Friday, 22 May 2009

Grow up, Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin's nice warm home

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday vetoed $80 million from appropriation bills, including $28.6 million from the federal stimulus funds for energy efficiency.

Despite pressure from some lawmakers and others to accept the federal money, Palin said she won't accept funds tied to adoption of building codes by local governments.

"Alaskans and our communities have a long history of independence and opposing many mandates from Washington, D.C.," Palin said in a statement announcing the veto. "This principle of maximum self-government for local communities is also set out in our constitution. There isn't a lot of support for the federal government to coerce Alaska communities to adopt building codes, but lawmakers can always exercise checks and balances by overriding my veto."

Sarah Palin is still playing political games...

In the meantime, people pay through their noses to heat their homes in the tropical Alaskan winter.

"There isn't a lot of support for the federal government to coerce Alaska communities to adopt building codes." What is she talking about???

Whenever she refers to the federal government, her language descends into something bordering on treason!

Article on Alaska Journal of Commerce
Shannyn Moore explains it better


FEDUP!!! said...

So, instead of accepting the federal $$$ for insulating all those tropical Alaskan get-aways, she wants the Legs to spend EXTRA $$$ to get back into special session and override her veto...

KaJo said...

It just kills me to see Sarah Palin mention the federal government with such scorn, when she just got done 6 months ago campaigning to be PART of the federal government!


Cognitive dissonance personified.

(my WV is "kingsh" -- feel free to parse that into whatever seems appropriate :) )

lisabeth said...

I just can't stand her anymore. I don't understand why Alaskans put up with her! Can't they do something already? Palin is seriously mentally ill. Every day it's something else.

sarahsux said...

It's really quite simple:
Palin doesn't give a crap about regular Alaskans. All she cares about is her own PERSONAL AMBITION.

Recall. Impeach.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever she refers to the federal government, her language descends into something bordering on treason!"

Yeah...she thinks she sounds like such a bad-ass throwing around the words "The Feds" when everyone knows she's an ignorant hillbilly running a tiny state.

I must say that in my 35 years as a registered voter, I've never heard more disrespectful and even seditious language as what has been spewing from the likes of Palin, Limbaugh, and their ilk. They should be damned glad that it's not the 1950's anymore!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

I imagine that GINO would be a little tetchy on the subject of "building codes," given that as mayor of Wasilla, she sealed the records regarding her own home: Where the supplies came from. Who built it. Who paid.

And no, I'm not buying that Tahhhhd and his "buddies" did, not for an instant.

basheert said...

Hey cool. That means there is lots more money for us in the Lower 48.

Gotta luv your guv. She's the gift that keeps on giving to everyone else.

Thanks Alaska!!

Anonymous said...

She is unable to grow up - she is now simply growing OLD.

The ugliness that is inside of her is coming out in ever pore.

Once a loser ....

Kyra said...

Didn't Ted Stevens get convicted because his house got built by contributors and he "forgot" to mention it on his financial disclosure forms? Granted, his conviction was thrown out because of prosecutorial misconduct, but there is no question that he was guilty, in fact, there is some certainty that the Bush Administration set it up that way to make sure the convictions would be thrown out.

In any case, how long before all of Sarah's use of Wasilla staff and supplies for her campaign comes out, and her redecorating for her Mayor's office, and who paid for the materials for her house? can that really be swept under the rug indefinitely?