Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sarah Palin dissed

Sarah Palin was disinvited to speak or appear on stage at Wasilla High graduation. I couldn't find the story on any of the news websites. The only account of it was posted on Sarah Palin's fan club site, C4P, but I'm not going to link to them. Bristol is among the new graduates.

The author of the post says that the fact that Bristol is graduating shouldn't be given as a reason, that there isn't a conflict of interest, because Sarah Palin spoke, handed out diplomas and shook hands with the graduates at the same school two years ago, when Track was one of them.

Some of her fans think Sarah is having an evening off from all the hard work of governing Alaska, others are outraged.

The author blames the disinvitation on a conspiracy from the White House.

I don't know if Sarah Palin was invited, accepted and then disinvited, or any reasons for it.

What I do know is that President Obama has more important things to worry about. Who speaks at Bristol's graduation in Wasilla is not one of those things...

Picture: Sarah Palin is the one standing on the far left.



get real said...

"...blames the disinvitation on a conspiracy from the White House."

And the Palinbots think that we're nuts!

I'm just saying...... said...

Is that photo from Wasilla High or the Governor's staff, Dept of Law, ethics committee?

Dianne said...

Hey!! Here I thought we were the only tin foil hat wearing community.

The Yellow Porcupine said...

I suspect it was her overt support for Carrie Prejean, Miss California that got her disinvited.

Lisabeth said...

I can't even read that c4p site. I am laughing and crying at the same time because it is SO nuts, really insane, that people seriously think the president of the US is behind Sarah Palin being disinvited from a high school!!!! Are they paranoid or stupid!! I bet the think David Axelrod actually called the principal!!! If I were Sarah, I would not want crazies saying things like this. It makes her followers look like a bunch of irrational dumb hicks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Wasilla graduates didn't WANT her speaking.

Anonymous said...

I believe her failure to comprehend and speak Englilsh coherently was the reason...

After all, her literacy failure does not reflect well upon her graduating high school.

Oh, and I heard it was the Sceintologists who "disinvited" her; they want her to work on achieving Thetan level by 2010, and they know she doesn't study well, so they don't want her distracted. LOL. She's crazy and her minions are barbaric illiterates of the most unwashed and unkempt sort.

Anonymous said...

Her speaking there would be just too disruptive, everyone looking at Bristol and whispering about her children. What a high school role model she is. There is probably a contingent at school that thinks Bristol is a hypocrite and liar for her new stand on abstinence when she used to be the school party girl. And her on the outs baby daddy is a high school dropout. What the hell would Sarah be able to say that wouldn't sound like she was just full of moose doo.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! And of course C4Pbrains think Obama is behind it....Sooooo delusional. Shows you just how paranoid they are. As if ANYONE on Obama's staff gives her a second glance.

Heck, the GOP doesn't even give Palin a second glance!

Well, maybe Romney, Huckabee, Romney and Pawlenty are giving her a second glance for opposition research, but that's about it.

KaJo said...

I honestly think that the school administration had been watching all the news reports about the invitations to attend various GOP functions that Gov. Palin ignored, tardily respond to, or had staff misinform the invitors; then read reports of her accepting at the last minute.

Or vice versa.

They probably didn't want to be another Gov. Palin bait-and-switch victim -- and the final capper was probably somebody on the school board who'd gone to school with Gov. Palin and had some "mean girl" stories to tell about her.

KaJo said...

Oh, one alternative scenario:

She asked

1) that Piper be allowed to hand out the graduation diplomas.

2) that the school provide Teleprompters.

3) that she wanted to give the speech that McCain wouldn't let her give at the concession ceremony last November.

...and of course, the school refused.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

How the Sam Hill can Bristol be graduating????

Does Wasilla High give out Home Ec credits for diaper-changing?

KaJo said...

I can't believe one of the C4P nitwits actually posted the telephone number of the school in an attempt to start up one of those Palinista orchestrated attempts to bully.

One of the mods jumped in and said "no, don't!!" and the telephone number post was removed. Now they're saying they're the only blog talking about this.

Not for long, you C4P nitwits!

midnightcajun said...

This is so weird. It's almost like she's gone into hiding or something, except for her Indiana appearance. Do you think she's having a breakdown? She looked terrible in the video of her tour of Eagle.

Seriously, I think the Wasilla High School Admin are all too scared to disinvite her. I suspect she backed out.

And yes, the C4Pers definitely have a faint grip on reality.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get this Wasilla High School flap info to Olbermann and Maddow STAT!

happy endings said...

Whatever it's all about here is some good news for Sarah
the family is looking better

Anonymous said...

They told her if she didn't speak at the ceremony, they would let Bristol graduate.

happy endings said...

The Palins have every reason to make nice with the Johnstons.
2) Please notice the marked change of tone coming from the Johnstons now that this book deal has been announced.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone follow GINO's twetter account? Maybe she will post her version of events.

One of the comments on cee4pee was that the school administration was not happy with GINO initial turn down of the stimulus money for education. Karma bites back. Or maybe someone remembers the time she "didn't" fire a librarian or ban books. She's thrown so many people under the bus, the bodies are piling up.

crystalwolf akm caligrl said...

I don't believe the story until I hear it from a credible source not c4p.
They lied about the "lemonade stand" and then GINO had Piper set one up on Sun.
Pandering to her dwindling base.
I don't even believe Bristol is actually graduating! Like when did she go to school? She been going to WHS to hang out with a "Swim coach" not school.

Helen said...

Great catch regi, C4p is a gold mine of "strange but true" horror stories about their Joan of the Arctic- (their phrase not mine). Truly a group that is increasingly unhinged. And Obama made me say it.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

From ADN:
Is Wasilla High refusing to let the governor speak at her daughter’s graduation?

Posted by Alaska_Politics

Posted: May 14, 2009 - 4:13 pm

Comments (3) | Recommend (0)

From Sean Cockerham in Anchorage –

The blog Conservatives4Palin is claiming that Wasilla High School disinvited Gov. Sarah Palin from speaking tonight at the graduation ceremony that includes her own daughter, Bristol.

ADN Mat-Su reporter Rindi White called the principal of Wasilla High School, Dwight Probasco, and he didn’t want to talk about it.

“I was not prepared for this call. I’m not ready to give a statement,” he said.
From Stapletonge:
I asked Palin family spokesperson Meg Stapleton if the Conservatives4Palin post is true. Here's Stapleton's full answer in an email back:

"At the end of the day, the Governor is excited to sit back and enjoy this graduation with no pressure on the stage and in the spotlight. She will relish the moment with the family."

She was dissed!!!!!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Update @ ADN:

looks like she was asked in the first place! c4p spin!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

wasn't asked! sorry

Lisabeth said...

Off topic but I have a hard time believing the people and momlogic stories. I bet the Johnstons are just saying all is ok until after Sherrie's trial. Just a guest.

I started my letters with Reginas talking point and will finish and send tomorrow. I hope everyone does it. A lot of letters will get noticed.

Anonymous said...

people and momlogic stories are PR.

The Johnstons are playing along, as long as that is what they do Sarah Palin is the puppetmaster. What they agree on is that neither wants to go to court. After May 18 we will see what or if it changes.

I wonder if Tripp looks drugged to Sherry Johnston in the 6 minute of Tripp video. If she is part of a generational problem, she won't notice. She needs to know others question his well being.
Mothers who drug their babies on flights
Our family expert found that sedating her son on a long haul flight was not such a good idea after all. But she's not alone

We are a nation of addictions. Drugging babies is underreported, it happens more than anyone wants to acknowledge.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, well, well... So, WHEN did Bristol go to school, and what subject(s) did she take? I thought with x# of absences/year, you have to repeat the class(es). From all I know, she was more absent than present (except for at the pool and the pool locker room, that is...)

palinoscopy said...

No, but seriously, how the hell would BP be graduating? She's popped out, like possibly two kids, and has definitely attended school as much as that schedule of baby making would allow. From whence do these credits spring? The girl simply hasn't been in school much... Do tell...

Anonymous said...

Bristol Palin Talks to Eddie Burke
Baby is taking a nap right now. He's awesome. Kids don't have sex.

c4p: Congratulations, Bristol! UPDATE: Bristol on the Eddie Burke Show Today

Ratfish said...

1. Palin apparently was never invited/ This is just Meg Stapleton trying to win her sympathy for being a victim once again.

2. School districts have different rules, but most do not let a person who has been absent from school, for 1-2 years walk with their class. Even if Bristol had received her credits, it would have been through correspondence, an alternative high school etc.

I don't know what Mat-Su SD's policy is, but someone should at least ask:

Did Bristol get special treatment?

Does Levi get treated the same way?

Anonymous said...

@happy endings, are you part of a PR team? I see you posting the same links everywhere.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Evidently happy endings wants a happy ending to the SP saga. There is abundant evidence that this will NOT happen. And I'm sorry about that; her children will be the ones to live with the semi-upbringing.

And I still don't get how BP POSSIBLY can be graduating from high school. Even if her baby was drugged up enough for her to complete those "correspondence courses" that have been mentioned occasionally, or if--in one of the most horrific of all Palin phrases--she gets her "education behind [her]," how? HOW can someone who doesn't appear to have attended much school since early in her junior year graduate?

And yes, I know her mother is GINO...

FEDUP!!! said...

I guess she MUST have gotten special consideration. How else can someone who misses so much school days get to graduate with the class - I believe everywhere else, she might have 'graduated' if she fulfilled the course work, but would not have been allowed to 'walk' at graduation.

Any rumblings about this amongst the Wassilla High students/parents?

wv: uffer (suffer?)