Sunday, 15 November 2009


For all newcomers who visit this site now: PLEASE look at our "babygate" documentation - it is a FACT that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig - CLICK HERE!


Oh, I feel honored, I got an email from a very important person!

Christopher Goff, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Harper Collins wrote to me:

I act as legal counsel to HarperCollins Publishers. I have just learned that you have posted a substantial excerpt from our as yet unpublished book, Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, on your web site. We view your posting of this excerpt as an infringement of our and Governor Palin's exclusive rights under copyright. Accordingly, we demand that you remove it from your web site.

Christopher Goff

Senior Vice President & General Counsel
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Voice: 212 207 7127

Fax: 212 207 7552

So, in order not to be impolite to "Governor Palin", we deleted the scans of the pages we had posted.

But I have an open question for Christopher Goff:

Are you only going after anti-Palin bloggers?

"Wonkette" has posted three full pages of the book - did they receive a letter from you, too?

The "Drudge Report" has posted the content of three full pages - did they receive a letter from you, too?

On many other websites, the content of the book was discussed and extensive parts have already been published - did they all receive a letter from you, too?

By the way, Christopher: Maybe it would have been a good idea to do some basic fact-checking before publishing this "Book of Lies" which you have named "Going Rogue" - then all this trouble could have been easily avoided!

And Christopher: Can you please tell your author Sarah Palin that we are still waiting for a letter from a lawyer regarding babygate - regarding the FACT that Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy with Trig. We have been waiting for over a year now!



Wonkette told me that they have NOT received a message from Harper Collins so far. They have published five scanned pages of "Going Rogue"!

It seems that Harper Collins doesn't like it if BLOGGERS go rogue on them!

After all, Wonkette was starting to put the excerpts up before we did!



Wonkette linked to us!

Andrew Sullivan
linked to us!

Look at the "Feedjit" at the right hand side! It's going crazy!

For all newcomers who visit this site now: PLEASE look at our "babygate" documentation - it is a FACT that Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy with Trig - CLICK HERE!



Harper Collins has also sent an email to our friend Celtic Diva, who had posted several pages of "Going Rogue" on her website, which I had provided to her.



This is the paragraph in Sarah Palin's book which caused so much discussion in the comments and which mentions a particular event regarding her first miscarriage:

"Todd flew home to be with me, when I had the D&C. When the doctor's bill arrived in our mailbox, it came with a typo. In the box describing the procedure, someone had typed, "Abortion." Instead of starting over with a fresh form, they painted it over with a thin-layer of Wite-Out, and retyped, "Miscarriage". For some reason it just felt like salt in the wound." (p.56, "Going Rogue")

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Anonymous said...

Wonkette is pretty anti-Palin. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

You were in violation of copyright. I did sound an alert, however, I do not take any credit for what happened. It was inevitable.

It seems I was right about the copyright, however.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.......Wonkette's pages from the book are still on their website. Perhaps they haven't received a letter.

Does Harper Collins hates blogggers?

emrysa said...

why has there been no financial disclosure for the alaska fund trust? wasn't that due in august? what are they trying to hide?

why has the media not said ANYTHING about this?

Anonymous said...

HEY.... you were _HONORED___!!! Even if all the other sites get the letter and yank the scans, PALINGATES was FIRST, NUMERO UNO, ichiban!!!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

the cat is out of the bag, the reviews are that it is a dead cat, and it smells......Fuck you harper collins for printing this dreck. In a day or so the world will know what we have known. sarah palin is a pathological liar, and YOU GOT USED.

wv=chero like cherrio!

Patrick said...

Jesse Cornish, thanks a lot for providing us with such great PR! I love you, I hope you know that!

Anonymous said...

I think that the distinction is clear

Wonkette is not a blog it is a very powerful website. Palingates is a voluntary blog run by volunteers. The volunteers do not make any money from this venture. Wonkette does.

Drudge is a right wing website.

Patrick's point is very well made.

Anonymous said...

If they only sent a letter to PG, they are in violation of fair use act.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

from sea of peeeeeee:

Governor Palin writes in her book: “As governor I directed our attorney general to file an amicus brief on behalf of plaintiffs in the case, and, thanks to Alaska’s able attorneys arguing in front of the highest court in our land, in 2008 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the people. Finally, Alaskans could recover some of their losses.”

harper collins dung head counsel, please cease and desist the sea of peeeeee NOW!

Anonymous said...

Per Wonkette: We’re confident at this point that Going Rogue is worse than we’d imagined. Wow.

All of their posts about GR are hilarious, btw. I hope that if they have received a letter (which I suspect they have) they'll keep the commentaries up.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that you would have been proved in violation in a court, fair use. If others don't pull theirs it is an indication their lawyers vetted what they post.

You did the best thing.

You can crop and post sections if need be. Collage, what have you.

Anonymous said...

LOL. hahahahahahahaah!

HC, pwned.

Afraid of little ole Palingates? But why?????

It's not as if any of us are going to buy this turd of a lie anyway! We'll just wait until it's released on other websites to mock it.

Anonymous said...

You were not right, Jesse.

HC sees this as a violation of copyright and, if he wanted to, Patrick could claim otherwise (under Fair Use).

HC did not say this IS a violation. They say they SEE THIS AS a violation.

Can you tell the difference, Jesse? Can you?

WalterNeff said...

There is no fair use "act" - it's a doctrine - their lawyer is correct: you published quite a bit of that book. I'll bet he did send notices to the others; your posting was pretty egregious. However - more power to you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wonkette did get a letter but have the knowledge and power to say eff you, it's Fair Use.

I don't blame Patrick for taking it down.

Anonymous said...

Why don't each of us find a section in cache and repost it.

Anonymous said...

It must be that Sarah disclosed that she had an abortion.

Anonymous said...

ohh!! I hope the MSM writes up a story about "the Blogger" that got a letter from Harpo Collins :D
with your website posted right there in big bold black ink...

Might as well have a big shiny gold arrow pointing to your web blog.. READ this!

Oh gleee.. this is good!

Sarah is such a dweeb.. doesn't she have any sort of life outside of her pretend politics?

I mean, hello, it is a SUNDAY.. she should be focused on her family, a hobby, heck anything.. but instead she is flapping her fingernails on another FB wah wah rant..

Is her identity so enmeshed with only her media status?
Is she truly that shallow?
Quite pathetic.. can't she just enjoy life? she has a book tour to look forward to.. blah blah
but nope

I can see her pacing in circles, eyes getting beadier by the second, locked in a room with just her laptop FB page open..

Kids at the door, Mom? are you in there? hello, Mom?

and then clack clack clack!!
good lawdy that woman truly is a piece of work..

Just hearing about how she responds to things stresses ME out! I couldn't imagine being in her tight little wad she lives in.. no wonder Todd and Willow bailed..

Anonymous said...

Since the Harpo Collins contacting you may be mentioned in the news, perhaps you should get a small version of the babygate story ready to post :D .. with a few nice fun photos

If you notice your traffic go up .. fling that story up there :D

Anonymous said...

Ah, the sound of rushing typing as vast armies of hither-to uninformed curiousity seekers clatter over to PALINGATES. They just needed a little nudge from Harper Collins to come and peruse the treasures herein.


Anonymous said...

Posting the scans does make it more "real," but what you can do in the future is type out excerpts with your commentary interspersed. Even yesterday, a more sensational post would have been to quote the sentence where she wrote that she had the D&C, then point out that that is an abortion.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Harper Collins thinks you are a target worthy of legal intimidatiion.

Jesse, what did Daffy duck do with his tongue. I can't find the right word?

You are sooooooo knowledgable.

Leadfoot said...

Well, since Mr. Goff so graciously included his phone number, I think I will call him and request that he actually read Palingates so he can enlighten himself as to the facts surrounding all Sarah Palin-related scandals. I might also suggest they pull the book that has now been proven to be completely fictional.

While I'm at it, I might also fax over the photos missing from the book. You know - the ones where SP clearly is NOT pregnant 3 weeks before "giving birth." Bree's photo line-ups should do the trick.

A phone/fax campaign might not make them pull the book. But it will be fun, nonetheless!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

someone is turning rouge righ about now.

wv=binge as in BINGE!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and please everyone, join in sending copies of this intimidation letter to the media.

I will certainly be sending it on to certain people.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

we dont need to see any pictures or excerpts. We know what we know, if ya know hwta I mean.

Anonymous said...

I think Huffington should get the letter too.

Intimidation is a two way street.

They pull a knife, you pull a gun.

Blast them out of the water for printing lies.

Anonymous said...

Also Oprah should get a copy, and Barbara Walters, and anyone who isn't on FAX NEWS.

Anonymous said...

Chris Goff's email is included in the screenshot...

Anonymous said...

At least Goff "asked" and didn't threaten like Palin's attorney Van Flee would have. Harper Collins better get their cyber police out there full force, to clarify these infringements.

ArmchairJane said...

HAHAHAHAHA! As usual, Palin can't resist hitting back, even when the end result makes her look even worse.

Seems some commenting think that if a lawyer sends a letter stating their opinion that something is a violation, it's the same as if it is proven in a court of law!

Guess we don't need courts now, since the lawyer letters just prove things? Just like all those threats to sue that she never followed through on?

We can discuss the key passages as much as we want, even without the page scans up. Congratulations, Patrick, that this little ol' blog is apparently worthy of such attention from on high! And I do wonder if everyone who posts pages will get this treatment? We shall see ;-)

$P seems to be melting down: generating even more bad PR for herself, sending people to the Ocean of Urine from her FB page, wonder what the next stunt will be? If she makes a fool out of herself in the Oprah or Barbara Walters interviews, it will be (all together now!) *because of the gotcha questions!*. Oh, and of course it will have been somebody else's idea that she had to go on those shows if it turns out poorly. If she likes the result, why then of course it was all her idea from the start!

Anonymous said...

Oprah soft soaped it all.

After all how many times has the National Enquirer given her the business.

She gets taken in by authors. Remember one very well. A few years back.

Anonymous said...


..."excerpt from our as yet unpublished book,"...

It has been published - waiting to be released.

What cowards.

wv = frightsu

Anonymous said...

GET Reginas take on it.

Australia is interesting, but I'm sure this is right up her alley.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? You can quote from the book directly in 2 days. I'm sure that Lawyer "Chris" is puffing his chest out to compensate for his tiny penis!

Anonymous said...


I was just in the grocery store and saw the front page ...

Sarah broken hearted ...

Affair ...

... $5 million divorce ...


I didn't have time to read it (there was no line in the express lane). It is front page on the National Enquirer on the stands NOW. Last year, they broke the affair story and would not retract after McCain denounced them.

Anonymous said...

Send their threat to you viral Patrick.

Let the media outlets know how you have been silenced when others have not been and include the truth about Trig cause we all know that is why you were sent that Email. They do not want your site coming up on Google right now.

sandra said...

How many hits did you get before the shots were taken down? Yesterday certainly was a busy day on this topic.

Anonymous said...

Why is he referring to her as a governor in his letter? Didn't she quit a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

not yet published? Are they considering withdrawing the book for non-factual content? It wouldn't be the first time a memoir has been pulled!

emrysa said...

oh I see what's coming next.

"the media scrutiny ruined my marriage. the liberal media broke up my family."

uh huh. you know it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Harper Collins is po'd because Palin used them much like everyone else she has come in contact with. Her book has been thoroughly debunked and a collection of myths and flat out lies, but they bought a book and here it is. By publishing it, they are simply trying to get some of their money back.

Anonymous said...

I read that the books were shipped out to be received by bookstores by last Wednesday, so they can be put on the shelves. So, what's up with "not yet published?"

Would "not yet released" be more accurate?

Forever Anonymous said...


Good call Patrick!, a day later, we don't need no stinking pages!, they were good read for the trolls.

Harper Collins, You could've use WhiteOut!!

You Jessee, dear vapid troll, tell us if is ok to have a blimp on the some of the cities of the book tour.

We want to stream a message for Sarah.

If you have any contacts the can give us a good rate and /or legal advice before Tuesday we'll appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @22:24 here.....Dang, that short term memory...

"yet unpublished book"

Anonymous said...


Did you buy the enquirer can you scan it? send it to Patrick

Aussie Blue Sky said...

Mr Goff ought really to be sending out for yellow paper and sharpening his Bics in preparation for angry letters *from* lawyers.

Reesie said...

Patrick, you should send this information to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. One of them will be happy to report this, especially Keith.

CrabbyPatty said...

It is "Fair Use" to use a certain amount of text in order to do a book review. I've seen a few sources that say you can use 1000 words or 10% of the total for a review, but will do a bit more research to see if I can find something definitive about Fair Use in connection with a book review.

This is the lull before the storm. Mr. Goff will be too busy in the upcoming weeks to write this type of letter as people start suing Palin for her unsubstantiated claims. Bwahhhhhh!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't buy the National Enquirer. I hope I didn't get it mixed up with the National Examiner. But front page was about the $5 million divorce and mentioned Sarah's heartbroken (does she have a heart?).

CR46 said...

Sounds like Sarah and Harper Collins are very afraid of this site.

Anonymous said...

Story not on the National Enquirer website...I think that someone is telling porky pies!

Lilybart said...

These pages are good publicity so I bet Miss Wasilla herself demanded the pages come down.

silly really

Anonymous said...

so do I.

Headlines listed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks House is haunted.

Cliff Eastwood struggles not to fall asleep on set.

Anonymous said...

Have to fact check, sea of pee sends in the trolls.

Anonymous said...

TO: Christopher Goff
From: Sarah Palin

Buck up, or get out of the truck.

(sorry, I can not recall the page reference but it's a quote from the yet unpublished book)

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the affair that led to the divorce decision has to do with Trig ??

Anonymous said...

OOps, when you enlarge the Goff's email, does that disclosure about not sharing the email, get Patrick into any deep water?

MarvinM said...

Oh nuts, due to my lack of experience posting here, I am not going to be able to do all the links to prove my point, but just google "Fair Use" and "copyright law" and you will find that people have the right to use portions of people's written copyrighted work for the purposes of criticism, which is exactly what is being done here.

What was posted was NOT a substantial portion of the work, and it WAS legitimately criticized.

This totally falls under Fair Use laws, and the HarperCollins lawyer knows that (if he really was who he says he was...) He is just trying to intimidate people into doing what he wants them to do.

As a musician I am a big champion of copyright law and have my own opinions about Fair Use (generally, I think it is too lax), but even I cannot see how your putting a couple of pages of her book online, with relevant accompanying criticism of it, is not Fair Use under current copyright law.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

AP had the first "Pearl Harbor" type leak of the book, per sea of peeee. Did they get "asked" to abstain?

Anonymous said...

If this didn't go out to all who have excerpts printed this is then harassment

Anonymous said...

$5 million divorce.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, can you look at the full email header to verify it came from HC? It's easy to spoof that sort of thing, but probably something palinbots are capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Another excerpt from the book, per HuffPost...see the comment below that I found there, too.
I love meat. I eat pork chops, thick bacon burgers, and the seared fatty edges of a medium-well-done steak. But I especially love moose and caribou. I always remind people from outside our state that there's plenty of room for all Alaska's animals -- right next to the mashed potatoes.
FReeper proves that Palin plagiarized the "right next to the mashed potatoes" quote from a billboard:

Anonymous said...

Damn, this just gets more entertaining by the hour!

Palin is good for one thing, increasing my knowledge of geography. Did you know that you can change your location in FeedJit? Just click on the link at the bottom that says 'options' and then click on the link that says 'change my location' and select whatever location you desire.

There's a place in the Dominican Republic called "Liar Grande, Hato Mayor" and in honor of Ms. Palin's book of lies, I have selected that as my current location.

Anonymous said...

Let us forget the divorce.

Until it is verified.



Patrick said...

The email is legit.

I have checked the header.

I am an EXPERT when it comes to email headers.

Anonymous said...

I think her admission of an abortion is why palingates was singled out. Unless they pull the book and reprint, the story is going to be out there soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Jesse Cornish, also known as That was truly a dick move.

Patrick said...

I will now send out a press release. To EVERYBODY.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:38

That is a standard disclaimer for someone who wasn't supposed to receive the email in the first place. It's so somone who received it doesn't share corporate secrets or things that would cause stock prices to go up or down in value if released.

Anonymous said...

The divorce is verified by the National Enquirer. They have considered the libel issue, I am sure. They broke the affair story, earlier, and didn't retract despite all of McCains claims.

Anonymous said...

Please send out press release! It would be nice if you could hold a press conference too the way Shannyn Moore did.

Make sure that the press release gives LOTS of info on how to find palingates.


honestyinGov said...

The fact that HC singled you out proves that you got under their skin. It also means that they ( and maybe Sarah even Sarah herself )is obsessed with what the blogs are writing about the book. It brings up and proves/makes an even bigger point of how ' petty & childish ' they are. You must be doing something right. This is a compliment.

I agree with the others posted. Make the point of their hypocrisy and petty whining the bigger story rather than the scans. AP had that long list of people working the story posted on Huffpo. AP should definitely be informed of the email. Andrew Sullivan is National and needs to be informed also. This just further backs up his statement made by Him that Sarah was obsessed with His Blog. And she is STILL obsessed with the blogs. He needs a good laugh as well. Andrew will run with it. Get ready for heavy traffic coming your way.

Kenneth Mark Hoover said...

You should have told them to blow it out their ass. Drudge and Wonkette have it up.

And it's VERY telling that the most damaging accusation, "babygate" well, not a word from the lawyers about that....

Anonymous said...

Haha, Jesse. Didn't Adrienne tell you not to post palingates at c4p because she didn't want to give them traffic?

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Free publicity!

Tell you what, hit HarperCollins back for calling Palin's book a "Biography" when it actually Fiction.

Anonymous said...

get that mini baby gate post ready for when the flood gates fly open with new readers :D

thanks Harpo!

Anonymous said...

Ya know I enjoy Wonkettes for the sheer lunacy and snarkiness.

But you Patrick are making news in your own right.

If indeed you were singled out among all others for intimidating tactics.

They pull a knife on you.

You set the pressure on them, and so it goes.

emrysa said...

"medium-well-done steak"

why not just cook your shoes if that's how you prepare meat?

Anonymous said...

Wonkette JUST put up 2 more pages. Interesting timing. Methinks they did get a letter and know that HP will "blink".

Anonymous said...

With the divorce, Sarah has either given up her presidential ambitions -- a story about a month or two in the Nat'l Examiner (not Enquirer) basically stated that they would maintain a sham marriage until the presidency thing was decided -- or is aware that babygate is going to break. Since there is an affair involved (sarah is heartbroken) I am curious as to whether Trig is Todd's child with another woman, assuming that what the Enquirer is reporting is accurate.

Virginia Voter said...

Congratualtions Patrick! Observe Sarah Palin hoisted by her own petard!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I see that Christopher Goff's email addy is clear on that email. I think we should all let him know (politely of course) what we think of him singling out Palingates. I'm composing mine even as I write this.

snowlady said...

"If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes"

Refrigerator magnets, billboards and tourist t-shirts seem to be the source of her literary inspiration. When Katie asked the infamous "What do you read?" question, the answer should have been, "refrigerator magnets, billboards and message t-shirts." That would at least have been truthful.

Patrick said...

Email header and IP information added to the post.

Anonymous said...


Please let us know where you send the press releases to. I'd like to see the reaction to this.

Anonymous said...

email Goff, for sure, to let him know how pathetic the book is, but I wouldn't get into the "singling out palingates" thing, as you don't know that is true, correct?

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the current palingates post is that it lines up so neatly with the "gate" list. It's almost a poetic contrast of the trivial with the substantive.

Anonymous said...

Visitors coming from Wonkette, HuffPo ... POLITICO!!!!

Sarah loves you, Jesse.

Reesie said...

Patrick, make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Anonymous said...

Did he call that an autobiography? If so, please keep proof of that.

This, sir, is no autobiography. It is a work of fiction. Prepare to be sued - you know it's coming!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jesse for giving palingates a boost.

Anonymous said...

23:12, what do you mean? Why would visitors to those websites come here because of this? How would they know? Just curious. Hope it's true.

Anonymous said...

anon2318 - there is a link to palingates at those sites

Anonymous said...

We may know all the stories but the rest of the country is about to find out too, so SP is trying like hell to put her finger in that leaking hole in the dam that's about to burst!

Put another stick on the fire baby and get out the popcorn, the party is just starting.

Sarah- you had it made in Alaska, you should have blinked and said no, stupid, stupid girl!!

Anonymous said...

I posted the lawyers letter 45 minutes ago at HuffPo but it was awaiting moderation.

Mentioned the "abortion" white out bit and how suddenly y'all got shut down.

What, did I do something wrong?

also, too, Patrick, y'all are in another country. Not so sure you need to abide by the law here.

GO rogue, baby!

Anonymous said...

Aw, my link to PG re the abortion white out and shut down by Sarah just got posted no problem.

Thanks, HuffPo!

KaJo said...

Anonymous @ 23:18, they might come here if what I just posted at HuffPo survives moderation!

I posted this, but I'm not sure it'll pass because I've been pretty heavily moderated all day (maybe someone else would like to try):


The noted investigative blog "Palingates" just arrived! They're on Palin's Enemies List now, too.

In the last day or so, they'd received scanned copies of several pages of Palin's book via e-mail, and uploaded these scans for readers to see and comment on, along with their own analysis of the contents of the pages.

A troll who'd been following the discussion contacted HarperCollins, and one of HC's crack legal team apparently got on the e-mail trail and told them to cease and desist because it's a "violation of copyright", or else. The troll admits it, so there's no question there...

Anyway, someone pointed out that the posting and analysis is a frequently-used and legal tool under the Fair Use Doctrine, and that what Palingates was engaging in was a book review. To quote one commenter: "...people have the right to use portions of people's written copyrighted work for the purposes of criticism, which is exactly what is being done here."

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesse,

All of my life I have been waiting for someone like you. Loyal, dedicated, someone willing to do anything to protect a woman's honor.

Oh wait, have you seen Todd?

Anonymous said...

I never said I contacted HarperCollins.

Anonymous said...

Palin probably called HC, and they tried to explain to her that it was good publicity, because it increases interest in the book. But they had a hard time talking her down, just like her staff would have had a hard time during the VP campaign, so they caved just to humor her. She may not have much hair left after realizing that she gave away the abortion story.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

"I find the flying pig offensive"...GO SUE PINK FLOYD.

I just made that up.....Jesse so whom did you contact? Tawd? Van Flea? Meg? LMAO! in 48 hours she is toast. even Dick Armey has run from her.

Anonymous said...

Too late now, Jessie:-) You're infamous. Soon.

And years from now, when the history books recount these dark times of Dominionist take over of our separation of church and state government, you will be a small footnote on the wrong side of history.

Cheers, mate.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

HC gives good headers!

Anonymous said...

It's too late. Everyone has already been reading exerpts from Palins book all over the internet. It's being panned for the drivel it is. What is Harper Collins going to do, send a letter to everyone who has already read the experpts??

CGinWI said...

Patrick (or anyone), if you do email the guy at HC, you might want to point out that it's possible that p. 225 of the Rogue book contains six paragraphs. Three of thos paragraphs are direct quotes from a speech by John McCain. Is Harper Collins violating the rights granted by copyright to John McCain and his speechwriters? Did they grant permission for use in the book?

Anonymous said...

There was a story about Sarah's Second Coming (no kidding), at c4p, where Jesse posted a link to palingates and suggested that others check out the "copyright violation." Adrienne the author of that story told him that she didn't approve, because she didn't want to send traffic to palingates. Some people visited palingates from the link that Jesse provided.

Then said he [Jesus] unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!

sandra said...

sjk: Isn't Lewis Carroll responsible for the flying pigs?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha what fun!

Say NO to Palin in Politics said...

Yeppers, the wealth of information contained on Palingates is going viral.

Scarah, stop stomping your foot and screaming about ruined book sales.

Ya did this to yourself, darlin.

Thanks for helpin, Jessie!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I shake in my boots at the thought of Jessie and the second coming bring the wrath of their "god" down upon us!

Gee, isn't that the same god they prayed to to win the election, to bring a hurricane during the DNC, and other things that never happened?

Maybe God doesn't love Sarah Palin. After all, anyone who pretends they are the second coming is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

God loves the righteous who are honest in their dealings with others.

And those who try to heal this nation, instead of bringing hate and anger to every single crisis we face.

Tsk tsk to you for worshiping a false idol.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, we know you went and whined about it a sea of piss!
What WATB!
Whiny ASS Titty BABY! look it up in the urban dictionary!
Doesn't matter, SHE is toast!

Game Hen said...

Entities that produce protected material, be it the illustrious Harper Collins or an upstart adult video franchise, use computer programs to scam the web for possible infringement. Hundreds of thousands of such cease and desist letters are sent daily, and are, by and large, toothless.

Mr. Cornish, despite his pitiful attempts, remains as impotent as ever. My heart is starting to break for the man, though. One has to feel compassion for an individual with so little going for him that his best hope at ingratiating himself with the Snowbillies is to “tattle” on a hostile website.

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

sandra, LOL...I associate flying Pigs with Pink Floyd. Call it imprinting! Go ask Alice, I think she'll understand!


Helen said...

Dear Mr. Goff:

One or two words of well meaning advice - get personally untangled from Palin's bow-wow of a book ASAP and run, don't walk, as far away from Sarahpatra as you possibly can. She has the touch that turns gold into turds.

Anonymous said...

@game hen, lol. You are so right. I think "impotent" hit the nail on the head. Did you see the recent research re the average Fox viewer being old men who can no longer.... hence the cute political porn chicks and the PalinLieapooloza fest they have there.

Does she love you now, Jessie? Maybe now she'll let you carry her books to class before snickering under her breath about what a loser you are.

Poor little toadie. But hark! I hear a divorce is on the horizon! Gather your wooing tools and set your sights on your second coming angel of darkness!

There's always a shining light at the end of a misguided and misinformed mission, friend. One day, you might fall in love with a woman for more than her looks.

As God would wish.

Anonymous said...

Either Goff is too clueless to glance over the palingates site or he has a secret desire to publicize all the gates. We'll never know. But the net (heh, heh) effect of his letter can not conceivably be a good thing for Palin land. Thanks, jesse.

Anonymous said...

Jesse "I never said I contacted Harper Collins" Cornish - ummmm, and you did not brag about it at c4pee last night either, huh? I see the bragging, the contact info for HC, and related posts by the sheeple who followed you off of this cliff have (surprise!) disappeared.
Don't fret - if they stone you to death per Old Testament rulings, we will still allow you to post here - we tend to "turn the other cheek" vs "hang 'em high."

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that HC should be more concerned with the libel suits stemming from Sarah Palin's lies than anyone scanning and posting a couple pages from her book.

Anonymous said...

Harper Collins' request is invalid because Palin is not a governor any longer...she quit, remember?

Anonymous said...

I was talking about SP with my husband last night and he just can't understand how the Trig thing has not come out. I've shown him the pictures, otherwise he doesn't know much (other than the wild ride story). He suggested that a really good timeline with pictures and events be created because when I try to explain the story to him he's baffled.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's probably screaming for a rewrite now that her abortion story is out. But, I betcha, Rupert Murdoch will tell her, "We got a contract, lady."

Anonymous said...

So, can you repost the bit about the abortion, Patrick? 'cuz, I kinda think that's the part that hit the nerve. And surely a tidbit won't be objectionable to the HC people.

IF we all promised to buy the book, I'm sure they'd gladly sell out the Snow Grifter's abortion.

IF McCain doesn't beat them to it. ha ha ha ha. Who will get her first?

Let's see. Her enemies list is SO long! How does such a relatively young person get such a long enemies list? Also, too, I must reiterate that her plastic surgery break could have been better served had she been hospitalized for her mental illness.

I mean, all of this could have been sad.

Psst: Schmidt: We know you know. Don't forget to leak the medications she's know, the ones that required you to feed her Atkins bars to keep a synapse firing in that pea brain!

Oh, no way! WV: Aryin (Aryan). So true. White supremacists AIP members whose idea of "america" is not like yours and mine! Down with tyranny!

Anonymous said...

00:08, this is probably all happening to get Sarah to shut the hell up and stop calling Mr. Goff. Now he can say, in all honestly: Yes, Mrs. Palin, we've addressed it. Please stop calling me, thanks.

CC said...

Yes, indeed, they should be concerned with libel suits instead of this grade-school bullying. Pfffft.

And to think they were once a reputable publisher ... sad.

The trolls who worry about us "tearing down a woman and her family" should be more concerned with our country. She just cannot help but inject herself via FB into issues we face as a nation. And THAT's why we want her to go down and (hopefully) in jail, where she belongs. That is the danger ... not whether or not she had an abortion, and yes, she did ... but she doesn't want any other woman to have that choice. What a crazy, dangerous Bitch!

Anonymous said...

email to HC from "Governor Palin":

Plz get behind these horrible and untrue rumors about my abortion! There were shout outs and blog posts for the past year and we don't want to have to deal with the harassment!

We never had an abortion. The bill was wite-outted by mistake, a check in the wrong box. Many American Physicians who are best friends with us confuse, also, too, the abortion box with the miscarriage box.



PS Love you guys! Thnx 4 all hard work u do! KNow it hasn't been easy with misstatements coming from Lynn's side!

Forever Anonymous said...

Jessee says is not being paid, but he first showed up at IM when Gryphen posted the bunker Palin is building in spite of housegate.

He first try to incite the c4p, only two responded, they wish Stacey Maccain would get on the case, since then, Jesse has gone solo as Don Quixote, and Sarah is doing her best to look like Dulcinea.

Today he thinks he conquered the wind mills at last.

wv= sylingie

Pat said...

When some of you are emailing comments to Huffington, where do you post them....

Anonymous said...

her fundie pals show pages also.

Lisabeth said...

Patrick, why take the pages down? They have no case! Remember when Shannyn and Gryphen were threatened by van fleas? They both said go ahead and of course nothing happened. I respect your decision, just saying they aren't going to take you to court over it.
You could also cut and paste each paragraph and make comments in between. Everyone is doing that.

Jesse I feel really sorry for you. I pity you actually.
And thanks for giving Patrick and Regina a reason to tell every MSM outlet about this. Patrick do you need help
getting this out? If you do, send me a Twitter. I think you have my name there. I am going to send this to some in the media I have sent thing before to and gotten a response. Make sure to send to AP, Andrew Sullivan,HP, NYT. Let's all do this. There are more!

Patrick said...

See my update!

It's obviously the BLOGGERS that Harper Collins is after.

Reesie said...

Hey Jesse, do us another favor, go back to the Sea of Piss and report to them that palingates is reporting that Scarah had an abortion. Oh, and one more thing, also report to them that Scarah has not produced any information to kill the rumor that she is the mother of Trig. Again, thanks for the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Jessie, when you get your date with the Snow Queen, just remember that an older woman can be sensitive about things like her surgery scars and double chin. The Mommie Makeover leaves a lot of heavy scars around the belly area. If you want a second date, don't hit on Bristol. Sure, she's of age, and she worked for that sex company Candies, but still. Downloaded porn statistics show that it is highest in red states and among "religious" men. Keep it clean, son.

In other words, don't follow your leaders. But I hear Carrie Prejean is....available. for a solo run. And she sexts after one date-- great video! free!

In Jesus' name, of course. You heathen sinners!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Wonkette is on your side, since they did put up 2 new pages right after you posted this. Funny.

Gryphen's pages are still up...

Archivist1000 said...

How can there be a copywrite violation, if the quotes are attributed properly?

Just blockquotes,palingates ... and give the source. Maybe it's the 'scanned' pages they don't like ... because then they can't whine that it's out of context?

Huffington post has NOT taken theirs down and there are MANY .. in fact you should post this whole thing, including the email, on every thread that has quotes over there!

The NYTimes also quotes from the book.

You are right, they didn't stop the Palinbot sites, or the 'big guys' from posting excerpts.

I don't see any problem, if it's attributed.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Sarah put the rumors to rest for the sake of her child? The ADN gave her every opportunity. For someone who demanded to see the marriage certificate of her opponent as Mayor, insinuating that he wasn't really married or Christian, she sure refused to provide Trig's birth certificate.

There's no reason why she wouldn't, unless she can't.

And what's this about a bill for an abortion?!? NO doctor bills for an abortion when a person had a miscarriage. She had an abortion.

She's a hypocrite, a sociopath, and a liar. wonder how those right to life groups feel about her charging them now?

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

to HC, let them eat FAKE!

Anonymous said...

And Patrick, you aren't even in US. So, repost what you want to!

By not sending the letter to everyone, they've set a precedent.

I love how Sarah gets the HC lawyer and the FBI to comment and work on the weekends...Always entertaining.

If you're gonna get on the Sarah bus, be prepared to be thrown under it!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

wonkette links to Palingates! CONGRATS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is too effin' funny. Remember when $carah plagarized her speech??? Nobody did anything about that. This is a "Do as I say, not as I do" syndrome. What a joke she has become. I can see her "quittin'" her book tour like the great quitter she is. She can't take constructive critisism. So frickin' juvinile "that one" is.

Patrick said...

Andrew Sulliavn just linked to us!

Thank you, Andrew!


Anonymous said...

Links are pouring in. YAY!!!! Go, palingates.

(thanks, jesse)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Patrick, just posted this Link on Rachel Maddows Face book wall!!!
How Harper Collins is threatening you but allowing Wonkette and drudge and others to stand. Hopefully she will check it out and contact you!
I did mention, it could be about the abortion discussion...

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Goff joined HarperCollins in 1989, handling all legal affairs for the Children’s Book Group, Zondervan and Lippincott (then owned by HarperCollins). He was named Deputy General Counsel in 1997. Prior to joining HarperCollins, Goff worked as an attorney at Doubleday & Co. and at Reader's Digest. He began his career in publishing at the New York City law firm of Satterlee & Stephens. Goff is a graduate of the University of Virginia and the Harvard Law School.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but somting that had always bothered me whenever SP brings up healthcare:

Todd (have you seen him, by the way? Dang!) & the kids are all part Native & have free healthcare. Isn't that socialized medicine?

Just thought I would mention it for the next time her ghostwriter writes another masterful note abou it on facebook!


Anonymous said...

put up that mini babygate post pahleeze :D
why the traffic is a flowing ..

Perhaps title it in a way to attract the skeptics
"Why we cannot let the Babygate story die.. too many things just do not add up"

Anonymous said...

The blogosphere is Going Rogue!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, now Sarah is going to have to write another book to complain about how the bloggers mistreated her first book . . .

Anonymous said...

Poor gal
Got all gussied up (wig and all) for the Oprah interview..
Oprah didn't grill her and she was so darn elated when she wrote to her FB minions
The B.W. interview is now behind her.. even though she was back to her "real" stringy hair.. she was still all grins
She has a big fancy book (err, plane tour otherwise she wouldn't meet the preplanned schedule) she's all rarrin' to begin..

And yet the weekend before her "spotlight on ME me ! MEE" tour ... everyone in the world is seeing what a lying ditz she is..

Karma baby...

wv: lopho
(loco - "crazy" in espanol)

Anonymous said...

At least boost babygate to the top of the list. Pretty pluuuze.

Anonymous said...

Will HC abort her book release as she aborted her baby and her governership and mayorship and oil commission post (as citizen, not expert!)?

Hey, HC -- are you ready to be sued for the lies in her book? Already disproven by the big powers in the GOP?

Oh, what a conundrum for a Fox affiliate! Which side to pick? Teabaggers or GOP suits?

Sarah incites such hatred, vitriol and violence that there's no way she can be the second coming. She might be the Angel of Darkness, though. You betcha.

Man up said...

Palin had an abortion. Palin did not give birth to Trig.

These are facts.

Come on Sarah, sue us. Dare you.

Discovery would absolutely destroy you. You coward.

Anonymous said...

It's ABORTION, stupid.

Get word to S.P.
WhiteOut paid off
they got phots+ signed statement RE: Trig

GreatGrey said...

Tell Chris to Pound Sand. Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107

"Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors."

Chris would be hard pressed to back up his claim of "substantial", 2 pages out of 413 is less than 0.5%, certainly not substantial.

C'mon Levi said...

Congratulations Patrick, Kathleen and of course Regina. It just goes to show that dedication to a truthful cause can pay off eventually. Truthseekers rule!

Patrick said...

Bree Palin:

LOL !!!

Forever Anonymous said...

Love you Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you need a new post: Sarah Palin's Abortion White Out

You know, just so the googles can find it more easily:-)

Anonymous said...

If Patrick was unafraid of the e-mail sent to him, why did he take down the offending pages?

And why is he blocking my IP address? Not that it's effective, but it is interesting.

The fact is Patrick is a coward. He won't even give his name out. He won't say what country he is from. Why? Because he is afraid of any real world consequences his little blog could have. That's why.

Reesie said...

I wonder what happened to Jesse. He boost the traffic to this blog but he doesn't have traffic at his own blog. What's up with that? Is he a palingate "operative". By golly gee, I believe he is.

Helen said...

Jessie Cornish is officially the "Mini-me" of Palin - both are the gift that just keeps on giving to the liberal cause!

WV pocar - Sarah (and Jesse) your bluff is called and you lose the poker game - again.

Anonymous said...

Just read this on Celtic Diva:

I found this in my email (and it seems that PALINGATES got one too):

I act as legal counsel to HarperCollins Publishers. I have just learned that you have posted substantial excerpts from our as yet unpublished book, Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, on your web site. We view your posting of these excerpts as an infringement of our and Governor Palin's exclusive rights under copyright. Accordingly, we demand that you remove them from your web site.
Christopher Goff
Senior Vice President & General Counsel
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
Voice: 212 207 7127
Fax: 212 207 7552

As you can see, I took the pages off the site. However, the real story here is this:

--The Senior Vice President of Harper Collins,


--Sent emails to two specific blogs, one little blog based in Alaska, another based overseas,

--ignoring the multiple other outlets (many of which were larger or were "Palin-positive") that have pages or "extensive excerpts" from her book on the site.

They didn't do this on their own. Palin picked the ones she wanted them to email. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, my posts in question leaned towards fact-checking/lie-refuting than some of the others that were more for entertainment.

In other words, this was Palin-flattery!

I was once asked if, God forbid, Palin ever did become President, what would her first act be? I stated that she would gather up the considerable resources available to a U.S. President and use go after her "enemies" in Alaska and the media.

I rest my case.

And in light of all this, the question I have for Mr. Goss and HarperCollins: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE PALIN'S BITCH?

Anonymous said...

Jesse, darlin', anyone with a brain would hide their identity from the Palin mafia of criminals.

WE saw what happened to a few other folks who got on the wrong side of your Moosiah.

Just how many lives would you say you all have tried to destroy?

You must be so proud! Jesus would love what you're doing over there.

Keep up the work of the Devil, Jesse.

meanwhile, please explain why your Second Coming Jesus in the Porn Heels and Librarian Glasses had an abortion and lied about giving birth to Trig?

Maybe you should be focused on the log in your own eye. See what I mean?

Wilma said...

Facebook Palinbot reviews 'Going Rogue':

"Best book I ever read..she sent me the galley"


Anonymous said...

Wonkette yanked their page scans and they didn't even get a letter from Harper Collins. No one is afraid. In fact, the traffic boost to palingates is delighting many people.

You are either clueless or pretending not to notice that this exposure for palingates is really good for truth and not so good for palin land.

Anonymous said...

Things are hoppin' over here! Just had a friend email my the link to PG telling me I had to read what the Moosilini had done now.

Boy, she sure hates democracy.

Be sure to keep her out of the White House, peeps. She's a dictator with an evil heart. Oh, and that first amendment she keeps braying on about? That's only for HER. The Queen. Not for the people.

Anonymous said...

"I still remember the time. It was 2:22."

2:22 times 3 is 6:66

Anonymous said...

I read the pages before they were taken down, and am not sure this is being interpreted correctly.

Although a D&C is often used as an abortion procedure, that is not its only purpse. Women often get a D&C following a miscarriage to make sure all the material is gone. So while it's possible SP has had an abortion, her story as described here was not inconsistent with a miscarriage and its aftermath (minus the white-out bit, which is quite odd and certainly suspect).

Anonymous said...

Geez, If these few pages are called substantial, maybe the book has fewer pages than we've been told or they were the only substantial pages?

Anonymous said...

Hey JC,
He took the pages down because he was somewhat kindly, not real forcefully, asked to.
You've been talking about him trying unsuccessfully to block your IP address for at least a week, here you are still talking about it. Blah, blah....
Your post reads like your just about ready to start crying.
Please tell Game Hen (whom I think might be your mother, albeit I thought you certainly had your mother wrapped in bubblewrap and stored under your bed, so I might be wrong) that she tried but it just was too little, too late.

Don't let them BS you, Regina and Patrick! And oppose them if they do!!

Simba B said...

Someone on the Wonkette site posted this except of the United States Code, particularly the Copyright Act of 1976:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.”

This is Fair Use if anything.

Anonymous said...

Why would she tell the story about a doctor's bill that came with the word "abortion" written on it and then whited out?


TO get ahead of something someone has threatened to come out with.

There is NO other reason. Did she catalog every other medical bill she got?

And no, you don't get BILLED for a miscarriage. You get billed for a D & C, if you either have an abortion or need to have tissue cleaned out after a miscarriage.

no doctor's office would send a bill with wite-out used. No doctor's office would bill for a "miscarriage".

I know, I've had 3. And I had a D & C after one of them.

My bill most certainly did not say "abortion" anywhere on it.

A miscarriage can be called a spontaneous abortion, but you are NOT billed for that.

Again, we're dealing with a serial, compulsive liar here.

WHY would she tell this story in her fluff book of vendettas and pay-backs and spin?

WHY? There's only ONE reason why. Logic proves it. To assume it was a mistake ignores all of the context and her history of lying. And ignores most vitally WHY she would share this trivial mistake on a doctor's bill.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, you are imagining things about anyone blocking your IP address on a Blogger site. Only Google has access to the IP addresses.

regina said...

I woke up to all these fantastic developments and I must confess it's incredibly enjoyable to see the irony in the resident troll's actions. Thanks JC. You came to shut us up but gave us a louder voice instead!

Aaah... going to have a nice breakfast now.

Anonymous said...

and it's not like she was free and transparent with her medical history. She never provided her medical records.

So why tell us about a doctor's bill for an abortion?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if Jesse is Brad ? He seems to know a lot.

One thing, don't you guys think is a a bit too much to definitely say Sarah had an abortion. We don't know that for sure!!

I can't stand the woman but I don't want to spread lies. Because that's what she does. It makes us look bad,and it isn't right. We don't know if she had an abortion. Come on! What happened to fact finding?

Anonymous said...

Hey Regina

The sun never sets on Palingates!

love love love

honestyinGov said...

As someone had previously mentioned in an earlier comment about the live Feedjit to the right....there are TONS of hits coming from Andrew Sullivan... and everywhere else. It's fun to watch. IT's ON FIRE!!

More gasoline Harpers Collins. Job well done.

emrysa said...


things didn't quite go as planned, did they sarah?

Bwaaahahaahah LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

Good old Sarah Palin and her pro-life "hang 'em high" mentality. Jesus H christ, people, this fucking dictator Czar Fascist used her Dept of Law like a personal vendetta tool, Imagine if she got near the WH! She already admitted that the "Dept of Law" would go after anyone who dared challenge "us" (why does she always refer to herself in the third person and why hasn't any media person asked her this? It's creepy and indicative of a mental disorder). Too bad she is so fucking dumb she doesn't even know that we don't have a Dept of Law on the federal level. Jesus. And her cult defended her on that, too.

No, there's nothing their Devil can do - she can kil children and babies and they'll be right behind her, turning their beady eyes on anyone who crosses their Messiah, armed with rocks and stones.

And who will have to answer to God for their behavior? They will.

Patrick said...

Jesse Cornish in Michigan:

I want to hug you and kiss you!

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

the noose is tight, and the trapdoor is wobbling.

Anonymous said...

In the midst of all the hoopla about Sarah's book, a friend sent me another book that is so much more important for us all to read, about a woman of true courage. This book, A Woman Among Warlords by Malalai Joya, is about a young woman's incredible courage in Afghanistan. I hope that many of you will read it; if you do, I assure you that it will be far more inspiring, interesting, informative and important than anything about the former governor. I hope some of you will take a break from reading about a whack job, to read instead about a woman of true courage.

Anonymous said...

Publisher Flip Todd of Todd Communications says he ordered a pallet load that arrived Monday -- a little over 1,000 books. It’s not a normal quantity for him.

“No, that's unprecedented,” Todd said. “That's a very large order for an opening order.”

Anonymous said...

Poor Michigan -- covered in the taint of the Jesse.

I know from whence Jesse hails. Michigan is a nice place, though filled in the upper areas with some klan libertarian types. And let's not forget the OK federal building -- Timmy McVey, who hailed from there and was a part of the Libertarian Secessionist group there. No doubt had ties to the AIP. Far right domestic terrorism.

Now they have their leader. Sarah Palin; the face of failed extremism and domestic terrorism.

CC said...

Just a suggestion, though I know you are far better at this than I am ...

Is it possible to put something on the post about the abortion/miscarriage WhiteOut as well as the babygate stuff? Because that is what got their panties in a wad. The group she foments would forgive babygate ... but abortion???


Just my thoughts ...

Again, I trust you P & K & R.

Oh my ... WV= Whacho ... Yes!

Archivist1000 said...

ATTRIBUTE THE QUOTES .. they can't do anything about it.

Sarah is scared of bloggers now?

HC can't check every blog, and they can't stop people from 'quoting' ... and who would even WANT to take credit for Sarah's words anyway???

They are trying to bully you.

Make sure you post this threat on Huffpost too .. and on any other ALASKA blog. (wink)

Anonymous said...


The discussion regarding ABORTION stemmed from Sarah Palin's own account of her whited-out medical bill.

Palingates didn't state that SP had an abortion, but some people wondered why she should have mentioned it in her book... it looks like she's preempting a disclosure from some source, who knows?

Nothing is ever clear-cut in Palinland!

Anonymous said...

Comment from the Notes section of Sarah's Facebook page:


She's a soldier for the Lord
Who’s been up and who's been down... Read More
Though while on the battlefield
She has never turned around.

She'll face more than flesh and blood
With the devil's evil hoard.
But they shall not steal her soul
For she swings our Lord's swift sword.

She wears all of God's armor
With helmet, breastplate and shield.
As Satan’s arrows fly by
From his archers of the field.

The devil casts his dark net
Over any he may charm.
He’ll lead them from salvation
With his hands upon their arm.

She battles evil daily
And prays that you’ll join her.
She gives new hope for this world
To be better than we were.

You don't just need meds, you need a damn salt lick full of meds!

Leadfoot said...

Watch the Feedjit in real time. It is moving so fast you can barely read it! Thanks Jesse and Harper Collins and Sarah for your paranoia!!

Anonymous said...

Ya would have thunk eh Patrick the way Palin & her Bat Sht Crazy Worshippers ganged up on Moore & AKM making them super popular they would stop linking/talking about/instigating against you all with the truth on the tip of their tongues but here they go again...YOU ARE GOING TO BE A SUPERHERO getting the real Palin exposed....all thanks to the likes of JC...LOL.

snowlady said...

Patrick, don't let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up! (Now, where have I heard that recently.)

Repost the pages about SP's abortion and let them have their hissy fit.

Anonymous said...

How dare they think they are soldiers for the Lord? They give Christians a bad name with every word they utter.

Haters of humanity.

they are evil, ignorant Pharisees. Ten headed serpents, trying to destroy this great country.

Anonymous said...

(Anon 1:05 here again)

I can accept the explanation of Anon 1:11. Having been fortunate never have had had a miscarriage or a D&C I am admittedly less familiar with the terminology/experience. I just wanted to make sure that people understood that a) a miscarriage is also known as an abortion (spontaneous abortion) and b) a D&C often follows miscarriage.

I definitely agree that it seems quite odd (read, unbelieveable) that it would read "abortion" under procedure on any bill. And ridiculous to accept a story in which a physician's office would change "abortion" to "miscarriage." A miscarriage isn't a procedure. An indication, perhaps, for a D&C. But not a procedure. And yeah, white-out? Umm. No. When I worked in a hospital, we weren't even allowed to have white-out in our desks.

Regardless, I'm fairly confident that it would simply read "D&C" under procedure, regardless of the indication for said procedure. So there would have been no need to change the bill, if it existed, since it probably just would have said D&C.

Anonymous said...

Did I read after the pages started showing up all over the internet that this infamous book is already going into a second printing?

My first thought was that it is too late to take back what is out there and they may want to re-write and print another version, calling that a second printing. They could come up with excuses for mistakes in the first printing later and take them back?

I know Oprah went ballistic on James Frey when he hoaxed her with a fake biography.

How hard can it be to prove Sarah's lies in a court of law? Which is where I am looking forward to this going.

The first printings are at the distributors. I've heard some are out already. A few people have advance copies. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Please, Patrick, when you do a related article go on and post what you need in accordance with Fair Use.

Anonymous said...

AHA! Babygate front and center. Nice job on the greeting to newcomers.

Hope Harper Collins is watching the site traffic build. (er, yet again, thanks jesse)

Anonymous said...

The more they protest, the more attention they are drawing to this website. They are too dumb to realize it. Palin did this same thing as Governor, she protested too loudly which drew more attention to issues. If it got too hairy, she would throw someone under the bus to stop it. Who will she throw under this time?

Archivist1000 said...

I just posted this at


Harper Collins and Palins are ordering a blog to remove quoted pages from Sarah's book.

The owners of the blog post that they have received this email:

******** I act as legal counsel to HarperCollins Publishers. I have just learned that you have posted a substantial excerpt from our as yet unpublished book, Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, on your web site. We view your posting of this excerpt as an infringement of our and Governor Palin's exclusive rights under copyright. Accordingly, we demand that you remove it from your web site.

Christopher Goff
Senior Vice President & General Counsel HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street New York, NY 10022
Voice: 212 207 7127
Fax: 212 207 7552 **********

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