Friday, 20 November 2009

Sarah Palin in Cincinnati: Bad hair day, Trig finally with glasses and a mysterious magazine - UPDATE: Sarah quits signing books in Indiana!

Here are brand-new pictures from Sarah's book-signing in Cincinnati, Ohio:

So where does this strange magazine come from: "America - Let' take back our country - The case for Sarah Palin"?


Don't miss this excellent, must-read article by Geoffrey Dunn in Huffington Post:

Palin's Former Ally Calls More Lies to Rogue

Geoffrey Dunn writes:

(...) But perhaps the nastiest and most duplicitous passages of all in Going Rogue are those directed at Andree McLeod, the longtime Republican watchdog out of Anchorage who filed many of the Alaska Ethics Act complaints that, by Palin's own admission, hounded her from office.

Palin's venom directed at McLeod is both racist and viciously inaccurate. Perhaps a court will one day determine if it's also libelous.

McLeod, now in her mid-50s and who is of Armenian descent by way of Lebanon, is referred to as the "falafel lady" repeatedly by Palin throughout her book. It's an intended slur of ethnic derision, loaded with all of Palin's adolescent fury. It's also reminiscent of those members of Palin's "Team Sarah" who referred to Barack and Michelle Obama's Inaugural Dance as the "Watermelon Roll." The phrase is as appalling as it is infantile.

Perhaps most importantly--and this is the one issue that astonishes those in the Lower 48 when I talk to them about Palin and Alaska politics--McLeod is a tried and true Republican. So are most of Palin's staunchest critics in Alaska, from Lyda Green to Rick Rydell to Andrew Halcro.


McLeod had made friends with Palin after she lost her bid for Lt. Governor in 2002 and before Palin served as the chair and ethics officer of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. They worked together during Palin's highly publicized battle with Republican Party Chair Randy Ruedrich. None of that is included in Going Rogue. It's a lie of omission--one of truly grand proportions.

And guess what else you won't read in Going Rogue? Sarah Palin actually supported McLeod politically during her runs for the Alaska state house. Prominently displayed on McLeod's campaign brochure was a supportive quote from the former Mayor of Wasilla:

Like many of us, Andree wants good government. She's not afraid to stand up for what's right. Though she ruffles a feather or two now and then, this intelligent Alaskan is exactly what we need during these times.-- Sarah Palin

Of course, Palin is possessed of neither the decency nor the integrity to acknowledge any of this history or the depth of her relationship with McLeod in Going Rogue. (...)


UPDATE - How to win friends and influence people:

Read the accounts of the deeply disappointed and disillusioned fans on this website about her disorganized book signing in Noblesville, Indiana!

I wonder if she had to rush to her next media interview!


Jordan Harris I just spent 9 hours of my day, $40 of my hard earned money on two of your books, and took the whole day off work to watch you jump on a bus and throw a half-heated wave to the crowd you were avoiding.

I have never felt so disrespected. How can you claim that you are different? You aren’t. You are just as selfish as everyone else in Washington. It breaks my heart. I thought you might be the answer to the turmoil this country is under but you aren’t. You just slapped hundreds of Hoosiers in the face. The hard working type of people that you claim to represent.

You say in your book that you chose to sleep well over eating well. At the end of the day I know that you don’t care that you wasted the whole day of some 20 year old college student who lives on their own. I understand that all that matters is that I spent my money on two of your books. I’m sure your eating well. You certainly have no reason to be sleeping well.

Julie Beightler Doll Went to the book signing in Noblesville, IN. Waited three hours in the cold to get a wristband to reserve my spot at the book signing tonight. We were told she would sign book for the first 1000 people. Not so. The event ended promptly at 9:00pm, though there were still at least 150 people left. Wasted my day, wasted money on a babysitter, and wasted my money on this book.

Linda Lewey My family (wife, 3year old, and 10 year old) and I waited for 6 hours to get a book signed by Sarah Palin tonight. She left 300 folks standing in the rain and cold without explanation or even an address at exit. That is 1800 hours of voters lives sacrificed for nothing due to lack of concern by another politician for… our time, money and effort to see a cause through. She could have invested 45 minutes and not received the boos, or sign my book chants. I know that the majority of the folks that were chanting go Palin now are returning her books tomorrow morning. What a disappointment. It is time that politicians follow through on the detail and not just be concerned with their own time. The country requires hard working Americans (that vote) to change the political landscape. I thought Sarah turning Rogue was a good thing. Following your steps to a road to success being on the cutting edge. I guess it is just in the name of her book not the fabric of her handlers.

Wonkette reports that several hundred fans who waited in freezing temperatures in Noblesville, Indiana were NOT happy - because Sarah left already after half an hour, leaving hundreds of books unsigned. Watch them yelling:



There is more - Wonkette strikes again!

Face to face with the Palinites, camping to see their leader:



Thanks to Bree Palin, we now have a video of Sarah Palin in Cincinnati. Apparently it is "bold" and "courageous" to turn up at a book signing, according to Sarah Palin! Give the people the Purple Heart just for turning up, it's so courageous, so brave! Thanks, Sarah, for still sending out your religious "code words".

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so Palin or Kristan Cole must be reading all the blogs who were complaining about Trig not having his glasses or hearing aides on. So, now from now on we will see Trig WITH his glasses watch. S.H.

Anonymous said...


"Sarah Palin Flees Book Signing, Wingnuts Yell At Inanimate Object"

Not usually a betting man...but...

I'll put $ down that if this type of stuff hits MSM, who will SP blame? Harper-Collins (for not scheduling this tour correctly. also, too)

Two Blue Jays said...

More like 'Hysterical Moments in Time'...

Anonymous said...

LOL. She sleeps on a bus.

Martha said...

I really think that this is important. Apparently Palin is planning to visit other bases as well.

Since Palin has called for racial profiling in the military, on FOX's Hannity's program, I'm passing this along:

For anyone who is dis_gus_ted with the idea of her going to Fort Bragg or Fort Hood (especially with the title of her book) please make your voice heard by contacting the following:

Fort Bragg Public Affairs Office 910-907-5290

Chairman Carl Levin (D) D.C. Phone # 202-224-6221

Ranking Member John McCain (I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you) D.C. Phone # 202-224-2235 202-225-4151 click on stafff for General Counsel Paul Oostburg

Be nice.

Anonymous said...

She's also going to Roswell, New Mexico. That's where aliens crash landed a small UFO about the time she was born. She must be hoping the mothership will come by looking for survivors.

Anonymous said...

The rumor is that she reads these blogs because today Trig has his glasses on.
Apparently she did not get the memo about the rat's nest on her head.
Hey S'error I have 3 letters for you IRS.

NYCgirl, where the real 'mericans live.

Anonymous said...

I read that at one stop, she came in the back door of the store.

wv=bablin ... that's what we hear, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah. Call c4p. They've got a Hummer limo to drive the barbarian babes around in. It might be a better place to sleep.

yukonark said...

I think her book tour bus IS the mothership.

Anonymous said...

Trig is a prop. She's trying to get him to wave to the crowd.

Anonymous said...

She took the bumpit out, but didn't comb her hair.

Anonymous said...

McCain's VP selection team should have spoken to Alaskan Republicans before anointing her.

I'm a military family member, and I sure wish that military families would boycott her book-signing on their bases, out of respect for their Commander-in-Chief, whom she has degraded and incites violence.

I'm sure like-minded folks won't attend, but there are the shallow people who aren't paying attention.

Sunshine1970 said...

Here's the link to Wonkette about her being there for a half hour then leaving. Includes video:
Sarah Palin Flees Book Signing, Wingnuts Yell At Inanimate Objectfa

ella said...

I noticed this too (anon@19:47) - SP HATES criticism - someone watches the blog for the most glaring mis-steps and scarah's behavior changes accordingly. Hence, Trig's glasses. SP also LOOKED at Trig for the first time - she never looked at him (or he at her) on the first two stops. I would wager that she will memorize the difference between Iran and Iraq very soon (also, too). She will suddenly realize that we are at war in Iraq, and NOT in THREE wars (Iran, Iraq, Afghganistan) as she proclaimed on the VP trail.
What a knucklehead, what a DUMMY, I am sorry - I cannot stop laughing at her. I STILL do not see ONE dark face in line at book signings - quick MEG/Kristen - BUS IN SOME BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE!
Why do we keep giving her advice?

Anonymous said...

I knew her hair would look worse and worse as the tour went on, it was so big on oprah now it is so stringy looking

Anonymous said...

She looks like an elf in the first photo.

Anonymous said...

Angry Wingnuts Calling Sarah Palin a Quitter

It's a very slow site. I got the link from a comment at Bree's site about the angry mob erupting at her medicine show.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Is Sarah of the people spending more time with the media and not enough time signing the books of the people?

Who'da thunk it?

Anonymous said...

I think that they forgot to put a mirror on the bus.

Yesterday, late at night, I read another one of those fact checking stories about Sarah's book at Bree Palin's site.

Sarah claims to have driven herself to Anchorage to a geneticist for the amniocentesis that would eventually lead to the heart-tugging story about Trig's DS diagnosis.

I decided to read about the procedure on-line. It is performed by a doctor, one who performs ultra sound at the same time to make sure that the needle goes into the amniotic fluid and not into the baby.

Another poster at Bree's described having the procedure, and said that it hurt. You betcha. It is a serious procedure and comes with risk of cramping, possible miscarriage. Someone undergoing the procedure is told to have some one drive them home, followed by rest for the rest of the day. Sarah drove from Wasilla and back again? Probably not.

Another fine point, the geneticist may or may not be a doctor. What the geneticist does is culture the fluid, and analyze the chromosomes for signs of other hereditary defects as well as DS. The doctor would send the fluid to the geneticist. It would have taken Sarah only a few minutes to look up the facts before telling her story in a way that does not make sense.

And, if the geneticist has chromosome to study, the he/she also has DNA. Just saying.

And, if Sarah or her pals are checking in to make sure that we have all seen Trig's glasses, we have also seen that same red jacket for several days now. I know that it photographs well, and is attention getting in a crowd. Didn't anyone pack the pretty blue ones from the TV interviews?

Anonymous said...

Now she's on the receiving end of the hateful mobs she created during the VP campaign.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a demagogue. That is why she has no qualms about stirring up hate and exploiting peoples' differences. Her only "plan" is to shake her fist at President Obama.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how oprah feels about sharing the cover of that magazine
with palin???

Anonymous said...

Scared of Palin? Democrats want Palin to endorse a candidate in the Florida republican senatorial campaign:

Dear Governor Palin,

I noticed that you will be in Florida next week to promote your new book Going Rogue. As you know, Florida is home to a competitive Senate race, with either Governor Charlie Crist or former state House Speaker Marco Rubio to face off against Democrat Kendrick Meek. ... I know you are in three Florida cities next week, any of which would be the perfect setting to give your blessing to either Crist or Rubio. With the NY-23 special election over, many are now calling the Florida Republican Senate primary, "the next battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party." With so much at stake, everyone wants to know - who will you endorse in the Florida Senate race?

--Eric Schultz, DSCC Communications Director

Pecan Farmer said...

Anom @ 19:56 Is she seriously going to Roswell NM? I am only a couple hours from there. Do you know what time and date? Roswell is on the eastern side of the state, and pretty conservative. It used to be considered a very racist town.

Archivist said...

Sarah's fans are probably buying the very first book of their lives.

It's no surprise that they are disappointed, they really REALLY think that they are her best friend and that she loves them! That is the danger of the 'connection' they feel with her, it's irrational blind obsession;
they hear her say what they WANT to think she said!

Virginia Voter said...

Hi Team Rogue!

Since you all are watching these posts religiously waiting for the day your ultimate lie will be exposed, let me take a minute to lighten the mood a little bit and offer some fashion advice, and it won't even cost $54,000, its free.

Invest in some well tailored black pants...the wrinkles in that recycled black skirt will not hold up for another 3 weeks.

Whine to Harper Collins until they get a a hair stylist on board. You're a mess, girl...looks like some bad extensions...did you get those at Walgreens?

See you in Virginia...I'll be the one with a protest sign;)

Anonymous said...

anon 20:40 -- here's the schedule for Roswell, NM:


December 1st

1445 West Elliot
Tempe, AZ 85284
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Hastings Books
1705 N. Main Street
Roswell, NM 88201
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM


I clipped this from the schedule on her facebook/sarahpalin Facebook page. I am not sure how the bus gets from Phoenix to Roswell in three hours.

Anonymous said...

anon2046 ... the bus will be carried by flying pigs

mocha said...

I think she's going to quit the whole tour, this is just the first clue. What's it been 3 days? And she already is cutting short the book signing. My money is on that she takes a break for Thanksgiving and never returns to the road. This is very good news that she is pi$$ing off the faithful.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we start giving Sarah some BAD advice, since it is obvious somebody is reading the comments and reacting to what is said here? How about this: Sarah, honey, why don't you go blonde? Oh, and wear the Runner's World short shorts. They make you look "athletic." Not "cheesy" at all. You give yourself no credit. Also, be sure to drape a flag around your shoulders like a cape to show your superhero powers. Like a "prayer warrior." Oh wait, that's your fans.
Knowing that her people closely follow this blog reminds me of why it is difficult to discuss theories here--someone reads them and tracks get covered up. Very tricky. (OMG--I just realized I used two of her kid's names in this last sentence and didn't realize it until I proofread it!)

emrysa said...


'these people are "true patriots" because they came to see me!'

what an ego! lmao

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 2046. Totally impossible to drive from Phoenix to Roswell in 3 hours. It's more like 8-9 hours. I wonder if she's driving through my little burg. We are pretty librul here and not quite white enough for her tastes. If she is really going to be there, I will go and hold a protest sign.

emrysa said...

apologies, the term was "hardcore patriots" - lmao!

Anonymous said...

They're going to have to get flying pigs to carry the bus between Phoenix and Roswell, with just 3 hours to make it. It's over 400 miles! That takes more than 5 hours at 75 mpp, without stopping or delaying!

Anonymous said...

She should stop in 'Truth or Consequences', New Mexico. I think it was named after a TV show hosted by Bob Barker? Years ago.

Anonymous said...

She will leave Phoenix early too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:20 You are correct. They do a sonagram to determine where the baby is in the womb so that the needle doesn't hurt the baby. I could see my little baby boy and he was sucking his thumb in the womb. It is one big honking needle and it does hurt. You are required to have someone to drive you home and they recommend you stay in bed for about 24 hours to prevent a miscarriage. I did my tests at a hospital and my doctor was not present during the test.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering who paid for that fancy paint job
on her bus. It's becoming SO clear that Sarah, unlike most of us, has NO WAY to imagine herself in future situations and observe what might go wrong in those
situations. Such as now as her book tour falls apart.


so appropriate

Anonymous said...

Oh noez...Trig has come down with the sniffles. Quitting book tour in 5...4...3...2...

Anonymous said...

The sensible thing for her to do is get her hair cut in a shorter, easily maintainable, style for the road trip. That's "common sense."

conscious at last said...

If anyone has any doubt about Trig's true origins, watch how SP uses him on her book tour. This child may have been conceived by someone in love, but he was adopted by Ms.Lying Letters in political lust and greed. He is being used as an obvious prop or mascot. (Sarah, you can change how you hold him now, but we've got the earlier photos--its too late to conceal your lack of love for this child.)

Let us all remember, SP announced her "pregnancy" the day after McCain was nominated. She claimed to be 7 months pregnant--- most women are showing a baby bump well before this.

When she lost the election, SP was very sad-- I bet one of her thoughts was.. "Now what am I going to do with this child I adopted as a political prop? (A few months later.. ) "I know, I can use him on my book tour, he wasn't such a bad investment after all !"


midnightcajun said...

Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE that clip of her fans booing at her and calling her a quitter. The problem with appealing to nasty people is that they can turn nasty on YOU at the drop of a hat.

And ditto to the thought that she's going to quit this book tour. It's a hard slog. If her bots are already realizing that they're being used to beef up the crowds for the cameras and that she has a nasty habit of skipping out on actually signing books, they're going to quit showing up.

Yeah, Sarah will blame Harper Collins. Tina, watch your back! You're about to get kicked under the bus.

Anonymous said...

This video from Wonkette is great! Interviews with people waiting overnight to see Scarah. The interviewer did a great job, it's hilarious.

Maybe some ideas in there for you, Virginia Voter?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your hair is looking so good these days. Can you give me the name of your stylist? Don't tell me though if she also does the "perky ones" hair.

Love that red jacket that you have worn for a million years. I hear that and the black skirt can also double up as pj's. That is what I love about you, you are so thrifty. Fiscal conservatism at its best.

Also too, so happy that you have finally allowed the latest member of your family to see the world around him. Healthcare is a great thing.

Yay to the constitution and free speech and all that stuff.

But can you STFU.

Anonymous said...

anon @21.25

Patrick linked to that video and the Wonkette article in his blogpost.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the muskrat wig she was wearing on Oprah? Have the Palin litter been playing catch with Sarah's coonskin cap? Her hair is a mess....looks like she was up all night turning tricks, or tracks, or trucks. The black skirt in one of the Oprah photos looked like it was hiding "little boy parts." Can you imagine being stuck on a bus with Sarah Palin for weeks at a time? I would rather be waterboarded.

No wonder the RNC had to dress the ninny. She would have shown up at the convention in her towel to give the speech.

Read at one of these web sites where some poor stiff waited 12 hours outside and 1.5 hours inside for an autograph only to be turned away because they did not have the right book.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!!! Your hair looks really bad. I guess you don't have a hairdresser ondebus- maybe someone could take care of that for you.

All of us would appreciate it if you would, please, please, please stop using Trig as your prop. How about if we don't see him anymore at your signings. Someone might think you're abusing him.

What's Todd up to while you're ondebus?

Does it smell like dirty diapers ondebus?

Do you get motion sickness ondebus?

Do the diesel fuel fumes make ya dizzy ondebus?

ella said...

Virginia Voter - THANK YOU again and again for organizing a protest - I cannot believe NOBODY is showing up with signs at this "book-of-lies" tour. If she appeared anywhere near me (she won't, I am in Los Angeles, NOT the real Amerikkka), I WOULD be there to protest - and so would my friends.
Oh, I caught that line this morning when she called her followers "brave" to show up for the book signing - WHAT? WHY is that brave? The librul's are going to shoot them, or what? What drama.
VV - You propose a pair of slacks? Are you nuts? SP HAS to show legs and high heels - did you see/hear the audience? Hint: Old while males on Viagra who think she is their girlfriend.
Who is suggesting she cut her hair short? Are you nuts........(see above).
Finally, I agree that she will QUIT the tour - she is a QUITTER, why would this be different? OR, she HAS to finish (for final payment from HC as per contract), but she will become more sour, leaving earlier, as tour progresses. Any bets she will tell those folks in Indiana that she had to scoot because Trig needed her? Then, all will be forgiven. Handy prop indeed.

Patrick said...

Virginia Voter, you have to make a video, too!


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 21:32

No, it's a different article and video on Wonkette - more recent than the one Patrick links to.

Anonymous said...

@ella- I think she'll quit the tour also, too. Bet that's one big reason she has Trig with her- to give her an out.

Anonymous said...

Oops, just saw that Patrick updated with the new Wonkette video!

CrabbyPatty said...

While I feel sorry for the poor kids dragged out to stand in the rain, c'mon people - have you learned NOTHING about the Quitta from Wasilla? Are you surprised that she left people standing in the cold rather than sign her books? Sometimes they have to learn the hard way. Let's hope Palin keeps up the "good work" on her tour and alienates more and more of her mindless base.

Virginia Voter said...

My plan is to make a video and carry a sign...already got myself a flip cam. My 11 year old is showing me how to edit You Tube videos ;). If anyone is is the greater Washington, DC area, please join us at 12/5 BJ's Wholesale Club from 11:00 am to 2: pm is the event. I plan on getting there for the line. Not going in, a little old school civil disobedience ;). I live only 10-15 minutes away from the shopping center!

Anyone can email me to contact, and Patrick. please promote it on Palingates as we get closer to the date!

Any suggestions for signs?

Hopefully Sarah won't quit half way through this book tour.

FEDUP!!! said...

Little snark here: If you 'blow up' that first picture as big as you can (push the Ctrl key and the + sign...) then you can see what seems to be a wig carelessly thrown on top of her head - her real hair line is showing underneath it...

Patrick said...

Virginia Voter,

sounds great!

If I forget it (sometimes it happens), then please remind me a few days before the event! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"The sensible thing for her to do is get her hair cut in a shorter, easily maintainable, style for the road trip. That's "common sense."

20 November 2009 21:20"

You have to HAVE hair to cut. Sarah's already lost most of hers. No hair cut will conceal that.

(WV was "miscon" - yes, she is Miss Con!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Palingates,
Because of your site, gryphens and Brees allowing posts questioning Trig without glasses or hearing aides.....The little one can see today. If anyone thinks your sites do no good, this is truly a miracle. Pressure from "bloggers" forcing her to properly care for Trig!

CR46 said...

Hmm...only a 30 minute book signing? unhappy crowds?? LOL!! That uneducated, ignorant mob will turn on their creator!
Can everyone say KHARMA!!!!

Anonymous said...

Virginia Voter

You need to claim that you are videoing on behalf of Team Palin.

The people who were camped out overnight in Dublin, Ohio did not take it kindly when they realised that the guys asking them questions were anti Palin. They called the police!

Anonymous said...

Frankenstein comes to mind, she created the monster and now the monster turns on her.

Anonymous said...

I wonder, If the President went there and signed all 1000, I bet they would love him instead.

These are real needy, angry people.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

She quit on her lemmings? How classy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Martha, I am disgusted. I linked the https. This is IMPORTANT.

19:55 Martha said... I really think that this is important. Apparently Palin is planning to visit other bases as well.
Since Palin has called for racial profiling in the military, on FOX's Hannity's program, I'm passing this along:

For anyone who is dis_gus_ted with the idea of her going to Fort Bragg or Fort Hood (especially with the title of her book) please make your voice heard by contacting the following:

Fort Bragg Public Affairs Office 910-907-5290


Chairman Carl Levin (D) D.C. Phone # 202-224-6221

Ranking Member John McCain (I'm sure he'll be glad to hear from you)
D.C. Phone # 202-224-2235

202-225-4151 click on stafff for General Counsel Paul Oostburg

Be nice.

Archivist said...

OMG that is hilarious ... I suggested this yesterday too .. what FUN it would be to go interview the Palinbots in line, and expose them for how ill-informed they are!

Sarah or someone in her 'circle' reads the blogs! Keeping the glasses/hearing aid off him ... wow he was probably asleep in the bus, and she just grabbed him for the photo op of the Arrival Photo-Op .. That is in line with what one of the Palinbots reported about being 'held' outside for background for the arrival of the bus!

She claims they were told they would get their books signed, when it became obvious that they wouldn't! But then ... we aren't talking about highly intelligent people here; she and her 3 KIDS waited in line, in the cold and rain, for 12 1/2 hours!

More experiences added, as the Palinbots log on to Sarah's OFFICIAL page with complaints and anger. It would be sad, if it wasn't so damn FUNNY!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Your right!!! You can totally see its a wig there!!! And man she is troughing on the makeup!!!! White eyeshadow and black eyeliner!

Hey sea of urine had a very interesting blog post...named...
Drum roll....Beware of Flying Pigs
What's with that...I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Good going, VV - If I didn't have company arriving from out of town that day I would drive down and join you. Palin is avoiding the entire New England region!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Your right!!! You can totally see its a wig there!!! And man she is troughing on the makeup!!!! White eyeshadow and black eyeliner!

Hey sea of urine had a very interesting blog post...named...
Drum roll....Beware of Flying Pigs
What's with that...I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Now the Nation can experience what Alaskans have and see the truth when Levi said that Palin would come home from work at noon, and just hang out in her bedroom. She didn't want to live in Alaska's capitol because she couldn't get away with not showing up for work. This book tour is hard work! Her hair is a mess and she is getting un-glued. Wonder who is on the bus with her- maybe some Harper Collins people. They will get a taste of what McCain staffers had to endure.

Anonymous said...

It's hard not to feel bad for these folks after they took time off work to meet their hero, but when your hero is a failed vice presidential candidate and former governor of Alaska who resigned halfway through her first term in office, you shouldn't really be surprised when she ditches you in the cold for something better.

Sarah Palin Ditches Fans Waiting In Cold

Archivist said...

It's only a matter of time, at this rate, before Palin has a temper tantrum of some sort .. it's only Day 2 and she looks pretty frazzled ..

Let's see how long it takes before we get DIVA COMMENTS from the people working with her on the bus !!!!

These people do NOT work for McCain, they are NOT seasonned campaign staff (who will be looking for another job) so they will spill the beans!

This tour is fun, huh?? (wink)

Anonymous said...

Palin does not have the stamina to stick this thing out without a mass of problems.

As the tour decends into oblivion it will become painstakingly obvious to the the new people surrounding her that she is a nuttier than a squirral and way too much of a diva to ever be considered a candidate for the presidency.

vera city said...


When left on her own, Sarah Palin's hair is usually fairly messy. Her clothes are also usually not pressed when Sarah is in charge of dressing herself. This book tour obviously does not have a budget for a stylist and no adoring fan has yet to donate their time to keep Sarah looking good.

It was partly the changing quality of her hair and clothes that made me decide earlier that the one picture that shows Palin pregnant - the one with Gutsy - was not done in April 2008 as claimed. More likely it was taken in August of 2008 - days before it was mysteriously released on the internet.

I did a post explaining my thinking here:

Vera City

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

The book tour is actual work. Not like ghotwriting a "book". And its not a joy ride. She cant handle the stress, she had a big ole cold sore on her ip (eeeewwwww)on Walters and it will be a long shot that she makes it thru the tour.

Anonymous said...

Washington Post: Sarah/Trig

Willow: "We didn't find out he had Down Syndrome 'til the day he was born."


We need to check this story for inconsistencies with what has been previously said and written.

More to come tonight on 20/20?

Archivist said...

Anon 20:46

said: I clipped this from the schedule on her facebook/sarahpalin Facebook page. I am not sure how the bus gets from Phoenix to Roswell in three hours.

Well .. she is famous for her Wild Rides, no? (wink)

CR46 said...

What someon needs to do is follow the base and catch her hopping a palne to get to her next location, also too, to find out just how many buses there are they should photograph the license plates of the buses.

CrabbyPatty said...

Someone also noted yesterday on HuffPo that she is going from Fort Bragg (1:00 signing) to Birmingham, Al for a 4:30 p.m. signing - a road trip of approximately 9 hours.

Looks like her book tour was planned with the same careful attention given to her speaking / non-speaking engagements. LOL.

Archivist said...

Another week with Sarah, and Wonkette can interview the Bus Staff! People who are with her and hear her 'truth' comments about the Fans, the Press, the bloggers in Pyjamas, oh the WHOLE WORLD THAT IS AGAINST HER!!!!!!!

C'mon Levi said...


I have been thinking about something that Levi said recently with regard to not having Tripp's photo taken. He said that he and Bristol talked about it and a decision was made to keep him away from the cameras. I wonder then that if Trig is also Levi's child, what are his thoughts about Trig being used once again as a political prop.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that the only time she is on that bus is for the trip to and from the airport. Can you really see her traveling on a BUS? Sleeping on a bus? Taking care of a baby on a bus? Getting ready for a signing in a tiny little bus type bathroom. You know what? I wouldn't do it- but why the big circus show with the BUS? Pretending to do a bus tour would be just ridiculous. I mean, who wouldn't understand if she didn't really want to travel on a BUS!? Of course, we are talking about SPalin so...

dancingthroughlife said...

Finally, the little guy has glasses on! Good job, bloggers. OT, I know, but did anyone catch the Tyra show today? I'm sick, on the couch in my pjs, flipping through the channels when I see the 'preview' for the show- "Tyra's Fake Hair Academy." At the beginning, she had none other than Meghan McCain on to talk about Meghan's fake hair. She asked Meghan if there were any female politicians/newspeople that wore fake hair, and the answer was something along the lines of they may be willing to admit it to her, but they probably wouldn't want it known. Just wonder if that's where Sarah got the idea of fake hair from...

Forever Anonymous said...

Anon@ 22:40

In the Washington post about the BWalter interview:
"At the turn of the last century a child like Trig would have been lucky to perhaps even to make it to 10 years of age," said Gross.

Who is Gross?

Now I'll have to watch 20/20 to see if Todd said that and they refer to him as Gross!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Carrie will join her as babysitter on the tour?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin’s “The Bigger the Hair, The Closer to God Tour” hit a “bumpit” in the road. At a book signing at Borders in Noblesville, Indiana, she abruptly quit her book signing, leaving about 300 families with unsigned books. They didn’t like it one bit…shouting “quitter”. Really? You think she’s a quitter? Welcome to our world. -- Shannyn Moore

carma said...

.. it's only Day 2

How did she deteriorate that fast?

Anonymous said...

In my wildest dreams babygate would come to a head right now! This tour would come to a halt and fans everywhere would see her quit again! I would never have to worry about Palin in power ever again, plus I would not have to see or hear any of this crap on my tv and radio.

But I realize this is not going to happen. I am realizing now that babygate coming out is never going to happen. Sullivan is giving her the benefit of the doubt, and Gryphen isnt even talking about it anymore. I am going to stop hoping for it, and treat Palin like any other presidential candidate and have to fight her on that level.

With her record, and her words I guess. I am very dissapointed that she has been able to climb to this level, but it will only make me fight harder, and volunteer more hours. It does sicken me that I will have to give her the respect of rising to that level and even discuss her with others on policy and actions instead of simply saying she is a lying wackjob. I have nothing to prove otherwise.

The things she is being questioned on by the media are the same things any other candidate is questioned on, and they still win. I am fearful, but hopeful that this country will be in a good place come 2012 and Palin wont be able to use Obamas record against him. I hope he can come in with strong successes. I hope this country recovers soon.

I swear to god, if I have to hear some stupid slogan about change, or an "I told you 4 years ago" from Sarah Palin, I might be the one needing a psychiatrist.

Forever Anonymous said...

"I'll stick with the grandkids thing now, but even that can wait another ten years, as Bristol would tell you," Palin joked. "Ten years from now? Oh gosh, bring on the grandkids. I can't wait."

Its near impossible to catch her telling a truth.

Fake Hair Academy said...

dancingthroughlife ..."She (Tyra) asked Meghan if there were any female politicians/newspeople that wore fake hair, and the answer was something along the lines of they may be willing to admit it to her, but they probably wouldn't want it known."


Anonymous said...

@C'mon Levi, What you say is right. And, it deserves to be printed a few more times so Sarah doesn't miss the message. Levi can't take Trig, because Sarah is afraid that he'll expose Trig to unwanted photographers and publicity.

Exhibit A,B, C and the rest of the alphabet, Sarah holding Trig up for the photographers. Hypocrite.

SarahPac, give TRIG a chance!! said...

"Finally, the little guy has glasses on! Good job, bloggers."

You all are terrific. Her handlers are paying attention!!!! TRIG MAY HAVE A CHANCE!!!!"

"...she was scheduled to sign the Eye Glass Bill (what I believe was SB149 re used eye glasses, sponsored by Senator Therniaut"

The best news all day: "Finally, the little guy has glasses on! Good job, bloggers."

Archivist said...

Anon 23:36

I think you are getting the names confused .. You are talking about baby Trap,(or is that Tripp?) and not Trigg (or is that Propp?) who is also known as TrickTriggTrutherHuh?


Anonymous said...

Sarah's not giving interviews to local media on the tour, because she's afraid she'll go off-message, which would make the story about the flub rather than the book tour.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there are two buses. Sarah flies between signings, and the buses leap frog. The reason for the buses? Reminds people of the campaign and allows her to make a grand entrance holding Trig. So when will the media catch on to what she's doing and why?

As to who is on this grand tour, we're told Tina A from HC publicity (wonder who she pissed off to get stuck with this schtick) and Meg. Funny, I haven't seen Meg; has anyone else?

SarahPac, give TRIG a chance!! said...

"...she was scheduled to sign the Eye Glass Bill (what I believe was SB149 re used eye glasses, sponsored by Senator Therniaut"
That was April 18, 2008. The day Trig was scheduled for delivery. (Forgot to mention: Eye Glass Bill signing was April 18, 2008)

The best news all day: "Finally, the little guy has glasses on! Good job, bloggers."

Anonymous said...


"Thank you for contacting!

This morning we made the decision to remove all Psalms 109:8 designs from CafePress.

The public debate started with questioning if the design was simply intended to be criticism of the President or something much worse. The discourse was surprisingly civil online, given the heated nature of the topic. Given that, and the positions of groups like the ACLU and the Anti-Defamation League, we decided to let the dialogue play out publicly before making a final decision.

Last night we posted a poll on our blog, read through the emails we’ve received and weighed the nature of the calls we’ve received on the topic. In the process we also learned that many of the original designers of the Psalm 109:8 designs had already decided to remove them on their own.

General consensus has proven that the design does point to a broader interpretation of the Psalm and thus has been deemed inappropriate for sale at CafePress.

We try to create an atmosphere of self-expression. Many of the things we encounter are not black and white, but grey. When the dialogue is civil, we want to let the larger community work things out rather than making an uninformed ruling. The dialogue has played out and common sentiment has reached agreement – this merchandise is not appropriate.

Thank you all for your input."

Kate said...

In the top picture does she really have little pointed ears?

Anonymous said...

If she was so misused by the McCain campaign, where was her backbone? Her spine? Why didn't she stand up and say so then? She wouldn't stand up for herself. How can she claim to be standing up for anyone else?

Anonymous said...

So a crowd booed and chanted at a bus, in which Trig, Piper and Willow are riding? Well, here's hoping Trig didn't have on the hearing aids, but Piper and Willow can't have enjoyed that.

Ripley said...

Oh Honey, three words: buy a mirror.

Oh wait, three more words: Have a snack!

She's a quitter. She'll quit. She can't hack it. She was probably one of those "athletes" that had to take a water break every ten minutes, too.

Hear me $P.... YOU CAN'T HACK IT!!

Anonymous said...

ermmmmm anon 00.36

If Willow and Piper are on the bus then it was their mother who put them in that situation. It's not all cameras and ringlets on the road, ya know.

And anyway, shouldn't they be in school? Just sayin@!

Anonymous said...

Is this tour starting to remind anyone else of EVITA?

EyeOnYou said...

The response on this book tour has been overwhelming. We are truly humbled, and I thank you.

I've been told that yesterday there were supporters in Noblesville who stood in long lines for hours in the cold and rain, and the book signing event ended without a chance to say hello to everyone who showed up. I am so sorry. We are working on a solution for those who were left behind.

I apologize.

- Sarah Palin

I wonder what she plans to do for those who lost wages, and spent HOURS upon HOURS standing in line to get the required wristband and book for her to sign and then was blown off.

I also find it hysterical that she claims she was "told" about this problem. LMAO, she was there, she had to have heard the chanting.

Evita? said...

"Don't Cry for Me, Noblesville readers.

The truth is, I never met you.

All through those cold hours
Your sad persistance.
I kept my promise.
Please keep your distance."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20:46
"I clipped this from the schedule on her facebook/sarahpalin Facebook page. I am not sure how the bus gets from Phoenix to Roswell in three hours."

Phoenix to Roswell? One word, dude. A-L-I-E-N-S.

EyeOnYou said...

You have to love how those dedicated "hardcore" Ocean of Urine People think:

I knew this was going to be a problem last night....Ace of Spades has an article up about some of the lefties there, so I still am suspicious that this was some sort of set up.
Today, 7:05:39 PM

They can't blame this on the bookstores, because it was the Palin Team that set this up and decided how many wristbands to hand out, and they have even acknowledged it to be a problem and are now giving out less wristbands to prevent this from what do the Palin fans do?

Call it a set up by "the left".

The stupidity is simply astounding.

SarahPac, give TRIG a chance!! said...

@ 21 November 2009 01:06 LMAO, she was there, she had to have heard the chanting.

She has a body double. Why would Piper and Willow want to hang out on another campaign bus tour?

Palin is a cripple with no independent family members.
Parasitic creepy clingers.
They are all parasitic.

comeonpeople said...

Kate: I think it is a ringlet of highlighted hair that looks like a pointy er - giving her that Keebler Elf thingy. also, too she should have spent the extra couple thousand and had her neck done. There is a big difference now between her new face and old neck.

Anonymous said...

No one has commented yet on the weird glossy magazine Patrick posted a pic of, wondering where
it came from.

Right after 911, like 8 days later, there were huge glossy commemorative magazines full of 911 photos on all the checkout aisles. In Fairbanks. Who in the world, I wondered, had the resources to get that printed so fast it was for sale in Fairbanks by Sept. 18th ? I picked one up and looked and looked for publisher's info. None to be found, no copyrights, nothing. Just lots of pics and minimal text. This is very strange, I thought. Finally, along the margin of one of the back pages, in tiny print,
I found the words 'published by Dept. of Homeland
Security'. Talk about in your face.

Can somebody please find a copy of this and see if there is any publishing info ? You may have to look pretty hard . . .

EyeOnYou said...

In her new book, Sarah Palin complains that presidential candidate John McCain's staff kept her away from the media.
But on the first four stops of her book tour, Palin has repeatedly ducked local reporters.

The Argus Leader surveyed 12 local newspapers and television stations which requested interviews with Palin in the first four metro areas she visited on the tour: Grand Rapids, Mich.; Fort Wayne, Ind.; Indianapolis and Cincinnati. None of the 12 news outlets were granted an interview.

Sarah will NOT grant interviews to Local Reporters

So basically what have learned? Sarah is willing to do the scripted big interviews with people like Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Oprah & Barbara Walters, but those informal interviews with local reporters, you know those "real Americans" who are just trying to give her a voice, well NO WAY JOSE!

She's such a rogue! NOT!

Valley KW said...

Re noblesville?

Vintage Sarah.

When her three oldest were in elementary, she would volunteer for everything. When it came time to DO the work she signed up for, it was always "sooo sorry, my little one is sick" or "I think I'm coming down with the flu...".

It got to the point that when she volunteered for any committees or projects, we didn't even plan on having her help. Once when we were arranging a field day for the kids, Sarah was all "oh I love sports, I am ALL over this one!" My daughter's teacher said under her breath "I guess Sarah will be coming down with bubonic plague in 5, 4, 3..."

As time wore on and she became active in local politics, she would use that as an excuse, buzzing in with her power suits and glossy hair, saying how she was just so SWAMPED, but ya gotta make time for the kiddos, right girls?! Uhhhhg, she was insufferable. Right before she declared for mayor, she would actually seek out other moms and put on this beleaguered air...if I had a dollar for every time I heard her say to someone "oh, I WISH I could have time to RELAX like you, you look so great and RESTED...but you know, I just REALLY feel a RESPONSIBILITY to protect and enrich this community for our CHILDREN".

She was the QUEEN of the backhanded compliment. Once she came up to my friend at a parent-teacher function and said "oh, you've lost WEIGHT! You look wonderful!" She had recently been trying very hard to lose the weight from her last child, two years prior, so she was thrilled to get the compliment- even from Sarah, whom literally none of us liked. Then Sarah leans in and stage-whispers "it's such a shame so much of the weight loss had to come from your BOOBS!"

Hand to God, you guys...we are talking about a woman who acts like THAT-- to people she thinks are her "friends".

Every time I mean to just make a tiny comment, I end up bitching for ten minutes- I am so sorry, everyone! But seeing Sarah act like this, even treating her blindly devoted "base "...I swear, it's like she really IS the devil or something! How can one person elicit SO much hatred and ill will?

Anyway, I predict that Sarah announces she or Trig has swine flu from all the people they've been around. She will claim something so 'big' that it will look like she has no choice BUT to quit.

Also...and this is just my own personal impression from watching her through the years- I have a VERY hard time believing she is eating, sleeping, and primping...on a BUS. Despite her claims of staunch outdoorsiness, I have seen the woman LEAVE an event because the only restrooms were porta-potties and she flatly refused. I think she's flying, and that is why they've allowed only 2-3 hours for trips that take 8-9 hours. Two busses. JMO, of course.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the red and black motive that is so popular with the far right ?

American United Against Sarah said...

She looks like crap. The hair is awful.
She looks like a dried up prune hag with mop on her head.

And where is Todd?!?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, ValleyKW.Verrryyy interesting info!

Anonymous said...

If DS do no not have serious intervention, they can be very very difficult to control as older children, teens. There is a wide variety in IQ levels from very very low to higher. They need to be worked with in many ways. Healthy marriages split up with a disabled child. In college I did volunteer work at an institution where more seriously disabled kids lived full time because they simply could not handle them. I'll never forget when a 14 year old very strong boy pushed me down and pinned me against the floor when I would not give him something. It took 3 adult men who worked there to pry him off of me. The teachers told me that the kids there were either very low IQ or more moderate but had neglectful parents. It seems like Sarah is treating him like any other child and she is doing a great disservice to him. He's being dragged all over the country and not getting the intervention he needs. Sarah reads these these blogs and says why are they criticizing me, he's our angel and he knows it. Sarah that is just NOT enough. For Gods sake educate yourself-you are rich now-there is no excuse for him to get what he needs! But now is the time. Not at age 5 or 6! Give the kid a chance and get him off the campaign trail and home with PT, OT, speech, language therapists.a babysitter who used to be a special Ed teacher won't cut it Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Valley KW, if you were posting on Huffington Post
I would SO fan you ! We have a few moms like this
in our ballet school and they are truly insufferable,
particularly when you are counting on them to do
something. The worst part is that afterwards they
say they did it ! Usually all by themselves !

And Anon at 3:01, thank you for a realistic assessment of what can happen down the road. I have a friend with a very disabled adult son who certainly could be violent if provoked and is very strong, I am amazed at her devotion to him and
the inner strength (she is quite a frail older woman) with which she protects herself. Sarah has no such
inner strength and it's pretty easy to imagine her protecting herself physically.

Anonymous said...

DS kids can become extremely extremely strong and difficult to control if not managed properly from the beginning. I hate using the word "training" because it reminds me of an animal so I use intervention. They need serious intervention. What worries me about Trig is that he looks very physically delayed. Normal kids are walking at one year. I haven't seen him even stand holding someone hand, have any of you? I am sure he is loved. Bristol is loving. If Sarah was having all this done for Trig you would think she would be showing everyone how hard it is. What kind of advocate is she for special needs children. Sarah tomorrow put on his hearing aids and send him home and stop using him.

What worries me is that if this isn't her child by birth, will she be there for him through the very hard times? What happens when he's not a cute little baby. It frightens me.

And she is going to get away with her charade. I don't see the truth coming out at all. Watch 20/20 and you'll see. She covered this well

Is it going to come out Patrick? Why doesn't Gryphen mentioning it. And where are our trolls. Are they possibly seeing the queen realistically? As an opportunis, fraud and user.

mxm said...

My opinion is that not only is the tour tiring, very hard work and we know how she feels about hard work -- she really does not like mixing with hordes of palinbots. While there are middle class palinbots, there are also likely more of the nuts, crazies, teabaggers, 'peopleofwalmart'.

Folks who have been in line, in tents, for 12-24 hours must look a mess, must smell less than fresh, and God only knows when they last washed their hands.

Sarah would much rather hobknob with the elite, and this is not her crowd. She can't stand these people, but she will take their money and use them up.

Anonymous said...

Geoffrey Dunn and the author of this blog get the meme wrong by claiming that Palin is the original source of the term "falafel lady"

The first instance that I can find it being used is in this article from October 3, 1995 in the ADN.

There are 3 separate instances of the term being used in reference to Andree McLeod, in fact she even refers to it herself.

I've edited these for brevity.

Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Tuesday, October 3, 1995

The hot dog man had beaten the system and the falafel lady was steamed.

They were among some 40 street vendors crammed into a conference room at City Hall on Monday, competing for a place on the hungriest sidewalks downtown. Only 25 would leave with permits to set up shop there next summer.

Anderson calls hot dog-vending his livelihood, so he plunked down as much cash as he could find -- $7,500. And so it was that the falafel lady 's fate rode on a single measly card inside the box while Anderson had 50 chances in there.

The falafel lady was taking it hard.

''What has happened to the American dream?'' she wailed, flinging her hands heavenward. ''How am I supposed to make a living? They're gambling with people's businesses.''

The falafel lady -- a New Yorker whose name is Andree McLeod -- wasn't the only street vendor complaining. The new system had many vendors shaking their heads in confusion and others wondering why they hadn't read the instructions more carefully.

The falafel lady drew 36th, 11 spots out of the money. As the other vendors began filing out of the cramped room, she was loudly exploring other options for her future.

''I'm out of business,'' she declared. ''You want to buy a falafel cart?''

She spotted Joe Murdy in the hallway. To most people, he is an Anchorage assemblyman. The falafel lady recognized him as an Eagle River restaurateur.

''Mr. Murdy, I'm out of business,'' she said. ''You want a waitress?''

Copyright (c) 1995, Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Tuesday, March 25, 1997
Author: Natalie Phillips Daily News Reporter ; Staff

Candidate Andree McLeod, who is best-known for her fight with City Hall to get a downtown street vendor's license to sell falafel, said, ''My motto is leadership with a heart.''

''Everyone knows I can cook as the falafel lady , I can also clean house real well,'' McLeod said. But she seemed most concerned with getting her due recognition.

Twice she interrupted the moderator when she thought she was being ignored. The first time she complained of being treated like ''chopped liver.'' The second time, she asked the moderator to instruct the media that the mayoral race is not just between Fink and Mystrom.

Copyright (c) 1997, Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage Daily News (AK) - Friday, January 2, 1998
Author: Kim Severson ; Staff

A holiday week eating my way through much of the San Francisco Bay Area offered a nice prelude for our task this week: the annual Off the Menu restaurant wish list.

6. More variety of street food in the summer. Recall the poor falafel lady who tried to start a Fourth Avenue cart serving the Middle Eastern sandwiches? We need her or someone to try selling something different downtown. Take a hint from the popularity and variety of food booths at the Saturday Market.

Copyright (c) 1998, Anchorage Daily News

Anonymous said...


" and black motive..."
are you referring to a "motif"?

mxm said...

I am sure anon 2:34 meant motif, and I think she is trying to play off the book cover. Probably HC recommended that she do so.

Anonymous said...

yes, motif, that's what i meant.

it's kind a weird way.

Anonymous said...

@3:43 - The origin of the meme is not the question. The continued use of a racist meme is, especially for someone who was the governor.

Anonymous said...

My point is that locally, Andree McLeod is known as the Falafel Lady, she has been for many years.

She even refers to herself as the Falafel Lady.

I can see as an Outsider how someone might make hay out of it.

Those three reporters for the ADN, they were using the racist meme then too ?

Anonymous said...

She had her hair down today trying to cover up that huge infected cyst in front of her right ear. euuuuuuuuwwwww....!

Anonymous said...

Yup...I think too she will never complet Part II if the book tour. It is just too muc work for the Queen. She will have gotten her dose of adoring fans to keep her going for another week. Can you say Bi-Polar? Manic phase?

And what about that horrible growth in front of her ear? What is that?

Anonymous said...

Vera City! So glad you're here. I love your shrewd comments. Valley KW, you're a treat as well. The things you tell us we could have imagined, but it's great to have the lines colored in with details. And yes, you fantastic REAL-mom-types who kept asking where Trig's glasses were. I love you. Good work. I feel like I'm on the Palingates Book Tour with a great bunch of folks. . .

Anonymous said...

20/20 on not sure if I can stomach it!

Anonymous said...

@4:29 - yes, the reporters at the ADN were using a racist meme, too. That is a racist meme. As an Arab-American, I will confirm to you that it is a racist meme. Do you get it yet?

Anonymous said...

The ADN also referred to Mike Anderson as the "Hot Dog Man" so I suppose Germans could take offense to the slur on the Frankfurter, eh ?

Sorry to offend you, but to just about every Alaskan who's ever heard of McLeod prior to her little dust up with Palin, she's the Falafel Lady.

She was a loose cannon back then and today, sadly, nothing has changed except now she has an attorney named Don Mitchell working with her.

Even Mudflat§ or The G¥rl from Homer wouldn't understand the reference, it's an @nchorage thing and neither of them lived here then.

œ £ µ ß

Anonymous said...

@5:30 - you are very offensive. It is sad to see how you defend racial stereotypes in AK just because "everyone does it."

I don't believe "hot dogs" are connected, as a meme, to Germans. If he was called a "Frankfurter" then we'd have something to discuss.

Anonymous said...

@5:30 - "Claims about the invention of the hot dog are difficult to assess because various stories assert the creation of the sausage, the placing of the sausage (or another kind of sausage) on bread or a bun as finger food, the popularization of the existing dish, or the application of the name "hot dog" to a sausage and bun combination."

You should check out the origin of the hot dog, by the way. It is not certain that it's from "Frankfurt," "Vienna," or "St. Louis, MO."

Anonymous said...

'Everyone knows I can cook as the falafel lady , I can also clean house real well,'' McLeod said. But she seemed most concerned with getting her due recognition.

So Andree, who is referred to as a New Yorker in the article, is making a slur about herself according to your logic, because even she does it too.

ø ∑ ≠

Anonymous said...

@5:46 -Quite trying to defend your racism and Palin's racism. Do you use the "n" word, too?

Anonymous said...

If someone uses a racial slur to self-identify (due to many political/cultural/social pressures that you cannot understand because you are outside of an ethnic group), that does not make it correct for others to use it. There are many words which fall into this category.

Verbose said...

In the one up top, she looks like a Vulcan or elf or something...her hair (I guess) is bunched up to look like an ear!

Anonymous said...

Here's a reference on Andrew Halcro's blog.

Talk about racists, that Andrew Halcro is a real hater all right.

Why is it that the general opinion of McLeod, at least in Alaska, is that's she's a confrontational gadfly who's a few bricks short of a full load ?

The Falafel Lady
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 2008-08-07 15:54.

Andrew, I have great respect for you. Therefore, I hope you have the wisdom to disassociate yourself from the "falafel lady." Andree is a bright, but misguided, woman. She is a bit like a female version of Ray Metcalf: a true political gadfly who loves "stirring the pot." She's run, quite unsuccessfully, for several public offices. The only difference between Ray and Andree is that Andree's allegiance seems to change as the wind blows. If we want to talk ethics, has anyone looked into Ms. McLeod's track record: Are you aware she gave $1,000 to Frank Murkowski for the 2006 State Primary. Perhaps it's JUST a coincidence, but she later became a State employee. Open and transparent she is not. Lest you think this is mere mudslingling on my part, it is not. These are statements of fact. I've watched Ms. McLeod from the sidelines since about 1999 trying desperately to gain attention. Hopefully, she's gotten her fill for now.

My theory on the Falafel Lady (aka Andree McLeod)
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 2008-08-08 15:22.

Andree McLeod DID give money to Frank's campaign ($1000 for the 2006 State Primary). She also sent several e-mails back and forth to Sarah sometime well before that criticizing the Murkowski Administration. I would say she was trying to hedge her bets & keep all her options open. Of course, after Sarah didn't come through with an appointment for Andree, Andree turned against Sarah. Honestly, I think Sarah Palin's harsh remarks are those of someone who has been stabbed in the back by a trusted friend (i.e., Andree). And by the way, calling her the "Falafel Lady" is NOT meant to be disparaging. Anyone who has been involved with politics for awhile should remember the falafel incident. It gained Andree a LOT of press and even she called herself the "falafel lady" at several Assembly meetings. Grow up, folks, and don't take yourselves so seriously.

ø ˜ ç

Anonymous said...

@6:19 - Are you here to smear Andree McCloud? You've moved from the "racial" angle now to...what? Just a general smear? Pulling anonymous comments off of Andrew Halcro's blog from 2008? To what end? We see through you. She's a Republican. Take it to the Republicans in AK. We're progressives.

Anonymous said...

@6:19 - Since you're such a Palin apologist/operative, please give us YOUR theory about what's going on with the huge lump on Palin's face that she's been trying to hide with wigs this week.

Anonymous said...

Not here to smear McLeod and I'm not a Palin apologist.

If her interview with B.O. and Pat Robertson don't scare the bejeezus out of ya then I don't know what will.

I'm trying to give you some perspective on the lady, okay ?

Sorry you don't like it.

Anonymous said...

@7:12 - I don't like your defense of racism. What do you think is on Palin's face?

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending racism, I'm offering a nuance that may be lost on some without the knowledge of how McLeod got to be known as the Falafal Lady.

Just because Geoffery Dunn says it's true doesn't necessarily make it so.

His sources in Alaska have limited perspective as well, so it doesn't surprise me that he wouldn't have known how she became the Falafel Lady.

Now Patrick has repeated the meme and all I'm doing is giving some historical perspective on how the label came to be.

Palin is fucking scary and McLeod is a crank, okay ?

And I don't have a clue what that hideous thing is on her neck.

¡ ª ∫ µ

Anonymous said...

And if you're ever in Anchorage and are looking for a killer falafel, look no further than Falafel King on Gambell St.

The BEST, He IS indeed the Falafel King !

Anonymous said...

@7:58 - Once again, the history of the meme is not important. The DELIBERATE USE OF A RACIST MEME by a sitting governor in the 21st century is inexcusable. DId you ever hear about the "Macaca" statement made by George Allen? Google it.

The lump is on her face, not her neck

Anonymous said...

I have been to Anchorage, and I chose to buy falafels elsewhere in the world. Thanks, though.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Here's a Pic of Macaca George on a stop in Anchorage in 2006.

Go ahead and make hay with it if you can, good luck with that though.

Here's a bio of Alaska Senator Mark Begich's step-father, a mafia-connected hit man who's also a member of the Aryan nations.

Go make some hay with that one.

ˆ ∫ “ – œ

sandra said...

There was a video of Trig walking on the BW piece on 20/20. Once again they had to show him with Piper to elicit much from him.

Anonymous said...

@8:29 - Not in the hay-making business, but thanks for confirming the general atmosphere of racism, racial insensitivity and corruption in AK in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Neither Geoff Dunn or Patrick said that she started the meme. They imply that she is repeating it.

I'd like your opinion on why she is repeating the meme? She is a politician for goodness sake! She is supposed to act beyond gossip and name-calling.

Your point is pathetic and moot and reveals a distinct lack of the reflection that accuse others of.

Take your hate somewhere else. It's wasted here.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 16:17 - You're very welcome. I'd suggest that you learn how to think for yourself in order to come to a rational conclusion instead of believing every lie and rumor published on the internet by uninformed writers and bloggers.

I can see how you come to your conclusion however, if you based your beliefs on the writings of certain bloggers, oh say, Jesse Griffin and his bigoted viewpoints towards Christians, but the fact is that Anchorage is one of the most diverse cities in country, if not the world.

That's one of the things that makes Anchorage a great place to live, unlike some of the ghettoized cities of the lower 48.

Boy, you're really going to piss your panties when you see this, again without perspective you'll probably come on unglued over this one.

I love the logic of some you folks, because I point out the history of the term "Falafel Lady" I'm now considered a racist.

What is it that you can't comprehend about this, I'm not the one calling her the Falafel Lady, that is a reference that the press, and even herself uses.

In Anchorage she's known as the Falafel Lady, if that's racist then so be it, you need to grow up and grow some thicker skin then.

You just can't stand it because I've found a hole in Patrick's meme, lololololol.

Anonymous said...

@16:45 - it is clear you don't even understand what a meme is. It is sad.

Anonymous said...

oops, the corrupt part i would wholeheartedly agree with you on, this place really is a cesspool when it comes to politics, both on the D's and the R's side.

Palin actually managed to clean some of that up, but of course there isn't a soul here would dare give her credit for that.

she ran off Frank Murkowski and Tony Knowles, two of the finest corrupt bastards you'll meet anywhere.

if you're so opposed to corruption then you should be railing on Patrick about his running of Dan Fagan's piece the other day.

If there ever was a shill for the oil companies in Alaska, it's Dan Fagan.

You see, your arguments are not logical, if you're against corruption then you're against Dan Fagan and what he says, but if he trashes Sarah Palin he's okay.

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

@16:45 - you are clearly trying disinformation here. But it doesn't work, because there are many who are against racism. Just because there is diversity in Anchorage doesn't mean there is no racism; in fact, with many white people in charge there, one might surmise JUST the opposite. Do you know how the native population is treated in Anchorage, for example? I do. I have been there. I have seen it. Do you know how African-Americans are treated there? Do you know how many African-Americans are currently employed in Anchorage city-state government jobs? Don't even try to come here defending the history of Arab-American racial slurs in Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

1649 = What's really sad is your complete and total lack of reading comprehension abilities.

I am only referencing the history of the term to show some perspective here.

Anonymous said...

anon @1654 - I've been a landowning, taxpaying resident of Anchorage for 26 years, please do tell me about how bad it is here.

Anonymous said...

@16:53 - You are a Palinbot. The facts belie your disinformation. Palin DID NOT clean up corruption. She is one of the most corrupt politicians around; it does sound like she fits right in with what you define as "the real Anchorage," though. Kind of like Palin's "the real America."

Anonymous said...

@16:58 - You must be a white person.

Anonymous said...

are you referring to Mike Maad, 16:54 ?

of course Anchorage has it's problems, just like everywhere else.

one thing you won't find however are ethnic neighborhoods, that shit doesn't fly up here.

say what you want, you obviously know more about this place than I do.

Anonymous said...

@17:00 - Palin supports profiling. You are a middle-aged male and white, right?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing courageous or brave about waiting in line for this dipstick to sign your overpriced book of whining, finger-pointing, and lies.

"Brainwashed" "Not too Bright" and "Delusional" would certainly be appropriate, though!