Friday, 29 May 2009

Sarah Palin, guns, knives and misplaced worship

It looks like some Sarah Palin supporters manage to alienate other supporters with their hero worship. I received another gem from The Messenger, our Team Sarah insider.

In order to have some background, this is from an NRA related blog:

Recently, NRA has released some of the names of top invited speakers for the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, May 15.

(Photos of 12 likely speakers, NOT including Sarah Palin)


1) Posts spamming this page in support of Sarah Palin are being flagged as spam. One comment was fine, but when you use this event planning page to advance your personal political agenda, I will remove your comments.

And for the guy who believes Sarah Palin is a deity, please seek help.

2) I have no idea why the Sarah people are spamming you. The NRA is going to present her with a commemorative “Alaska Statehood” M-16 (iirc), according to reports that I’ve heard, at an upcoming NRA confab. Apparently, this particular appearance by Palin is already set up.

3) That is true. In fact, this very website has a specific page dedicated to the fact that Palin is receiving the highest ILA award. However, her followers from one website in particular keep trying to use this comments section to bitch and moan about why she isn’t included in the list of generic speeches. Apparently all context is lost on them, and they keep tying it back to advancing their own personal political causes which is why they haven’t been approved.

However, they keep emailing the link around so I still can’t put up a poll with her name on it. The folks who started the mess created some kind of a system to keep choosing her name, casting two votes a minute for about an hour before I put a stop to it. (It’s not grassroots power when the IP is identical. A whopping 10 IP addresses cast about 250 votes after they started promoting it.)

Sarah Palin didn't attend the NRA banquet, but around that time, Team Sarah had an NRA themed thread with a charming photo of the governor. One of the comments:

wow, David, who know Sarah was so Buff???

Meanwhile, on a knife enthusiast blog, I found this:

Governor Palin is amazing.

Gov. Palin was in Austin Tx to give a speech. Her Labor pains began just as was introduced to speak, She spoke for and hour and half and then took a Limo to the airport. Just after take-off her water broke !!!

The pilot flew fast back to Juneau and when Governor Palin arrived in Alaska 6 hours later, she got into her car to drive home.

On the way home she saw a Moose, she pulled over, hunted it down and shot the Moose stone dead. Then she pulled out a 9 inch hunting knife, gutted the Moose and made Mooseburgers for dinner.

Then she got back into her car, stopped to chat with the Postman and the FINALLY - she got to the hospital and had the Baby !!!

I just love Governor Sarah Palin !!!

Not even a knife fanatic GUY manages to buy the wild ride story...


Anonymous said...

Just when you think the crazy has died down a little, here comes another round of crazy. Yep, that is how maeTharaS'r roll.. all 10 of them. (Well, maybe 20.)

KW said...

Funny! Love the picture with the big gun. Only Team Sarah...

The knife guy is not stupid! His version makes more sense than GINO's.


midnightcajun said...

Went and looked at the NRA lineup; what a hoot. A bunch of white guys with one token blond woman and one token darky.

Anonymous said...

OT, but please do check out Sarah's latest tweet (or is it a twit?) She is proudly announcing that she is going to tape a shout to the troups and it will be broadcast on Stephen Colbert's show from Iraq next month.
Here's the problem. I'm a Colbert fan, and he never said where or when he was going. Colbert teased the audience by saying it would be one of seven countries, and he would occasionally profile one of the possible destinations. You know what the problem is- security. Colbert and a TV crew + large audience of soldiers=target. It is true; it's all about Sarah no matter what position she puts alot of other people in. In this case, she could endanger their lives. Oh yeah, the message is the tweet; she's the twit.

Anonymous said...

Sorry a tad late.. but in regards to the Leggggs Thread

So Palin jazzed it up in Hoe gear for the event that would feature men in uniform (ooh la la.. poor Todd) and elderly White Vets

But for the Juneteenth outing.. oh dear.. there may be .. eeps Black people there.. I will wear my smock and baggy jeans but still do my hair in a fancy updo so they know that I am governor.. high class... hear me roar

Why she doesnt get many women supporters.. we see through her like glass

Dinah said...

Reggie, Dahling! How much of an arse you want to be know as? Pleease, we do understand that you live in France and therefore need English speaking people around, but honestly do you have to stoop so low? Please, your obsession with Sarah Palin really got to stop. We all know thqt she is more accomplished than you and therefore you find her a threat, but really you must get a life and maybe get involved in British prblems or even in French ones and leave us American Citizens alone in working our problems out. After all, we saved both of your asses in two World Wars. If we did not have done such you would be speaking German, if you would have survived. It is really surprising how people like you DARE to critize us and then have the audicity to call upon us to save your ASS!

KaJo said...

Speaking of tweets, twits, and, communicating with her constituents:

There's another paean to Palin over at rockheads4nitwit where she's on the Michael Dukes show (an Alaskan; but probably related to David Dukes).

In that Dukes show she's taking callers' questions; one guy wants to know if she's against cap and trade (the USA is the only industrialized nation not signed on with the Kyoto Protocol).

The rockheads4nitwits are applauding her for being "smart and knowledgable" (hasn't she always been?? /snark) in her responses to the callers, but the gist of her answer to this guy didn't seem to jibe with his non-satisfaction with her answer -- which makes me think she either didn't know what the guy was talking about, or they were NOT "on the same page" as she said, twice.

I think the guy was trying to point out to Palin that her belief -- that lower-CO2-emitting Alaska natural gas would reduce or eliminate the need for the Feds' enacting cap and trade -- was faulty.

Why? Because -- due to the long-term North Slope and offshore Alaska oil production -- there isn't enough PPSI pressure to bring up the natural gas.

Another case of Palin touting one of her schemes that just won't work? Maybe she realizes that finally, because her stance apparently is to "accept what the Obama administration wants" on cap and trade.

(ha, ha, my WV is "motsted" Hmmm...)

teal said...

KaJo...funny & so sad...

stupid is as Sarah palin does

Anonymous said...

Dinah, Dahling, if YOU weren't so obsessed with Sarah you wouldn't even be here. Are you sitting in your basement wearing Todd's used silk boxers, fawning away over your queen? Sometimes you just can't let go. . .

Anonymous said...

"Dinah," PLEASE! Run to a dictionary, girlfriend! Then open it! AND READ! Please start with the verb "criticize." Thank you.

Kyra said...

Reggie, Darling, last time I checked, France and England (let's see, your British and live in France, right?) have some interest in what's happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the rest of the Middle East. Therefore, whoever is elected President and Vice President of the United States matters to you as much as it does to me (well, maybe not quite so much, but still). So, as far as I'm concerned, you get to sound off as much as you want. Having lived in Europe for awhile I can appreciate a "world" perspective, but whatever, the world's just too damn small to tell someone that they have no right to voice an opinion in someone else's politics. Most of this country has been too apathetic for too long anyway, so we need all the help we can get! Glad you're here!

Anonymous said...

Dinah Dahling! It's problem, not prblem; it's that, not thqt, for starters. Please proof read to confirm your literacy and brilliance. As for Sarah Palin being more accomplished than Regina, Sarah cannot write or speak a coherent sentence, also, there. Regina writes brilliantly, based on fact, research and study. You clearly don't know much about Regina if you think that she is English or French. When she started this blog, she let us know that she was originally from Brazil. Remind me, where was Brazil during World War II, in terms of ass-saving? And while we're on the subject of history, do you think that England and France called us and begged us to save them-- or do you think that there may have been treaties and diplomacy involved in standing with our European friends. We didn't come to their aid while England was being bombed in the Blitz, 1939-40-- do you remember what propelled us into World War II? Here, we have been enjoying intelligent conversation, not only about Sarah Palin but other issues that affect the world in general, since we are all citizens of the world. The economy, global warming and the environment, the suffering of Native Alaskans in flood or cold, all of these issues touch our humanity. This is a respectful place for reasoned exchange of ideas, and we are thrilled that Regina provides the format for us to interact in this way. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Well, Dinah's in the kitchen...or whatever. That is where she/he should be instead of trolling along here. Regina is almost royalty to us!! And you are so very transparent and sad. Pat

drew from lil ol texas said...

he forgot the part about how she was early for work the next day!

and I think she even brought the donuts that day!

or at least the kool-aid!

Helen said...

NEWS FLASH to Dinah:

Sorry Dinah, that's your real name, right? - until she is out of public office Sarah Palin is the whole world's problem, and the whole world is watching. She is loathed and mocked by the entire world at a level only slightly less than Bush for her jingoistic, narcissistic, anti-science, opportunistic, cretinous, bellicose and hypocritical posturing. Now we shouldn't hear from you for a year or two because that's how long it's going to take you to comprehend that last sentence.

By the way, the rest of the world also apparently reads and writes the English language much better than you, and your sad and all too evident obsession with "ass" is clearly just a projection of your tormented and twisted inner self.

Now go crawl back into that dark pink slimy and hermetically sealed hole that is Team Sarah where you can nurse your childish hurts with like minded sour pusses who have so little to live for in life that wasting time pretending to live through Sarah Palin brings relief to an otherwise blighted, fear pocked and wasted existence.

Lisabeth said...

Dinah you must really be a lonely and miserable person. Only a deeply unhappy person would say the things you just did to ReginaWho cares where Regina is from?? As far as the US saving England, what a ridiculous, arrogant and dated rant! You sure make Americans look petty and stupid! Maybe you are just an asshole and not a miserable unhappy woman. Either way you have a very disturbed mind. To actually take the time and energy to write someone a very nasty post, just because she doesnt care for your idol! Get some help for youself!! Regina has the same rights as any human being to give her opinion! As long as nutty Sarah continues to believe she is capable of being in higher office, ANYONE has the right to exposr her for the pea brained individual she id!

There are many queen Sarah her highness sites for you to spend time at so please stay there and argue with people of a similar class!

regina said...

Thanks friends!

I could give a very long list of reasons to get involved in American politics, but I'm going to address only the ass saving bit: if I ever had reason to call on America to save my ass, the last person I would call on is Sarah Palin. If she achieved higher office we would have to call on somebody else to save all our asses from HER! (Americans being first in line)

If this blog had been anti-American I would understand Dinah Dahling's rant, but it's only anti-Sarah Palin... she's NOT America and the majority of Americans rejected her as their representative. I stand side by side with sane, intelligent, concerned human beings who happen to be American.

I have visitors from all over the world, but mainly Americans and a significant number of Alaskans.

I don't think we're too worried about Sarah Palin running in 2012, but learned to love Alaska through various blogs and believe Alaskans deserve a proper governor who would put people before vanity.

Regina - Brazilian, British, French, whatever!

Anonymous said...

Dinah... Sarah scares everyone in the world with her lack of intelligence and end of times religion.

Sarah being able to say, "show me the nuclear launch codes" will never be good for any part of the planet.

Sarah needs to be stopped before she ever reaches higher office.

Regina.. please keep up your efforts to prevent Sarah from ever holding a higher office... all the people on this planet owe you a sincere ....thank you

sandra said...

Dinah - you have done us a service. We often need to be reminded of why we are here.

palinoscopy said...

I kinda read knife guy's tone as snarky. Or maybe he really is just that dumb.

regina said...


The knife guy is definitely snarky...


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

You're a braver gal than I, Regina. I'd never BEEN to a knife blog before!

regina said...


I only went there because of a google alert... not my scene!


the problem child said...

Every time Dinah comments on a blog, somewhere, a kitten dies. Just sayin'.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

I assumed you had a reason to go there, Regina: You played "follow the leader," and so did I. It's all good--broadens one's horizons!

Cheers, Mrs. B

WV: staber (STABBER???)