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"Going Rogue": Sarah Palin trashes Katie Couric on 8 full pages - and has something nice to say about Steve Schmidt! - UPDATE!

scarah palin

What an exciting day we had yesterday! The unexpected email from Christopher Goff, Senior Vice President at Harper Collins, made our day. Many things happened as a result: We made lots of new and important friends, received a large amount of new visitors and the blogsphere showed its muscles and closed ranks in solidarity (many thanks again to Andrew Sullivan, Wonkette and Buzzflash for linking to us). With the new attention we used the unexpected opportunity to get one of our most important messages across to a greatly enlarged audience: That Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with Trig (it's a FACT, in case you didn't know yet).

Christopher Goff, can we get more emails from you, please?

Palingates and Linda Kellen Biegel's blog "Celtic Diva" were singled out by Harper Collins- why? Other blogs and websites also published extensive excerpts of Sarah Palin's "Book of Lies" - but did they receive a letter by our new friend Christopher Goff? Noooooooooo!

The investigative bloggers are "the" thorn in Sarah Palin's side. We are not afraid of the Quitter Queen, and we are ready to expose her many lies - after all, the MSM has failed on many levels and has for example conveniently overlooked the fact that from an objective point of view, the facts regarding her pregnancy with Trig DO NOT ADD UP. They never have. Believe me: I would not be so stupid to write here as a FACT in public that Sarah Palin had faked her pregancy if I didn't know with 100% certainty that it is indeed a FACT.

Mr Van Flein, do you hear me?

Today I thought it would be a good idea to leave the babygate stuff for now and have some change - there will be many more opportunities to examine her inventions and distortions about her "pregnancy" with Trig in "Going Insane"....pardon, "Going Rogue" in the future.

So I thought: Why not take a closer look at what Sarah Palin has dictated her ghostwriter about Steve Schmidt and Katie Couric!

Let's start with a surprise: Sarah Palin DOES actually have some "good things" to say about McCain's campaign manager Steve Schmidt! Read this:

Davis made the introductions. First, Steve Schmidt, veteran campaign manager, an imposing, gruff-voiced guy who wore sunglasses atop his bald head in the middle of the night. Schmidt, aka "the Bullet", told me he'd managed Arnold Schwarzenegger's gubernational campaign, handled press relations for Dick Cheney, and worked on George W. Bush's 2004 reelection campaign. I knew instantly that Schmidt was business-to-the-bone. I respect that in person, as I'm not one for a lot of chitchat either, and we were very comfortable with each other right off the bat. As a public relations troubleshooter, Schmidt specialized in shaping public opinion. His peers told me he has a laserlike ability to spot chinks in an opponents's armour. He is a guy who inspires loyalty: in spite of his steely exterior, people who work for him really want to please him.

(pages 212, 213)

Haha, I guess Steve Schmidt "the bullet" is firing in the wrong direction now!

Also on page 213, there is a funny quote which she attributes to Steve Schmidt, when Sarah talks about his achievements during the 2004 Bush campaign:

He (Schmidt) was looking for the advantage, and he thought he had found it in Kerry's assertion during the debate that the United States of America needed to pass a "global test" before choosing to act militarily. While the press and the Kerry team were picking apart Bush's performance, Schmidt had found a single, unspent shell he would use to make war. "He told one staffer", "We're going to ram 'global test' right up John Kerry's ass."

Well, I wonder what Steve Schmidt will ram up somebody else's ass after he has read "Going Rogue" in full! ;-)

About ABC's Charlie Gibson, Sarah says that during the "Bush doctrine" interview, he

...peered sceptically at me over his bifocals like a high school principal. (page 271)

Now comes Katie Couric - more than 8 full pages just talking about Katie Couric!

It would probably be difficult to find another person who Sarah Palin ever has hated more in her life. Consequently, the first sentence is:

As for Katie Couric - where do I begin?

(p. 271)

Sarah goes on to say:

If all you know of me comes from that interview, then you don't know me. Needless to say, I have had better interviews. Out of the many, many hours of tape, I had bad moments just like everyone else. I choked on a couple of responses, and in the harried pace of the campaign, I mistakenly let myself become annoyed and frustrated with many of her repetitive, biased questions. What I didn't know was that those few moments would come to define the interviews; they were repeated and mocked so often that everything else has seemingly been forgotten. And that is unfortunate. (p. 271)

Sarah then explains that she believed that there would only be one interview with Katie Couric, and about that one she says:

The first stop was a segment at a hotel near the United Nations, which then turned into a walk-and-talk in front of the UN itself. It didn't go well. I readily admit I did what no politician should ever do - let her annoyance show. I was anxious to get this interview over with and cou could tell, which was my mistake. (p. 272)

Now it comes - poor little Sarah is getting screwed over by CBS and her staffers - as "partners in crime", so to speak...

Ironically, as all this was going through my head, when the walk-and-talk ended and the cameras clicked off, one of the CBS producers, a nice New Yorker with a big presence and a loud voice, walked up to me and started singing my praises. "You did great, Governor, just great! I mean, you just got better and better as you went!"

The Nicolle (Wallace, P.) walked over. "That was great! Now, for tomorrow we're going to---"

"There's going to be a 'tomorrow'?", I asked?

"Yeah, there's another segment - you were really good today."

I thought, Dear Lord, if that's what you call a good interview, then I don't know what a bad one is.

As I walked away, I glanced back and saw Nicolle and Katie share a friendly hug. Then they posed for pictures.

(p. 272)

Then Sarah goes on over great length on more then three pages to explain how her CBS interviews with Katie Couric were unfairly edited! It is simply unbelievable. Funnily, "unbelievable" is also the very last word Sarah uses at the end of the "Katie Couric chapter" (although the sub-chapters have no titles).

Here is a part of what Sarah has to say:

Katie and her producers decided on which fraction America would see - and let's just say the emphasis was on my worst moments. Editing footage is nothing new, of course; I created video packages when I worked as a sports reporter. But responsible editing means you keep substance and context, and trim out fat. When I saw the final cut, it was clear that CBS had sought out the bad moments, and systematically sliced out material that would accurately convey my message. The sin of omission was glaring. (p. 272)

Sarah Palin then gives a few examples of what CBS according to her edited out, and then adds:

I knew the media would distort my responses on social issues. But I thought surely they couldn't distort my economics and energy-related responses, because they would have to stick with the facts. I was mistaken. Though Katie edited out substantive answers, she dutifully kept in the moments where I wore my annoyance on my sleeve. For instance, when she asked me how living in Alaska informed my foreign policy experience, I began by trying to frame the geographical context. Lower 48ers grow up seeing our state tucked with Hawaii in a little square off the coast of Mexico on the nightly news weather map. So I began by trying to squeeze a geographical primer into a ten-second sound bite, explaining that only a narrow maritime border separates Alaska from Russia, that we're very near the Pacific Rim countries, and that we're bordered by Canada. But Katie interrupted and I did not complete my answer. I wish now I had stopped her and said, "Here's the geographical context. Now may I answer your question?" (p. 274)

Then Sarah explaines on another full page why her famous "we can see Russia from Alaska" answer wasn't that bad, and how she could have easily expanded her answer and could have said so many more clever things - the only problem is: She didn't. That's a fact. But did Sarah Palin ever care about facts? Certainly not in her conclusion:

But Katie's purpose - shared by most media types - seemed to be to frame a "gotcha" moment. And it worked. Instead of my scoring points for John McCain, I knew that I had let the team down. (p. 275)

Oh, my God, then comes the next Katie Couric interview, and 3 1/2 more pages about it. Katie Couric truly is Sarah Palin's nemesis. A bit like the personified devil, I guess. Sarah writes:

But when I finished (...) Bexie opened the curtain to let me backstage, there was Katie. Again. With a microphone in hand. I tried really hard to smile, but wondered again about a media strategy that involved ignoring objective journalists and continuing with a reporter who clearly had a partisan agenda. In a situation like this, I's have thought expert political strategists would realize that you don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. But that's what we did. (p. 276)

Bad bad Katie doesn't stop to harrass poor Sarah:

On the bus, the topic turned to social issues. Katie asked me if I thought it was possible to "pray away gay" - to convert homosexuals to heterosexuality through prayer. Hmmm, I thought. Odd question. I don't think she really wanted to hear my answer because she interrupted me five times as I tried to give it. The badgering had begun. This is really annoying me, I thought. The she asked me about abortion and the morning-after pill twelve times. Twelve different times. I answered as graciously and as patiently as I could. Each time, I reiterated my pro-life, pro-woman, pro-adoption position. But no matter how many ways I tried to say it, Katie responded by asking her question again in a slightly different way. I began to feel like I was in the movie Groundhog Day. (p. 277)

Ok, enough Katie Couric and "Going Rogue" for now. I have to say: Sarah Palin's book is highly entertaining. It is a must-read, because never before was one able to witness so much insanity by a politician written down in a book.

Christopher Goff, I personally would like to thank you for this fascinating reading experience and for the fact that you published Sarah's book. A world without "Going Rogue" is already unimaginable. Never before has a politician exposed herself in such an embarassing way in front of a world-wide audience. What an achievement! Thanks, Harper Collins, for NOT fact-checking the book. I get the impression that you actually didn't like Sarah Palin too much - because you tell a "real friend" if he/she got something wrong, in order to help him/her. It's clear that you had no intention of helping Sarah and correcting her lies before they were going to be published.

Christopher Goff, have you ever dared to question Sarah Palin about her "pregnancy" with Trig? I think you should.



It looks that Harper Collins will soon have much more serious problems than a few citizen-bloggers discussing excerpts from "Going Rogue".

The Alaskan Republican politician and blogger Andrew Halcro (who is held in the highest regard by several of my sources in Alaska) today has posted an ominous "Monday comment" which Christopher Goff and his colleagues should not overlook.

Andrew Halcro writes:

According to the brief excerpts I've heard, the book seems like it's less about her and more about blaming everybody around her for all of her short comings. From her lack of intelligence to her pregnant daughter, no matter what the problem or criticism, it's always somebody elses fault and never hers.

However, once the book is on the street beginnig Monday, those throughout Palin's 413 page pity party that suffer the wild blows of her imagination will come forward with guns blazing to refute the revisionist history Palin has penned.

From the brief passages that Palin has written about me in her book, the terms unmitigated lies, narcissistic delusions and libel came to mind first.

Obviously she never learned the timely Confucius warning:

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

Beginning Monday...the people whom Palin has attacked in her book will start reaching for their own shovels.

From all that I have heard about Andrew Halcro so far, he is a man who means business.

For all the people who have not heard about Andrew Halcro yet or don't know him very well, you can watch Andrew Halcro in this clip, taken during the campaign for the Alaskan Governship in 2006, where Andrew Halcro ran as an Independent. In the clip, Andrew Halcro discusses with Sarah Palin what they would do if their daughters were raped and found that they were pregnant as a result of it. Please take an educated guess what Sarah Palin's answer was...

Furthermore, Andrew Halcro recently announced that he will challenge U.S. Rep. Don Young in the 2010 Republican primary.

EDIT: I have now chosen also to embedd the video clip with Andrew Halcro and Sarah Palin, because it's a very important discussion.

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that Katie Couric thinks about releasing the full unedited interviews...

Well done, Sarah! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Harperollins haven't pulled the book yet! So many lies and character assasinations.

Has she mentioned the Trig Truthers at all? I expect she has.

Anonymous said...

Ah, nice job with the new post. Lots of good fair use quotes with critical review interspersed. How can HC complain? (chuckle)

Anonymous said...

Gryphen had a scanned page from book.. why did he not get an email from HC?

Wooten or Couric? which does Sarah hate more? Couric is my guess.

Sarah may view Couric as the one person that most torpedoed her chance to be VP.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm ... did her high school principal peer at her skeptically? ... was she lying then? ... what could it have been? ... vandalism? ... truancy? something worse? ... inquiring minds want to know.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

It would be wonderful if CBS would release the whole interview, so we can all see how very badly poor sarah was treated... :(
I hope everyone shouts down her lies!
Great post Patrick!

The Smoke said...

I wasn't going to buy Going Rogue, but it is shaping up to be the most original sci/fi fantasy book of the year.
Eight whole pages blasting the nicest TV anchor around for asking some of the easiest questions imaginable... Can't beat that.

Anonymous said...

"Sarah may view Couric as the one person that most torpedoed her chance to be VP."

The only person to torpedo her chance to be VP was Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

"What do you read?" is a simple conversation starter. She could have said comic books and come off better than she did.

Anonymous said...

@ THe Smoke

I agree, they were pretty easy questions. But even if they were hard--about complex issues that require more than just a knee-jerk, Conservative-scripted response--that wouldn't have been out of line to ask of someone who thinks she is qualified to run for VP (with a good chance of having to step in as Pres). She should have been asked harder questions right from the start. She still is not asked to answer any hard questions even now. I hope that's about to change.

Anonymous said...

Some very nice comments on wonkette about how reading palingates re-shaped their opinions or at least re-thinking some things. Several people specifically mention the wite-out as a game changer.

If the same proportion of all last night's visitors got the same view of wite-out, then the numbers are in the thousands at least.

Anonymous said...

Once again she's making excuses for her own failures/inadequacies. If she's going to blame it on anyone, she should blame it on God, because at one point in the book she says that God has total control of her.

CR46 said...

Thank You for challenging Sarah and Van Flea with the FACT her supposed pregnancy with Trig was fake.
And poor Sarh STILL whining about a "softball" interview with Katie Couric, she is a whiner to the very core. Gosh, she whines more about the "media" asking what newspapers she reads than others in the media stating that her pregnancy with Trig was FAKE. LOL!! Does anyone see something here? I do she cannot prove that Trig is her biological son or there would be a court battle. While I have nothing against adoption, my son was adopted at age six, I do have an issue with people who hide adoptions from their can be emotionally damaging later. Best to be open from day one and be an advocate for adoption.
And who else thinks that the reason that Trig is NOT on the book tour with his (fake) mother and sisters is that now w/hearing aides and glasses he's not as cute or as quiet a stage prop anymore( personally I think little kiddos are ALL cute no matter what)

ArmchairJane said...

Just because Sarah is ignorant of geography doesn't mean everybody else is! She apparently thinks most people learn about U.S. geography by looking at nightly news weather maps. Well, maybe HER fans think Alaska is located somewhere off the coast of Mexico, considering they seem to think Hawaii is in Africa...

Again, she protests too much regarding Katie. I have noticed that in some Oprah and Barbara Walters interview clips that have already aired, Palin seems to answer questions using language that is very nearly word for word the same as in her book. This reminds me of how she never fails to describe energy policy without using that phrase about Alaska energy resources "flowing to hungry markets". I suspect Couric asked some of the questions repeatedly because Palin was not actually answering the question that was being asked, but instead was diverting to one of her memorized policy phrases.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sarah, I've got some more excuses for you: my ghostwriter, Lynn Vincent is a hack; Harper Collins was so hellbent on making a buck that they skipped the fact checking.

CC said...

I was just reading the comments at Wonkette, too. I Loooooove that they came over to read more about the Quitter, especially the WhiteOut abortion/miscarriage comments they picked up and ran with.

As I mentioned on the previous post ... I still believe the abortion is what will bring her down a few notches with her crowd. They are delusional enough to defend babygate ... but not abortion. IMO

Keep up the great work, Patrick et al.

I am soooo loving this.

Hi $arah, how was your weekend?

The Smoke said...

Anon 15:42-

Palingates did chance my opinion. Until a few months ago when I stumbled upon this site, I thought of SP as nothing more than a harmless little sideshow.

Thanks to all for opening my eyes. :)

CC said...

@ The Smoke,

Welcome ... and thank you for reading. :-)

Anonymous said...

Great work, Patrick and Regina. Katie Couric is the nicest of the anchors and had the most in common with Sarah Palin - an attractive working mother in a powerful high profile position. Palin is too dumb to know that Katie was her sympathetic interviewer.

But Sarah only likes to flirt with men, so Katie was her Waterloo.

Sarah Palin is jealous of any attractive woman smarter than she is. Or maybe just any woman smarter than she is. And guess what, Sarah? Most of us are.

Thank you, Jesse, for helping to expose Sarah Palin's lies to the world. Good work, son.

Sunshine1970 said...

Patrick, Regina, Kathleen, thanks a million for keeping up with this.

I see there was an explosion this weekend...And of course I missed most of it because yard and housework had to get done.

But reading these excerpts has been more than entertaining.

I now admit I've reserved a copy of Going Rogue at our local library for the best laugh I'll have all year.

MarvinM said...

Exactly, Armchair Jane@15.50. She doesn't listen to the question asked and projects her... whatever .... onto it. Just like the "what do you read" question, she claims (in Zeiglers MediaMalpractice" that she thought the question was condescending to Alaskans, because what she heard was "So, what do you undereducated people up there in Alaska read ? Do you in fact have any newspapers or magazines up there?". But that was not the question Couric asked. Fail for SP.

And yes, it is very condescending to think that the American public does not know where Alaska is in proximity to Canada and Russia. So once again, SP fails because she did not simply answer the question that was asked.

So yes, I can imagine that Couric had to ask her questions over and over, because Sarah was simply not answering them.

I'm all for Katie Couric releasing what else she's got on tape of that interview. I'm not making a point to watch Oprah or the Barbara Walters, but I would watch the uncut SP interviews.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I would like to propose a toast:

Here's to Sarah Palin; may she never - EVER - go away.

I am going to go out on a limb here: No woman since Eleanor Roosevelt has done more to further the cause of progressive politics in the United States of America than our Sarah.

Don'cha just love her? I sure do!

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Patrick said...

@ The Smoke

Thank you very much! We really, really appreciate it!

ProChoiceGrandma said...

TheSmoke, welcome indeed! Hopefully more people will realize that even though Sarah herself is a ditz, and therefore would seem harmless, it is the puppet masters pushing her ignorant rhetoric that are the ones to watch with a very wary eye. Those would be the same people who got cutsey boy George W. Bush into office, and kept him there for 8 years, so they could pillage our economy with their policies to line their own pockets.

These puppet masters use religion as their tool. They got the idea from the televangelists who successfully sucked the life savings out of the “faithful” because Jesus told them. (rolling eyes)

sjk from the belly of the plane said...

GET OVER IT s'arah.

Anonymous said...

Yes Smoke~

...within the many hallowed deceptions of Sister Sarah, is a very dark and sinister persona, having lotsa bones in closets. She is the author of CONFUSION, incarnate.



Anonymous said...

Nice pic summarizing the whole book tour plan

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising that Sarah would reserve her greatest ire for an attractive, successful woman.

The mean girl strikes again.


Anonymous said...

To Jesse Cornish,

Cause I know you will show up here sometime today.

Stop worrying about these guys here. They have never been able to prove anything. They like to think they know what is the truth, but they dont.

There is no proof out there. It either doesn't exist or has been destroyed. And only a handful of people who will never tell really know what happended in that room.

Palin knows it, that is why she is so comfortable writing what she did in her book, on the record for all to see. She knows no matter how much fun the bloggers have with disecting her book, they will never be able to prove babygate. Never.

She is not worried about it and niether should you be. You will not convince these people, its futile to try. Just leve them to their nonsense. It makes them happy and fills thier days with something that makes them feel like they have a purpose. Why would want to take that from them. They will have it until the day they die, because they will never get what they seek.

Babygate will never be exposed no matter how many times they tease that it will. Let me repeat, they do not have proof or evidence at all. Hearsay and anonymous "sources" will not cut it. The people that know will never never never tell them.

So leave them alone, it keeps them busy with something useless, so they dont put their energy towards something that will actually produce a result.

Rest easy Jesse, and dont get your panties in wad. Babygate is never going to come out. Let them pretend they know what they are doing

Anonymous said...

Oh, is this the time to give advice to jesse. My advice is keep up the good work, jesse. We luv ya.

Anonymous said...

@16:28 - same advice you gave for Jesse C. holds true for you. Why not just go post those words on Jesse's blog? You know where that is, don't you? No need to give Jesse a shout-out here.

If you weren't "worried," you wouldn't be here posting, trying to do damage control. Interesting! Even the "bots" know the end is near.

Anonymous said...

@16:28 - You just confirmed that Babygate is real. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, now the trolls are playing junior high games of posting to each other on THIS blog, when they have their own, to assure themselves (us) that there's nothing to see here.


Geeze, people, grow up much? Maybe you wanna pass a note to a girl you like with check marks for how she feels, too? LOL. This is just sad for you and it would be hysterical to me if it weren't so darn pathetic.

Your girl is a fraud. but then, most cult leaders are. Do you know that her mantra of never questioning her is the mantra of Mussolini?

You might want to ponder that one night, when you're alone with your Sarah Palin action figure.

Anonymous said...

More interesting locations arriving to have a peek at palingates

Bangkok, Krung Thep arrived

Daisydem said...

I think now I can put a flute in the fridge next to the champagne that has been chilling for months. Maybe by tomorrow evening (after the Oprah interview today, part of the B. Walters interview, and the actual release of the book, such that it is (the treatise on self pity), I can light a fire in the chiminea, uncork the champagne and drink to the demise of the most damaging (now to herself) persona in history. Thank you Regina, Patrick, Kathleen, CC and others.

Anonymous said...

When you dance with Palin, libel lawsuits will always be in your future. CBJ-- this means you, too, sweetie.

By the way, I agree that Palin wited-out her bill for an abortion, hid it from Todd, as he was gone during the time she got pregnant by Brad (though she claims that affair was never consummated -- but I think we all know how good her word is).

I think Todd still believes her and he may be in for a rather rude new reason not to trust his wife. But then, she can't trust him, either, can she?

They deserve each other, frankly. Both of them aren't capable of being faithful or truthful.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how many visits you've been receiving from Wasilla as of late....and on yesterday, I notice a peep from HarperCollins as well...

Keep up the great work...since we Bloggers are being forced into doing the job that the MSM refuses to endeavor.

TRUTH will ultimately prevail...

(Thanks Jesse!)

Anonymous said...

Todd is an odious bar crawling creep of the sort that most women recognize right away...

Sticky fingers. But what do you expect from a man who married a gal who had a bar stool named after her in a dive bar where she spent way too much time?

10catsinMD said...

I hope and encourage CBS to release all of the interviews with Palin. Go with it.

Also, I will be at one of her book signings, Columbus Ohio, Wash PA, or Rochester, NY. Don't want to say which one. Surprise!

I will bring many copies of the page 56 reference to the medical record and white out. Just a hint to have everyone besure to read that page.

Interesting schedule: Friday in Columbus Ohio. Evening interview. Sat am in Wash PA to 6 pm in Rochester.

It's about 2 hours from Columbus, OH to Wash PA and a good 6 hrs at least to Rochester. I bet she will shorten Wash PA or skip it to make Rochester.

I suggest if anyone else is near another book signing to takecopies of this page and othersto the signing and pass it out.

Ms.Pearl said...

"Christian Group Questions Palin’s Pro-Life Credentials:

A political 527 group, which claims responsibility for derailing Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes in 2008 in the early-contest states of Iowa and South Carolina, is now targeting Sarah Palin. But for what?, created by a nationwide research team working for American Right To Life, is being launched today highlighting Sarah Palin’s surprisingly extensive and unflattering record on abortion."

Here’s the link to the Palin Profile on their site:

Link found at Mudflats...

Anonymous said...

“My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite Him in to take over.” -- Sarah Palin in Going Rogue


She's given up personal responsibility for anything, since she let Him take over. Why is she blaming Katie Couric and others for her flaws? Why doesn't she blame God?

Anonymous said...

Here's what scares Sarah Palin, per her book: Katie Couric and SNL (with attractive brilliant Tina Fey).

Wow. What courage.

Thank You, Jesse Cornish said...

You're a progressive hero today.

Anonymous said...

looks like the trolls are running in packs now, also posting things that no one here would, that I've seen before about bar stools etc.

Like Sarah who can't do anything without her pals, or kids or hubby. Notice?

Anonymous said...

Yes Jesse. Thanks to you and your sea of pee buddies the feedjit shows people logging here every other second.

My of my, aren't you proud?

Anonymous said...

Like Levi said in Vanity Fair: Two papers were deliverd to the Palin home and he'd see Todd reading them but never Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Katie Couric isn't in the least like Sarah Palin. Katie succeeded on her own merits; Palin has none- except a talent for dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin Uncut. She chopped down a cherry tree, just like George Washington. Imagine That.

Anonymous said...

Anon 16:28 -
but how can she change Trig's DNA?

Anonymous said...

11:15 here on the elite east coast, and nothing doing in the fighting back department. I wonder if McCain got to Schmidt. After all, it's McCain's fault, ultimately, that this dangerous idiot is an issue at all. He let himself be the puppet of the far right. That worked out really well for him!

Wonder if Katie Couric will have any response. That pixieish demon woman and her badgering, biased question asking!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the continued pursuit of truth. I can see the pieces fitting together now, much more clearly. She had an abortion, lied to Todd. Then so there would never be question she adopts a special needs baby. Nobody would accuse her of an abortion if she goes ahead with a pregnancy of a special needs baby. Except we know he was an adoption, and now we know why!! I can't tell you the relief that I feel today. The pieces are starting to fit together. Crazy as they are, they make sense in her mind, I am sure. Thanks again for all your hard work. You can fool some of the people some of the time, BUT you guys are the BEST!! Stay with it. Sometimes who are enemies are says a lot more about us than who are friends are. Pam

Anonymous said...

Ivyfree- I disagree. Compared to the other male anchors, Couric IS the most like Palin, in that they are female working moms who folks find attractive.

I agree with you that in terms of character, they seemed diametrically opposed.

Anonymous said...

I know you will do a complete feature on Oprah's interview. It was just on in Chicago (9 AM) and I caught the last half. Two things that struck me immediately (besides the obvious nervous word salad spewing from Palin's mouth and her own goofy laughtrack) ---
About Bristol - now her big purpose is to let girls know about the - consequences of unprotected sex! (Not the benefits of abstinence. She actually said - unprotected sex)
AND ----
Piper's costume for Halloween (from home video they showed taken Oct. 31st) -- a head to toe -Artic Cat snowmachiner. I couldn't believe it. A little FU via her young child? Wonder whose idea that costume was.

B from C

Anonymous said...

Piper's Halloween costume!!! This was discussed on Oprah!!! Why did this not end up on cutting room floor? Oprah, what a waste of valuable time. Why didn't you use your time asking difficult questions! Now I know why this interview was scheduled so early in the tour: it was to get in and out of interviews with perceived "Librul Media" types before they could adequately digest the contents (and implications) of what is written in that book. Methinks Oprah did (or her staff) did not have enought time to read or check blogs like this before the interview. Same with BW interview.

Anonymous said...

What infuriates me is how EASY Katie was on her, and she's complaining? Katie didn't ask her questions that she would have asked ANYONE else. Why? Because Katie was so obviously easing Palin into the world of national media.

I work as a TV interviewer, and I can tell you that Katie was trying to get Palin to unwind, show herself to the people, answer the question in a real way instead of the canned answers that made no sense.

She was TRYING to help her.

Sweet Jesus. This is how Palin repays her? Just who's fault was it that Palin dropped the ball on the SOFTBALL Question of what do you read?

That was a giveaway question, meant to help her ease into things! For god's sake, what leader of the free world would find that a hard question to answer?


The woman had clearly JUST memorized the names of several world leaders, and was pronouncing them incorrectly or carefully. It was painfully obvious that she wasn't ready to have a REAL talk, so Katie softballed her, and what does she get for it?

They typical narcissistic response of throwing the helper under the bus because the narcissist can't own up to their own failings.

Anonymous said...

Van Flea... PLEASE sue Patrick and Regina.

We want to see Sarah in court under oath and having to prove she is the biological mom of Trig.

Bet you will not ever try to sue them.

Anonymous said...

Oprah was pre-taped, before the Schmidt and AP fact-checking came out.

of course.

Anonymous said...

Not a peep out of jesse this AM. Must be sleeping late after his big night. The price of glory.

Anonymous said...

Sarah.. you are a RETARD.

Make as much money as you can before they send you to jail.

SOMEONE with details on housegate please speak up!

Time for Sarah to get indited

Anonymous said...

Dd ya see this yet Patrick? She may have left Levi out of the book but looks like she attempts her high school girl revenge on Oprah.

Palin attacks Levi
So much for the high road.

This is a recognizable Palin move: She knows what she's supposed to say, says it, then dives into the fray anyway:

Asked by Oprah about Levi Johnston, Palin, R-Alaska, responded: "I don't think a national television show is the place to discuss some of things he'd been doing and saying."

She continued: "By the way, I don't know if we call him Levi -- I hear he goes by the name Ricky Hollywood now, so, if that's the case, we don't want to mess up this gig he's got going…. Kind of this aspiring, aspiring porn -- the things that he's doing. It's kind of heartbreaking."

Oprah clarified that Palin was referencing Johnston's decision to pose for "Playgirl."

Said Palin: "I call that porn, yes. So it's a bit heartbreaking to see the road that he's on right now."

The Ricky Hollywood thing, by the way, is a piece of Levi esoterica she seems to have picked up from a Daily Beast write who went shopping with him.

Another post up on Ben's blog too about her working in conjunction with C4P.

Anonymous said...

I'm home today, having work done on my house. I saw part of Oprah (taped it because I couldn't really pay attention). *shakes head* Total softball. I am so disappointed, but I don't know why I thought there might be anything of substance. I doubt that I'll go back and watch the tape. I'd rather spend my time here.

Anonymous said...

If Sarah did not choose to prepare for her interview with Katy, then the poor showing is Sarah's fault and no one else's. If she was so easily annoyed with a few questions about reading and geography, imagine how well Sarah would have handled the vice presidency.

I suggest that we all write to CBS and have them release the full interview, perhaps as part of Sixty Minutes this Sunday. Would serve as a good response to eight pages of unwarranted Katy bashing, and I am sure that they want to protect their image as professionals.

For Sarah to still be fighting that battle more than a year later shows how petty and immature she is. And, I hope that anyone who feels that the insults reach the level of libel take legal action against both Sarah (for writing it) and Harper Collins (for publishing it without legal vetting). They deserve everything thing that they get.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered the "porn" quote and was about to mention it here when I see 17:57 brought it up. Yes - that was another memorable zinger from Palin. I sure hope she will be consistent and call out her friend Carrie for the same thing. At least Levi was just posing with a hockey stick.

Another thing about criticism of Oprah playing "softball" - well - Piper and Willow were sitting there in the front row (when not on the couch) - Palin made sure Oprah couldn't get too tough, what with her prop children sitting there.

B from C

Anonymous said...

Lynn Vincent, Sarah Palin's Going Rogue ghostwriter, has interviewed Carrie Prejean. The first thing she tries to get out of the way is the -- one, ahem! -- greatest mistake of Carrie's life. Vincent then goes to considerable pains in to attack Andrew Sullivan.

Anonymous said...

I think CBS showed the parts of Sarah's interview that showed Sarah in the best light. Katy told Letterman that the worst wasn't shown.

The Smoke said...

Anon 18:04:

The difference is, Carrie now knows what she did was wrong, and has been forgiven. At least, that is what the right says.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oprah has no excuse for letting this crook have airtime and not confronting her with anything, regardless if they could fact check the book or not. She knows full well she was out on the campaign trail insinuating Obama was a terrorist, a muslim infiltrator and god knows what else. She sold out for ratings and I hope her fans call her on it.

Isn't Oprah the same woman that referred to being locked out of some fancy purse shop in Britain (because they had already closed) "the worst thing that's ever happened to her" or something like that. She wasn't able to purchase a $15k purse after hours and somehow that takes precedence over the boo hoo story she wants us to believe about her childhood?

When is she gonna fess up to being gay? She's as big a fraud as SP

Anonymous said...

Sarah evasive during Oprah's interview. Still no good answer why she quit.

Patrick said...

Anon 18:10

No derogatory comments about Piper, please! I have deleted your comment. Such comments just make us look bad.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the winks and smiles. Check whether she answers the questions. Count the number of times she squirms.

Anonymous said...

Sarah has given Oprah reason to have Levi on the show.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say something about why women dispise Ms. Palin. It is not jealousy. It is the fact that here is a mean, uninformed person portraying herself as a sweet, intelligent, do-it-all gal. That hurts. We who know her know that is as far from reality as it gets. Those of us that really are kind and struggling to get further up the ladder feel sold out and trampled on by this woman who is using the rest of us as rungs to get up that ladder. And the goal for her is popularity and to be the envy of all. The goal for us that work our butt's off in school and work to better ourselves, is to prove that it is about what you accomplish, not how you look. We are slipping back into a second class position again, and it is infuriating to see people worshipping this example of "today's woman". We've come a long way baby.

Anonymous said...

BooMan Takes Down Sarah Palin.

CC said...

Oh my! (@Daisydem) You are so sweet but the kudos go to Regina, Patrick and Kathleen for all their hard work. All I've done is post some thoughts now and then, hoping to add to the commentary and offering encouragement. I must say, though, the people commenting on this blog are very diligent in their research and genuinely care ... it is wonderful to be included in this group of people. Thanks again, to all of you.

And Daisydem, I will be joining you in that Champagne, at least virtually ... also, too. Let's hope it is soon!!


Lilybart said...

Katie has the job Miss Wasilla wanted. How do I know? I was Miss Brainerd, MN and I studied journalism and then theatre and I wanted to be Jane Pauly.

I understand this need for the spotlight, I admit it, but I can read and write complete sentences without any salad.

She is SO JEALOUS of Katie is just oozes. I am not jealous because I am not deluded that I should have her job.

Anonymous said...

ABC News: Palin Shirks Responsibility on Oprah.

Anonymous said...

Having resigned from her post as governor in July, Palin was asked by Winfrey what prompted her decision to leave office and whether it was a move calculated to pave the way for the 2012 presidential election.

"I resigned as governor of Alaska because I wasn't going to run for a second term," Palin said.

Asked why she didn't "finish what she started," Palin said, "Alaska was being hampered by my presence there."


Under what circumstances would she resign the Presidency, if elected?

Anonymous said...

18:06, I wish you were correct, but when Katie Couric was on Letterman, she said that they used all the footage shot. She was laughing at Dave about it - see link below. That being said, I don't believe it. We'll see.

Sarah "Wite-Out" Palin said...

Wite-Out and Sarah Palin are synonymous. The word does not only represent this one incident. It is what she does with most everything. You can add Dr."Wite-Out" Baldwin-Johnson since she stands by the worst letter in American history to survive the wrath of true historians.

Anonymous said...

I was not allowed to whine, even as a 2 year old. Sarah Palin's incessant whining is too much. I just read that ABC thing and I mean really....

is she not responsible for ANYTHING?

Lilybart, I know what you mean; my job is in the spotlight a bit, as well, and I was a professional model. The difference is that my parents taught me from day 1 that it was my character that determined my true beauty, and that I would not be allowed to get anything less than A's from school, because your brain is with you long after your exterior fades.

I abhor SP for how she has turned women into sexual objects who are worth nothing but a wink and librarian porn glasses.

With nothing to back up the attention she gets, she makes us all look like manipulative users, like her.

Some of us refused to skate on the gifts god gave us, and instead would like very much to be taken seriously as human beings with equal rights.

In fact, the right's obsession with her looks and the accusation that we're jealous is so sexist it proves my entire point.

I've never been jealous of a beautiful, smart woman. I have tons of friends who are drop dead gorgeous, smart as whips, and kind, honest souls. I admire them and am proud to be their friends.

They have never winked at me or my husband, and have never traded on their looks for substance. Nor have they lied about doing it all -- setting up an impossible and anti-feminist message. Nor do they let their husbands rule their jobs. Nor do they try to take away other women's rights.

See, for some of us, it's really about what we said it was about.

I wouldn't want anything of Sarah Palin's and her life as a third runner up in a state beauty contest is one I would find embarrassing, if I had not done anything else to be proud of.

The one thing I have to give her is her socialist agenda. She really did stick it to the oil companies with the tax and give it to the people. I find that hysterical.

If only she hadn't done that to win a popularity contest.

Anonymous said...

AHA. Type palin wite-out into the google search engine. Palingates is at the top!!! (thanks to you know who)

Anonymous said...

and ps, I know the Palin peolpe wont' believe this, but there are a lot of men who are not attracted to her. surprise surprise. many of my male friends call her dim bulb, and discuss her average looks being elevated and distorted from a desperate GOP.

I have to agree. She's cute looking, but not beautiful. The thing she has is charm. False charm, perhaps, but she does have it.

As far as her physical appearance, she's gotten a lot of help recently -- but before, she was a middle aged woman with a descending face and an ugly heart. I have no problem with the descending face- but the ugly heart colors her every move. Not very attractive.

From a "real american" woman in one of Sarah's "real american" towns

Anonymous said...

1858: Thanks for straightening me out. That was a great interview with Letterman. There is nothing else!!! Maybe Sarah Palin could criticize him for being "aroused" by her candidacy -- 1806

Anonymous said...


Funny you should say that. $arah Palin can't prove the shit she spews, either! She will be lucky if her book of lies doesn't get her own ass slapped with a lawsuit!

Anonymous said...

I am feeling sorry for Oprah. She took James Frey down when he lied in his "biographical" book. Now she is allowing Palin to walk all over her.
She'll look like total sucker bait if that is the case. Poor O.

Did anyone send her the video and revealing pictures of when she is thumping the Spongebob Squarepants pillow?

Anonymous said...

The Michigan Militia is part of a growing movement. Members say they are not enemies of the state -- but are prepared in case the state becomes the enemy. They call themselves patriots, but some observers call them extremists.


Something to watch for when Palin goes to Michigan. Video on front page of

Anonymous said...

The release of Dr. CBJ's medical disclosure for VP candidate Sarah Palin (did not?) reveal any miscarriages?
So why didn't she allow this info to come out back then?

Lilybart said...

I never hear cameras "click off" unless they are still cameras.

small point

Anonymous said...


Just saw this at Alkaskan Report. I know they've updated their page because they've added that new Going Ghost cartoon and the pics from the Presiden't visit, but this isn't what was there last week!!!!!!!

Rumor Central:
An Alaska politico's unmarried, and underaged, daughter is pregnant. Oh, and her mom's a "Family Values" Repub. To be continued...

Confusion Alert:
In Sarah Palin's new book she claims she's NOT divorcing Todd and her family is doing just fine. If that's true, why is Todd and Willow living in Palmer and why is Willow attending Colony High School in Palmer?

Anonymous said...

They just said on MSNBC that McCain has told his (former?) staffers to leave SP alone. That scumbag needs to go right down with her

Lilybart said...

It would be TOO GOOD if another Palin used abstinence instead of protection.

I would feel very badly for Willow but it would ease my pain over this woman being considered for anything other than small town mayor, but then they had to hire a city manager because she couldn't do that either.


Anonymous said...

McCain is hoping that Palin will fade into obscurity so that he will never be considered responsible for making her a national figure. To take her down, he would have to expose his poor judgement in choosing her.

"Wite-Out" Palin talks 'porn' said...

Wite-Out Palin on busy doing 'porn'. I have been loving seeing Levi grow on The Insider. Lara Spencer has taken a liking to him. The astroturfing armies of google bombers aren't slowing down and I hope Levi's publicitist is effectively countering their lies. Once the public sees his side without Wite-Out's jaundice eye it will be a new day.

* Has Mary Hart seen the Spongebob Squarepants video and photos?

That is one of my favs. It's a must see for anyone who wants to learn more about how Palin works the Wite-Out.

Is Sarah Palin’s New Book Fact Or Fiction?
Willow is a pretty girl. I do wish her the best.

Stay tuned for Palin's to tell why they chose The Candies Foundation Ambassadorship for Bristol. Gotta love the promotion and mixed messages to teens. And when does Bristol Palin and BFF Carrie Prejean start their tour?

Anonymous said...

In re: McInsane asking his former staff to lay off Quittypants...

I really doubt his former staffers give a rat's patoot what their shriveled up old loser of an ex-candidate wants. He is the blight on their resume and his disastrous Veep pick is trying to make them look even worse.

Not to mention that they are likely all working for, or looking to work for, her presumed 2012 opponents. There's not a reason in the world they wouldn't go ahead and let fly on XINO.

Walnuts needs to retire to one of his 13 houses, enjoy his "socialist" government-run Medicare and eat a daily bowl of fiberous STFU.

Anonymous said...

If the impotent non vetter McCain ever has to deal with reality his crimes will far out weigh what the likes of Sarah Palin and Dr. Baldwin-Johnson are doing.

McCain has been in the coverup business since early life. He always had family to bail him out. He marries a Mafia Princess and it only increased his shady clout with the underworld.

They blow up journalists, don't they? McCain's "family" sure does.
I think the man's name was Bolles. His death was attributed to Murder Inc. Cindy's Daddy went to prison for the organization and they set him up in the distributing business. All good Mafia retire to the good life and doing charity work. Poor Cindy was a good daughter but got hooked on the drugs she stole from the disadvantaged kids.

Lilybart said...

McCain staffers working for other candidates might "keep their powder dry" for when they need it. If she tries to run for the GOP nomination, they will unleash.

Noting like watching "Christians" fight dirty.

Anonymous said...

"Walnuts needs to retire to one of his 13 houses, enjoy his "socialist" government-run Medicare and eat a daily bowl of fiberous STFU."


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

Please consider writing to a few people and thanking them etc. I wrote Katie Couric and gave her support. I told her I had always been a fan of hers ( I do think she is so nice!) and asked her to please air any other Palin interviews. I also wrote Andrew Halcro and email and thanked him for speaking up about Sarah Palin and wished him luck in his senate race. I asked him to encourage other Alaskan Republicans and politicians to speak out. I asked him why don't they speak out about her. I told him why Sarah bothered me so much. To me, she represents everything wrong right now in our country The negativity, the anti - government rhetoric, the angry comments about President Obama. Even if she doesn't agree with him, there isn't one ounce of respect coming from her. You guys know!
David Frum also wrote a great article and I wrote and thanked him.

I know some of you are doing this too. I just wanted to let others know I think people appreciate it or I hope they do!

CNN is kind of roasting her now on TV. They are calling her book "gossipy" and new polls show only 28% of Americans think she is qualified to be president. 67% think Hilary Clinton is. My question is what is wrong with this 28%? It is very frightening to me. They are picking a candidate based on lies really. They think she is religious and anti-choice like them. Frightening. Are we afraid of her? YES, because she is not competent and she lies and she is not a leader!

Anonymous said...

McCain is still alive and kicking?


And anyone listens to what he has to say?


Sarah knew enough not to trash him, that's why.

Keating 5r steals ur $ said...

@ 16 November 2009 20:26

I want to believe you are right on about the former staffers, or may they never work again plus lose all medical and benefits. I detest that loathsome idiot McCain after seeing him in Senate videos where he did his temper freak out on a woman who wanted to know about her POW loved one. He turned on his own MIA/POW brothers. What a creep. He treats women like old bags. Calling #2 wife a "c*nt." I was sick to see Nancy Reagan give into her party loyalty and support his farce. She hated him for how he treated #1 wife and children. She must detest him more for bringing us the Palin that says Ronald Reagan every other breath. Not that I mind Reagan getting the Palin curse. The only good to come from McCain's life is that he is a major part of exposing the GOP for what they have become. When his true to life legacy is written he will be special to making the Republicans as impotent as he is. They need a health care bill with Viagra for all but they cut women's rights. No choice for women, just old white dude rules. They can't sell their own bull so they use a first class liar and protect her no matter what. They feed and thrive on lies and screwing up the world for future generations.

Former staffers of GOP losers, GO BALLS AHEAD. Save you names and give us the truth. End your lives as lying scum and co-conspirators.

Anonymous said...

There's just no way she will run for the GOP nomination. She couldn't handle the pressure of trying to run this state with only a half million people in it. Many of which receive no newspapers or television broadcasts and many that receive them don't bother to read or watch. She was virtually unknown to most up here outside of Wasilla before the VP nod.

In July I started walking around with my "Dude where's my Governor" tshirt on up here, and for weeks people were asking me what that was about. They had no idea she had resigned.

When MSNBC went out to Diomede, to set up a live TV feed from the only spot on Alaskan soil you can actually see (another island) Russian soil, the Mayor wanted to know why they were there. He had to be informed by the reporter that SP had been tapped for VP.

I hate to say it, but I think it's pretty clear Alaska has the largest percentage of what they call "low information voters" and people who just plain don't give a damn of anywhere in the country. I experience this incredible lack of interest and lack of knowledge towards anything political from a large majority of Alaskans daily.

That won't be the case if she tries to spew her BS on a national level. The statement she made to Andrew Halcro on the campaign trail about how impressed she was that he knew all sorts of facts and figures, but none of that really matters, proves she believes everyone is really stupid. She used that to her advantage but that BS won't play on a national scale where people pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Sarah's bus trip is beginning to look like a traveling medicine and salvation show. She has to keep the rubes' dollars flowing her way.

Anonymous said...

Re McCain telling his staff to lighten up on Sarah: the more they tell the world what she's like, the worse he looks. And he looks bad enough already- every time Sarah opens her mouth, they both look worse.


Anonymous said...

Cenk just said what someone here (who works in media) said. Nicole Wallace explained that they sat Palin down with Couric because it would be a softball, since Palin could NOT handle a press release.

Anonymous said...

oops, I meant a press conference.

sandra said...

What if every fifth person in the book signing lines let SP know that their copies were going to be "gag" gifts for Christmas. (And those would be the kinder remarks.)

Wilma Flatstone said...

"CNN is kind of roasting her now on TV. They are calling her book "gossipy" and new polls show only 28% of Americans think she is qualified to be president. 67% think Hilary Clinton is. My question is what is wrong with this 28%? It is very frightening to me. They are picking a candidate based on lies really."

I know it sounds nutty, but some of the 28% are people who honestly believe that God sent Sarah to save the USA. Therefore, any criticism of Sarah is either vicious lies from "Godless liberals", or direct attacks by Satan.

If you can stomach it, Sarah's Facebook page is very educational about their mindset!

Helen said...

I just read the message to Jesse and have to laugh so hard - Jesse, is Palingates your inbox for messages now? Are you so very comfy here - can we get you your pipe and slippers too? After all you did a lot of hard work over the weekend and we want you fresh and rested this week!

Understandably it is more fun to hang around here where the truth is simmering on the stove, rather than at those cold hermetically sealed, dank caves that pass these days for conservative tubes and webs. And of course you get the claps and cheers here. Girls even talk to ya. Watch out though, your cronies are going to start whispering that you've "gone native" pretty soon.

WV - dumers - nah, too easy.

Reesie said...

Sarah just tried to lie to Oprah about when Pres. Obama stated that kids are off limits and Oprah wouldn't let her get away with it.

Anonymous said...

"here where the truth is simmering on the stove"

Nice image for a grey day.

Anonymous said...

Reesie, what did Oprah say? That lie of Palin's has always bothered me! I was working for Obama then and he even called all of our offices to tell us that Palin's kids and Palin in general were OFF limits!

It was a BIG deal. We were all told that if we were found saying anything about her or her kids that wasn't policy related, we would be done.

I respected him so much for that. Good leadership! And then she used it, spun it to feel sorry for herself, and pretended he had said it about his own kids - while she went around increasing death threats to his kids.

Oh, that woman really galls me.

Anonymous said...

For those of you, like me, that refuse to subject yourself to an entire hour of the creepiness (aka SP) on Oprah today, Andrew Sullivan is live-blogging the show right now :)

And with nice commentary :)

Anonymous said...

ANON 21:30- You are so right about most Alaskans, I lived there for 50 years, most only pay attention when something effects them personally, which is usually city gov. not state gov. Most could care less about national gov or news, they live in there own little world and don't like outsiders interfering in their lives. That is the main reason she got so far in Alaska politics, pretty and a lot of BS.

Well Sarah honey, you ain't in Alaska anymore so quit the BS!! Pretty doesn't get you very far on the national seen unless you have the brains to go with it, Fox might work out for you though or maybe a reality show.

Reesie said...

@anon 22:19. Oprah said that you know he was actually talking about your family and you should have seen Sarah squirm. She finally admitted that, oh yeah, I thought that was very nice of him. (something like that).

When Sarah first started repeating that lie, I could have screamed but Oprah handled that well.

Anonymous said...

Reesie! No! She finally had to admit it! OMG- Happy Day for me! I'll be saving that bit for posterity! Whining Liar! Finally had to admit the truth.

and she knew it all along.

How does her base reconcile that with how she presented it?

Oh, right. They don't care one fig about the truth or honor. Nor would they recognize it if it hit them on the head.

GO Oprah! Thanks, Reesie. You made my day.

Anonymous said...


For all the new traffic that Jesse and the C4P complainers have brought here isnt it funny that still no one is talking about babygate. Its not really funny, its more sad than funny.

What do you have to do to get your message out?!? Tattoo it on your foreheads.

Boy you guys give me the giggles.

My favorite response to the trolls here. "They must be running scared now" That one makes me crack up the most.

Do you not see how they are laughing at you?

ginny said...

$P lying about Obama's "Families off-limits" statement has always burned my a$$ too! Ugghh! Well, at least O called her out on one lie! Maybe not a big one, but some people might start to see that where there's smoke, there's fire!

Anonymous said...

@16 November 2009 22:32

How do you know no one is talking about babygate? Do you know anyone that matters?

Anonymous said...

anon 22:32

Please show me where you see "babygate" anywhere in the title of this thread. You can read PLENTY about babygate in any of the threads that are on that topic. Go back to your bubble and wait for the armageddon. I hope you happen to live in Alaska when it comes, or are planning to move here. Because that's where the chosen few will be assembling.. You betcha'

Anonymous said...

@22:32 - Laughter is the trickster's medicine. I hope everyone is laughing. I'll tell you who is getting the most laughs at the moment across the nation: Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

There are two words that describe Sarah Palin: Pious fraud. Now self-exposed in her own book and on national TV.

Anonymous said...

@16 November 2009 22:32

Yes, and yet you all just can't stop hanging out here, monitoring what we say and when we say it and then trying to convince us that we're wrong.

And you know what else? The idea of YOU laughing at US and thinking we would be upset by that is a PATHETIC joke.

Let me run down the statistics on the typical Palin fan:

white supremacist

Now, I LOVE my country, DO NOT MIND paying taxes for the privilege of living in a democracy, do NOT want to see my country torn apart, and I believe in the founding principles of this country;. that all men (and women) were created EQUAL.

Therefore, I would NEVER want to be associated with any of the above.

I have also seen plenty of video of your typical Palin fan; yelling out violent, hideous, uncivilized things. Wearing hideously racist T-shirts. Carrying monkeys to make fun of black people. Etc.


That is all. And if you had any grace at all, you would be ASHAMED.

Anonymous said...

"ginny said...

$P lying about Obama's "Families off-limits" statement has always burned my a$$ too! Ugghh! Well, at least O called her out on one lie! Maybe not a big one, but some people might start to see that where there's smoke, there's fire!"

Cross your fingers that when Palin gets back with her fans, she starts calling Oprah a liar. I don't think Oprah would let that pass without comment!

Patrick said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 22:32

The only troll laughter her is self-conscious and nervous, sort of like Palin's high pitched giggles on Oprah today.

Leadfoot said...

"The truth is simmering on the stove..."

I love that so much, I just made it my Facebook status. I hope you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

Next her facebook fingers will be flying that she only did the show because she was told that Oprah had low self esteem and that SP, (always the giver of warm fuzzies) simply felt sorry for her. She'll spew that she NEVER would have done the show if she knew Oprah was going to talk about (gasp) Obama, and toss her all those trick questions. We all know Sarah would rather stick to the more.. ahem.. substantive issues

Anonymous said...

"""To Jesse Cornish,

Cause I know you will show up here sometime today.

Stop worrying about these guys here. They have never been able to prove anything. They like to think they know what is the truth, but they dont.

There is no proof out there. It either doesn't exist or has been destroyed. And only a handful of people who will never tell really know what happended in that room.

Palin knows it, that is why she is so comfortable writing what she did in her book, on the record for all to see. She knows no matter how much fun the bloggers have with disecting her book, they will never be able to prove babygate. Never.

She is not worried about it and niether should you be. You will not convince these people, its futile to try. Just leve them to their nonsense. It makes them happy and fills thier days with something that makes them feel like they have a purpose. Why would want to take that from them. They will have it until the day they die, because they will never get what they seek.

Babygate will never be exposed no matter how many times they tease that it will. Let me repeat, they do not have proof or evidence at all. Hearsay and anonymous "sources" will not cut it. The people that know will never never never tell them.

So leave them alone, it keeps them busy with something useless, so they dont put their energy towards something that will actually produce a result.

Rest easy Jesse, and dont get your panties in wad. Babygate is never going to come out. Let them pretend they know what they are doing."""

There is nothing to worry about because no such scandal exists. Do not presume to know my true intentions. My reasons for being here are my own. And that time is coming to a close.

Anonymous said...

oh my ..
An "annoying" reporter is still itching her skin an entire year later

That is simply pathetic

Now this is the kind of "strong" leader people want?

Good lawd.. people are so dumb

Little ole' Katie Couric dominates her book... she still gets twitchy about it.. woooh! What a lady! She's my hero! She should be the person representing the U.S.

geeshas lewisas..
EVEN if her version is true

Once again, Palin manages to look pathetic no matter which way the story is spun

NOOO the real reason she didn't like the Katie interview was she thought she would get to ramble (with Katie in awe) about being a working mother.

Katie was interviewing a potential VP so could careless how Palin "mothers" and "works" at the same time

Palin couldn't resort to licking her slimy lips and showing a little pointy knee action to regain control of things

She was not in control of this interview.. SHE was the one suffering from low self esteem..

She is the epitome of why women have not been able to hold places in power for so long.. because they crumble and are too emotional.

I find Hillary a bit snarky for my tastes but at least the woman has some sort of backbone and sense of self confidence

Palin is a joke.. bring 'er down already! :D let all the many shoes in her skeleton filled closet drop already! :D
God help us all....

wv: redden :D .. Palin will be "red in the face" soon, I hope!

wv = my word verification for those that keep asking (took me forever to figure it out so don't feel bad)

leu2500 said...

anon @18:56: Finally, an honest answer from Sarah. How did that slip out????

Anonymous said...

My reasons for being here are my own. And that time is coming to a close. -JC


emrysa said...

"personally, I would choose life."

and you would FORCE others to "choose life" if you had the ability to do so.

how sick is it to force a woman to look at a child every day of her life and see her rapist? what a sick, sick woman.

emrysa said...

anon @ 17:35 -

I agree. katie was very easy on her and it did seem that she was trying to help her. it infuriated me at the time, of course, because it was bs on katies part to be so "easy" with someone who could have potentially been the vp or p of the us. I was really pissed that katie wasn't asking her some tough questions.

amazing that sarah can't even see how easy katie was on her. she's so f-ing twisted.

emrysa said...

"I really doubt his former staffers give a rat's patoot what their shriveled up old loser of an ex-candidate wants. He is the blight on their resume and his disastrous Veep pick is trying to make them look even worse."

what you say makes good sense - but politics is not about good sense.

when I first heard about palin slamming the mccain camp, I thought "great! now these people are going to tell what they know." but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they won't. because it makes THEM look just as bad for trying to get this fraud elected. I think they will speak up in cases where there are emails to contradict what she's saying, but I don't think they will go beyond that. I hope I am wrong - they all need to play their hands right now, imo.

emrysa said...

"My question is what is wrong with this 28%? It is very frightening to me. "

accept it; it will make things easier for you if you don't allow yourself to get frustrated about it. I say this as someone who used to make a living as an activist, and would get very depressed about the state of affairs here. 30% of the people in this country are worthless. it's scary, but just be grateful the number isn't higher.

yeah how's that for jaded? it helps me survive.

emrysa said...

"Do not presume to know my true intentions. My reasons for being here are my own. And that time is coming to a close."

lemme guess.

researching a book? gonna fill it with all kinds of bs like sarah did? yeah I can just see that. won't be much "out-of-context-gotcha" there, huh? pffft.

emrysa said...

jesse's book forward:

"I am writing this book because I believe that a pregnant woman's water can break, she can then get on a plane and fly from one end of the country to another, then drive another 1.5 hours before she gives birth. I know it's possible that after all this, she can deliver her 5th baby - 29.5 hours after her water breaks. and I don't like it when people claim that it can't be done."

bwaaaahhahaa, look forward to the leeching exhibition - I mean book!

Anonymous said...

"""My reasons for being here are my own. And that time is coming to a close. -JC

Promise? """

I always keep my promises.

CR46 said...

Here’s the exact Amazon listing info:
Product Details
Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins; 1st edition (November 17, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0061939897
ISBN-13: 978-0061939891
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6 x 1.7 inches
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

The released book only has 419 pages...were the missing pages about Levi?

Joe Christmas said...

re: Katie Couric Interviews
If all the things Spalin says about Katie were true, why did she have to come back 2-3 days later on FoxHole News with these pap, spoon-fed answers to softball questions that she easily could have given to Katie initially. The reason she couldn't was not because she was "flippant", but because she was vacuous and then vain.
She is a fraud and a quitter.

Archivist said...

I'm thinking, if there ARE missing pages, and they ARE about Levi, somebody at Harper COllins has got themselves a nice little 401K plan there!

How much would THOSE be worth??