Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sarah Palin, Warrior Princess

Thanks to "The Messenger" I have been given an insight into the minds of that secretive and exclusive website, the Team that bats for Sarah Palin. They're very disappointed with the latest polls in which GOP political insiders place the team's muse waaaay behind a number of other Republican governors as having the brightest political future. Sarah polled only 5%.

The support for Sarah Palin is dwindling in Alaska as well. She's no longer the most popular governor in the country and the figures are quite far from over 90% approval John McCain said she had.

Let's see: the liberals don't like Sarah Palin, the Republicans don't like Sarah Palin, Alaskans don't like Sarah Palin, the basement dwelling bloggers don't like Sarah Palin and the MSM don't like Sarah Palin.

Who likes Sarah Palin? In the media: Rush Limbaugh, Fox News (opinions appear to be divided in their camp), some Christian publications and tabloids such as People magazine; in Alaska we have Eddie Burke and Bob & Mark. ADN is a bit schyzophrenic in their allegiance to the governor at the moment. Elsewhere, her support comes from anti-choice groups, the NRA, Christian zealots and men who are guided by a certain part of their anatomy. John Coale falls in the latter category, but he appears to have had ulterior motives: his heart beats faster for Hillary...

Do the fan sites have the millions of followers that would be needed to put Sarah in the White House?

The best the Team can offer is an image of a Warrior Princess, fighting alone against the whole cruel world. They make a comprehensive list of all her foes: "a state legislature that was intent on punishing her, Obama political operatives that have been waging a more insidious war, issuing repeated ethics complaints in order to slowly bleed and bankrupt her, the MSM provides only tabloid journalism and even prominent members of the Republican party have joined the Sarah Palin-bashing orgy, documented here in excruciating detail."

They announce that "the American public, at least those in the lower 48, are hearing faint rumblings from the great State of Alaska. There is the intermittent vox clamantus in deserto (voice calling from the wilderness). And behold, Sarah is alive, strong, defiant, and ready to stand and deliver. Sarah has been issuing regular press releases taking Barack Obama and his administration to task over domestic and cultural issues:

Abortion (Notre Dame Controversy), Missile defense, Special Olympics, Stimulus Package."

They forgot to mention how their Warrior Princess leapt in defense of the plastic beauty queen and their 1st amendment rights to speak out without being criticized by the media.

If their warrior princess is all alone in the wilderness, how is she a serious contender for the presidency in 2012?

President Obama must be shaking in his boots, unable to eat and sleep...

Sleep tight, Mr President. Oh, you don't know what I'm talking about? Sorry, I must have forgotten that you have more important things on your mind...

The portions of text in italics are direct quotes from an article by a member of the Team, sent to me by "The Messenger", together with the picture of the Warrior Princess.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! All I can say is let them continue to focus on their fantasy...at least it keeps them from being active in any "normal" sense of the word. I don't think Palin will ever cease to be some kind of cult figure for these groups. I believe she may have a lucrative career as a speaker of some sort, but no one with any more clout than say, her buddies Limpbagghh or Culter. That's just fine with me cause I can change the channel or turn the page :)

Regina, you do a fabulous job here. Keep up the great work!

Susan in MD

Dianne said...


Great post. I believe it is thanks to you and those other bored, anonymous pathetic bloggers who have contributed a great deal to her falling in the polls and THANK YOU! The only ones that will continue to believe in her are TWWNS (Those Who Will Not See).

basheert said...

I LUV the Sarah Who?

Let's see now, Obama and McCain each received over 60 million votes - I believe the spread was that Obama beat McCain by 6 or 7 points.

The absolute ultimate BEST that SP can do in a cheap popularity contest with weirdos is 5% of the "base" (20% of the population that ADMIT to being Republics.)

If you include the fruitflies, the flying monkeys and the rest of SP's base, she MIGHT be able to get MAYBE 200,000 votes in a national election. And that's if the flying monkeys STUFF their ballot boxes.

The twit is UNelectable in a national election and frankly Alaska had better get themselves together or they're gonna get stuck with her again.


anne s said...

her die-hard followers do truly seem to act like she's a celebrity.. one's favorite musician/actress/ect.. where no matter what they do they are so in love with her public personality .. like a fan club

The thing that they don't get in their little brains.. its great to have a crush on a celebrity.. that is normal.. we all do.. but she is in politics
That is alot different than a movie role or coming out with a new single

She would be running the United States..

hello??? Love her all you want but hello... politics isn't hollywood

Sarah in SC said...

So what it's come to is this: Her cult has made her the Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, or Marilyn Monroe of the radical wackos--am I reading this right? You betcha!

She's the Bette Midler of the Republican bath houses, with Rush Limbaugh playing the role of Barry Manilow!

You really, really need a graphic of her head photoshopped onto the Marilyn "dress flying up" photo, with Coale and Limpbaugh drooling in the background. Wish I knew how to do that.

No matter how you slice it, cult figures aren't taken seriously--they just have followers that show up at conventions with signs that say things like, "Beam me up, Scotty." Or "Read My Lipstick!"

midnightcajun said...

The way her followers have made her into some kind of a cult figure/goddess/crush goes beyond weird to creepy. She has become the symbol of all that they hold most dear--Gun Totting Womb Guardian, Gay Basher, Mother of a Quiverful of Little Prayer Warriors, all rolled up into one photogenic package. They really think Jesus Christ is working through her. There is no getting through to those people.

I was just reading an old article from when it first came out that Bristol was pregnant with Tripp, and rather than screams at the lack of good Christian values we'd have heard if a Democratic candidate's child were pregnant, all the little Christians were saying it actually raised Palin's credit with them because Bristol "chose life" (forget about how that life was created).

When it comes out that Sarah is not Trig's mother, that is the line we'll be hearing: oh, she's such a saint, she didn't force her daughter to get an abortion. And the only reason she "had" to lie was because she knew what those malicious liberals would say about her daughter if she'd told the truth. Everyone else, thankfully, will go "crazy lady."

Thank you for all you do.

Anonymous said...

That "Sarah Who?" button is hilarious!!

"The Messenger" is correct, the "Jindal/Barbor 2012" post is generating a howl of outrage on the maeTharaS site, and there are a few comments suggesting she form her own party. **Mind-blowing**

The other personality that "can do no wrong" is Miss California. One blogger on this site posted the ACTUAL question and answer given during the Miss USA pageant that makes it painfully clear how ignorant and poorly-worded Miss Boobs4Jesus response was, and carefully outlined why failing to submit the "racy" photos to the pageant officials BEFORE she competed was a violation of contract.

Alas, the "here are the facts" approach worked poorly, as the replies back informed her that she was smearing an "angel".

So there you have it. Palin/Prejean 2012.

regina said...


Boobs4Jesus, absolutely priceless!


SoCalWolfGal said...

Poor little Palinbots - things just aren't going that well for their girl right now. "Her own party"! These people are so pathetic, and what is really sad, there is no help for them. I always think of a Margaret Atwood novel when I read anything about their utter devotion to this woman who would quite happily push them off a cliff for a little $$$.

onejrkitty said...

Rember Jim Jones and Gyana (sp?)

Remember the dressed alike suicides who belived the commet passing close to earth at the time was going to pick them up?

Unfortunately, we have among us people whose emotional psychological equilibrium is so fragil that they cannot deal with life unless they have a close, at hand avatar to follow.

THese are people so totally in denial about what is real, so totally unable to function on their own or deal with the deeper questions of life that they hang their hat on ANYONE WHO TELLS THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR. UNFORTUNATELY NARCASSIST PALIN DID RECEIVE A GREAT DEAL OF SPOTLIGHT TIME AND PALIN'S OWN NEED FOR LOVE, APPROVAL HAS GIVEN HER A CHARISMATIC PERSONALITY GUARANTEED TO SUCKER IN THE MOST HOPELESS, HELPLESS AMONG US.

Hopefully, in the larger stage that Fate plays upon, this unveiling of blatant narcissism will result in a growing consciousness of our species of just how much evil results from a lack of personal courage.

Courage that, in the "old days" was called CHARACTER.

As a society, we are too far off from balance and call every LACK OF CHARACTER a "sickness" or make some excuse, or blame anyone, anything other than the "victim" for their circumstance.

Palin plays the "victim" so often because as a society we have "victimized" everybody who lacks character, rather than holding the individual responsible.

Palin and Miss California are our most recent visible results.


Unless you want more Palins in the future rising to prominence and supported by the "lowest common demoninator" among us.

Anonymous said...

Palin/Prejean 2012!!! Yeah, baby!

The New Third Party will be: The Ex-Beauty Queens "for Life" P. Party! XBQFLPPers!

(Only ex=beauty queens whose last names begin with "P" can run on their tickets)

basheert said...

NO way - no way would SP EVER have anyone on a ticket with her that could be considered PRETTIER than her.
Boobs4Jesus is also a LOT younger than SP (is your paranoid radar activating)????
SP is an AGING ex-beauty pageant CONTESTANT. She did NOT win. She is LOSER.
Boobs4Jesus is also dumb as a box of rocks - oh wait, that makes them soul mates!

Helen said...

Love this post!

"Secular progressive nitwits prepare for your defeat!"

Hmm, really? Okay, um we are all prepared. In the meantime, it looks like Palin has role playing gamers, teenage boys and comic book readers as her most staunch supporters. Good luck with that one BS.