Friday, 1 May 2009

Sarah Palin's ethical compass

Old Sarah Palin interviews are a gold mine! This bit is from September 2007:

ADN: Do you think if they [corrupt politicians] had adhered to a brighter line that they could have avoided some of this trouble?

PALIN: I think everyone has that individual and personal ethical compass within and I think that maybe in the past, some individuals, their compass was way off kilter and decisions were made based on a real skewed idea of what ethical activity would be. I am not claiming holier than thou and I am not saying that the people who I hire and surround myself with, that any of us are perfect.

Whose ethical compass is off kilter?

Interview on ADN

Recall Sarah Palin


Anonymous said...

Just a friendly note on a typo - it should be "whose" instead of "who's."

regina said...

Ooops! Thanks!


the problem child said...

Reg, Do you somehow have access to all the outtake pictures that the media never use(d) because Palin's looking cross-eyed, tired, grumpy, demon-possessed or just plain deranged? Seriously, you have so many good ones...

regina said...

the problem child,

I go to google images and select carefully...

A reader also sends me some good ones.

I've built quite a nice little photo library of the less flattering pics of our Sarah.


Kyra said...

this pic is particularly perfect as the angle with the glasses and lighting does something really spooky to her eyes. :-)

I bet she wears glasses instead of contacts or getting Lasik because she's cross-eyed.

Anonymous said...

To Kyra: You betcha she's cross-eyed. I can't remember where I saw the old tape of Sarah the Sportscaster reading from a teleprompter. Her left eye keeps turning in. (I'm aware of the problem since I had the same thing when I was young). I think the clip must be someplace in YouTube.

To Regina: When you run out of things to write about (lol) or it's a slow newsday, here's a fun idea for your library of Sarah photos. Those eyebrows have really been getting to me, as in the photo that accompanies "I never said that." It might be fun to see if her eyebrows are permanently painted (or tattooed) on; they seem to always be the same and a-little-too-much in the photos.

regina said...


The video is on my post Sarah Palin, journalist. The posts are listed at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.


basheert said...

Well it's difficult to tell if your ethical compass is skewed when you have never had one.

KaJo said...

What do you want to bet, Regina, that if confronted with all these old interviews that put the lie to her actions to date, Sarah Palin will blame the media again: "I was misquoted! The media made a mistake".

After all, it worked so well when she said in that 4/29 Twitter denial, "AP gravely misquoted my staff, saying I 'changed my mind' on the stimulus package" even though there's about 3 or 4 media quotes from her in the last couple of months that she never quibbled about.

I'll bet 99% of the AP and other news agency staff reporters use some form of electronic recording device. I highly doubt she or her staff have EVER been "gravely misquoted".