Monday, 11 May 2009

Can you spot something strange?

These photos were taken on June 30, 2008.

Is seven year old Piper sucking on a pacifier?

In contrast, we see photos or videos of Trig and Tripp out cold, but no pacifiers...

Something doesn't seem right.

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womanwithsardinecan said...

Nothing about that family and their children seems right to me. Is piper sucking on her OWN pacifier at that age, or did she borrow Trig's (ewww, gross, germs!)?

sandra said...

It is very common for mothers to suck on their baby's pacifiers to clean them after they have been in contact with another surface (e.g., the floor). It's not a good practice for the mom or the baby, but it is done. It is similar to Piper licking her hand to smooth the baby's hair.

I wouldn't make anything of this. It is a cultural practice.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Piper a bit old for pacifiers? In public?


midnightcajun said...

Piper is probably feeling threatened by all those babies in her house. She's been through a lot these past nine months. I wouldn't be surprised if she's sucking on a pacifier, looking for some babying and attention herself.

And yes, the Palins obviously drug their babies. Babies are liable to start screaming at any moment. It's why they are not normally dragged up on stage and on TV, because you never know what they're going to do--spit up, have a runny bowel movement that gets all over you, yell their heads off inconsolably. The only way to keep them quiet and compliant enough to safely use the way the Palin women use them is to drug them.

Every time I hear one of the Palinistas gushing about what a good mother Sarah is I could scream. Trig was drugged so much those two months of the campaign it must have set him back badly--and he had enough to deal with already. And now here we have Tripp, "out cold." Babies sleep more stiffly when drugged. That kid is zonked.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

midnightcajun, I tried to post the same comment you-know-where, and it ended up in the cybercircular-file. My own pediatrician suggested slipping my eldest a little Benadryl before a coast-to-coast flight, and fortunately, I tried it at home first. He was ready to boogie 'til the break of dawn. But Benadryl has a very sedating effect on some babies and adults.

Babies don't lose the Moro reflex--where they throw their arms out when startled--for months. (Mine didn't, at least.) Television studios have hot, hot lights, and they can be unexpectedly noisy, such as when the sound man drops a coil of cable. I've been on television when I had infants, and I wouldn't have dreamed of taking them on the set. They would have freaked.

The pacifier is weird. But yes, I agree Piper has been through quite a bit: introducing two new baby nephews, missing all that school, being with her mother when SP was booed by the Philadelphia Flyers fans. I thought twice before letting my preadolescent sons ATTEND hockey games!

Dianne said...

At first I thought it might be a candy pacifier, until I looked at the photo closeup. That sure looks like a pacifier to me. That womans parenting skills are nonexistant. Poor Piper is obviously needing some sort of comfort that she isn't getting. Alaska Department of Children and Family Services - where are you? Oh, that's right, you work for the Governor.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Piper with a pacifier, and in later vids f-me shoes...yes there is something quite disturbing...also, too
those babies are obviously drugged.
And no one does anything. Who can you complain too? In Alaska anyone who complains about GINO is subject to "BACKLASH" from her or her Staff or her "nose stuck so high up her butt"- boy"Eddie Burke" Public ridicule on his Radio show.
So what a can person do?
All we can do is pray the truth comes out asap and when it does all kids taken away from her and she gets put in jail.

Lilybart said...

In Europe I saw lots of older kids with pacifiers and I thought it was odd.

I was happy that mine hated them AND she didn't suck her thumb either.

But it speaks to me in America, of lack of parenting. Lazy.

Kathy in Blue Bell said...

Hi everyone, I have been reading this blog for months (since last September, natch) but this is my first comment. Let me begin by noting I think this blog is doing terrific work and SP is one of my least favorite politico's. Please keep up what you are doing.
That being said, please know that there is a type of candy called a "Pacifier Pop." It is a plastic pacifier base with a hard candy "nipple." It is incredibly popular with kids, at my son's school carnival they sell out immediately. While I almost never give SP the benefit of the doubt, I suspect that Piper is sucking a candy pacifier, not a real one. I am pointing this out because this blog like mudflats and immoral minority are more concerned with the truth than wild rumors and will make note of facts, that is why I believe them, not the teamSarah looneys

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

" midnightcajun, I tried to post the same comment you-know-where, and it ended up in the cybercircular-file."
MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel, you just made me have a "ah-ha" moment ....Now I know why GINO used to be named SWWNBN on you-know-where!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

If you zoom in on the first pic, it doesn't look like a candy one...

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to drug a baby. You just have them sip a little bit of sweet-flavored cough syrup. Many syrups contain codeine which is an opium derivative.

If I was anywhere near those kids, I would snip off a little bit of their hair and send it to a drug lab. I wish I were kidding.

FEDDUP!!! said...

When I first saw that pic some time ago, I also had the same reaction - what does a 6 or 7 y/o do with a pacifier - and someone had the same response like Sandra (maybe it was you, Sandra?)
I did not buy it at that time, and I do not buy it at this time.
Yes, in Europe some older kids do still suck on a pacifier, and I was aghast when I saw it last time I visited, but remember: This is GINOs kid - a kid whose mother/father/grandparents never left the country (or barely even the State...) before last year... So, unless pacifiers for 6 or 7 year olds (first or second graders!) are also the rage in Alaska, I don't buy the reasoning.
I also do not think that it is a candy pacifier.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that there is no drool on the baby's mouth, the lips never move, there is no 'nursing' movement of the mouth/tongue, no movement at all.

regina said...

If it's candy, it's not very good for the teeth... Aren't we a lovely bunch of nit pickers?

I found the photos and thought it looked strange, a seven year old with something that looks like a pacifier in her mouth.

Candy or not, it looks a bit odd.


sandra said...


Yes I did make that comment before on mothers cleaning pacifiers by sucking on them. My experience was in a California clinic for low income clients.

At one time I had a mother whose husband was from a very ppoor family. Their method of providing pureed baby food was for the mother to chew it first.

You don't have to go outside the US to observe unusual practices.

We should not make any kind of a deal about this picture of Piper.

Anonymous said...

It sure does look like a seven year old Piper with a pacifier. She has been a trooper during campaigns and events, I hope her anxiety has been managed only with a pacifier. I don't recall seeing her with one while her mother was running for VP with the McCains. Who never noticed anything about Trig "deep sleeping" or whatever they call it? With Piper it could be a child cleaning off the babies pacifier and enjoying it awhile. I don't think it is a candy pacifier. If Piper gets anything to help her relax, no one would see that.

Trig looks as "out cold" as Tripp.

Something is not right. Whatever type of parenting is going on here, it could include wide acceptance within the culture where these children are being raised. Both the extended family and church that help them. Who are the doctors that treat these children? I'm wondering are there Alaskans around Sarah that see this as acceptable and do the same for their children? The world sees the big Palin events, Alaskans have seen Trig on several public and private occasions and never questioned the out cold condition? It is one thing to be too scared to tell what you might know about building a house, no one could end up brain dead. What about Alaskans when their children appear to be in danger of becoming a fatality?

Do the Johnston's accept this style of parenting also? I am curious to hear their take on this. Is it normal for them to see these babies in the "out cold" condition? Are they concerned? I know they are in a unique situation and until Sherry Johnston's case is over she may not want to be public with concerns. Levi has his hands tied. It is hard to believe they have not seen what others have of the public images. What would you do if you were in Sherry's situation and worried and convinced or knew your grandbaby was in danger of brain damage or death? When CPS investigates it is not public but they can have their own agenda and overlook certain things.

Has anyone in Alaska seen that Tripp is alright since he returned from his mom's job and trip to New York for abstinence-only? Alaska must have inoCPS, in name only. NY the same? Is there any federal protection for children in a situation like this?

When Diana Palin was arrested with a four year old on a heist, she was not charged with child endangerment, as she clearly could have been. There is something wrong and when a child dies or ends up with bruises it may also be covered up in Alaska, however, there is more of a chance that Alaska will stand up for their children if things look more brutal, what a sad state. I haven't noticed the Alaskan blogs even notice or care about poor Tripp's latest "out cold" or all the times Trig looked "out cold."

The Dame said...

What else is strange is that in the first pic especially--- everyone is just tooling around the place with short sleeve shirts and Sarah is layered up again. Like she's freezing her ass off. Please pretending to hide something that isn't there.

Anonymous said...

The Dame - I thought Sarah described Todd as addicted to something when she said how he didn't sleep and all. His heroic dog race while injured is typical of someone on some kind of enhancement. Could be Sarah has an out of whack thermostat due to whatever she takes to be the perfect Sarah.

Has anyone seen much of Sarah since she is in Alaska? How is she doing, the same old Sarah? Will there be any Mother's Day celebration photos released? What
is the ADN reporting about her Day?

FW said...

That is a real pacifier, not a candy one or even a Ring Pop which has a similar botton plastic piece to the candy pacifiers. I use to buy that kind for my son up until he was 18 months. That is probably Piper's own and not her brothers because it has a pink lanyard attached to it, which attaches to and matches her jacket.

Typically when you have a new baby in the house the older sibling likes to take and try out the little one's they sit in the car seat, or try to get in the stroller, bouncer, or exersaucer. This is common behavior for a TODDLER or even young PRESCHOOLER age 3 up to maybe 4. Obviously Piper is very much of a mommy's girl...she nver leaves Sarah's side, and was probably pretty jealous of Trig. She most likely is more emotionally immature than the average 7 year old, being the baby of the family for so long, and reverted back and demanded the binkie so she could get Mommy's attention. Maybe Sarah knew it was ridiculous, but decided to pick and choose her battles, but it does look bad.

More importantly, why does Sarah have on TWO COATS, when everyone else is wearing shorts, jeans, and t-shirts? Hiding the non-existent post partum belly??????

Anonymous said...

FW drugs can effect body temperature.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

The fake candy "pacifiers" and Ring Pops look more garish, more like toys--the 7-11 on our corner sold them for years. And none of the candy ones has a lanyard to pin it to one's clothing.

Here's another theory I have: In the small middle-class lower-48 town in which I was raised in the '60s and '70s, there was a strict "hands-off" policy towards parents in intact families, especially 2d generation "our kind." Even when people suspected or KNEW that a child was being abused. Possibly that goes on in certain circles in other towns, to this day, including Alaska?

One of my kids' schools sent out an URGENT URGENT URGENT e-mail last year after some older upper-school students drank a few beers in the parking lot after a dance. Now, this is a private school with a zero-tolerance policy. But when I think of the open-air drug market that everyone knew about at my all-white high school, at which Richie Cunningham (but not the Fonz) would have felt right at home...? Changing times, changing standards--but not everywhere.

wombat said...

The Palins are TOTAL FREAKS!

Kyra said...

As a counselor, I have some thoughts on Piper and the pacifier, but never having seen her with one in photos before, I wouldn't want to comment on just one instance - you'd need to see a pattern.

As far as older kids using pacifiers. I work in substance abuse recovery - mostly with corrections clients, but some teens, and in the rave scene where ecstasy is being used, pacifiers are very common as one of the side effects of ecstasy use is jaw clenching. In fact, if you suspect substance abuse, watch for lollipops, tootsie pops as involuntary jaw clenching is common and so kids using will use pacifiers. NOT that I am suggesting any kind of drug use here - just commenting on the use of pacifiers by older kids. :-)

Pat said...

I think I will send an email to NBC and ask if Matt noticed anything strange about Tripp. Maybe if a lot of us did that, someone would check????

Pat said...

Re my previous comment: email address for Matt is

FEDUP!!! said...

I wonder if ANY CPS could get involved, or if it has to be Alaskan's (even if the child is outside the state, like on this trip to NY) I wonder if someone could alert CPS at any place where anyone of the palins shows up with one of the babies... (Check on the kid(s) and do a hair folicle analysis, as someone suggested earlier)

Kyra said...

It would have to be Wasilla CPS unless they were in imminent danger somewhere else as CPS takes a report, does an investigation.

Anonymous said...


We heard there was video of an active Tripp before they went on air. Ask about that. The one video is plenty but if NBC also sees that there is a pattern in the family they can understand why people are asking for answers.

The more people that make NBC take notice, the better. I also want to see doctors and professionals speak up and explain behaviors. We are an over prescribed nation. Addiction is a problem with the elderly. It is not only young mothers who are turning to drugs for baby sitting help.

The more this is brought up to anyone that can help, the better for Tripp. Where is he? Has anyone seen him since he returned to Alaska? At the NBC did anyone see him wake up before he left their studio?

Anonymous said...

The pacifier is interesting and the photos of Trig very alarming. I don't know I have words for the Tripp video. That is the most important one for people to view. Putting them together really drives it home.

It is not unusual for all of us to miss something the first, second or more times that we see it. Repeated viewing or when things are pointed out can make all the difference.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel I believe the "hands-off" policy is definitively in effect in Alaska. I would not be surprised if Sherry Johnston does not notice when her grandbaby is "out cold", she might see a good sleeper and a good baby. It could be too sensitive of a subject for her. Either as in denial or because she participated, from the position of helping the baby sleep, in a benign way. If drugs are used as a routine by an unwed single mother to do all she has on her plate, it could be a problem for the baby to be with someone who doesn't know the routine.

IF Tripp is consistently given say a sleeping medication his caregivers would know what to do when he withdraws. The Palin's could not allow someone else to have him long enough to see what that is like. I hope that is not the case, it is just one possibility or a theory. They have many reasons why Levi can't see his son more often. They may also be afraid the Johnston's would figure out the baby is endangered.

There have been comments about Bristol's weight changes. Some of it is due to childbirth. If she takes ephedrine to help her lose weight that can explain some of the strange changes. If she was nursing, her babies can get drugs that way also.

The Dame said...

Anonymous@ 22:36. She is wearing a parka, her famous fleece brown and aqua jacket and another (black) shirt below that. I think the thermostat and Todd's supposed addiction is too much of a stretch. Sounds like a distraction to me.

Anonymous said...

Why is Bristol talking about bottles? Why is she not doing the best for her baby and breastfeeding like her mother said she was doing with trip. sarah was putting down the blackberry and putting on the breast pump. All the while her oldest daughters breasts were huge. Now that she has "her" baby her chest is small. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Kyra, It seems to me reports should go to New York CPS since that is where the baby was taped. A 3-4 month old baby on unknown substance from most likely a teen with a history and poor judgment is not imminent danger? When I watch the tape I wonder, when she is rubbing by his mouth, if she was not concerned she had overdosed him and was he alright, like she needed to see him twitch to know he was still alive.

Perhaps, one report to New York, that is where it happened, and one to Alaska, that is where it looks like it has happened before and could be continued.

I don't know much about CPS, as I understand you don't have to give your name to report if you think a child is in danger. There are these:
National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-25-ABUSE.
National Drug Information Treatment and Referral Hotline: 800-662-HELP (4357)
National Hotline for Missing and Exploited Children: 800-843-5678
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information
Oprah or Tyra need to do a show about mother's who over medicate their children with the best of intentions and bring attention to this growing problem. Those are babies who will most likely grow up addicted.

Alaska CPS is like telling Sarah to be the sole investigator for everything Palin. I think lawyers and doctors need to take a serious look at this and do something to insure the children are alright. Let's not forget the culture around Wasilla is not only church goers, it is also the meth capital of Alaska. It is not unusual for some meth addicts to think they are cured because they are now only on benadryl, what can be wrong with an over the counter medication? If a young baby gets the drug through nursing they will still have an addiction. An addicted baby will have problems and need sleeping medicine. It's a vicious cycle.

I know Alaskans feel that Diana Palin's daughter is alright because someone said so. They don't want the local authority to monitor because they are independents and all.
But their children are all in danger. The ones who do have good parents and are doing well are in danger from the drug culture they tolerate up there. Alaska is not the only place with these problems but they are among the worst and tolerate the wrong things.

Pat said...

I tried posting this earlier but it didn't go....on my email to MSNBC I told them I wasn't expecting a reply to me, however, if anyone on their staff felt there might be a problem, would they PLEASE report it to someone. Perhaps others of you could also send emails to them.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Anon: thanks so much for the child abuse links! If we all email our concerns about TriG and TriPP maybe something will be done? Usually 4mos old maybe have a pacifier, and they might be sleeping but sucking gently and wake up and L@@k at mom and surrounding with BIG eyes!
TriG and TriPP do neither. Also.too,
Bristol was totally breast feeding Trig, GINO was flat as a board to fit into her ho-bag red leather jacket like a "cougar"....!
Now both of them are slim...ADERALL anyone??? the legal speed for ADD which everyone seems to have, Paris hilton, Lindsey lohan everyone has add and is on Adderall legal Speed, Benzedrine and amphetamine! Who needs meth when you can have legal speed! That would explain for erratic behavior and word salad. Bristols speech was nothing to write home about either.
These women are on drugs and are drugging their kids!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Dame - I only mentioned an early impression I got from Sarah's description of Todd that I had. I'm not saying that is what is going on, I have no idea. I spent enough time in a hospital and with a doctor who had an addiction, I see certain traits that remind me of things. We all come from our own perspectives and experiences.

The many parka look does seem strange, Piper also seems to be overdressed. Were they both cold or did Sarah dress Piper to Sarah's temperature? Trig and Tripp appear strange because it does look like they are drugged. If others in their environment look "strange" in ways that mimic drugs, that is only a possibility that they are living in a drug culture. Until there are authorities that will look into this, I doubt we will ever know.

I've known people whose body "thermostat" was off, it happens. It can happen for health reasons. It can happen to people who are on prescribed medicine. They are freezing while you are hot. It is just one of the possibilities to explain why she appears strange to be colder than the others. She could just like to wear more than one coat at a time or she was pretending to cover up a postpartum. I doubt we'll ever know for certain. Sorry if I distracted you. Anonymous@ 22:36.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

midnightcajun, what did that first acronym for SP stand for? (If it's too rude to post, send it to me at mrs.biscuitbarrel (at) Thanks!

regina said...


SWWNBN = She who will not be named

Not rude enough...


Anonymous said...

contact Rex Butler

Kyra said...

I said Alaska CPS because it is unlikely NY would investigate a non-resident especially as Bristol and Tripp are likely back home.

I am a professional and a mandatory reporter and I make CPS reports. It is very difficult to launch an investigation - yes, they have to check out every report, but there is screening process used. The organizations you've listed are excellent sources of information, but do not actually take action. Unfortunately, even in the best of economic times, social services are seriously under-staffed and consider imminent danger to be something like a child in the ER with 3rd degree burns, broken bones, internal bleeding, etc.

I had a 4-year old client who was most likely being sexually abused, her father was using drugs and alcohol to intoxication in the home (drinking to intoxication in the presence of children is child abuse by the way) and the home was filthy and without nutritious food (just snack type food and pop). I could not get her removed because there was nowhere for her to go (who wants to be a foster home?) and they could not get physical proof of the abuse, could not catch Dad using, did not have probable cause to search (big sister's word didn't count), and so she is still there.

I agree that CPS in Wasilla is unlikely to take a case involving the Palin's although by law they have to take the report and at least check it out.

My concern, is that there are a number of reasonable explanations for the baby's behavior. My son slept for most of the 1st 4 months of his life. TV studios - especially those morning shows - are used to accommodating diverse guests and the interview with Bristol was clearly not on the usual set so they were probably very conscious of the baby's comfort and in a separate area.

I would be very, very hesitant to form an opinion based on 1 photo and/or brief video. If there were a pattern of never seeing Tripp active and engaged, then I would worry and perhaps that's why we see him so rarely, but there is just no way that CPS would be concerned about a baby sleeping quietly during an interview when there was nothing to compare that behavior to.

Baby's are different just as people are different. Much as I dislike Sarah Palin and believe that there is something wrong in that family as you who have read my posts know, I think that this is a real stretch. We possibly run the risk of muddying the waters by turning everything into a crime or abuse or something sinister.

Even evil people do some things right and good people do some things wrong. I would prefer to be sure before making accusations and on this one, there's just nothing there. If more turns up, maybe, but I wouldn't make a report or take a report based on that video.

Anonymous said...

That baby is drugged! No flinching, even when she is rubbing his mouth area. The whole thing makes me sick. I recently saw Bristol at Nordstrom's with her girlfriends giggling, carrying on........Tripp was nowhere to be seen. There is something very sinister about this entire family. And now Piper with a pacifier? Good grief.....she is crying out for attention that she obviously is not getting at home!

anne s said...

In a more recent post here is a complaint:

2- PsychRights vs Sarah Palin et al (forceful drugging of children in care and state institutions)

So S.P. is pro-medication.
I've heard even babies can be prescribed anti-depressants .. not that that would make a kid zonk out.. just meaning even babies can get "prescriptions"

If Bristol did slip Tripp something before the Matt Lauer interview.. that was also poor judgement because it showed a sleeping baby, peaceful ..and easy.. and she is supposed to be promoting .. don't do what I did - it is HARD! youd want a screaming baby for that

Anonymous said...

Kyra, Thank you for your conscientious and professional response. I don't totally disagree.

I am inclined to believe there is a pattern of abuse. I don't have all the video and documentation of Trig. Tripp was not as comatose for the Fox interview. I haven't rewatched that interview but as I recall she talked as if Tripp was a regular active baby, not one that sleeps a lot at all. He also seemed to be sedated for the interview, however, and she was giving us excuses. I do not know that he has ever been in the public domain as a regular awake baby. While I don't have access to all that now I do believe there is more documentation and a pattern. I don't say it all proves anything as it is now.

Watch the MSNBC video a few more times and the part where she rubs his mouth a few more and think back on your baby at four months old. Was your baby in a television studio? Earlier that was discussed by mothers with experience in that environment. Tripp was under the spotlights for about six minutes. I don't know how many years ago it was when your baby was 4 months and probably sleeping in a different environment.
If you watch Tripp a few more times and are still saying he only looks like a heavy sleeper, I will doubt your memory.

Brisol Palin Tells Teens to "Learn from my example" on Today Show
about 2:35 MIN to 8:15 MIN Bristol and Tripp TOTAL about SIX MINUTES
about 4:25 MIN mouth rub

I do believe each child and situation is unique. And there could be a number of reasonable explanations for the baby's behavior. What would they be?

We agree both Wasilla and NYC CPS is not likely to do anything. I only think both need to be contacted because they need to know and be on record.
I know the list of organizations don't take action but they are very helpful and it is a first step at times.
Social services does not consider a child having a drug over dose as imminent danger? I'm not saying that is the case here, but in general.
I know of some ugly situations with child abuse and the system, also. It is grim.
Too bad it is not mandatory to report suspected child abuse when seen on video or the internet. That would be an over load for the system. About the same time that Diana Palin took her 4 year old on a crime spree, there was a man that took a child to hold up a store. The Palin didn't go viral on the internet and wasn't charged with child endangerment.
The unemployed man in Washington state was charged and all over the media.

anne s said...In a more recent post here is a complaint:
2- PsychRights vs Sarah Palin et al (forceful drugging of children in care and state institutions)

THANK YOU for the reminder. Regina did such a good job with those posts. It is chilling how callous Palin can be toward children.

The Johnston's are understandably silent so we don't know where they are coming from. It is a good idea to let Rex Butler know of concerns.

Anonymous said...

kyra, I left this out.
I don't see this as hating Sarah. I don't hate Bristol either. I'm sad people see them and not Tripp. This should be about him. The problem of an over medicated society isn't anymore sinister because it is one person or another. It is all sinister whether it involves celebrities or unknowns. It is what it is and no one has the power to turn it into something else. Basically, the best that could come of it is that someone might be able to watch the situation a little better. I don't want to accuse Bristol. I guess I look at it like the Catholic priests that molested young children. They were eventually accused but not because they were hated. It was about bringing justice and exposing the truth.
There comes a time some people must say ENOUGH! It could take ten years or more before more comes out and a child has a chance at life.

Kyra said...

I tried twice to reply to your thoughtful responses, however, they both disappeared into the ozone and as it was very late, I couldn't re-write them.

There are many perspectives and everyone here has excellent points to make. I am simply trying to offer my knowledge for whatever use it might be. Thanks for posting those sources - I use them regularly and give those same sources to my clients and they are excellent.

One of the issues I deal with and am actively concerned with is the misuse of psychotropic meds (youth and adults) and working with substance abusers - many of them children - I am concerned with the constellation of factors that are involved - it's not a simple or easy issue.

While I can't comment on whether or not I think Tripp is drugged in the video, I was trying to offer alternative points for discussion. There are so many issues that are clearly in need of investigation that I am afraid that looking for evil in everything may cause people to ignore everything and there is simply not enough to take action on this yet other than to continue to observe. I get the impression that there are people posting here and other Palin sites that do see Bristol and the baby out and about, so perhaps patterns will develop.

As I've said here and elsewhere, Sarah Palin fits within the narcissistic/histrionic/borderline behavior disorders IMO and as such, I am very concerned about all of the girls, particularly when I examine the dynamics exhibited in the hours of video and hundreds of photos of the children with their father (and with Sarah).