Saturday, 16 May 2009


I'm fed up with Sarah Palin! So I'm going to share some of the music I enjoy with you.

Starting with a classic: "My Back Pages", by The Byrds, waaaay back.

Moving on to one of my favourite TV themes. Let it run on pause for a bit, the buffering is iffy:

This one is an acquired taste. It's in Arabic and can be enjoyed best if you close your eyes when you listen to it the first few times. It must be my Spanish/Moorish blood, but it stirs me.

The next four became personal anthems since moving to France. "Pull up Pull up!" is French rap. Hey, I'm over fifty, but I love to dance! "Boum" is very old, sung by a controversial gay man, Charles Trenet. "La Ceinture" was a major hit in France a couple of years ago, it's full of double entendres. "Je ne regrette rien" goes without saying, it's classic Edith Piaf.

The next one is part of the soundtrack of my favourite film ever. Cinema Paradiso is a moving, beautiful, perfect film. If you have the chance, watch the ORIGINAL version, NOT the director's cut. The latter is over explained and spoils the whole feel of this great film. (Buffering doggy on this one)

I hope you have enjoyed this musical intermission. I have!


Dianne said...

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Got reintroduced the music I haven't heard for a while and introduced to music I've never experienced. It's great!

KaJo said...

Regina, you inspired me to put play the closest thing I've got to La Piaf -- Mireille Mathieu. Piaf and Judy Garland are said to be two of Mathieu's idols.

In Mathieu's "chante PIAF" album "Non, je ne regrette rien" is the last track.

(I don't understand a word of French, but I surely do enjoy listening to both of them)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Reg, Loved the 3rd one! Use to do some belly dancing Raks shaki and we always used this one!
Now I want to dance :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

(supposed to be a zagareet!)

Ooooow! My parakeets are going crazy!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Let's hear it for caligirl's budgies!

And thank you, regina, for the amuse-guele/palate teaser that leaves us refreshed between the courses you serve us so generously.

I began to cry during the Byrds' "My Back Pages," because I was so much older then. I'm younger than that now. As are you!

regina said...


Mireille Matthieu's voice is very similar to Piaf's.

I have to search some of my favourite chansonniers, for the next time I have an attack of Palin fatigue...


Ennealogic said...

@ Regina... now I know we are soul sisters. Music connects and thanks to your sharing I know we are connected.

I wish I knew more French.. mais, c'est magnifique, ta musique. Mille merci!

Kat said...

Wonderful Regina! Thanks for the interlude. I have no Spanish/Moorish blood but the Arabic one stirred me deeply the first time. How appropiate - my word verification was shmmmme. I did. :) Now to listen to them all again for sheer enjoyment. Love your blog!!

Gail said...

After a long evening in the ER with a child with a kidney infection - she's fine! but I'm too exhausted to sleep - thank you Regina for this melodic reminder of the myriad emotions that comprise life which is evoked by all sorts of music. Maybe now I can actually get some rest!