Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sarah Palin, shoes, books and loads of money

This is a "good" picture of the hot governor striking a Victoria Beckham pose in front of these three guys.

The shoes look just as fetching as the Naughty Monkeys, also...

Sarah Palin seems to have a red shoe fetish. I wish she would click her heels and disappear to some place very, very far away, never to be seen again.

Changing the subject, Sarah is still gloating about the dismissed ethics complaints on her twit account. We're not at all surprised that the complaints have been dismissed, as we have no faith in the process of investigating and resolving any of them.

She also praised the residents of Eagle for not depending on the government in their hour of need. Why did she bother to go and inspect the area, then?

The way she ALWAYS reinforces this idea that government is not the answer to anything leads me to the question: why have a governor? By her own admission, the government serves no purpose, therefore she's surplus to requirement. Good bye.

Sarah Palin seems to have waited until her slush "legal" fund had collected enough money from her adoring fans before announcing her book deal. If she admitted to being loaded, she wouldn't have been able to cry poverty in order to con them into contributing... a maximum of $150, which is exactly the cut-off figure for gifts that don't need to be properly declared. Coincidence?

Now that she's officially an author, has a fund that may be transferred to the Cayman Islands at any point and her daughter is also earning a crust by promoting the no sex message for a very sexy foundation, isn't it time for Sarah Palin to move on and give Alaskans a chance to have a proper governor?


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

excellent post...LMOA @ "I wish she would click her heels and disappear to some place very, very far away, never to be seen again."
Her stupid minions keep contributing to her legal fund??? Well a fool is soon parted from his money, lol!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

SP is not an "author," she's what Molly Ivins used to call, in her childhood East Texas accent, an "arthur." I still love Molly's bewilderment at finally getting a book published, in early '90s, and learning that Madonna and Ivana Trump had become self-anointed "arthurs."

Anonymous said...

Panhandling to pay for legal fees to get them out of the way so that all the money from the book deal goes right into ol' GINO's purse! Bankruptcy, what a joke.

Sadly, some of those folks that donated probably live from paycheck to paycheck.

Plain will receive her just reward; I hope she will be proud of what she receives.

And I, too, noticed how she talked in Eagle about the folks not looking for a handout. Funny, it's okay for her to have her hand out, but shameful for others in dire need.

Thanks, Regina...great post, as always!

SoCalWolfGal said...

Oh, if only those Red Shoes were that magical. Well, it's a delightful thought anyway!

As far as government serving no purpose. I couldn't agree more, if she thinks it unnecessary, why doesn't she just resign as Governor(in name only) so that the wonderful people of Alaska can have a real governor? Great post as always Regina.

FEDUP!!! said...

I can't believe she stands like she does - with her legs spread apart like that! (Wonder where Bristol got that from [Oooops! Did I say that out loud?]) Her stance is not one foot in front of the other, but about a foot apart and slightly forward-thrust...

I guess we all knew where those ethics complaints would end up once her minions got a hold of them... SOooo: Time to turn it up a notch, and file the complaints with CREW and other agencies. Someone posted the info in one of the posts, but I don't remember who/when/where.
Reg: Could you put those agencies somewhere so anyone can see them w/o having to go through all the blogs/responses? (Also, maybe if only Alaskans can do it, or if anyone from the rest of the States can do it too, also... ;)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Fedup!!! Anyone can file at CREW and the FBI! :)
Just google CREW, use the dropdown menu for tipline!
FBI I like to Anchorage FBI go to their website they have a email to contact them.
Easy as Pie!

Anonymous said...

Do you think this new book writing adventure will take away from any of that quality time she spends with her special needs child? Let see there are 24 hours in a day, she is gov 24/7, yeah right, she has to keep up with Facebook, twitering away, being mavericky, hmm, doesn't leave a lot of time for the kids, especially for a special needs one. No wonder Piper is still sucking on a Pacifer.