Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sarah Palin 2012: The Trailer + Bonus Material / UPDATE: Sarah Palin twitter-madness alert!

Freshly grabbed from the tube - Sarah Palin 2012 Trailer:


Last year, I was very impressed by this trailer, which I like even more:

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The Sarah Palin twitter-madness has started again! Someone call William Shatner!

What the heck are "tailgate-parties"?

OK, please excuse my European ignorance. Wikipedia knows:

In the United States, a tailgate party is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle. Tailgating often involves consuming beverages and grilling food. Tailgate parties usually occur in the parking lots at stadiums and arenas before, and occasionally after or during, sporting events and rock concerts. People attending such a party are said to be tailgating.

Sorry if I explain something to you here what you probably have know already your whole life. ;-)

Now we know what Sarah Palin likes to do in her free time. I guess Sarah Palin wouldn't have dinner in the White House, but a tailgate party.


I have been accused of giving the impression of being an "elitist" because I made fun of tailgate-parties. Please note that it was not my intention to offend any particpants of tailgate-parties. I am well aware that tailgate-parties can be great fun and that probably large parts of the population enjoy tailgate-parties independent of their political views. I can also imagine that even highly educated people are probably not shy to participate in tailgate parties. My comments here were just written with my tongue firmly placed in my cheek - hence the "satire" warning in the labels of this post. When I join the elite, I will let you know.


What's up in D.C.? Where? Maybe in the building with this big round roof which is standin' around there?


Anonymous said...

I stayed up to watch SNL with my son. Al Gore was on too! Bonus!

It made me a little ill to see SP as a pretend president elect. She will wet her pants to see her name on the screen.

Thanks for giving us a little humor along with the scary Palin stuff.


Anonymous said...

Those two videos have left me with the chills. How real this could be if we do not collectively put an end to this sham of a person who is edging inch by inch closer to the White House.

Please, people if you know the truths regarding $arah P., come forward now before she gains any more momentum Sherlock

Archivist1000 said...

SO .. she isn't really travelling by bus then?

The bus is a prop?

Anonymous said...

Probably on Rupert Murdoch's private jet. Where is Todd? Where is Meg?

Anonymous said...

I wondered whether she was really travelling on that bus or just pretending to. So apparently the bus is really her limo from the airport to the bookstore.

What a phony pretender she is. At least McCain actually travelled on that Straight Talk Express bus of his. Palin can't even be bothered to carry out the gimmick properly. I guess buses are just for the 'real Americans' (suckers) who buy her book, not the elite who travel first class.

Anonymous said...

Most of the rest of the book just catalogs her Gump-esque rise to national stardom (not having enough self-awareness to detect the monstrous narcissistic ambition that in reality was impelling her forward all along, she labors in the book to describe her various career leaps as lucky accidents or mystical acts of Providence) and the seemingly endless parade of meanies bent on tripping her up along the way. The book is really about her battles with these people, how much they did and do suck, and how difficult and inherently unfair life is for a decent hardworking American gal who just wants to live life, serve God, and try to be president without being bothered all the time.

Sarah Palin: WWE Star


Anonymous said...

Piper and Chuck Heath showed up in Rochester ... Looking at the schedule, it is impossible for her to ride the bus between some of the events, due to distance and speed limits. If they have two buses, she could fly and meet the alternate bus, which would already be at the next tour stop, somewhere near the next stop in order to appear to have arrived on the bus.

Anonymous said...

Still Trashing Levi 21 Nov 2009 07:50 pm
PHOTO: Levi with Dad and Tripp Keith Johnston

Anonymous said...

We should encourage Sarah to "change" the senate by running in 2010 for Lisa Murkowsk's seat. She has said that she wouldn't run, but that shouldn't stop her. I am curious whether she could win an election in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Will Sarah Palin support the church?

Here is the report of a scandolous attack in the Australian Parliament.

Anonymous said...

"Just got off flt" - that's the best gaffe yet! Or is she so sold on herself that she thinks people would hardly expect her to ride on the actual bus in the first place. After all, the little people won't mind if she merely presents the illusion that she is on a de facto campaign bus tour. I hope she gets stuck in bad weather at an airport somewhere. If nothing else, it will be entertaining to read the Paliban's excuses for her, like - "the bus driver left without her by mistake"!
As for her twitter threats to the Senate - what a joke! Go ahead & alienate all of DC Sarah, since you think you have so much power & influence. I think she is on a flame out trajectory at this point, punch drunk in love with herself.
AK Sandhills

Anonymous said...

camping trip-slash-tailgate parties? Does she realize that it would have been less work to simply type the slash in as a slash? Well, she must, because in the same tweet, she uses the slash. camping trip/tailgate party.

I know it's picky, but it looks like one person started the tweet and someone else ended it.

It's sick that she is obviously going to need more than one bus to pull off the "bus tour" charade.

Does she use more than one prop baby too? Oh yeah, that's mean, but I'm feeling nasty about her whole fake tour.

She's all about the fake, ya know.

WV: bismsos. Pepto Bismol?

Virginia Voter said...

Dumb, dumb Sarah just confirmed it...she is travelling by plane and that stupid bus is nothing but a limousine, taking her to and from the airport and book signings.What a dolt.

December 5th can't come soon enough for me...

Lynn said...

It seems to me like a reporter or citizen journalist could follow her bus in their car and take photographs of the process. You can see from the schedule that it's not possible to drive between sites in the time allowed. Or perhaps it would be easier to stake out the airports nearby like the reporter who caught Gov. Sanford.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin reads slash?

Pat in Texas

Anonymous said...

Just Plain Nutz offered with Sarah Palin's Book.

Anonymous said...

Using the bus (two of them?) for props doesn't speak well of Sarah's "fiscal conservatism." They are expensive to rent, paint and operate.

Anonymous said...

Also. She always seems to arrive under cover of darkness. McCain gave interviews on his bus, and you could see the scenery whizzing by.

Anonymous said...

If/when S'error loses the spotlight through exposure of her previous actions or exposure of her current unfitness, the people that idolize her will move on to the next puppet presented by the GOP with an even greater sense of how badly the elite and the government is treating them, the self-proclaimed true americans.

S'error is symptom not the real disease.

HistoryGoddess said...

Read that woman's updated schedule. My heart skipped a beat. I can handle her being in my state of WA because the mountains protect me, but I had to send the following warning to my daughter:

"The Queen released the last part of her Magical Made Up WTF Mystery Bus Tour. She will be in your neck of the woods December 1st.

(from the list)
December 1st

1445 West Elliot
Tempe, AZ 85284
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Please be careful, honey. The crazies will be out. If you get a picture of that Pepto Bismal colored bus, though, that would be pretty cool. Don't look the 'bots in the eye, whatever you do. Don't engage in conversation. Have your Palin Protection with you: any book with an actual point, the real Constitution, an Obama O sticker, and for God's sake, don't wear your hair in anyway that suggests the use of a bumpit lest they take you as a follower.

Don't drink anything under the guise of "just try it"- especially kool-aid."

She called me right away to say she'd be careful. She also thought it was funny that it said Phoenix, AZ (which has a Costco,) but the Costco she will be at is the one in Tempe. She didn't know if her followers would read that far- some may show up at the wrong one.

Do her handlers not realize that the locals could have handled the city being labeled correctly as Tempe?

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin fans can’t seem to wait until Sunday to get their place in line for Sarah Palin’s autograph.
Palin will stop in Barnes and Noble at Valley View in Roanoke, part of a stop for a tour to sell her book, “Going Rogue.“
More than a dozen people camped out just outside the bookstore.
The first person in line got there at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Sarah Plain said...


Anonymous said...

Rumors Roanoke, VA book-signing cancelled

wayofpeace said...

i'd suggest you read DOWD's and FRANK RICH's columns in the NYT: they cover the whole spectrum.

the scary part is RICH's assertion that PALIN may just be the warm-up act for another demagogue, one who will not be as DUMB and way-too-easy to ridicule, one who can actually think.

so basically she is just the catnip, the aperitif for these krazies: someone else can ride this HATE-WAVE.

that's the REAL story behind the PALIN spectacle: not her as much as what she has riled up.

Megan said...

I love the sarcastic use of quote marks around "change". Palin has obviously studied up on grammar.

BTW, I've been writing my own version of Going Rogue. I think you'll like it. Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Palin Body Double? + Gramatical Error by $P

Anonymous said...

The big media attention to the Palin-Palooza was at the first couple of stops-- with the bus. Now that attention will head towards Thanksgiving and Black Friday (for the International people: Big Shopping Day after Thanksgiving when the stores make a big profit) it's back on the flt.

The other problem with the bus was that Sarah's hair and clothes got rumpled. It's too hard to text on bumpy roads. And, that's enough of the Real America, thank you, where is my first class airplane ticket?

Anonymous said...

I remember the Harry Potter books selling better than Sarah's book. They are both fiction. Plus there were more people lined-up and camped-out for Harry Potter, and the stores would open at midnight to start sales, even when the author wasn't going to be there. These "crowds" at Sarah Palin's are meager and weak, especially when compared to the number of people she was able to attract when she made campaign stops last year in many of the same neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

I saw the footage of the folks in Roanoke. It was a lot of old white people; Palin's demographic is predominantly her dad's age.

I have nothing against old white people. But it is not a demographic or constituency that will win any elections--not even at the local level.

Anonymous said...

Got off flt? Sarah travels by broom? The bus really is carried by pigs with wings?

Why bother with the bus charade at all? Does she think a bunch of identical, ginormous, stinky buses with her face plastered 8 feet tall and her name written 12 feet long on them makes her look humble and like one of the little people?

Sarah makes as much sense as her hair. I'm actually glad for this tour and her odd book -- we get to see the real Sarah in all her glorious crazy without the filter of handlers who know better than to display such behavior and thought processes openly.

Anonymous said...


BAD carbon foot print, too!!

Anonymous said...

If someone is clever with graphics, how about doing
up a little map of the 'tour' with driving times
and next to it a sidebar of booksigning times,
with flight times. The thought that she is using
two of those abominable buses while actually flying
on one of Sugar Daddy Murdoch's jets is just disgusting.

Then send the graphic to news stations in those cities. I would love to see her busted ala Mark Sanford !

wes_ben said...

anon 18:28...the problem is, those people vote and the younger, diverse people, not so much. We have to work to change that.

Anonymous said...

Palin signed copies of her memoir, "Going Rogue," for a crowd of almost 1,000 -- many of who started lining up as early as Friday night for the appearance.

That's almost 100,000 in Palinbot math.

Archivist1000 said...

To people like Palin and her Palinbots, any publicity is good publicity.

The GOOD publicity reinforces their beliefs.

The BAD publicity reinforces their conviction that everyone is 'out to get her' (martyr for the cause) and that people 'fear her truth/power' so are 'out to destroy' her.

They aren't smart enough to see videos like the above as jokes... I wish people wouldn't give her ammunition ... you can be sure that the parts with Palin at a podium that says PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN will show up in Pro-Palin sites... it's all good to her.

Why give it more exposure?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps SP has seen references here, and on other "evil blogs," to the fact that she would have to fly to keep up the schedule for her book tour. She probably decided to refer to it, in an offhanded manner, so that if anyone brought it up she could claim she wasn't trying to fool anyone--she referred to flying herself.

midnightcajun said...

So the truth is out, at least on the blogosphere: Sarah is flying. The "bus tour" is another palintale. When will the "lamestream" media pick up this latest palinfarce?

On an aside, I know several NYT bestselling authors who are on Twitter. They have employees who do their Twittering. Kay Hooper is one. Do people really think Ashton Whaever is doing is own Twitters? No. While some of the earlier Twitters sounded like and probably were Sarah, I seriously doubt these are.

There is a level of dishonesty in these fake Twitters and Facebook postings that disturbs me. These virtual social networks cause people feel as if they are close to her, as if they are her "friends.' But it's all a sham and they don't know it.

Anonymous said...

KTUU Anchorage: Palin's Wild Ride in Five Parts

Anonymous said...

Sarah dictated her twitter to someone who is even dumber than she is. When Sarah said slash, she meant it in the sense of indicating the punctuation. Sometimes those flying fingers just do not think.

The bus is not a fake. It picks her up at the airport and delivers her to the book signing. They use it because it is advertising. People will see it and it will attract more attention than an black SUV pulling up to a side door. It's all about the show (as long as HC is footing the bill).

Dianne said...

This should add some bump to her bumpit. Her base will wet themselves. Dinner with Billy Graham himself and SUNDAY dinner at that.

Anonymous said...

Found this "prayer" at a Sarah Palin "prayer warrior" site:

... You go before us defeating every regional and cultural stronghold that would hinder the victory of Your children. Just as You did with your servant Joshua, You will deliver the Capitol of the United States of America-One Nation Under God back to the hands of the people. ...


I thinnk it's seditious.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

On Dianne's link it does say she is flying in! So she must be staying at hotels too. What a farce. And she can't even get her wig on straight!
Did anyone see she showed up last night where a bunch of people were squatting waiting for her at 11:45pm and made a grand entrance off the bus with poor TRIG!!! 11:45pm! Why wasn't that poor kid asleep? She might as well make a cardboard life sized cutout of him!
And the egg-thrower!!! Some guy came to the book signing, she had left :( and smashed a egg(s) on some of her books!!! Head bot Adrienne got some egg on her clothes :( but "She" declined to prosecute b/c she would have to drive 4 hrs to court. What ever happened to "I will die for her"??? And it was the bookstore that declined to prosecute the guy.
Liars, just like HER!
Patrick those videos are very chilling!

Anonymous said...

History Goddess @ 16:58 -- thanks for letting me know that $P will be in my neck of the desert! If someone organizes a protest group I'd love to be there with a sign reading "Who's Trig's BIRTH mother?
Check out"

On a different note, $P's having dinner with Franklin & Billy Graham tonight on her way to Ft. Bragg tomorrow. (This ain't tailgating!)

From this article:
"Franklin Graham got to know Palin early this year in Alaska. She accompanied him as Samaritan's Purse, a Boone-based international relief agency he heads, delivered 44,000 pounds of groceries to Alaska families in villages along the frozen Yukon River who had been hit by a harsh winter.

"In financial disclosure documents filed this year, Palin reported that Samaritan's Purse paid $1,664 for her airfare to and from the remote villages."

Y'all remember this? $P took 'em cookies!

Thanks everyone for ALL you're doing! Together we can expose this fraud for what she is!

Leadfoot said...

OMG Anon 17:59! LOL at the look-alike! I almost spit out my tea!

Anonymous said...

In 2002, declassified "Richard Nixon tapes" confirmed remarks made by Graham to President Nixon three decades earlier. Captured on the tapes, Graham agreed with Nixon that Jews control the American media, calling it a "stranglehold" during a 1972 conversation with Nixon.[27] These remarks were characterized as anti-Semitic by Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League [15] and evangelical author Richard Land.[28]

When the tapes were publicly released, Graham stated, "[A]lthough I have no memory of the occasion, I deeply regret comments I apparently made... They do not reflect my views, and I sincerely apologize for any offense caused by the remarks,"[29] and "If it wasn't on tape, I would not have believed it. I guess I was trying to please... I went to a meeting with Jewish leaders and I told them I would crawl to them to ask their forgiveness."[30] According to Newsweek magazine, "[T]he shock of the revelation was magnified because of Graham's longtime support of Israel and his refusal to join in calls for conversion of the Jews."[30]

In 2009 fresh tapes were released, in which Graham is heard in conversation with Nixon referring to Jews and "the synagogue of Satan." However, a spokesman for Graham said that Graham has never been an anti-Semite and that the remarks should be understood in context, as part of a conversation with the president.[31]

-- From Billy Graham Wikipedia Entry

Anonymous said...

anon 20:42 .. Billy Graham will certainly disagree with Sarah's belief that the jews must be converted to Christianity (it is part of her end-time belief, and may of been what she was talking about when she told Barbara Walters that many jews would go to Israel in the coming days, weeks and months (does she think the end is near?)).

Anonymous said...

Scary videos, Patrick. Thanks for sharing. And great comments guys!

By the way, Shannyn's show has been posted on her blog. Andrew Halcro, Anne from Wasilla and a former campaign person, John B were on the show. All under the bus folks, the whole panel! Andrew said that the mean girl demonizes everyone and everything. So, she tears others down for the purpose of making herself look better. And when that doesn't work, then she uses family drama as a distraction. All for the purpose of drawing attention away from her own ineptness.

Anyway, thanks Patrick and Regina!

Anonymous said...

Anon 20:42

I googled Free masonry a while back and found that BGraham was a 33 level member, I believe. That may be the one behind the curtain, huh?!

ArmchairJane said...

Hey anon 20:49,
What you said here, so true:
"Andrew said that the mean girl demonizes everyone and everything. So, she tears others down for the purpose of making herself look better. And when that doesn't work, then she uses family drama as a distraction."

I was just observing the same on a thread from yesterday about the "Who's Yer Daddy" letter controversy back in 2003, where I commented:
"But it was also interesting to see in the whole situation surrounding the letter that the old "SP standard MO" emerges:
take question or statement out of context, use it as an excuse to play the victim, claim attack is on family, and use that as an excuse to either criticize her "enemy" or to aggrandize herself and family or better yet, do both at once!"

ArmchairJane said...

New SP tweet:
"No.Carolina;humbled to have once-in-lifetime opportnity to mt Billy Graham;His son Franklin does great work in Alaska villages"

Oh yeah, he does just GREAT work. Those cookies and bibles really helped out the starving villagers (sarcasm). And then there was the condescending treatment when SP and her administration basically said that the people in the villages needed to accept the gospel in order to improve their lives. I am going to look for the link to that "gate" just so people can read the coded talk in that official AK government pronouncement. It shows once again that Palin has no notion of the separation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

wow! this is scary to watch....but thanks for the laughs...I needed it this morning :-)

Helen said...

Hi there, you know I rarely criticize but this sentence really did strike me as elitist:

"I guess Sarah Palin wouldn't have dinner in the White House, but a tailgate party."

Liberals in America can and do enjoy tailgating parties all the time, as well as catered affairs, as do people of all political stripes. Tailgating is not something that only crazy rednecks with guns do. It is simply a picnic out of the back of a pick-up truck or SUV instead of necessarily placing a picnic blanket on the ground.

I think it turns off moderates when you take an easy potshot like this - just my two cents.

Frank LI NY said...

Anon 11:13

Levi looks awful young in that pic.
From then til today (11 months?) I don't think so.

ArmchairJane said...

OT in reference to Palin's newest tweet and stop on her tour to see Billy Graham:

Here's the address of the Palingates blog post where Palin implies that Alaska Natives must embrace Palin's religion in order to gain respect and move forward. Some of the activities where she personally delivered the message to villages in her official capacity as Governor happened when she had her buddy Franklin Grahman with her.

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Helen - I think that Patrick was cracking a joke.....I don't think that he was trying to be elitist.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a news article about Palin's difficulty in separating church and state. Note that she says that the work she does as governor is of no avail unless the hearts of Alaskans are right with God.

See religiongate, on this blog, where there is a video of the address she gave, which is mentioned in the article I have linked to.

Helen said...

Truly Madly -

Certainly Patrick would never try to be elitist. It was just how a comment struck me. I'm always conscious of how many new readers are attracted to this site, and how important the information contained here is to get out and resonate with a larger public.

Like I said just my two cents, not a major deal.

Patrick said...


I love the expression "lamestream media".

I will also try in the future to promote the word "Palinban". ;-)

Truly Madly Deeply said...

Helen - If new readers come here and do not get the joke that is Sarah Palin then I'n not convinced that they will stay around for long in any case. Just my two cents.

And lol Patrick has addressed your concern.

Patrick said...

Sorry, I meant: "Paliban"

ArmchairJane said...

Regarding the tailgating joke, what I imagine is that she would come out and visit the tailgaters for a little while, telling everybody outside what great Americans they are, and then would go inside to eat a lavish catered spread with her family and a bunch of invited cronies and bigshots, having used the taxpayers dime to fly in those she favors. She and her well-dressed bunch might have a few laughs at the expense of the folks gathered outside...

She thinks she can fool everybody. Can you imagine what she would be writing on her FB if some Democrat was doing a book tour, and claimed to be doing "a different kind of book tour", taking a bus (painted in a campaign) through "real America", and then it was discovered she's flying and the bus(es) is just a limo while she flies in private jets? I can imagine the satellite linkup with Hannity as would they fret over the lear jet use and what a hypocrite the person was to pretend to be "a regular American" while flying in a lear jet and dining privately with big wigs in between "bus" stops...

Again, what is wrong with the media? These people take flights, they know something about geography, they had to know from the day the tour details were first given out that the "bus tour" is a sham. Why not say so?

wayofpeace said...


sarah's cult:

a subsidiary of the RELIGIOUS REICH.

i saw it used yesterday at a SHANNYN's

ArmchairJane said...

Ack, typos. I meant

"taking a bus (painted in a campaign theme)"


"I can imagine the satellite linkup with Hannity as they would fret over the lear jet..."

Of course it might be some other brand of private jet. But you get my drift ;-) We know she's flying and yet I haven't seen any coverage that she's been seen in airports dragging the family and staff along, which would be pretty hard to miss...

I have a feeling that ever since McCain plucked her out of Alaska via private jet and brought her and the family in secret to his location, she's felt that's really the only way to travel.

Anonymous said...

does sp know that the vote on saturday was just to allow the continuation of debate?

and please sarah, back candidates in 2010 the way you did in northern nyc

will be a landslide for the dems

stupid bitch

oh, and bill graham was a jew hating eff him too...cuz if you follow the money trail of the jews for jesus org, it runs right back up to all the evangelical prostestant orgs

Anonymous said...

I went looking about BGraham, and I found this. It is a long blog, so I copied only two excerpts. Please notice the second paragraph I have copied. Freaky, no doubt.

"Everyone in the Illuminati of any significance has participated in grooming the public to believe that Billy Graham is a great man of God. Graham has stood beside each of the Presidents and the Pope. The Illuminati don’t just program individuals, they program whole nations. The public has been led to believe in a television image. But what if the secular media’s image of Billy Graham is not real? For Christians it means that they can quit trusting in a man, and place their trust fully on God. For secular readers, they can begin to see the extent of how America’s institutions have been corrupted by the horrible trauma-based mind-control. The heart-beat of the Body of Christ is crying out that something is terribly wrong. We will address that. All of us, whether Christian or not, must step out of the lies and look clearly out into the darkness and see every facet of this evil mind-control. When men who worship the god of this world place “In God We Trust” on the Federal Reserve bank notes, we who know the truth must step out of our dream world and realize that they mean Lucifer.



There seems to be no end to the lies that are involved with the Monarch programming. The old adage that nothing is as it appears, is generally the rule. However, once one catches on to the common tactics of deceptions, the tactics themselves become red flags which can alert a thinking person to what is hidden. This is similar to those Russians who could read between the lines when reading communist propaganda and figure Out the truth. The deception begins with covering up the identity of the slave. Within the Illuminati, the art of hiding genealogies is a fine art. Children are swapped and placed with foster parents. Mothers all of a sudden have babies, when no one has noticed them being pregnant. Investigators like Fritz Springmeier, who have been investigating court house records and other primary documents have seen court house records altered overnight, to cover up genealogical and financial information."

WOW...that might explain a lot of stuff...I have more reading to do.

Patrick said...

New post up!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Patrick said...

Anon 23:14

I deleted your comment. We are not allowing incest theories to be described in graphic details. We should be extremely careful with these theories anyway, as so far we have no evidence for incest whatsoever.

The first paragraph of your comment, however, which concerned a different topic, is fine.

As it is not possible in blogger to edit comments, here is the first part of your comment again:

"O.T. "Things We Lost In The Fire" I am thinking that when the question of "who's yo mama" and the wild ride is addressed by Sarah, she will say that she adopted Trig through her church, but, "alas the church was "bombed", therefore, also, too, the wite-out had barely dried on the form before the fire started. Remember I gave my church $25000 of the state's money, so they owed me." Todd's construction buddies might be complicit."

LisanTX said...

Frank LI NY--I think Levi looks very young in that picture, too. I think it very well could be a pic. of Levi and Trig. Levi's t-shirt is curious, though. (note McCain Palin on it) A discussion on this very topic was had on Palin's Deceptions awhile back.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Patrick. You should call it "tailgate".

Let's not get too hung-up on the details folks as a sense of humor when dealing with Palin matters is essential otherwise we'll all go mad.

KaJo said...

Anon @ 22:23, that is VERY interesting, about the Illuminati.

(wasn't that one of the topics dealt with in Dan Brown's novel "Angels and Demons"?)


I know a major reason Palin's using the shrink-wrapped-logo bus(es) -- the logo is a reliable background for her speeches -- a background that is reminiscent of the giant faces of Lenin or Stalin looming over speakers at attendance-mandated speeches in the old Soviet Union.

Have you all noticed that after Palin hands off her little Trig football over to the aide and picks up the mic, she doesn't just stand in place and begin talking? She walks over to stand in front of her giant face, so that all the surreptitious-or-otherwise pictures of her include her real self and her Oz-self.

Anonymous said...

O/T -For the love of goodness, I hope this blog is not going to be overwhelmed now with talk of the Illumaniti and Mind Control, etc. Conspiracy Theories are the #1 topic on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - "Illuminati" (sp.)

basheert said...

Let's talk about tailgating again ok?

Very common here in the states - particularly during College games. Often involves Brats in Beer, Doritos and bodypainting in really garish team colors. Frequently very LARGE men wear ONLY the body paint.

It isn't very pretty - no accounting for team spirit.

RE: PalinBan
Good name - let's use it.

Death to everyone who disagrees with the Loony Sarah. (:)

ginny said...

LOL, was just telling my SO about the sham-bus tour and the shrink-wrapped busses in each city meeting $P at the airport in each city, and he said, "I wish she would just open an amusement park or something. She could have the "Levi Log Ride". LMAO!

Anonymous said...

From Caligirl:

"Did anyone see she showed up last night where a bunch of people were squatting waiting for her at 11:45pm and made a grand entrance off the bus with poor TRIG!!! 11:45pm! Why wasn't that poor kid asleep? She might as well make a cardboard life sized cutout of him!"

She didn't REALLY drag Trig out to a book signing appearance at 11:45 pm did she????? OMIFREAKINGOD. At this point, she's indulging in child abuse on a massive scale and we have video evidence - not to mention Trig is being unfairly used as free "labor" so she's triggering child labor laws. Even Octomoo finally had to put aside some money in trust for each octuplet each time they get filmed in relation to one of her many (paid) media appearances - Gloria Allred took care of that. Maybe it's time to get Gloria involved in this case? There is no sane mother on the planet that drags their disabled, deaf, visually impaired, Down's infant out at 11:45pm to meet the crowds - whether you're running a political campaign, a "ministry" or whatever the frick Sarah Palin thinks she's doing at this point.

Isn't there some way to complain about Trig's treatment on this tour - to ears that will hear? A call to her editor at Harper Collins? Something? Whaddya think, guys and gals? I'm so sick of seeing poor Trig mistreated that I really want to help him in some way.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @00:21

In the second paragraph I posted @22:23, it says:

"... Mothers all of a sudden have babies, when no one has noticed them being pregnant."

Isn't that one of the issues of this blog? And maybe switching kids around gives the ILLUSION of something else. My bad.

LTS said...

What would happen if parents stopped lying to or about the kids? Do they think no one knows what "camping" and "tailgate-parties" means?
** Where do they think unwed children make babies? **
MTF dictionary

MTF pictures

MTF seeds

MTF sweetest

MTF You Tube

MTF Phototron

Just ask Johnny.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

anon@1:01 Yes! she did a drive by of her bus at 11:45 last night for the people waiting for this mornings booksigning and of course grabbed Trig and exit the bus with him!!!!!
11:45 fricken pm!!!!!!
I don't have the article...
but I guess it corresponds to this tweet...
# Landed in VA/swung by overnight campers to say "thx & we'll see u again tmorrw!" Reminiscent of Alaskan camping trips-slash-tailgate parties about 21 hours ago from TwitterBerry

Its horrible she uses this child as a prop and even the other GOP'rs are trying to do it thanks to her...yeah, that's change alright!!!!

Oh yeah..."tail gate" parties...are not people waiting in line for a book signing...they are people going to a sports event get there a few hours early and BBQ and meet up with other people in the parking lot! I don't think someone shivering in line waiting to go pee, constitutes a " tail gate party"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick. I'm anon 23:14. Sorry for my over-active imagination. If I lived in Wasilla, I'd be checking my smoke alarm about now. Thank you for your kindness. You, Regina and Kathleen are true hero's.