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Sarah Palin: Republican Party needs some "internal housecleaning", otherwise third party possible - BONUS MATERIAL: More crazy preachers

Sarah Palin on Tuesday, The Villages, Florida

Fox News just published parts of a new interview with Sarah Palin which was conducted yesterday in The Villages in Florida. The interviewer for Fox News was an incredible naive person called Gretchen Carlson, who just so totally believed everything that Sarah said. Gretchen wrote a short report about the interview HERE.

For the first time I can remember, Sarah openly talks in more detail about the possibility of a third party, after asked by Gretchen Carlson if the formation of a "commonsense conservative party" could be a possibility:

"If the Republican party doesn't get its act together, doesn't do some internal housecleaning, and makes sure that we are applying the principles that ARE the Republican party" - well, then something could happen, although Palin doesn't get much more specific (in part 2, from 2:26).

In this interview, Sarah Palin also doesn't rule out Glenn Beck as a running mate for 2012 - again (she says "we will see"). In the clip, she seems to be joking, but just a few days ago, Sarah Palin said:

"I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I'm not there yet. But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He's a hoot. He gets his message across in such a clever way. And he's so bold – I have to respect that. He calls it like he sees it, and he's very, very, very effective."


As so often, there is more madness.

Our readers alerted us to a video of a crazy preacher from THIS CHURCH (Glory of Zion Ministries in Denton, Texas, run by Charles "Chuck" Pierce).

So this woman in the video basically says that the Lord said "again" to her many times when God was talking to her. She then continues to say that the word "again" in Greek apparently translates as "palin", and that therefore Sarah Palin is the "Chosen One". Watch for yourself:

Well, you could just dismiss this video and say that this woman has completely lost her marbles, nothing important, just another crazy preacher, end of story.

But thanks to our attentive readers, we know that the crazyness is not confined to some whacko preachers in Texas. This kind of crazyness is firmly established with her most fanatical and faithful supporters. One example is the new "lead woman" from the ultra-crazies at C4P, Adrienne Ross. Today in the comments at C4P, a reader of C4P alerted Adrienne Ross to this video. So how does she respond? Does she say something like "oh, yeah, thanks for the support, but that's a bit over the top, isn't it"?

Nooooooooooo! (has to be the big long Palin-neeewww...)

Adrienne Ross answered today:

"Thank you for this link. I watched the video. It is a confirmation! After watching, there is such a burning in the pit of my stomach. Very interesting. I never knew about the word "Palin," but I certainly concur that the Lord has called her for this hour. What He is going to do will shake the nation--especially the naysayers.

God bless you."

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Adrienne Ross just assisted Sarah Palin during her book signing in Rochester, NY, standing next to Sarah Palin and handing her the books, about which she wrote a long article on C4P (and she was hit by an egg which was meant to hit Sarah Palin...).

From the description in the article, it's quite clear that Adrienne Ross thinks that Sarah Palin is some kind of godlike creature - or at least a prophet (maybe a cross-over with an angel, you never know). She wrote in her article about the book signing:

The governor was greeted by everyone in the back who awaited her arrival. I was last in that receiving line, and she gave me a warm hug, and we conversed briefly before she went out to sign for over a thousand waiting people. It's funny because the first time I met her in New York, I felt like I did all the talking. This time she talked, and I was humbled by what she said. All I could do when she spoke to me was reciprocate her own words, for they were more of what I wanted to say to her than what I expected her to say to me. I especially cherish the last two words she spoke to me prior to heading out to the people. It wasn't like she spoke them to me; it was more like she spoke them into me. I thanked her and then said the same to her, for they so apply to her. I know you'd like to know what she said, but that's one of those things I will keep to myself. Sorry...


The best part of being at the table with the governor, however, was watching the people's interaction with her. I found myself overwhelmed at times. She has touched so many lives. People were approaching her in line, and as they came near, I could see some suppressing tears. Others just let them flow. One woman said she had told herself she would not cry. Others were shaking. Of course, over and over, people were staring and saying, "She's so beautiful!" I remember hearing that in both Auburn and Alaska. I will repeat what I said when I first met her: television and pictures do not do justice to how beautiful she is, and you could see that on the faces and hear it on the lips of those gathered. They were in awe. She possesses both an inward and outward radiance.


I felt inspired by Adrienne to dig a bit deeper into the religious connections of Sarah Palin, and I found an article by the far-right Moonie-run "Washington Times" from September 4, 2008 ("Evangelical faith drives Palin's pro-Israel view"), in which they explained:

Mrs. Palin was baptized as a teenager at the Wasilla Assembly of God Church. She frequently attends the Juneau Christian Center, which is also part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of God. Her home church is the Church of the Rock, an independent congregation.

"Historically, the Assemblies of God have been dispensationalists, which means they believe in 'the rapture' of Christians that takes them out of the world," said Mr. Matthews. "Central to that position is a very strong support for Israel. It's integral to their view of both prophecy and politics. Denying Israel is almost like denying the faith."

The rapture! Oh, what was that again?

John Hagee, a particularly nasty preacher, explains it - in a new clip which is worth watching:

I am sure we will revisit the rapture at some point.



Believe it or not, I found a new funny clip today, too (although with Palin, everything is just sad, even the fun...).

It turns out that Sarah is keen privatize the Canadian health care system! Good Lawd, is nothing safe from the wicked witch of Wasilla?

Think Progress reports:

Canadian comedian Mary Walsh (playing the character of Marg Delahunty) attended a Sarah Palin book signing in the United States last week and asked the “thrilla from Wasilla, the Alaskan Aphrodite” if she had “any words of encouragement for the Canadian conservatives who have worked so hard to try to diminish that kind of socialized medicine we have up there.”

“Keep the faith and that common-sense conservatism,” Palin said to Walsh, who was being pushed out of the store by bodyguards. “It needs to be plugged into Canadian policies too. Keep the faith!” Palin cried out.

After the event, Walsh waited in the loading dock of the Borders bookstore “close to where Palin’s bus was parked.” Palin came over and energetically encouraged Walsh to “keep the faith” again and suggested that Canada needs to reform its health care system to “let the private sector take over”:

WALSH: Ms. Palin, I tried to ask you a question inside, but I didn’t hear your answer! The Canadians! Ms. Palin!

PALIN: Well, my answer was too keep the faith. My answer was to keep the faith. Cause that common sense conservatism can be plugged-in there in Canada too. In fact Canada needs to reform its health care system and let the private sector take over some of what the government has absorbed. So thank you, keep the faith.

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Anonymous said...

A third party possibility is something I would cheer about. She would spoil it so bad for those Republicans, and they would deserve it. We had 8 years of their way. Now it's our turn. And give the President some time to unravel the mess GW Bush made! (It must mean that the party powers-that-be are giving her the cold shoulder.)

Anonymous said...

The earliest copies of the New Testament Gospels are written in Greek. That doesn't make the "again" story any less crazy, but that's the language that they were written in.

Anonymous said...

Love the camera angles meant to make the crowd seem endless. LOL.

Keep up the great work, Fox!

How many people were there? 300? Her base said 500, so it must have been 250.

Fox will report later it was 500,000.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just say it like it is to them?

"Vote for God 2012"

What is the Beck connection about, the Mormon vote?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if they looked at enough languages they might find that a word sounding like 'Palin' has been an obscenity in some languages for ages. This is incomprehensible ignorance on the palinbots' part.

Patrick said...

Anon 20:31

Thanks for the information! I have now taken the sentence out where I said that the bible wasn't written in Greek. I should have checked first ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does Hagee think Palin is the anti-christ? She is a demagogue.

Palin told Barbara Walters that in the coming days, weeks and months -- not years -- that there is going to be a rush to Israel by the jewish people. Not likely, because most jewish people here think of themsleves as Americans; they have family, friends and jobs here, not in Israel. But Palin's apocalyptic beliefs require them to emigrate to Israel and to be converted to Christianity, in order to fulfill prophesy. Does she want to hurry Armageddon along? It would be "god's will," after all.

Anonymous said...

Hagee is constructing a story out of a hodge podge of bible verses that he has taken out of context and strung together in a new order to support his claims. His mission is fund raising.

Kyra said...

I am always puzzled why beauty is so important to the Christianists. The big hair, the palette knife makeup. Remember Tammy Faye?

Anonymous said...

Good to see she is still pushing the myth about her teleprompter not working during her big speech.

It is a proven lie .. google it

Does Sarah even know what the truth is anymore?

snowbilly said...

Check-out this news story to begin to learn about the problem Sarah Palin has separating church and state. She told a church audience that her work as governor of Alaska was of no avail unless the hearts of Alaskans were right with God.

If you want to learn more, see this blog's religiongate topic, where you can see and hear her speaking at the church mentioned in the article.

Patrick said...

Please have a look at my update. :-)

Kyra said...

Anyone else catch that she won't let loose of (and Fox News continues to promote) the lie that she gave the Convention speech without the teleprompter? or that it went down? Part 2 at about 1:05 is where it starts. The teleprompter did not go down and that has been verified repeatedly months ago - in fact, I think it was verified before the election.

An absolutely pointless lie. Pathological.

LisanTX said...

The Denton, Texas minister is wacko and Hagee is a con artist with an evil streak and he is in San Antonio, Texas. There is also Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, who is in Texas. Joyner is the cult leader of another flock of sheeple. Unfortunately, Texas hosts even more "questionable" religious leaders than these.

I know the readers of this blog are starting to learn more about this religious population that adores Sarah, but I just want to reiterate that this "movement" and these groups of believers are very real. I live among them and can tell you stories about them.

Yes, there are prayer warriors who will gladly go to certain areas of the state or country to pray for whatever their leader directs them to do. I'm glad that blogs and books like the Republican Gemorrah and The Family are helping everyone understand this movement. It is very real.

Thanks Patrick, Regina and Kathleen.

Verbose said...

Bing Translator says that the Greek for again is "kai pali"; Google says "xana".

What Ross says about SP is just's as if SP has superpowers or something. There's something truly evil about this woman's power over people.

Anonymous said...

Love the lady from Canada!!! You go, sister!!

Embarrassing that it took a Canadian to expose Sarah, even for a brief moment.

But her answers being shouted out with her roaring bus behind her are just priceless. She really looks like an earnest cheerleader for "Reform" in that moment...and a crazy old lady at the same time.

Sister Sarah went rogue and answered a question!!

Anonymous said...

These people are absolutely the dumbest people I have ever heard of in my lifetime. The prefix palin or pali is a medical term which means "again". They need to look up the medical terms listed below:


I can't believe that they can take a meaning of something and turn into something that it is not. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

God has chosen Sarah Palin alright.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

Anonymous said...

Wow, not only are these folks delusional, but they are literally heretical in terms of Christianity. In Greek, Christos refers to the chosen (or anointed) one, or the Messiah. I believe that is the derivation of the
Greek word that was applied to Jesus of Nazareth. I would think that any true Christian would be disturbed to hear this sect claiming that Sarah Palin is now the chosen or anointed one, not Jesus. That is truly beyond (Christian) belief.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen Carlson was Miss Minnesota 1988 and then Miss America 1989. She is/was a talented violinist and won the Talent competition. She is well-educated (Stanford) as well as 'perky'. I read recently that Michelle Bachman was Gretchen's babysitter.

Anonymous said...

If you've every studied Scientology-- A lot of it has to do with mind control - That's why Greta and her hubby found an immediate attraction to SP. Many stage actors develop this persona, because a lot of it has to do with projection. We think she is stupid, but people around her will fall under her "spell".

GenieO said...

Good post Patrick. I just want to say that babygate is not the big story regarding Sarah. It's an important story, but it is only a symptom. The big story IS Sarah's religious beliefs, associations, and goals. She is a dominionist. She is up to her neck in the New Apostolic Reformation. She is 'chosen' which is why she believes she can do anything, including lying, cheating and stealing, as long as it's for God.

Time to become activists, my friends. The two best places I know of to study this crap is 'Talk to Action' and Leah Burton's "God's Own Party?" From these sites you can find links to many others. Find the ones that suit you and learn, learn, learn.
Also use wikipedia to learn new terms and get background info.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a famous quote by Sarah regarding the 2008 election: "God wouldn't let the wrong people win." So, when Obama/Biden were elected (winning is for beauty pageants), I see that as God picking the right people, and slamming the door in Sarah's face. Given that she has such an on-going personal relationship and communication with God, I don't know how she missed the message.

Anonymous said...

Palin in Greek also means backward.

enough said

Anonymous said...

I have been following the Alaskan blogs since Palin came onto the scene. This is my first post here. Just wanted to say that you are doing a great service right now. This blog is addressing how really scary Palin & the powers that be who are promoting her are. Kudos. Although, she is a nitwit there is definitely a movement afoot that we should not take lightly.

wayofpeace said...

LOL... PICKING SARAH PALIN'S BRAIN, that's the headline on the FAUX video.

oh, sarah, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE run-baby-run as a 3rd party candidate.

if such is a possibility, one of 2 things SHALL happen: either the GOP torpedos her before she's even out of the gate or she hands OBAMA a second term.

a win-win for the nation!

Anonymous said...

If you take a close look at that Palin/Beck bumper sticker on the front page, you'll see that the separator between 'Palin' and 'Beck' is made of three bullets. In the upper right of the blue area is the milky way constellation and north star, from the flag of Alaska.

Anonymous said...

whoops! big dipper, not milky way. -- 21:58

lisabeth said...

You know......I have always been angry or laughed at this stuff. But Patrick, I started crying reading your post today. Who does Sarah think she is and who do her followers think she is? This scares me on so many levels. It really does. Who are the naysayers? People who don't believe like they do and we aren't allowed to live in this country.

As a Jewish American, the way she talks about Israel also upsets me greatly. My boyfriend who is Israeli, used to say that any support for Israel was good, because Israel and the Jewish people have so much hatred expressed at them throughout the world. There are many who still want to kill all of us. But he last night saw the clip where Sarah is saying that the settlements should be expanded because "loads of Jewish people will be moving and flocking to Israel." She gave both of us the creeps!! Jewish immigration to Israel is at an all time low, so she can only be talking about her end times rapture nonsense. I am also worried that a time when there is a lot of anti-Israeli sentiment, Sarah could make that WORSE not better. More liberals are now criticizing Israel for what they call the "occupation" but they don't understand how their comments fuel hatred towards Jews and Israel, and most of them do not fully understand the complexity of the situation and how much anti-semitism and Jewish hate there really is. The last thing we need is the liberals going against Sarah on Israel as people will lose an understanding even more of how important Israel is to the Jewish people and not for Sarah's reasons.
Sarah and her followers scare me. What do they plan on doing to the "naysayers?" Are they going to put us into camps and make us have exorcisms? I mean it sounds like if you don't agree with them, then you can't live here. They don't even understand the constitution.

This really is not funny anymore and I think the Republicans or someone better put a muzzle on her. They know they can't, without losing base support. They are total weak weenies - especially the wussies in Congress - Bohener, McConnel and don't get me started about Eric Cantor, token Jew who doesn't even tell Rush Limbaugh to stop comparing Obama to the Nazis. These morons who talk about the Obama administration being nazis, have no idea how insulting and distusting their comments are to Jewish people who have lost loved ones in the holocaust. It is sickening and they are also WRONG. If anything, Sarah Palin sounds like a fascist nut.

I am very upset. The way they talk about our "homeland" is not the way I grew up viewing our country. A place for everyone to come, freedom of religion, equality for all. SCREW SARAH PALIN - that is all I have to say right now. Screw her. And screw John McCain-the traitor for unleashing this nut job on us. She is a nasty screwed up piece of garbage who is so delusional, that she thinks God has chosen her. What a sick joke this is.

Sarah, I pray nightly and God told me that you are not the one he has chosen, sorry. Someone else said this on IM yesterday and I am stealing it because it is good. SARAH------you are NOT the only one God talks to. God told me you are Jezebel and must be stopped. Hmmmm.

emrysa said...

the wig is looking pretty obvious today.

wigs, tons of makeup, botox, likely surgery... priorities, ya know! I got a good laff at the poster above who brought up tammy faye. yeah, it's pretty interesting that these people love to look fake, and love those who do look fake. says alot about their priorities and them.

if s/he looks good on the outside, then s/he MUST be good on the inside! they are someone to worship and emulate!

Church of Wig R us said...

Remember Tammy Faye?
.So Tammy Faye is now in the last stages of her 10-year battle with cancer. She weighs only 65 lbs. (only 4 lbs. more than my 7-year-old). She is so weak that there were moments in her interview with Larry King where barely a sound could be heard from her voice

Do you think Scarah would be able to show what the ravages of time will put on her? Just in case she is wrong about the rapture.

New Evangelicalism

On the tissues of the day.

Wig therapy.

They do read books? lol.. actually she was picking up magazines like Cosmo and stuff….

Snakes On A Plane
Bombardier Challenger 604 Cost: $16.5 Million

The sons of evangelical-fundamentalist preachers determined to create a “New Evangelicalism.”

Grassley’s investigation an “inquisition” that amounts to “spiritual warfare.”

Hot reformed porn star.
the news media doesn’t even bother with hunting down and exposing televangelists like they used to because they know that the Christians that follow them will continue to do so no matter what they do, and will instead attack the media for “touching God’s

comeonpeople said...

Please expose her for good. This is the friggin twilight zone.

WV: excra
no explanation needed

Anonymous said...

Palin = Again

Palin lies again, again and again!!

Love that Palin was Punked once again by another Canadian! The Radio guys calling her on the campaign as the President of France and now Mary Walsh from the show 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes'.

Things happen in 3's!!

Virginia Voter said...

Too stupid to know she is being punked...AGAIN.

Dangerous said...

If Sarah Palin ever runs for anything again, she will not be able to dodge these questions about her mysterious pregnancy. Obama may not have wanted to press it, but one of her primary opponents would -- and that would give MSM the opening to revisit it. And she knows this.

That obstacle makes a 3rd party bid for president that much more likely for her. No questions, just adoring fans keeping her in the spotlight and feeding her ego. If she mounts just a minor challenge -- the most likely outcome -- she'll probably never have to answer any questions about it from MSM.

Anonymous said...

Being mormon, I can tell you we would never vote for Palin/beck ticket. In fact, we'd be hard pressed to vote for Palin. We don't care for her at all.

Anonymous said...

Politico has a survey about whether the criticisms of Sarah Palin are unfair. Go to and cast your vote. (Right now the majority says the criticisms are unfair.)

Forever Anonymous said...

ha ha the revelation of the pastor's words:


Because she answers every questions and all questions.

Except questions asked by real journalists.

WakeUpAmerica said...

Has anyone checked the validity of the claim that "again" means "Palin" in Greek? I haven't found anything to substantiate it yet. That would be a good follow-up article to this one.

Marcy said...

The video of the lady in red is funnier than it seems. I went to Strong's Concordance to check that woman's translation of 'the Greek'. I was mildly surprised to see that the English version of 'again' is, indeed, 'palin'. "Probably from 'pale' through the idea of oscillatory repetition". Under 'pale'? "To vibrate".

You can't make this stuff up! The lady in red was punked by some unholy spirit screaming a dirty joke at her in a foreign language.

On the other hand, when the Holy Spirit wanted people to understand the message, He made sure they each heard the message in their own languages. You can read it for yourself in Acts 2:8. I'll give the lady in red credit: she provided the references so we could look for ourselves at what she had read. grammy

Anonymous said...

So has everyone given up on babygate then?

Is it all about religion now?

Anonymous said...

"Clean House" -- Not from the Greek, a phrase, in Palinista, meaning, to rid the party of anyone who doesn't support me; example, Colin Powell and Peggy Noonan used to be Republicans, but then the party "cleaned house" and now they consider themselves Democrats.

mommom said...

What is it with religious liars? I cannot find a translation of again that becomes "palin".The closest is "kai pali"

Kyra said...

I think everyone using the term "homeland" is actually very creepy and brings to mind Hitler and aryans. Now the Republicans have come out with their "purity" test.

I have known conservatives who said that the poor should be left to fend for themselves - social darwinism at work (although god forbid anyone actually use that term to them). those that can do, those that can't, tough sh*t. I got mine. It is a very bedrock fundamentalism. If you believe that god will provide and your prayers will be answered, then illness, poorness, job loss, every bad thing that happens is because you weren't good enough, didn't pray hard enough, weren't Christian enough, therefore deserved it.
A very close (I thought) friend called my father the night before his cancer surgery and told him that he had cancer for his sins and that if he had prayed harder, he wouldn't have cancer. They encouraged everyone in their church (Assembly of God) to forgo doctors and medicine, and they'd send out their prayer team. No wonder they don't want to pay taxes for health care.

Unfortunately, these are the people that believed that the Jews killed Jesus, so their support of Israel is to support the rapture, pure and simple. Really sick, sick people.

Anonymous said...

Umm. Last I checked, the Republican Party is NOT the party of equality, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LORD! She spoke INTO me? NUTS!!!
I love how all the mean things conservatives say about Obama fans are replicated 100 fold when it comes to Sarah Palin. Ah, irony...

Beer and Pretzels said...

"LisanTX said...

The Denton, Texas minister is wacko and Hagee is a con artist with an evil streak and he is in San Antonio, Texas. There is also Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, who is in Texas. Joyner is the cult leader of another flock of sheeple. Unfortunately, Texas hosts even more "questionable" religious leaders than these."

Also, too, there's the FLDS in Eldorado, the House of Yahweh in Abilene, and Vision Forum Ministries in San Antonio.
Vision Forum would love to back Palin, but wimmens are supposed to be at home having babies until their uteri fall out and scamper off into the woods.

Anonymous said...

lisabeth, thank you for your eloquent post. I am reminded of you whenever I read or listen to one of $P's remarks about G-d's "plans" for us--you, me, your boyfriend, your families, the residents of Casa Biscuitbarrel, and all the other American Jews. Yeah, the fiery pit.

Me, I'd like to take my indignation and smite $P with a righteous dose of whoop-ass.

xx Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

WV: pestilen (!!!)

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, but it bears repeating, especially after an article like this one:

Dear. God.

Thud. (head hitting desk)

(please make it go awaaaaaayyyyy)

Anonymous said...

πάλιν (palin) is a greek preposition meaning: back again, back, or again. So its meaningless without the word or phrase it is associated with.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is a holiday. If we don't hear from her, I will assume Sarah sat down and shuted up.

lisabeth said...

Thanks Kyra, Mrs TB and others....

I wonder Patrick if there is a way to get that Canadian video to the MSM. Woudn't you think that would make a pretty unbelievable story to most people?

Also, the person who is Mormon and stated that most Mormons don't care for Sarah Palin. Is that true? Why do you think that is? I am just curious how people of other religions feel. I know that Mormon is based on Christian principles but I also know that many Christians attack Mormans (as they do everyone else). I am curious also how the Mormans view Beck. I know he is a convert. I realize it might be hard to generalize, but I am going from your statement.

Sarah is so stupid she doesn't realize how many different kinds of Muslims there are and I doubt she understand the various Arab of Iraqi groups. She probably puts them altogether. And there are real Americans and not real. I guess we are not real Americans according to her. Pretty elitest I would say. White trash elitest. She is awful and stupid.

And no, we can't give up on babygate but the religious craziness is easier to prove. UGH, CNN actually just used the word "Palinized" which really bothers me because it assumes the criticism is wrong. Sorry she deserves MORE criticism for all the illegal and crazy things she has done.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh ... Poutrage must be wellin' up in Sarah tonight. Oprah is going to do "Christmas at the White House," starring the president and first lady on Dec. 13th.

Anonymous said...

"Last chance, Alaska media, before the bloggers get back to getting to the bottom of anoth"Last chance, Alaska media, before the bloggers get back to getting to the bottom of another one of those Palin messes you left behind for us to clean up for you"r one of those Palin messes you left behind for us to clean up for you"

Anonymous said...

Here is today's dailykos article on Sarah Palin's religious beliefs. Has videos, quotes, etc.

Anonymous said...

a new level of batshit ... a whole buttload of crazy ...

That's some story you're telling, Sarah.

Anonymous said...


Sarah scares me. Being a strong conservative Republican Christian, I abhor the hatred that spews from this woman's mouth. My God is a loving God and does not preach hatred, but certain elements of the Christian faith are as fanatical as some of the Muslim faith.

I am not an expert on Mormons, but many of that faith have been persecuted for their faith and were run out of various states before settling in Utah. From her entry at the RNC, I have felt she feels she is entitled to the Oval Office and that she believes her God will give it to her.

All of America needs to be worried about this woman and the sooner she is exposed and embarrassed, the better this country will sleep. For years, I have had premonitions and many of these visions have come true. If we don't all work together to help bring this woman down, she will be in the White House.

I have visited Dachau and other camps and I have seen terrible examples of hatred. Those camps executed Jews, non-Jews, educators, writers, and people of opposing political beliefs. When a leader is filled with so much hatred for other races, religions, media, other political parties and disrespect for education and when that leader is able to whip a frenzy of extremists to rally in to action, we are facing an extreme danger.

We need to unite to work against woman.

wv = exacti

KaJo said...

Palin = again?

Does that mean Palin is the embodiment of the old saying, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it..."?

Or the embodiment of "Groundhog Day"?

Anonymous said...

Before Sarah worries about Canada's health care, or anyone else's health care for that matter, she should look after her own health.

Bree has posted several photos showing a lump on Sarah's right cheek, near the ear. There is no mistake; we have seen it for several days. In a 24 photo slide show at the Orlando Sentinal, #13 shows that it is a beauty!

We have had the best time trying to decide what it is: the scar tissue of plastic surgery, infected lymph gland or salivary duct and son. Someone described a new process called threading (it sounds awful). It is supposed to pull the facial skin back, and it all is hitched up near the ear.
It is also visible in the first picture of this thread. Sarah pulls her hair over her ear to cover it, but we know that the only way to make it go away would be to see a good doctor. So, I hope Sarah has good insurance, or she is going to have to get in line in front of the death panel.

Kyra said...

I was raised a Christian, but the dominant brand today was considered weird and fringe when I was growing up - and I'm not that old. Many ministers in my family, too. There are many Christian churches and many Christians are ashamed to identify as such anymore.

I am a non-believer in organized religion as it is now, and wonder what Jesus would think if he were to be here today. I think he would be appalled at the Sarah Palins of the world.

As a Quaker, I cannot comprehend preaching God and venom towards others in the same sentence. This grasping greediness that she has is so apparent to me, I do not understand why her followers don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Strong's Concordance does show "palin" as ... "-again."

You know, I read way back during the campaign, I don't know where I read it, but it was via internet. Anyway, that she had legally changed the spelling of her married name years ago. She took out an "i" or something, I just don't remember. I thought it was odd, and didn't think anymore about it until now!

Anonymous said...

One can find examples of fine, moral, and principled individuals practicing every faith on this earth, as well as kind and wonderful people who choose not to believe in God or any other higher power. For many Christians, and I am one, I imagine Sarah Palin's obvious ambition for fame, political power and wealth is troubling, to say the least. I doubt any particular group of Christians would be opposed to her on specific theological grounds, for these qualities are enough if one needs a reason to question her motives. The truth is that her way is simply not the way of authentic Christianity. Christians are supposed to do good in secret and not seek credit in public, for only God alone needs to know our hearts. Christians are supposed to follow a gentle and loving path, not rant and make snide comments and whip up angry passions. Christians are not supposed to retaliate and seek revenge or vindication. This is what we are called to do, and if one reflects on the behavior of our President one will see a good man trying to live his faith. I'm not saying that Christians are perfect, we are not, and many terrible things have been done in the name of Christianity. If the Mormons supposedly don't like her, more than anything they may not trust her. The Bible teaches us that demagogues will come forward from time to time, and we should be alert to their presence. They are not real, and they will pretend to be the opposite of what they truly are.

Anonymous said...

Anyway, that she had legally changed the spelling of her married name years ago

There is nothing in the State of Alaska Courtview Searchthat reflects this.


Toy Factory Superintendent said...

Sarah has become incredibly artificial looking. Her face looks as though it's made of plastic. Her expression is exagerated and unreal, like the expression molded on a doll; hyper-real, as though she just stepped out of a video game.

Anonymous said...

Tweet: Leaving Florida to meet family from Texas/Alaska/Washington. We run in Red Cross charity 5k race tmrrw in Richland b4 Thanksgiving dinner...

Who are the relatives from Texas?

Anonymous said...

Lisabeth, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - known to most by our nicname, 'Mormon'. We do not care for Palin. At least the women don't. We are are encouraged to become educated. Most of us have degrees from real colleges and universities. We are not ever told how to vote, and are allowed to think for ourselves, and make our own decisions. Contrary to what some will try to say, we are equals to the men in the church. We just hold different 'callings'. I am a business owner, a mother of many (more than Mrs. Palin) I am involved in the GOP political scene in Utah. I am a Vet (USN) and unlike Palin, I have a husband who is good and kind to us, and who is more sustanstive than just a 'pretty face'. We don't like Palin. We would vote for a woman, if she were the best person for the job. Palin is not the best and is certainly not the brightest. We are a hard working lot, and we don't care for women who dine out only on their looks, and can't bring brains to the table. Obama got the greatest votes of any democrate in Utah, ever. He did not take the state, but many voted for Obama because Palin was on the ticket. I know I did.

Anonymous said...

Could very well be that the name Palin is a greek definition of "again". But, that is not necessarily an endorsement of Sarah Palin, from God. It could very well be a warning from God. He could be warning the church, do not let it happen "again". History that dictators rose "again" and "again".

Whether this woman received a prophetic word I don't know, but, I know that by their fruit we shall know them. So far, Palin's fruit from reports we've read, is that it is not good. Therefore, the answer is as plain as day. If a person's fruit is good, then they are going to be good vessels unto God, but God would not call out someone that could cheat, lie, to lead his people.

Again, it could be a warning.

Anonymous said...

Well knock me over with a feather, Dr. Jerry Prevo is from Bristol Tennessee, a mere 125 miles from Ten Mile Tennessee where Team McCain Vetting Chief Arthur Culverhouse grew up.

I can't believe that there isn't a wiki about Jerry Prevo, does anyone have any idea how old Dr. Prevo is ?

According to his bio he spent some time at the University of Tennessee, the same school Arthur Culvahouse earned his Bachelors Degree from.

Does anybody else seeing this ?

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, I went to visit a friend of 18 years shortly after her husband died. She told me she had recently joined a local Church of the Rock. And that she had started speaking in tongues; it was so special, the church said that she was specially chosen.

I found she had kicked her kids out of the house, the last one a senior in school. She brought in a herd of folks into her home. She was drinking olive oil straight from the bottle, and took baths only with oil olive. Her hands were turning brown, did I mention she was a tenure school teacher? She was supporting all those folks, and even took them all on a cross country trip for a couple of weeks. Her behavior was so bizarre, her oldest daughter called a lawyer. But there was nothing the legal system could do as she was no threat to herself.

My friend and I used to stay on the phone for hours discussing scriptures. I was raised in a Baptist church and she was raised in a Church of Christ church, so we compared notes. So, I was shocked to find that she had changed into someone I didn't even know. She told me to mop her kitchen floor and I just looked at her. I had been disabled for more than 10 years when she told me that. She played gospel music in the back yard 24/7 because there was demonic activity in the back yard. When I left her home, I knew I no longer had a good friend. And her mind was closed to anything I had to say.

I read and study the Bible for myself because I don't want another to tell me what it says. I don't want to end up being fooled like my friend of 18 years.

Thanks Patrick, and Regina, and Kathleen, and all.

Anonymous said...

IM has a long post in which he posts passages from Sarah's book about her pregnancy, learning that the baby would have DS, and so on.

There is one very telling sentence. (I'm sorry, I cannot read that crap myself, I am relying on a second-hand source).

After the sonogram shows that the baby had a thicker neck than usual, Sarah is sent to a geneticist. Sarah writes that she went in the back door, and used her maiden name.

So, if we are looking for Baby Trig's birth records, regardless of whom gave birth, the name on the hospital records is not going to be Palin or Johnston.

Anonymous said...

to the person who wrote this:

A very close (I thought) friend called my father the night before his cancer surgery and told him that he had cancer for his sins and that if he had prayed harder, he wouldn't have cancer.

If someone told me that, the only appropriate response would have to have given them 1/2 a peace sign.

Anonymous said...

How do you get in the "back door" of a medical office? Seriously. How do you even find the specialist you are supposed to see without stopping at the reception desk and having someone escort you to an examining room/office?

That sentence is just an attempt to explain away the fact that there are no records of SP ever visiting a geneticist. "Can you document or provide witnesses for your statement that you had genetic testing done?" "Well, no, but that's because I snuck in the back and signed in with a fake name.And I forgot to mention, also, too, that someone met me at the back door to sign me in and show me to the doctor, but they only knew my code name." Yeah, right!

I assume there are no records because she never went (and I suspect she never went because she wasn't pregnant).

Anonymous said...

O/T Trooper Wooten is breaking his silence over at IM.

Anonymous said...

A second definition for "palin in the greek language is "backwards" Just saying :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:55, thank you for quoting this passage from the New Testament: “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matt 7:15-23) For those unfamiliar with Christian teachings, this is what we are taught and I believe this is what we are seeing in Sarah Palin. As you can tell, it may not end well for her, or her followers. You see, we can quote scripture, also!

Anonymous said...

Trooper Wooten is finally talking. Now we will find out how involved Todd was in the Govern-not's office.
The Palin/Heath clan are toxic.

S'error thanks for writing the book,it is the best thing that has happened to us. Probably the worst for you but you suck anyway.

And for God's sake put Piper back in school. She needs to learn how to spell for when she writes her version of Mommy Dearest.

To my blogger friends, I wish you only the best. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Stay strong Mike,start singing.


Silver Salmon said...

Going Rogue now searchable on

You can only read a few pages per day in this manner and not all of the pages are available. In fact, I think most of the pages are unavailable.

floodgates keep opening said...

More Palin Lies: The Trooper in 'Troopergate' Breaks His Silence
Geoffrey Dunn Award-winning journalist, filmmaker and historian November 25, 2009 07:19 PM

Lisabeth said...

So many great postings thanks to each of you for sharing your beliefs about your faith and Sarah. I am relieved that there are Christians and Mormans who are not taken in by Sarah. I have studied Christs teaching and I have a Morman friend and enjoy learning about other religions. The things I see Sarah say and do just .. Well she is so fake. How can she lie so much about so many people and then actually say she is chosen by God.! I am sorry but that's evil. And I don't get her followers!! Some are just blind or brainwashed. Others are stupid. And John McCain thinks the attacks on Sarah are the worst he's ever seen??Give me a break!!!

I have to go see the Wooten news. I wish more people would talk openly. Oh I was thinking of Mercedes calling Trig her "brother." well if Sherry had her tubes tied, then could Kieth be Trigs father?? I mean these people know the truth and they aren't saying anything. It's selfish. Levi should talk. All his threats and now silence...

ella said...

anon @4:19 said:"You see, we can quote scripture, also!"

Actually, it is the BEST and the only possible way to "reach" them. I took a class on this subject. The Evangelicals do NOT respond to logic, facts or reasoning - no matter what. I now use the bible to present my case to them.
The main problem I have encountered is: Even though many of them WILL engage in debate based on the bible, they come back with a different quote (due to different version of bible).

LisanTX said...

Here is a link to a picture of sarah with NYC Mayor Bloomberg taken in October 2007. That was the trip that palin brought Bristol with her to NYC and they stayed in the upscale hotel courtesy of State of Alaska. (yeah, she paid it back when her attorney told her to)

Maybe sarah was taking this tour while Bristol was in the audience at that TV show Patrick posted awhile back.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, many evangelicals twist the meaning of scripture to suit their purposes...or else they take it out of context. A passage like the one above must be taken in its entirety, and digested carefully to discern the true meaning. They love to speak in these little scriptural fragments instead. (And not every word in the bible carries equal weight, either.) As a Christian, I can tell you that they are conveniently ignoring the core scriptures of Jesus' teaching. If they truly followed them, they wouldn't behave the way they do and they wouldn't cling to their selfish beliefs.

Anonymous said...

The act of "rapture" (being caught up or levitated off earth) has examples in both the Old and New Testaments. From our present-day perspective, the way it can be divisive and dangerous today is when evangelicals teach a "rapture" of Christians before the final "tribulation period" discussed in the New Testament. Before 1830 Christians had always taught that the rapture would be after the same period and not before which meant that Christians would be on earth during that time of universal persecution. By inventing, in 1830, a rapture before that period (in order for Christians to escape that period), they were forced to put the Jews(as their "stand-ins") into that period as the main objects of the Antichrist's wrath. Only two groups ("Israel" & the "Christian Church") have ever been called the "elect." Matthew 24 says that the days of the tribulation will be shortened for the sake of the "elect." The earliest "rapture" developers in Britain knew that they would have to change the meaning of "elect" in that chapter from "Christians" (the historical interpretation) to "Jews" or "Israel" (the new-fangled and unscriptural meaning) - just one way the new pre-tribulation rapture view became an anti-Semitic doctrine! For more info Google "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism," and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty." Sophie

Anonymous said...

Sarah is leaving a trail of clues in her book. No, I haven't read it, but AKMuckracker just finished posting the last part of her blow-by-blow. Among the cryptic acknowledgments at the end of the book is one to airline flight attendants "(you know why)." (The "you know why" is Sarah's quote).

That ought to be the red cape in front of the bull. What secrets are the flight attendants keeping?

We have two choices: they knew Sarah was pregnant and let her fly without a doctor's permission letter-- or (and this is more believable)-- they knew that she was not pregnant. They have to do a seat belt check on both take off and landing. Plus, Sarah told us that they brought her tea. After a four hour flight, and tea, Sarah would have to visit the toilet. Yet, no one saw or said anything. Are they keeping her secret?

We need to know what the arrangement is between Alaska Airlines and the State of Alaska. They may be keeping a confidence in return for whatever deals are struck for landing, prime slots in the airport, taxes and other charges.

Oh yes, and Happy Thanksgiving!

It only takes one of the several flight attendants who saw her on each of four flight segments between Anchorage/Seattle/Dallas and back again.

Anonymous said...

Palin is one turkey I hope never gets a pardon.

Anonymous said...


Quid pro quo? It is looking more like van Fleece will be busy next year, the next and next and so on.

They may all go to jail! Go Wooten!

Slime ball Heath has not let up.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to read the article at HuffPo, Trooper Wooten finally gives an interview and lets loose!

Anonymous said...

The 'bots on Sarah's Facebook page are at it again:

"Kirk Nafsinger
Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8" Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!"

Anonymous said...

Trooper Mike Wooten...thank you! You were one smart cookie..lying in wait until all of her lies were in WRITING! I know of at least 25 other people in Alaska who had their reputations trashed/and/or jobs lost wrongfully by this vindictive LIAR. Plenty of folks to do a class action lawsuit against our quitter EX-governor. Lots of attorneys would love a case like this. Many more will crawl out of the woodwork now. Just this week we have John Bitney and now Trooper Wooten. Frank Bailey......spill it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:43, I don't think Palin's shout out to flight attendants is a clue.

It's a riff on David Letterman's description of Sarah as a slutty flight attendant. As you may recall, Sarah spun that as a slur on hard working flight attendants (who go up and down the aisles in Naughty Monkey shoes - not)

Anonymous said...

Palin pal Rudy Giuliani pick for head of Homeland Security. Bernie Kerik
Does Palin believe Jews will flock to Israel to set off Apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

"You sure are rallying in the troops! Couric and her hardball questions are nothing like the read thats in this book you wrote. I love every word. You prove you dont have to have brains to run this country; just commin sense! Go and get em Sarah!"


Aussie Blue Sky said...

Palin's Turkey Interview: The Outtakes

(sorry about the wrong link yesterday)

Happy Thanksgiving!

snowbilly said...

Here's an article by a reporter interested in knowing why people dismiss or cheer Sarah Palin. His name is Clarence Page of The Detroit News.

If you contact him, please be courteous and lay-out a simple, easily understood case for him to work with. Offer him an opportunity to receive more information on the palingate you present or on one of the numerous other palingates.

leu2500 said...

Here's a link to an article in the ADN about a woman in labor waiting for her Thanksgiving food basket.

Seems she's not as tough as Sarah. 1.5 hours and already having to do breathing exercises. Why, she'd NEVER make it through a meeting and 2 four hour flights, much less the hour+ drive past Anchorage's hospital to Wasilla's. And her water hadn't even broken yet!

Anonymous said...

O/T - From Team Sarah:

MANY REASONS YOU SHOULD ATTEND A BOOK-SIGNING EVENT Posted by SUSAN-IN on November 22, 2009 at 6:05pm in All About Sarah Palin

I think that all Team Sarah members should try to go to a book-signing event if there is one near their location, within driving distance. Even if you do not think you can get there early enough to get a wristband and an autograph, attend for these following reasons:

(1) To be part of the action, watching the tour bus, watching news networks arrive, etc.

(2) To show your support of Sarah Palin with your presence and your voice to our nation through the media networks.

(3) To join in the excitement, encouragement and fun of being around fellow, like-minded Sarah supporters.

(4) To help to protect Sarah and her family and tour bus, watching for liberals who are there only to stir up trouble and ready to jump in and stop them if need be. (In Rochester, NY, a radical young man with the intention of throwing eggs at Sarah, could not find her so he threw the eggs at a stack of her books.)

(5) To be another set of eyes and ears to watch for and prevent terrorist activity. (Yep, a little bit of private "profiling" will not hurt and could help in a huge way. When I was there, I did see one questionable character in the crowd. I kept my eyes on him. I noticed that the county police were keeping their eye on him also.)

(6) To be a peacemaker at the event, helping to referee situations so that the event remains peaceable.

(7) To partake in the historic value, attending the event and then going home and writing about it for posterity.

(8) To see the "Going Rogue" tour bus and possibly Sarah when she comes in and out of it and the store.

(9) And who knows -- you might just be LUCKY enough to receive one of the 1,000 wristbands for some providential reason, but do not count on it. Please remember that Sarah is not a superhuman and she can only sign so many autographs a day without cumulative trauma injury. She also takes time out of the day to tend to her family -- and her other business. Trust that Sarah is doing the BEST that she can.

(10) To spend the day PRAYING for Sarah, her family, and crew. Remember that Sarah told me, "I APPRECIATE the prayer coverage. Thank you."

(11) Use the day to promote and advertise TEAM, SarahPAC, 2010 elections for conservative principles, recruiting political involvement for our cause (such as precinct committeemen positions), etc.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 14:55, Thanks. This just cracks me up. Of course they follow the request to look out for trouble-causing liberals with one to watch out for possible terrorist activity. Can you say paranoid? Right from the Republican playbook. Karl Rove would approve.

sg said...


Actually, Clarence Page is a columnist for one of President Obama's hometown newspapers, the Chicago Tribune (his column is syndicated; that's why it appeared in the Detroit newspaper).

CP was one of several newspaper people to be specially invited to travel with and interview the president on AF One several months back.

He can be reached by email at

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:39, Sorry, but at no time did Sarah defend flight attendants from the insult in Dave's joke.

(Refresher course: Dave's top ten list listed 10 things that Sarah did during her recent trip to NYC. One of the ten items was that she went shopping at Bloomingdales to update her slutty flight attendant makeup.)

Sarah had a quick comeback for Dave. She said that she didn't shop at Bloomingdales.

Sarah also misunderstood Katie Couric's question about "what do you read?" Sarah took it to mean that Alaska was so far away they could not know what went on in the world. Katie asked the question in terms of "What do you read to inform your view of the world?"

It was all Katie's fault. She should have asked the question the way they do in beauty pageants, namely, "What is your favorite book?" Then, Sarah would have had a prepared answer, "The Bible."

PS On a day of Thanksgiving, big big Thanks! to Regina, Patrick and Kathleen for fighting the good fight, for beautiful written articles, for timely videos and for creating this forum for a reasoned exchange of ideas.

I still think that thanking the flight attendants is for keeping some kind of secret. Or, maybe Sarah was the only person on the flight who got a cup of tea, so she needed to thank them for that.

Rationalist said...

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Thanks for being such an intelligent, funny, articulate, curious crew. And thanks, Regina, Patrick and Kathleen, for your always incisive and entertaining posts.

When this is finally over, we should have a convention. I'll bet it would be a million times more fun than the Teabag Fest Palin and Bachman are brewing!

wayofpeace said...

RATIONALIST, i SECOND that motion: a convention would be a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, Kathleen and Regina....We all thank you on this Thanksgiving Day in the USA. You have carried the lies of Palin to a new level and are making sure more and more people know who she REALLY is. ( A phony, a vindictive liar and definitely not a Christian.)

As time goes by, more and more people are coming forward with what they know to be the truth. Palin's world is crubling right in front of her own eyes. Karma is beginning to play a part in her life now.

Have a great day!


Patrick said...


thank you very much for your kind words!

We are happy to do what we can to prevent the crazies from running for the White House again!

Just sane people running for the White House in the future, please!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody, and by the way:

New post up! Todd has gone missing!

Anonymous said...

"So has everyone given up on babygate then? Is it all about religion now?"

Sarah has a near-unique ability to multitask. She fails in many, many areas simultaneously.


Anonymous said...

Rationalist, I think that a convention (with plenty of iced champagne to toast Regina, Patrick, Kathleen, Audrey...) would be WONDERFUL! Count me in, and thanks to all of you for giving me a place to go and read and learn and, on occasion, vent.

Happy T'giving from Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

CrabbyPatty said...

Actually, "palin" in Greek means BACK, as in BACKWARD. Trust the chuckleheads in the Sea of Pee to mess that up also, too.

Anonymous said...

umm... are these Palin nuts stoopid too? sarah is only a palin by marriage... her family name is HEATH. she is a HEATH. period. so whatever palin means in greek is just plain nonsense.

ArmchairJane said...

About the TeamSarah list of reasons to attend a $P book signing event, posted above by anon 14:55, how about this one:
(4) To help to protect Sarah and her family and tour bus, watching for liberals who are there only to stir up trouble and ready to jump in and stop them if need be. (In Rochester, NY, a radical young man with the intention of throwing eggs at Sarah, could not find her so he threw the eggs at a stack of her books.)
So a "radical" had the intention of throwing eggs at Sarah but instead threw it at the stack of books. If this is the worst Sarah has to fear, how wonderful for her. I don't condone what this guy did, but in the big scheme of things this is pretty trivial.

Thanks in part to Sarah's inciting while on the campaign trail and endless FB harangues about President Obama and "the liberals", her own fans often talk about violence, "taking care of the problem" that they perceive President Obama to be, stockpiling guns, etc. She's got her teabagger clown posse talking about "taking back government", which sounds more like discussion of an illegal overthrow to me, to be committed by a radical minorty. Yes, TeamSarah folks, it is YOUR bunch who are showing treasonous and unpatriotic inclinations.

Interesting though that Glenn Beck seems to be starting to get a bit miffed that Sarah is getting to take some of the credit for the teabagger bunch. I am sure Glenn considers them his own creation, not to be stolen away by Palin. I can't wait to see if Glenn and Sarah start fighting over who is the leader of the teabaggers. If they do, pass the popcorn, and we're going to need an ample supply - LOL!

Anonymous said...

(Spied this feature on the web which refers to Palin, her former church, and of course the "rapture"! Kay)


To see the long hidden side of the 179-year-old, British-invented-and-American-merchandised, apocalyptic "rapture" mania, Google "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)" (the sloppy copyist "genius" that Lindsey, LaHaye and other "rapture" tycoons lean on!), "LaHaye's Temperament," "America's Pretrib Rapture Traffickers," "Edward Irving is Unnerving," "Thieves' Marketing," "Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal," "The Newest Pretrib Calendar," "The Rapture Index (Mad Theology)," "Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism" and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," for starters. The author of these items plus the bestselling nonfiction book "The Rapture Plot" (available online) is journalist/historian Dave MacPherson who has uniquely focused for 40 years on the bizarre history of this endtime craze which is anti-Jewish, anti-Catholic and anti- just about everyone else! MacPherson is the "Pretrib Rapture Answerman" who has researched throughout Britain and aired so much rapturesque "dirty linen" that he's found behind the scenes (clever revisionism of early 19th century documents, rampant plagiarism, phony doctorates, Swaggart-type scandals etc.) that he is now No. 1 on the hate lists of the leading "rapture" money-changers! As everyone's black, dust-covered book says, "There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed...." (PS: Google "Pretrib Hypocrisy" for stun gun shocks about the Assemblies of God with whom there's a Sarah Palin connection!)