Saturday, 28 November 2009

Watch Greta van Susteren talk to Karl Rove and freak out about the fake pregnancy allegations!

In a new interview with Karl Rove which was shown at Fox News on 25th November 2009, Greta van Susteren talks about "Going Rogue" and freaks out about our favourite subject - "BABYGATE". Apparently enraged about the fact the "horrible internet rumors" about the faked pregnancy with Trig still exist, Greta desperately asks how Sarah should "overcome" these rumors. See for yourself (relevant part from 2:28):

Here is the relevant part from the transcript - the complete transcript can be found here:

VAN SUSTEREN: How do you show substance?

ROVE: Well, you show substance by -- you know, by -- by talking about it, by, you know, offering interesting ideas, by commenting about current events in a way that people find -- find revealing of your leadership skills, and by, you know, charting a course, by setting a theme and charting a course for what you want to do and where you want the country to go that people would find attractive.

VAN SUSTEREN: But here's the interesting thing, is that all those rumors about who her son, Trig -- you know, who is the real mother of her son, Trig, a horrible Internet rumor -- you know, there were Internet rumors about a lot of candidates. There were Internet rumors about President Obama that he was never confronted with, it would have been wrong to confront him about. But she gets slapped around with that. I mean, so how does she overcome the ones that she gets hit with?

ROVE: Well, look, it's to answer the -- the ones that she feels she needs to but move on. I mean, don't get stuck in this. Don't get -- you know, don't get in a debate with Levi Johnston. Don't get sort of focused on it. Don't show your anger.

VAN SUSTEREN: But she gets asked about that. What does -- what does she do...

ROVE: Well...

VAN SUSTEREN: ... if she gets asked about it? I mean, the problem is, you know, if she sits down in an interview and someone says, Hey, how about Levi Johnston? Is he really posing nude in the magazine? What do you think about it? Will he be there for Thanksgiving? What's she supposed to say?

ROVE: She needs to...

VAN SUSTEREN: Talk about Iran?

ROVE: She needs to -- well, no, she needs to find a way to move off of it and get on to things that are important because, look, the media wants to stick her there. They want to have her be somebody who's more comfortable -- that people are more comfortable seeing her on the front page -- on the front cover of "People" magazine than seeing her in the Oval Office. And the way to do that is to keep these questions about, you know, sort of minor side issues coming and keep her drawn into those conversations, rather than allowing her to begin to develop and flesh out a vision of where she would want to take the country were she to become a candidate.

Interesting how Greta brings up the fake pregnancy rumors and in his response, Karl Rove jumps immediately to the subject of Levi Johnston, although Greta hadn't mentioned Levi at all!

Did Karl Rove realise that it would be most advisable not to start talking about the fake pregancy rumors in more detail...?

In addition, it's of course a complete lie that President Obama was never confronted with the Internet rumors about him - after all, he felt compelled to provide his birth certificate, and several court cases were initiated to challenge Obama's birth certificate! These court cases were doomed right from that start, of course.

I have an answer fo Greta's question, how should Sarah "overcome" the Internet rumors "she gets hit with." Well, what about showing for example Trig's birth certificate and medical documentation about the pregnancy?

But then we know that Sarah cannot do it - because it is a FACT that she has faked the pregnancy.

Greta was wrong (surprise!). It is not an "internet rumor" that Sarah Palin has faked the pregancy with Trig. It is simply the truth!

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get real said...

Again, Palin can make these "ugly Internet Trig rumors" go away in mere seconds by providing the extremely easy-to-produce irrefutable documented proof that she already has in her possession as the birth mother of Trig.

All mothers in America have essentially the exact same birth docs and records that Sarah Palin has.

Unless, of course, Palin is NOT the birth mother of Trig - and she most certainly is NOT.
This is fact and Palin CANNOT prove something that never happened.

It really is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta,

You're going to have to try harder because labelling Palin's problem a mere "internet rumor" is just not going to hack it.

For example, CBJ's medical letter says no risk factor's other than age, BUT Sarah Palin's book says two miscarriages.

Greta, you can not blame a blatant contradiction like that on the internet. That is two published documents by two major players in this little drama. Palin is saying her doctor lied in a letter released by the McCain campaign the night before a presidential election. LIED!!! Get it Greta?

So, Greta, stop burbling about the internet and do some basic journalism.

Anonymous said...

LOL... Your welcome Pat.

Although you are missing the point.


Anonymous said...

Well, Van Susteren, if you think "who is the real mother of her son" is "horrible", please tell your viewers about how "horrible" it is to fly from Texas to Alaska, avoiding multiple hospitals with neo-natal intensive care units while leaking aminotic fluid in the 35th week of pregnancy with a Down's Syndrome infant (over 40 year old mother, 2 previous miscarriages).

The wild ride as told by Palin is really, really horrible.

Anonymous said...

Whose vagina did Trig come from? Not Sarah Palin's

Anonymous said...

Oh, is that like the horrible Internet rumor about John Edwards having an affair on the campaign trail?

Oops, that one turned out to be true. And I seem to remember that the right wing media had a field day with it.

Hypocrites forever.

ella said...

WHOA! Greta is not dumb (only dumbed-down per Murdoch's orders). Greta KNOWS! Of all the rumors to bring up, she chooses babygate! Thank you Greta! I honestly believe Greta is done with scarah.
Greta can keep saying how "horrible" the Trig rumors are, keep repeating the Trig rumors - I love it. This is not incidental or accidental, IMO.
Too many people want to be sarah's puppeteers - including John Coale (Greta's husband and advisor for sarahpac) on behalf of the Scientologists. Greta/John Coale have given up on the seduction of sarah - Greta's "outrage" re babygate is faux, just like the network she works for. HA!

Anonymous said...

"Greta can keep saying how "horrible" the Trig rumors are, keep repeating the Trig rumors - I love it. This is not incidental or accidental, IMO."

Excellent point, Ella! It's just like how in the South you say 'bless your/his/her heart' before you say something catty or how you say 'we need to pray for person X' before you tell everybody the latest rumor you heard about them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Greta, Greta, Greta.
If Sarah Palin wishes to keep the conversation on serious political issues, she should
(1) not write a pity party, poor me I'm a victim book. She should write a book on serious political issues. She should learn about the world and then present ideas of policies that would solve problems. Then people might talk about her policies (see, she has to have them first);
(2) not quit her job as governor. That was not a good way to present herself as a politician who sees things through to the bitter end;
(3) not spend her governorship using her position as a way to exact vendettas against those whom she perceives have wronged her.

If she wants to prove that Trig's her kid -- all kids have birth certificates.
Greta, you can help her out here. Get your buddy Sarah to show you Trig's. You can show it to us on national tv. Ask her to dig out all the photos she must have of her pregnant with Trig. We know from her book how honored she was to be carrying Trig. She's got to have photos commemorating the pregnancy. Have her show you photos of Bristol during the same time frame. I'm sure such things would go a long way toward clearing up these mean rumors. See, Sarah saying, "Trig's mine 'cause Bristol's too pregnant herself right now" was just too round-about a way to clear it all up. being a logical person, I'm sure you understand.

Anonymous said...

Oh, PS and Greta, unless you have a real complaint, quit trying to smear our President.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, more hahaha!
Greta suggests Palin should talk about Iran.
Again, if she wants to be taken seriously, she'll have to learn the difference between Iran and Iraq first.
There's another solution: she can quietly retire to Alaska with her beloved family; help Todd down from the roof he has so dutifully repaired on Thanksgiving day, and leave the rest of us alone.

MacAndCheeseWiz said...

Great Observations! Truth is Stranger than Fiction, and it hurts more as well. My opinion, Greta's must know the truth.

In the pursuit of fair and balanced reporting, she has to make Sarah look like a poor "victim"

Anonymous said...

Too bad Todd couldn't work on the roof today due to the storm. I'm sure he found other entertainment.

Greta, honey, it's too late to save Palin. Moderates hate her and liberals would leave this country before voting for her.

She can't win. It's not in the math.

But if y'all want her for your ticket in 2012, be our guest. LOL. but it's kind of obvious that the word has come down on high to destroy her.

I work in the media, and I can say with all assurance that the Great conversation plus the Beck diss add up to the GOP closing ranks against the back-stabber. Things aren't said by that party unless someone gives the OK. Look how long Ensign and Sanford have gotten away with their crap and no one talks about it.

Sarah's toast.

They hope we'll do it for them, because they don't want to alienate the teabaggers.

But if we won't, they will. Drip by drip. Letting the cat outta the bag. just enough to cause conversation.

You know, they report and you decide. LOL.

They always lead their viewers. Most of whom had probably never heard of babygate. And who's asking Sarah about it? No one. No one ever has. What a joke. Greta certainly didn't and Sarah won't have an interview without getting thew questions pre-approved. FACT. And the edit (courtesy of Fox).

You'd think she was Britney Spears.

Oh, wait...Britney Spears never faked a pregnancy for attention.

Anonymous said...

That was weird. (Only read transcript, can't stand to
watch the videos). Greta's introducing BabyGate was
such a total nonsequitor. Like it just landed out of nowhere. She is putting the word out about Trig.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a different take on this: I agree that it was a nonsequitor, her bringing up babygate like that, but I don't think she's doing it to bring Sarah down. I think she's doing it at Sarah's request. I think Palin reads this blog, Gryphen's blog, Bree's blog, Mudflats, all the blogs that ever mention her. I think she hates that these blogs still exist and are gaining in popularity and readership. I think it's totally ticking her off, and Greta mentioned babygate as a favor. I'm basing this on her reported behavior over Todd's involvement in AIP. She didn't want it dropped, even though ignoring the whole issue was the best possible way to keep it a non-issue.
Hi Sarah! Guess what: you fail!!

Curiouser said...

Very interesting, indeed.

I don't post here very often and hope it's okay to disagree a bit. I think it's too late for a birth certificate and medical records. Palin suggested the remedy to the rumors herself in her email to the ADN editor...DNA test...conducted by a reliably independent lab, of course.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Maybe we need to change Greta’s name from Greta Van Suckup to Greta Van Suckerpunch? Greta thought she was Sarah’s bestest buddy, but Sarah gave the exclusive first interview about her book to . . . Oprah??? Big mistake, Sarah!

I agree it seems peculiar that Greta would mention babygate, for the SECOND time. In fact, as far as I know, Greta is the ONLY one in MSM who has ever mentioned babygate:
Beginning at 00:55 of this video, Greta said: “The Governor and her family step into the political spotlight, and nasty rumors emerge about the birth of the Governor’s son, Trig. How does the Governor fight back?”

That was the first time I have heard ANYONE mention in MSM about the nasty rumors about Trig’s birth, except the one time after her quitter speech when Pat Buchanan let it slip on Hardball:

Beginning at 5:15
MATTHEWS: Pat, can you think of something that the media, the national media, has reported about her that‘s not true? She talks about how our fighting forces overseas—and we‘re all for them—how we have to do them the favor, basically, or the honor of not telling bad stories about her. What has been said that‘s not true by the media about Sarah Palin? What‘s she talking about?

BUCHANAN: Well, I don‘t know. When it started off—I don‘t know where the source was—the allegation was floating all over the place, reported by the media, that Bristol‘s child—rather, the child she was born with, with Down syndrome, was actually Bristol Palin‘s. It was a horrible, ugly thing. And I think that‘s wounded her. There‘s no doubt her...

Babygate was never reported by the media. Hopefully that will change soon.

CR46 said...

I don't think Greta said it to out her, she just talks like crazy AnnfromCa on huffpo ( a few of you might know who I mean) Maybe greta is CrazyAnn, but I digress. I think she is just sooo upset that someone would say this about her girlcrush Moosiah that it just flies out of her mouth, I think its hilarious.
Curioser I agree, its too late to produce medical records (bet there's a tubal ligation in there, we will never see those) and a BC
DNA needs to be done now by an outside source to prove maternity and paternity.

Anonymous said...

O/T but Patrick you might want to save this for Officer Wooten when he files his lawsuit.

Anonymous said... have said on multiple occasions that it's a FACT that Palin is not the birth mother of Trig and a few other blogs claim to know the facts or the whole "twisted story." When is someone actually going to go on the record with the facts or story. Are the sources just cowed by the Wasilla thugs or what?

Anonymous said...

o/t Re: Religion "They know perfectly well what they enable." Friday, November 27, 2009
A criminal conspiracy of pedophilia called "the Catholic Church
There is a criminal conspiracy in that church. No one said Catholics suck. I did, however, say that the "church" has a serious problem, and it does. This is not one Catholic priest. This is the entire church hierarchy in state after state, country after country, decade after decade. If this were any other organization, the govt would likely be using RICO laws to stop them from continuing this ongoing crime.

moseyon said...

What would Greta know, she never had a child.
CBJ Went to Washington medical school where she graduated in 1980
even a picture of her there in that graduation class.
Aunty Katey live in Washington so does another Aunt not named.
I think I read that she returned to Alaska after she graduated.Aunty Kate is a Johnson
any connection??

Anonymous said...

Run, Sarah, Run

Goin' Rogue

Anonymous said...

Ocean of Urine 'bot discovers that the order she placed for Palin's book has disappeared:

"So, I went to my Amazon account, and apparently, my order from two months ago … vanished. Needless to say, the blood drained from my face. So, I started going through my bank history for the last two months and … nothing. I felt like Ed Norton the moment he realized that he and Tyler Durden were the same person. I wasn’t sure if I was being reverse Gaslight’d, or if I was losing my mind."

Anonymous said...

From the comments section of the post above:

"My next gift for my self.....the book on CD so I can play the book on my computer as I read the inspiring words and quotes and hope and even the funny sarcastic humor that is the daily feast on C4P. Sarah's words narrated by Sarah herself.......what could be more inspiring as I communicate with members of Sarah's ever growing army. Let the fun begin."

jo said...

$P should have called her book going Rove, they share the same values mean and nasty, anything to win. Both Rove and Greta have $P word salad talking about her.

$P's dad has to do a lot of lying to protect his little princess. When asked about Maratha's opinion about her he flapped his arms and said she's the one who is dangerous, she was rubbing elbows with convicts. What will he say when $P and T are rubbing elbows with convicts for a lot more serious crimes for years, not five months?

How come we never see or hear anything about T's parents or family? There was only one statement from Mrs. Palin that $P is old enough and born in in the USA, when asked about her qualifications. We have only heard one story about them, $P wouldn't endorse Faye Palin's run for Mayor, and this quote "Faye Palin, told a New York Daily News reporter that she didn't agree with Sarah on everything and hadn't yet decided how she would vote. She added: "I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket other than she's a woman and a conservative. Well, she's a better speaker than McCain," Faye Palin said with a laugh." Faye also supported $P's opponent when she ran for Mayor. Otherwise hardly any mention of them. $P doesn't seem to talk about Todd's side of the family in the book either.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Rove said
"Minor Side Issues" .. is how he referred to Levi and BABYGATE

If babygate were so "silly" like Obama's birth certificate... then he would of laughed.. I'd guess?
If it were so off the wall...
He could of said something like
Goodness.. who's Trig's real mother. Come on! She can't get caught up into things so petty.
Instead he was serious ... and called it a minor side issue.
Looped it in with Levi.. because Levi's stuff is serious and he knows it

If it really were something kooky it wouldn't have Greta "desperate" like you said...

I dont know liken it to "What planet is she from?"
Instead it is addressed all serious....


Anonymous said...

Greta seemed frustrated by babygate.

Anonymous said...

Here is a Washington Post discussion about Palin usurping God's place.

Lisa in SF said...

I posted this on the previous thread but this one is up and running. I've been following the babygate story for some time (originally on Palin's Deceptions) but have never posted. I appreciate everyone's efforts to expose Sarah's lies to keep her out of the White House. I'm sure its been frustrating and Gryphen's latest comments had me confused... and then it clicked. I'm sure this theory has been posted somewhere but here goes..

Bristol gets pregnant with Levi's baby. Sarah, knowing McCain is considering her, cannot have a teenaged, unmarried, pregnant daughter and offers to adopt. Bristol and Levi refuse but Sarah goes rogue and comes up with a plan. Sarah starts wearing scarves then announces her pregnancy. Bristol gives birth to TriPP (the reason for the wild ride) but he is presented as TriG, Sarah's baby.

Rumors are circulating that Bristol is the mother of Sarah's baby so the campaign announces that Bristol is five months pregnant (to silence the rumors) and Bristol fakes her pregnancy for the convention then goes into hiding. Late December/early January, Sarah (and Todd) adopt a DS baby as a political prop (Bristol "gives birth"). This adopted baby is the new TriG. The birth mother and father are unknown. Bristol and Levi get TriPP back from Sarah. Baby swap!

It explains Bristol and Levi's attachment, Sarah and Todd's detachment, Mercede's pictures/ comments, Bristol's overstuffed convention dress, why no pictures when T2 was born, why we've seen no pictures of both babies together (how cute would that be?), why no birth certificates, what Levi has on Sarah, and Gryphen's cryptic posting also too. Does this make sense? Is it possible? Thoughts/revisions anyone?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that Greta's interview with Sarah on the bus could have been faked? If you watch, you can see that the picture wobbles as though the bus is moving. But that would have to be a really bumpy road to get the picture to wobble like that. Did you hear any of the noise that a moving bus makes? I thought not. What could have happened: they wobbled the camera to make it look as though the bus was moving. Greta should be asked about this. This sort of fakery -- don't forget the whole "bus tour" is fake, it's really a luxury jet tour -- lends credence to the idea that Sarah faked a pregnancy and that the media is looking the other way, if not covering for her.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the NY Times reported that McCain's people told them that the Bristol-is-pregnant story was put out there to quash the Sarah-faked-it story. So, Greta's assertion that this is just an "internet rumor" is disingenuous, to say the least.

Greta should be asked, "What do you read?" And being in the "news" business, Greta should also know that the Canadian TV press reported the wild-ride; that a respected M.D. expressed concerns; and that it was Sarah who told the wild-ride story. Greta should also know that The Atlantic has questioned the story, and its writer has been met with vicious ad hominems for his efforts, which is not the response of someone with the truth on their side.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:35 -- We certainly know from the fakery exposed so far, that Sarah would have no qualms about faking a pregnancy.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

when do we find out she had her tubes tied?

Anonymous said...

sjk, I read somewhere that Sarah & Todd gave away all their baby things after Piper was done with them. Only people who know that there will be no more babies do that.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

anon, she also said when she was "mayor" ( i believe) that they were done and didnt plan on any more kids...

S'arah, when was the tubal ligation? right after Piper, right?

Anonymous said...

If Greta were a journalist she wouldn't dismiss "rumors" so cavalierly. She would know that a news story doesn't just arrive on a journalist's desk, unless the "journalist" is a stenographer taking dictation from someone. Like detectives, journalists hear and read of things, then investigate. At the very least, a journalist should become curious when the stories told by the person at the center of the story are inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Here's a great column from ADN:

CC said...

I have not read all the comments yet but will do post-haste.

Just wanted to say thanks, Patrick ... you know I always LOVE when you use the word FACT next to $arah's various versions of the truth.....

Carry on ... :-))

WV=hypelers ... new term for $arah's handlers... it is all about the hype

Cammie said...

But NO ONE In the media has ever asked her about this, have they? Andrew Sullivan blogged about his questions, but he never got near her to ask.

So this is an interesting straw man. No one ever asked her yet they are asking.

Anonymous said...

Lisa in SF - how would your theory account for the fact that Trig was on the campaign with Sarah?

Cammie said...

Greta must have read all the submissions WE made to her website and by email with the non=pregnant photos etc.....SHE must think there is something unexplained.

Anonymous said...

While I can totally imagine SP adopting a DS baby, I just can't escape the idea that he is related to her. Trig looks like her, or Todd, or both - mostly, he looks like their other children. And I definitely know she didn't carry him! So I'm stuck there in terms of theories. I had always believed that Bristol is the mother of both babies because of her school absence, the rumors, and then the timing of the two pregnancies. It made the most sense, and on a gut level she appeared to be so maternal with him. If Bristol is, in fact, Trig's mother, can you imagine the scene where SP demanded that she be able to drag him around on this book tour? I wonder if Bristol is starting to find any sense of independence, or if she is so emotionally and financially dependent on her parents that she continues to go along. She is still rather young. I have a 20-year-old, and she is surely not ready to be completely self-sufficient, no matter how mature and responsible.

Anonymous said...

RE the timing of the pregnancies, that's of course assuming that they are lying about the actual dates of delivery.

Anonymous said...

The mystery isn't who is Trig's mom, but who his father could be. That guy could be a very wealthy man if he just did the right thing and told the truth. It's hard to believe Sarah would hook-up with someone of real character, so she must really be sweating.

Anonymous said...

Greta .. please keep asking everyone what she should do to respond.

Maybe you can give her good ideas of what to say when the fake baby story breaks.

Greta please interview Todd again... we like it when you look like a star struck in-love teenager.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but as a diehard GOP, I have. Whenever anyone is asked about the Queen, it's always the same line. "She's an asset to the party. She has a place in the party. She has been run to the ground by the media. I hope her book sells well". Never, she's a strong policy maker, was an excellent gov who servedher time, did all she could to advance the party. Has command of the issues. It's as if the GOP higher ups have sent word not to piss her off, so she won't run third party, but don't build her up so she won't win nomination. In other words, keep quiet and she might go away.

Anonymous said...

anon 14:20 good article :)
and she nailed when she described Palin's recollection of "her life" as manufactured

thats the word ive been looking for all along
Sarah Palin is "Manufactured"

why we all see through her
She ain't real

Anonymous said...

We may be approaching a crossroads. People will decide whether Sarah Plain is unhinged, suffers from arrested development, or both. There are no other choices.

Anonymous said...

But then we know that Sarah cannot do it - because it is a FACT that she has faked the pregnancy.

Greta was wrong (surprise!). It is not an "internet rumor" that Sarah Palin has faked the pregancy with Trig. It is simply the truth!

I'm sorry do be the one to disappoint you, but it's still a rumor.

The "facts" that you purport to have, although circumstantial, are compelling, but you nor Jesse Griffin has proven anything beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In other words, if you took your case into a courtroom you'd most likely loose at this point.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has chosen to give her face an artificial appearance, reinforcing the one-dimensional, comic book nature of her character.

Anonymous said...

you write as if we all don't know gryph's real name! He was 'exposed' several months ago. but over at Cee of pee, you all think that were as dumb as you are.

News flash baby, we voted against the bimbo.

Anonymous said...

Sarah will be derailed by her hypocrisy and lies.

Anonymous said...

Sarah likes to complain about the media, yet she exploits the media. She is living a demagogue's dream.

Anonymous said...

In the court of public opinion, Sarah Palin's fakery, lies and hypocrisy are condemning her at this very moment.

Anonymous said...

The GOP created this monster, now they can deal with her. And I am pretty sure they will abandon her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 15:22 - you are saying Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig, then? Or are you saying it doesn't matter? I would say the identity of both parents is very critical. Do you know something, or are you just speculating?

Anonymous said...

Let's just start the drumbeat for the birth certificate. Get someone to ask her if she would provide that documentation. Put pressure on her, don't let up. Keep putting that request out there, keep writing about it. Get it front and center. Then we'll see....

Anonymous said...

Trying to sort out all those who appear to have gotten to the truth, and how they have all seemed to either dry up, or plainly refuse to divulge what they claim to know...

Sounds like a rape case. The only other times I have seen such a closely guarded secret in the media are when they are protecting a victim's rights, and particularly when they are shielding the name of a rape victim. Central Park jogger comes to mind almost immediately.

Anonymous said...

It is still an internet rumor. Nothing has been proven, and no one has been able to convince the media. I do not think the media is protecting her, there has just not been proof enough presented to them.

I know you all THINK you have proven it, but you really havent. Especially not to the point where the media could report it.

I think they'd jump on it if real evidence was presented. But it is lacking here and Palin knows it. That is why she freely lies without any care that she will get caught.

Anonymous said...

When will we get the little book of Sarah's sayings, like

Oh baby.

Holy moly.


Anonymous said...

I don't think we should start by asking for a birth certificate. That's really a fall back position in the negotiations. We should demand DNA. Sarah Palin is aware of the importance of the DNA evidence, as she made known in her conversations with the ADN.

Anonymous said...

Does Greta know that ADN offered to help put the rumors to rest, but that Sarah wouldn't cooperate with the paper?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry do be the one to disappoint you, but it's still a rumor.

"The "facts" that you purport to have, although circumstantial, are compelling, but you nor Jesse Griffin has proven anything beyond a shadow of a doubt.

In other words, if you took your case into a courtroom you'd most likely loose at this point."

28 November 2009 15:43


If Sarah had to go to court today, to prove she was the birth mother, she would lose.

Hmmm, eh?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, annfrom CA is a crazy one. Now they have a bunch more -- it looks like Urine told everyone to go to HuffPo and post. Yesterday was like nursery school on there.

Noe ONE of them could explain their support of Sarah based on policy, and if pressed would scream something about not having time to look into all politicians and then attack with name calling. What a riot.

I have to wonder if they are really all teenagers? They write and think like kids. Is is possible?

Petulant idiots with no ability to think. Sad. And so angry and transparent! They start every "debate" off with insults and then if you dare question their ideology they scream "elitist!" .

They can dish it out but they can't take even one question. Who does that sound like? Insecure sociopaths.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 15:43 said: “In other words, if you took your case into a courtroom you'd most likely loose at this point.” (“loose” is like a loose screw, “lose” is to lose a game)

Hmm, anon, you do not sound so sure of yourself by saying “most likely”. But let me say that I am absolutely confident that we would win, and it would never end up in a courtroom after the discovery process has been completed, because Sarah would fold (settle).

I would LOVE to see this go to court. But Sarah will never take “babygate” to court because court-ordered DNA testing would conclusively prove two things:

1. That Sarah is not the biological mother of Trig, and

2. It would prove who is the biological father of Trig, which IMO is the whole reason she faked the pregnancy in the first place. Sarah was shocked and appalled, as we all would be, when she learned who got Bristol pregnant. It was this knowledge that caused Sarah to over-react and concoct her bizarre scheme to fake a pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

anon @16.11

It is not just an internet rumor. It was talked about in high Republican circles in Alaska as early as the end of December 2007, long before anyone knew anything about anyone being pregnant. This is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Greta really wants to know what to do about the rumors? Really? It may be time for Greta to receive a package - snail mail, special delivery. Include the "nail in the coffin" picture (flat tummy, square little pillow while she was at Governor's convention just weeks before birth). Timeline of Bristol's disappearance/mono. No pictures on Govt. website during late pregnancy (scrubbed), no pics of mommy/newborn in hospital, no birth announcement on hospital site. The VERY UNLIKELY wild ride in SP's own words.
A respectful cover letter and a concise timeline.
Do we have a volunteer to send it?
Greta seems to want it, no?

Anonymous said...

It wont ever go to court.
Sarah is a private citizen, no one has any legal standing to question her at all anyway.

Plus she knows better than to sue anyone for slander either. That would allow the bloggers to be heard and give them media attention. She likes them right where they are, thought of as just an internet rumor by anyone that matters.

Hell shes even got the bloggers keeping her secrets, why would she rock that boat. Even the die hards are kinda feeling like its a boy who cried wolf situation going on here.

CR46 said...

Anon at 16:25
I think annfromca is just your typical single white welfare mother ( I've said so to her at Huffpo and she never said that wasn't her lot in life) who went crazy when there was a cigarette tax claiming Pres Obama went against his "no tax increases on the lower and middle class). There are parts of California where you would think you were in Appilachia, very backwoods and racist--thats CrazyAnn.

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Why send anything to Greta? She and Faux No's would never use it, or would distort it.
Keith Olbermann and/or Rachel Maddow are the ones I keep hoping will be the ones to break babygate on MSM.

Anonymous said...

CR46, the Dust Bowl sent a LOT of people to California. They were the grandparents for many in the all-white community in which I grew up, the ones who taught the little ones to CHEER when JFK was killed. That's a hard childhood memory to forget.

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Anonymous said...

We have Sarah Palin, pathological liar, and her enablers, like Greta. Greta is disappointed that Sarah's not going to make it with these "rumors" floating around. Greta knows there is nothing between Sarah Palin's ears, which she considers an asset because she hopes to influence Sarah.

Anonymous said...

For Greta Man Susteren to wonder what Palin must do to dispel the "rumor" that Palin faked a pregnancy is laughable. This man is a lawyer, and he should know that it would be quite easy to disprove it, were the rumors indeed false, via any number of widely available proofs. Mr. Man Susteren should turn in his Bar credentials and journo credentials immediately.

Anonymous said...

Many, many people in the Republican Party hierarchy have a vested interest in making it appear that Sarah Palin has a valid story for her "pregnancy". The hierarchy needs TIME to pass, so they can say they are as astonished as the rest of us when the truth comes out. Because the hierarchy knew they ran a disturbed individual for VEEP.

They are covering their fannies now and preparing to throw Palin to the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Sarah is too cheap to pay Karl Rove for his advice, so she put Greta up to asking him about her problem next time he appeared on the show?

Anonymous said...

Have been listening to Greta lately, and I am sensing she has done a turnaround on Sarah. She won't admit it to her viewers, but is using her legal techniques to squeeze some views out of guests about the baby rumors. Why is she so persistent in bringing up this subject if it weren't so important to her?

Greta asked Sarah on the bus to address the rumors. It's Greta that keeps bringing up the issue, she is the one that won't let it go. Sounds to me like she suspects it may be true, and is trying to dangle a carrot out, hoping her interviewees will take the bait. Don't know what it's called in "legalese" but I suspect Greta is using a projecting technique, where she is projecting her suspicions of the rumor onto others; others she hopes will indulge her with information.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Patrick. You and your team amaze me over and over again. This is a real gem.

Is Greta a total idiot? Any intelligent person knows that if you bring up a "rumor," you give it cosmic credence by repeating it. Think of all the Fox viewers who had never heard of the Trig rumor before. (like my stepfather) This isn't a private thinktank session with Rove, it's on national tv!

Even Rove in his answer tells her, that you don't talk about it, yet she keeps talking about it. (duh)

So, if she's not an idiot, why does she belabor the idea of the Trig rumor? (pun intended)

Slam SP for the Oprah diss?
Make SP think?
Cue the party that there's a skeleton lurking in SP's closet?
Greta's dumb? on crack?

Anonymous said...

This is a terrible thought, but I've seen it mentioned before: do people suspect that Trig is the result of some kind incest (w/Bristol as his mother), or sexual abuse by a non-relative, known to the family? I do think if this is what Sarah was covering up, she would have the sympathy of most people. But in that case, she should have said it was a very private matter and refuse to even discuss it. If anything, she herself has brought the "awful rumors" topic up repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Greta had a sit down interview with Palin last Monday. Why didn't Greta ask Palin about Trig's birth? Why didn't Greta offer to post Trig's birth certificate on the website and help Palin to kill those "so-called ugly rumors?" Why would Greta ask Rove such a stupid question when she had the horse's ass sitting in front of her earlier in the week?

If Palin wanted this rumor to die, she or Tonto Meg could have offered up evidence months ago proving that the Kemosabe of the Moose Muffins was the bio mother of Trig. Unless, of course, he isn't.

Anonymous said...

An interesting thing to do is go to and see which TV interviews she doesn't follow with a brag-rant:

Bill O'Reilly
Greta Van Susteren

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 17:57 - That is indeed very telling.

Reepicheep said...

At least we have seen Obama's birth certificate. Show us Trigs.

Anonymous said...

Trig is not running for anything. His personal BC is no ones business. He is a child. When he is of age then he can show it to you if he wants. Until then, I think his BC is his business, and no one elses.

Anonymous said...

Here's something for you, Sarah: “We have gotten past the stage, my fellow-citizens, when we are to be pardoned if we treat any part of our country as something to be skinned.” -- Teddy Roosevelt

Anonymous said...

Obamas birthplace is a legal requirement for his job. Therefore it is a legitimate question that could be asked of him to validate. He did so, end of story.

Trigs birthplace or his parentage is not a requirement for anything Sarah decides to do. Asking for it is out of bounds. It is not necessary to provide it to a bunch of internet bloggers spreading what has already been characterized as nothing more than a rumor.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 18:05

Greta asked how to make the rumor go away. Showing the birth certificate or having shown her medical records, as any other candidate is expected to do back when she was a veep candidate would have cleared it up. In fact, it still would. We're just answering Greta's question.
As for Trig just being a child: yes, he is. Someone should remind his "mother" that he's a child, and a special needs one at that, and that he needs stability and the chance to grow up out of the spotlight. It is abusive of her to drag him all over the country so she can use him as a prop and a badge. He should be home with his pants, socks, shoes, coat, glasses, hearing aids and family, going to bed at consistent times, getting up at consistent times, eating proper meals at consistent times, and one would hope, having something other than Quiznos on Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Greta Van Suckup has too much of a vested interest in Sarah to go rogue on her - Hubby vacuums money from the sheeple so that the queen bee can spend as she likes, indulging her supporters in the GOP as per her whims and fancies. So some breadcrumbs can be assumed to come to the Van Suckup team's way for sure.

It may just be that Greta is losing her marbles by constant association with $P... Particularly her ignoring Rove's cues about not going that way was bizarre for a TV personality, to say the least. (Wanted to use the word TV journalist here, but I guess to write that for this woman is a grave injustice to journalism, except for the yellow one!)

WV: ensili - the enduring silliness of it all!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Anon @ 17:51, go back to Oh, Bristol... and read the comments. I think you will be enlightened.

CR46 said...

I am sorry you were exposed to so much hate growing up, as a minority I would not have been welcome in your community, but I was blessed with a tribe and family that surrounded me with love. Thank you for sharing your story, it gives me hope that in the pockets of "real amerika" around the country that with each generation we can get a few more Mrs's B's out of them :)

Amy1 said...

PCG@16:43 you are 110% right, as usual.

Alex@17:34, too.

(The "proof," if anyone is still unclear, is in the photos, plus in these comparison photos.)

Yet, as of his moment, SP is still getting away with it. I maintain that all of it* is a calculated TEST by Rupert and his pals** to learn whether (in spite of everything we know to be true) SP might nevertheless be able to swim rather than sink, and thus remain a useful political tool for her backers. And it's always been about her backers and their goals: SP is just the frothy little stuff on top.

In order for the TEST to be complete, and for SP to pass it (remain a strong tool for whipping up her followers into whatever actions might be wanted at some point in the future), babygate will be revealed in such a way that her rabid band of followers will accept it as yet another "no problem" sort of detail, along with all the other lies and issues.

If SP swims, she becomes a political tool as powerful as the nascent Hitler, and we should all have our passports and access to Canada at the ready. Because it's not about SP, it's never been about her (although SP herself undoubtedly thinks so) it's ALL about her backers -- who have some icky plans for our dear country. (And the folks who hold powerful info know it, which explains their silence, explains the fires.)

*All of it: the book advance, the accelerated pub date for the book, the "bus tour" that is really a chartered jet tour, the "slips" re the rumor by Rove and Greta, . . . .

**As well described in great detail in Max Blumenthal's video and book.

Anonymous said...

Knowledge of Trig's birthplace and parentage is a legitimate matter for public inquiry. Sarah Palin has based a lot of her myth on bein' a law abidin', god fearin' momma of great integrity. The public has a right to peer behind the curtain to see whether she walks the talk; especially when her stories about the circumstances are inconsistent and downright fabulous, in the case of the wild-ride.

Anonymous said...

"Trig is not running for anything. His personal BC is no ones business. He is a child. When he is of age then he can show it to you if he wants. Until then, I think his BC is his business, and no one elses."

28 November 2009 18:05


Actually, if your logic is to be believed, why did Palin DEMAND the marriage certificate of Stein? Why did she make his wife's last name an issue?

You guys always want it both ways. IT was the R party who made babies issues -- McCain's "black baby".

When you run on family values, that becomes even more of an issue.

Listen to Palin respond to questions re her "experience" with foreign policy. She doesn't have any, so she says that it's her experience as a mom that matters.

Your argument is a desperate bid based on moral superiority.

Epic fail, because Palin and the R lost their moral superiority years ago.

I'm so sick of you guys pretending to be "real America". You hear that on Fox and your leaders whip you into a frenzy where you HATE all liberals or anyone who dares to think differently than you. What does that make you? Is that American? NO.

It makes you the enemy of democracy.

Palin's family and her lies are the business of every single American and in fact, the world. She made it so. She says she might run for POTUS. She can't lie to people about every single thing and expect people to take it as if she were a QUEEN.

She is not a queen. This is a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 18:44:
I think I love you!
(very well put).

Anonymous said...

Early in her career, Sarah accused a political opponent of being unmarried and "living in sin". Sarah's basis for this attack was the opponent's wife didn't take his name. Eventually, he had to produce a marriage certificate to prove the fact. What's good for the goose... or in this case what's good for the gander..

How does anyone think she is a good person?

Anonymous said...

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Wonder why?

A message to all members of Team Sarah

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emrysa said...

CR46 - I got a good laugh at your reference to AnnfromCA on huffpo. that's not greta.

whoever it is, they get paid to blog - annfromca is one of their most recent names, but I've been reading them for years. it was easier to tell when there were fewer posters on the huffpo, but their style is unmistakable.

there's been a couple of times where "ann" has slipped up and forgot that it had changed socks. I don't know who pays it, but it is getting paid. it's there ALL THE TIME - under one name or another. and it's just one more reason why I don't go to the huffpo as much as I used to - too many paid posters (ie fake people).

Anonymous said...

@ 28 November 2009 18:50

Hi, it's anon Anon @ 18:44.
Right back at you:-)

And this is "not that sarah". Sometimes I forget to post under my name:-)

Stick together; YES WE CAN!

Great job, Patrick, Regina and Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

AnnfromCA is a really lousy paid shill. I told her that yesterday; she single-handedly drives people away from Palin with every word she types.

But then, all of the bots do that. They're rude and insulting and can't debate anyone and then they always cry and whine about education and elitism. They're so brainwashed they literally can no longer converse among normal people.

They're sick, angry people, marginalizing themselves at every step.

Anonymous said...

Did Chuck have to join the tour because Todd "is fixing the roof?" When she made that statement to the reporter, she also said that she needed to call him (Todd). Have they been out of touch for long?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Thanks anon @ 19:00, you think someone at Team Sarah has started to see the light yet? Yep, if I were Team Sarah, I would also, too, unload that sh*t as fast as possible. She sooo reminds me of gullible and stupid Emperor in the Hans Christian Andersen story
The Emperor's New Clothes.
Everyone was afraid to confront Sarah about her fake pregnancy with Trig.

Frank LI NY said...

Quite a few have stated, if SP becomes POTUS you will move to Canada.
What you're not taking into account is: Sarah wants that pipeline, and gosh darn it,she will blow up Canada to get it!

Anonymous said...

"minor side issue" is no baby in womb and a 6 lbs baby did not exit her vagina...SP's Vagina Monologue

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is simply that Trig and Tripp are both Bristol's, but by different teenage fathers? Which, whether completely fair or not, might call Sarah's parenting skills into serious question? Did Sarah fake the first pregnancy in order to cover up a pregnant teenage daughter, only to have that same daughter become pregnant again immediately after giving birth to the first child? And now Sarah's in so deep with all her lying she just can't dig herself out of this mess? This is only one possible scenario, of course. But, no matter what people say about Trig not being on trial here (puhleeze), the real issue is whether or not Sarah Palin is a truthful person and you all know it. Every other candidate is subject to the same test. She is no different; stop acting like people are being unusually hard on her. (It's the opposite anyway, so many people have given her a free pass.) As someone just wrote, you can't have it both ways! Btw, you Sarah backers know the jig's up, very soon, right? Better start thinking about plan B.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

OT: I'm trying to nominate Palingates for best political blogger on Bloggers choice. It has already been nominated, but they have absolutely no search to search for it? I would like to put a link up or maybe Patrick or Regina can so we can all vote for this wonderful blog?
Heh! Was thinking of putting the sea up for "worst blog" lol, but don't want to waste my time...!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anon@18:44 (not that sarah?)
Awesome Post!!!!
YES she is not a Queen and this IS a democracy!!!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

The conservatives may be trying to set women back by supporting Sarah Palin. They have started to talk about how it's "misogynist" (woman hater) to ask Sarah Palin questions and to criticize her. Which is really ironic when you think about it, because it could lead to no women candidates being taken seriously because they cannot be questioned or criticized, if that standard were applied to all women candidates. There are many women who have shown that they have something between their ears and can discuss policy, hold press conferences, debate well, get elected and serve admirably. It would be tragic if their abilities were diminished in an attempt to accomodate Sarah Palin, especially while more women are trying to go into public service.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 20.06

I agree with you. Any person who writes in such graphic details about her labor with her first child and her "miscarriage" has to be prepared to answer those nitty, gritty questions.

As far as politics is concerned - isn't it sexist to think that she deserves a pass on answering questions because she is a woman?

This is so obviously ridiculous that I almost feel stupid writing this.....

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Vote for palingates blogger's choice!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1805 said, "Trig is not running for anything. His personal BC is no ones business. He is a child. When he is of age then he can show it to you if he wants. Until then, I think his BC is his business, and no one elses."

...besides, nobody would believe it at this point. It's been long enough for them to obtain a BC with the Palins' names as parents, even if the date and location do differ from Sarah's lies.

No, you're right. We need to go straight to DNA evidence, so long as it's a reputable lab that Sarah hasn't selected.


Frank LI NY said...

Top right hand corner is a tab to vote for your favorite blogger/blog

Patrick said...


thank you so much for reminding us that we were nominated for the Blogger's Choice Awards!

As you certainly have seen already, I made a little post and put a link up.

I couldn't see exactly when voting will end, but it seems that we are rather late, so I hope many people will vote soon! :-)

Patrick said...

Hi "the other Sarah aka Anon" at 18:44,

thank you for your great response! Sometimes people need to be reminded that the days of the monarchy are over. ;-)

We always know that we have touched a nerve when the trolls come out! :-)

Anonymous said...

A Palinbot troll is a stupid, ignorant little creature.

They are unable to understand that the Trig issue really has NOTHING to do with Trig himself but rather EVERYTHING to do with Sarah Palin's lies about where he came from.

It's so simple even a caveman can understand it. Palinbots? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1805 said, "Trig is not running for anything. His personal BC is no ones business. He is a child. When he is of age then he can show it to you if he wants. Until then, I think his BC is his business, and no one elses."

Normally, I might agree with you here. And if Sarah wanted her motherhood and children out of the public eye, she could have taken that route.

But she didn't. In fact, she put them front and center.

She didn't have to discuss the Wild Ride. She didn't have to discuss thinking about an abortion or Bristol's abstinence or lack of. She didn't have to tell us what Trig dressed up as for Halloween. She didn't have to hold Trig up and wave his hand to the people in the bookstores.

But she did. And it is our duty as citizens to investigate the veracity of what a politician says and does.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, yes I did see that! :)
I also posted the links on my Facebook page :)
This blog is much more than a blog, but a wonderful resource! If you are researching one of the many gates pictures, links, links to law enforcement, Talking points all here!!!
Go Palingates!!!!

Anonymous said...

Greta's last words were "Ability to make decisions reflects on your ability to KEEP friends". I think she's saying "we tried to advise and help you, but you have thrown everyone under the bus." Who's willing to collect the 30 pieces of silver? It would be all so prophetic and biblical if it's someone very close. Someone who "hit the ceiling" and is now "repairing the roof" or someone who was labeled a "slut" and is now "the mother duck". Girls just want to have fun!
We can't stop shouting about her lies and deception until she's brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you've got to see this. Palin lies about anything. She claims that her family plays scrabble and they hoard the Ks and Qs....but there is only one K and one Q in scrabble. Can someone please get this sick woman out of my life. Andrew Sullivan

How Many Tiles are There in a Game of Scrabble?

Answer: There are ninety eight (98) letter tiles + two (2) blank tiles for a total of one hundred (100) tiles in standard scrabble.

A-9 B-2 C-2 D-4 E-12 F-2 G-3 H-2 I-9 J-1 K-1 L-4 M-2 N-6 O-8 P-2 Q-1 R-6 S-4 T-6 U-4 V-2 W-2 X-1 Y-2 Z-1Blank-2

not that sarah said...

Thanks CrystalWolf aka Caligirl and Patrick:-)

I noticed that even when I said who I was, I failed to sign in properly:-(

LOL. I'm "Not That Sarah". Sarah who writes for Politicususa.

Not enough is being said about her imperial attitude and dangerous exploitation of other people's First Amendment rights. She was criticized in Wasilla after being elected Mayor by 616 votes for behaving as if she's been crowned instead of elected. She has no respect for the constitution or our laws or the way our govt was set up (3 arms of govt; SEPARATE).

She's a danger to democracy.

Change of topic: This blog is all over the web now!!! :-)

Keep up the excellent work!

PS My editor is encouraging me to review Palin's book... I tried, but I'm literally speechless right now. I've never seen anything like it. Just wading through the junior high English Comp 101 level writing is painful.

Good news is I got "Going Rouge" today and will review it for the site as soon as I can (chuckles demonically as a heathen liberal would).

Anonymous said...

I bet when Sarah Palin farts, she blames it on Trig.

Karl Rove kind of looks like Trig.

America ... where is your dignity?

Patrick said...

Ozmud from Oz Mudflats has written an excellent blog about the description of Trig's birth in "Going Rogue":

Baby Trig’s Birth: Revisited

Anonymous said...

No, Trig is not running for anything, but his mother and the people using her are. They are "running" to convert the US into a theocracy.

Fundies (think Franklin Graham) and neocon operatives (Bill Kristol, Dick Morris, etc.) were vetting Sarah Palin for VP in 2007 in case McCain won the GOP nomination. Sarah would then be needed on the ticket to attract the fundamentalist base, who otherwise despised McCain.

A Down's Syndrome baby was the perfect prop to burnish Palin's right-to-life credentials especially in light of her previous "miscarriages" (abortions?) As many right wing commentators noted during the election last year, Trig was the central, defining, fact of Sarah Palin's life -- the major reason to vote for her.

Trig was most likely an arranged adoption from some fundie foundling organization. Bristol and related family dramas are most likely distractions.

Palin"s "pregnancy" was announced on the very day it became clear that McCain would get the nomination. Was this just a coincidence?

Also, just for fun, do a Google search of Trig's first middle name (Paxson) and John McCain. The Palins say they chose the name from Tod's favorite snow machine area. But check it out, could this just be another amazing coincidence?

I believe Trig is the product of a politico-religious adoption.

Patrick said...

The religious publication "First Things" has written a highly interesting and VERY LONG review about "Going Rogue".


The first paragraph:

I have defended Sarah Palin on numerous occasions against critics. I thought some conservatives turned on her too soon and that her executive experience outweighed any negatives known about her. I certainly did not think flubbing some interviews made her unfit to be a chief executive.

The last three paragraphs:

Sadly, I now believe the burden of proof has shifted. While an excellent chief executive in Alaska, there is reason to believe that Palin lacks the intellectual skills needed to be an effective President. Most important, she does not seem to recognize this and shows no sign of getting them.

I have not given up on Palin and find much in her to admire, but she would not get my primary vote based on this book and what I know about her to date. I hope I am wrong and am open to changing my mind.

She has more promise than any Republican candidate I can name and I still have hopes for Sarah Palin, but hope needs substance or it becomes a disillusioned faith.

h/t goes to Bree Palin!

Anonymous said...

Trig looks too much like one of her family. There is more to the story.

the norwegian blue said...

Ok, only you guys would think this (from googling Quizno's Kennewick) is as funny as I do -- look at the "venue type" and wonder not why that was the choice for dinner...

1102 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, WA, 99336
(509) 783-4950
Venue Type: Resort / Spa
Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:30-9:00 Sunday 11:00-9:00

Creator: Tri-City Herald "

Anonymous said...

@patrick - just plucked this from that "long review"

"I greatly admire the actions of this mother of Tripp, a child in God’s image."

Now, the author of the review decided not to fix typos so I'll let this one off as a typo (no matter how freudian it may be)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Not that Sarah,
When you do your Review, please post it for us to read :)
I know it is hard but you can take the fact checking route and use some of Regina's and Patrick's resources from here, for the fact checking! It will be great! The more people that have to review it from that POV b/c its so Jr. high, mean girl, and LIES the better!
I've put Politicususa blog on my home page!
Thanks for joining us here!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Anonymous said...
Trig looks too much like one of her family. There is more to the story.

29 November 2009 02:43


yeah, he looks like Piper and s'arah a bit. I also see some wooten, possibly.


not that sarah said...

@crystalwolf aka caligrl

Thanks! I'm starting the review right now. It's painful. I feel like my head might explode. The lies are built upon the lies, and then another one comes along even more upsetting. It's very distracting.

Interesting to read that Christian guy's take on it. While I appreciate his deep thinking, he's disadvantaged because he doesn't seem to know much about her actual governing in AK. Takes her on her word.

That's a bit mistake.

See, I can't rely on anything with this book. Every word has to be checked.

I am positive that she is a scourge on our country. That much I know.

Glad to see you over at Politicus, too! :-) I wrote a very pro-Obama piece yesterday that takes the left to task for not being supportive enough and for succumbing to RW talking points.

It's really heart-breaking to hear the left inaccurately and disingenuously attack him and fail to be precise in their criticisms, in much the same way as the right is not married to truth and accuracy. Not only do we not want to be come a bunch of marginalized extremists like Fox viewers, but we need to STOP being shamed for supporting our POTUS. He has done nothing to earn our shame. Nothing. We should be dancing in the streets that he is restoring our government (three branches of govt, transparency, etc). Everything Bush did (like Palin) to dismantle our government and destroy democracy permanently seems to have been forgotten.

We are now free (post Bush) to push for accountability of our government, and so we shall! But not without responsibility to justice and truth. Obama can't do this thing alone.

Yes WE CAN!!! If we don't, Sarah Palin WILL. And her people do not question their queen, ever. That's called a mandate of public opinion and Bush used the illusion of such to steal plenty of our rights away from us.

Does anyone here know about the march on Washington in Jan to support the president? Patrick-- if I send you the info, do you think you might add it to a post? We need people to show up!

This blog (PG) has been out there in the wilderness, demanding justice and searching for truth. Made by a European, it holds more promise of real American freedom than our media any day of the week. I find that extremely sad, and I'm ever grateful.

Sorry this comment was so long. Between Sarah's book and the left's abandoning our POTUS, I'm troubled this AM.

Thank you, Patrick, Regina and Kathleen.

Anonymous said...

Greta: I mean, so how does she overcome the ones that she gets hit with?

ROVE: Well, look, it's to answer the -- the ones that she feels she needs to but move on. I mean, don't get stuck in this.

It sounds like he was about to say, IT'S TO ANSWER THE QUESTION! But then stopped himself and said, answer the ones (questions) she feels she needs to answer.

So maybe Karl knows, too.

Have you ever lied about something, and you want to know if you've gotten away with it, so you kind of bring it up from time to time to see if there's any suspicion around it? It feels like that's what Greta's doing here.

Because Greta's not actually a sociopath, so she has GUILT about her part in perpetuating the Trig Lie. Unlike Sarah, who seems to be missing the chip that would cause you to think twice about your lies. In fact, Sarah is so deeply entrenched in her narcissism/sociopathy, I bet she could pass a polygraph.

Patrick said...

Sarah 18:18

Thanks a lot again for your great comment!

I don't envy you - reviewing Palin's book certainly is pure torture. I can only read a few pages and then I have to put it away...

I just would like to note that Palingates is not written by "a European".

Regina started PG in February and I have joined her several weeks ago. We are both EU citizens. Two people, therefore ;-)

not that sarah said...


LOL...I know you both write here! I think I was thinking about the origins of it as being the essential part. Sorry!

So, yes, it's taken two Europeans to do for Americans what the MSM/4th estate should have been doing for us (citizens).

Does this trouble anyone else?

Of course, I am a francophile who cries when she has to leave France, where discussing politics is considered dinner talk. The architecture, clothes and food, also, too.

Think about alerting readers to the march on DC to support Obama on Jan 15! I'll send you some info!

Thank you Two Europeans (which is like two yutes, only not -- if you've seen "My Cousin Vinny" you'll know what I'm referring to):-)

onething said...

Geez, why would they make a march in the worst possible time to travel?