Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sarah Palin: small government, smaller services, zero empathy

I found another interesting lawsuit against Sarah Palin (in her capacity as governor of the state of Alaska).

Billy Olson's mother sued the governor and the state because Alaska lack 24-hour residential programs for severe-needs autistic children and adolescents. Billy Olson, a 16-year-old with severe autism, was living in an out-of-state residential facility, thousands of miles away from his family.

The plaintiffs were seeking relief in the form of the state establishing and operating a 24-hour resident facility for Billy Olson and other young people with autism.

To cut a long story short, the Olsons lost.

In March 2008, eight months after the start of the case, Sarah Palin issued a proclamation which ends like this:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska, do hereby proclaim April 2008 as:

Autism Awareness Month

in Alaska, and encourage all Alaskans to work together to ensure that individuals with autism spectrum disorder are accurately diagnosed and appropriately treated throughout their lives.

Dated: March 12, 2008

Sarah Palin has a nephew with austism, there's a member of her immediate family with Down's Syndrome, but all her actions, from funding to defending lawsuits, indicate that she says one thing and does the opposite.

Sarah Palin's version of small government is so small and petty that it fails to meet the basic needs of people who may not find themselves in the same fortunate position as herself or members of her family.

Most people regard their children as simply children and do not use them to further their ambitions. If the children have needs, they come before those of the parents.

It must be soul destroying for the parents of children with special needs to have to fight a losing battle in the courts and spend thousands of dollars in an attempt to have the state provide services that are mandatory. They lose more than lawsuits, they also lose contact with the children they love when they have to be placed thousands of miles away from home.

Cindy Olson's complaint on behalf of her son
Sarah Palin's proclamation
Details of court case on Public Access website



KW said...

This woman makes me sick! You're so right, Regina, ZERO empathy.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Maybe the SOA should get rid of "BIG Govt" you know like the Governors job and use that money for services that would directly help people like this. Afterall we know GINO has her Grifer fund for herself, so she really doesn't need her governors salary now! *snark intended*

teal said...

see how up on this issue she really is.

Here is a Autism Awareness Month Press Release, dated Feb 08, but [re] posted in Feb 2009...she isn't paying attention to this...just reissuing/recycling the same meaningless 'crap'

do not be fooled, this is a repost from 2008, and not simply a misprinting of dates...I complained aboutthis before, but the date remains...


basheert said...

She is sick sick sick.
Then again, let's see how Alaskans really feel about her in 2010.

She certainly only cares about one family, her own. SCREW everyone else.

Paranoid megalomaniac with psychopathic tendencies and a possibility of being a danger to others?

You mean that ISN'T the requirement to become GINO???

Anonymous said...

It's amazing she whines and moans about her debt (Which she caused all by herself)She flits all over the country looking for sympathy and or praise,adoration Etc.Moans about her own children and the way the press treats them.But this cruel,senseless woman no empathy for anyone.I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she was picked for VP but being curious about her I did some basic research.What I began to learn was sickning. It seems that Palins followers arn't interested in the truth.I have spread what is obviously the truth about her and a lot of minds have changed(including family members.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

As Mr. Biscuitbarrel said of GINO 'way last summer, "Sounds like a classic grifter to me."

Then we thought that Anjelica Huston, who won an Academy Award for "The Grifters," would really hate being put in that category. Huston is a world-class class act in herself, especially compared with La Palin...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's OK with Palin et al that other states subsidize these residential living centers for autistic children from Alaska. Her proclamation is hypocritical but forcing parents to "outsource" their children is beyond the pale of selfishness and hypocrisy for the state of Alaska. Can't use any of that precious oil money to actually help Alaskans, eh?

Anonymous said...

I read through the charges, what a nightmare for this family!

I don't understand how they would have lost? Is the state paying for this out of state care?

So the court case is closed march, 08, then the next month she honor's Autism awareness?

Was 2008 Palin's first time declaring April as Autism month? I would assume it's a nation wide declaration?

It's ironic she gave birth to DS child just weeks later. And that while she was being sued over these serious needs she was pregnant and knew she her unborn child had downs syndrome.

How very strange.

I wonder why none of this has been talked about?

Thank you Regina for finding this.

Anonymous said...

Also there a way to read what happened in court? how this was handled?

I clicked on the court case link, it doesn't show much at all.