Saturday, 9 May 2009

Is Sarah Palin untouchable?

State election regulators have rejected a complaint that Gov. Sarah Palin broke the law last year when she took a position on a controversial ballot initiative on mining.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission issued a written order Friday saying that "it is concerned with the free speech implications of a ruling that attempts to regulate what the Governor can say." The decision was unanimous, according to APOC chairwoman Elizabeth Hickerson.

Palin appointed all four of the APOC commissioners: two Democrats and two Republicans.

The ethics complaint against Sarah Palin filed by Sondra Tompkins was dismissed by the Personnel Board.

I visited The Personnel Board's webpage and had a look at the minutes of their meetings. On October 31, 2008, the following went on record:

Board Member Tamagni asked Assistant AG Dave Jones if the Board had the authority to assess fees for frivolous complaints. Mr. Jones stated he would research the question and report back to the Board.

We know that there isn't a single person in Alaska NOT appointed by the governor to look into Sarah Palin's violations and come to an impartial conclusion.

We can only hope that the Feds and the IRS are taking an interest in some of Sarah Palin's affairs, such as the house that Todd built, her children's travel expenses, Pebble mine, Dairygate and maybe other stuff we haven't found out yet...


Anonymous said...

Down here in the lower 48, we don't really call them "The Feds." Maybe that's some of Palin's AIP talk.

Or else she is in real life a gangster moll. Does she run around with John Dillinger?

Floyd M. Orr said...

She will remain untouchable as long as the MSM sees her as a cash cow. They all could care less how much damage they are doing to the nation, even if it means ushering this abomination all the way to The White House.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Why not the FEDS??? FBI, CREW, IRS???
Are they not FEDERAL agencies???
Reg. She is not, cute pic there...I feel like a Bird in Alfred Hitchcocks "the Birds" lol, sitting on a fence...WAITING!!!
Its coming!

basheert said...

No she is not untouchable, any more than Bonnie & Clyde, Dillinger, Bernie Madoff, or Jack Abramoff.

People who walk on the edge and cross the line all the time do get caught.

She made a HUGE mistake accepting the VP nomination because she is now under a microscope. People like her do not function well that way.

I doubt seriously if a Board can levy against a complaint - Alaska is NOT a monarchy.

What I don't understand is why someone doesn't file a civil suit against her for something she has done. The legal bar is much lower to prove a case against her.

If you think of career criminals (like Capone for example) he went to prison for tax evasion, not for any of the killings he had ordered or done.

There is always a way to stop criminals and I believe she is one of the worst because she is basically ripping off the people who elected her. Or does that just make her a typical Republic?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

basheert, I'm sure someone COULD file a civil suit against her, just that most people don't have the legal knowledge to do it or the funds, that is why the "Ethics board/personell board" or what ever is SUPPOSED to do!
Obviously that is not the case here and it would be worse is WAR had been appointed. And I don't understand Van Flea putting his .02 in either, isn't he HER personal lawyer?? All very shady.
Alaskans or anyone else email CREW TIPLINE

And the FBI!
CREW also works with IRS so be sure to report all Housegate Knowledge!

Anonymous said...

@Crystalwolf, I posted the first comment on this thread. Palin constantly refers to the federal branch of the American gov't as "The Feds." She refers to receiving stimulus $$ from "The Feds."

As a lifelong American in the lower 48 who has lived in about 10 different states of our country, I have NEVER heard any other governor use this term. In fact, I never hear ANYONE use this term. It is not common parlance; it is not a vernacular I hear on a quotidian basis.

I do hear it in movies about gangsters, though.

I am all for the FBI, CREW, etc. investigating Palin! But I still wouldn't call them THE FEDS.

(Is this just me? Do I run with a highbrow crowd? If you saw me, you would not think so! I was born into a small town of 30,000 in a very red state.)

Anonymous said...

You are right about the word Feds!!! It is a bit disrespectful. I have lived all over the US and I have never heard a government official use that except Palin. She is very anti Federal government and even talks succession. Don't forget Todd was an AIP member and she probably holds very similar views. If any of us write these agencies, I don't think we should use the word Feds.
I can't stand Palin! Thank God she will never get closer to DC. I think most are really seeing the light except for her and her lemmings!

KaJo said...

Well, she calls her husband "the First Dude" and sounds more like a wannabe teenager when she says "cool" and "like" in the usual places teenagers sprinkle those words.

Gosh, darn, I shur wonder where the Palins earned the "Wasilla hillbillies" appellation....


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Well Anon & Kajo...I do have to agree with you kind, GINO and magamouth, very recently thanked "Alaskan's and Americans" for donation or whatever!!!!
Since when aren't Alaskan's American's???? They always make a issue of separating out Alaskan's vs American's or "the lower 48".

Kyra said...

well you know, she got upset with Katie Couric asking about what she read because she thought the implication was that they were hicks (someone should explain projection to her) probably because she doesn't read anything. using the term "dude" just verifies that not only doesn't she read, but she probably doesn't watch the news or any TV other than American Chopper and probably what, WWE? Stuff without big words probably where they use "dude" a lot. I actually haven't heard anyone say "dude" for quite awhile except for some of those guy type action shows that Iron Dogger types might watch. sorry. I'm a professional person, I shouldn't be so snarky. :) but it's just to darn fun and irresistible!