Wednesday, 20 May 2009

You should have blinked, Sarah Palin

Until the end of August 2008, Sarah Palin was not known outside Alaska at all.

The Alaskan progressive bloggers were quietly blogging from their basements but not many people from outside took much notice of them.

Life was good for Sarah Palin. She could cope with the "Where's Sarah?" buttons, she could pull her Desperate Housewives stunt, she could stand to have her wrist slapped over Troopergate, she could hide her incompetence, because she was waaay out there, in the last frontier, insulated from outside curiosity.

I can't believe that anybody would have googled Alaska unless they fancied a cruise or a hunt until the end of August 2008. Outsiders would not have googled Sarah Palin.

The last frontier was just that: the last frontier, end of story. Some corruption rumblings would interest a few political buffs, but by and large, there was anonymity for Alaskan politicians.

Oh, but Sarah Palin didn't blink!

All eyes turned to Alaska, questions were asked, all her peccadilloes became front page news and the Alaskan bloggers became the new media.

Now we find her family the target of all and sundry, Sarah Palin's every move examined under a microscope, numerous blogs came into existence (mine included, all the way from France, of all places!) looking at her political record, dissecting her ludicrous account of Trig's birth and life is not so good for Sarah Palin anymore.

Sarah Palin didn't blink, but she winked, flirted and blundered her way into notoriety. Her boundless ambition and narcissism changed everything.

We're all aware now, Sarah Palin, you can't go back to the good old days.

Deal with it!


Dianne said...

Only someone with a normal psyche would have blinked and Sarah, in no way, meets the criteria for normal.

Anonymous said...

True that. She was a big fish in a small pond, and could have gotten away with everything short of murder, until McCain came a-knocking.

I believe it was quite a shock to her when the McCain/Palin ticket didn't win. She was so sure Jesus would tell everyone to vote for her (and then call the old man "home") so she could take her place as leader of the free world.

Yes, this ignorant, thieving, petty woman was that close to the White House. I give thanks everyday we were spared this fate.

Ah, sweet schadenfreude! I hope to see the complete Palin/Heath truth revealed in due time, and I will savor every word.

(Unless it includes child abuse, then I will be really angry. I'm already pretty sure they drug up those babies before public events. Grrrr! In that event, being led away in handcuffs and and orange jumpsuit should be her fate.)

basheert said...

But now she has Boobs4Jesus in her corner so they can fight for Constitutionally protected free pageant speech!

What an idiot. Her disorder really sent her down the rathole. No hiding now.

KaJo said...

Regina, in the course of looking up something else, on a completely different topic, I came upon this article from last fall regarding Dept. of Homeland Security benefits for Alaska, specifically benefits that seem to follow Sarah Palin like a little shadow.

If you haven't already read it or added it to your store of background information, you might be interested:

Homeland Security Pays Dividends for Alaska -- by G.W. Schultz -- Truthdig -- October 31, 2008

Anonymous said...

Staying in AK and pretending to be governor only pays 125K a year... plus a few free trips for family... and per diems

Why would she stay for chump change when she can run for VP.. then get book deal, get daughter a cake job, get free gifts from admirers, get legal slush fund, get SarahPac money and other bennies.

Sarah could not blink.. she had DOLLAR SIGNS stuck in her eyelids

Anonymous said...

Sarah still doesn't blink. I mean it to say that she doesn't think through what she says or does, weighing the consequences of her actions. She just pushes right through that door without any planning. How does a serious presidential candidate accept political invitations and then back out? How does that look? When she orchestrates Bristol's appearances on Fox or in People Magazine, she might be looking at the short-gain, namely her tiff with the Johnstons. Long-range there is a greater risk that she should have thought about first. Family was "off the table" in the last presidential election. This time, she has made it a real issue, and Bristol will be forced to defend her poorly worded public statements. Meghan McCain is already out there doing "PR Battle" with her (the other night on Colbert). So, when Sarah "writes" her book, she can count the money (short-term) but over the long term, every word will be fact-checked against previous statements, timelines and photos. I guess they don't have Nexis-Lexis and other Database Search Engines in Alaska. We've always wondered about Sarah's glasses and her "lazy eye;" I think it's more of a question of being short-sighted and not blinking often enough.

sandra said...

If she moves out to interact with the media, it will become apparent that she has been hiding. It's all posing and no substance.

I think that she is starting to get a glimmer of this. Essentially she is developing political agorophobia. Sending Todd to the lower 48, hiding behind her appointees, making appearances to sign bills and march in parades, and never into discussion.

Her admirers seem to not care. They have developed a fantasy of what she is and will never even see she has no clothes.

basheert said...

All of the comments are spot on except for one thing. SP doesn't have political agorophobia. She has a superego and is a psychopath so is not capable of feeling or showing any type of fear.
She has no self-awareness - she is incapable of seeing herself as others do.
She will continue to thrust her face into the mix until someone smacks her down (hopefully the voters in 2010).
She is an overreacher - she is incapable of governing or being a leader. She is absolutely unelectable for our country - it appears as if Alaska is stuck with her.
She is also aging, rapidly. Put her up against Boobs4Jesus and she looks hard rode and put up wet. In a couple of years she will simply be an ex-beauty-pageant-loser-ex-governor-hillbilly dodo.
She has accomplished nothing memorable. Oh yes, she did lose McCain's election when she opened her big mouth.

regina said...


Thanks for the link. I've bookmarked it, you never know, it may come in handy sometime...


FEDUP!!! said...

WOW! She looks like a cheap WHORE in that picture with those f***-me boots, and the short skirt, slit up to the hill... - NOT like a governor!