Sunday, 17 May 2009

One Sarah Palin, two different styles

There are different styles of blogging...

The high profile progressive blogs that follow Sarah Palin and Alaska politics pride themselves in providing links to their sources, backing up their arguments against any of the politicians they challenge with quotes and links to news articles and other documents.

In contrast, the fan sites that worship Sarah Palin manage to turn any trivial occurrence into a major conspiracy orchestrated by the White House and claim that people who disagree with Sarah Palin's actions or find her conduct unethical are haters and paid operatives who receive their orders straight from Axelrod.

Objections by Juneau residents regarding bus tours that went past the Governor's Mansion became a hate fest, a citizen branded a hater with a personal agenda against Sarah Palin and... Piper's lemonade stand, trampoline and goodness knows what else.

The lemonade stand was a figment of someone's imagination until one appeared a few days after the story first appeared on the Palin adoring blog. The trampoline became an issue only after the governor mentioned it, in full victim mode.

Then there was the White House conspiracy that prevented Sarah Palin taking centre stage at the Wasilla High School graduation ceremony. The blog didn't have a single link to a news source.

Sarah Palin criticized the media for using information given by bored anonymous bloggers as hard news sources. In the case on the graduation conspiracy, the ADN picked up the story from a blog. According to the Juneau Empire, the same happened regarding Piper's lemonade stand.

Trig truthers are branded as complete lunatics because they refuse to believe Sarah Palin was pregnant with Trig. At least they look for evidence and so far the media have not used any of these blogs as hard news sources...

Ironic or what?

Juneau Empire: bus tours story timeline
ADN: Sarah Palin's contribution to the story
ADN: graduation.



The Yellow Porcupine said...

When Faux News is your role model, you are not at all interested in veracity, sources, truth, facts, etc.

The Dame said...

Excellent Post!! I couldn't believe when I heard about that lemonade stand story. She puts little Piper out to sell lemonade to back up an erroneous, ficticious story. Doesn't that kid have homework to do? She should be a little behind after all her campaigning and waltzing Trig around in her high heels.

sandra said...

I've often considered comparing the blogs' commentors by grammar, tightness of logic, and use of name calling. It wouldn't necessarily mean anything, but would validate my guesses about the education and thoughtfulness levels of the followers.

I am challenged in cyber manipulation, so I never link to evidence. This may be a relevant factor for comparison. HT to all of you who do so well in this aspect.

The lemonade stand was another silly stick in the eye by SP. I'll bet she was hoping there would be an ethics complaint so she could use Piper as a shield.

I think another good comparison would be to compare the number of statements leaked or sent to the press by SP compared to other governors.

get real said...

Palinbots simply make up stories based on nothing.

They are morally bankrupt.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ha! You hit the nail square on the head!
Yes we are all paid by Axelrod/browshirts/soros/alinsky/Kim elton (a obama opertive)to write against the wonderful truthful GINO! (NOT)These followers are delusional like her, they are palinized: Urban dictonary...
to exaggerate the truth or lie by omission
To avoid giving any substantial answer to a factual question, by means of cobbling together meaningless platitudes; to attempt to fool the listeners and distract their attention by pandering to their prejudices and using one's charm or attractiveness. Inspired by the distinctive style of Alaska governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin.

4. The act of firing people who divorce your family members.
5. To use your publicly elected powers for evil.

midnightcajun said...

I get the impression the Palinbot-types got so used to having control of the government for 8 years under Bush--and with the Republicans controlling Congress for years before that under Clinton--that they really think the universe has flipped upside down. They are absolutely outraged that people who hold beliefs they've been taught for so many years to despise are now in control, and it has driven them crazy. Literally. Add to that the outrage felt by racial bigots over the color of the president's skin, and their complete denial that Obama is a "real" Christian--when we all know that God puts the president in the WHite House--and their hold on sanity is gone.

regina said...


You don't need to be cyber competent or provide links to give an opinion.

The way people express their opinions can make a difference, as you said.

I've noticed that we don't refer to any of their bloggers by name or call them the kinds of names they call Celtic Diva, for example.

We do call them names, but we tend to keep it general, rather than single out one person for silly name calling. They sound like schoolchildren and they all want to be the teacher's pet.

They play their little games and it seems SP joins in, giving them what they want in order to continue their attacks on people who have perfectly reasonable grievances.

It's quite pathetic...


basheert said...

Nicely said Regina. I think it's really very important when you WRITE for a blog (not necessarily commenting on the thread) that at all times you source your material. This is the difference between the wingnutters and the left leaning blogs.
At all times, when I write, I will name and link to the source of my articles. The individuals who read the stories can then follow my trail and read where my info comes from and form their own opinions.
Unlike right wingnutter worship sites, most political blogs use actual material that is sourced and can be tracked.
The wingnutters are similiar to a cult. They have no rhyme nor reason. They exist to worship their idol and anyone who does not share their beliefs is obviously WRONG.
That is what makes the wingnutters so dumb. They appear to be completely incapable of actually forming an opinion based upon interpretation of reading and a variety of source materials.
That's why SP's Bots are so hilarious. They certainly are intellectually challenged.
Then again, the Nazis worshipped Hitler didn't they?

ProChoiceGrandma said...

Regina, here are two articles to add as resources to Religiongate:
This is an 11-15-08 article:

And this is from CNN 5-18-09:

basheert said...

Dear Fellow Bored Anonymous Bloggers: Let's make up lots of stupid stuff about the freak that is Sarah?

How about - she is a religious nut. (sorry - been done).

How about - she made her daughter claim her DS baby? (oops again)

How about - she is an ethical disaster (ewwwwww - did that one too).

How about she is sharing her elected office with her husband including private government emails? (damn....)

How about blaming everyone else for her stupidity? (rats...there MUST be something)

Oh yes, it's all OUR fault that she is a bimbo dummy who has to have the alphabet explained to her.

Hey guys, we can't make this stuff up. She's a veritable fount of blog threads all on her own. It's nice that she credits "us" for all the stupid things she's done and been responsible for. Then again, she's the gift that keeps on giving.