Saturday, 9 May 2009


Sarah Palin 7 months pregnant, Nicole Richie 5 1/2 months


Lilybart said...

The photo evidence is just impossible to ignore. She does not look pregnant AT ALL in most photos excpet the only post-announcement photo where she is not wearing a blanket-sized scarf.

Anonymous said...

the suspense is killing me.

something for the curious said...

Is there a YouTube of the various photos and pregnancy stages of the Palins and others at similar months? Something for the curious. If the woman was pregnant and in the great pregnant condition as she claims, she deserves an award. Others showing her flat tummy is not a conspiracy or nuts. It is a compliment to Sarah, especially if you believe she is pregnant. Compared to a mere mortal like Nicole Richie, she is phenomenal. It's up to the viewer to decide.

Is there a YouTube about the wild ride?

Since motherhood is Sarah's ticket to ride, wouldn't her people want to promote her super human qualities?
What an amazing Alaska HDTV show!
Juneau Hike with Sarah Palin Posted on February 20, 2008
FLICKR'S's photostream would have the still shots of Sarah?
Hike of the Week. Urban Hike with Sarah Palin.
"Happy belated birthday" (February 11, 6 months pregnant) I saw a photo of Palin, while pregnant with Piper, she was wearing appropriate shoes. She did say she wanted to conceal her pregnancy with Trig and she may have thought sacrificing for safety was the thing to do. She may have thought high heels would show she was not pregnant. Hence, hiking in winter around Juneau wearing heels and sacrificing safety was the lesser evil for the Pro-life advocate.

Bristol Palin is not only the picture of a saintly mother holding Tripp, she has done what many unwed teen mothers would struggle for years to do. She went from looking pregnant-like or a weighty nursing mother in Feb 2009 to trimmed down for her media debut as Ambassador, May 6, 2009. Something celebrities do with personal trainers, time at a spa facility or tummy tucks in 3 months or less. Bristol did this while staying up at night, going to Wasilla High School, breaking up with her husband to be, attending functions, being a primary care giver to her down syndrome brother, working (she was paid to go to NYC), taking on a role as an advocate for unwed teen mothers and swimming. I don't get it, why aren't her public relation teams putting out her amazing accomplishments and a how to for other teens?

Is there a YouTube for the amazingly well behaved Palin babies? The way they take to the spotlights and noisy televised events and interviews. What is their secret and do they share this with their base? Why can't the we all know how to have babies like that?

basheert said...

I disagree with the "well behaved" Palin babies.
These babies lie unnaturally still. They are breathing sacks of potatoes.

Watching the Palin mothers (or mother as the case may be) drag these kids all over as photo ops is flatly disgusting and IF they are being drugged for convenience, it is a sad and even more repulsive behavior for these Palin women.

For 3.5 months, Tripp is about a 5 month baby. His stillness is unnatural and frankly, people should be concerned!!!

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

I agree with Basheert...@ 4 mos. a baby might have a "pacifier" to keep them quiet, and they would be gently sucking on that, looking around, and especially looking at Mom!
I think these kids are drugged with Bendryl or ??? With TriGG you couldn't really tell, people said, "oh he's DS that's how they are", BUT ARE THEY???
But who is gonna make the call about the kids??? The palinbots will go into their react mode, "how dare you attack the governor kids and grandchild,blah,blah,blah" not caring that these kids are possibly being endangered!

CC from far away said...

Another one chiming in to agree with above posters. She doesn't look remotely pregnant ... from the flat belly to her not-bloated hands or face. I know all pregnancies are different but my face was a little puffy even before I started showing. And we know from photographic evidence (provided by HER family) that she does too. Hmph!!! There is something about this woman that really gets under my skin.....grrrrrrrrrrrrr

And those babies are definitely on something. Even when babies are sound asleep they twitch or move if you stroke their cheek, etc..

This is all beyond surreal and I hope this ends very soon. I'm exhausted!!! *grin*....

WV---florood in I am absolutely floored this charade has gone on so long.

something for the curious said...

Basheert I am sorry if I'm a little confused. I try to think like a Palinbot at times. If they see anything as "attacking" Tripp or a Palin they go nuts. I don't literally think these are naturally well behaved examples of children. For me, there is something much more sinister happening. There are too many taboo subjects where Palin is concerned. It is like battered women when the police say there is nothing we can do, nothing they can do until there is a visibly injured or dead body.

The public is busy and they see the instant image and may grumble about the hypocrisy of Bristol's message. They see a sweet sleeping baby, the main feather in Bristol's cap that is untouchable. She made a mistake a year ago but look at her now. How does the message get out to more people to take another look at the babies? To actually study the photos and video of the babies. The video of Todd and Bristol Palin with their old acquaintance Matt Lauer is the most revealing IMHO. I don't see how a parent can look at that one and not question the Palin's parenting techniques. If you have followed the Palin DS baby media tour or saw the Fox interview, you know it is not just one time. May be in another country a good journalist could raise questions, but not in America.

Americans are not concerned because they see only a sleeping baby. We can't blame Alaska's corrupt social services or legal system because because that happened in New York. Decent citizen Lauer was there, he had an initial response, but possibly believes it was an "exhausted" baby. New Yorkers trust NBC and the Palins where Tripp is concerned. NBC is not going to say we are concerned and wondering if there is not more to this and this baby could be in danger. I don't know the law or how Tripp's nervous system became that impaired. The family doctor could have legally prescribed or recommended something. I believe Anna Nicole's family had legal prescriptions, that doesn't mean children are not in danger.

Bristol Palin is asking teen mothers to follow her. Follow her change of advice about abstinence and follow her vision of care and devotion to her child. Many teens are too smart not to see through this, including why the baby is out cold. Unfortunately, teens don't have that much of a say. Teens don't want to talk about their own drug use, much less what young mothers talk about when it comes to taking care of baby and juggling school, work, life and all. When are we going to value children more than we value our taboos?

trish in SW FL said...

That baby was so "out cold", I thought at first glance, it was not a real live baby at all. I seriously thought it might have been one of those "true-to-life-
" baby dolls!

Anonymous said...

I love your reminders. :)

Anonymous said...

trish I wish that was one of those dolls. I feel like I'm a witness to something horrible and I don't know what to do.


This is from a thread 2 years ago:
"My son is 5 months old & 22 lbs. We were told last week to give him 1.5 ml about 4x's per day as necessary."
from Mickey Mouse Spears

"The First question, why are you giving it in the first place? Did the doctor tell you to? It can be dangerous to give a child this. Please be careful w/ this medication. It can be very easy to give too much and cause many problems, including death. There are safer medications out there. Good Luck."
from missy 2

"Dont give your kid benadryl its not good for young toddlers at all once they get 3 or 4 you might give em a little"
from clark 656

"i dont know but to be honest with u i will definately be nervous with your child. i watched an episode of montell when a child was killed by benedryl so be careful and contact a physician not yahoo answers. good luck and take care of that baby! :)"
from Desire

Children's liquid:
Children 1-2 years
2.5 mL every 4 to 6 hours
Children 2 to 5 years
5 mL every 4 to 6 hours
Children 6 to under 12 years
10 to 20 mL every 4 to 6 hours
Maximum 4 doses/day
P.S. 5 mL is equal to 1 teaspoon
from njshoreg


Ask Dr.
Give 0.5 mg per pound every 4-6 hours. (See dosing chart) The package doesn't give a dose for under 2 years of age and we don't recommend use under the age of one.

I have my own opinions about drugs, especially when it comes to babies and children. When my baby was just over one year, I had a total crying fit, nothing like I had ever done before, when a doctor in a town where I had only lived a few months wanted to put my child in a big city hospital. I doubt they could have pryed him away from me, as I was young and terrified to think of him being in that place. To me I was fighting for his life, although they said he could die if not treated in their hospital. I did give him the medication that time but I took him home where there were a few bad days and nights. All turned out fine. Throughout their young lives there were several times I took the prescription for my children but I didn't use them. I won't go into what happened to me with a highly honored physician, but I don't always trust doctors or medications.

I've known friends that are 360 from me when it comes to medicating. So, I do get the other side. If the reason is for the convenience of the mother, I don't see a rational answer for giving a baby anything that puts them in the condition we can see that baby was in on Good Morning America! That is abuse, if it was a legal medication, it was abuse. Like WAKE UP AMERICA!

Chances are if it happened once it happens more often. Is Grandpop Toad a total dope? O yeah I forgot they are proud of their daughter's mothering skills.

Regina I love your photo reminder.

FEDUP!!! said...

One thing - no, actually two:

a) Where has Tripp been since after the infamous interview where he was obviously drugged? Has anyone seen him well and alive afterwards?

b)If Bristol takes him all over the country for her interviews, and he is flaccid like in the last interview, Child Protective Services in any other location can step in and take a look at the baby - it does NOT have to be Alaska's CPS!

One more point: If she drugs him, and maybe gives him 'a little bit much' (even if not!), he can get lasting brain damage...

Anonymous said...

Thank you FEDUP!!! it gives me hope when I see people care like you do.

That sorry excuse for a grandfather, Todd, sucked up all the air with his pathetic show in the City. I have not heard of a word as to Bristol or the baby since her media glory. If they rushed him back to Alaska he could have been hospitalized and no one would know. That friendly little situation with the church and MatSu General or what it's called. Also the Palin doctor that is so illusive. Is it Baldwin-Johnson. Someone needs to be all over these people ASAP.

Not one person I showed the infamous interview sees a healthy baby. They are alarmed and outraged. The Palin teams don't notice anything, or I haven't heard them even try to rationalize this away. The problem is not many people are paying attention and giving the video a serious look.

Wouldn't it be in the NY CPS jurisdiction? He could have brain damage. MSNBC should do a follow up, but they will cover their backsides. The interviewer did notice he was out cold. I hardly think that was in the script, more like a spontaneous reaction. Not a statement of fact because he knew what was going on. In any event, he should tell why he had that gut reaction. Has anyone found the possible video of right before where it is said the baby was active. The sooner the authorities are collecting the tapes and getting interviews the better for Tripp.

Anonymous said...

In California Gloria Alred stands up for the children of celebrity. Does she know about this? She might recommend someone that would look at this in the appropriate location.

Anonymous said...

I found myself wondering what does Sherry Johnston see when her grandson is on television "out cold". Parents with good intentions can over medicate a child. It may be so common place in Alaska that no one thinks much when a baby is "out cold".

If a family, a town or group are in the habit of seeing medicated children, they may not notice there is a problem.
It could be "cute" when the a baby looks "out cold". Since this is not a subject to discuss, the public remains uninformed. Who knows how big the problem is?

Study Finds Children Over medicated on Purpose
It sounds like an episode from CSI. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was an episode of CSI. A child meets an untimely end due to being over medicated with cough syrup. Why? The parents wanted her to calm down or be quiet or some such thing. It sounds like it's impossible, but it happens, and, according to doctors, more often than we'd like to believe. Kids are being over medicated in order to calm them down.

Rob O.
My wife & I had read about parents giving their little ones Benadryl to conk 'em out during long airplane flights, and we did bring along some Benadryl just in case the long trip from Moscow freaked our new son out too much. But in the end, we couldn't bring ourselves to do it. And thankfully, he was not too stressed by the travel although he did get very restless from time to time during the 12 hour flight.

Death by Prescription: The Shocking Truth Behind an Overmedicated Nation

Kyra said...

okay here's the thing. if anyone seriously thinks Tripp or Trigg is being drugged, then you need to call CPS in Wasilla where the babies live. by law, they have to take a report and check it out. Will they? probably not, because you haven't seen the babies. but I'm a mandatory reporter and by law, that's what I would have to do if I believed they were at risk.

I don't have an opinion on this as my son pretty much slept until he was about 4 months old (by the way - I agree with everyone - Benadryl can have a reverse effect on children and with chicken pox can be very dangerous. my pediatrician had me give it to my son when he was 3 with chicken pox and we almost lost him).

Anyway, every baby is different and reacts differently to things. I don't approve of hauling these kids all over, especially Trigg during the campaign, but TV studios are accustomed to accommodating all kinds of guests and you'll notice - Matt and Bristol were not on the usual set.

Y'all know I'm not a Palin fan by any means, but let's be sure we don't attack everything and thus dilute what we do have evidence to support.

Anonymous said...


When you look at Tripp with Bristol, Todd and Matt Lauer, do you see only a sleeping baby? Bristol has said he is active, I think that was when she was on Fox. She said he keeps her up all night. He could sleep by day, but sleeping babies do twitch.

With Lauer there is a time Bristol rubs Tripp's mouth. Does that look like how your baby would react? There was no reaction at all. Watch it a few more times.

I know a little about the Catholic Church and years of denial. It is not unusual that no one will look at this or think it is important.

I'm not against contacting CPS in Wasilla, but don't think it would do much. Would Wasilla ask Lauer for the other tapes of that morning? It is possible there is one showing Tripp as active right before the interview.

As a mandatory reporter, would you send them tapes and anything else that could show why you are concerned? We had a local situation where all the children were only seen on the internet, the FBI was involved, but you do not always have to see a child in person. I know this is a different situation. But say you received a tape, you would not by law have to take a report because you didn't see the children in person?

I hope an attorney and a physician can spend some time looking into this.

Anonymous said...

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