Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Levi Johnston Blues - Sung by Ben Folds, Lyrics by Nick Hornby

We have a nice fun post for you today before we move on to more serious matters - Kathleen just discovered on youtube the "Levi Johnston Blues", sung by US singer Ben Folds, and the lyrics have been written by no-one else other than UK writer Nick Hornby ("HighFidelity", "Fever Pitch")!

Here is the video - there is also a live version available on youtube:

Here are the lyrics - will Levi get any royalties?

"Woke up this morning, what do I see?
Three thousand cameras, pointing at me,
Dude says, You Levi?, I'm like, Yes, that's me sir,
Well, you've knocked up the VP nominee's daughter

So I tell him, No, you got it wrong, mister,
Already with a girl, and her name's Bristol
They all laugh and say, where you been, sonny?
Your mother-in-law's a heartbeat from the presidency

I say, Mother-in-law? No, we ain't getting married
They say you will be soon, boy, she just announced it
I get on my dirt-bike, ride to my girl's home
I'm gonna lay down the law, tell her what's going on

I'm a fuckin' redneck, I live to hang out with the boys
Play some hockey, do some fishing, kill some moose
I like to shoot the shit and do some chillin', I guess
Ya fuck with me and I'll kick your ass

So we talk and it turns out we don't believe in abortion
And sex outside marriage is against our religion
And when I try to tell them I'm eighteen years old
They say Levi, it's too late, you gotta do as you're told

I'm a fuckin' redneck, I live to hang out with the boys
Get on my snowboard, do some fishing, kill some moose
I like to shoot the shit and do some chillin', I guess
Ya fuck with me and I'll kick your ass"

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Anonymous said...

Hi, fyi, Ben Folds is an American, not a UK singer.

Anonymous said...

Ben Folds is from North Carolina.

Patrick said...

Sorry! That was a typo, just corrected it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great fun find of Ben Folds. Thanks, Kathleen and Patrick!

wayofpeace said...

FYI FRANK RICH's NYT column takes on PALIN, says she is channeling STALIN:

"The battle for upstate New York confirms just how swiftly the right has devolved into a wacky, paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy Obama.

"The movement’s undisputed leaders, Palin and Beck, neither of whom has what Palin once called the “actual responsibilities” of public office, would gladly see the Republican Party die on the cross of right-wing ideological purity.

"Over the short term, at least, their wish could come true."


"The more rightists who win G.O.P. primaries, the greater the Democrats’ prospects next year. But the electoral math is less interesting than the pathology of this movement.

"Its antecedent can be found in the early 1960s, when radical-right hysteria carried some of the same traits we’re seeing now: seething rage, fear of minorities, maniacal contempt for government, and a Freudian tendency to mimic the excesses of political foes.

"Writing in 1964 of that era’s equivalent to today’s tea party cells, the historian Richard Hofstadter observed that the John Birch Society’s “ruthless prosecution” of its own ideological war often mimicked the tactics of its Communist enemies."

Anonymous said...

i've been following this baby drama for months now and wholly agree that sp was not pregnant.

it's interesting that this song seems to be in sync with something i was thinking about recently. if t1 is supposed to be levi's son, why would he post on his fb (was it pre-t2) that he didn't want any F****** children? maybe t1 is not his?? am i remembering this correctly?

Anonymous said...

WayOfPeace, Yes it's soviet-style with her facebook policy pronouncements. No quesions. No discussion. Very dictatorial. The Russians decided that didn't work so well and went a different direction, but $P wants to take us back to soviet-style.

snowbilly said...

Levi is becoming a folk hero and celebrity. He should grab onto it. It could give him a better income than he would get otherwise. It will get him out of Alaska more, so he can meet a lot of different people.

snowbilly said...

"Any publicity is good publicity." - Madonna

Anonymous said...

the reason the right tries to get the elft to distance themselves from Hollywood's liberal allegiance is because the way to change a culture is through what's most dominant in that culture.

Our movies, celebs, music culture dominates here.

A song for Levi is HUGE.

The tide has turned, and left the whining righties clinging to their manufactured boats of hypocrisy on the shores of their bankrupt ideas.

Anonymous said...

If anyone saw the Levi Johnston discussion on Geraldo at Large last night he had Ann Coulter and Kirsten Powers (alleged "fair and balanced") talk about both Levi and Sarah.
It was bs, but does that matter to media?

When they talk about Palin and the New York23 campaign they leave the impression that Palin was in the area helping the Hoffman campaigh.

Ann Coulter is worked up over Levi. Her main message is PAY NO ATTENTION TO HIM OR HIS STORY. Coulter complains about the lack of fact checking on the lies, she says easy to disprove Levi lies. The message is to black list him, DO NOT REPORT ON A LIAR. Why? He is bad mouthing his almost mother in law.

“I think it does not tell us anything about Sarah Palin,” said Ann Coulter on Fox with Geraldo, arguing that Johnston is no longer newsworthy because he has nothing valuable to reveal about Palin. “She moved her daughter to another school to keep her away from this white trash idiot.”
Geraldo punctuated Coulter’s white trash remark by mentioning that “his mom is now in jail [for] selling Oxycontin.”
Coulter explains how Sarah does cook, and about Levi living at the house.
VIDEO: Ann Coulter & Geraldo Rivera Go After Levi Johnston

Most of all Coulter wants no one to do a story on Levi. Kill his career, destroy his income, because he is a "white trash idiot" and it is all unchecked lies. No one fact checks Levi.
Geraldo and Ann Coulter Stick Up For Sarah Palin; Levi Johnston Milks Spotlight
Mediaite leads with this story November 1, 2009.

You remember Mediaite... from the Huffington Post article that mentioned babygate? I think Patrick did a post on that?

Their meme on Levi is all over the internet today.

Patrick said...

Hi Anon 1836

Thanks a lot for your great comment! Very good links! Keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon. @15:57--Levi said in an early TV interview that his real MySpace was deleted by the campaign people who deleted Bristol's MySpace and comments on lots of friends' MySpace pages. Many pictures of Sarah from the State of Alaska website during the period she was supposedly pregnant were scrubbed from the internet also.

(Remember Sherry and Mercede said that all their pictures were stored on their computer and they were all taken or deleted.)

Levi said that the shell of a MySpace page that was left open was set up by his friends way earlier. He said they set it up as a joke on him.

Of course, I'm not vouching for the veracity of these statements. I'm passing on what Levi said in an early TV interview.


Anonymous said...

“She moved her daughter to another school to keep her away from this white trash idiot.”

? ? ? ? ? ?