Friday, 1 May 2009

Sarah Palin hot links (updated)

There's a very well researched post about Sarah Palin and the Arctic Cat on What Do I Know. It's interesting to look at the issue from the point of view of the sponsors. The implications for the governor are more serious than she thinks.

I had heard about the video linked below but had not seen it. The video was made shortly after the election and contains the usual word salad and snarkiness about the media. Please note how she talks about working well with the Democrats. After the fiasco regarding the appointment to the vacant Juneau Senate seat, we have to take her statements with a very large pinch of salt. Before I forget: Sarah Palin says she offered PROOF that Trig is her son...

The video can't be embeded, so here's the link: ADN video

Two further links to Arctic Cat stuff: here and here.

UPDATE: I'll keep adding Arctic Cat links as they come in (thanks, PP!).

The question is, does it seem OK to use your spouse's position as a high profile politician to promote your sponsor? That's what Todd Palin did during the campaign and continues to do to this day. Arctic Cat doesn't miss an opportunity to use the connection to Sarah Palin to advertise their products. The Palin family benefits financially from Arctic Cat... the ethical implications are multiplying. Link 1, Link 2

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sjk from the belly of the plane said...

Great video! Why does her house look like it was built from the same stuff as the Wasilla Sports Shrine? The glass railings look to right from the same catalogue.

midnightcajun said...

I watched as much of the video as I could stand. It struck me after a while that it was reporters asking her about one problem/accusation after the other, and her lying in response. I found myself thinking, wow, she has soooo much to be defensive about, so much that she's screwed up and has to try to explain away. Not at all a normal situation for someone who at that time had been governor for less than two years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the house and sports complex look the same in many respects.

If Walt Monegan is a real good detective, he should be able to uncover the mystery of who built this house and who paid for the labor and materials to do it.

Walt, please make this your personal mission... uncover the truth about Sarah... then tell the FBI.

Walt, I have faith in you to do it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Palin consulted her lawyer for these words? betchya!

I know Arctic Cat sure was HAPPY with all the media attention! gosh, ya think that was kinda PLANNED? to get the max? uh huh

Anonymous said...

(She knew this was commin and she just HAD to push the envelope)

Seems everybody wants a piece of Palin mania these days.

So it was that on Tuesday, Arctic Cat, a leading snowmobile maker, blasted out a press release bragging that Todd Palin signed autographs at the company’s booth at a snowmobile show in Minnesota after last week’s GOP convention.

Anonymous said...

A person also has to wonder what the Palins would have "received" if Todd had won.

Something also just occured to me, the Arctic Cat outfit in the SNL skit for Todd is exactly the same outfit Palin wore, ahem, months later at the race.

And ahem, Todd wore a different one. So gee, who are we trying to connect Arctic Cat to? Sarah or Todd, hmmmm

Yeppers, she's gonna need that legal fund for this one.

Dianne said...

Like all of her videos, tough to watch. Proof? She gave proof that she's Trig's mom????? Where?

And then again there is Piper carrying Trig around. What a little trooper.

Lilybart said...

Um, on Trig, her word is not proof and since I have been researching this hoax for months, if there is proof, it is not available to mere mortals.

Anonymous said...

A video I would like to see again is the one about how she "didn't" fire the Wasilla librarian and the list of books (principally the Harry Potter series) that she didn't ban... now that was a classic GINO piece of work.

Anonymous said...

My bad. She does address the Harry Potter books in the link above.

I liked the dead animal head that was above hers for the majority of the video, haha! On a more serious note, I am SO GLAD this video was recorded and preserved. Does she not understand that her breezy, casual lies can be researched and refuted?

ella said...

To be fair (and clear), it is my understanding that Palin did NOT ban any books. She did, however, ASK the librarian to ban the books. When the librarian refused, the librarian was fired.
A public backlash ensued, and the librarian was reinstated. Wonder if GINO threw a tantrum when she did not get her way. Palin also left the town deeply in debt, and there were articles in the ADN and Wasilla newspaper about recalling Palin as mayor. I wish that would have been successful - it might have ended her reign of incompetence and her chances of becomming Governor.

Kyra said...

I wonder what her gradepoint average was in college? For someone planning to go into broadcasting, she sure doesn't speak well. Did anyone notice that she said "personal board" instead of "personnel board" on the ADN video? The way she said it sounded to me as if it were her normal way of saying it. just saying.

Anonymous said...

WSJ article from last fall but it shows Gino's potential marketability for Arctic Cat.

I also noticed in the online photos of the "Slush Cup" Gino was wearing a different Arctic Cat jacket than the one she wore for the race.

basheert said...

Kyra: I don't suppose they were able to give her a GPA.
I agree with the person who suggested that they figured out after 6 schools that she had NO clue what she was doing and just got her out of there. Schools have a way of determining when a student is simply taking up space with no potential.

Anonymous said...
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GinaM said...

Umm...who let the crazy in here? That had to be the longest rant in the history of the internet. If Regina hasn't deleted the above post good luck to anyone trying to read it.

regina said...


I left it for a little bit, to see if anybody would comment on it. This is not the right forum for this kind of rant. Maybe he should start his own blog?

Well, it's gone! This must be the first time I had to delete a comment, but not because it was offensive, just loooooong and out of context, off-topic and a bit crazy.



EyeOnYou said...

Thanks for that video. I had not seen that and it was really interesting to watch. I noticed a few things. She didn't continue to vocalize the lie she had tried to pass off earlier that she was completely cleared of all wrong doing. In this she says it is all over and done with.

I also notice that she really hems and haws about being offered a job with Fox, and then says point blank that in accepting that kind of job it would require her to leave Alaska. Well duh! Then I question whether or not that is a problem for her because she didn't seem to have a problem leaving AK if she was going to get the job as VP. Does that mean there are only a few worthy jobs that would get her out of AK? Where is the line for her? Is it a matter of prestige or money? Both? Or did she think that she could somehow do the job of VP from Alaska?
I also notice good ol' Meg there. She must be attached to the Governor at the hip.

jo said...

So much for her not being bothered by media reports, and so much for her never saying anything negative about JM and his camp, she is still concerned about who President Obama surrounds himself with. I hate the way in every video she rears her head back, her eyes get wide, and her voice gets whinny every time she is defending herself or talking smack about someone.