Friday, 22 May 2009

Bristol Palin's legal team

I commented on another post about Bristol Palin's statements to People magazine regarding her two jobs to buy diapers and formula.

Another bit of the interview caught my eye:

Bristol Palin has broken up with the baby's father, Levi Johnston. The magazine said a team of lawyers has been working out an agreement between Palin and Johnston addressing child support and visitation rights.

If she needs two jobs for diapers and formula, how many jobs would she need to pay a team of lawyers?

Is the Alaska Fund Trust paying for this team of lawyers?

Purpose of the fund:

THE ALASKA FUND TRUST, a trust for the payment of expenses or amounts incurred, undertaken or paid in connection with claims, allegations, investigations, accusations, complaints, legal inquiries, requests, and proceedings, including the response and defense thereof, arising out of or by virtue of the activities of or performance of duties as, or on Governor Sarah Palin, in her capacity as (or as a result of her being) the Governor of Alaska.


...(ii) hold a covered relationship with SARAH PALIN, including without limitation, a family member, such as a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, sibling and other close family relationship.

Did Bristol Palin have sex and become pregnant as a direct result of her mother's position as governor of Alaska?

So what's the real story?

- Bristol works two jobs to buy diapers and formula.

- The two jobs are so well paid that the money covers lawyers fees as well.

- Bristol is lying. Why would she need two jobs if she has a contract with Candie's?

- The money from Candie's is paying for everything.

- The legal fund is paying Bristol's lawyers fees. That's not covered by the purpose of the fund, therefore not legal, unless they can prove that Levi Johnston had sex with Bristol with the sole purpose of impregnating her for political gain, to distract the governor from her duties and bankrupt the governor and her family...

Any other suggestions?

(The woman holding Bristol's arm looks pregnant. Taking Sarah Palin's pregnancy with Trig as the norm, this young lady must be at least 22 months gone!)


Anonymous said...

She's working as a barista (very social gig probably to get out of the house..and don't they pay minimum wage pretty much?)

The other is babysitting other people's kids.. while her own kid is being watched by her own family.
That sounds a bit odd..

Both can't pay piddly squat. I think they wanted to be able to post (without technically lying) that she is holding down two jobs so she can afford pampers and formula.. whew! Motherhood is so hard!! I am working 2 jobs

One it makes no sense as you posted ..
Two is kindof a insult to single mother's that have to work 2 jobs to pay for the basics.. which usually means two REAL jobs.. not two little fluff jobs one being one that highly social in nature

sandra said...

If she washed the diapers herself, she could eliminate one of the jobs. But, maybe the jobs are really a way to get out of the house. Apparently the only social life she has is tanning.

Anonymous said...

Bristol does not need to work as barista since she is getting paid big bucks by Candies and People magazine.

She probably tags along with mom to tanning salon (in their house). Does anyone believe Sarah paid for tanning bed at governor mansion?

Bristol's legal bills can easily be covered by the Sarah legal slush fund.. and nobody will ever know.

FEDUP!!! said...

GINO has set up (at least!) two sources of slush-fund income: her Saracudapac one, and her Alaska legal trust fund. Both are obscure enough and confuddled in legalese that she can dip into them at will, and as long as her minions will donate their hard-earned moneys. (Even to the tune of supporting her AFTER she is gone from the limelights of politics, if they so choose).
I just wish *I* could put up a fund like that for *myself*! (Wishful thinking here, I know!)

midnightcajun said...

Don't forget Bristol also got paid for her People spread. The figure quoted last January for the first pictures of Tripp was $300,000 (that also needed to include Sarah herself). Obviously this photo shoot wasn't for as much, but Bristol is now a celebrity in her own right, thanks to Candies. You can be sure she didn't do the shoot for free.

I am so tired of these people and their lies. I hope it all comes back to bite them in the ass when the truth comes out. Like Bristol's stupid quote to the effect that if girls knew what the consequences of sex were, they wouldn't have sex. "Trust me." Right, Bristol; you had sex and got pregnant with Tripp right after delivering your previous consequence, Trig. Didn't stop you! Didn't even inspire you to use this marvelous new invention you obviously haven't heard about called birth control.

Anonymous said...

I think that some of these stupid pubic comments are meant to push back against the Johnston Family. We have more lawyers than you do. Bristol is working twice as hard as Levi. Some is meant to shut them up; some is meant to shut them out. This is the same thing as the lawyer for some character in the news making his case on the court house steps instead of doing it in front of judge and jury. The Palin People think that any kind of publicity is better than no publicity at all. Sometimes silence is golden; the only thing for which Bristol is qualified to advocate is Hypocrisy.

patstevens said...

midnightcajun wrote:

"Like Bristol's stupid quote to the effect that if girls knew what the consequences of sex were, they wouldn't have sex. "Trust me." Right, Bristol; you had sex and got pregnant with Tripp right after delivering your previous consequence, Trig. Didn't stop you!"
I love this observation!

Question: Does Candies really believe that Bristol was not the mother of Trig? I don't understand how they would chance their reputation even if it's only a "possibility" of her being Trig's mother. The truth, when it comes out, could create a huge public relations nightmare for Candies. This would not be a case of any publicity is good publicity.

FEDUP!!! said...

"Right, Bristol; you had sex and got pregnant with Tripp right after delivering your previous consequence, Trig. Didn't stop you!" "

Even *IF* Trig is not *her* baby (which I doubt very much - I believe he is hers) : She had a 'screaming newborn' in her house - AND *STILL* had (unprotected) sex and got pregnant!

Lilybart said...

The Candies "job" is her part time job, she is not at Walmart

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

She is a lyin' grifter like her mom.
She's not working, she didn't go to school except to hang with hunky swim instructor, WHS let her walk b/c she got her GED from correspondence course which are quite popular in Alaska. So popular they are even linked to on SOA homepage. That why GINO wasn't ask to speak, Bristol didn't even attend there but for a brief period. The trust fund is a "slush fund" a ATM fund if you will, she can take from it monies for anything, anyone,anytime without a explanation or record of such expense. I think it is totally illegal and I hope the FBI or IRS are checking into it. Wasilla is like a festering boil ready to pop...more and more people are seem to be commenting about Trig, and just yesterday 5 people resigned in Wasilla g/c of one persons grifting, this person is a WBC friend of GINO! Google her name and almost every page is GINO.

The End is near...And I don't mean end times, lol.
For GINO, she is toast, no stupid base pandering book, anything going to save her.

broheem said...

As far as anyone can tell, Candies and/or People magazine have probably paid her the most compensation so far - and that is for having teen sex!

Nice work if you can get it.
Beats babysitting and serving lattes.

basheert said...

Honestly Reg, I believe that anything that distracts SP from her "job" is a benefit for the citizens of Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Bristol has the other drugged baby.

Anonymous said...

what trust fund baby doesn't need a team of lawyers?

Darklady said...

Whatever happened to the hundreds, if not thousands, of donations Bristol's grandfather boasted that she'd received?

One minute the world is breaking down Bristol's front door to show how much it loves her and her baby-to-be and the next she's traveling the country crying poor-mouth and claiming that being a wealthy white daughter of a governor is just too gosh darn hard a life for her now that she's got a baby.

And the rest of us are supposed to see her as an Everywoman?

FWIW, being a barista can be a fairly lucrative job, especially for a recent high school grad. It depends on which company one works for. I have friends who work for Starbucks and make decent money in addition to having full health benefits.

Anonymous said...

Like mother...
like daughter.

They even drug their babies together.

FW said...

The Palin family is as intellectually deep as a backyard kiddie pool. The constant lies, exaggerations, and stories that spew forth from them every week is just astounding. I get People mag, and the fluff piece that came out this week is more nonsense about the makin bottles and changin diapers, breastfeedin, and pumpin. You know they were paid for a series of interviews...the reporter went up there and FOLLOWED Bristol around on her graduation day.

There is enough evidence that Palin is just plain incapable of being governor...recall her already...stop the madness...

b-p-p said...


Another spot on observation. All you are doing is deeply appreciated. It is not just Alaska or the states that are at risk. The world could be blown back to the dinosaur age!

Teams of lawyers and back room deals are for the rich, their pawns and secrets. The babies continue to be neglected. Is Trig getting his special needs care? Can anyone in the states, Alaska or Wasilla even question why Tripp was motionless and dead like during while a prop on his mother's media tour? Bristol and Todd are lying. The publishers are making money off of their version of this child abuse and they don't care. Candies Foundation has exploited children for a long time, too. None of them are any better than then the slime that use children on the black market. Publishers and corporations are more far reaching and effect more lives.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 22 May 2009 15:33--actually, word was that she paid for the bed herself (it was used, so not as big an expense as it could have been), but I believe the electrical work that was done on the Mansion to enable the installation of the bed (and prob. the actual installation itself) were paid for by the State.

b-p-p said...

Rex Butler is talking to the NYT

NYT: Levi Johnston v Sarah Palin book war?

Helen said...

I don't know why, but the $300,000 payday that Bristol got for posing with her baby seems to just always get lost in the shuffle - although I do see that someone mentioned it above.

That's a lot of diapers and baby food. But not enough to keep from smearing Levi when it is convenient to do so.

The big lie is that Bristol is definitely making unwed teenage motherhood look quite glamorous and showing how it can definitely pay off. Ms. Bristol "Two Jobs" is just another out of work celebrity who peddles photos of their offspring for bucks and publicity. Showing up at special events and being treated like a "special guest" as you mouth a few lies about not having sex and then show off your baby is not equivalent to working two jobs Bristol, like some single moms face in the real world.

Does anyone remember the scandal about how Palin put unwed moms out on the street when she decided to be "fiscally responsible" and cut funding for their shelter? Why some of these women don't rise up and blast her I can't imagine. Too beaten down and busy to care, probably.

KaJo said...

Anonymous said 22 May 2009 23:53...actually, word was that she paid for the bed herself (it was used, so not as big an expense as it could have been), but I believe the electrical work that was done on the Mansion to enable the installation of the bed (and prob. the actual installation itself) were paid for by the State.Another story that circulated re: the tanning bed was that it was already in the Governor's Mansion, courtesy of the previous administration.

But since every Google disproves that story and verifies yours, I would tend to think the "previous administration" story is a red herring promulgated by Palin's own crack PR staff.

That's right -- they spend all their time chasing after nit-picky little personal issues, and the issues that affect all Alaska somehow get put on the back burner until the pinch really hurts.