Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Please help

The residents of the flooded villages in Alaska need help!

The Red Cross in Fairbanks is handling any donations and help. They are working with people from all throughout the area not just Eagle.

Pat, from Red Cross in Fairbanks, said what they were in desperate need of right now are comfort kits. Small bags of toiletries items: Shampoo, Soap, wash cloths....

Items and/or checks should be sent to:

Spring Flood 09
c/o Red Cross
725 26th Ave Suite 201
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
(907) 456-5937


Mudflats, Anonymous Bloggers


Lisabeth said...

Very sad and I am thankful for my cozy home tonight.thanks for letting us know.

basheert said...

Can you (if you have time) please keep us posted as to how things are? We realize the Governor doesn't give a rats a** about her constituents, so we are all hoping and praying that the left wing blogs will come through as usual to help all of you out.
I will send a check as soon as I get home from Vegas!

FEDUP!!! said...

BUT... BUT... BUT... the governor said the people are all self sufficient and have pulled together and are in no need for outside help...
SHE IS SUCH A ........ (fill in your own expletive!)

My part of help will go out today.

Anonymous said...

In addition to contributions to Red Cross, whether you can or can't give, I'd suggest forwarding this email by all to the gov's office.

She relies on us stepping up, which of course we should do......BUT I also say shame and embarrass this gov for relying on that for a state so far from the lower 48. I think it's pitiful.

But yep, oh well. She's all for smaller government so let's see her and her administration, family help free of charge.

I also maintain that it is her job to protect Alaskans, what does done beforehand to prove she did anything in this regard?