Monday, 4 May 2009

Sarah Palin cheerleaders

The Sarah Palin cheerleading website, also known as the Anchorage Daily News, published an editorial that echoes the governor's press releases regarding the citizens who file ethics complaints agaisnt her.

The ADN takes exception with people publicizing their complaints, claiming that they're turning the whole thing into a politically motivated spectacle. Their bottom line: Ethics law is a means to hold leaders accountable, not a political plaything.

If we look at the mechanism of having a complaint filed and investigated, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the publicity surrounding their grievances remains the only weapon left to citizens who want to hold Sarah Palin accountable for her actions.

Any complaint filed against Sarah Palin is examined by the Attorney General, who's appointed by the governor. If the AG finds the complaint has merit, it proceeds to the Personnel Board, also appointed by the governor, for further investigation. (Correction: complaints against the governor, lieutenant governor and AG go directly to the Personnel Board)

If the citizens kept quiet about the contents of their complaints, they would be ignored, quite simply. Publicity is the only tool people have in such a defective system.

If the ADN did their job, investigating and highlighting the transgressions of the executive, there wouldn't be so many ethic complaints filed against Sarah Palin because she would feel obliged to act more ethically, knowing that she was being watched.

A news website that has a whole section about Sarah Palin, with features such as "Sarah Palin lookalikes", "Send in your photos of the governor" and "Palin and me", can't be called independent or pretend to be dedicated to journalism. It's a fan site.

Their comments section is now moderated by Conservatives4Palin, another fan site. An article that indicates 28 comments will have only 7 comments visible, for example. A great number of people were banned from commenting on the ADN site.

The ADN is an extension of Sarah Palin's official website. Their editorials read like the governor's press releases. The only difference is that the ADN can legally carry advertisements...

Statutes - Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act
Recall Sarah Palin


Ratfish said...

Actually, I think a complaint filed against the governor does not get reviewed by the AG.

The AG is only involved in reviewing complaints filed against executive branch members other than the governor, lt. governor, and no doubt the AG himself/herself.

regina said...


I have included a link to the pdf file of the statutes of the Executive Branch Ethics Act.

It's not easy to read or understand...

If ethics complaints bypass the AG and go directly to the Personnel Board, the fact remains that the governor is investigated by people appointed by the very governor under investigation.

Until Sarah Palin is investigated by federal agencies, the odds are she will be found innocent of any wrongdoing.

The only thing disgruntled citizens can do in these circumstances is a lot of noise. It may not address the actual ethics breach or bring the governor to justice, but at least it shines the spotlight on her transgressions.


midnightcajun said...

If ever there was a newspaper that deserved to go under, its the ADN.

And Regina, you're right. If these complaints have any hope of getting traction, they need to be taken up at the federal level, not at the state level, where she has the power of a dictator. Not reimbursing the city of Wasilla for the time and resources invested in her failed run for Lt. Gove =income tax fraud. Fraudulently claiming that her family was invited to functions in order to be reimbursed for their travel is fraud AND income tax fraud. And where is the investigation into the construction of her house? So many of these issues could be prosecuted as legal infractions. Have they not replaced Bushs' Christian Taliban appointments in Alaska yet?

EyeOnYou said...

I was under the impression that Gov. Palin only reappointed one of the three people who sit on the personnel board and the other two were holdovers from the previous administration. Not that it changes the fact that all are at will employees who serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Since it is common knowledge that the Governor is one who holds grudges against those who don't go along with her and don't play her way, in my opinion, to have those whose job it is to investigate her beholden to her for a job puts their ability to be impartial and fair into question.

Aspiecelia said...

Even though the ethics complaints go to the personnel board it is clear the governor is getting her legal advice from the dept of law. Having a dept of law which is protecting an unethical governor emphasizes the need to publicly air the ethics complaints.

Lisabeth said...

Your system is completely corrupt as you know. Has anyone tried to change this? There must be ways to change this. I think you are very right about something. People are so so frustrated with Palin for so many things, this is something they can do, a way to take control. Your legislature should be doing something more, shouldn't they? Maybe report all this to the federal governmen-AG office or FBI. I am not up on these things but what happened in Blagos case, wasn't the FBI involved?

It also appears that Palin does not listen to citizens. She has her own agenda. Compare to Obama who has always ecouraged people to give feedback. Truly effective leaders have a way of helping others feel like their views are important too. She doesn't make anyone feel heard.

Anonymous said...

I think people sometimes forget exactly how small Alaska is in terms of population. Juneau, the capitol, only has about 30,000 people. Small town mentality. Small town newspaper.

One of the reasons anonymous blogging has been so effective in exposing Palin is that it's a form of publicity which doesn't carry the consequences of criticism which can otherwise occur in the small town "fishbowl" that is Alaska. I agree that the Feds need to get involved in the corruption. That's the only time anything is addressed properly...and then everyone can blame the Feds, not their neighbors.

basheert said...

I think all of us sympathize with the normal Alaska citizens who simply shake their heads in shame that their GINO is a complete walking, talking embarrassing freakshow.

A lot of systems are corrupt - she will hopefully be voted out of office next year. I sincerely do hope she runs for Prez in 2012 perhaps with the even loonier Bachmann. It is, I'm sorry to say, MY dream ticket.

The American public currently identifies itself as Republic in only 20% of the population. That is an unelectable margin. It will take 20-30 years for the Republic party to get a clue and discover that they are vilified and pretty much hated and distrusted by the majority of citizens.

SP represents the Republic party, the absolute WORST of the Republic party.

She is whiny, snipey and immature. She cannot speak clearly, I doubt she can read words of more than 2 syllables. She is a DREAM candidate for the Republics. She will take their numbers down into the teens.

No one cares about her fans. All their are is a herd of anti-intellectual sheep. The ADN is a mouthpiece for them. So why support it?

No really - if it's a "fan site", then boycott it AND boycott it's sponsors. They do have sponsors - let them know that you disapprove.

Those of us in the Lower 48 cannot do anything about the ADN. Hit them in the pocketbook. Hit their sposors.

They are the FAUX News of Anchorage. They will also go down with SP. Newspapers are dying. And the C4Pers are taking the ADN down. Help them out.

regina said...


You crack me up when you say the Republic Party. I noticed you started it when Sarah Palin referred to the "Democrat" Party in an interview about the Juneau Senate seat.

Palin-Bachmann is definitely a dream ticket! They would sink the Republics so deep nobody would be able to dig them out again.

The debates would be the best entertainment. Two lunatics serving word salad to the world!


basheert said...

I think it is so funny - these minions of hers.

They are so like the junior high crowd. Can't you see them all smoking in the restroom and making nasty remarks about other people, in the hopes that Princess SP would notice them?

Losers all of them and I will just bet you that SP thinks they're all crazy as bedbugs. She's a "user" - she'll take all the support she can get because whether she admits or not, she is NERVOUS.

She appeals only to the wackos. And she knows it, but she can't attract normal people. They see what a loser she is.

In a way, except for the fact that she is GINO, she's silly and pathetic and the whole situation is funny.

She has these hordes of hangers-on like groupies on a rock star.

Ever seen a close up picture of a virus? Looks like a Palinbot. Round, pointy and has little barbs on the end. Of course, most viruses burn themselves out by dying before they can spread.

FEDUP!!! said...

Midnighcajun: That is exactly why the IRS has the whistle blower program... (To put the icing on the cake: If she should get investigated by the IRS for income tax evasion and be found guilty, *you* could even get a nice check delivered to your mailbox! :D )