I can say for Stewart.

Stuff a sock in it Stewart.

Anonymous said...

OT but can anyone tell me what happened between Palin and her mother in law? Why was Palin so mean to her?

Anonymous said...


Love Martha. She calls it like it is. There is no comparison between Martha and Rachel. I am certain that each have their own audience because of the enormous difference, especially, in how each woman approaches cooking.

Martha is meticulous and creative. Rachel throws together a bunch of food and calls it done in 30 minutes.

wv: bripprom

ArmchairJane said...

OT, but I want to just note that I put up a correction on one of my comments. The correction can be found at around comment number 220 on today's earlier blog post titled "Don't you just love this roguish headline at Huffington Post".

I had commented that I thought Sarah might have contradicted herself on the "warm ungulate parts" anecdote between a letter version of the story and her Barbara Walters interview. Turns out I was wrong, she WAS consistent. But I also found that she was also taking something out of context on purpose so she could claim the victim for an attack on a family member. Details of back at the other thread as I set the record straight on my error :-)

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:35 "hubby and I held hands." If that a real quote? I thought that someone found the travel records for the airplane tickets. Sarah sat in first class and Todd (lucky dude) was stuck in coach. Unless, some nice passenger gave up his seat so they could sit together.

Add to this Sarah's story of "changing tickets at the last minute." Posters here have mentioned that the Seattle-Anchorage flight is usually full. Quite hard to find two seats together. Again, unless some one offers to change seats.

One of Sarah's problems is that she offers up too many details, and they just don't match previous stories. She called the doctor vs. Todd called the doctor against my wishes.

Anonymous said...

I remember the 'hand holding' quote from one of the pages posted here last week. Maybe someone who has the book could find it ? I think Sarah said they prayed,
too, and also. (For God to put a hold on her labor ?)

wv: icract
self explanatory

Anonymous said...

I love that Martha got annoyed with repeatly being asked about $arah. Ha! "Why are you asking me about her!?" Hysterical!

Hey, whatever happened to Meghan Stapleton??? Has she been kicked to the curb, or under the big yellow Palin Bus? Looks like her partner in crime, Kristan Cole is her new mouthpiece. Two peas in a pod. How is that Alaska Fund Trust coming, girls? Is it worth going to jail for?


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Andrew Sullivan's post "Still Trashing Levi" ??

The photo he has up it's pretty freaking sad, but that's our Sarah!

KaJo said...

I just got done watching a Joy Behar segment on CNN/Headline News (I didn't even know I got this channel until now, or I would have been watching it all along).

She had Ana Marie Cox and Naomi Klein on as her panel, and what cracked me up was Ana Marie saying "I think she's running for President of Facebook" and a couple other little gems.

Anonymous said...

on andrew sullivan, Mark Taibbi says

"Sarah Palin’s battlefield, on the other hand, is whatever is happening five feet in front of her face. She is building a political career around the little interpersonal wars in the immediate airspace surrounding her sawdust-filled head."

which is certainly a good reason for considering Palin, er, what was that, Martha? Oh, yes, dan ge r o u s

Lisabeth said...

Joy does not think much of Sarah and she doesn't hide it. I was disappointed in Barabara and Oprahs interview. Sarah still can't discuss or debate any serious issues with depth. She repeats the same annoying sound bites. Can you imagine her as President!! God help us all and the world. She IS a wack job.
I like the idea of submitting the story to the doctors show. I wish we could get some US physicians to comment "on the record re the wild ride story.
I am giving up on babygate coming out. That witch is laughing all the way to the bank. She is SO corrupt and getting worse. Ths trip is is going to puff up her inflated ego and we will never be rid of her thanks to McCain. She is the most negative politician I haver seen. She is BAD for America.

MacAndCheeseWiz said...

Martha is a class act. She took responibility, and a huge financial hit and went to jail for telling a lie that hurt no one but herself. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush had something to do with it.
Anyway, for Martha to come out publicly and say this takes a lot of courage.
I also think Oprah did the interview because her ratings dropped after she publicly backed Our President.

Patrick said...

Andrew Sullivan posted today again a nice list of


Archivist1000 said...

I just posted this on Bree's .. but thought I'd post here too, even though it's OT.

I've seen these Trigg-Prop-Photo-Ops handovers a few times both during the campaing and on this tour.

It always strikes me as weird that she just hands him over to someone, obviously because she is going to be busy for a while ... but ... I have never seen her give him a quick kiss on the head/forehead/cheek when she does it.

That is a natural, everyday thing for a mom to do .. you know, 'kiss goodbye, love you, see you later' ... if she normally did this in private (kiss/hug goodbye) it would just kinda carry on in in public, especially as Trigg-Prop is only there for a photo op !


Anyway, I find it very weird to NOT have such a habit with a baby so young.

Anonymous said...

AK Sandhills:
I think Martha Stewart just handed Palin the worst insult possible by calling her "boring". I don't think I have ever heard anyone call Palin boring, but think that is the one insult that will probably bother her the most.

Archivist1000 said...

Anon 8:04

First, I am not a Martha Stewart fan insofar as all that 'house beautiful' stuff goes.

But .. I am a lot of respect for her as a person. She is well educated, well read, well travelled and extremely intelligent. After her divorce, she started her business from scratch, by herself, and it's now a multi million $$$ corporation.

After the novelty of being with Sarah for an hour or so, I am sure most people would find her boring. She is a curiosity, but her lack of 'worldliness' would make her a dull conversationalist. As many people have said about her, she is not a 'thoughful' person, and those people are generally boring.

She might be interesting to the undereducated, hillbilly-types .. who are buying their VERY FIRST BOOK EVER! but she is a joke to anyone else.

Sarah would LOVE to be part of that circle of people, but I am sure they have nothing but disdain for her. Snobs? Maybe ... but Sarah is one too, no matter what she says.

Valley KW said...

Patrick- you will have my email by lunchtime tomorrow! (well, MY lunchtime...not sure where you are) You will likely need a bathroom break between starting and finishing...sorry;)

I need help with something and I know my newfound PG Pals are the ones to help. I long ago quit getting my news from the ADN due to their ridiculous bias ("We've got our chapstick applied, Sarah. Would you like it on the cheek or closer to the crack? We're gonna go ahead and pucker while you decide") I have been getting news from the valley paper for awhile now.

Earlier this week, they published an article and the slant they took is unacceptably ridiculous. They glorify Sarah's daughters missing school because it's Opraaaah!!!! after all. I can't wait until people start asking Sarah why, since Piper got SO behind in school last year, didn't she leave her third grader home with her unemployed "hubby"? She is going to realize very soon that people will recognize that Todd isn't living at the Lucille house and it will be her own careless actions that cause people to catch it.

I encourage all of you wonderfully witty and sharp people to comment on this article and let the Frontiersman know how you feel about them acting like it's just the cutest thing ever that Piper and Willow are being paraded across the country, autographing walls and getting presents from Oprah...while missing MANY days of school.

Anonymous said...

I also think that Palin tries to place herself above the so-called "elites" in continuously referencing her supposed "common sense solutions" approach to governing. Palin has no intellectual curiousity and therefore no historic or theoretical basis for any of her ideas, so all she does is parrot the same right wing boilerplate slogans over & over again. Of course that makes for extremely dull interviews but I think people are so caught up in her nonsensical word salad, that no one points out how boring she really is. I'm so glad that Martha Stewart came out & said it - maybe others in the media will follow suit.

AK Sandhills

Anonymous said...

Valley KW--Do you know for a fact that Todd is not living in their house? I had heard almost two months ago that Todd was living in Palmer with Willow. We know for a fact that Willow is enrolled at Colony High but it has not been positively confirmed Todd is out of the house.

So happy you feel comfortable writing to Patrick. You will grow to trust him. His discretion is 100%. I have told him things that he is holding until the right time. Timing and strategy is really important to take this woman and expose all of her lies. I cannot believe her family has not reigned her in. That leads me to beleive the entire family may be sick and compulsive liars. When I heard Chuckles on the Eddie Burke show this week he said the one thing people may not know about $arah is her complete honesty! I laughed out loud! He said growing up she never lied to him. My....the perfect child. He is delusional, too.


Anonymous said...

Valley KW

I believe that Todd is on the tour with Sarah so he isn't at home where so ever home may be at the moment.He definitely turned up on Barbara Walter's show and answered some questions regarding Trig.

comeonpeople said...

Good for Martha. She is a critically thinking educated woman and as such can see through Palin's bullsh**. It's the unedumacated masses that are our problem, as we see all the time. The Ask the Doctors is a great idea. I encourage all of us to alos write to national Obstetrician groups, midwive organizations, American Academy of family Physician's (who once lauded CBJ as Family physician of the year,nominated by our own Sarah Palin). Write to ALL these groups and question the wild ride.
Beautiful Fall day where I am. Have a good one everybody.

indy_girl said...

"I've seen these Trigg-Prop-Photo-Ops handovers a few times both during the campaing and on this tour.

It always strikes me as weird that she just hands him over to someone, obviously because she is going to be busy for a while ... but ... I have never seen her give him a quick kiss on the head/forehead/cheek when she does it. "

That's because 5-college Sarah probably didn't stay at any of them long enough to hear the lecture on genetics. Maybe she thinks if she kisses him she'll catch his Downs' Syndrome cooties.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Lisabeth, we have all been annoyed that Sarah Palin has thus far “gotten away with” a fake pregnancy. And certainly we are impatient for babygate to finally expose that Sarah faked a pregnancy and used it as a political tool to impress her ignorant “pro-life” base. I am sure that the people who finally exposed John Edwards’ affair and the baby born as a result of that affair went through the same exasperation as we feel. They were up against similar circumstances of disbelief that a presidential candidate would do such a stupid thing.

Likewise, it is just as incredible to most people to think that a sitting governor would be so STUPID as to FAKE a pregnancy. It just seemed too stupid to believe. So they dismissed it as some kind of conspiracy theory and did not make any effort to look at any details.

However, in spite of all Sarah’s work to delete photos from her official web site, and then with expert assistance from the Republican goon squad in deleting material from MySpace and the Johnston’s computer and who knows what else they did, they still missed quite a few damning pictures and other material.

Frankly, I feel that there have been huge breaks in recent weeks. For example, until about one month ago, Huffington Post moderated out almost all comments about the fake pregnancy and links to Palingates, BreePalin, Palin’s Deceptions, etc. I spent hours upon hours trying to get comments through, and had to whittle them down to almost nothing before they would finally get approved. I was always appalled that HuffPo allowed vile and obscene comments about President Obama, yet they would not allow my comments to speak about a faked pregnancy. Now HuffPo is allowing the comments. That is a huge break. Andrew Sullivan is back on the trail. That is huge. The Insider has had segments about the faked pregnancy.

Have heart, lisabeth, the waters of Babygate will break and Sarah will be exposed as an ignorant fool for concocting such a ludicrous scheme. I am confident of that.

But the biggest story will be the revelation of the cover-up by the Republican big wigs that followed. History repeats itself.

Capt Tom Bunn LCSW said...

Palin reminds me of wild girls in high school. Popular? Yes, for sex, but no one wanted to hook up permanently with anyone THAT out of control and so narcissistic that she thinks God is working through her and speaking through her.

Dangerous? She and the Taliban have a lot in common: they both want religion to rule.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Capt Tom, have not see you here before, welcome! IMO, the Paliban has everything in common with the Taliban - they both intend to destroy the United States Government and replace with their own theocracy. Threats from inside and outside.

Anonymous said...

22 November 2009 10:13

Barbara Walter's show - That weird bordello part was in Wasilla?

Anonymous said...

HOWDY! Capt Tom Bunn LCSW

Anonymous said...

FYI, Palin's book is nowhere on the NYT best seller list. I even checked children's books, just to be safe.

SO much for the myth of her being a best-seller. If she's not selling out now, on her tour so lame, then she won't ever be on the best-seller list -- save that list her minions manipulated via amazon and barnes and noble when her "book" was first announced.

lilly said...

Martha had dinner with her and Murdock if I recall.

If she calls her boring, that is why.

Anonymous said...

@ Valley KW 22 November 2009 08:53
Frontiersman aids rogue prop(aganda)

I did leave them a comment, not sure what happened or if I will pass. In any event, here it is:
(I dont think it all got through)

This is another disgusting example of how Palin values props above what is best for children. I am sad to see the media in support of being a rogue when it comes to childhood. It is more pathetic to watch Trig without his glasses and hearing aid. You are all just as neglectful and abusive as the mother. You need to remind people of the judge that called her out in previous child abuse. Not show other children how the elite are different, these are hard times. You are creating a huge divide. In times of need true leaders acknowledge what the public is up against and act according. Think of the royal family when their nation struggled. Please, value proper education and all children or leave the news business. This piece is more rogue prop(aganda). Shame on you. The world is watching you and you make a once beautiful part of America look ugly.
Willow and Piper watch their mother lie on television and no adult notices?. Open your eyes, what is wrong with your values? Palin talks about Tripp's father in front of Piper in the most disgraceful ways and that is only a small part of the abuse she puts on her family. Stop promoting the wrong messages, consult an authentic family therapist. You can do better than this.
ROGUE: a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel. To steal or cheat something from someone.

Anonymous said...

Archivist 100-

Snakes don't kiss their young.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the bordello scene with Todd was shot?

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Martha's old jumpsuit is waiting for you. It happened to Martha, it can happen to you.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

It was not shot in Wasilla.....the windows are not the same as the Wasilla house. Neither are the furnishings.

It looks to me as if it was shot in a posh New York hotel function/sitting room.

Anonymous said...

@ Valley KW 22 November 2009 08:53

Part of my comment was posted! I did another.

The more comments to bring attention to Palin failing the more it helps the Valley to come forward.

Please leave a comment at the Frontiersman.

I am listening to an interesting commentary on slave trade. We don't realize how prevalent. In areas like adoption we are blind.
How much do things like health care for women keep them trapped?

Marth will love you!!


Anonymous said...

22 November 2009 21:37
It looks to me as if it was shot in a posh New York hotel function/sitting room.

?? What about the Best Western by Palin?

LTS said...

I left a message at Frontier.
I could not post this video.
tell the children the truth - B.B. Seaton

Help support the Matanuska Valley.

Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE MS fan! Now I know why!

LTS said...

What would happen if parents stopped lying to or about the kids? Do they think no one knows what "camping" and "tailgate-parties" means?
** Where do they think unwed children make babies? **
MTF dictionary

MTF pictures

MTF seeds

MTF sweetest

MTF You Tube

MTF Phototron

Just ask Johnny.

ALSO: Hungry native children might be too much for the frontiersmen in the state that lets the disabled die.
They have not posted my comment yet?

"Britney Spears is a star and she can set any example she wants during a hard economic crisis.
We want better from a political leader.
This TV bull shows how out of touch with what is going on in our country that some are.
Other children don't get arms, others go hungry.The children of the rich learn to ignore the pain of their peers.It is heartbreaking to think of the future repercussions. "Tell the children the truth" BB Seaton" LTS
BY GREG JOHNSON Frontiersman Published on Monday, November 16, 2009 10:03 PM AKST
WASILLA — Piper Palin missed most of her classes last week, but ...

Benjamin French

LTS said...

No one in the Matanuska Valley makes money on MTF? I dont hear Sarah Palin brag about this world renown Alaskan product. No kick backs, no pay offs?

Alaskan Travel Guide
"Delta Junction, Alaska - according to a contributor is the "highest per capita weed smokin' community - about 85% of the town here does!"
Homer, Alaska - Located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula it's FULL of people living as they wish. Some in schoolbuses, some in cabins, many w/o running water, electricity or with all the amenities, but the hearts are full. There are people living off the grid and the entire town is geared toward spirituality. The town of Homer has been called for many years, 'the cosmic hamlt by the sea'. Check out available web sites...although most of those are geared toward tourists. Do the will find many interesting people living a conscious, purposeful life
Matanuska Valley, Alaska - Here grows the wonderful Matanuska Thunder Fock, people all over the country who have tried Alaskan weed beg for more of this! Many laid back hippies moved to Alaska because marijuana was legal until 1990."

"I agree dude. I lived in Anchorage in the mid 80's. Matanuska Thunderfck is KING! Palmer and Mat Valley ROCKS!"

The Rest of The Story

It may be surprising to some that the heart of Alaska's drug problem is Wasilla which is located in the infamous Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Over 30 years ago, I first heard of the incredibly potent Matanuska ThunderFck strain of high mountain pot. Using imported, high quality seeds planted in the short growing season, the verrrry lonnnng days produce an amazingly strong breed of "home-grown."

So when I recently learned that Wasilla was located there, I Googled "Mat-Su Valley + Pot" and got this:

Public Safety > Division of Alaska State Troopers > Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcment > Mat-Su Drug Enforcement Team

Mat-Su Drug Enforcement Team

The Mat-Su Drug Enforcement Team focuses on drug investigations within the Matanuska-Susitna region to include Palmer, Wasilla, Talkeetna, Glennallen, Valdez, and Cordova. The team is comprised of one AST sergeant, two AST investigators, one officer from the Palmer Police Department, one officer from the Wasilla Police Department, an AST Criminal Justice Technician and one soldier from National Guard Counter Drug Support Program. The Mat-Su team works closely with the local police departments and the uniformed patrol section of the Alaska State Troopers to educate, train, and support their efforts related to drug enforcement.

This team's primary enforcement duties have shifted from marijuana cultivation to the investigation of clandestine methamphetamine laboratories. However,

the Mat-Su region still comprises the bulk of marijuana related seizures throughout Alaska and has long been recognized as the primary area of marijuana cultivation and distribution in the state. ,
A lot of things make a lot more sense now. I thought I had seen that rabid, manic gleam know? Have you ever watched a junkie or a coke or meth head tell the same lie over and over as if the repetition will make it believable...even though it has already been revealed to be untrue. Just keep saying it.

Google Matanuska ThunderFck.

Not the pristine frontier town we have been led to believe. BIG DRUG MONEY.