Monday, 11 May 2009

Best photo of Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig!

Tongue firmly in cheek, here we go:

The picture on the right is definitely the best photo of Sarah's "pregnancy" with Trig...

It is much clearer than the previous one, a still from Elan Frank's video, still on a Sponge Bob SquarePants:

As a visual gag on Sarah's pregnancy, the SpongeBob picture was a real find!

More photos of artistically enhanced baby bumps, Daily Mail.


CC from far away said...


I am so happy you are working so hard for the benefit of all of us! It is truly inspirational, thank you!

I cannot fathom how any person in their right mind would see this photo of La Palin and NOT think it is a pillow or some other square object...

But then again ... we've been privy to some of their written thoughts on the various delusional-sarah-sites. Sigh!!!

Anonymous said...

That is not a baby under that shirt. Could it be any more obvious?

I worry about her children. Using them for political purposes is immoral and if the truth comes out that she is indeed not Trigs mother, her base will still support her and make excuses. They will say she was only protecting her daughter. Well, a really protective mother would not use her grandchild in commercials for special olympics to further her political agenda nor shove her daughter into the abstinence limelight. This is not loving parenting.

FEDUP!!! said...

Yup. Greta find of that spongebob pic, since we had dubbed SPs belly that name when we first saw that pic!

LOL about the pics in the link! My massage therapists partner was expecting twins some time after Easter 5 years ago, and they painted her HUUUUGE belly like an Easter egg!

crystalwolf aka califgrl said...

From the sound of Gryphens blog today sounds like some people of Wasilla are gettin' ready to speak out! Its only a matter of time before the truth gets out.
Especially if people (who might of been her supporters) are thinkin' what a crappy job she's been doing as gov and heaven forbid she run for POTUS!

Oh...and if anyone has a google blogger account go to c4p and tell RAM that GINO calls Andree the "falfel Lady"?
She's defending "her heritage" (and Andree's)But I would say GINO calling Andree that...especially since she damn well knows her name is a ethnic slam. Wonder how RAM will spin that?
I don't have a google blog account.

Lilybart said...

Is being called the "falafel Lady" better or worse than when she said, after the DEM primary, "So, Sambo beat the bitch?"

crystalwolf aka califgrl said...

Sambo beat the bitch is racist, but what I'm referring to is a c4p'r here!
Although she calls Andree a anklebiter...she is mad some guy is making reference to Lebanese women.
Please go there and read before making judgment. I'm not saying this is worse than that. I'm only asking that someone point it out to RAM.

regina said...

Crystalwolf anf Lilybart,

I left a comment for RAM and she thanked me and said she already knew about it.

Sarah Palin could bomb Beirut tomorrow but RAM would still love her...


crystalwolf aka califgrl said...

Thank you Regina, I just saw your post, Awesome, but of course she can't spin it, b/c its the truth.
Yes and I think GINO could bomb Beruit and they would still love her?
All she could say was "thanks I already knew that"????
Thanks Regina! Your the very Best! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you again Reg!

That is one of my favorite pictures of the 'pregnant' gov.

Anonymous said...

RAM condones Palin's racism, even towards Arab-Americans although RAM is one. Interesting... So RAM's love of SP involves self-hatred. Well, it would have to, wouldn't it?

As an American female, I find that outrageous.

Anonymous said...

The "pro-lifers" put the fetus and unborn before everything. After a baby is born you can drug them into a coma and risk an overdose. As long as a child is in utero they are numero uno.

RAM? The name is Arabic origin but I think RAM is a all Catholic.

the problem child said...

A large, large number of Lebanese people are Christians of one kind or another (Maronite is the largest sect, I believe).