Monday, 18 May 2009

Sarah Palin's mission

Former U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld used 'biblical images' to deliver reports on the war in Iraq to President Bush.

One example had a U.S. Abrams tank in the desert and below it the biblical quote from Ephesians: 'Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.'

Another brief showed an image of Saddam under a quote from the First Epistle of Peter: 'It is God's will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.'

The biblical remarks take on a greater significance as it is now known President Bush considered he was on a mission from God when he ordered the 2003 invasion.

Sarah Palin said something on the same lines:

The snippet above was filmed on the day Sarah Palin addressed the Masters Commission graduates at the Wasilla Assembly of God. She claimed travel and expenses from the state to speak to her supporters. When challenged about it, her office said it was OK because she had attended the installation of Rabbi Michael Oblath. I very much doubt that Sarah Palin considered the congregation at the synagogue instrumental in her elevation to the office of governor. I can't see them joining hands, asking God to make a way for her...

Sarah Palin has great difficulty keeping her personal agenda out of her conduct as governor. It is the fact that she mixes her personal interests with state business that has landed into so much trouble regarding ethics, be it family travel or advertising her husbands sponsors. The religion issue has not been properly challenged yet.

Please note that on the second video she goes along with the concept that Alaska is the last refuge in the end of days, joining in prayer, etc. Perhaps that explains her approach to governing and her refusal fo invest state funds in some areas.

The end is nigh!

Sarah Palin praised pastor Muthee, saying what a powerful message he had. The following video shows how his Evangelical Church works in Nigeria:

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FW said...

You know this Muthee video never gets old. "Religiongate" is perhaps the most troubling Plaingate issue for me. We saw how dangerous and ignorant George Bush was using religion to justify his political positions. I believe Sarah's Assembly of God church is much more wingnutty than he was. I mean all that rapture end of times crap is just downright delusional...only someone who is seriously deranged and not right in the head can believe in that.

As a former Catholic, I feel like those who come to rely too much on religion in their lives use it as a crutch, letting it fill voids in their personal and family relationships and to justify their hatred, fear, and bigotry to mask it the the "will of God". Why else would you be hunting down witches, talking about Satan...productive poeple with happy lives do not have time for this sh1t.

Religion should be a welcoming, spiritual part of someone's life, not something that demonizes others not like them, with rules and regulations that have to be followed or you are doomed to hell.

Anonymous said...

that installation took place on oct 12 2007.

palinoscopy said...

Thanks for posting about the victims of African witch hunters. I've posted about this repeatedly because I hope that people will get why this witch hunter business is a lot bigger deal than merely being evidence that Sarah is a mental defective ass. Although it's strong evidence of that as well. Thousands die in Africa because of evil men like "pastor" Muthee and these vile individuals cause the deaths of innocents for one reason: profit. Religion is a money-making scheme pure and simple for them.

basheert said...

It is my FERVENT wish that God make a place for SP as quickly as possible. HE is much more capable of dealing with her thought processes than mere mortals.

THIS is why we have separation of Church and State.

And just wondering if Alaska was aware of her religious fanaticism when she was elected. I'd think that Alaskans are protective of their right to worship as they please, and NOT be forced to worship as SHE decides.

Just another cheap (V-e-r-y C-h-e-a-p) religious hustler.

sandra said...

If you replace the word, "witch," with the term, "satan," you will see more parallels between the devout in Africa and the US.

Remember "The Music Man"? Classic formula: Create fear, find a remedy, take the money, leave. There's always "Trouble in River City."

Anonymous said...

L. Ron Hubbard almost certainly said: "The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion."

I had heard this quote for many years and had believed it to be true because it makes so much sense coming from the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology's lips, but questions arose regarding the attribution of the quote to Hubbard. Here's a good article discussing its validity:


Anonymous said...

I was unaware that Rumsfeld used biblical quotations in presentations to Bush. Can you give a cite or a link? If Rumsfeld was pandering to GWB's primitive religiosity, it makes him a contemptible A-K -- and I don't mean Alaska.

regina said...


There's a link to the article where I got the info. It's the last link on the list, at the bottom.

Rumsfeld is not very religious, just a manipulator.


Anonymous said...

@anon....GQ magazine has the article re: Rumsfeld.

Regina...thank you for this wonderful blog. It means so much to have people like you, watching out for all of us.